"Israel will never get true security and safety through oppressing another people. A true peace can ultimately be built only on justice."
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  International Middle East Media Center
Several Palestinians, Journalists And Peace Activists Injured In Kufur Qaddoum
29 Jul 2016 - Several Palestinians, including journalists, and international activists, have been injured Friday after Israeli soldiers assaulted the weekly protest in Kufur Qaddoum, east of the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia. Morad Eshteiwy, the coordinator of the...
Army Kidnaps A Teen, Peace Activist, In Bil’in Weekly Nonviolent Protest
29 Jul 2016 - Israeli soldiers attacked, Friday, the weekly nonviolent protest against the Annexation Wall and colonies in Bil’in village, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, and kidnapped a Palestinian teen and an Israeli solidarity activist. The...
This Week in Palestine Week 30 2016
29 Jul 2016 - Download / Listen Here Welcome to this Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, www.
Israeli Soldiers Injure Four Palestinians In Gaza
29 Jul 2016 - Palestinian medical sources have reported, Friday, that four Palestinians were injured by Israeli army fire east of the Sheja’eyya neighborhood, east of Gaza city, and east of the al-Boreij refugee camp, in central Gaza. The soldiers,...
Young Man Suffers A Broken Arm; Many Suffer Effects Of Teargas Inhalation in Ni’lin
29 Jul 2016 - Israeli soldiers attacked, Friday, the weekly nonviolent protest against the Annexation Wall and colonies in Ni’lin village, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, causing one Palestinian to suffer a fracture in his arm, and...
Triumphant UK Debut for Palestine Youth Orchestra
29 Jul 2016 - Palestine Youth Orchestra at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, 26 July 2016 True to form, the rain is hammering down on Glasgow. In the foyer of the Royal Concert Hall, young men in sharp black, wearing scarves...
US Department of State: Israeli Settlement Policy “Provocative”
29 Jul 2016 - The US State Department strongly condemned, in a statement issued on Wednesday, Israel’s continued settlement expansion in occupied Jerusalem. State Department Spokesman John Kirby said, in the statement, that the United States was “deeply concerned” by...
Army Kidnaps Four Palestinians In Hebron And Nablus
29 Jul 2016 - Israeli soldiers kidnapped, on Friday morning, four Palestinians after stopping them at military roadblocks, in the West Bank districts of Hebron and Nablus. On Thursday evening, the soldiers kidnapped a guard of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in...
PCHR Weekly Report: One Palestinian killed, 10 wounded by Israeli forces this week
29 Jul 2016 - In its Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories for the week of 21– 27 July 2016, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) found that Israeli forces continued systematic crimes...
Palestine Today 07 28 2016
28 Jul 2016 - Download / Listen Here Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, www.
  Ha'aretz Diplomacy & Defense
Israel charges Hamas militant from Gaza with numerous security offenses
Madhat Abu Sanima allegedly began his operations at the age of 15; in his youth he tried to plant bombs, before investing in a goods-smuggling tunnel from Egypt.
  Palestinian Center for Human Rights
Two Death Sentences Issued in Gaza in One Week, PCHR Concerned over Continuing Application of Death Penalty
Palestinian Center for Human Rights
Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (10 – 16 Dec. ember 2015)
Palestinian Center for Human Rights
  International Solidarity Movement
Mental disability on the rise under the Israeli siege
6/9/2015 - International Solidarity Movement - Miguel Hernandez, Gaza, Occupied Palestine - The number of mentally disabled people in the Gaza Strip has increased substantially in the last years. It so happens that 70% of the cases come from the communities located near the fence that separates Gaza from the...
Israeli demolitions make more Palestinians homeless
07/29/2016 - In first half of 2016, 740 people were made homeless by the Israeli army, which says the structures were not approved.
  Daily Star
Hariri fires back as Nasrallah slams Saudi policies
29 Jul 2016 Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah urged Cabinet Friday to rectify Lebanon’s numerous problems generally and the Litani River pollution specifically but said the party wouldn’t accept an increase in taxation, calling on the state to find...
An adoring He looks on as She is nominated
29 Jul 2016 This time, Bill Clinton was the adoring spouse, smiling and clapping when the cameras cut away from the candidate in the spotlight.
Clinton reaches out to wary GOP voters at convention
29 Jul 2016 Long a lightning rod on the right, Hillary Clinton is making a targeted appeal to Republicans who challenge Donald Trump’s claim to the conservative mantle and fear his possible presidency.
  YNet News
Clinton campaign also hacked in attacks on Democrats
29 Jul 2016 - ....
Australia team safe after Rio Olympic Village fire evacuation
29 Jul 2016 - ....
A gang ethos
29 Jul 2016 - Op-ed: Elor Azaria’s defense has shifted into dangerous territory: Blaming the system and victimizing the defendant. The public’s acceptance of this kind of idea may mean something unflattering about the Israeli people’s desired mentality. ....
Russian weightlifters barred from Rio Games
29 Jul 2016 - ....
Turkish cleric supporters in Netherlands report assaults, death threats
29 Jul 2016 - ....
Rabat zoo seeks answers after elephant kills girl with stone
29 Jul 2016 - ....
Palestinian 'nationalism' is all about looking for Zionism's worst interests
29 Jul 2016 - Op-ed: Any national movement's basic aspiration is establishing a state; the Palestinians have routinely failed to do so, preferring violence towards Israel with national aspirations as the repeated excuse. ....
