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Peace, Love & Occupation?

      Love & Occupation?
The Campaign to End Ben & Jerry’s Business with Israeli Settlements
By Mark Hage, Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel, Counterpunch 4/22/2014
    On March 13, 2013, Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel (VTJP) launched a campaign calling on Ben & Jerry’s, a leader of the socially responsible business community, to stop marketing, catering and selling ice cream in Israel’s illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. We also urged the company to issue a statement expressing its opposition to the occupation and Israel’s settlement enterprise, consistent with the principles of its social mission.
    Our demands have not been met, but the campaign is strong and growing.
    Free Cone Day, 2014: Your ice cream is free today—Palestine is not!
    On April 8—this year’s Free Cone Day at participating Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops—solidarity activists in 12 states (CA, CO, CT, NY, MA, MN, NC, NH, OR, NH, VT, and WA) distributed thousands of leaflets prepared by VTJP on Ben & Jerry’s commercial ties to Israel’s settlement regime. more

Campaign to end Ben & Jerry’s complicity with Israel’s occupation intensifies
    VTJP's campaign calling on Ben & Jerry’s to end its complicity with Israel's occupation has expanded and intensified. 151 civil society organizations in the United States and across the globe that share a commitment to international law, human rights, and a just peace in Israel-Palestine have signed a letter to Ben & Jerry’s, Jostein Solheim, urging the company “to stand by its Social Mission and to ensure that its products are not sold, catered and distributed in Israeli settlements” in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem.
    The letter, organized by VTJP, calls on Solheim “to take all necessary contractual and legal measures to bring your franchise's settlement business to an end in a verifiable way, and to release a public statement of your company's commitment to end its business ties to Israel’s occupation and settlement enterprise.”

    The full text of the letter and list of signatories can be accessed here:
    If your organization would like to add its name to the letter, please go here:

Ben & Jerry’s is Profiting from Israel’s Illegal Settlements and Occupation of Palestine
    Ben & Jerry’s, one of the iconic leaders of the “values based” business movement, trumpets a “progressive, nonpartisan social mission that seeks to meet human needs and eliminate injustices in our local, national and international communities” (See their Social Mission Statement).
    In 2011, Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel learned that Ben & Jerry’s franchise in Israel is manufacturing ice cream and selling it in illegal Israeli settlements in occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Additionally, in 2010, as Israel was expanding its illegal settlements and continuing to impose an inhuman siege on Gaza, Ben & Jerry’s opened a new factory in Israel and announced plans to re-establish 16 new stores and kiosks across the country.
    By doing business in Israel and in illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory, it violates its own Social Mission and engages in unethical practices.

More about Ben & Jerry’s complicity in the Israeli occupation
Send an Email to Tell Ben & Jerry’s to honor its Social Mission Statement
Sign the Petition to Tell Ben & Jerry’s: Peace, Love & Occupation Don't Mix!

Until Israel ends its occupation and colonization of Palestinian lands in compliance with international law, Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel Calls on Ben & Jerry’s to:
  • End the marketing, catering and sales of Ben & Jerry’s products in Israel and Jewish-only settlements in occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank.
  • Stop manufacturing ice cream in Israel.
  • Issue a statement (a) calling on Israel to end its occupation and settlement enterprise and (b) appealing directly to other socially responsible companies
    to do likewise and to cease business operations in Israel and its illegal settlements.

Standing Up to Jewish Settlers in "My Neighbourhood" from Salaam Shalom
This edition of VTJP's Salaam Shalom: Report on Palestine/Israel highlights the racism, violence and discrimination inherent in the Jewish settler movement, as documented in Julia Bacha's powerful film, "My Neighborhood." The film also demonstrates the power of nonviolent resistance and Jewish-Arab solidarity as Palestinians in East Jerusalem and Israeli Jews come together to stop the forced evictions of Palestinians by Jewish settlers in Sheik Jarrah. More about Salaam Shalom.

