Israeli forces continue their campaign of widespread arrests in the occupied Palestinian territories - International Press Center photo
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June 11, 2003 - Israeli troops bulldozed flat the house of a wheelchair bound Palestinian citizen in the pre-1948 town of Al-Lydd, now the Israeli mixed town of Lod. Backed by an Israeli helicopter gunship and over 200 Israeli policemen, two Israeli bulldozers demolished the 40 square meter house of the 23-year-old Hany Zbeidah, a computer engineer, according to a human rights activist at the scene. Zbeidah was forcibly removed from his house, as it was demolished with the contents inside. - Islam Online

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Palestinian woman comforting another witnessing home demolitions by Israeli forces.
Human Rights

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Protest the "Apartheid Wall" - Palestine Monitor Maps and Photos of the Israeli Separation Wall Protest the "Apartheid Wall" - Palestine Monitor Maps and Photos of the Israeli Separation Wall

Protest the "Apartheid Wall" - Palestine Monitor Maps and Photos of the Israeli Separation Wall Protest the "Apartheid Wall" - Palestine Monitor Maps and Photos of the Israeli Separation Wall

Map of the Separation Wall adapted for clarity from original Gush Shalom map. Click for Gush Shalom 's original.
Map of Israel's planned "security fence", adapted for clarity from Gush Shalom map. Gush Shalom notes: The Israeli government did not publish full, official maps of the wall. The path of the Eastern wall was compiled by the Land Research Center and the Palestinian Hydrology Group, based on expropriation orders issued to Palestinian land owners.

Protest the "Apartheid Wall" - Palestine Monitor Maps and Photos of the Israeli Separation Wall Protest the "Apartheid Wall" - Palestine Monitor Maps and Photos of the Israeli Separation Wall

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Islam Online:
Nine Palestinians
Killed in Gaza

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Islam Online:
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Islam Online:
Nine Palestinians Killed In Gaza
posted 9/24/02

Metal of Dishonor
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Sabra & Shatila
Is Sharon A
War Criminal?

posted 9/13/02

Army Was
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released 3/18/02
posted 9/6/02

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Rescue personnel evacuating the wounded from the scene of the suicide bombing in Tel Aviv on Monday, 3/17/2006. (Nir Kafri/Ha'aretz)
Latest Israeli Invasion of Beit Hanun Leaves 21 Citizens Wounded and Massive Destruction
International Press Center 6/30/2004
BEIT HANUN, Palestine, June 30, 2004 (IPC + WAFA) - - The Israeli occupying forces (IOF) large-scale military invasion of the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit...

Army Encircles Beit Hanon, Tore Up Roads, Qasams Hit Sderot during Sharon's Visit
International Middle East Media Center 6/30/2004
Army encircled Wednesday early morning hours the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun with tanks and tore up roads. Army is expected to...

Israeli Troops Invade Balata, Demolishes Homes in Khan Younis
International Press Center 6/30/2004
BALATA, Palestine, June30, 2004 (IOF)-- Israeli occupying forces (IOF) invaded early on Wednesday morning the West Bank refugee camp of Balata and demolished two...

International pressure crucial to prevent imminent bloodshed in northern Gaza Strip
Palestine Monitor 6/30/2004
Israeli forces have completed the encirclement of Beit Hanoun in the Northern Gaza strip, closing all access points and digging up roads to prevent...

Six Citizens Wounded in Suspicious Explosion, IOF Razing Acts Continue in Bethlehem
International Press Center 6/30/2004
HEBRON, Palestine, June 30, 2004 (IPC + WAFA) - - Six residents including a four-year-old child were wounded in Hebron by the explosion of suspicious objects in...

Israeli Occupation Orgy Firing Kills a Citizen, Wounds Several
International Press Center 6/30/2004
BEIT HANOON, June 30,2004 (IPC+WAFA)--- A Palestinian citizen was shot dead and four others wounded today noon due to the Israeli occupying force...

Hezbollah fires at IAF jets flying along border
Ha'aretz 6/29/2004
Israel Air Force jets flying near the Lebanese border drew anti-aircraft fire from Hezbollah gunners Tuesday, Lebanese security officials said. A Hezbollah official in...

Hamas releases video of Gaza tunnel operation; dead soldier's parents blast army
Ha'aretz 6/29/2004
Hamas' military wing yesterday distributed a videotape documenting its preparations to blowing up the tunnel beneath the IDF's Orhan outpost on Sunday night. The...

IDF blows up, poisons water wells in Kfar Yamoun
Maariv 6/29/2004
After three day curfew during IDF operation to capture wanted terrorists, Kfar Yamoun residents discover dozens of water wells have been blown up or...

IDF says it destroyed 300 Qassam workshops in 2.5 years
Ha'aretz 6/29/2004
The IDF has destroyed some 300 Qassam rocket workshops in the Gaza Strip in the last two and a half years, head of the...

3 Palestinians Killed and a Number of Houses and Civilian Facilities Destroyed
Electronic Intifada 6/28/2004
Israeli occupying forces escalated attacks on the Gaza Strip in the last 12 hours., This follows from an attack carried out by Palestinian militants...

Israeli Occupation Incurs Into Beit Hanoon, Slays A Palestinian
International Press Center 6/29/2004
BEIT HANOON, June29,2004 (IPC+WAFA)-- large Israeli occupying troops thrust deep overnight Monday into Beit Hanoon , north Gaza Strip and shot dead a youngsters...

IDF: Troops to operate in northern Gaza for several months
Ha'aretz 6/29/2004
Israel Defense Forces troops are expected to continue operating in the northern Gaza Strip near Beit Hanun and the Jabalya refugee camp on and...

Israeli Missiles Pound Palestinian Media Center
International Press Center 6/29/2004
GAZA, JUNE29,2004 (IPC)-- The Israeli occupying forces (IOF) launched for the second day an helicopter missiles raid shortly after midnight Tuesday targeting the "Jeel...

Gaza braced for revenge after Hamas kills boy, 3
The Guardian 6/29/2004
Sharon vows to remove settlers despite latest militant assaults -- A rocket attack on an Israeli town killed a three-year-old boy and a man yesterday...

Palestinian rockets land close to Sharon
Al-Jazeera 6/29/2004
Rockets fired by Palestinian resistance fighters from the Gaza Strip have landed around 200 metres from Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as he was...

Two Citizens Killed by IOF in Gaza and Dozens Others Arrested Throughout the West Bank
International Press Center 6/29/2004
KHAN YOUNIS, Palestine, June 29, 2004 (IPC + WAFA) - - Medical sources declared that two citizens have been killed by the Israeli occupying forces (IOF) while...

Palestinian rockets strike southern Israel
The Guardian 6/29/2004
Palestinian militants today fired missiles into southern Israel, despite the launch of an Israeli offensive meant to halt such attacks. The missile strike, in...

Gaza: Two killed and three wounded in Al Boura
Rafah Today 6/28/2004
Two people were killed today at noon and three others were wounded in Al Boura town, east of Beit Hanoon town, north of the...

Rafah: Destruction, devastation and continuous killings
Rafah Today 6/28/2004
Destruction, devastation and continuous killings -that is simply what Rafah looks like these days, following the last incursion which was in a different part...

PNA: Israeli ‘State Terrorism’ in Nablus Sabotages Peace Efforts
Palestine Monitor 6/27/2004
150 People Injured, 9 Detained in Anti-Wall Protest in A-Ram -- Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Saturday extra-judicially executed seven leading Palestinian anti-occupation activists, including...

Israeli Invasion of Nablus Ends with a Massacre
International Press Center 6/27/2004
NABLUS, Palestine, June 27, 2004 (IPC) - - The three-day Israeli invasion of the city of Nablus and the siege of its old town part ended...

Resistance Activists Blow Up IOF Outpost through Tunnel Explosives
International Press Center 6/28/2004
GAZA, Palestine, June 28, 2004 (IPC + Agencies) - - Palestinian resistance activists managed to detonate a huge explosive device under an Israeli military outpost in Central...

IOF Wounds Citizens and Tears down Ten Homes in Gaza Strip
International Press Center 6/28/2004
KHAN YOUNIS, Palestine, June 28, 2004 (IPC + WAFA) - - The Israeli occupying forces (IOF) tore down ten houses in a town near the city of...

Israeli Troops Kill Three Palestinians Including a Child in Khan Younis, Cut Gaza into Three Sections
International Press Center 6/28/2004
KHANYOUNIS, June28,2004 (IPC+WAFA)---The Israeli occupying forces firings killed today three citizens and wounding others in two separate incidents in khan Younis city...

IOF Tears Through Southern Gaza Strip, Kills a Citizen in Rafah
International Press Center 6/28/2004
KHAN YOUNIS, Palestine, June 28, 2004 (IPC + WAFA) - - The Israeli occupying forces (IOF) continued its military aggression on the Palestinian cities and towns, tearing...

Report: IAF missiles strike Gaza high-rise, destroy metal foundry
Ha'aretz 6/29/2004
Israel Air Force helicopters fired missiles at targets in Gaza late Monday, Palestinian witnesses said. Three missiles were fired at a 16-story building...

Settlement targeted after Gaza attack
Al-Jazeera 6/28/2004
At least two Israeli settlers were killed and a third seriously wounded when two home-made missiles fell on the Jewish settlement of Sderot east...

Palestinian militants use tunnel to bomb army
The Guardian 6/28/2004
Palestinian militants last night launched their most daring assault on a Israeli target in weeks, detonating explosives in a tunnel dug under a military...

Israeli Copters Fire at Media Building
The Guardian 6/28/2004
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - Israeli helicopters firing missiles struck a Hamas-linked media center Monday in a response to a pair of extraordinary attacks...

Nasrallah: 'Mistake' led to deaths of 3 IDF soldiers
Ha'aretz 6/25/2004
The three Israel Defense Forces soldiers whose bodies were returned to Israel in January's prisoner exchange were killed by "mistake," Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan...

News Briefs: June 25
International Middle East Media Center 6/25/2004
Army demolishes three homes in Rafah / Military boats tightens siege on Gaza shores / Army kills three in Gaza / Prisoners Friends Association to protest next...

Two Palestinians killed during IDF arrest raid in Nablus
Ha'aretz 6/26/2004
Two Palestinians were killed and another injured by Israel Defense Forces fire in two separate incidents in the center of the West Bank city...

