"Israel will never get true security and safety through oppressing another people. A true peace can ultimately be built only on justice."
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  International Middle East Media Center
Palestine Youth Orchestra Embarks Upon First UK Tour!
1 Jul 2016 - The UK welcomes the Palestine Youth Orchestra (PYO) for the first time, this summer. Under the baton of Sian Edwards, the young orchestra will perform at leading venues across the country, as part of their first...
Two-state Solution in Danger, says Quartet (Full Report)
1 Jul 2016 - The Middle East Quartet has released a report on impasse in Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations entitled, ‘Two-state Solution in Danger.’ The report, published in full by the PNN, below, calls Palestinians to act against terrorism, while Israel...
Video: Israeli Gas Bombs Kill A Palestinian Man Near The Qalandia Terminal, 40 Injured
1 Jul 2016 - Updated : The slain Palestinian man has been identified as Taiseer Mohammad Habash, 62, from Aseera ash-Shamaleyya, near the northern West Bank city of Nablus. Jul 1, 2016 @ 14:
Israeli Soldiers Kill A Pregnant Palestinian Woman In Hebron
1 Jul 2016 - Updated: Israel soldiers killed, on Friday, a pregnant Palestinian woman near the Ibrahimi Mosque, in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, while a number of eyewitnesses refuted the military claims of an attempted stabbing attack....
Israeli Soldiers Kidnap Two Kidnap Palestinians in Jenin And Tulkarem
1 Jul 2016 - Israeli soldiers invaded, Friday, the town of Jaba’, south of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, stormed and searched a few homes, and kidnapped a young Palestinian man. Local sources said the soldiers kidnapped Bassel Ahmad...
Army Injures At Least Ten Palestinians Near Qalandia
1 Jul 2016 - Palestinian medical sources have reported, Friday, that at least ten Palestinians suffered mild injuries, and some suffered the effects of tear gas inhalation, during clashes with Israeli soldiers manning the Qalandia terminal, north of occupied Jerusalem....
Israeli Navy Ships Open Fire On Palestinian Fishing Boats
1 Jul 2016 - Israeli navy ships opened fire, on Friday morning, on a number of Palestinian fishing boats near the shore of Gaza city and the Central District, causing damage and forcing the fishers back to shore. The fishers...
Israeli Soldiers Kidnap At Least Eight Palestinians In Hebron
1 Jul 2016 - The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported that Israeli soldiers have kidnapped, on Friday at dawn, at least eight Palestinians, including former political prisoners and political analysts, in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and...
One Palestinian Killed, Two Israelis Injured, In Netanya
30 Jun 2016 - Israeli sources have reported, on Thursday evening, that two Israelis were injured when a Palestinian reportedly stabbed them before he was shot dead by an armed Israeli man, in the coastal city of Netanya. Israeli daily...
Palestine Today 06 30 2016
30 Jun 2016 - Download/Listen Here Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, www.
  Ha'aretz Diplomacy & Defense
Israel charges Hamas militant from Gaza with numerous security offenses
Madhat Abu Sanima allegedly began his operations at the age of 15; in his youth he tried to plant bombs, before investing in a goods-smuggling tunnel from Egypt.
  Palestinian Center for Human Rights
Two Death Sentences Issued in Gaza in One Week, PCHR Concerned over Continuing Application of Death Penalty
Palestinian Center for Human Rights
Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (10 – 16 Dec. ember 2015)
Palestinian Center for Human Rights
  International Solidarity Movement
Mental disability on the rise under the Israeli siege
6/9/2015 - International Solidarity Movement - Miguel Hernandez, Gaza, Occupied Palestine - The number of mentally disabled people in the Gaza Strip has increased substantially in the last years. It so happens that 70% of the cases come from the communities located near the fence that separates Gaza from the...
Israel vows more settlements amid West Bank violence
07/01/2016 - Israeli leaders call for expansion of settlements in West Bank as two Palestinians and an Israeli killed on Friday.
Thousands rally in Iran on al-Quds day
07/01/2016 - Tens of thousands of Iranians march in Tehran alone, condemning the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.
  Daily Star
Clinton raises $68.5M in June: campaign
1 Jul 2016 U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in June raised more than $68.5 million for her campaign and the Democratic Party, the campaign said Friday.
Netanyahu rejects quartet 'myth' that settlements prevent peace
1 Jul 2016 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Friday rejected a Middle East diplomatic quartet appeal for Israel to halt settlement construction, that said it diminished chances for a process leading to Palestinian statehood.
Israel to cut Palestinian tax transfers after West Bank killing
1 Jul 2016 Israel will reduce monthly transfers of tax collected on behalf of the Palestinians in what aides to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described as a response to the killing of two Israelis in Palestinian attacks in the...
  YNet News
UN chief: Fight extremism with education, social media
1 Jul 2016 - ....
Israel to cut Palestinian tax transfers after West Bank killing
1 Jul 2016 - ....
Name released of man murdered before his family in his ca
1 Jul 2016 - ....
Security Cabinet to meet on Saturday following terrorist attacks
1 Jul 2016 - ....
Turkish president: IS militants belong 'in hell'
1 Jul 2016 - ....
Beyond Compromise: “Our future is in our hands”
Palestine Monitor 1 Jul 2016 - June 26, 2012- Earlier this month, a new website titled Beyond Compromise was launched amidst much fanfare in the Palestinian blogosphere...