Rwandan genocide victims learn lessons from Yad Vashem
29 Jul 2016 - Yad Vashem and delegates from the Kigali Genocide Memorial Center met in a special seminar to discuss how the Rwandan genocide can best be memorialized. Head of the Kigali Genocide Memorial: 'Yad Vashem is exactly what we're trying to create.' ....
Pope visits Auschwitz, 3rd pope to do so
29 Jul 2016 - Francis has visited the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau; as an Argentine he is the first pope to visit who did not himself live himself through the brutality of World War II on Europe's soil; Pope meets with survivors. ....
A farewell to arms
28 Jul 2016 - The Syrian Nusra Front amicably severs ties with al-Qaida as it prepares to continue its fight against President Bashar Assad's regime; Nusra Front leaders have been debating whether to leave the terrorist organization for some time, hoping the step would undermine any attempt made by the US and Russia to explain striking groups supposedly linked to al-Qaida. ....
Polish court rules to continue denying stolen property from Holocaust survivors
28 Jul 2016 - Despite heavy international pressure to change its existing legal stance, which refuses to consider property claims made after 1988, the Polish law remains in place; 'We are very disappointed in the court's decision to uphold a law denying the rights of the many claimants,' said Center Organizations of Holocaust Survivors in Israel's Gideon Taylor. 'The last of the survivors are growing old. The time to act is now.' ....
The road to safety
28 Jul 2016 - Route 443 between Jerusalem and Modi'in has been subject to dozens of attacks during the recent wave of terrorism due to its proximity to Ramallah and other Palestinian villages; The IDF is planning to put up more cameras to identify terrorists before they can carry out their attacks. ....
A double standard sword
28 Jul 2016 - Op-ed: Meretz may have dubbed itself a crusader for human rights, but when it comes to the Arab community, it seems that more can be forgiven. ....
Delegation of African religious leaders in Jerusalem: 'Africa returning to Israel'
28 Jul 2016 - As part of the strengthening of relations between Africa and the Jewish state, religious leaders from all over the continent went to Jerusalem to meet with Israeli government officials to discuss increased cooperation across religious lines. ....
More traffic as Tel Aviv trains to shut down.
28 Jul 2016 - Train stations in TA will be shutting down for days at a time come September; though it will cause immense traffic jams, the work will result in a cleaner, faster, train system. ....
Fireman Sam feels the heat of Islamic rage
28 Jul 2016 - Popular children's show Fireman Sam is coming under fire for showing a page from the Quran in an episode from 2014; The episode has been pulled, and the animation company is no longer tasked with working on the show. ....
Israeli experience shows challenge in stopping lone wolf attacks
28 Jul 2016 - Israel's methods of dealing with lone wolf terror attacks has demonstrated that while they are difficult to stop completely, successful measures can be undertaken to decrease their frequency and success. ....
Russia announces humanitarian operation in Syria's Aleppo
28 Jul 2016 - Syrian government forces encircle main rebel enclave in the city, with Assad offering general amnesty for rebels who give up their arms and surrender in an effort to bring to the end of the siege. ....
Holocaust Survivor Band returns home to Poland
28 Jul 2016 - 91-year-old Saul Dreier decided to start a band two years ago when he read an obituary for a woman who survived by playing the piano; joined by 88-year-old Ruby Sosnowicz, the two recently performed in Warsaw and outside Auschwitz, returning to their birth country for the first time since World War II. ....
Two Israelis injured in Pokemon Go accidents
28 Jul 2016 - 35-year-old man evacuated to hospital after he smashes into a glass door during a Pokemon Go hunt for virtual characters; 15-year-old girl suffers fractured skull and intracranial hemorrhage after falling of her bike during app chase. ....
American-Jewish organization prepares to deliver aid to Syria
28 Jul 2016 - The IDF is looking into a request by humanitarian organization ‘Amalia’ seeking permission to transfer aid to Syrian territory under rebel control; Operations expected to begin in coming weeks; Head of organization: ‘It is important to show the world and Syrians who we, Israelis, are.’ ....
Man shot to death by police after aiming gun at them
28 Jul 2016 - During police operations to crack down on crime-ridden south Tel Aviv, four people were asked to identify themselves before one produced a gun and aimed it in their direction; Officers opened fire, three managed to flee the scene. ....
Beyond Compromise: “Our future is in our hands”
Palestine Monitor 30 Jul 2016 - June 26, 2012- Earlier this month, a new website titled Beyond Compromise was launched amidst much fanfare in the Palestinian blogosphere...
Susiya fighting for survival
Palestine Monitor 30 Jul 2016 - June 25, 2012-Five hundred people marched in Susiya, South Hebron on Friday to protest the planned demolition of 45 structures in the village. The peaceful march was violently stopped by ....
16 killed in Gaza in a week of Israeli bombardment
Palestine Monitor 30 Jul 2016 - June 25, 2012-On Monday morning June 18 a group of unknown armed men crossed the Sinai desert from the Egyptain border and killed an Israeli civilian....
Jenin Diaries: Burried Jewels, But Where?