Israeli troops kill Palestinian youth
Al-Jazeera 6/25/2004
A Palestinian has been shot dead by Israeli occupation troops in th West Bank town of Nablus during clashes with young stone-throwers. Muhammad Sukha...

A 19 year old Palestinian killed in Nablus, Israeli Army Pours In More Troops
International Middle East Media Center 6/25/2004
19 year-old, Mohamamd Al-Fuqaha was killed Friday afternoon, as Israeli troops opened fire at him when he was standing on top of his house...

News Briefs: June 24
International Middle East Media Center 6/24/2004
Soldiers wound several workers south Gaza / Soldiers started to erect a new settlement road east Qalqilia / Army distributes leaflets in Nablus calling residents to...

Israeli army storms Nablus again
Al-Jazeera 6/24/2004
Israeli occupation troops backed by tanks and armoured personnel carriers have stormed Nablus, Palestinian eyewitnesses have said. Palestinian sources said the army imposed a...

Three Palestinians killed in Gaza; IDF forces thrust in Nablus
Ha'aretz 6/25/2004
Israel Defense Forces troops shot and killed three Palestinian militants in two separate incidents in the Gaza Strip overnight Wednesday and are conducting a...

Israeli Troops Kill Three Palestinians in Gaza, Invade Nablus
International Press Center 6/24/2004
GAZA, June24, 2004 (IPC+ Agencies)— Three Palestinian dead bodies have been reportedly found in two different locations in the Gaza Strip, and Israeli troops...

Palestinians: Israel is using "sinister chemical gases" to disperse demonstrators
Palestinian Information Center 6/25/2004
Occupied Jerusalem - Palestinian health officials have accused the Israeli army of using "sinister chemical gases" to disperse demonstrators protesting Israel's annexation wall in the...

Update: Scores of the Palestinians Wounded in Al Zawyia including a PA Official
International Middle East Media Center 6/23/2004
Tens of the residents were wounded Tuesday during a peaceful demonstration in Al-Zawyia, west of Salfit, in counter of the continuation of building the...

IOF Kills Two Citizen, Wounds Others in Gaza and Nablus
International Press Center 6/23/2004
BEIT HANUN, Palestine, June 23, 2004 (IPC + WAFA) - - The photographer Shady Mahmoud Al Musri, 26, was shot and killed by the Israeli occupying forces...

IOF Kills a Photographer in Nablus, Arrests Six Others
International Press Center 6/23/2004
NABLUS, Palestine, June 23, 2004 (IPC + WAFA) - - The Israeli occupying forces (IOF) shot and killed a photographer in the city of Nablus and arrested...

UN: 3,437 Palestinians, 942 Israelis killed since Sept. 2000
Ha'aretz 6/23/2004
The United Nations Undersecretary General for Political Affairs Kieran Prendergast told the Security Council on Wednesday that 3,437 Palestinians and 942 Israelis have been...

Chemical Warfare Agents
Federation of American Scientists 11/8/1998
This file lists the known chemical agents currently in military applications worldwide. The datafile does not include several agents (chlorine, for example) which have...

Israel Chemical Chronology: 1948-2003
NTI/Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Monterey Institute of International Studies April 2004
April 1948 David Ben-Gurion writes a letter to Ehud Avriel, a Jewish Agency operative in Europe, telling him to seek out and recruit East...

Mid-East Realities November 1998
NUCLEAR POLLUTION SPREADING FROM DIMONAMER - Washington - 7 November 1998: The country that has the tremendous arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle...

VIDEO: Are Israelis Using Nerve Gas on Palestinian Civilians? 9/30/2002
The following report is corrobarated by the above video which shows the effects of what appears to be Israeli nerve gas on Palestinian civilians...

World Reactions to the Latest Developments in the Palestinian Territories - 13/2/2001
Palestinian National Information Centre 2/13/2001
Time 17:00-The Palestinian Health Ministry announced today that the ministry has formed a committee composed of specialists in order to study the...

UPDATE: Israeli invasion of Gaza refugee camps leave 7 dead and 65 injured meanwhile strict lock down of Palestinian territories continues
Palestine Monitor 10/11/2003
On Friday October 10th, the 6th consecutive day that Gaza has been held under complete closure, Israeli occupying forces invaded the refugee camps of...

One Israeli, one Palestinian arrested and 40 wounded in anti-wall protest
International Middle East Media Center 6/14/2004
George Rishmawi-IMEMC, June 14, 2004 -- Local sources reported that one Israeli, one Palestinian have been arrested and at least 40 wounded most of them...

Israeli Invasion Of Gaza
Palestine Monitor 10/11/2003
On Friday October 10th, the 6th consecutive day that Gaza has been held under complete closure, Israeli occupying forces invaded the refugee camps of...

Israeli Caterpillars Continue Uprooting Olive Trees in Al Zawyia
International Press Center 6/20/2004
Al ZAWYIA, June 20, 2004 (IPC+Agencies)-- The Israeli occupying forces (IOF) caterpillar bulldozers uprooted on Saturday nearly 100 olive trees in Al Zawyia...

Citizen Dies of Wounds, Another Wounded and Several Arrested as IOF Continues Apartheid Wall Construction
International Press Center 6/16/2004
RAFAH, Palestine, June 16, 2004 (IPC + WAFA) - - A citizen was declared dead today from an extrajudicial execution today in Jenin, as the Israeli occupying...

Israel Uses Chemical Weapons against Palestinian Civilians
WAFA - Palestine News Agency 6/12/2004
TEL AVIV, June 12, 2004, (WAFA)- The Israeli Peace Bloc said that Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have used a tear-gas which causes state of...

For the Second Day: People in Zawiya Confront the Occupation Bulldozers 6/8/2004
Latest News, PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, June 8th, 2004Above: A man from Zawiya village expresses his grief and his outrage at the destruction of...

The Apartheid Wall Threatens to Intensify a History of Land Confiscation in Deir Ballut 6/21/2004
Latest News, PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, June 21st, 2004 Earlier today, Occupation bulldozers started razing the lands in Deir Ballut village, west Salfit. If...

Resistance to the Apartheid Wall in Zawiya 6/16/2004
The people in Zawiya continue their resistance to the Apartheid Wall, which is currently threatening and destroying their lands. For ten days, people in...

Palestine Solidarity Campaign 6/7/2004
07 June 2004 | PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign | London - EnglandAr Ram: A Ghetto for Sixty Thousand People The Occupation forces last night began work on...

Israeli Sources: IOF Uses Chemical Weapons Against Palestinian Demonstrators
International Press Center 6/13/2004
GAZA, June 13, 2004 (IPC + Arab48)-- Official and publicsources in the West Banktown of Al-Zawya, which has been witnessing large-scale confrontations between the citizens...

Nonviolence Protestors managed to halt the construction
International Middle East Media Center 6/16/2004
Over 150 residents of the village of Iskaka and more than 15 Israeli and International peace activists protested against the construction of the separation...

Occupied Palestine: Residents of Az Zawiya Steadfast in their Resistance to the Apartheid Wall 6/10/2004
IWPS, jueves, Junio 10, 2004 - 08:05Droits humains | Hilo de prensa | Guerra | Represión | ResistanceAz Zawiya, Salfit, Palestine - Today over 400 villagers of Az Zawiya...

120 Wounded in Al-Zawiya Village Protest
International Middle East Media Center 6/10/2004
Palestinian medical sources in Al-Zawiya village that they have treated at least 120 Palestinians who have been tear gassed by the Israeli army during...

In Salfeet; Israel Moves Ahead In Building the Apartheid Wall
International Press Center 6/9/2004
SALFEET, June8,2004(IPC+Agencies)--The Israeli Occupation forces continued for the second day work on the Apartheid Wall in Zawiya village west of Salfit...

Soldier lightly hurt in Jenin; 2 Palestinians killed in West Bank
Ha'aretz 6/15/2004
An Israel Defense Forces soldier was lightly hurt Friday morning in Jenin by Palestinian gunfire during an operation to search for Palestinians in the...

Anti-fence protesters clash with IDF troops near Al-Zawiya
Ha'aretz 6/14/2004
Palestinian protesters clashed with Israel Defense Forces soldiers Sunday at an anti-fence demonstration near the West Bank village of Al-Zawiya, southwest of Nablus. IDF...

Israeli Troops Storm West Bank Cities, Tighten Grip Over Gaza Strip
International Press Center 6/22/2004
PALESTINE, June 22, 2004 (IPC + WAFA)-- Israeli occupying forces (IOF) stormed on Tuesday morning different West Bank cities and tightened grip over some Gaza...

The Israeli Military "Construction and Destruction Company"
International Press Center 6/22/2004
The most prominent machines used in these internationally criticized collective punishments are mostly made by the US giant machine manufacturer Caterpillar, which supplies the...

Israeli Troops Wound a Boy and Blow up Two Houses in Dier Elbalah
International Press Center 6/22/2004
DIER ELBALAH, Palestine, June 22, 2004 (IPC) - - Mohammad Allouh, 8, of the Central Gaza Strip town of Dier Elbalah, has been critically shot and...

Rafah: Israeli Sniper Posts
Rafah Today 6/20/2004
Photo: An Israeli watching tower in the borderline of Block "J" area in Rafah where the British peace activist Tom Hurndall was killed and...

SIS Report: 3,345 Palestinians Killed and 40,000 others wounded by IOF during 44 months of al Aqsa Intifada
International Press Center 6/22/2004
GAZA, June22, 2004 (IPC) - - Palestinian State Information Service (SIS) confirmed that the Palestinian death toll has climbed to 3,345 as 40,000 others have been...

Two Palestinians Killed, Three Other Wounded By IOF Firing In Beit Hanoon
International Press Center 6/22/2004
BEIT HANOON, June 22,2004 (IPC+WAFA)---Two citizens were killed today noon and three others were wounded in Al Boura town, east of Beit...

IAF planes strike Hezbollah position in Lebanon
Ha'aretz 6/21/2004
Israel Air Force planes struck a Hezbollah position in south Lebanon last night, in response to the militant group's firing anti-aircraft shells earlier in...

An Extremist Israeli Group Threatens To Desecrate the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque
International Press Center 6/21/2004
GAZA, June 21,204 (IPC+WAFA)-- Al Aqsa Organization for Construction ofThe Islamic Sites warned yesterday of the ongoing provocative acts by the Israeli rightist...