Susiya fighting for survival
Palestine Monitor 1 Jul 2016 - June 25, 2012-Five hundred people marched in Susiya, South Hebron on Friday to protest the planned demolition of 45 structures in the village. The peaceful march was violently stopped by ....
16 killed in Gaza in a week of Israeli bombardment
Palestine Monitor 1 Jul 2016 - June 25, 2012-On Monday morning June 18 a group of unknown armed men crossed the Sinai desert from the Egyptain border and killed an Israeli civilian....
Jenin Diaries: Burried Jewels, But Where?
Palestine Monitor 1 Jul 2016 - June 26, 2012- Koufrdan is a small village located a few kilometers west of the Palestinian city of Jenin. Its wells provide the main source of water for Palestinian farmers in the area due to its large amount of groundwater. It is the only village in...
Israeli Authorities Breach Last Month’s Prisoner Agreement
Palestine Monitor 1 Jul 2016 - June 24, 2012- After undergoing 71 days without food, Palestinian prisoner Hasan Safadi is back on hunger strike protesting the renewal of his administrative detention, a breach of the....
Israel and Palestinians: Powers warn of 'perpetual conflict'
BBC 1 Jul 2016 - World powers warn of "perpetual occupation and conflict" between Israel and Palestinian unless both sides take positive action.
Israel seals off Hebron after surge of attacks
BBC 1 Jul 2016 - Israel has sealed off the city of Hebron in the occupied West Bank, following an upsurge in deadly attacks.
easyJet slams Ben Gurion Airport terminal facilities
Globes Main News 1 Jul 2016 - Commercial manager Ali Gayward said that conditions at the Israeli airport's Terminal 1 are not acceptable.
Mobileye, Intel and BMW to build self-driving cars
Globes Main News 1 Jul 2016 - Using Israeli company Mobileye's systems and Intel's chips, BMW will begin series production of the iNEXT car by 2021.
Chicago clergy leaders call for end to blockade of Gaza
Mondoweiss 1 Jul 2016 - Members of the Chicago Faith Coalition on Middle East Policy convened at the Kluczynski Federal Building on Thursday morning to deliver a petition with over 1,340 signatures to US Senator Dick Durbin, urging him to martial his and his colleagues’ political leverage to end the blockade...
Gov't to reopen Israel's waters for gas and oil exploration
Globes Main News 1 Jul 2016 - The Ministry of Energy will hand out between one third and one half of the available licenses by the end of 2016.
Teen’s murder is a reminder that we are all settlers
+972 Magazine 1 Jul 2016 - Just as we must mourn Hallel Yaffa Ariel as a human being and a slain child, we must also mourn her as a settler — because all Israelis are responsible for her presence in the West Bank. Mother of Hallel Yaffa Ariel mourns over her body...
Netanyahu Wishes to Expel Depute Zuabi from Knesset
Asharq Alawsat ME News 1 Jul 2016 - From ASHARQ AL-AWSAT . Tel Aviv-The right-wing deputies at the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) had assaulted Arab depute Hanin Zuabi, following her statements regarding the … continue reading Netanyahu Wishes to Expel Depute Zuabi from Knesset
IAI's Barak 8 undergoes successful Indian trials
Globes Main News 1 Jul 2016 - Supply of IAI's defense missile system to the Indian navy has already begun.
Under occupation, Palestinian teens are always killed by `mistake`
Occupation Magazine 30 Jun 2016 - Hagai El-Ad - +972 "More occupation means killing more Palestinian teenagers, since their blood is cheap and we have the power, the weapons, and the law at our disposal. More occupation means demolishing more homes and stealing more land. It means more families who will wake...
Chris Hedges Discusses Israeli Occupation With Israeli Journalist Amira Hass (Video)
Occupation Magazine 30 Jun 2016 - Chris Hedges - TruthDig "Chris Hedges goes inside Israel and the occupied territories with Amira Hass in this week’s episode of “On Contact.” ca
Egypt to open Rafah crossing for five days starting Wednesday
Occupation Magazine 30 Jun 2016 - PNN/ Gaza - "We have been informed by the Egyptian side that they will open the crossing for five days from Wednesday to Monday, except on Friday,” Gaza’s border crossing authority said in a statement...AA added that according to the border authority, the number of Gazans...
27 Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike
Occupation Magazine 30 Jun 2016 - Youtube - VIDEO - "A group of Palestinian prisoners have decided to launch a hunger strike in support of a fellow prisoner. Bilal Kayed was put under administrative detention on the day he was supposed to be released. Kayed has been on a hunger strike for...
Israeli confiscation of land shows 440% increase in 2016
Occupation Magazine 30 Jun 2016 - PNN/ Bethlehem - "Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem (ARIJ) revealed in a report issued Tuesday that Israeli authorities confiscated since the beginning of the year 7,773 acres of Palestinian-owned lands, recording an increase by 439% in comparison with last year where 1,442 acres were seized." ca...
