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Islam Online:
Nine Palestinians
Killed in Gaza

posted 10/18/02

Gap Between CIA
And Bush Stories

posted 10/9/02


Region As
Unsettled As It's
Ever Been


"No compromise

posted 10/8/02

Another Gaza

posted 10/6/02

PA's Erekat: We
Need International
Protection Now

posted 10/6/02

Khalil Shikaki, CPR:
'Chances slim for

posted 9/28/02

Islam Online:
Arafat HQ

posted 9/25/02

Islam Online:
Nine Palestinians Killed In Gaza
posted 9/24/02

Metal of Dishonor
The Face of US
War on Iraq

posted 9/18/02

Sabra & Shatila
Is Sharon A
War Criminal?

posted 9/13/02

CBC: Israeli
Army Was
By Release
of Video

released 3/18/02
posted 9/6/02

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Two Palestinians killed, more than 20 injured as Israel blows up bridges in Gaza Strip
Al-Bawaba, January 25, 2003
Israeli forces early Saturday destroyed bridges in the northern Gaza Strip.

Israeli Army Dynamites Overpasses Isolating Beit Hanun
Islam Online, January 25, 2003
GAZA CITY, January 25 (IslamOnline & News Agencies) - The armed wing of the Palestinian Resistance Group Hamas, the Ezzedin al-Qassam Brigades, announced Saturday, January 25, it had successfully fired a new home-made anti-tank missile at an Israeli tank, as the army dynamited four overpasses Isolating the Gaza town of Beit Hanun.

Palestinian Teen Dies in Gaza Firefight
ABC News, January 25, 2003
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip Jan. 25 — A Palestinian teenager was killed overnight in a fierce firefight that erupted between Israeli troops and Palestinian gunmen during an army raid on a northern Gaza Strip town.

Palestinian University Students Detained and Taken to Illegal Jewish Settlement
Palestine Chronicle, January 25, 2003
"It is unknown why they were taken to the illegal Jewish Settlement, nor is it known how long they will be detained, or the conditions of their detention .." -- NABLUS, West Bank ( - a group of students trying to leave the city of Nablus were detained by Israeli forces, Friday morning, at Zawata army check point near Nablus.

Water crisis threatens Gaza Strip
Jerusalem TImes, January 23, 2003 
A Palestinian expert in water policies has warned of the Israeli policy regarding subterranean water sources in Palestine, which, along with other factors, could deplete fresh water supplies in the Gaza Strip in about 14 years.

Egypt Sponsors One-year Halt of Operations Inside Israel
Islam Online, January 25, 2003
CAIRO, January 25 (IslamOnline) – Opening the new round of the Cairo-hosted inter-Palestinian dialogue on Friday, January 24, Egyptian Intelligence Chief Omar Suleiman asserted the importance of putting forward a Palestinian initiative suggesting a one-year halt of resistance operations inside Israel.

Tightening the noose
Al-Ahram Weekly On-line, 23 - 29 January 2003
Residents of the villages near Qalqilya fear that Israel's wall around the West Bank will force them to abandon their homes -- As the sun touches the sea just beyond the hazy skyline of the Israeli coastal city of Tel Aviv, the residents of a handful of villages near the West Bank city of Qalqilya brace for another cold winter night and the uncertainty of days to come.

IDF ends bridge demolition operation in northern Gaza Strip
Ha'aretz, January 25, 2003
IDF troops operating in the northern Gaza Strip withdrew Saturday morning after demolishing four bridges in the town of Beit Hanoun. The troops entered the area Friday night after Kassam rockets were fired across the border with Israel at the southern town of Sderot, wounding one woman.

Palestinian factions weighing conditional cease-fire
Ha'aretz, January 25, 2003
Palestinian factions meeting in Egypt were Saturday considering a proposal for a conditional end to violence with Israel as an Egyptian idea for a unilateral cease-fire appeared doomed.

Palestinian minister unveils financial reform plans
Ha'aretz, January 25, 2003
DAVOS, Switzerland - Palestinian Authority Finance Minister Salam Fayyad disclosed Friday that the new Palestine Investment Fund (PIF) will report the full size of its assets and investments on February 22.

Palestinians paid after Israel releases revenues`
Jerusalem TImes, January 23, 2003
More than 135,000 Palestinian civil servants started January 19 receiving their pay checks for December after Israel  released part of the money it owes the Palestinian Authority (PA), according to Minister of Finance Salam Fayyad.