Palestine Monitor 30 Jul 2016 - June 26, 2012- Koufrdan is a small village located a few kilometers west of the Palestinian city of Jenin. Its wells provide the main source of water for Palestinian farmers in the area due to its large amount of groundwater. It is the only village in...
Israeli Authorities Breach Last Month’s Prisoner Agreement
Palestine Monitor 30 Jul 2016 - June 24, 2012- After undergoing 71 days without food, Palestinian prisoner Hasan Safadi is back on hunger strike protesting the renewal of his administrative detention, a breach of the....
Invasive Alien Birds in Palestine
This Week In Palestine 30 Jul 2016 - Palestine enjoys a privileged geographical location, lying between three continents: Asia, Europe, and Africa. Covering a small area compared to many other countries, its environment nevertheless contains a wide range of temperatures, rainfall, and topography. In addition, throughout history it has been the cradle of several...
Ramallah Summer Festival
This Week In Palestine 30 Jul 2016 - August 15 to 22, 2016 Ramallah Summer Festival is an annual event that revives an old tradition and celebrates the city’s history and contemporary role in nurturing cultural activities and the arts. The festival highlights a long tradition of artistic expression through various city venues and...
Avifauna of Palestine
This Week In Palestine 30 Jul 2016 - The Griffon Vulture is among the largest flying birds in the world, with a wingspan of up to 3 meters. Some birds are migratory, others resident or nomadic. It can soar up to 10,000 meters high while migrating or foraging. This bird has been tagged by...
Palestinian Foreign Affairs Ministry to World: Stop issuing useless condemnations
Mondoweiss 29 Jul 2016 - A strongly worded statement, available in Arabic only , issued by the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs “relieves world from issuing useless condemnations against Israeli settlement” activities. The statement comes on the heels of Israeli government announcements of 1500+ illegal settlement tenders since Monday, only days after...
Democratic Party consultant asked about Palestinian rights: ‘Not my problem’
Mondoweiss 29 Jul 2016 - “I’m voting for Hillary,” said Mark, a 24-year-old Democratic Party consultant outside the Marriott International Hotel in downtown Philadelphia, just hours after Clinton had accepted her party’s nomination to challenge Donald Trump in November. “Why is Hillary the best choice?” “Is that a question?” he asked.  “It’s Trump...
Gasoline prices to fall sharply Sunday night
Globes Main News 29 Jul 2016 - The estimated maximum price of 95 octane gasoline at self-service pumps in Israel will fall about NIS 0.25 to NIS 5.71 on August 1.
Gaza war diary: Bitter reality, bitter dreams
Mondoweiss 29 Jul 2016 - This article is from the author’s War Diary, written during Israel’s 51 day attack on Gaza in the summer of 2014: I just woke up from a strange and bizarre dream. Today is the 18th day of the war on Gaza. It’s 4am, Thursday July 24th,...
Unilever Israel CEO: We didn't want to sow panic
Globes Main News 29 Jul 2016 - Anat Gabriel has been explaining why the company concealed the existence of salmonella in Telma's cornflakes and delipecan cereals.
June mortgage taking hit 2016 peak
Globes Main News 29 Jul 2016 - The Israeli housing market is booming, and Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon is trying to restrain demand.
Palestine to Britain: Apologize or Face Trial over Balfour Declaration
Asharq Alawsat ME News 29 Jul 2016 - From ASHARQ AL-AWSAT . Ramallah-Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki has given Britain the option to apologize to Palestinians or head to court for its … continue reading Palestine to Britain: Apologize or Face Trial over Balfour Declaration
Riverbed acquires Israeli SaaS co Aternity for $70m
Globes Main News 29 Jul 2016 - At its R&D center in Hod Hasharon, Aternity has developed end-user experience monitoring tools.
BC Partners signs deal to buy Keter Plastic
Globes Main News 29 Jul 2016 - BC Partners says it will maintain the Israeli company's growth strategy.
Will upcoming Palestinian local elections pave way for general elections?
Al-Monitor 29 Jul 2016 - The Oct. 8 municipal elections, which will take place throughout Gaza and the West Bank, will be an indicator of which direction the Palestinians want to take; but all eyes will be on Gaza whose residents have not had a voice about their future leadership since...
IDF's biggest threat today is internal, warns chief of staff
Al-Monitor 28 Jul 2016 - In a rare appearance before the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot criticized politicians for acting against the Israeli military, using it for their own political agendas and eroding the public's trust.
What the economic boycott of Israel can achieve
Occupation Magazine 28 Jul 2016 - Nada Elia - Mondoweiss "Clearly, BDS, with its call for an economic boycott of Israel, is a movement to be reckoned with. Nevertheless, its greatest impact is not and cannot be the economic strangulation of Israel. Nor is this its only or primary goal. Rather, BDS...
Will Palestinians sue Britain over the Balfour declaration of 1917?
Occupation Magazine 28 Jul 2016 - Ian Black - The Guardian "the statement may be seen as a symptom of desperation about the Palestinian cause at a time when the peace process is non-existent and hopes for an end to occupation and a two-state solution to the conflict appear moribund." ca
Two States, One Homeland: The Promised Land of Isra-stine?
Occupation Magazine 28 Jul 2016 - Elhanan Miller - Haaretz "On June 2, some 300 Israelis and Palestinians gathered at the Tel Aviv Convention Center to listen to details of the unique confederation in a conference titled “from initiative to implementation.” Breakout sessions tackled thorny issues such as security, education and constitutions....
