Israel's Use of Chemical Weapons

1974: US General tells Senate Armed Forces Committee that Israel’s chemical weapons program is operational.

July 1, 1982: Soviet TASS carries reports from Beirut that Israel is using chemical weapons including BZ nerve gas.

July 5, 1982: Soviet Union accuses US of providing Israel ‘barbarous’ weapons, including chemical weapons, that Israel uses in invasion of Lebanon.

December 4, 1988: PFLP accuses the Israeli Army of using a new chemical weapon against Palestinians…causing various wounds and “organic complications”, cites doctors treating victims in Tobay and Tamoun.

March – April, 1988: Former mayor of Nablus reports: “Fleets of helicopters fly over Nablus at night dropping a dense, green toxic gas over the city..” Doctors at Ittihad Hospital report several deaths and severe lung injuries from the unidentified asphyxiating chemical, “totally distinct from tear gas..” UNRWA doctors report symptoms not normally connected with tear gas. UNRWA seeks information on contents of the gas...to provide antidote...especially for the most vulnerable groups…pregnant women, the very young and elderly..” (1)

January - February, 1989: Israeli officials including Binyamin Netanyahu partially admit possession of a chemical weapons program.

February 6, 1989: League of Arab States' Committee of Seven condemns use of chemical weapons against Palestinians.

1990: US Defense Intelligence Agency states Israel maintains chemical testing facility possibly in Negev desert.

July, 1990: Israeli Minister of Science: If Iraq uses chemical weapons Israel will retaliate "with the same merchandise."

October 4, 1992: El Al 747 cargo plane en route from New York to Israel crashes into Amsterdam apartment building, carrying three of the four chemicals needed to make sarin nerve gas. Hundreds of Dutch citizens suffer lingering health problems following exposure. (2) (3)

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Except where noted, see Israel Chemical Chronology: 1948-2003, prepared by the Center for Nonproliferation Studies for the Nuclear Threat Initiative, 2003

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