Israeli Forces Fire At British MPs In Rafah
Islam Online 6/19/2004
OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, June 19 ( & News Agencies) - Three British lawmakers on Saturday, June 19, accused Israeli troops of firing at them twice during a...

Thai killed in Gaza; Tanzim man nabbed in ambulance
Ha'aretz 6/21/2004
IDF troops arrested three Palestinian suspects in the West Bank on Monday night, including a senior Tanzim official, who the army said tried to...

Israeli Soldiers Steal the Flowers of Nablus for Prison
International Press Center 6/21/2004
NABLUS, Palestine, June 21, 2004 (IPC)-- The Israeli pre-programmed campaign against children in the West Bank, especially the city of Nablus, has been recently...

Israeli Troops Wound a Citizen in Rafah, Launch Arrests in Nablus
International Press Center 6/21/2004
RAFAH, Palestine, June 21, 2004 (IPC + WAFA)-- Abdullah Abu-Else’oud, 21, of the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah, was shot and wounded yesterday night...

IOF Wounds Six Citizens in Gaza Strip, Blocks Salah Al-Din Road
International Press Center 6/21/2004
GAZA STRIP. Palestine. June 21,2004. (IPC)--- Five Palestinian citizens were reportedly wounded today in the mid Gaza Strip town of Deir Al-Balah by the...

Israel issues tender for moat on Philadelphi route
Ha'aretz 6/18/2004
The Defense Ministry issued a tender Thursday for the digging of a ditch along the border of Israel and Egypt south of the Gaza...

IDF suspends unit charged with death of crippled Palestinian
Ha'aretz 6/18/2004
An Israel Defense Forces unit responsible for killing a handicapped Palestinian man in the West Bank has been removed from the West Bank and...

Rafah Today: IOF Violence Continues
Rafah Today 6/18/2004
Photos: A group of homeless children faced shooting by tanks while attempting to gather what remained of their damaged furniture - A Palestinian child from...

Israel Expands Settlements, Wall Unabated Amidst US Criticism
Palestine Media Center 6/17/2004
Washington has voiced its objection to Israeli plans to expand colonies in the occupied West Bank, which the roadmap stipulated should be halted, and...

Massive Arrests Among Citizens in oPt as Flare Bomb Burns a House in Gaza
International Press Center 6/18/2004
BETHLEHEM, Palestine, June 17, 2004 (IPC + WAFA)-- The Israeli occupying forces (IOF) arrested numerous citizens in separate incidents and in different parts of the...

Report: Palestinians fire new type of rocket at Sderot
Ha'aretz 6/18/2004
Palestinians fired a new, advanced type of Qassam rocket at a residential area of Sderot early Friday morning, Israel Radio reported. The radio quoted...

One Palestinian Citizen Wounded In A Mysterious Blast, IOF Represses Anti-Apartheid Wall Peaceful Actions
International Press Center 6/18/2004
HEBRON. Palestine.May17,2004. (IPC+WAFA)--- Palestinian security sources reported that one Palestinian citizen was wounded when a strange object blasted in Jabal Al-Sharif region. Hebron...

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PA President Mahmoud Abbas (Ma'an News)
Israel gives U.S. list of unauthorized West Bank outposts
Ha'aretz 7/1/2004
Israel has given the U.S. administration a list of 28 unauthorized settler outposts in the West Bank, after a six-week delay....According to the...

Mbeki Urges Freedom for Arafat, Supports Palestinian State
Palestine Media Center 6/30/2004
Arafat, Annan Address UN Conference on Palestinian Rights -- South Africa’s President Thabo Mbeki said on Tuesday that Israel’s attempts to silence President Yaser Arafat...

Chirac Defends Arafat’s Legitimacy, French FM Meets Him
Palestine Media Center 6/30/2004
Palestinian FM Hails France for ‘Not Giving In’ to Israeli Blackmail -- While French President Jacques Chirac told NATO’s Istanbul session on Tuesday that President...

Qurei Plays down the Israeli Decision on the Wall around Jerusalem
International Press Center 6/30/2004
RAMMALLAH, June30,2004 (IPC+WAFA)--- The prime minister Ahmed Qurei’ (Abu Alaa) asserted following the decision of the Israeli Supreme Court to reroute the apartheid...

Against Israeli Protests, French FM Meets Arafat
International Middle East Media Center 6/30/2004
Despite Israeli objections, French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier met Palestinian President Yasser Arafat in his Ramallah compound on Tuesday. In a press conference following...

World Bank: Let Gaza economy thrive
Al-Jazeera 6/29/2004
The World Bank has said Israel's planned pullout from Gaza will have little positive impact on the Palestinian territory's devastated economy unless the ban...

Barak rejects Clinton’s charges of missed Syria deal
Maariv 6/29/2004
Denies former president's claim that at one point Syria was willing at set new borderline 50 meters east of Sea of Galilee. -- “If I...

PLO's mission to United Nations optimistic on Hague fence ruling
Ha'aretz 6/30/2004
NEW YORK - The PLO's United Nations mission is quietly preparing for a concerted diplomatic effort aimed at guaranteeing a General Assembly majority on a...

Israel lobbying Egypt, Jordan not to seek UN fence resolution
Jerusalem Post 6/29/2004
Israel is urging Egypt and Jordan not to make disengagement more difficult by backing Palestinian attempts to push for a harsh UN condemnation of...

Israel to maintain low profile following Hague decision
Maariv 6/28/2004
Foreign Ministry decides to refrain from extensive media campaign following announcement of ICJ ruling. -- The top brass of the Foreign Ministry has decided this...

Arafat Commits to Olympic Truce, US Downgrades PLO Office
Palestine Monitor 6/27/2004
President Yaser Arafat on Saturday declared Palestinian “respect and commitment for an Olympic truce,” two days after US President George W. Bush imposed a...

Israel, six other countries, offered NATO `partnership'
Ha'aretz 6/28/2004
ISTANBUL - NATO leaders have decided to upgrade relations with seven countries in the "Mediterranean dialogue" including Israel, in a relationship defined as a "partnership...

IAEA: Israel should end nuclear threat
Al-Jazeera 6/28/2004
The UN has called on Israel to put an end to the imbalance of power in the Middle East by dismantling its own nuclear...

PM Qurei': Israeli Government Bears Full Responsibility for Cycle of Violence
International Press Center 6/28/2004
AL RAM, Palestine, June 28, 2004 (IPC + WAFA) -- The Prime Minister Ahmad Qurei' called today on the international community and the Quartet Committee to...

Shaath: Egyptian experts will arrive end of August
Jerusalem Times 6/25/2004
Minister for Foreign Affairs, Nabil Shaath, expected Tuesday that the Egyptian security experts to arrive into Gaza Strip by the end of August or...

King Abdullah: Jordan ready to train Palestinian police force
Ha'aretz 6/25/2004
AMMAN - Jordan is ready to extend "all forms of support" to the Palestinians, including training police to take up security responsibilities after Israel evacuates...

Unsavoury alliance
Al-Ahram Weekly on-line 6/24/2004
How strong is the alliance between Israel and the Kurds? -- Kurdish politicians reacted with anger to an article published in The New Yorker this...

World court to rule on West Bank fence July 9
Ha'aretz 6/26/2004
THE HAGUE, Netherlands - The top United Nations court said Friday it will issue its much-anticipated opinion on the legality of the West Bank separation...

Mofaz: Israel deeply skeptical about Palestinian intentions to reform
Ha'aretz 6/26/2004
Israel is deeply skeptical about Egypt's assurances that the Palestinians are willing to overhaul their security services ahead of an Israeli withdrawal from the...

International Court of Justice to rule on WB Wall July 9
International Middle East Media Center 6/25/2004
The International Court of Justice at The Hague said Friday it will issue its advisory opinion ruling on the legality of the separation wall...

Israel wants upcoming visit by atomic energy chief ElBaradei to take low profile
Ha'aretz 6/24/2004
Israel wants the upcoming visit by the director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Mohamed ElBaradei, to be kept out of the limelight...

Ex-MI chief: `Netanyahu was ready to give up all of the Golan'
Ha'aretz 6/24/2004
Major General (res.) Uri Saguy, former chief of Israel's Military Intelligence and the man who headed negotiations with Syria under then-prime minister Ehud Barak...

Sharon Gaza Plan Will Imprison Palestinians
Palestine Media Center 6/24/2004
Speaking during a press conference in Ram Allah on Tuesday, Mustafa Barghuthi, Secretary of the Palestinian National Initiative, accused Israeli Prime Minister of seeking...

Sharon praises U.S. on W. Bank, refugees
Ha'aretz 6/25/2004
A U.S. House of Representatives resolution backing Israel's demand to retain some of the West Bank and keep out Palestinian refugees is "a great...

Quartet backs Egyptian efforts to assist Palestinians in Gaza Strip disengagement
Ha'aretz 6/25/2004
The Quartet yesterday expressed support for the Egyptian efforts to implement the disengagement plan. "The Egyptian efforts to set up an orderly framework will...

Erakat Meets Powell, Urges Support for Egyptian-Jordanian Efforts
Palestine Media Center 6/24/2004
Secretary of State Reassures OIC on US Commitment to ‘Roadmap’ -- Palestinian Minister for Negotiations Saeb Erakat met on Wednesday with US Secretary of State...

Palestinians must control Gaza assets, says World Bank
Ha'aretz 6/25/2004
A World Bank team that drew up a position paper on the Gaza Strip's future after an Israeli withdrawal has expressed reservations about handing...

World Bank: Gaza pullout cannot succeed unless Israel reopens border
Daily Star 6/25/2004
Predictable flow of goods' essential to Palestinian economy -- JERUSALEM: Israel's planned pullout from Gaza will have little positive impact on the Palestinian territories' devastated...

Arafat: Israel Must Withdraw from Gaza and West Bank
Palestine Media Center 6/24/2004
Following a meeting with the Egyptian envoy Omar Sulaiman in the West Bank city of Ramallah, President Yaser Arafat insisted Wednesday that any Israeli...

Sharon Refrains from Meeting Suleiman as Israel Rejects Egyptian Mediation
International Press Center 6/24/2004
GAZA, June 24, 2004 (IPC + Agencies) - - The Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has declared he would not meet the Egyptian chief of intelligence, Omar...