Poems: Return is Inevitable and Love Under Apartheid
Mondoweiss 30 Jun 2016 - Return is Inevitable They wanted you Tried to take you, make you submit But you would not They took you by force Then they pretend they never knew you, you never were, they say, you don’t exist, renamed your destruction redemption “We made the desert bloom”...
Israel, Turkey eager to rebuild Gaza
Globes Main News 30 Jun 2016 - Quartet representative: The state of water, electricity, and sewage in the Gaza Strip also affects Israel.
Evening march to Cuomo’s suburban house is latest action against his blacklist on boycott
Mondoweiss 30 Jun 2016 - Activists have a lot to thank New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for: It’s been nonstop action since the governor’s announcement at the Harvard Club on June 5, with the Israeli consul at his side, that he was signing an executive order barring state business with organizations...
Iran sacks bank chiefs amid uproar over high salaries
BBC 30 Jun 2016 - The chief executives of four public banks in Iran have been sacked amid widespread criticism of their salaries, the state-run Irna news agency reports.
Under occupation, Palestinian teens are always killed by ‘mistake’
+972 Magazine 30 Jun 2016 - More occupation means demolishing more homes. It means more families who will wake up in the middle of the night. It means killing more Palestinian teenagers. Because we have the power, the weapons, and the law at our disposal. By Hagai El-Ad Mahmoud Badran (first on the...
Michael Oren, historian, gets US history wrong to score a propaganda point
Mondoweiss 30 Jun 2016 - Michael Oren, a member of Knesset who grew up in America and served as an ambassador to the U.S., is a leading spokesperson for Israel. He regularly comes on CNN to explain the country and a year ago rushed publication of a memoir in order to...
Obliterated Families: Gaza family submits complaint against French weapons manufacturer for complicity in war crimes
Mondoweiss 30 Jun 2016 - The Shuheibar family, whose story constitutes one of the ten chapters of the upcoming Obliterated Families web documentary, is the plaintiff in a complaint submitted today on their behalf to the Special War Crimes Unit in France. On 17 July 2014, three children from the Shuheibar...
Israel’s national scapegoat
+972 Magazine 30 Jun 2016 - Since members of Israel’s parliament can’t take out their anger about the Turkey reconciliation deal on Netanyahu, they go for the easiest target around — Haneen Zoabi. Balad MK Haneen Zoabi, Febuary 8, 2016. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90) For all nine years of my childhood in Iran, I...
Four heads of Iranian banks fired for high salaries
Al-Monitor 30 Jun 2016 - The chiefs of four banks in Iran were removed after the exorbitant salaries of senior government executives were published anonymously on social media.
Why Israel-Turkey deal didn't include return of IDF soldiers' remains
Al-Monitor 30 Jun 2016 - Israel's Cabinet ministers made the decision that in the case of the agreement with Turkey, national interest prevailed over the human concern to return the bodies of killed soldiers.
Why Netanyahu quietly applauds Brexit
Al-Monitor 30 Jun 2016 - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must be pleased with Brexit, which will weaken the European Union and draw its attention away from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Senior American at IMF says Iran faces 'fundamental' economic choices
Al-Monitor 30 Jun 2016 - A year after the nuclear accord was reached, a top official at the International Monetary Fund said he was impressed on his first visit to Iran by the desire of senior officials there to reform the Iranian economy but that they need to do more to...
Iran forges ahead with Atlantic ambitions
Al-Monitor 30 Jun 2016 - Iran moves forward with its plans to establish a naval presence in the Atlantic Ocean, announcing progress in the construction of new frigates.
I Stood at the Lowest Point on Earth
This Week In Palestine 29 Jun 2016 - Photo by Ayman Noubani. I have visited the Dead Sea many times, and each time I have stood at the same place and observed that the water is receding. The Dead Sea is shrinking. This body of water has been “dead” for thousands of years. It...
Palestinian Springs
This Week In Palestine 29 Jun 2016 - A water spring in a natural rock in Aner area that is threatened by Israeli settlers. It is located 1.5 km south of Der Ammar. Springs in Palestine have remained the single largest water source for domestic consumption for Palestinians in areas not connected to pipelines...
Water in the Village, or Is that No Water in the Village?
This Week In Palestine 29 Jun 2016 - Taybeh sits on one of the highest hills overlooking the Dead Sea. It has 30,000 olive trees that need water. Photo courtesy of the Taybeh Group Photo Archives. It is almost a miracle when you manage to make beer without a guarantee that you will have...
Palestinian Natural Springs
This Week In Palestine 29 Jun 2016 - Farah Pumping house and pipes. Photo courtesy of Palestinian Hydrology Group Archive. Natural springs in Palestine have been historically the main source that provides life to people, land, and habitat. Many villages and towns were built and flourished around springs, and some of these springs are...
UK high court rules in favour of local councils who support boycott of Israeli occupation
Global BDS 1 Jul 2016 - More than 150,000 joined a protest in London against Israel’s 2014 massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and there were large mobilisations across the UK UK High Court rules in favor of local councils taking action in solidarity with the Palestinian people. French local council near Paris...
