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  International Middle East Media Center
Israel Approves 2200 Units In Jerusalem Colonies
31 Mar 2015 -
Schoolchildren Injured Near Bethlehem
31 Mar 2015 -
Several Structures Demolished In Jerusalem
31 Mar 2015 - Employees of the Jerusalem City Council demolished, on Tuesday morning, some sections of Palestinian home, a horse barn and some walls, in the Market area (al-Hisba) in Wad al-Jouz neighborhood, in occupied East Jerusalem. ...
Army Kidnaps Seven Palestinians In Jerusalem, Nablus
31 Mar 2015 - Israeli soldiers kidnapped, on Tuesday at dawn, three Palestinians near the central West Bank city of Nablus, and a young man in occupied Jerusalem; two women and one child kidnapped, late on Monday, near the Al-Aqsa Mosque. ...
99 Palestinian Children Currently Detained in Israeli Jails
30 Mar 2015 - Head of the Palestinian Prisoners Society's legal unit, Jawad Boulos, reported Monday that there are currently 99 Palestinian minors detained in Israeli jails, of whom 26 were abducted in March. ...
Ex Israeli PM Olmert Found Guilty of Corruption
30 Mar 2015 - A Jerusalem court found former Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert, guilty of corruption on Monday, over allegations that he received envelopes of cash from a US businessman, Israeli media reported. ...
Mass Arrests Continue: At Least 28 Palestinians between Ages 15-40 Abducted
30 Mar 2015 - Updated from: http://www.imemc.org/article/71069 ...
Bedouin Solidarity March Winds Up at Israeli Presidency
30 Mar 2015 - A four-day march led by Palestinian-Israeli MPs, in solidarity with Israel's impoverished Bedouin community, reportedly wound up at Israel's presidency on Sunday. ...
142 Settlement Housing Units to be Built in East Jerusalem
30 Mar 2015 - The Israeli West Jerusalem municipality Monday approved a tender to build 142 new housing units in occupied East Jerusalem area, according to Walla Israeli media website. ...
  Ha'aretz Diplomacy & Defense
Netanyahu blasts emerging Iran agreement during Knesset swearing-in
The agreement, if reached, will provide Iran with a nuclear breakout time of less than a year, the prime minister tell new MKs at a festive inaugural session.
France hopes U.S. won't stand in way of two-state resolution
Paris to unveil draft UN Security Council resolution in about 12 days and hopes for U.S. support in wake of Israeli election, French officials say.
Support for two-state solution drops sharply among Americans
A majority of Americans support a nuclear agreement with Iran, though few believe it will curb Iran's nuclear ambitions.
Palestinians may have to wait for their day in court with Israel
While the Palestinians feel that the momentum is with them, the International Criminal Court prosecutor still has unlimited time to decide if there are grounds for an investigation, let alone a trial.
American passengers to sue Hamas for missiles on Ben-Gurion Airport
Complaint on behalf of 26 Americans will be filed with the U.S. Department of Justice by Israeli NGO Shurat HaDin.
What does the 'Facebook spy' reveal about Israel's hand in Syria war?
Alongside the potential security damage, a Druze supporter of the Assad regime has succeeded in annoying the Israeli authorities by touching a sensitive nerve.
Some 34,000 IDF soldiers receive financial aid
The army and various nonprofits help subsidize thousands, even those with families with 'unrecognized' problems like inability to repay gray-market loans.
In judging Iranian deal, the devil is not in the details
Public opinion will be swayed by prejudice and propaganda, because hardly anyone understands the nuclear mumbo-jumbo.
Deadlock at talks: U.S. warns Iran Congress will act if no deal reached
As deadline for reaching an agreement looms, American team begins to show signs of irritation at Iran's conduct, while Iranian representatives are also putting up a tough front.
'Anonymous' threatens Israel with 'electronic holocaust'
The 'Hacktivist' collective vows to 'erase' Israel from cyberspace in retaliation for 'crimes in the Palestinian territories.'
WATCH: What Iran has already gained from nuclear talks
Haaretz's Zvi Bar'el explains what – beyond a nuclear program – Iran seeks to achieve from negotiations, and what implications a deal would have on Israel.
Olmert should have been convicted 3 years ago
When the Jerusalem judges first ruled on the so-called cash envelopes case, they did not understand the character or soul of the politician involved.