Armed Israeli settlers raid Nablus-area village
Occupation Magazine 28 Jul 2016 - Ma`an News Agency - "Armed Israeli settlers, escorted by Israeli forces, raided the village of al-Badhan in the northeastern part of the occupied West Bank district of Nablus Friday morning, locals told Ma’an. Witnesses said that more than 15 Israeli settler vehicles raided the village where...
Trump-Putin-Lieberman and the Axis of Evil
Occupation Magazine 28 Jul 2016 - Richard Silverstein — Tikun Olam "Lieberman is a leader cut out of the Trump-Putin mold. He is a former bouncer from his native Moldova. A gruff, no-nonsense figure who has no need for finesse or nuance. He says the most racist, outrageous things and pays no...
The agonizing afterlife of Mahmoud Darwish
Mondoweiss 28 Jul 2016 - The broadcast of Mahmoud Darwish’s famous poem, ‘ ID Card ’, by the Israel Army Radio made the country’s far-right defence minister, Avigdor Lieberman equate the poem to Hitler’s Mein Kampf . To begin with, it reveals the abysmally poor literary judgement and taste of the minister. No...
Democrats big tent shrinking as Clinton ties up nomination
Mondoweiss 28 Jul 2016 - The Academy Awards of Democratic Party politics continued into its fourth day on Thursday after Hillary Clinton clinched the nomination from the party of the people on Tuesday. Protests outside the Wells Fargo Center continue, and sometimes include dissident Bernie Sanders’ delegates who have come to...
Home demolitions are organized state violence
+972 Magazine 28 Jul 2016 - Over the last decade, Israel has demolished over 1,100 Palestinian homes in the West Bank, leaving homeless more than 5,199 people, including at least 2,602 minors. The extensive demolitions are part of a broader Israeli policy of forced transfer. The following speech was delivered at a...
Animal Health and Wealth in Palestine
This Week In Palestine 28 Jul 2016 - The Separation Wall along the western border of the West Bank has reduced the areas available to herders for grazing their flocks. By: Iyad Adra, Mohamad Issa, and Bassam Abu Aziz \Archaeological evidence shows that the Middle East, particularly the Levant region and the Jordan Valley,...
Animal Biodiversity in Palestine
This Week In Palestine 28 Jul 2016 - The caracal is a nocturnal animal and difficult to observe. At the crossroads of three continents, Palestine is located in the western part of the Fertile Crescent that connects Africa with Eurasia. This location and the associated geologic activities over the past 100 million years have...
Payslips peril
BBC 28 Jul 2016 - Iran's so-called payslip-gate scandal has been a blow to President Hassan Rouhani's reputation, and could still be a problem come next year's elections, says the BBC's Amir Azimi.
Iran economy minister: There are positive economic signs
Al-Monitor 28 Jul 2016 - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s economy minister says there are signs that the economy is improving.
Iran state broadcaster in hot water at home, abroad over airing rights
Al-Monitor 28 Jul 2016 - The Iranian state broadcaster has found itself in a new dispute over broadcasting soccer games without permission, this time with Qatar’s beIN Sports and the UEFA.
Kerry and Abbas to discuss Israeli-Palestinian peace process
Middle East Eye 28 Jul 2016 - Language Undefined State Department says Kerry and Abbas will attempt to create conditions for sovereign nations of Israel and Palestine
150 people arrested at mixed-gender party in Tehran
Middle East Eye 28 Jul 2016 - Language Undefined A Tehran police commander warned officers will be keeping a 'very close watch' on gardens in the capital for any 'illegal gatherings'
Freedom on hold: Palestine solidarity movements in Lebanon
Middle East Eye 28 Jul 2016 - Palestine solidarity movements in Lebanon have stagnated. They must resist the establishment's interference, listen to local Palestinian voices
New Israeli settlement plans 'provocative and counterproductive': US
Middle East Eye 27 Jul 2016 - Language Undefined US officials said new settlements could seriously undermine peace efforts with Palestinians
Republican Jews Slam Democrats for Anti-Israel Tone at Convention
The Forward New 29 Jul 2016 - Jewish Republicans were watching the Democratic convention in Philadelphia very closely †and they didn’t like what they saw when it comes to Israel.
Jill Stein Picks Up Pro-Palestinian Rally Cry After Bernie Sanders Defeat
The Forward New 29 Jul 2016 - Jill Stein is hoping to pick up the mantle of Bernie Sanders’s leftist revolution †and she’s not afraid to openly slam Hillary Clinton on Israel.
How Hillary Clinton Soothes Israel Backers at Convention †by Stressing Daylight With Barack Obama
The Forward New 28 Jul 2016 - For Israel, would a Hillary Clinton administration continue the tone set by Barack Obama? Or would she be a much warmer and closer friend to the Jewish state? It depends who and what you want to listen to at this Democratic convention
Hillary Clinton Isn’t the Only One with Hebrew Swag
The Forward New 28 Jul 2016 - The Jewish internet was eating up the news that former president Bill Clinton wore a Hebrew lapel pin in support of his wife at the Democratic National Convention.