Suleiman gives Arafat two months to complete reforms
Maariv 6/23/2004
Egyptian intelligence chief wants intra-Palestinian dialogue ahead of expected Israeli pullout from Gaza; Tells FM Shalom "Arafat is going to act this time".-- Egyptian...

Saudis cutting back Hamas funding
Maariv 6/23/2004
Senior IDF source credits US pressure, says Hamas is in crisis and finding it increasingly difficult to carry out terror attacks inside Israel. -- After...

Unfulfilled Israeli Obligations Lead to U.S. Criticism
Miftah 6/23/2004
In a rare move, Daniel Kurtzer, the U.S. ambassador to Israel, said Tuesday that the Israeli PM should freeze building Jewish settlements and dismantle...

Turkey Concerned Over Israel-Kurdish Cooperation
Palestine Chronicle 6/23/2004
ISTANBUL - Despite assurances from both sides, Turkey remains deeply concerned about the reported presence of Israeli operatives in northern Iraq and their cooperation with...

Sharon Refuses the Egyptian Plan, Mofaz Vows to Continue Aggression
International Press Center 6/23/2004
GAZA, June 23,2004 (IPC+ Agencies)---The Israeli Prime Minister Arial Sharon rejected the Egyptian initiative to deploy international forces in the Gaza strip, following...

Suleiman Met With President Arafat and PA officials
International Middle East Media Center 6/23/2004
The head of Egyptian intelligence, Omar Suleiman has concluded his meeting Wednesday with the Palestinian Leadership in Ramallah. Suleiman, who arrived to the country...

Israelis must quit West Bank, too, not just Gaza - Arafat
Daily Star 6/23/2004
Talks in egypt to boost 'road map' - President says any pullout must be total, to allow creation of new state -- Palestinian President Yasser Arafat...

FM to Suleiman: Israel opposes multinational force in Gaza
Ha'aretz 6/23/2004
Israel views Egypt's plan for the Gaza Strip following an Israeli withdrawal with "appreciation but also with doubt and reservations," a senior diplomatic source...

Egypt Wants Cessation Of Israeli Operations In Gaza
Islam Online 6/23/2004
GAZA CITY, June 23 ( & News Agencies) – Egypt wants an Israeli commitment to cease military operations in the Gaza Strip before sending security advisors...

House Endorses Bush's Position on Israel
The Guardian 6/23/2004
WASHINGTON (AP) - The House on Wednesday joined President Bush in backing Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to withdraw from all Gaza Strip settlements...

Arafat Calls On Israelis To Stop Using Illegal Weapons And End Violence
Islam Online 2/15/2001
AMMAN, Feb 14 (IslamOnline) - Palestinian President Yasser Arafat on Wednesday accused Israel of escalating the situation in the Palestinian territories and warned that things...

Hamas condemns `dangerous' Arafat comments
Ha'aretz 6/22/2004
Hamas has attacked Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat for his interview with Haaretz, in which he said he recognized the Jewish character of the...

Palestinians Wary of Egypt's Role in Gaza
The Guardian 6/22/2004
JERUSALEM (AP) - On the eve of a visit by an Egyptian mediator, Palestinian officials sent conflicting signals Tuesday on how much involvement they will...

Palestinians reject Arab 'security role'
Al-Jazeera 6/22/2004
Ten Palestinian groups have denounced the proposed Egyptian and Jordanian 'security roles' envisaged by Israel as part of an overall 'disengagement' from the Gaza...

Egyptian plan: Int'l force to be deployed in Gaza after pullout
Ha'aretz 6/23/2004
According to an Egyptian plan revealed on Tuesday, international forces would be deployed in the Gaza City seaport following a withdrawal of Israeli troops...

Israel, Turkey mulling joint military storage
Ha'aretz 6/21/2004
Turkey and Israel are discussing a cooperative effort to maintain joint emergency storage of ammunition, military equipment and combat systems. Discussions on the subject...

Quartet Meets in Cairo, Burns Speaks to Palestinian and Israeli Officials
Palestine Media Center 6/21/2004
GAZA, June 21,2004 (IPC+Agencies)-- Representatives of the Quartet (United Nations, United States, European Union, Russia) will meet on Monday in Cairo to resume...

Gaza's militants oppose Egypt role
Ha'aretz 6/22/2004
Fatah, Hamas, the Popular and Democratic Fronts and other Palestinian political groupings yesterday issued a joint statement strongly opposed to the "security role" proposed...

Palestinian Leadership Calls for Dialogue, Urges Effective Quartet Role
Palestine Media Center 6/21/2004
RAMALLAH, Palestine, June21, 2004 (IPC+WAFA)-- The Palestinian leadership emphasized on Sunday the need to continue the nationalPalestinian dialogue on basis of facing the...

Egypt said ready to promote its Mideast peace plan
Ha'aretz 6/21/2004
Egypt plans a campaign to promote its Middle East peace plan this week, starting with a visit Wednesday by intelligence chief Omar Suleiman to...

Israel, UAE In Talks To Open Liaison Office: Haaretz
Islam Online 6/20/2004
OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, June 20 ( & News Agencies) – An Israeli newspaper said on Sunday, June 20, that Tel Aviv has been holding "advanced talks" with...

The Palestinian Leadership Commends Egyptian Efforts
Palestine Media Center 6/21/2004
Balawi Unveils Plans to Merge Security Branches into 3 -- The Palestinian leadership reiterated its appreciation of Egyptian efforts to rebuild Palestinian security apparatus, and...

Annan Urges U.N. to Fight Anti-Semitism
The Guardian 6/22/2004
UNITED NATIONS (AP) - Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Monday urged the U.N. member nations to take action to combat the ``alarming resurgence'' of Jewish hatred...

US Urged to Stop Gaza Settlers Moving to West Bank
Palestine Media Center 6/16/2004
Annan: Quartet Efforts Unsatisfactory, Larsen Warns of Deterioration -- Amid reports of a major expansion of illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank, Israeli Occupation...

France refused to Call Off Meeting With Arafat
International Press Center 6/17/2004
GAZA, June 17, 2004 (IPC + Agencies)-- France has decided not to bow to the Israeli pressure to cancel themeeting of the French Foreign Affairs...

Annan Says Efforts to Implement the Road Map Unsatisfactory
International Press Center 6/17/2004
GAZA, June 17, 2004 (IPC + AFP)-- The United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan, said that efforts to implement the "Road Map" remained deeply unsatisfactory...

Arafat interview: A Jewish state? `Definitely'
Ha'aretz 6/18/2004
Arafat is ready to sign an agreement that would give Palestinians 97 per cent of the West Bank and Gaza - with the rest in...

Arafat: Israel is Jewish; won't cite figure on refugees
Ha'aretz 6/18/2004
Yasser Arafat "definitely" understands that Israel must preserve its character as a Jewish state, the Palestinian Authority chairman told Haaretz in an interview this...

Qureia: Palestinians drafting deal on post-pullout Gaza rule
Ha'aretz 6/18/2004
JERUSALEM - The Palestinian Authority and militant groups in the Gaza Strip have begun drafting an agreement on how to run the territory jointly after...

Arafat refugee climbdown stuns Palestinians
Al-Jazeera 6/19/2004
In what appears to be a significant departure from the erstwhile Palestinian position, Palestinian Authority (PA) President Yasir Arafat has voiced his willingness to...

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Ministers call for legislation to bypass court’s decision
Maariv 6/30/2004
Following decision on barrier, Naveh, Sharansky and Orlev assert work should be completed according to original route. -- Following the High Court’s decision this (Wednesday...

Israeli Court Orders Rerouting Separation Wall
Islam Online 6/30/2004
OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, June 30 ( & News Agencies) - Israel's Supreme Court ordered the government Wednesday, June 30, to change a large section of its West...

Analysis / PM stays mum
Ha'aretz 7/1/2004
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon does not argue with the High Court of Justice. He stuck to this rule yesterday, following the judges' decision against...

Government, settlers close to compromise on illegal outposts
Maariv 6/30/2004
According to proposal, unmanned outposts will be removed while large outposts will be legalized. -- The Defense Ministry and the Yesha (Judea, Samaria and Gaza...

Peres pressured to introduce list of ministers
Maariv 6/30/2004
MKs Ramon, Itzik and Ben-Eliezer hope such list would enable them to bypass party Central Committee on way to minister jobs. --In spite of...

Head of Palestinian Intelligence: Security Plan to be implemented following the pullout
International Middle East Media Center 6/30/2004
The head of the Palestinian Intelligence service Amin Al-Hindi said Tuesday that the agreement reached between the Palestinian Factions and the Palestinian Authority will...

Top rabbi: Din rodef on anyone ceding land
Ha'aretz 6/30/2004
Rabbi Avigdor Neventzal, a rabbi in Jerusalem's Old City, said yesterday that anyone who gives away parts of the land of Israel to gentiles...

Number of Arab, Druze gov't board members has declined
Ha'aretz 6/30/2004
The number of Arabs sitting on the boards of government corporations has declined since Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ordered it increased six months ago...

Israeli Defense Ministry to Consider Rerouting a Section of the Wall
International Middle East Media Center 6/30/2004
In the wake of the Israeli High Court of Justice's decision made Wednesday to make changes on 30 Kilometers of the route of the...

Analysis: Court upheld fence building for security reasons
Ha'aretz 7/1/2004
Wednesday's High Court of Justice order to the defense establishment to reexamine the route of part of the separation fence, represents a significant and...

PM to convene senior officials to discuss fence ruling
Ha'aretz 7/1/2004
The state must reroute 30 kilometers of a 40-kilometer stretch of the separation fence northwest of Jerusalem, the High Court of Justice ruled...

General Staff okays $2.5 billion budget for IDF work plan
Ha'aretz 6/30/2004
The Air Force and Military Intelligence branch were allotted the lion's share of a $2.5 billion budget for the Israel Defense Forces' work plan...

Knesset passes "Herzl day" law
Maariv 6/29/2004
Nation will celebrate visionary of Jewish state's birthday and memorial day every year at a cost of five million shekels -- Mark it down: the...

High Court: Evidence in Sharon case won't be released yet
Ha'aretz 6/29/2004
A special panel of seven High Court justices was holding a hearing on Tuesday afternoon on the three petitions against the decision by Attorney...