Netanyahu: P5+1 rewarding Iran for aggression, Israel first to be harmed
Prime minister also criticizes world powers at Lausanne for ignoring ongoing events in Yemen, where Iran-backed forces are gaining territory.
Israel holds Palestinian minister after IDF judge orders his release
Jamil Barghouti, arrested during a demonstration on Saturday, claims police singled him out in advance.
Palestinians deny halting war crimes charges against Israel in exchange for tax revenues
Report in Israeli media is nothing more than spin by the Netanyahu government, Ramallah official tells Haaretz.
Foreign ministers gather in Lausanne in bid to break impasse in Iran nuclear talks
First meeting of all foreign ministers during this decisive round of talks lasts one hour and a quarter.
Ex-army battalion commander to retire over sex misconduct
Givati Brigade’s Lt. Col. Liran Hajibi pleads guilty to improper acts, ‘some of which were of a sexual nature,’ against two female soldiers under his command.
Petition calls on Israel to upgrade army draftees to minimum wage
High Court of Justice also called on government to rethink its position on the low salary levels paid to soldiers.
Israel reduced to heckling Iran pact from afar
With Netanyahu's loud bickering with the White House, culminating in his Congress speech, Israel's PM has inadvertently positioned himself as someone whom the Americans won’t take seriously.
Hillary Clinton: Return U.S.-Israel ties to constructive footing
Potential 2016 U.S. presidential candidate warns that Israel should never become a partisan issue.
  Palestinian Center for Human Rights
PCHR Denounces Ban on Travel of Amal Hamad, Member of Fatah Central Committee, via Beit Hanoun Crossing
Palestinian Center for Human Rights
Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (19 - 25 March 2015)
Palestinian Center for Human Rights
  International Solidarity Movement
VIDEO - Nabi Saleh Land Day Protest met with extreme violence and M16 live ammunition
3/30/2015 - International Solidarity Movement - March 30, 2015, Ramallah team, Nabi Saleh, Occupied Palestine - Video by Anarchists Against the Wall - On the 28th of March 2015, close to 200 protesters from all over the West Bank gathered in Nabi Saleh to protest the occupation in commemoration of...
Muhammadu Buhari wins Nigeria's presidential election
03/31/2015 - Election commission declares victory for former military ruler, Muhammadu Buhari, over incumbent Goodluck Jonathan.
Hundreds acquitted in alleged coup plot case in Turkey
03/31/2015 - A total of 236 suspects, including several generals, acquitted in so-called Sledgehammer case, which dated back to 2003.
Turkish prosecutor taken hostage in Istanbul
03/31/2015 - Armed group demands arrest of police officer who allegedly killed minor during 2013 anti-government protests.
Malaysia police release editors detained for sedition
03/31/2015 - Journalists were held after publishing article discussing royal opposition to the introduction of Islamic penal law.
South Africa braces for Marikana massacre report
03/31/2015 - Activists demand that Farlam report investigating alleged police brutality in mining massacre of 2012 made public.
Iran nuclear talks enter final day
03/31/2015 - Negotiators try to bridge remaining gaps and hammer out framework deal that would be the basis for a final accord.
Libya's Tripoli-based parliament sacks prime minister
03/31/2015 - Legally installed government in Tripoli removes Omar al-Hassi as the head of National Salvation Government.
Pig farm takes centre stage in battle for Roma history
03/31/2015 - Activists in the Czech Republic demand that a pig farm built over a former Nazi concentration camp be shut down.
  Daily Star
U.S. willing to take Iran nuclear talks into Wednesday: White House
31 Mar 2015 U.S. negotiators have determined they are willing to continue nuclear talks with Iran into Wednesday if necessary as long as conversations are productive, the White House said on Tuesday.
Nuclear talks to continue until major disputes overcome: Iran
31 Mar 2015 Iran is willing to continue talks with six major powers on a preliminary political agreement that will be used as a basis of a comprehensive nuclear deal, a senior nuclear negotiator said on Tuesday.
Future welcomes Arab stand against Iran in Yemen
31 Mar 2015 The Future Bloc hailed the Saudi-led military campaign against the Houthis in Yemen on Tuesday, criticizing remarks made by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah and voicing support for the stance taken by Prime Minister Tammam Salam.
US official: Iran nuke talks could continue beyond deadline
31 Mar 2015 US says Iran talks may go into Wednesday
Lausanne deal would pave way for nuclear-armed Iran: Netanyahu
31 Mar 2015 The deal being hammered out between world powers and Iran on its nuclear program would "pave the way" to a nuclear-armed Tehran, Netanyahu says.