Uganda: Entebbe Raid - How Ugandan Soldiers Turned Guns Against Amin
allAfrica.com 29 Jul 2016 - [Observer] For 40 years, the raid on Entebbe International Airport story has been a colourful narrative of Israeli commandos triumphal rescue of its citizens held hostage by members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - External Operations (PFLP).
Uganda: The Untold Story of 1976 Entebbe Raid
allAfrica.com 28 Jul 2016 - [Observer] Is there any other version to the Entebbe raid story? Do we really know everything that happened at Entebbe during and after that 1976 Israeli raid?
Nigeria: Nigeria, Iran to Forge Trade Ties
allAfrica.com 28 Jul 2016 - [Guardian] The Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) and Iran have agreed to forge stronger trade partnership that would promote bilateral ties between both countries.
Unilever Israel CEO: We didn't want to sow panic
Globes Main News 29 Jul 2016 - Anat Gabriel has been explaining why the company concealed the existence of salmonella in Telma's cornflakes and delipecan cereals.
Riverbed acquires Israeli SaaS co Aternity for $70m
Globes Main News 29 Jul 2016 - At its R&D center in Hod Hasharon, Aternity has developed end-user experience monitoring tools.
Gasoline prices to fall sharply Sunday night
Globes Main News 29 Jul 2016 - The estimated maximum price of 95 octane gasoline at self-service pumps in Israel will fall about NIS 0.25 to NIS 5.71 on August 1.
BC Partners signs deal to buy Keter Plastic
Globes Main News 29 Jul 2016 - BC Partners says it will maintain the Israeli company's growth strategy.
Israeli co TrekAce unveils navigator for bikers, hikers
Globes Main News 28 Jul 2016 - The sleeve-worn product, which directs the user through sensory stimulation, is also ideal for soldiers.
Unemployment down to 4.8% in Israel in second quarter
Globes Main News 28 Jul 2016 - The proportion of the population employed rose to 61.2% in the second quarter, the Central Bureau of Statistics reports.
9/09/2011 AIPAC Junkets to Israel Illegal: IRS-DOJ Complaint Filing
IRMEP 30 Jul 2016 - A complaint filed with the IRS and Justice Department charges the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF) is a "sham" charitable organization of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.
5/16/2011 Obama vs. Reagan on AIPAC Documents reveal Ronald Reagan's response to Israel lobby invitation
IRMEP 30 Jul 2016 - President Obama accepts an invitation to speak at AIPAC, Reagan declined. Why?
4/18/2011 US Treasury Dept.: Tax-exempt US donation laundering into West Bank settlements "okay"
IRMEP 30 Jul 2016 - The US Department of Treasury has no program to combat massive flows of US tax-exempt charitable contributions into illegal settlement building. Despite ongoing public revelations of wrongdoing, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has never investigated or even discussed US charitable organizations with proven ties...
4/06/2011 US-Israel Trade: Espionage, Theft and Secrets - IRmep at University of Rochester
IRMEP 30 Jul 2016 - On April 6, Grant F. Smith presented a comprehensive review of the US-Israel Free Trade Agreement to the Finance and Economics Council at the University of Rochester. Using a slide show of declassified documents and charts, Smith revealed how secret agreements and a joint Israeli embassy/AIPAC...
3/28/2011 Neoconomics: Conscription and War as Wealth
IRMEP 30 Jul 2016 - Start-up Nation airbrushes one vital and enduring truth — when Israel faces sovereign barriers to foreign trade routes, weapons, or technology; it tends to break other country’s laws and steal what it thinks it needs.
3/07/2011 Israel lobbyist funds US Presidents, Israeli Nukes, AIPAC disinformation
IRMEP 30 Jul 2016 - According to new histories of Israel's clandestine nuclear weapons program including "Israel and the Bomb" by Avner Cohen (1998), Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion secretly named Feinberg his chief nuclear weapons fundraising coordinator in 1958. According to Michael Karpin's "The Bomb in the Basement" (2007) Feinberg...
Did You See Our Palestine Signs at the DNC? Rabbi Shmuley Did.
US Campaign to End the Occupation 29 Jul 2016 - Check out the videos showing massive support for Palestinian rights at the DNC and get your #ProgressiveforPalestine swag.
Two More Cities Drop G4S!
US Campaign to End the Occupation 30 Jul 2016 - As BDS turns 11, we must redouble our efforts.
Ending the Occupation of the American Mind
US Campaign to End the Occupation 30 Jul 2016 -
Make Progressive for Palestine a Reality
US Campaign to End the Occupation 30 Jul 2016 -
Tell the DNC: Support Palestinian Rights!
US Campaign to End the Occupation 30 Jul 2016 - This is outrageous! On June 24, the Democratic National Convention's (DNC) platform drafting committee voted against an amendment calling on Israel to end its military occupation of Palestinian land and its illegal settlements.
  Ma'an News
Israeli Justice Ministry drops probe after report that contractor behind Qalandiya killings
5/1/2016 - BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- The Israeli who shot and killed a pregnant Palestinian woman and her teenage brother at the notorious Qalandiya checkpoint in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday was a private security contractor, not a member of the police forces, Israeli media...
Israeli forces detain 6 Palestinians in West Bank raids
5/1/2016 - BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- Israeli forces carried out overnights raids across the occupied Palestinian territory Sunday detaining at least six Palestinians, including a 13-year-old boy. Locals told Ma’an that Israeli forces raided the southern occupied West Bank town of Beit Ummar north of...
