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One Year On: The campaign to end Ben & Jerry’s complicity with Israel’s occupation
By Mark Hage, Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 3/12/2014
    On 13 March 2013, Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel (VTJP) launched an international campaign calling on Ben & Jerry’s, an iconic leader of the socially responsible business community, to stop marketing, catering and selling ice cream in Israel's illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.
    One year later, we have not yet called for a full boycott, because our thrust is still to convince Ben & Jerry’s to recognise that it cannot be a company famous and respected for ethical business practices and also be complicit with Israel's military occupation. more

Campaign to end Ben & Jerry’s complicity with Israel’s occupation intensifies
    VTJP's campaign calling on Ben & Jerry’s to end its complicity with Israel's occupation has expanded and intensified. 151 civil society organizations in the United States and across the globe that share a commitment to international law, human rights, and a just peace in Israel-Palestine have signed a letter to Ben & Jerry’s, Jostein Solheim, urging the company “to stand by its Social Mission and to ensure that its products are not sold, catered and distributed in Israeli settlements” in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem.
    The letter, organized by VTJP, calls on Solheim “to take all necessary contractual and legal measures to bring your franchise's settlement business to an end in a verifiable way, and to release a public statement of your company's commitment to end its business ties to Israel’s occupation and settlement enterprise.”

    The full text of the letter and list of signatories can be accessed here:
    If your organization would like to add its name to the letter, please go here:

Ben & Jerry’s is Profiting from Israel’s Illegal Settlements and Occupation of Palestine
    Ben & Jerry’s, one of the iconic leaders of the “values based” business movement, trumpets a “progressive, nonpartisan social mission that seeks to meet human needs and eliminate injustices in our local, national and international communities” (See their Social Mission Statement).
    In 2011, Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel learned that Ben & Jerry’s franchise in Israel is manufacturing ice cream and selling it in illegal Israeli settlements in occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Additionally, in 2010, as Israel was expanding its illegal settlements and continuing to impose an inhuman siege on Gaza, Ben & Jerry’s opened a new factory in Israel and announced plans to re-establish 16 new stores and kiosks across the country.
    By doing business in Israel and in illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory, it violates its own Social Mission and engages in unethical practices.

More about Ben & Jerry’s complicity in the Israeli occupation
Send an Email to Tell Ben & Jerry’s to honor its Social Mission Statement
Sign the Petition to Tell Ben & Jerry’s: Peace, Love & Occupation Don't Mix!

Until Israel ends its occupation and colonization of Palestinian lands in compliance with international law, Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel Calls on Ben & Jerry’s to:
  • End the marketing, catering and sales of Ben & Jerry’s products in Israel and Jewish-only settlements in occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank.
  • Stop manufacturing ice cream in Israel.
  • Issue a statement (a) calling on Israel to end its occupation and settlement enterprise and (b) appealing directly to other socially responsible companies
    to do likewise and to cease business operations in Israel and its illegal settlements.

Standing Up to Jewish Settlers in "My Neighbourhood" from Salaam Shalom on Vimeo
This edition of VTJP's Salaam Shalom: Report on Palestine/Israel highlights the racism, violence and discrimination inherent in the Jewish settler movement, as documented in Julia Bacha's powerful film, "My Neighborhood." The film also demonstrates the power of nonviolent resistance and Jewish-Arab solidarity as Palestinians in East Jerusalem and Israeli Jews come together to stop the forced evictions of Palestinians by Jewish settlers in Sheik Jarrah. More about Salaam Shalom.