Iran nuclear deal would need Arab cooperation: Saudi
31 Mar 2015 Iran will not be able to reap the benefits of any nuclear deal with world powers without the cooperation of its Gulf neighbors, Saudi Arabia's foreign minister says.
Palestinians to ask FIFA to suspend Israel
31 Mar 2015 The Palestinian Football Association will ask the FIFA Congress in May to suspend Israel, accusing it of continuing to hamper its soccer activities.
Nuclear talks advancing, but 'slowly': Iranian negotiator
31 Mar 2015 Iran nuclear talks aimed at agreeing the outlines of a landmark deal with major powers by midnight are advancing, but "slowly," an Iranian negotiator said late afternoon Tuesday.
  YNet News
Shots heard at building where Turkish far-left group seized hostage
31 Mar 2015 - ....
Obama's naive deal on Iran
31 Mar 2015 - Op-ed: Contrary to all rational thought, the president and his European partners are about to sign an agreement that will allow Iran to pose a serious threat to Israel, the Mideast - and the entire world. ....
Nigeria's Buhari wins election by 2.1 mln votes
31 Mar 2015 - ....
UN says attack on Yemen camp broke law, calls for accountability
31 Mar 2015 - ....
'Daily Show' heir slammed for 'anti-Semitic' tweets
31 Mar 2015 - Social media posts by Trevor Noah, the comedian selected to replace Jon Stewart, cause controversy for jokes about Jews and women. ....
US official: Iran nuke talks could continue beyond deadline
31 Mar 2015 - ....
Gunshots heard near border of Gaza Strip; no injuries to IDF troops
31 Mar 2015 - ....
Nuclear deal will be good for Iran, bad for Iranians and bad for Israel
31 Mar 2015 - Analysis: If signed, the framework agreement between Tehran and world powers will mostly serve as a lifeline for the Shiite terror state, saving it from economic collapse; also, should Israel worry about the formation of a united Arab military over the war in Yemen? ....
Ehud Olmert, a man of contradictions
31 Mar 2015 - Op-ed: While the former prime minister had military and diplomatic courage and was praised by senior officials who worked under him, he was afflicted with both personal and political corruption. ....
Claims against Netanyahu's 'racism' are hypocritical
30 Mar 2015 - Op-ed: Instead of warning against Israel's law-abiding and loyal Arab citizens, the prime minister should have focused on the Joint Arab List, which undermines Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state and has leaders who feel closer to Hamas. ....
The Iranians are praying for an agreement
30 Mar 2015 - Orly Azoulay finds herself watching Netanyahu's Congress speech from the lobby of an Iranian hotel, and encounters a country desperate for a deal that will free it from crippling sanctions. ....
Sneak peek into top-of-the-line IDF submarine
30 Mar 2015 - German-made INS Tanin, which has been undergoing intensive modification since arriving in Israel, will soon be ready to undertake its secretive, long-range assignment. ....
Arrest made in attack on writer Yehonatan Geffen
30 Mar 2015 - Central Israel resident suspected of threatening Geffen and attempting to hit him shortly after the author made leftist comments. ....
Lack of funding, oversight leave makeshift migrant daycares potentially fatal
30 Mar 2015 - At least 5 babies have died in recent weeks at makeshift daycare centers for migrant workers and asylum seekers; little action taken in 8 months since comptroller warned of dire situation. ....
Israel lashes out at Iran deal as sides work franticly to reach accord
30 Mar 2015 - Kerry says Iran, world powers will work all night to work out 'tricky issues' as Israel's defense minister echoes Netanyahu in warning deal whitewashes Iran's support of terror, regional instability. ....
Place a Pesach note in the Western Wall with Ynet
30 Mar 2015 - Ahead of Jewish holiday, Ynet and Western Wall Heritage Foundation offer worshippers an opportunity to send prayer notes to be tucked between holy stones at Western Wall. ....
French rabbi told to remove kippa at polling station
30 Mar 2015 - Toulouse rabbi ordered to take off Jewish skullcap before voting in local elections; 'There was no insult, but an intention to intimidate me.' ....
ADL slams Lena Dunham's 'Jewish boyfriend or dog' quiz
30 Mar 2015 - Jewish group says 'Girls' writer and star's 'tasteless' New Yorker piece plays with offensive stereotypes about Jews. ....