UN: Israel's cement ban prevents hundreds of Gaza families from rebuilding homes
4/30/2016 - BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- Israel’s punitive ban on cement imports into the Gaza Strip has prevented hundreds of families from rebuilding their homes devastated by the 2014 war, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in a press release Thursday...
Settlers attack Israeli liaison officer in illegal Hebron outpost
5/1/2016 - HEBRON (Ma’an) -- A group of Israeli settlers assaulted an Israeli liaison officer in the southern occupied West Bank on Sunday, the Israeli police said. Israeli police spokeswoman Luba al-Samri said in a statement that the officer came to the settlement outpost of...
  The Guardian
Israel and Turkey to announce end of six-year standoff
26 Jun 2016 - The animosity began when nine Turkish activists on a flotilla bound for the Gaza Strip were killed by Israeli forces Israel is planning on...
  Ha'aretz National News
Two members quit Israeli curriculum panel over exclusion of novel on Jewish-Arab romance
Ha'aretz - 11 Jul 2016
  Palestinian Information Center
IOF arrests 102 Palestinians last week
29 Jul 2016 - Ensan Center for Democracy and Human Rights documented 102 Israeli arrests last week in occupied Jerusalem, West Bank, and Gaza Strip.
Two injuries reported east of Gaza
29 Jul 2016 - Two Palestinians were injured Friday evening when Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) opened fire at a group of youths east of Gaza City.
Child among 3 Palestinians kidnapped by IOF from West Bank
29 Jul 2016 - The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Friday kidnapped three Palestinians, including a minor, from southern West Bank provinces.
Palestinian refugees appeal to Erdogan for humanitarian aid
29 Jul 2016 - Palestinian refugee families and children stranded on the Turkish-Syrian borders appealed to the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to help them take shelter in Turkey.
Shaul’s mother: I have evidence that my son is alive in Gaza
29 Jul 2016 - The mother of the captured Israeli soldier Oron Shaul said Friday she has a conclusive evidence that her son is held alive in Gaza.
Young men clash with soldiers at Huwara checkpoint
29 Jul 2016 - Violent clashes broke out Friday afternoon between Palestinian young men and Israeli soldiers at Huwara checkpoint, south of Nablus city.
Qatari envoy arrives in Gaza to follow up projects
29 Jul 2016 - Ambassador Mohamed al-Emadi, head of Qatar's national committee for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, arrived last night in the besieged Gaza Strip through the Beit Hanoun (Erez) border crossing.
Mishaal: The message of martyr Faqih calls for unity against the occupation
29 Jul 2016 - Head of Hamas's political bureau Khaled Mishaal has said that the message of Mohamed al-Faqih and all Palestinian martyrs to their people calls for standing united in the face of the Israeli occupation.
IOF kidnaps two Palestinians at dawn in West Bank
29 Jul 2016 - The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Friday kidnapped two Palestinian citizens in the West Bank.
Sabrah: The training camps are our choice to prepare a resistance generation
29 Jul 2016 - Senior Hamas official Maher Sabrah has described the youth training camps in the Gaza Strip as "the Palestinian people's choice for the preparation of a new resistance generation."
2 released al-Aqsa guards denied entry to the holy site
29 Jul 2016 - The Israeli authorities released Friday two guards at al-Aqsa Mosque and blocked their entry into the holy Islamic site for 15 days under flimsy pretexts.
Austria contributes £1 million to UNRWA health program
29 Jul 2016 - The Government of Austria has contributed EUR 1 million (US$ 1,109,878) to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).
Israeli court defers trial of Dawabsheh family's killers
29 Jul 2016 - An Israeli court on Thursday adjourned the trial of Jewish settlers who killed last year an infant and his parents from al-Dawabsheh family in an arson attack on their home in Duma village.
IOF storms Ramallah village
29 Jul 2016 - The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) stormed in large numbers Kafer Ein village in Ramallah at dawn Friday.
Al-Saraya unveils new missile, warns of ending Jerusalem intifada
28 Jul 2016 - Saraya al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of Islamic Jihad Movement, unveiled Thursday evening a new missile named S350.
Report: Israel prosecutes 700 Palestinian minors annually
28 Jul 2016 - A report issued by Human Rights Watch organization revealed that Israel prosecutes 500-700 Palestinian minors every year.
IOF razes 168 Palestinian homes in six months
28 Jul 2016 - Israeli B'Tselem organization for human rights said Israeli forces razed over 168 Palestinian homes during the first half of 2016.
Israeli court refuses the appeal for releasing 63-year-old Barghouti
28 Jul 2016 - Israeli Supreme Court refused again the appeal for releasing prisoner Omar al-Barghouti, 63, from Koper town in Ramallah.
PA apparatus arrests Hamas leader in Tubas, chases students
28 Jul 2016 - Palestinian Authority’s (PA) preventive security apparatus arrested at noon Thursday the Hamas leader in Tubas city and ex-detainee Nader Sawafta.
US State Department: Israeli settlement policy is provocative
28 Jul 2016 - The US Department of State strongly condemned in a statement issued Wednesday Israel’s continued settlement expansion in occupied Jerusalem.
Is the Yemen peace deal for real?