Quartet urges Israel to halt settlements, Palestinians to 'condemn terrorism'
Middle East Eye 1 Jul 2016 - Language Undefined International powers call for end of Gaza blockade and restoration of PA control over enclave among measures aimed at reviving peace process
Israel cuts Palestinian Authority tax funds over West Bank attacks
Middle East Eye 1 Jul 2016 - Language Undefined Prime Minister Netanyahu accuses PA of supporting families of 'terrorists' with share of custom duties transferred monthly to it by Israel
Israeli army closes off Hebron as West Bank violence flares
Middle East Eye 1 Jul 2016 - Language Undefined Closure of city and deployment of elite units follows killing of Israeli in drive-by shooting and Palestinian death in clashes at Qalandia checkpoint
Morsi vs Sisi: Who really supported the plight of Palestinians?
Middle East Eye 1 Jul 2016 - Egypt's first democratically elected leader was toppled for many reasons, one of them his stance toward Gaza
Palestinian killed by tear gas during clashes at West Bank checkpoint
Middle East Eye 1 Jul 2016 - Language Undefined The 63-year-old man was killed when fighting broke out at the Qalandia checkpoint after Israeli authorities blocked access to al-Aqsa Mosque
Palestinian woman shot dead after alleged stabbing attempt in Hebron
Middle East Eye 1 Jul 2016 - Language Undefined Woman was shot at Hebron holy site in third violent incident in two days amid escalating tensions over access to sacred Jerusalem compound
Hungary’s Famed Tokaji Winery Pays Belated Tribute to Onetime Jewish Owners
The Forward New 1 Jul 2016 - More than seven decades after losing their beloved Hungarian winery to the Nazis, the Zimmerman family is celebrating a small, if belated, victory.
4 Pro-Israel Park Slope Food Co-Op Members Push Back Against BDS Suspension
The Forward New 30 Jun 2016 - The four Park Slope Co-Op members who were suspended after disrupting a presentation on BDS are still not ready to throw in the towel.
Rabbi Maurice Lamm, Author and Brother of Ex-Y.U. Chief, Dies at 86
The Forward New 30 Jun 2016 - (JTA) †Rabbi Maurice Lamm, the author of “The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning  and several other notable Jewish books, has died. Lamm died Wednesday night “surrounded by his wife, children and grandchildren singing him to the heavens,  his granddaughter Lisa Lamm Pasternak said in...
Holocaust Survivors Will Get ‘Mein Kampf’ Royalties Under Deal With Publisher
The Forward New 30 Jun 2016 - A Jewish organization that provides much needed care and financial assistance to aging survivors of the Holocaust will receive the royalties from the American sales of “Mein Kampf. 
Feminists Facing New Enemy in Western Wall Prayer Battle †Settlers
The Forward New 29 Jun 2016 - For the last 28 years, the Western Wall Jewish holy site has been the staging ground of a battle between pluralistic Jews who want equal prayer rights for men and women and ultra-Orthodox Jews who want to maintain the strict, gender-segregated status quo at the wall....
Jerrold Nadler Scores Landslide in Manhattan †Barely Wins in Brooklyn
The Forward New 29 Jun 2016 - Representative Jerry Nadler beat back a young challenger to win an overwhelming primary victory in the most Jewish district in the entire House of Representatives.
Uganda: Events Marking 40 Years Since Operation Entebbe Start in Israel
allAfrica.com 1 Jul 2016 - [Independent (Kampala)] Events marking 40 years since Operation Entebbe have started, with Israel Defence Forces (IDF) chief of staff Gadi Eisenkot warning that the country will continue facing threats of terrorism for many years.
Mobileye, Intel and BMW to build self-driving cars
Globes Main News 1 Jul 2016 - Using Israeli company Mobileye's systems and Intel's chips, BMW will begin series production of the iNEXT car by 2021.
Gov't to reopen Israel's waters for gas and oil exploration
Globes Main News 1 Jul 2016 - The Ministry of Energy will hand out between one third and one half of the available licenses by the end of 2016.
Israel, Turkey eager to rebuild Gaza
Globes Main News 30 Jun 2016 - Quartet representative: The state of water, electricity, and sewage in the Gaza Strip also affects Israel.
IAI's Barak 8 undergoes successful Indian trials
Globes Main News 1 Jul 2016 - Supply of IAI's defense missile system to the Indian navy has already begun.
Israel Tax Authority extends voluntary disclosure deadline
Globes Main News 30 Jun 2016 - Israelis now have until the end of the year to disclose unreported capital while enjoying immunity from prosecution.
easyJet slams Ben Gurion Airport terminal facilities
Globes Main News 1 Jul 2016 - Commercial manager Ali Gayward said that conditions at the Israeli airport's Terminal 1 are not acceptable.
Elbit Systems unmanned vessel successfully fires torpedo
Globes Aerospace & Defense 29 Jun 2016 - The trial off Israel's coast near Haifa was the first-time ever that an unmanned vessel has launched a torpedo.
Israeli defense cos not rushing back to Turkey
Globes Aerospace & Defense 29 Jun 2016 - Turkey was once Israel's fifth largest defense customer but senior defense company executives say it will take time to restore trust.
