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Explosive and Kinetic Weapons

White Phosphorus and Experimental Weapons in the Gaza Strip
Illegal incendiary use of WP in civilian areas
Doctors: Israel may be using DIME bombs and Depleted Uranium

- January, 2009 -
Warfare of the Future, Today?
The DIME Bomb: Yet another genotoxic weapon (PDF)
- Traprock Peace Center, December 12, 2006 -
Desirable Duds: Israeli-US Cluster Bombs Litter Lebanon
- October, 2006 -
Israel's Weapons: July-August 2006
Strange weapons reported in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip

Poison Gases

OVERVIEW: Chemical Weapons in Use
Overview: Israel's Use of Chemical Weapons
Israel's development and deployment of chemical weapons in a multi-page web report. Includes photos, videos, and a chronology of relevant events since 1974.

Video: Peaceful Demonstrators Gassed at Az Zawiya (broadband, 7.8 MB)
International Women's Peace Service video of anti-wall demonstrations outside Az Zawiya, West Bank, June 10 & 11, 2004. First half of this video records the gas attack of June 10, further reported in Chemical Warfare on the West Bank? How Israel "Disperses" Demonstrations (Video is in Windows format - .wmv. Mac users may be able to view with Windows Media Player 7.1 for Mac or similar software.)

Television: Salaam/Shalom: Poisoning Palestine
- July, 2004 -

Time for a Dossier on Israel
- By Neil Sammonds, from Middle East International Magazine, October 15, 2002 -


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