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Child Seriously Injured By Explosive Device Dropped The Army
IMEMC - Palestinian medical sources in Bethlehem said that a child was seriously injured, on Tuesday evening, when an explosive device, dropped by the Israeli army during training, detonated near him as he was herding the family sheep. ...
OCHA: Gaza Power Plant to Resume Operations Depending on Fuel Supply
IMEMC - "Resuming the operations of Gaza power plant (GPP) is contingent on securing the necessary fuel," the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) announced Monday, in its weekly 'Protection of Civilians' report. ...
Ashrawi: Netanyahu's UN Speech a 'Blatant Manipulation of Facts'
IMEMC - Palestinian official compares Netanyahu to IS leader Executive PLO member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi responded to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's recent UN address by saying that he blatantly manipulated the facts in comparing Hamas with the "Islamic State" terrorist group, according
Al-Ahmad: “Resolution For Ending Occupation Needs Nine Votes, No Veto”
IMEMC - Member of the Central Committee of the Fateh movement Azzam al-Ahmad said the Palestinian bid for ending the Israeli occupation would be submitted to the United Nations Security Council within three weeks, but needs nine positive votes and no veto
Army Kidnaps 10 Palestinians In West Bank
IMEMC - Israeli soldiers invaded on Tuesday, at dawn, different parts of the occupied West Bank, invaded and searched several homes, and kidnapped at least 10 Palestinians. ...
Saudi Arabia Transfers $60 M. To P. A
IMEMC - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently announced that it had transferred around $60.000.000 to the Palestinian Ministry of Finance to help cover some of its expenses for the months of July, August and September. ...
Will Cairo suspend Israeli-Palestinian talks?
YNet News - Analysis: With fresh exchange of accusations between Netanyahu and Abbas, how can Egyptians bring about a solution acceptable to all parties involved – in Jerusalem, in Ramallah and in Gaza?
Netanyahu's shifting gimmicks
YNet News - Op-ed: When one looks at him standing at the UN General Assembly podium, year after year, it seems that if he only could, Israel's prime minister would be willing to stand there forever, saying the same words, with new props.
Committee: Israel 'creates fake cemetery' to steal land in Jerusalem
9/30/2014 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- The head of the Jerusalem committee for Islamic cemeteries told Ma'an Sunday that the Israeli municipality had recently created a fake Jewish...
Settlers 'occupy 23 homes' in East Jerusalem neighborhood
9/30/2014 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli settlers early Tuesday occupied 23 houses in the Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan south of the Old City of Jerusalem, a local information center...
'Hundreds' of right-wing Israelis tour Aqsa compound
9/30/2014 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Hundreds of Israeli Jews entered the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in the Old City of Jerusalem early Tuesday under armed guard, security officers at the...
PLO: Netanyahu UN speech 'blatant manipulation of facts'
9/30/2014 - JERUSALEM (AFP) -- The Palestine Liberation Organization said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blatantly manipulated the facts when he compared Hamas with the Islamic State group in a UN...
Lieberman culpable in more misconduct in Vienna, charges MK Yacimovich
Ha'aretz - 30 Sep 2014
Oil prospecting on Golan temporarily halted over pollution fears
Ha'aretz - 30 Sep 2014
After Gaza war, Israeli restaurants battling to stay open
Ha'aretz - 30 Sep 2014
Israel is no longer the center of the Mideast story
Ha'aretz - 30 Sep 2014
IDF: Progress in probe of fatal Nakba Day shootings
Ha'aretz - 30 Sep 2014
Iraq Looking for an ‘Independent’ Sunni Defense Minister
Inter Press Service - By Barbara Slavin WASHINGTON, Sep 27 2014 (IPS) Iraqi President Fouad Massoum said this past week that the government was looking for an independent Sunni Muslim to fill the post of...
No Safe Place in Gaza Strip: Israeli Adopts Policy of Multi-Storey Buildings' Destruction… Palestinian Civilians… Where ...
Palestinian Center for Human Rights
US cant take the lead on recognising Palestine | @guardianletters
The Guardian - 30 Sep 2014 - Benedict Birnberg ( Letters , 29 September) questions my assertion that the US administrations hands are tied by Congress on the recognition of Palestine. Im sure his constitutional arguments are correct. President...
Binyamin Netanyahu: Isis and Hamas 'branches of the same poisonous tree'
The Guardian - 29 Sep 2014 - During speech to UN general assembly, Israeli PM compares bombing campaign in Gaza to US-led strikes against Isis Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu compared his countrys recent bombing campaign in...
Guardian Live: Hatreds Old and New as it happened
The Guardian - 29 Sep 2014 - Should Britains Muslims and Jews feel constrained by the events in the Middle East? Are Islamophobia and antisemitism at all time highs? The Guardians Jonathan Freedland and the Huffington Post...
US expands effort to track foreign fighters in Syria: security official
Daily Star - 30 Sep 2014 The United States is making "enhanced and concerted efforts" to track foreign fighters in Syria who may be planning attacks on American territory, a top U.S. official said on Tuesday.
Israeli settlers take over 25 homes in E.Jerusalem: residents
Daily Star - 30 Sep 2014 Israeli settlers forcefully took over 25 apartments in Arab east Jerusalem Tuesday, residents and Palestinian leaders said, with the new occupants claiming they had legitimately bought the properties.
Egypt court jails 68 pro-Morsi protesters
Aljazeera - 30 Sep 2014 - Demonstrators receive up to 15 years in prison over clashes, in latest mass sentencing of Muslim Brotherhood supporters.
Iraqi Kurds seize strategic border post with Syria
The National - 30 Sep 2014 - The victory comes as British warplanes struck ISIL targets in Iraq for the first time since the UK’s parliament approved military action against the militant group.