9/09/2011 AIPAC Junkets to Israel Illegal: IRS-DOJ Complaint Filing
IRMEP 1 Jul 2016 - A complaint filed with the IRS and Justice Department charges the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF) is a "sham" charitable organization of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.
5/16/2011 Obama vs. Reagan on AIPAC Documents reveal Ronald Reagan's response to Israel lobby invitation
IRMEP 1 Jul 2016 - President Obama accepts an invitation to speak at AIPAC, Reagan declined. Why?
4/18/2011 US Treasury Dept.: Tax-exempt US donation laundering into West Bank settlements "okay"
IRMEP 1 Jul 2016 - The US Department of Treasury has no program to combat massive flows of US tax-exempt charitable contributions into illegal settlement building. Despite ongoing public revelations of wrongdoing, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has never investigated or even discussed US charitable organizations with proven ties...
4/06/2011 US-Israel Trade: Espionage, Theft and Secrets - IRmep at University of Rochester
IRMEP 1 Jul 2016 - On April 6, Grant F. Smith presented a comprehensive review of the US-Israel Free Trade Agreement to the Finance and Economics Council at the University of Rochester. Using a slide show of declassified documents and charts, Smith revealed how secret agreements and a joint Israeli embassy/AIPAC...
3/28/2011 Neoconomics: Conscription and War as Wealth
IRMEP 1 Jul 2016 - Start-up Nation airbrushes one vital and enduring truth — when Israel faces sovereign barriers to foreign trade routes, weapons, or technology; it tends to break other country’s laws and steal what it thinks it needs.
3/07/2011 Israel lobbyist funds US Presidents, Israeli Nukes, AIPAC disinformation
IRMEP 1 Jul 2016 - According to new histories of Israel's clandestine nuclear weapons program including "Israel and the Bomb" by Avner Cohen (1998), Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion secretly named Feinberg his chief nuclear weapons fundraising coordinator in 1958. According to Michael Karpin's "The Bomb in the Basement" (2007) Feinberg...
Make Progressive for Palestine a Reality
US Campaign to End the Occupation 1 Jul 2016 -
Tell the DNC: Support Palestinian Rights!
US Campaign to End the Occupation 1 Jul 2016 - This is outrageous! On June 24, the Democratic National Convention's (DNC) platform drafting committee voted against an amendment calling on Israel to end its military occupation of Palestinian land and its illegal settlements.
Palestinian Kids Are A Miracle Too. Santana, Cancel Your Tel Aviv Concert!
US Campaign to End the Occupation 29 Jun 2016 - Amplify call urging Santana to boycott Israel.
  Ma'an News
Israeli Justice Ministry drops probe after report that contractor behind Qalandiya killings
5/1/2016 - BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- The Israeli who shot and killed a pregnant Palestinian woman and her teenage brother at the notorious Qalandiya checkpoint in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday was a private security contractor, not a member of the police forces, Israeli media...
Israeli forces detain 6 Palestinians in West Bank raids
5/1/2016 - BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- Israeli forces carried out overnights raids across the occupied Palestinian territory Sunday detaining at least six Palestinians, including a 13-year-old boy. Locals told Ma’an that Israeli forces raided the southern occupied West Bank town of Beit Ummar north of...
UN: Israel's cement ban prevents hundreds of Gaza families from rebuilding homes
4/30/2016 - BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- Israel’s punitive ban on cement imports into the Gaza Strip has prevented hundreds of families from rebuilding their homes devastated by the 2014 war, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in a press release Thursday...
Settlers attack Israeli liaison officer in illegal Hebron outpost
5/1/2016 - HEBRON (Ma’an) -- A group of Israeli settlers assaulted an Israeli liaison officer in the southern occupied West Bank on Sunday, the Israeli police said. Israeli police spokeswoman Luba al-Samri said in a statement that the officer came to the settlement outpost of...
  The Guardian
Israel and Turkey to announce end of six-year standoff
26 Jun 2016 - The animosity began when nine Turkish activists on a flotilla bound for the Gaza Strip were killed by Israeli forces Israel is planning on...
  Ha'aretz National News
No grounds to suspend controversial TV appointment, AG says
Ha'aretz - 16 Jun 2016
  Palestinian Information Center
Settler killed in shooting west of al-Khalil
1 Jul 2016 - An Israeli settler was killed and three others wounded, one of them critically, in a shooting at their car west of al-Khalil on Friday afternoon.
Al-Qassam Brigades calls on Muslims to join forces for liberation of J'lem
1 Jul 2016 - Al-Qassam Brigades of Hamas has called on the Muslim nation to close ranks to defend Jerusalem and support the Palestinian struggle for its liberation from the occupation.
Israeli soldiers kill young girl in cold blood near Ibrahimi Mosque
1 Jul 2016 - Israeli soldiers on Friday morning cold-bloodedly killed a Palestinian young woman as she was crossing Abul-Rish checkpoint near the Ibrahimi Mosque in the Old City of al-Khalil.
British gov't fails to suppress local councils boycotting Israel
1 Jul 2016 - The anti-Palestine British government’s attempt to quell boycotts of Israel failed in the high court of justice on Tuesday.