Jibril: "Arafat is a prisoner of Israel"
Jerusalem Post, January 25, 2003 
"Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat can’t continue to represent the Palestinian people while he’s bottled up in two rooms in Ramallah," the leader of a Palestinian faction participating in inter-Palestinian talks in Cairo said Saturday.

Palestinians in Egypt Mull Ideas to End Violence
Bradenton Herald, January 25, 2003
CAIRO - Palestinian factions meeting in Egypt were on Saturday considering a proposal for a conditional end to violence with Israel as an Egyptian idea for a unilateral cease-fire appeared doomed.

Syria sponsors conference on reviving Arab boycot of Israel
Jerusalem Post, January 25, 2003 
A three-day conference opened here Saturday with the goal of reactivating a 50-year-old Arab boycott of Israeli and American products.

IOF Kill More Palestinians, Strike Gaza Hospital with Missiles
Palestine Media Center, January 25, 2003
Hebron’s Settlers Call for ‘Sending Arabs to Gas Chambers’ -- At least four Palestinian civilians were killed in the past twenty-four hours in a renewed wave of Israeli military aggression against Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

President Arafat Urges Delegates to Make Cairo Talks a Success
Palestine Media Center, January 25, 2003
End of Attacks Depends on How Israel Acts: Mahmoud Abbas -- The inter-Palestinian national dialogue opened Friday at a secret location in the Egyptian capital, Cairo with an agreement that resistance against Israeli occupation must continue until the Jewish state’s occupation of Palestinian land ends.

New PNA Financial System to Ensure Transparency
Palestine Media Center, January 25, 2003
PNA Minister of Finance, Salam Fayyad, announced late Friday that the newly-established Palestine Investment Fund (PIF) would report for the first time the full size of its investments and assets, which are to be audited internationally and published in a financial statement on February 22.

Anti-Israel/ US protest near mosque in Nazareth
Jerusalem Post, January 25, 2003 
About 1500 protesters gathered near the Shiha Badin Mosque in Nazareth to protest what they called "war and terror organized by the Governments of Sharon and Bush against the nation of Palestine and the nation of Iraq".

The new Palestinian Constitution
Jerusalem Media and Communication Centre 
The draft proposal of the Palestinian Constitution stipulates that the term of the President of the State be for five years and to be renewable for one time, and that it is prohibited to combine between the presidency of the state and any other position.

LAW Weekly Roundup 16 - 22 January 2003
LAW Society, January 24, 2003
Israelis kill Gazan while he was fixing his water tank; 4 children beaten by Israeli border police on their way to school, one forced to sit in a trash can; mass property destruction this week, at least 62 commercial stores destroyed in Nazlat Issa; wide-spread arrests take place. Four Palestinians killed this week: ‘Abd al-Fattah Mansour (35), Mahmoud Turkman (20), Amar Alayan (26) and Ahmad Saqir (15).

Middle East a “meeting point” of escalating environmental threats
EuropaWorld, January 25, 2003
Already stretched thin by the demands of a dense population coping with decades of conflict, natural resources in the Palestinian Occupied Territories are under constant pressure from water pollution, climate change, desertification and land degradation, the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) says in a new study.

'A real crisis'
Al-Ahram Weekly On-line, 23 - 29 January 2003
Is Israel violating international laws and causing a potential health crisis with its dumping of untreated sewage in the Mediterranean?

Israel strikes hard at Gaza
BBC, January 24, 2003
Israel is literally cutting off Beit Hanoun -- Israeli tanks and bulldozers have moved into the Palestinian town of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip in an extensive military operation just before Israel's general election.

PNA Official Spokesman Denies IOF Claims, Confirms Civilian Killed in Cold Blood
Palestine Media Center, January 25, 2003
A Palestine National Authority (PNA) spokesman has confirmed that Palestinian citizens Suad Jude Allah and Ayman Al-Hinnawi, both civilians from the West Bank city of Nablus, were shot dead in cold blood by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) when a number of citizens and motorists were on the bypass road of Beit Eiba-Deir Sahraf in the Nablus Governorate.

Occupation Chronicle Events in Palestine, January 25, 2003
Palestine Media Center, January 25, 2003
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) killed five Palestinian civilians over the past twenty-four hours, launching a massive military assault in the Gaza Strip. IOF also demolished at least ten houses in Rafah town, south of the Gaza Strip. / IOF Invade Beit Hanoun, Kill 16 year-old Boy / Mentally Ill Man Killed in al-Maghazi / Israeli Apaches Target Palestinian Hospital / IOF Kill Two Civilians Near Nablus / IOF Bulldozers Demolish Houses in Rafah

Young Israeli Voters Shun Dovish Parties
Miami Herald, January 25, 2003
JERUSALEM - Israel's young voters are shunning parties that promise a quick end to the conflict with the Palestinians - even though Israelis in their late teens and early 20s are thrown into the front lines of the confrontation during their compulsory military service.