Knesset approves tax reductions for low-income earners
Ha'aretz 6/29/2004
The Knesset plenum on Tuesday approved the second and third readings of a bill that will reduce income tax for lower and middle-bracket wage...

Lapid calls Shalom `anti-Semite' at cabinet meeting
Ha'aretz 6/28/2004
Justice Minister Yosef Lapid and Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom hurled insults at each other during yesterday's cabinet meeting, with Lapid calling Shalom an anti-Semite...

PM: Steps to be taken against settlers who attack troops
Ha'aretz 6/28/2004
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told MKs at Monday's Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee's that steps will be taken against settlers who resist the...

MKs reject 3 motions of no-confidence in government
Foundation for Middle East Peace 6/28/2004
The Knesset plenum on Monday afternoon rejected three motions of no-confidence in the government, all linked to socioeconomic issues. The first motion, submitted by...

Former Chief Rabbi opposes religious parties
Maariv 6/25/2004
Rabbi Bakshi-Doron: the religious and ultra-Orthodox MKs should join secular parties. -- “There is no longer a reason to have religious political parties in the...

Police: Thief was unaware of laptop's secret data
Ha'aretz 6/25/2004
The thief who stole a laptop containing sensitive information on undercover police agents was apparently unaware of its contents, so the information probably remains...

PNA unifies security forces under the command of a new Interior minister
Jerusalem Times 6/25/2004
President Yasser Arafat agreed during his talks with Egypt's top envoy, Omar Suleiman, to streamline the security services and place them under the command...

Analysis / Mazuz's leniency
Ha'aretz 6/26/2004
There was never much chance that the High Court of Justice would intervene in Attorney General Menachem Mazuz's decision not to indict Prime Minister...

Tensions rising over coalition negotiations
Ha'aretz 6/24/2004
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Labor Party Chairman Shimon Peres are expected to meet this morning for a periodic update meeting, amid recent stagnation...

Burg expected to take a break from politics
Ha'aretz 6/24/2004
MK Avraham Burg intends to leave the Knesset soon and focus on business interests, according to two close Labor Party colleagues. Burg is planning...

`Lapid is Sharon's Amstaff,' says Sarid
Ha'aretz 6/24/2004
Lapid is Sharon's Amstaff [attack dog]," MK Yossi Sarid said yesterday, moments after a sharp exchange he had with the justice minister in the...

Eitam's law would bar IDF from evacuating settlements
Ha'aretz 6/25/2004
National Religious Party leader MK Effi Eitam plans to present a private member's bill to the Knesset next week which, if passed, could prevent...

Avigdor Lieberman Takes ‘Exchange of Populations’ Plan to Likud Party
Palestine Media Center/Israel National News 6/24/2004
Chairman of the National Union Party Avigdor Lieberman has turned to the members of the Likud party's Central Committee for help in advancing the...

Two Arab Knesset Members Denied Sessions for Criticizing Israeli Crimes
International Press Center 6/24/2004
GAZA, June 24, 2004 (IPC + WAFA) - - The Israeli Knesset’s ‘Conduct Committee’, decided to ban both Knesset Members Ahmad Al-Tibi and Talab Al-San’e from attending...

Arbel: Evidence clearly shows that Sharon took bribes
Ha'aretz 6/25/2004
The evidence paints a "clear and grim" picture of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon accepting bribes from contractor and Likud power broker David Appel, former...

The Kuperwasser assessment
Ha'aretz 6/23/2004
Kuperwasser thinks the argument over Amos Gilad's assessments is "already boring." Gilad was head of research in Military Intelligence on the eve of the...

Sharon Running Coalition Talks with Agudat Yisrael
International Middle East Media Center 6/23/2004
Sources in the Israeli Prime Minister's Office confirmed Tuesday that talks with the ultra-Orthodox Agudat Yisrael party, aiming at bringing the party into the...

Jewish Agency to assist in relocating settlers
Maariv 6/23/2004
Decision follows PM Sharon's call to help resettle evacuees in Negev and Galilee. -- The Jewish Agency (JA) has decided to assist in the relocation...

Police laptop with classified information stolen
Maariv 6/23/2004
Laptop - recovered after 24 hours - contained information on undercover agents. Was stolen from home of senior officer. Extent of damage still unknown. A laptop...

IDF tells soldiers who organized photo exhibit they are suspected of abuse
Ha'aretz 6/23/2004
Israel Defense Forces Military Police on Wednesday interrogated three reserve soldiers who had organized a Tel Aviv photo exhibit documenting their compulsory military service...

Shin Bet fears exposure of sensitive data on stolen laptop
Ha'aretz 6/23/2004
A laptop computer containing sensitive information on undercover police operatives stolen three days ago from the home of a psychologist serving as an officer...

Treasury caves in, will allow insurance companies to bid for sale of pension funds
Ha'aretz 6/23/2004
Insurance industry pressure on the treasury has begun to pay off, as the Finance Ministry informed the four major companies in the sector - Migdal...

IDF spends hundreds of thousands on Gaza checkpoints
Ha'aretz 6/22/2004
Despite the plans for disengagement, the army recently spent hundreds of thousands of shekels on two checkpoints at Hila and Tufah, leading to the...

IDF chief meets Steinitz, Rivlin in effort to calm Iraq row
Ha'aretz 6/22/2004
Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon met Tuesday evening with Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin and Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Chairman...

`Serious evidence' leads police to seek Benizri indictment
Ha'aretz 6/21/2004
Police yesterday recommended indicting MK Shlomo Benizri (Shas) on charges of bribe-taking, fraud, breach of trust and obstruction of justice during his tenure as...

Peres says no room for religious parties in Israel
Maariv 6/21/2004
Labor chairman declares religious MKs can join other existing parties. Shas MK Nahari: Everyone in this country should be religious. -- Religious and ultra-orthodox MKs...

Edna Arbel's recommendation to be published Thursday
Maariv 6/21/2004
Former State Prosecutor recommended that PM Sharon be indicted over Greek Island affair -- Former state prosecutor Edna Arbel's recommendation to indict PM Ariel Sharon...

Mazuz blasted for avoiding MKs' meeting
Ha'aretz 6/21/2004
Attorney General Menachem Mazuz came in for harsh criticism yesterday in the Knesset Constitution, Justice and Law Committee, when he decided to stay away...

Israel plans to relocate Gaza settlements
Al-Jazeera 6/21/2004
The Israeli Prime Minister has urged members of an influential Jewish organisation to contribute to the relocation of Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip...

Two no-confidence motions defeated in Knesset
Ha'aretz 6/21/2004
The Knesset defeated two no-confidence motions Monday evening, with the Sharon government surviving a Shas-sponsored motion against the economy by a scant five votes...

Qurei’ Refuses the Dissolution of Al Aqsa Brigades As the Dispute over the Egyptian Plan Is Underway
International Press Center 6/21/2004
GAZA, June 21, 2004 (IPC+Agencies)--The Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qure’ asserted that the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, military wing of the Fateh movement...

Peres states condition for joining coalition
The Guardian 6/21/2004
Israel's opposition leader, Shimon Peres, has demanded the government agree a plan for peace, including large-scale withdrawals from the occupied territories that go far...

Israel bans Sunday Times journalist
The Guardian 6/21/2004
Peter Hounam, the Sunday Times journalist who was detained last month by the Israeli security services over his connection to nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu...

Beitar soccer fan convicted for shouting `death to Arabs'
Ha'aretz 6/18/2004
Jerusalem Magistrate's Court has handed down the first-ever conviction of a soccer fan for incitement to racism, for shouting "death to Arabs" during a...

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Israeli soldiers stop the crew of a Palestinian ambulance. Click for more information about the treatment of Palestinian ambulance crews by the Israeli army - International Middle East Media Center photo
Karni crossing shut again after shooting
Ha'aretz 7/1/2004
A Palestinian gunman opened fire yesterday afternoon at the Gaza Strip's Karni crossing terminal, but there were no casualties and employees were moved to...

Israel Won’t Allow Expelled Palestinians Back to Territories: Israeli Radio
International Press Center 6/30/2004
GAZA, June 30, 2004 (IPC + Agencies) - - The Israeli government told the European Union yesterday it would not allow the expelled Palestinians of the Nativity...

Israeli Violations Of Palestinian Rights "Unprecedented"
Islam Online 6/30/2004
OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, June 30 ( & News Agencies) - Israel's human rights violations in the Palestinian territories reached unprecedented levels and could not be justified by...

A ’Black Saturday’ – 8 Killed by Occupation Forces in Nablus
International Solidarity Movement 6/26/2004
Nablus, Kole, 26 Jun 04 -- One of the central scenes that opens and closes Gillo Pontecorvo’s 1965 masterpiece The Battle of Algiers deals with...

On this side of the "fence"
International Solidarity Movement 6/29/2004
Jerusalem, Gail, 29 Jun 04 -- Hi Everyone, We arrived in Biddu yesterday. The ISM house is up on the hill in a place that...

Palestine journalists come under fire
Al-Jazeera 6/29/2004
Israeli helicopter gunships launched four missiles at a media building in the centre of Gaza City early on Tuesday morning, injuring two people and...

ISM activist being held at airport as 'security risk'
Ha'aretz 7/1/2004
Anne Robinson-Peter, a 44-year-old graphic artist from New York who is an activist with the pro-Palestinian International Solidarity Movement (ISM), has been held...

Israeli raids heightening desperate water situation in Palestinian territories, Renewed incursions into Gaza
Palestine Monitor 6/29/2004
scroll down page to find article] Two days ago Israeli soldiers invaded the village of al Yamun to the north west of Jenin. As...

Report: IDF uproots hundreds of trees near Beit Hanoun
Ha'aretz 6/30/2004
Witnesses said late on Wednesday that Israel Defense Forces bulldozers uprooted hundreds of olive trees in the vicinity of the town of Beit Hanoun...

Public defenders: Police made innocent man confess to three crimes committed while he was behind bars
Ha'aretz 6/29/2004
The Hadera police wrangled confessions for 59 different property crimes from a suspect who did not commit them, according to the Public Defender's Office...

State wants Hounam barred from entering Israel
Maariv 6/29/2004
Journalist who exposed Vanunu nuclear espionage affair petitions High Court to be allowed to return to country after being deported a month ago. -- The...