Thousands of worshipers head to Al-Aqsa on last Friday of Ramadan
1 Jul 2016 - Thousands of Palestinian worshipers headed since the early morning hours on Friday to attend prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan.
Palestinians injured in clashes with IOF at Qalandiya checkpoint
1 Jul 2016 - At least 10 Palestinian civilians sustained wounds on early Friday morning in clashes with the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at the Qalandiya checkpoint.
Bodies of two Palestinian women leave Ataturk airport for Jordan
1 Jul 2016 - Palestinian citizens and activists on Thursday performed the funeral prayer at Ataturk airport for two West Bank women who were killed in Tuesday's bombing attack at the same airport.
IOF kidnaps six young men in O. Jerusalem
1 Jul 2016 - The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Thursday evening kidnapped, for unknown reasons, six young men in Occupied Jerusalem.
FIFA delegation to arrive in Gaza on Friday
30 Jun 2016 - President of the International Committee to investigate Israeli violations against Palestinian sports, the South African Tokyo Sexwale, will arrive in Gaza City on Friday.
Four Palestinian female captives held under administrative detention
30 Jun 2016 - The number of Palestinian female captives who are detained in Israeli jails under the illegal administrative detention order jumped to four.
Tehran calls for marking International Quds Day
30 Jun 2016 - Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, called on all Muslims in the world to participate in the events of International Quds Day.
18 Palestinians kidnapped by IOF in predawn sweeps
30 Jun 2016 - Over 18 Palestinians were kidnapped by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at predawn time on Thursday in mass abduction sweeps rocking the West Bank.
5 Palestinians killed in West Bank disputes
30 Jun 2016 - Five Palestinians, including two Palestinian Authority (PA) security officers, were killed overnight Wednesday in separate shootings in the occupied West Bank.
Palestinian killed after alleged stabbing attack in Netanya
30 Jun 2016 - A Palestinian young man was shot and killed Thursday evening after allegedly carrying out a stabbing attack at a market in Netanya city, which left two Israeli settlers wounded.
IOF to demolish Tarayra’s home
30 Jun 2016 - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Army Minister Avigdor Lieberman decided Thursday to impose a series of punitive measures against Bani Naim town.
IOF arrests 12 Palestinians in Occupied Jerusalem
30 Jun 2016 - The IOF on Thursday arrested 12 Palestinians from Occupied Jerusalem including a photographer journalist within an arrest campaign launched since the dawn hours.
IOF tightens noose around al-Khalil’s Old City
30 Jun 2016 - The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) closed Thursday afternoon all entrances leading to al-Khalil’s Old City following an anti-occupation attack in Kiryat Arba.
Palestinian sources refute news on the death of child Shraim in Istanbul attack
30 Jun 2016 - Palestinian sources refuted the news of the death of the Palestinian child Rayyan Mohammad Shraim, 3 years, one of the victims of Istanbul attack.
Palestinians in Europe condemn Istanbul terror attack
30 Jun 2016 - The Palestinians in Europe Conference denounced the terrorist blasts that rocked the Ataturk International Airport, in Istanbul, on Tuesday evening.
Israeli cabinet incites persecution of Hamas detainees
30 Jun 2016 - The Israeli high-level security cabinet on Wednesday approved a decision to crack down on Hamas detainees as a means to push for the release of Israeli captives in Gaza.
Is the Yemen peace deal for real?
JERUSALEM 08 October 2015 (IRIN) - Yemen's Houthi rebels say they are committed to peace, but is the deal for real? IRIN asks the experts. >
  New York Times
Faulting Both Israelis and Palestinians, Report Aims to Revive Peace Talks
1 Jul 2016 - The Middle East Quartet urged Israel to change its settlement policies and Palestinian groups to stop glorifying attacks.
Israel Imposes Harsh Restrictions on Palestinians in West Bank After Attacks
1 Jul 2016 - Israel said that it would prevent all Palestinian movement in the southern West Bank and would withhold some crucial tax revenues from the Palestinian Authority.
Syrians Stranded at Jordan’s Border Struggled to Survive. Then the Water Stopped.
30 Jun 2016 - Since a suicide bomber killed seven Jordanian security officials more than a week ago, some 60,000 refugees have not had access to food or medicine.
ISIS Claims Killing of Coptic Christian Minister in Sinai
30 Jun 2016 - Father Rafael Moussa, 46, a Coptic Orthodox minister, was shot outside a car repair shop in one of several attacks since 2013 on Coptic Christians.
Palestinian, 19, Stabs 13-Year-Old to Death in West Bank Settlement
30 Jun 2016 - The attack in the Kiryat Arba settlement was the latest in a series that began eight months ago; the assailant was shot and killed.
Refugees Encounter a Foreign Word: Welcome
30 Jun 2016 - How Canadian hockey moms, poker buddies and neighbors are adopting Syrians, a family at a time.
9 in Navy Disciplined Over Iran’s Capture of Sailors
30 Jun 2016 - A review of the incident, which occurred in January when two 50-foot Navy boats strayed into the waters near Farsi Island, found widespread mistakes.