JERUSALEM 08 October 2015 (IRIN) - Yemen's Houthi rebels say they are committed to peace, but is the deal for real? IRIN asks the experts. >
  New York Times
Notebook: What Women Owe Hillary Clinton
29 Jul 2016 - The first female presidential nominee was always going to face a difficult path. How difficult? We’re about to find out.
The Saturday Profile: A ‘Seed of Hope’ for Transgender People in Arab Communities
29 Jul 2016 - Talleen Abu Hanna, an Arab Christian who will represent Israel in a global pageant, sees herself as a trailblazer. But it’s not that simple.
Former Graft Fighter in Egypt Is Sentenced to Jail
28 Jul 2016 - Hisham Geneina, fired in March as the country’s top auditor, was convicted of spreading false news after saying that corruption had cost Egypt $68 billion over four years.
U.S. Drops Snark in Favor of Emotion to Undercut Extremists
28 Jul 2016 - The Obama administration is changing its outreach program after critics said it was turning away the very people it tried to reach.
Robert Carswell, Treasury Negotiator in Iran Hostage Crisis, Dies at 87
29 Jul 2016 - Mr. Carswell was instrumental in choreographing the delicate financial talks that coaxed Tehran into freeing 52 American hostages in 1981.
U.S. Rebukes Israel Over New Settlement Activity in East Jerusalem
28 Jul 2016 - The State Department reacted strongly to steps to build more than 300 housing units in East Jerusalem, denouncing them as “corrosive to the cause of peace.”
Syria Outlines Plans for Conquest of Aleppo, Backed by Russian Power
28 Jul 2016 - The plan includes providing corridors for civilians to flee and amnesty to insurgents who lay down their arms — offers that were met with deep skepticism.
Wife of Raif Badawi, Imprisoned Saudi Blogger, Feels Pain From Afar
28 Jul 2016 - Ensaf Haidar has had to watch from Canada, where she lives in asylum, as her husband was flogged for criticizing Saudi Arabia’s religious establishment.
Afghans Go to Syria to Fight for Its Government, and Anguish Results
28 Jul 2016 - Leaving a country racked by decades of war, young Afghans who go to Syria fall into peril on the front lines of Aleppo, Homs or other battlegrounds.
U.S. Secures Vast New Trove of Intelligence on ISIS
27 Jul 2016 - Officials say the information, seized by American-backed militias in Syria, could help fight militants on the battlefield and prevent fighters from slipping into Europe.
Blast Kills Dozens in Kurdish-Held Syrian Town; Crisis in Aleppo Worsens
27 Jul 2016 - The explosion struck Qamishli, in the country’s northeast. Separately, Unicef said airstrikes hit four hospitals and a blood bank in Aleppo.
Op-Ed Contributor: Is the Iran-Saudi Cold War Heating Up?
27 Jul 2016 - The Middle East’s two biggest rivals might be starting a tit-for-tat by backing rebel groups. It should stop before it’s too late.
  Jerusalem Post
US allows American-made planes to be flown to Iran
29 Jul 2016 -
Nasrallah: Israeli-Saudi relations worst development in Arab sphere
29 Jul 2016 - Saudi Arabia is "creating contact, normalizing relations, acknowledging the existence of Israel - and then cooperating with it.
A new leader for France's embattled and worried Jewish community
29 Jul 2016 - For the first time, a Sephardi Jew from North Africa has been elected to head Europe’s largest Jewish population.
Brazil nabs former Hezbollah member wanted for drug trafficking
29 Jul 2016 -
Hamas exploiting current calm to prepare for next war
29 Jul 2016 - In the next conflict in Gaza, Hamas will aim to pound IDF staging areas and communities near the Strip.
Israel's shadow diplomat: Who is Yitzhak Molcho?
29 Jul 2016 - A sixth-generation Jerusalemite, a private lawyer, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s closest confidant – a look at the man intricately linked with Israel’s foreign relations.
Edelstein turned down Netanyahu’s offer to be foreign minister
29 Jul 2016 - Netanyahu currently holds the foreign portfolio, along with the Economics (formerly Industry, Trade and Labor), Communications and Regional Cooperation Ministries.
A year after Duma fire bombing, Dawabsha family vows to persevere
29 Jul 2016 - Exactly a year ago this Sunday, suspected Jewish terrorists firebombed the Dawabsha family’s modest one-story home in the middle of the night.
Protesters enraged at ICRC cut of Palestinian prison visit program in half
29 Jul 2016 - Outrage in the West Bank Following ICRC Deduction in Prison Visitation Days.
Mac TA, Beitar J’lem close in on playoffs
28 Jul 2016 - Maccabi on verge of progress following 3-1 win in Romania, Jerusalem draws 1-1 in Latvia
A fortified Sderot continues life under the threat from Gaza
28 Jul 2016 - According to the government, “the project to fortify homes in Gaza-vicinity communities provided 9-sq.m. bomb shelters for 10,140 housing units that previously had no shelters.”
Israel slams German university for claim it harvests Palestinian organs
28 Jul 2016 - "This is an ugly and outrageous demonstration of Jew hatred. This is not a university - it is a hatred factory."