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Settlers take over 7 E. Jerusalem homes in dead of night
Orly Noy, +972 Magazine 9/30/2014
  Settlers say that they bought the house, but they haven’t shown us any documents,’ says one Palestinian woman whose home settlers took over Tuesday morning. ‘Now they’re sleeping in my bed; all of our clothes and furniture is still inside.’
     Israeli settlers took over seven homes in the Silwan neighborhood of East Jerusalem Tuesday morning, primarily in Wadi Hilwe, the neighborhood’s main thoroughfare. According to residents, the settlers arrived at around 2 a.m., escorted by large numbers of riot police.
     “I was still awake, here in the store,” said neighborhood resident Ahmed Qareen, the owner of a small market in Wadi Hilwe. “I saw a large group of settlers and police but I didn’t think that they were going to take more homes. I assumed that it was somehow related to your (Jewish) holidays now, that they were walking around here at such an hour.”
     One of the... more.. e-mail

What Israel did after the Gaza ceasefire
Omar Robert Hamilton, London Review of Books, Redress 9/27/2014
  On 26 August a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas was agreed, bringing a fragile end to a war that killed 2150 Palestinians (mostly civilians) and 73 Israelis (mostly soldiers). Since then Hamas has not fired a single rocket, attacked an Israeli target or done anything to break the terms of the ceasefire. Israel has done the following:
     1. Annexed another 1,500 acres of West Bank land
     2. Seized USD 56 million of Palestinian Authority (PA) tax revenue
     3. Not lifted the illegal blockade (as required by the ceasefire)
     4. Broken the ceasefire by firing at fishermen on four separate occasions
     5. Detained six fishermen
     6. Killed a 22-year-old, Issa al Qatari, a week before his wedding
     7. Killed 16-year-old Mohammed Sinokrot with a rubber bullet to the head
     8. Tortured a prisoner to the point of hospitalisation
     9. Refused 13 members of the European Parliament entry into Gaza... more.. e-mail

Dr. Mustafa Barghouti: Netanyahu’s fascist speech at UN puts nail in coff
Palestine Monitor 9/30/2014
  Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the United Nation’s New York City headquarters on Monday revealed Israel’s true intentions to liquidate the Palestinian cause and its attempt to circumvent it by calling for the normalization of relations with Arab countries while outright ignoring the Palestinian issue, according to Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, Secretary General of the Palestinian Initiative.
     At a press conference in Ramallah Monday evening Barghouti said that Netanyahu’s “fascist, aggressive and fierce” speech was “full of lies and fabrications and an attempt to mislead.” He added that Netanyahu had blatantly ignored the Palestinian issue as a whole, completely rejecting Israel’s withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian territories and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.
     Barghouti added that Netanyahu’s speech attempted to do away with the humanitarian values of the Palestinian people, and instead tried to rebrand them as another version of the Islamic State militants currently reaping havoc across much of... more.. e-mail