Op-Ed Contributor: In Syria, Starving Instead of Fasting
30 Jun 2016 - Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have spent Ramadan under siege while the world does nothing.
Feature: The Secrets in Guatemala’s Bones
30 Jun 2016 - In the face of death threats, a forensic anthropologist has spent two decades exhuming the victims of a “dirty” civil war. Now his work might help bring justice for their murders.
Op-Ed Contributor: Summer Camp Under Siege
30 Jun 2016 - Children in Gaza have little enough to look forward to. Now their holiday fun is under threat.
U.N. Envoy Says Israeli Settlements ‘Undermine’ Peace Talks
30 Jun 2016 - The comments offered a glimpse into a long-awaited, carefully negotiated report that is intended to help revive the peace process that collapsed more than two years ago.
Turkey, a Conduit for Fighters Joining ISIS, Begins to Feel Its Wrath
29 Jun 2016 - For years, Turkey served as a rear base, transit hub and shopping bazaar for the Islamic State, but now, officials say Tuesday’s attack bore ISIS hallmarks.
2 Groups Call to Oust Saudis from U.N. Human Rights Council
29 Jun 2016 - But the suspension of any country from an elected body of the United Nations is extraordinary, and it would be all the more so for a country with powerful friends like the United States.
Airport Attack Hits Symbol of Turkey’s Global Aspirations
29 Jun 2016 - The 41 victims of the suicide bombing at Istanbul Ataturk Airport reflected the city’s cosmopolitan and international character.
  Jerusalem Post
Israel to deduct Palestinian terror funding from tax fees it hands to the PA
1 Jul 2016 - It is one of a number of measures Israel took on Friday in response to the twin terror attacks, that occurred some 15 kilometers from each other in the area of the Palestinian city of Hebron.
Boker: Since Zoabi 'opened her mouth' a new intifada has broken out
1 Jul 2016 -
Quartet report blames Palestinians, Israel equally for impasse
1 Jul 2016 - The report said that “reuniting the Palestinians under a single, democratic and legitimate Palestinian authority on the basis of the PLO platform and Quartet principles remains a priority.
IDF places Hebron under closure after deadly terror attacks
1 Jul 2016 - Senior security source: No one in Palestinian Authority is condemning the murder of a 13-year-old in her bed; 2 more battalions deployed to West Bank
Father killed, wife and two children injured in West Bank terror attack
1 Jul 2016 - Family traveling in vehicle targeted by terrorist; woman and teenager seriously injured, another teenager lightly injured.Palestinian gunman at large.
Israel Border Police find knife on female suspect at Cave of the Patriarchs
1 Jul 2016 -
Netanyahu visits family home of slain teenage terror victim
1 Jul 2016 - The premier was also accompanied by Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman and Agricultural Minister Uri Ariel.
Netanyahu visits family of slain teenage terror victim
1 Jul 2016 -
Female terrorist shot, killed following thwarted terror attack in Hebron
1 Jul 2016 - Israel Police also announced the arrest a man who allegedly assisted the perpetrator of a near fatal terror attack the previous evening in Netanya, the second of the day.
Initial report: Attempted terror knifing attack thwarted in Hebron
1 Jul 2016 -
'Quartet' draft report: Israeli settlements eroding viability of 2 state solution
1 Jul 2016 - The draft report said that at least 570,000 Israelis are living in settlements. The United Nations and most countries consider the settlements illegal.
Quartet draft report: Israel should stop settlements, denying Palestinian development
1 Jul 2016 -
Quartet report to highlight threats to peace
30 Jun 2016 - Before the meeting on Thursday, Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon called on the Security Council to condemn the murder of 13-year-old Hallel Ariel, killed by a Palestinian terrorist.
Is a Jewish safe haven possible in the Diaspora; is America the “exception”?
30 Jun 2016 -
Military and political courage at Entebbe
30 Jun 2016 - The courage displayed by Rabin is testament more than anything else to his determination to follow the path we’d chosen as a nation and to fulfill our promises as the leaders of the Jewish people.
Report says UK Labour Party not racist
30 Jun 2016 - Corbyn, at press conference, likens Israel to ISIS
AIPAC lauds Senate for additional foreign aid, anti-BDS action for Israel
30 Jun 2016 - The Combat BDS Act smoothed the wheels for state and local governments to legislate against the boycott, divestment and sanctioning of the Jewish state.
New Israel Fund awards Breaking the Silence $20,000 consolation prize
30 Jun 2016 - Following the controversy, the New Israel Fund decided to raise the award money for the group, though in the end it raised nearly four times the original prize money.
Palestinian sources say Hamas seeking to repair relations with Iran, report says
30 Jun 2016 - Prior to the break in relations, Kassam Brigades had received much more money.
US sailors divulged sensitive information while held by Iran
30 Jun 2016 -
Netanyahu links terror attacks to Islamic extremism, UN envoy to 'Palestinian resentment'
30 Jun 2016 - UN special envoy Nickolay Mladenov, in an address to the Security Council on the Middle East, referred to Palestinian violence and terror – which he roundly condemned – as "fueled by resentment."
COLUMN ONE: Israel’s diplomatic spring
30 Jun 2016 - It is springtime for Israeli diplomacy as governments around the world seek out closer ties with the Jewish state.