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Israeli Air Force Opens Fire at Agricultural Lands in Northern Gaza
IMEMC - [Monday Morning, April 21, 2014] Israeli military helicopters fired dozens of rounds of live ammunition into Palestinian agricultural lands, east of Beit Hanoun town, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. ...
Soldiers Kidnap Several Palestinians in West Bank
IMEMC - [Monday, April 21, 2014] Israeli soldiers invaded various Palestinian communities in the occupied West Bank, broke into and searched homes, and kidnapped several Palestinians. ...
Fighters Fire A Shell At An Israeli Military Vehicle In Central Gaza
IMEMC - [Monday, April 20, 2014] Palestinian fighters fired a shell at an Israeli military vehicle, across the border east of Deir al-Balah, in central Gaza. ...
PLO Delegation to Head to Gaza for Reconciliation Meetings
IMEMC - Members consider disbanding PA A delegation from the PLO will visit the Gaza Strip, within the next two days, for meetings to discuss reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas, a member of the delegation said. ...
'Miles of Smiles' Convoy 26 Arrives in Gaza
IMEMC - Red Cross warns collapse of humanitarian services in Gaza Miles of Smiles Convoy (26) arrived this past week, in Gaza, with solidarity activists from 21 nations worldwide. ...
Israeli Forces Set Up Base in Bethlehem on Easter Sunday
IMEMC - Clashes at holy sites in West Bank Israeli forces set up a military base on the roof of a Palestinian house in the Bethlehem district, on Sunday, a Ma'an reporter said. ...
Several Kidnapped, Summoned to Interrogation in WB
IMEMC - Settlers cut down 100 olive trees near Ramallah Israeli forces, Sunday, abducted five Palestinians from across the West Bank and summoned four others for interrogation, according to reports by local and security sources. ...
2014: 748 New Settlement Units in West Bank and Jerusalem
IMEMC - The Israeli occupation has constructed 748 settlement units in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, since the beginning of 2014, the Information Centre of Separation Wall and Settlement has revealed. ...
Palestinian threat to dissolve PA could have serious repercussions
YNet News - Should Palestinian self-rule end, hundreds of Palestinians would lose their job, and Israel would have to enter the vacuum created as a result, offering Palestinians security, education and welfare services at a cost Israel cannot afford.
Hundreds protest 'price tag' attacks in Umm al-Fahm
YNet News -
Israeli forces storm Aqsa compound, dozens injured and detained
4/20/2014 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Dozens of Palestinian worshipers were wounded and dozens were detained after clashes broke in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound on Sunday morning with Israeli forces...
Clashes break out as Israeli troops escort settlers to Joseph's Tomb
4/20/2014 - NABLUS (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces clashed with local Palestinians near Joseph's Tomb east of Nablus on Sunday morning, locals and Palestinian security sources told Ma...
Israeli settlers chop down olive trees in Ramallah village
4/20/2014 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Israeli settlers on Sunday chopped down more than 100 olive trees in the central West Bank village of Ras Karkar, locals said. Witnesses told...
Israeli forces set up military base in Palestinian home
4/20/2014 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces in the Bethlehem district on Sunday set up a military base on the roof of a Palestinian house, a Ma'an...
Abbas expected to send message of condolence for Holocaust victims
Ha'aretz - 21 Apr 2014
International men's tennis returns to Israel in September
Ha'aretz - 21 Apr 2014
Russia's Lavrov says Ukraine 'crudely violating' Geneva deal
Ha'aretz - 21 Apr 2014
Sderot hit as rocket salvo fired from Gaza
Ha'aretz - 21 Apr 2014
Zev Sufott, Israel’s first ambassador to China, dies aged 86
Ha'aretz - 21 Apr 2014
The military program that refuses to abandon IDF deserters
Ha'aretz - 20 Apr 2014
Iraqi Sunnis Seek a Say
Inter Press Service - Members at the inaugural meeting of Karama, a newly founded umbrella party for Iraqi Sunnis. Credit: Karlos Zurutuza/IPS. By Karlos Zurutuza ERBIL, Iraqi Kurdistan , Apr 12 2014 (IPS) Sunni Muslims...
PCHR Follows up with Deep Concern Sentence Issued by Military Court in Gaza against 12 Persons on Charges of “Underminin...
Palestinian Center for Human Rights
U.S. justices to review Jerusalem birthplace law
Daily Star - 21 Apr 2014 The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday agreed to weigh the constitutionality of a U.S. law that was designed to allow American citizens born in Jerusalem - the historic holy city...
Egypt to buy 4.25 mln tons of wheat from farmers
Daily Star - 21 Apr 2014 Egypt has signed 186,000 contracts with local farmers to procure 4.
Air strikes kill dozens in Syria's Aleppo
Daily Star - 21 Apr 2014 Dozens of people have been killed in air strikes on the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, a monitoring group said on Monday, including at least 29 people in a single...
Syria to hold presidential election on June 3: state media
Daily Star - 21 Apr 2014 Syria will hold a presidential election on June 3, state media reported on Monday, setting the date for a vote likely to give President Bashar al-Assad a third term.
Israeli air strikes hit Hamas targets in Gaza
Aljazeera - 21 Apr 2014 - Israel launches air strikes in Gaza, hitting Hamas training targets after Palestinians fire a missile at Israeli troops.
Syria presidential date fixed for June 3
Aljazeera - 21 Apr 2014 - Assad, whose term ends on July 17, expected to run and win another seven-year term in office despite the conflict.
The Godot of Egypt
Aljazeera - 20 Apr 2014 - After years of turmoil, many Egyptians view Abdel Fattah el-Sisi as a saviour - but miracles are unlikely, experts warn.
Assad visits Christian village recaptured from rebels
The National - 20 Apr 2014 - During his visit to the village, Bashar AL Assad promised to defend Christians – who make up about 10 per cent of Syria’s pre-war population of 23 million – and...