Labour to pay the price for turning its back on Arab voters
The Independent, January 25, 2003
Three days before elections, Amram Mitzna's opposition Labour Party has failed to mobilise some of its most important potential supporters: Israel's Arab voters. Campaigning on a promise to resume peace negotiations with Yasser Arafat, Mr Mitzna is trailing badly in the polls. Part of the explanation may lie in cities such as Nazareth.

Labor's long `nyet' of the soul
Ha'aretz, January 25, 2003
Amram Mitzna's election campaign among immigrants from the former Soviet Union is being waged in uncharted and decidedly hostile territory.

Between the Lines: The countdown begins
Ha'aretz, January 25, 2003
Amram Mitzna raised his hands a week ago and waved a white flag. His attempt to force the heads of the Labor Party to express opposition to serving in another national unity government under Ariel Sharon had the effect of sparking attempts at open rebellion on their part.

Ignored Arafat casts a long shadow as the bogeyman everyone still loves to hate
The Independent, January 25, 2003
As Israelis prepare to go to the polls on Tuesday, the Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, continues to cast a dark shadow. Professor Yaron Ezrahi, a senior fellow at the Israel Democracy Institute, said: "Arafat is very relevant, if only for the fact that the argument over whether he is relevant or not relevant is a campaign issue."

Can't forget, won't forgive
Ha'aretz, January 25, 2003
In the capital of the south, anger at the Labor Party still lives on in the hearts of voters who declare they'll vote Likud, in spite of everything.

Israeli polls show Labour facing worst defeat ever
The Independent, January 24, 2003
Israel's Labour Party, the architect of the peace process with the Palestinians, is heading for the worst defeat in its history in elections next week, according to polls published yesterday. If they are right – there are thousands of undecided voters – then Labour is staring into the abyss.

Discontent simmers among Russian immigrants
The Independent, January 24, 2003
With four days left until Israel goes to the polls, one of the country's most important communities is turning against the two main parties.

Safieh: London Parley, a catalyst for the Quartet
Jerusalem TImes, January 23, 2003
In the wake of the London Parley held last week Afif Safieh, the  Palestinian General Delegate to the UK, stressed that the London Conference has proven to be  a catalyst for the reinvigoration of the Quartet.

Center for Deaf Mutes in Nablus continues to operate
Jerusalem TImes, January 23, 2003
Visitors to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society branch in Nablus can clearly see the continuous efforts of its staff to continue operating in spite of the grim conditions introduced by Israeli measures.

Catholic Summit in solidarity with the church in the Holy Land
Jerusalem TImes, January 23, 2003 
The Catholic Summit held recently in Jerusalem ended by sending a message of solidarity and support to the Christians of the Holy Land.

Media watchdog rebukes Jordan for crackdown on newspaper
Jerusalem Post, January 25, 2003 
An international media watchdog group rebuked Jordan on Saturday for arresting three journalists and shutting down a newspaper because of an article that discussed the sex life of Islam's prophet Muhammad.

Elbit Systems bidding for $778m British Army UAV contract
Globes, January 23, 2003
Elbit Systems (Nasdaq: ESLTF) is currently competing in a major $778 million tender to supply unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to the British Army. 

A tattered cloak and a rusty dagger
Ha'aretz, January 25, 2003
In the old days, Nativ secretly brought Jews to Israel and formed ties with leaders around the world. Today, the former espionage organization is fighting for its life. --  The Nativ organization, which used to be an integral part of Israel's intelligence community, is now facing one of the most crucial decisions in its history: To be or not to be, and if to be - how?

Egypt to try 43 Islamists for plotting to attack Israeli interests 
UmmahNews, January 23, 2003
Forty-three Islamists are to go on trial in an Egyptian military court for an alleged plot to attack the US and Israeli embassies in Cairo, a lawyer said on Thursday.