Israel’s very own history of eugenics
Jonathan Cook, Redress 9/28/2014
  This hour-long documentary, the Ringworm Children, raises so many disturbing questions about Israel and its relationship with the US that one hardly knows where to begin.
     In the 1950s, waves of new immigrants swept into Israel. To the dismay of the country’s Ashkenazi leaders (those originating from Europe and the US), the great majority were from Arab countries. Levi Eshkol, a later prime minister, expressed a common sentiment when he called them “human rubbish”. Israel, deprived of “good-quality” Jews, was being forced to bring to its shores Arab Jews, seen as just as primitive and dirty as the Palestinians whom Israel had recently succeeded in ethnically cleansing.
     Into this deeply racist atmosphere stepped Dr Chaim Sheba, a eugenicist, who believed that the Arabs Jews were bringing along with them diseases that threatened the Ashkenazi Jews. His obsession was ringworm, an innocuous childhood disease that affects the scalp. He went to... more.. e-mail

Watch: Gaza artists respond to Israel's war
Electronic Intifada: 29 Sep 2014 - Mohammed Al Hawajri, Raed Issa and Dina Matar on objects and memory, and home and resistance. ...more
"Museum without borders" to open in Palestine
Electronic Intifada: 30 Sep 2014 - Palestinian Museum is being built in the occupied West Bank but aims to reach beyond the Israeli-controlled borders. ...more
What if ‘Islamic State’ Didn’t Exist?
Palestine Chronicle: 30 Sep 2014 - By Ramzy Baroud What if the so-called Islamic State (IS) didn’t exist? In order to answer this question, one has to liberate the argument from its geopolitical and ideological confines. Flexible language Many in the media (Western, Arab, etc) use the reference “Islamist” to brand any movement at all whether...more

Netanyahu’s Chutzpa: Lying with a Smile
Palestine Chronicle: 28 Sep 2014 - By Jamal Kanj I have followed the megalomaniac performance of Benjamin Netanyahu since he was Israel’s representative at the UN in the mid-1980s. I watched with keen interest his debates, and must confess I was taken by his chutzpa. Netanyahu has special abilities to twist facts without blinking an eye:...more

Israeli Apartheid: Vermonters Don't Buy It - BOYCOTT!

Save Wadi Foquin
The illegal Israeli settlement of Betar Illiit is built mostly on land stolen from Wadi Foquin and surrounding villages. Israel's government has already taken 94% of the village's land, and residents continue to receive more land confiscation orders for the construction of the apartheid wall on the northwest side of the village. The planned route of the wall will cross the green line and take even more land from the village. Fying checkpoints restrict freedom of movement in and out of the village, makiing it very difficult for residents to travel for work or school or to visit family. Help Save Wadi Foquin

Raffoul - Tears Over Palestine
Raffoul is a Palestinian rapper and human rights activist from East Jerusalem. In 2012 he graduated from the Georgetown School of Foreign Service on a scholarship for peace. "My music is inspired by the agony of war, suffering, and human loss."

Tearing Down The Wall In Al-Ma’sara

Tearing Down The Wall In Al-Ma’sara Palestine Monitor, 7/10/2010: Israeli soldiers dragged the remnants of a symbolic wall from highway 3157 near Al Ma’sara today, halting a popular demonstration on the sixth anniversary of the International Court of Justice ruling that construction of the Wall in Palestinian territory is illegal.

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The Political Economy of Israel's Occupation - The Real News - Hever: 18 families control 60% of the equity value of all companies in Israel - Shir Hever is an economic researcher in the Alternative Information Center, a Palestinian-Israeli organization active in Jerusalem and Beit-Sahour. He speaks to Paul Jay of The Real News Network about his research into the economics of Israel and its occupation of the Palestinian territories.
The Real News Network

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Exploring the rich and inspiring culture of traditional and modern Palestine

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How Israel came to be: The real story, by Miko Peled
Miko Peled is an Israeli army veteran and the son of Israeli General Matti Peled, a veteran of the wars of 1948 and 1967. Miko is the author of The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine. In 1997, his beloved niece Smadar was killed by a suicide bomber in Jerusalem. That tragedy pushed Peled to re-examine many of the beliefs he had grown up with as the son and grandson of leading figures in Israel's political-military elite, and transformed him into a courageous and visionary activist.

Mapping Israeli Apartheid in the Palestinian West Bank: Israeli settlements, apartheid wall and fence, closures, and territorial fragmentation. CLICK IMAGE FOR FULL STORY.
Mapping Israeli Apartheid in the Palestinian West Bank: Israeli settlements, apartheid wall and fence, closures, and territorial fragmentation. CLICK IMAGE FOR FULL STORY.
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