Haredi papers ban picture of young girl's feet
29 Mar 2015 - Two newspapers in Beit Shemesh refuse to publish a sock store's ad showing the feet of a two-year-old girl. 'The radicals think they can run our lives, but I won't be part of it,' says ultra-Orthodox store owner. ....
Beyond Compromise: “Our future is in our hands”
Palestine Monitor 31 Mar 2015 - June 26, 2012- Earlier this month, a new website titled Beyond Compromise was launched amidst much fanfare in the Palestinian blogosphere...
Susiya fighting for survival
Palestine Monitor 31 Mar 2015 - June 25, 2012-Five hundred people marched in Susiya, South Hebron on Friday to protest the planned demolition of 45 structures in the village. The peaceful march was violently stopped by ....
16 killed in Gaza in a week of Israeli bombardment
Palestine Monitor 31 Mar 2015 - June 25, 2012-On Monday morning June 18 a group of unknown armed men crossed the Sinai desert from the Egyptain border and killed an Israeli civilian....
Jenin Diaries: Burried Jewels, But Where?
Palestine Monitor 31 Mar 2015 - June 26, 2012- Koufrdan is a small village located a few kilometers west of the Palestinian city of Jenin. Its wells provide the main source of water for Palestinian farmers in the area due to its large amount of groundwater. It is the only village in...
Israeli Authorities Breach Last Month’s Prisoner Agreement
Palestine Monitor 31 Mar 2015 - June 24, 2012- After undergoing 71 days without food, Palestinian prisoner Hasan Safadi is back on hunger strike protesting the renewal of his administrative detention, a breach of the....
Approaching Easter and Passover
Mondoweiss 31 Mar 2015 - This is part of Marc H. Ellis’s “Exile and the Prophetic” feature for Mondoweiss. To read the entire series visit the archive page. Among Jews, the hoopla surrounding the upcoming Passover holidays continues as it does every year. This, despite the seemingly unusual circumstances of celebrating...
Iraqi forces in 'major Tikrit push'
BBC 31 Mar 2015 - Iraqi forces have made major advances against Islamic State (IS) in Tikrit - retaking the government headquarters, officials say.
Pitzer Students for Justice in Palestine Defy Censorship Attempts with Display of Mock Israeli Apartheid Wall
Muzzlewatch 31 Mar 2015 - In defiance against attempts at censorship, Students for Justice in Palestine activists at Pitzer College in Claremont California will erect a mock Apartheid Wall to educate their campus about the Israeli occupation and how Israeli policies confiscate Palestinian land and separate Palestinian families and communities. Here is...
Donors pledge billions for Syria
BBC 31 Mar 2015 - Donors at a UN conference pledge $3.8bn for victims of Syria's civil war, termed "the worst humanitarian crisis of our time".
Yemen 'on verge of total collapse'
BBC 31 Mar 2015 - The UN's human rights chief warns Yemen is "on the verge of total collapse", as Saudi-led coalition aircraft bombard Houthi rebels.
The Jewish establishment has banned these four valiant Jews. Why?
Mondoweiss 31 Mar 2015 - This is the story of a tragedy inside the Jewish community. The four American Jews above are on a national campus tour. All in their 70s, they are veterans of the civil rights movement; they went south 50 years ago to help free our country from...
IS militants 'kill' Syria villagers
BBC 31 Mar 2015 - Islamic State militants kill at least 30 people, including women and children, in a government-held village in central Syria, activists say.
Saudi Arabia 'weathers oil storm'
BBC 31 Mar 2015 - Investor confidence in Saudi Arabia remains strong, according to the governor of a body which attracts investment to the kingdom, in spite of the price of oil halving.
Anti-Iran Media Drumbeat, Fueled by Israel, Increases as Deal Deadline Nears
Tikun Olam 31 Mar 2015 - As the deadline looms for the P5+1 nations to achieve a framework for a nuclear deal with Iran, the steady drumbeat of hostile coverage directed at Iran in the media increases.  Jim White at Empty Wheel, in two good posts , noted a tendentious Washington Post op-ed...
Palestinians mark the 39th anniversary of Land Day
Mondoweiss 30 Mar 2015 - Today, March 30 th Palestinians in Israel and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, marched for Land Day, Yom al-Arda in Arabic, which commemorates protest in the Galilee in 1976 where six Palestinian citizens of Israel were killed. The main marches today were held in the village of...