Police face tough time recruiting new officers in Jerusalem
28 Jul 2016 - ‘Obviously, the challenges in Jerusalem are different than in Tel Aviv, where there are more criminal-related incidents than terrorism’
Aura of affirmative action at judges appointments
28 Jul 2016 - At the appointments ceremony at the President’s Residence on Thursday, 16 new judges and court registrars pledged their allegiance to the State of Israel and its laws.
Israel reiterates support for a two-state solution amid GOP shift
28 Jul 2016 - Ambassador Dermer offered praise and thanks for the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, who brokered a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza while she was secretary of state.
New York, Nu York: Walking (Jewish) New York
28 Jul 2016 -
IDF soldiers wounded by stray bullets in separate incidents
28 Jul 2016 - The non-fatal accidents occur just weeks after an Israeli-American lone soldier was killed in a grenade blast.
Push for FIFA to eliminate settler teams from Israeli soccer leagues
28 Jul 2016 -
Arab integration
28 Jul 2016 - Even Arab Israelis’ self-defined identity does not rule out Israeliness. Only a minority of Israel’s Arabs identifies as Palestinian.
Netanyahu likely to attend summit in Nigeria by end of year
28 Jul 2016 - PM meets president of 15-member West African regional group.
My Word: Cinema verité and calling the shots
28 Jul 2016 - Forget waiting for the fat lady to sing: There won’t be peace until Palestinian cinemas can screen a movie starring Gal Gadot – and Jews and Palestinians will be safe watching it.
Netanyahu misses deadline on appointments
28 Jul 2016 - Labor's Margalit to propose plan he worked on with Lebanese and Libyans.
Snap judgement: If Mayor Barkat forgets thee, O Jerusalem
28 Jul 2016 - It’s sad to be the mayor of Jerusalem/It’s terrible/How can any man be the mayor of city like that/What can he do with her?
Column one: Time to walk away from US aid
28 Jul 2016 - The point is that the US aid deal is really a deal for Lockheed Martin, not for Israel. And we need to say no.
MKs protest refusal to make vet’s home accessible
28 Jul 2016 - A crowdfunding page launched by the right-wing NGO My Israel last month to help make Ha’israeli’s home accessible raised over NIS 1.4m.
Celebrities jump on board to save Jewish mother's life
28 Jul 2016 - Stars use their social media presence to rally support to find a donor match for Sharon Berger.
US Jewish machers meet Mideast mavens
28 Jul 2016 - The session focused on Middle East affairs and issues vital to both US and Israeli security.
Netanyahu deflects criticism over tunnels, welcomes Sisi peace push
28 Jul 2016 - PM says last two years in south have been the most quiet in a decade.
Analysis: How Israel undermined the tunnel threat
28 Jul 2016 - Yossi Langotsky pushed for a geophysics solution to the tunnel threat while the security establishment was insistent on "reinventing the wheel."
The Jerusalem Post's top 5 stories of July 28
28 Jul 2016 -
Report: Assad and Putin held secret meeting, discussed Israel
28 Jul 2016 - Putin and Assad reportedly discussed the possibility of a comprehensive agreement with Israel including the Golan Heights.
Israel's 2-year budget structure heads to final vote after dramatic debate
28 Jul 2016 - The budget structure bill still does not allow for an opportunity for there to be no budget for 2018, which would trigger an early election.
This week in 60 seconds: The IDF gets its man
28 Jul 2016 - Got a minute? Here's the week in review.
Molding the vessel
28 Jul 2016 - The Jerusalem Ceramic Art Center invites everyone to find their creator within.
Is another prisoner swap in the offing, or just a long way off?
28 Jul 2016 - Despite reconciliations and promises to try to facilitate talks with Hamas on three missing Israelis and the remains of two dead soldiers, a prisoner swap isn’t likely any time soon.
Israeli art: Upgrading our presence of mind
28 Jul 2016 - How much does the art that we like say about who we are?
‘Wonder Woman’ Gal Gadot attacked as ‘Zionist’ on Twitter
28 Jul 2016 - Israeli actress who has the lead role in the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster face politicized social media chatter after trailer debut.
Netanyahu denies Israeli government prefers Trump over Clinton
28 Jul 2016 - “The Prime Minister expressed no preference whatsoever in this presidential race,” Netanyahu's spokesman said. “He has scrupulously avoided being dragged into American politics."
'IDF special forces, US Marines train for combating ISIS in Negev drill'
28 Jul 2016 - IDF forces relayed their experience in combating regional terrorism threats to the US forces, according to Israel's Channel 2.
Report: Hamas digging 10 kilometers of tunnels per month toward Israel
28 Jul 2016 - A senior diplomatic source said that Israel has no perfect solution to the tunnel problem, and neither does any other country.
Problems with ports, roads may send Israeli food prices up
28 Jul 2016 - Israel's ports have long been a sore sport for industrialists.
Barak: Israel’s true threat is one-state option
28 Jul 2016 - Barak also said that extremist elements within the current government were succeeding in lurching the country towards a one-state catastrophe.
Ex-Saudi general issues scathing critique of Palestinian terror groups
28 Jul 2016 - Eshki posited that PIJ and Hamas leaders have a flawed understanding of normalization.
Former US president Bill Clinton wears Hillary in Hebrew pin to DNC
28 Jul 2016 - The pin was presumably a gift from either one of two representatives from the National Jewish Democratic Council who were in attendance at the DNC.

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