Peace Activists on Trial
International Solidarity Movement 6/28/2004
Jerusalem] Local Palestinian peace activists, Mohammed Khalil Mansour and Khaled Fuad Salameh, remain in custody today after a brief hearing in which their lawyers...

Israeli Troops Arrest Scores of Palestinians in the West Bank
International Press Center 6/29/2004
forces (IOF) arrested over the past 24 hours scores of Palestinian inhabitants in different parts of the West Bank including Hebron, Nablus and Bethlehem...

Palestinians starve under occupation
Al-Jazeera 6/29/2004
At the entrance to the Ard al-Insan clinic in Gaza, also known as the Palestinian Benevolent Association, Iman Jilawi was pleading with programme director...

PCHR Condemns Israeli Aerial Attack on a Press Office in Gaza
Palestinian Centre for Human Rights 6/29/2004
PCHR strongly condemns an Israeli aerial attack on a press office in the center of Gaza City on Tuesday morning.This latest attack comes in...

PCHR gets Temporary Injunction Stopping Seizure of Land in al-Qarara
Palestinian Centre for Human Rights 6/29/2004
On Monday evening, 28 June 2004, the Israeli High Court issued a temporary injunction stopping seizure of large areas of Palestinian land near a...

American peace activist ordered deported
Ha'aretz 6/28/2004
The Tel Aviv District Court ordered American leftist activist Ken O'Keefe deported yesterday. O'Keefe was caught trying to cross the separation fence into the...

Arab journalists protest as colleagues face trial for incitement
Ha'aretz 6/28/2004
The incitement trial of journalist Tawfik Mohammed Jabarin was put off yesterday until September, after Jabarin petitioned Attorney General Menny Mazuz to delay proceedings...

Report slams conditions at prisons, detention facilities
Maariv 6/28/2004
Public Defender's Office says inadequate conditions are in violation of the law. -- A report by the Public Defender's Office, submitted to Attorney General Meni...

Tens of Anti-Apartheid Wall Peaceful Demonstrators Wounded In Al Arm
International Press Center 6/27/2004
GAZA, June 27,2004 (IPC+Agencies)--- Several of the senior figures, Israeli sand internationalpeace activists were suffocated due the firing of tear gas canisters by...

Five Palestinians, Four Israelis Arrested in A-Ram Protest
International Solidarity Movement 6/26/2004
A-Ram, Jerusalem] In response to a peaceful demonstration against the Israeli Apartheid Wall held today in the village of A-Ram, Israeli police officers and...

International Solidarity Movement 6/26/2004
Dozens injured and nine arrested in A-Ram -- [A-Ram, Jerusalem] Today at 3:00 PM, approximately 3,000 Palestinian, Israeli and international peace activists gathered to...

Schizophrenic Israel
International Solidarity Movement 6/22/2004
Az-Zawiya, Salfit - Jessica -- Welcome home they said to us, American Jews when we arrived into Tel Aviv. We sang about brotherhood and happiness and...

Qaffin Nonviolently Attempts to Reach Land Isolated behind the Apartheid Wall
International Solidarity Movement 6/26/2004
Qaffin, Tulkarem] In the northern West Bank village of Qaffin (Tulkarem district), approximately 300 Palestinians and 45 international and Israeli peace activists gathered to...

Peaceful March Welcomes Freedom Summer 2004 to Western Ramallah
International Solidarity Movement 6/26/2004
Deir Qaddis, W Ramallah] Today at approximately 1:00 PM, 200 residents of the western Ramallah area gathered in solidarity with other demonstrators throughout...

Palestinians, Internationals and Israelis Come Together to Oppose the Apartheid Wall in Faqqua
International Solidarity Movement 6/26/2004
Faqqua, Jenin] Today, Israeli, Palestinian and international peace activists joined together in the northern West Bank village of Faqqua to illustrate their steadfast opposition...

IOF Bars Medical Teams From Helping The Palestinians
International Press Center 6/27/2004
QALQIELIA. Palestine, June 27,2004 ( IPC+WAFA)--- The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) stationing at the steel gate erected at the entrance of the West Bank...

Israeli Arabs Try New Strategy for Rights
Forward 6/25/2004
A group of Arab-Israeli human rights activists have spent the last month in America meeting with Jewish groups and government officials in order to...

Olive Trees
International Solidarity Movement 6/18/2004
I cried when we reached the olive grove. We marched as usual from the mosque, but instead of confronting the soldiers on the road...

Dozens of Residents Wounded in Salfit during Anti Wall Protests
International Middle East Media Center 6/25/2004
Tens of Palestinians were wounded, Thursday, during protests against the construction of the Separation wall which is continuously swallowing the Palestinian land. While local...

UN human rights officials denounce Israel, Powell dismisses likening Iraq situation to Israeli occupation
Ha'aretz 6/26/2004
United Nations human rights investigators on Friday denounced Israel for targeted assassinations, excessive use of force and destruction of homes in the occupied Palestinian...

Using Dogs Against Prisoners is Not a Secret Anymore
International Middle East Media Center 6/25/2004
Despite the fact that several Palestinian detainees spoke about the army using trained dogs against them during interrogation, the media did not really take...

15th consecutive day of protest in Zawiy
Palestine Monitor 6/23/2004
The residents of al Zawiya village today began their fifteenth day of non-violent protest against the Israeli construction of the Apartheid Wall through their...

Fence gets paint job to combat graffiti
Ha'aretz 6/24/2004
Before its fall, the Berlin Wall's western side was covered in protest graffiti. The barriers known as the "peace walls," which since the `70s...

Reform Movement rabbis set to condemn house demolitions
Ha'aretz 6/24/2004
The Reform Movement's top religious body is expected to issue a statement condemning administrative home demolitions carried out by the Israel Defense Forces as...

PRCS Weekly Press Release for the period 12-18 June 2004
Palestine Red Crescent Society 6/24/2004
During this reporting period, the Israeli Army has continued to violate International Humanitarian Law and Fundamental Human Rights, by restricting freedom of movement to...

Photos: IOF's Violent Response to Peaceful Demonstrators in Al-Zawiya
Palestine Red Crescent Society 6/20/2004
June 20 '04: An elderly Palestinian villager is thrown to the ground by Israeli soldiers during a demonstration protesting against the construction of the...

Israeli Forces Perpetrate More Crimes in the OPTs 17 - 23 June 2004
Palestinian Centre for Human Rights 6/24/2004
4 Palestinian civilians were killed by Israeli troops / One of the victims was killed in an extra-judicial assassination / Israeli forces conducted a series of...

Palestinian prisoners in Kadomim suffer worsening imprisonment conditions
Palestinian Information Center 6/24/2004
Nablus - Palestinian prisoners in the infamous Zionist military jail of Kadomim to the southeast of Nablus city are complaining of worsening incarceration conditions. Lawyer...

Is there Another 'Abu Ghreib" Prison in Israel?
International Middle East Media Center 6/23/2004
Lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoners society, Raed Mhamid, who visited several detainees in Jalbo’ prison, said several rape attempts were conducted by Jailors against...

Nonviolent Protestors Stop Bulldozers in Az Zawiya
International Solidarity Movement 6/22/2004
Today, Tuesday June 22, hundreds of villagers in Az Zawiya marched towards the bulldozers in order to stop construction of the wall. The wall...

Hounam appeals decision to forbid his entry into Israel
Ha'aretz 6/23/2004
British journalist Peter Hounam petitioned the Jerusalem District Court Wednesday over the interior minister's decision to bar him from entering the country. Hounam said...

ACT News Update: Palestinian Terrotories 0104
Miftah/Action by Churches Together International 6/23/2004
Separation wall will isolate crucial vocational training center, director says -- Geneva, June 23, 2004 - Israel's building of the separation wall near a vocational training...

In a Sit-in, Al-Aqsa Youth Movement Calls for Lifting President Arafat Siege
International Press Center 6/23/2004
GAZA, Palestine, June 23, 2004 (IPC Exclusive) -- Scores of Palestinian youth in the Gaza City, gathered on Wednesday, in a sit-in in front of...

Israeli military abuses on display
Al-Jazeera 6/23/2004
The Israeli army has grilled a group of ex-conscripts over a photo exhibition they say documents abuses of Palestinians by troops and Jewish settlers...

In Pictures: Palestinians protest separation barrier
Islam Online 6/23/2004
Thirteen photographs...

Gush Shalom 6/11/2004
June 11 - "What the army used here yesterday was not tear gas. We know what tear gas is, what it feels like. That was...

Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories 10 - 16 June 2004
Palestinian Centre for Human Rights 6/17/2004
Sunday, 13 June2004At approximately 02:00, Israeli troops moved into Jenin town and refugee camp.They opened fire at houses.A number of members of the...

Bulldozers begin working in Deir Ballut village
International Womens' Peace Service 6/21/2004
Last evening bulldozers arrived in the village of Deir Ballut and began work on the construction of the apartheid wall.Approximately 300 villagers met in...

Immigration Police make false arrests, ministry official says
Ha'aretz 6/22/2004
The Immigration Police are concealing documents and passports and making false arrests of foreign workers to fill the quota of deportations the government has...

Palestine's neglected refugees
Al-Jazeera 6/21/2004
In the cramped Jabaliya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip, large, colourful murals spray-painted on the shanty town's crumbling cement walls staunchly declare...

PCHR Calls Upon International Governments and Organizations to Provide Aid for Homeless Civilians in Rafah
Palestinian Centre for Human Rights 6/21/2004
PCHR remains gravely concerned about the living conditions of Palestinian civilians, who have been made homeless, following the destruction of their homes by Israeli...

Iraq: Palestinian refugees still waiting to be moved
ReliefWeb/IRIN 6/21/2004
BAGHDAD, 21 June (IRIN) - They may be the world's longest-suffering refugees, but the Palestinian families sitting in the sweltering heat of the dusty football...

UN Rapporteur Visits Gaza to Investigate IOF Crimes
International Press Center 6/22/2004
GAZA, Palestine, June 22, 2004 (IPC) - - The Special United Nation (UN) Rapporteur on the situation of Human rights in the Palestinian territories, Mr. John...

Destitute Laborers Rally in a Desperate Attempt for Salvage
International Press Center 6/22/2004
GAZA, Palestine, June 22, 2004 (IPC) - - Nearly more than a thousand unemployed laborers who lost their jobs due to the Israeli closure of the...