Video: Max Blumenthal on the ways Zionism exploits anti-Semitism
Mondoweiss 30 Mar 2015 - Here’s a video of Max Blumenthal speaking about anti-Semitism at University of Glasgow last month, a brief  part of his Israeli Apartheid Week 2015 presentation  at the college. I contacted the person who uploaded the clip, a reader and commenter here, these are his words: The perverse and...
Day before deadline, Iran negotiations coming ‘down to the wire’ and Netanyahu still hopes to play spoiler
Mondoweiss 30 Mar 2015 - With one day left before the deadline for an agreement on the contours of an Iranian nuclear deal, negotiations look set to go “down to the wire”, in the White House’s phrase – or possibly past it. Iranian deputy foreign minister Abbas Araqchi reported no progress on...
Israel Honors Ex-Mossad Officer Who Rose Through Rank by Sleeping with Her Boss
Tikun Olam 30 Mar 2015 - Sima Shine, Israeli ‘trailblazer’ who got to the top the old-fashioned way On Israel Independence Day, several exemplary Israelis are chosen to light the torch at a special national ceremony marking the commencement of the day.  This year, the theme of the ceremony will be: trailblazers. ...
From Gaza to Sderot, Trauma Marks The Past — And The Present
The Forward Leonard Fein 30 Mar 2015 -
ISIS Aimed at Ideals When They Destroyed Jonah's Tomb
The Forward Leonard Fein 30 Mar 2015 -
Dani Danon Is Such a Threat to Israel Even Bibi Fired Him
The Forward Leonard Fein 30 Mar 2015 -
When We Stop To Really See Each Other
The Forward Leonard Fein 30 Mar 2015 -
Are Jews Now Safe and Free From Being Haunted?
The Forward Leonard Fein 30 Mar 2015 -
African Immigrants Face Deportation From Israel
The Foward Breaking News 31 Mar 2015 - Israel will begin deporting African migrants to third countries without their consent. Click here for the rest of the article...
Dutch Royals Plan To Return Looted Art Work
The Foward Breaking News 31 Mar 2015 - The Dutch royal family contacted the heirs of a Nazi-looted painting’s owners as a step toward restitution. Click here for the rest of the article...
Folksbiene May Merge With Jewish Heritage Museum
The Foward Breaking News 31 Mar 2015 - Two New York Jewish cultural organizations are expected to sign a partnership agreement that could lead to a merger. Click here for the rest of the article...
Benjamin Netanyahu Says Deal Would Give Iran Bomb in Year
The Foward Breaking News 31 Mar 2015 - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday the framework Iranian nuclear agreement being sought by international negotiators will leave Iran with the capability to develop a nuclear weapon in under a year. Click here for the rest of the article...
'Palestine' Set To Join International Criminal Court — But No Case Coming Soon
The Foward Breaking News 31 Mar 2015 - Palestine will raise the stakes in a legal battle with Israel on Wednesday when it joins the International Criminal Court, but any case over alleged crimes in the occupied territories is unlikely to come to trial for some years - if ever. Click here for the...
Was Anne Frank Murdered Earlier Than Thought?
The Foward Breaking News 31 Mar 2015 - New research by the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam shows that the teenage diarist died earlier than previously believed. Click here for the rest of the article...
When Israel's Mizrachi Black Panthers Used Passover To Decry Jewish 'Racism'
The Forward New 31 Mar 2015 - Israel’s own Black Panthers once latched onto the Passover story to challenge Ashkenazi domination in the Jewish state. The radicals issued their own Haggadah, which mentioned strikes and injustice — but not God. Click here for the rest of the article...
Jewish Navy SEAL Vet Jumps into Missouri Governor’s Race
The Forward New 30 Mar 2015 - Ex-Navy Seal Eric Greitens is plunging into the GOP primary for Missouri governor — the same race shaken by the suicide of a candidate dogged by an anti-Jewish ‘whisper campaign.’ Click here for the rest of the article...
Algeria: Bensalah At Arab Summit - Adapting Joint Arab Action System to Current Requirements
allAfrica.com 31 Mar 2015 - [Algerie Presse Service] Sharm El Sheik -Representative of President of the Republic at the 26th Arab Summit, Abdelkader Bensalah, underlined Saturday in Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt) the need to adapt the system of the joint Arab action to the current requirements, advocating in this regard a methodology...