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And now, the other side of Israel
George S. Hishmeh, Arabic Media Internet Network (AMIN) 4/17/2014
  The tables are turning on Israel as a result of the meandering of its right-wing government vis-a-vis the crippled Palestinian-Israeli peace process — losing significant support among Israelis, especially the younger generation, and similarly among the American-Jewish youth. Many in Israel are said to have left the country and a large number of American Jews have reportedly walked out on Zionism.
     Allan C. Brownfeld, a nationally syndicated columnist and editor of Issues of The American Council for Judaism, maintained in a recent speech that “we all know that Zionism has distorted American policy in the Middle East”. He continued: “At the same time, it had a terribly negative impact upon Jewish life in the United States and the whole world.”
     A surprise critique of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, appeared this week in Politico, an influential Washington-based publication, where six prominent Americans called on US Secretary of State John Kerry... more.. e-mail

Israeli army installs new, remote-controlled weapon atop separation wall
Haggai Matar, +972 Magazine 4/19/2014
  The new weapon, which is remote-controlled and shoots “skunk” water (putrid-smelling liquid), began operating over the last month. According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, the weapon can also fire tear gas, among other crowd-dispersal means.
     In the past month, Palestinian residents of Bethlehem began noticing the new weapon perched on top of the separation wall in an area near where most of the protests against the occupation and the barrier take place. According to participants in last week’s Palestine Marathon, the new camera-equipped weapon moved on its axis and followed them as they passed by it during their run.
     One rumor that came up in conversations among Palestinians on social media outlets stated that the weapon was the same one that was installed on the walls separating Israel from Gaza. According to a photojournalist working in the occupied territories, soldiers often use live ammunition against protests near the guard tower... e-mail

Settlers fear prisoner release deal, extension of talks
Noam Sheizaf, +972 Magazine 4/20/2014
  Netanyahu has probably spent his Passover vacation trying to reach a deal that would enable the settlers to save face and stay in the government while peace talks continue. The Right is launching campaigns to convince right-wing politicians to vote ‘no.’
     With a little more than a week left until the formal deadline for the Israeli-American-Palestinian talks, efforts to extend the negotiations still haven’t produced a breakthrough. Nevertheless, a last-minute deal shouldn’t be ruled out either; often times, the most productive political maneuvering takes place when no news is reported.
     On the Israeli side, the best indicators – as always – come from the far right of the political map. A Page 1 ad in Haaretz’s weekend edition, sponsored by The Joint Headquarters (an umbrella organization for some far-right groups), targeted Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman, who has been said to be behind “a secret deal.” Liberman has previously announced his... more.. e-mail