A Patient Dies at Rafah Border Crossing of Israeli Delays
International Press Center 6/22/2004
RAFAH, Palestine, June 22, 2004 (IPC + Agencies)-- The Egyptian border police declared that a Palestinian citizen died after entering the Egyptian side of the...

Scores of the Palestinians Wounded during a Peaceful Protest in Al Zawyia including a Minister
International Press Center 6/22/2004
Al Zawyia, June 22 2004 (IPC+Agencies)---, In Al Zawyia, west of Salfeet, tens of the residents were wounded today during a peaceful demonstration...

RSF condemns violent attacks on Palestinian journalists
Electronic Intifada/RSF 6/21/2004
In a 21 June 2004 letter to Israeli Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz, RSF protested a string of violent attacks by the Israeli Army against...

Israel deports S.F. activist; Woman engaged in "liberation struggle"
International Solidarity Movement 6/18/2004
A Mission District political activist who had traveled to Israel to enroll in a Bethlehem-based Arabic school was deported from Israel after the government...

ACT Appeal Occupied Palestinian Territories - Rafah: Emergency Assistance
ReliefWeb 6/17/2004
Action by Churches Together International - Appeal Target: US$ 185,289-- The constant demolition of homes undertaken by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have to date...

Israel, US Use Similar Torture Tactics: Report
Islam Online 6/16/2004
CAIRO , June 16 ( – The accounts of physical abuse of Iraqis by American soldiers at Abu Ghraib prison outside Baghdad are similar to the...

Appeal to the Israeli High Court Requesting Halt for the Demolition of a Number of Palestinian Homes
Palestinian Centre for Human Rights 6/16/2004
On Tuesday evening PCHR submitted an appeal to the Israeli High Court demanding an order be introduced to halt the demolition of a number...

Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories
Palestinian Centre for Human Rights 6/17/2004
8 Palestinian civilians, including a child, were killed by Israeli forces / 4 of the victims were killed in 2 extra-judicial assassinations /Israeli forces conducted...

Prison Tactics A Longtime Dilemma For Israel
Washington Post 6/16/2004
Nation Faced Issues Similar to Abu Ghraib -- NABLUS, West Bank -- The accounts of physical abuse of Iraqis by American guards at Abu Ghraib prison...

Washington post Daily: Israel Tortures Palestinian Prisoners
International Press Center 6/18/2004
GAZA, Palestine, June17,2004 (IPC+ Agencies)-- Some thousand Palestinian prisoners are being tortured in different formsby the Israeli ‘occupying authorities’ in the Israeli prisons and...

Peaceful Protesters from the Village of Iskaka Met with Violence by Israeli Military
International Solidarity Movement 6/17/2004
Iskaka, Salfit]Yesterday, Thursday, June 17, 2004, 100 Palestinians from the village of Iskaka (Salfit district of the West Bank) and 30 international and...

Israeli Military Intensifies Pressure on Civilian Population, Targeting Local Leadership for Assassination
International Solidarity Movement 6/17/2004
NABLUS - On Monday, Khalil Marshoud (25), the head of the Al-Aqsa Brigades in the Balata refugee camp, and Awad Abu Zeid, from the Askar...

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CIA spying on Israeli banks
Maariv 6/30/2004

As part of crack down on money-laundering operations that can be utilized by global terror networks. -- The CIA is monitoring banking activity in Israel...
Gender pay gap continues to grow
Maariv 6/30/2004

Men earn NIS 3,600 more than women in public sector. -- As the pay gap between men and women continues to expand, the gross monthly...
Israeli start-up develops technology to see through walls
Ha'aretz 7/1/2004

An Israeli start-up has developed a revolutionary technology that allows the user to see through walls. If commercialized, it could benefit both the military...
Elbit wins $10 million US Homeland Security tender
Maariv 6/30/2004

Will supply unmanned air vehicles for border patrol. -- Elbit Systems through its US subsidiary EFW won the tender to supply the US Homeland Security...
Wadi Ara mayors plan trade zone
Ha'aretz 6/30/2004

The courage of those people is admirable," said Shuli Dichter, co-director of the Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality in Israel (Sikkuy), in...
East is best
Globes 6/17/2004

Israeli VCs: It's clear the large and growing economies are India and China. -- Representatives of the Israel Venture Association (IVA) and the Israel Association...
Top officials meet on 2005 budget
Globes 6/29/2004

The government is scheduled to hold just three budget discussions; the cut for 2005 is estimated at NIS 5-7 billion. -- The battle over...
Researchers say spectre of recession still looming
Maariv 6/28/2004

Cite uneven and sporadic growth, which has neither lowered unemployment not bridged socials gaps -- A study published carried out by the Senate, an Israeli...
Economy retreats after some progress, UN expert warns Caterpillar Inc.
Jerusalem Times 6/25/2004

Economy retreats after some progress: Initial economic indicators for 2004 showed that the economy has retreated in the first quarter of 2004 after some...
Foreign investors realized $1.4 billion in May
Maariv 6/25/2004

Bank of Israel: Long-term global forces are contributing to the strengthening of the shekel. -- Foreign investment in the Israeli economy totaled $1.4 billion in...
Rafah Today: Contaminated food in Gaza
Rafah Today 6/25/2004

Tens of people have been arriving at hospitals in Rafah and other parts of the Gaza Strip affected by different illnesses and especially fever...
India poaching hi-tech investments from Israel
Maariv 6/23/2004

Major companies have not invested in local R&D for over three years. Israeli hi-tech companies employ 3,000 workers in India. -- India is 'stealing...
Israeli financial markets nearing all-time highs
Ha'aretz 6/22/2004

Israeli financial markets have rebounded to set price and turnover highs unseen in the past few years, since the beginning of the Al Aqsa...
Major cuts planned for 2005 budget
Maariv 6/21/2004

Budget to shrink by NIS 6-8 billion -- The preliminary draft of the 2005 budget calls for extensive cuts alongside new economic reforms. In...
Peres blasts Netanyahu's `greedy capitalism'
Ha'aretz 6/21/2004

Labor Party Chairman Shimon Peres sharply criticized Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's economic policies yesterday, calling them "greedy capitalism." "The government's economic policies have resulted...
Israeli Closure Leaves Palestinian Economy Paralyzed
Islam Online 6/18/2004

GAZA CITY, June 18 ( - Palestinian businessmen accused Israel of attempting to paralyze the already- shattered Palestinian economy by closing the main commercial crossing...

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Still from ‘West Bank Story’ (Middle East Online)
Sarid recovering from surgery to remove brain growth
Ha'aretz 6/29/2004
MK Yossi Sarid (Yahad-Meretz) was operated on Tuesday at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv to remove a growth from his brain that is thought...
Obituary: Naomi Shemer
The Guardian 6/29/2004
Composer whose work articulated the dream of an Israel at peace -- Naomi Shemer, who has died of cancer aged 73, embodied the Israel dream...
A Palestinian Children’s Creative Think Tank
Miftah/Hakawati 6/28/2004
Palestinian children, like any other, have the need to express their creative aspirations; this becomes even more important when freedom is restricted under the...
Barenboim awarded peace prize
Ha'aretz 6/28/2004
BERLIN - Symphonic conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim received the Givat Haviva Peace Center award for promoting peace in the Middle East yesterday. Israeli-born Barenboim...
Poll: Palestinian Living Conditions, the Peace Process, Rafah Operation and Sharon’s Proposed Disengagement Plan
Miftah/Development Studies Programme - Birzeit University 6/28/2004
Public Opinion Poll on Palestinian Living Conditions, the Peace Process, Rafah Operation and Sharon’s Proposed Disengagement Plan June 4-6, 2004 -- 53% feel that...
Poll: Performance of Palestinian Institutions, their Service Provision, their Role in the Development Process, and International Funding
Miftah/Development Studies Programme - Birzeit University 6/28/2004
Opinion Poll Concerning the Performance of Palestinian Institutions, their Service Provision, their Role in the Development Process, and International Funding June 4-6, 2004...
Six 3000-BC tombs unearthed in Egypt
Middle East Online 6/18/2004
Australian archaeologists discover six new tombs on 5000-year-old necropolis built hundreds of years before Pyramids south of Cairo. -- CAIRO - A team of Australian...
New shop provides platform for amateur artists
Daily Star 6/26/2004
Article 24 displays artwork, handicraft in trendy neighborhood -- BEIRUT: Gemmayzeh, a trendy neighborhood in Beirut known for its cultural scene, is now home to...
Palestinian-American stand-up comedians Maysoon Zayid and Dean Obeidallah to perform at refugee benefit in Beirut
Electronic Intifada 6/23/2004
Lebanese Families in Solidarity with Palestinian Families with the cooperation of the Palestinian Cultural Club at AUB invites you to a night of stand...
Palestinian musician expresses cultural pride with his art
Daily Star 6/25/2004
Khalid Jubran builds reputation as one of Palestine's foremost instrumentalists, composers, teachers -- JERUSALEM: Khalid Jubran is still on a high a month after his...
Film aims to put a friendly, human face on Palestinian soccer team
Daily Star 6/23/2004
CHICAGO, Illinois: When many Westerners hear the word "Palestinian," images of terrorists and angry young mobs raising their fists in the air often come...
Palestinians Draw Rosy Picture Of Israelis-Free Gaza
Palestine Chronicle 6/23/2004
Raed Miaraj, who lives next to the settlement of Rafah Yam in southern Gaza, says Gaza will be God’s paradise on the earth after...
Palestinians Prefer Islamic Chants For Weddings
Islam Online 6/21/2004
GAZA CITY, June 21 ( – With almost-daily incursions by Israeli forces and a long choking occupation, Palestinians have noticeably turned to Islamic chants recitation...
*Nerve Agents*
By Swabbie
Physically, nerve agents are odorless, almost colorless liquids varying in viscosity and volatility. They are moderately soluble in water and fairly stable unless strong...
Evangelist warns against Mideast ethnic cleaning
Come And See 6/10/2004
Evangelist and sociologist Tony Campolo, speaking to United Methodist leaders in Birmingham on Monday, warned that too many Christians have become "evangelical Zionists" who...
Has local mathematician proven the '5th Postulate?'
Daily Star 6/21/2004
Ancient theorem has been unsolved since 300bc - 'There will always be people who say it's impossible. That's a lazy mistake' -- BEIRUT: Rachid Matta, a...
Poll: 64% of Israeli Jews support encouraging Arabs to leave
Ha'aretz 6/21/2004
A University of Haifa poll released Monday reveals that a majority of the Jewish public in Israel - 63.7 percent - believes that the government should...
Video: Palestinian comedians Maysoon Zayid and Dean Obeidallah at ADC 2004
Electronic Intifada 6/11/2004
At the 21st National Convention of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) in Washington DC, from June 10th-13th, EI's Nigel Parry shot video footage...
Video & Text: Suheir Hammad reading 'Beyond Words' at ADC 2004
Electronic Intifada 6/12/2004
Palestinian-American poet and political activist Suheir Hammad has published a book of poems, Born Palestinian, Born Black, and a memoir, Drops Of This Story...