"Any attack would be swift, massive and designed to catch Baghdad by surprise"
BBC, January 25, 2003

Human Shields Leave For Iraq
BBC, January 25, 2003

  Iraq News

Security Council weighing compromise on Iraq attack
Ha'aretz, January 25, 2003
Members of the United Nations Security Council discussed over the weekend a compromise which will allow UN arms inspectors in Iraq to continue their hunt for weapons of mass destruction for several weeks, sources at the international body's New York headquarters said.

LA Times: "The United States will consider using nuclear weapons against Iraq"
Jerusalem Post, January 25, 2003 
Senior personnel in the US military have on Saturday told the American newspaper 'The Los Angeles Times' that the US is ready for the eventuality that it has to use nuclear weapons in a possible war with Iraq.

Continued Arms Inspections Get U.S. Nod
Washington Post, January 25, 2003
Troop Deployment Timetables and Drive to Build Support Temper Bush's Desire to Act -- While making clear it believes Iraq has already violated last November's U.N. Security Council resolution, the Bush administration will acquiesce to continued U.N. inspections there, at least for the next several weeks, according to U.S. and diplomatic sources.

Powell says '\'at least a dozen'\' states to support attack on Iraq without new U.N. resolution
Al-Bawaba, January 25, 2003
Washington is counting on support from "at least a dozen" governments if it decides to attack Iraq without a fresh U.N. resolution, Secretary of State Colin Powell said on Saturday.

FBI agents interview Iraqis living in the U.S.
Al-Bawaba, January 25, 2003
The FBI is interviewing as many as 50,000 Iraqis living in the United States in search of terrorist cells, spies and information that could be helpful in a U.S. war against Iraq, U.S. officials said late on Friday.

FBI questions Iraqi Americans
BBC, January 25, 2003 
The questioning may go on indefinitely -- Federal agents in the United States are interviewing as many as 50,000 Iraqis to glean information which could be helpful in the event of war.

Japan Urges Its Own to Evacuate Iraq
Newsday, January 24, 2003
TOKYO -- The Japanese government Friday urged all Japanese citizens to leave Iraq as soon as possible because of a possible U.S.-led strike on Saddam Hussein. The directive does not affect the Japanese Embassy in the Iraqi capital which will operate as normal, the Foreign Ministry said.

Mideast Armed Man Apprehended at UN Compound in Baghdad
VOA News, January 25, 2003
An Iraqi man carrying three knifes has tried to enter the United Nations compound where international arms inspectors are based in Baghdad. The man, identified as an Iraqi government employee, tried to force his way into the Canal Hotel where the U.N. inspectors maintain their headquarters.

Scepticism over papers detailing chemical warfare preparations
The Guardian, January 25, 2003
Claims that Iraqi troops given gas antidote -- The significance of documents claiming Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard have been issued with chemical warfare suits and an anti-nerve gas drug was being treated with scepticism last night.

Iraq 'ready for chemical warfare'
BBC, January 24, 2003
An Iraqi opposition group says elite troops in Iraq have been issued with protective suits and equipment to defend themselves against chemical weapons.

Iraq: no nuclear evidence
The Guardian, January 25, 2003
Blow to US hawks as inspectors draw blank -- The United Nations' nuclear inspectors will deliver a serious blow on Monday to Washington's case for going to war with Iraq, telling the world they have found nothing and giving Saddam Hussein good grades for cooperation.

U.S. Sends Military Reinforcements to Iraqi Kurdistan 
Islam Online, January 25, 2003
SULAYMANIA, Iraq, January 25 (IslamOnline & News Agencies) – The U.S. sent more military reinforcements to Iraqi Kurdistan, well-informed sources told IslamOnline on Saturday, January 25.

Swiss offer to host peace conference between US and Iraq
Jerusalem Post, January 25, 2003
Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey has said that neutral Switzerland is ready to offer its "good offices" to host a peace meeting in a final effort to avert war in the interest of the Iraqi civilians.

Thousands across Germany demonstrate against possible war on Iraq
Jerusalem Post, January 25, 2003
Thousands of people across Germany demonstrated Saturday against a possible war against Iraq, blocking the road to a NATO base and picketing American facilities.

Indonesian Muslims Angered by U.S. Iraq War Plans
Islam Online, January 25, 2003
KUALA LUMPUR, January 25 (IslamOnline) - A larger number of Muslims and Islamic-based organizations in Indonesia lambasted the “arrogance” of the United States over its envisaged aggression on Iraq.

US working on lightning weapon
BBC, January 25, 2003 
The US Air Force is working on developing a man-made bolt of lightning powerful enough to fry sophisticated computer and electronic components in weapons.