Art of Resistance
Gilad Atzmon, CounterPunch 4/20/2014
  An Interview With David Rovics
     I have a lot in common with David Rovics. We are both artists- he is an American singer/songwriter, I am a Jazz artist, we are outspoken, we both oppose imperialist wars and we also believe that ethics and aesthetics are somehow related and can bring a change. For many years I’ve been overwhelmed by the simplicity, the honesty and the directness with which David delivers his message.
     Gilad Atzmon: Music and politics, shouldn’t they be separate entities?
     David Rovics: Music without politics is fine. Politics without music, I’m not so sure… Politics needs music to keep it human, to keep it connected with humanity. As far as politics in music, it works well because you can tell a story in a song that doesn’t ring the same alarm bells as it would if you told the story some other way. I think... more.. e-mail

British war cemetery not immune to Gaza siege
Electronic Intifada: 17 Apr 2014 - Israel has bulldozed and bombed a century-old war cemetery. ...more
Why Israeli Officials are Chuckling: The ‘Stable’ West Bank Dilemma
Palestine Chronicle: 16 Apr 2014 - By Ramzy Baroud Israel’s deputy foreign minister, Ze’ev Elkin, is a member of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party and his predominantly rightwing cabinet. In a recent interview with The Economist, Elkin used the familiar tone of being conceited and oblivious to such notions as international or human rights, and reaffirmed his...more

Israeli Apartheid: Vermonters Don't Buy It - BOYCOTT!

Save Wadi Foquin
The illegal Israeli settlement of Betar Illiit is built mostly on land stolen from Wadi Foquin and surrounding villages. Israel's government has already taken 94% of the village's land, and residents continue to receive more land confiscation orders for the construction of the apartheid wall on the northwest side of the village. The planned route of the wall will cross the green line and take even more land from the village. Fying checkpoints restrict freedom of movement in and out of the village, makiing it very difficult for residents to travel for work or school or to visit family. Help Save Wadi Foquin

Raffoul - Tears Over Palestine
Raffoul is a Palestinian rapper and human rights activist from East Jerusalem. In 2012 he graduated from the Georgetown School of Foreign Service on a scholarship for peace. "My music is inspired by the agony of war, suffering, and human loss."

Tearing Down The Wall In Al-Ma’sara

Tearing Down The Wall In Al-Ma’sara Palestine Monitor, 7/10/2010: Israeli soldiers dragged the remnants of a symbolic wall from highway 3157 near Al Ma’sara today, halting a popular demonstration on the sixth anniversary of the International Court of Justice ruling that construction of the Wall in Palestinian territory is illegal.

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The Political Economy of Israel's Occupation - The Real News - Hever: 18 families control 60% of the equity value of all companies in Israel - Shir Hever is an economic researcher in the Alternative Information Center, a Palestinian-Israeli organization active in Jerusalem and Beit-Sahour. He speaks to Paul Jay of The Real News Network about his research into the economics of Israel and its occupation of the Palestinian territories.
The Real News Network

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Exploring the rich and inspiring culture of traditional and modern Palestine

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How Israel came to be: The real story, by Miko Peled
Miko Peled is an Israeli army veteran and the son of Israeli General Matti Peled, a veteran of the wars of 1948 and 1967. Miko is the author of The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine. In 1997, his beloved niece Smadar was killed by a suicide bomber in Jerusalem. That tragedy pushed Peled to re-examine many of the beliefs he had grown up with as the son and grandson of leading figures in Israel's political-military elite, and transformed him into a courageous and visionary activist.

Mapping Israeli Apartheid in the Palestinian West Bank: Israeli settlements, apartheid wall and fence, closures, and territorial fragmentation. CLICK IMAGE FOR FULL STORY.
Mapping Israeli Apartheid in the Palestinian West Bank: Israeli settlements, apartheid wall and fence, closures, and territorial fragmentation. CLICK IMAGE FOR FULL STORY.
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