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Book Lights Up History Of Mosques In France
Islam Online 6/28/2004

PARIS, June 28 ( – Amid a string of attacks and arsons on mosques in France, a new French book has been published highlighting the...
El Al: No Istanbul flights till at least Saturday night
Ha'aretz 7/1/2004

El Al will not renew its flights to and from Istanbul until at least Saturday night, Israel Radio reported early Thursday morning. The Israeli...
Globalization poses stiff challenge to Arab exhibition industry
Daily Star 6/30/2004

BEIRUT: For the first time in 80 years, the heads of leading European and Arab exhibition industries have been brought together at a strategic...
Hezbollah extorting funds from West Africa's diamond trade
Ha'aretz 6/30/2004

Hezbollah is systematically siphoning profits from West Africa's multimillion-dollar diamond trade, in part by threatening the Lebanese merchants who long have handled much of...
UN 'not worried' by Iran nuclear project
Al-Jazeera 6/29/2004

The UN’s nuclear chief on Tuesday said he was unconcerned by Russia's construction of a nuclear reactor in Iran, brushing aside US allegations that...
Iraq war 'will cost each US family $3,415'
By Julian Borger, The Guardian 6/25/2004

The United States has spent more than $126bn on the war in Iraq, which will ultimately cost every American family an estimated $3,415, according...
Paying the Price: The Mounting Costs of the Iraq War
Institute for Policy Studies 6/26/2004

A Study by the Institute for Policy Studies and Foreign Policy In Focus - Key Findings: I. Costs to the United States / II. Costs to...
Iran to resume nuclear programme
The Guardian 6/28/2004

Announcement delivers blow to EU's policy of engagement -- Iran is to resume elements of its uranium enrichment programme tomorrow in a move which worsens...
U.S. renews diplomatic relations with Libya
Ha'aretz 6/28/2004

WASHINGTON - The United States resumed direct diplomatic ties with Libya on Monday after a 24-year break, even as the Bush administration pursued reports...
IAEA visits controversial Iran nuclear site
Al-Jazeera 6/29/2004

Inspectors from the UN nuclear watchdog have visited the Lavizan site in Tehran where Washington suspects Iran carried out secret atomic weapon activities. In...
BBC planning to launch Arabic station
Middle East Online 6/25/2004

BBC's plan to launch Arabic-language television channel broadcasting to Mideast is counterweight to Al-Jazeera. -- LONDON - British state broadcaster the BBC plans to launch an...
Campaign Confidential: Ryan's Replacement?
Forward 6/25/2004

A Jewish philanthropist from Chicago may be tapped to be the replacement for embattled Illinois Republican Senate nominee Jack Ryan, who is likely to...
Change in Syria
Al-Ahram Weekly on-line 6/24/2004

A document issued by Syria's Communist Party urged political reform of the National Progressive Front coalition -- A prominent Syrian politician acknowledged that radical changes...
Bush, Chirac, Sharon named 'Islamophobes' of 2004
Ha'aretz 6/26/2004

LONDON - A leading British Muslim rights group named world leaders George W. Bush, Jacques Chirac and Ariel Sharon as the worst "Islamophobes" of 2004...
Emaar Properties thinks big in a rapidly developing region
Daily Star 6/26/2004

Tallest building, biggest mall set to be built inDdubai - BEIRUT: For Emaar Properties, constructing the world's tallest building was not enough. The Dubai-based firm...
EU concern at Iran nuclear move
BBC 6/25/2004

Germany and the UK have voiced concern at Iran's decision to break a deal and resume production of centrifuge parts used in uranium enrichment...
Arab League to 'avoid' Palestine issue
Al-Jazeera 6/23/2004

Despite the assassination of Shaikh Ahmad Yasin by Israel on Monday, the issue of the Palestinian conflict is unlikely to dominate the agenda of...
Lebanon firmly in the grasp of Euro 2004
Daily Star 6/25/2004

From billboards to entire sides of buildings blanketed in advertisements, a nation is enthralled -- BEIRUT: All the way across the Mediterranean Sea from Lebanon...
El Al suspends flights to Turkey amid security concerns
Ha'aretz 6/25/2004

Israeli national air carrier El Al yesterday suspended regular flights from Israel to Turkey due to a dispute over security arrangements at Istanbul's Ataturk...
Assad cuts short visit to China
Daily Star 6/25/2004

BEIJING: Syrian President Bashar Assad on Thursday cut short his ongoing visit to China, lopping off the Shanghai portion of a trip that was...
Paper says Turkish FM leaked Mossad, Kurd story
Ha'aretz 6/25/2004

ANKARA - Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul is the source of the leak to New Yorker correspondent Seymour Hersh that dozens of Israeli Mossad agents...
UK group takes aim at anti-Arab media bias
Daily Star 6/25/2004

BEIRUT: A London-based group striving for fairer coverage of Arab issues in the British media says violence perpetrated by Arab organizations or individuals in...
Syria's US Accountability Act doomed?
Daily Star 6/23/2004

Analysts say proposal 'emotional position from Parliament' -- BEIRUT: A proposal by the Syrian Parliament to slap retaliatory sanctions on the United States will not...
Obeid praises resistance to Israel
Daily Star 6/23/2004

TEHRAN: Foreign Minister Jean Obeid praised the Lebanese resistance to Israel and said that it illustrated Lebanon's reality and pride. Speaking to reporters in...
House endorses White House position on Israel, Gaza pullout
Ha'aretz 6/23/2004

WASHINGTON - The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday joined President George W. Bush in backing Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to withdraw from...
Arab MPs assess budget, gender issues
Daily Star 6/23/2004

BEIRUT: Corruption and security expenditures are crippling Arab countries, according to Palestinian MP Abdel-Jawad Saleh, speaking at the United Nations House Wednesday. Arab states...
The Pentagon's Secret Psychopharmacological Warfare Program
By Edward Hammond, 7/3/2002

In The Futurological Congress (1971), Polish writer Stanislaw Lem portrayed a future in which disobedience is controlled with hypothetical mind-altering chemicals dubbed "benignimizers". Lem's...
Kurds deny 'Israeli infiltration'
BBC 6/22/2004

Iraqi Kurdish leader Jalal Talabani has denied reports that Israeli military and intelligence teams are at work in the Kurdish zones of northern Iraq...
Clinton Advises Bush And Sharon to Deal With President Arafat
International Press Center 6/22/2004

GAZA, June 22, 2004 (IPC + the Guardian)-- The Former US President Bill Clinton asserted that the current President George Bush and Israeli Prime Minister...
Syria seeks closer trade ties with China
Al-Jazeera 6/22/2004

Syrian President Bashar al-Asad met with his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao on Tuesday seeking support after his country came under fresh US economic sanctions...
Mubarak's Surgery Postponed by German Doctors
Al-Nahar 6/22/2004

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has received new medication at a clinic in Germany and his back operation will be delayed while it is tested...
Mid-East coverage baffles Britons
BBC 6/22/2004

UK television news coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is confusing viewers and favouring the Israeli position, a new report says. The study, by the...
Syrian Police Disperse Protestors Demanding Release of Political Prisoners
Al-Nahar 6/22/2004

Police have dispersed scores of protesters who had gathered for a sit-in at a main square to call for the release of political prisoners...
Sailors 'admit' entering Iranian waters
The Guardian 6/22/2004

Iran tonight ratcheted up the pressure in the growing diplomatic crisis over the detention of the eight Royal Navy sailors, parading them blindfolded on...
Television ads challenge Islamophobia in America
Daily Star 6/22/2004

Campaign seeks to polish tarnished post-Sept. 11 image -- NEW YORK: A native-American journalist, an African-American veteran, a Hispanic-American girl scout troop leader and a...
Assad In Historic China Visit To Promote Ties
Islam Online 6/21/2004

DAMASCUS, June 21 ( – Syria’s President Bashar Assad pays Monday, June 21, a historic visit to China, the first ever by a Syrian head...
Iran seizes three British naval boats
Al-Jazeera 6/21/2004

Iran has seized three British naval patrol boats and detained eight soldiers after they allegedly entered its territorial waters on the Iraqi border, officials...
Israelis 'using Kurds to build power base'
The Guardian 6/21/2004

Israeli military and intelligence operatives are active in Kurdish areas of Iran, Syria and Iraq, providing training for commando units and running covert operations...
UN urges Iraq to protect Palestinians living in Baghdad
Ha'aretz 6/18/2004

GENEVA - The United Nations refugee agency urged Iraq's incoming provisional government on Friday to protect thousands of Palestinians living in Baghdad. "If they want...
Jordan Considers Ban On Iraqi Scrap Imports
Islam Online 6/16/2004

AMMAN , June 16 ( – Jordan is considering a ban on Iraqi military scrap imports amid fears that they could be contaminated. A committee of...
Cloudcroft chief stops Israelis with suspicious cargo

CLOUDCROFT — That they were speeding through the school zone first got his attention. That they had Israeli driver's licenses and expired passports made him...
Israeli 'Movers' Freed, Back in Miami
Scoop 5/20/2004

According to law enforcement officials at the scene the rented moving van used by two Israelis involved in the high speed chase near the...
New Israeli Nuclear (Moving Van) Incident
Scoop 5/25/2004

For the second time in the past two weeks Israelis in a moving van have been detained near a U.S. nuclear facility, this time...
Israeli 'Movers' in Sub Base Security Scare to be Freed
Mad Cow 5/29/2004

The two Israeli men in a moving van who tried to get past security officials at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base without proper identification...

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