Allies drop leaflets warning Iraqi forces
The Guardian, January 25, 2003
British and US aircraft dropped leaflets over Iraq's southern no-fly zone again yesterday, telling Iraqis to tune in to American radio broadcasts and warning military forces not to repair air defences that are being targeted for destruction.

Blair plans to strike defence deals to heal rift with France
The Guardian, January 25, 2003
Tony Blair is to make a concerted bid to avert a disastrous diplomatic split with France, fuelled by divisions over Iraq, by reaching a wide ranging set of deals covering terrorism and defence at an Anglo-French summit within 10 days.

'People's UN' marches to beat of new drum
The Guardian, January 25, 2003
Anti-capitalist activists gather in Brazil as prospect of war gives fresh impetus to search for alternatives -- The nearest thing to a people's United Nations, the World Social Forum (WSF), opened yesterday in the southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre.

U.S. May Not Press U.N. for a Decision on Iraq Next Week
New York Times, January 25, 2003
WASHINGTON, Jan. 24 — Seeking ways to defuse tensions with longtime European allies, Bush administration officials said today that they were considering a delay of possibly several weeks before pressing the United Nations for a decision about Iraq's compliance with Security Council resolutions.

Ashcroft Soaks Up a World of Complaints
New York Times, January 25, 2003
DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan. 24 — Attorney General John Ashcroft came here today to explain to the world's rich, powerful and just plain pushy the Bush administration's tactics in its campaign against terror. In the process, he faced a barrage of questions, not all of them from the usual suspects.

Invasion Forces Assemble Slowly
Washington Post, January 25, 2003
U.S. Troops May Not Be Ready for Iraq Strike Until March -- Despite a wave of deployment orders issued by Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld over the past five weeks, the Pentagon has only begun sending major combat elements to the Persian Gulf and cannot assemble the force required for an invasion of Iraq until late February or early March, defense officials and analysts said yesterday.

U.S. Coalition for War Has Few Partners, Troop Pledges
Washington Post, January 25, 2003
The Bush administration has asked 53 countries to join the United States in a military campaign against Iraq, but so far the "coalition of the willing," in President Bush's phrase, consists of a handful of countries and even fewer commitments of troops, officials and diplomats said yesterday.

Iraq Scientists Refuse Solo Questioning
The Guardian, January 25, 2003
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Three Iraqi scientists refused to submit to requested private interviews with U.N. inspectors in their search for signs of forbidden arms programs, a senior Iraqi official reported Saturday.

Istanbul meeting for peaceful solution to Iraqi crisis
Arabic News, January 25, 2003
The Foreign Ministers of Syria, Turkey, Iran, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia have expressed support to the unity and sovereignty of the Iraqi territories, and to the finding of a peaceful solution to the Iraqi crisis whereby the destructive consequences of the war would be averted.

Al-Shara, Fischer: UN is the only forum for Iraqi issue
Arabic News, January 25, 2003
Syria's Foreign Minister, Farouk al-Shara, received at his residence in Istanbul yesterday the German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Joschka Fischer.

US 'will be patient on Iraq'
BBC, January 25, 2003
United States Secretary of State Colin Powell says the Bush administration will "patiently" assess the first full report by United Nations weapons inspectors in Iraq.

Turkey Hints May Enter Iraq if Breakup Looms
The State, January 25, 2003
DAVOS, Switzerland - Prime Minister Abdullah Gul hinted on Saturday Turkey could send troops into northern Iraq if it saw a risk of the country breaking up in a U.S.-led war, or a threat to the ethnic Turkmen minority.

Egyptian Ministers in Moscow
Pravda, January 25, 2003
At their meeting Russian deputy foreign minister Andrei Denisov, Hassan Khedr, Egyptian minister of supply and internal trade, and Fayza Aboul Naga, state minister of foreign affairs, considered the situation around Iraq and ways of Palestinian-Israeli settlement.

Arab League secretary-general: Iraq war may inflame Mideast
Ha'aretz, January 25, 2003
DAVOS, Switzerland - A U.S.-led war against Iraq would likely inflame the Middle East, fuelling popular anger and anti-American unrest, Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa said Saturday.

Opec boss rounds on oil speculators
BBC, January 25, 2003
The head of oil producers' cartel Opec has rounded on speculators who have played on fears of war with Iraq to profit from a rise in crude prices.

'Human shields' head for Iraq
BBC, January 25, 2003 
British anti-war protesters who aim to form a "human shield" against any bombing of Iraq are setting out on Saturday for the Middle East.

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