Free Cone Day Messages: April 9th, 2019

Phone 1 (802) 846-1500 (Eastern US time)

Hello, my name is _________, and Iím from _________.

I am calling on Free Cone Cay to urge Ben & Jerry's to stop selling its "peace & love" ice cream in illegal, Jewish-only settlements in Occupied Palestine.

Your franchise in Israel should have nothing to do with Israeli settlements, all of which are built on stolen land in violation of international law.†

Please honor your Social Mission.†

Donít do business with Israel's occupation and settlements. Until you do, I will not buy your ice cream.

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Dear Ben & Jerryís;

Just over a year ago, thousands of unarmed Palestinians in Gaza began marching and protesting weekly at the fortified demarcation fence with Israel to end the inhumane conditions of life under military occupation and economic siege, and to demand their right as refugees to return to their ancestral homes inside Israel-Palestine.

As of March 30 this year, on the first anniversary of the "Great March of Return" in Gaza, Israeli snipers had shot dead 200 Palestinians and injured nearly 12,000 others.† 42 of the dead and almost 2,300 hundred of the wounded were children. 136 of the wounded had to have their lower or upper limbs amputated.

Inside the Occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, Israeli occupation forces continue to sow repression and terror, and Jewish-only settlements continue to confiscate and colonize Palestinian land.†

Your "peace & love" ice cream is still being sold in these illegal and racist settlements by your Israeli franchise.

I urge you to honor international law and your Social Mission by ending the sale and catering of your "peace & love" ice cream in Israeli settlements.† And by calling for an end to Israelís brutal occupation.

I call on you to do what Israel has refused to do for more than 50 years: Leave Occupied Palestine.