Editor's Notes: Turkey and the media war
30 Jun 2016 - The IDF released the video. It clearly showed how the soldiers had been attacked. The problem was that it was too late.
JPost Editorial: French aliya
30 Jun 2016 - Israel needs to do more to encourage French Jews, many of whom have undergone an Israelization process even if they continue to live in France.
Terror attack in Netanya: Palestinian wounds two, killed by civilian
30 Jun 2016 - Resident of Tulkarem region committed the attack, both victims conscious in hospital.
Israeli teenager murdered in West Bank a US citizen
30 Jun 2016 -
Peretz takes credit for 10 years of quiet
30 Jun 2016 - Zionist Union MK Amir Peretz has no regrets, 10 years after leading Israel into the Second Lebanon War as its minister of defense.
Know Comment: The cash behind the Iran deal
30 Jun 2016 - Strategic drivel as a cover for business greed and oversize ego.
1,165 Arab citizens of Israel murdered since 2000, Arab mayor says
30 Jun 2016 - Knesset discusses how to lower violence in Arab sector.
Still Looking for Israel at Harvard
30 Jun 2016 -
Rena Ariel blames mother of Palestinian terrorist for daughter’s death
30 Jun 2016 - "I raised my daughter with love, you taught your son to hate."
Assad: West secretly cooperating with Damascus against militants
30 Jun 2016 - "They attack us politically and then they send officials to deal with us under the table, especially the security, including your [the Australian] government," Assad was quoted as saying.
As investigations begin, reports that father of murdered teen among security forces who found her
30 Jun 2016 - Defense official says that the success of terrorists permeates into Palestinian villages and onto social media, will inspire further attempts.
Israeli start-up's headphones adapt to people's unique earprints
30 Jun 2016 - "The two basic precepts of the audio industry are that we all hear exactly the same, and that we all hear perfectly, and we know that that's biologically untrue."
The Jerusalem Post's top 5 stories of June 30
30 Jun 2016 - After West Bank attack, Netanyahu implores world to pressure Palestinians to condemn terror, MKs slam Corbyn’s ‘anti-Semitic’ comparison of Israel to ISIS, and more.
MKs slam Corbyn’s ‘anti-Semitic’ comparison of Israel to ISIS
30 Jun 2016 - Herzog: Corbyn hates Israel and betrays global Labour values.
Between two worlds: The unique situation of East Jerusalem Palestinians
30 Jun 2016 - For east Jerusalem Palestinians with an identity tied to a residency card, al-Aksa is their strongest symbol. They are prepared to live and die by it.
'I want to die,' Kiryat Arba terrorist wrote on Facebook prior to attack
30 Jun 2016 - 17-year old hailed as "martyr" by Palestinian Authority official media. Tarayrah wrote on Facebook before the attack: "Death is a right and I am asking for my right to die."
After West Bank attack, Netanyahu implores world to pressure Palestinians to condemn terror
30 Jun 2016 - "The horrifying murder of an innocent child in her bed sheds light on the bloodlust and lack of humanity displayed by the terrorists we are facing, brainwashed by incitement," PM states.
Violent clashes erupt in Nablus, Hamas calls on parties to unite against Israel
30 Jun 2016 - Violent riots broke out Wednesday night after a criminal known to the police opened fire on a house of a PA security officer.
Movies galore and more
30 Jun 2016 - The Jerusalem Film Festival opens on July 7.
Kiryat Arba attack: Palestinian terrorist stabs teen girl to death in bedroom
30 Jun 2016 - Palestinian attacker shot and killed at scene of West Bank attack.
Netanyahu called for term limits – 19 years ago
30 Jun 2016 - Since Netanyahu's 1997 remarks, he has gone on to serve as prime minister for more than 10 years cumulatively, from 1996 to 1999 and since 2009.
Erdogan blasts 2010 Gaza flotilla organizers for undermining deal with Israel
30 Jun 2016 - The IHH denounced the agreement for the restoration of diplomatic ties between Ankara and Jerusalem as amounting to the acceptance of Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip
Jerusalemites say they remain unmoved by restoration of diplomatic ties with Turkey
30 Jun 2016 - "It’s too dangerous there, and they don’t like us," says one Israeli.
IDF ‘checking’ its warehouses after scathing report on emergency preparedness
29 Jun 2016 - ‘We’re not sure the situation is that terrible, but we have to check’ says army ombudsman.
Was the Istanbul attack an act of retaliation for Turkey-Israel accord?
29 Jun 2016 - Israel deal with Turkey reinforces ISIS narrative that ‘apostate’ governments of Muslim majority countries are aligned with “Jews, Crusaders and unbelievers.”
Abortion in Israel: Why is there no public conflict?
29 Jun 2016 - Analysis: US-Israel on abortion – why has it played out so differently in the 2 countries? After landmark US ruling, an exploration of the Jewish state’s policies.
Gold to 'Post': Quartet report could cause Israel diplomatic damage
29 Jun 2016 - Top diplomat calls ‘disgusting’ EU parliament ovation for Abbas after delivering water poisoning speech.

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