Algeria: Friendly Match - Algeria Beat Oman (4-1)
allAfrica.com 31 Mar 2015 - [Algerie Presse Service] Doha -The Algerian football team defeated its counterpart from Oman on the score of 4 to 1, half-time (2-0) in a friendly match played Monday in Suheim Bin Hamad Stadium in Doha (Qatar).
Djibouti: Somalia Refugees Fled From Yemen Crisis Reach in Djibouti
allAfrica.com 31 Mar 2015 - [Shabelle] The first group of Somalia refugees fleeing conflict in Yemen, on Monday, has reached in Djibouti, as a Saudi-led coalition continued to strike Houthi targets around the country for a 5th day, according to Djibouti foreign minister.
Ethiopia: Dubai and Ethiopia Boosting Business and Bilateral Ties
allAfrica.com 31 Mar 2015 - [Ethiopia Government] An Ethiopian delegation of over thirty business representatives, headed by Shisema Gebresilassie, Head of the Addis Ababa City Government Trade and Industry Development Bureau and Getachew Regasa, Secretary General, Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations, has met with forty private sector businesses...
Somalia: Somali Legislatures Urge Government to Evacuate Refugees in Yemen
allAfrica.com 31 Mar 2015 - [Dalsan Radio] Somali national assembly members have called upon the government of President Hassan Sheikh Mohmaud to help evacuate Somali refugees caught up in Yemeni conflict.
Tanzania: Pakistani Ambassador Appreciates Dar Support
allAfrica.com 31 Mar 2015 - [Daily News] PAKISTAN Ambassador, Mr Muhammad Iqbal, has thanked Tanzanian government for extending help and cooperation to Pakistani community who are taking active part in socio-economic uplift of the country.
April 8, Steven Salaita 11-1 at The Evergreen State College
Rachel Corrie Foundation 30 Mar 2015 - Indigenous Peoples and Academic Freedom in the New Era of Civility  Wednesday, April 8th, 2015 11am – 1pm Lecture Hall I The Evergreen State College Olympia, Washington Free and Open to the Public Salaita is a former Associate Professor at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University....
Perseverance at Its Best
Arab American Institute 30 Mar 2015 - New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio�s recent announcement that public schools in New York City will be closed in observance of the two most sacred Muslim holidays, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, represents a meaningful achievement for the American Muslim community in New York, but...
Free Cone Day Cantastoria
US Campaign to End the Occupation 31 Mar 2015 - Idea for educational activity.
  Ma'an News
Israeli forces shoot, injure 3 Palestinians in southern Gaza
3/30/2015 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Three Palestinians where shot and injured by Israeli forces in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, a medical official said Monday. Ministry of Health spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said two youths were shot east of Khan Younis...
Israel detains 25 Palestinians in Jerusalem, West Bank
3/30/2015 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained 25 Palestinians in East Jerusalem and the West Bank overnight Sunday, a prisoner rights group said. A lawyer from Addameer, Muhammad Mahmoud, told Ma'an that Israeli forces detained 10 Palestinians across East Jerusalem...
Israeli forces deliver demolition notices near Nablus
3/30/2015 - NABLUS (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces delivered demolition notices to seven Palestinians in the village of Qasra in southern Nablus on Monday. Locals said the notices were for water wells and steel structures used for farming purposes that belong to Palestinians living...
Thousands commemorate Land Day in Gaza, West Bank
3/30/2015 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Thousands of Palestinians across the West Bank and Gaza took part in marches on Monday to mark the 39th anniversary of Land Day, commemorating Palestinian protests against Israeli land seizures that were violently suppressed on Mar. 30...
Pro-Bedouin march winds up at Israel presidency
3/30/2015 - JERUSALEM (AFP) -- A four-day march led by Palestinian-Israeli MPs in solidarity with Israel's impoverished Bedouin community wound up on Sunday at Israel's presidency. President Reuven Rivlin's office said Palestinian representatives delivered a report on the hardships...
Thousands march to commemorate Land Day
3/30/2015 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- More than 2,000 Palestinians in southern Nablus took part in a march to mark the 39th anniversary of Land Day on Monday, commemorating Palestinian protests against Israeli land seizures that were violently suppressed on Mar. 30, 1976. More...
Western diplomat: Iran talks blocked on three issues
3/30/2015 - LAUSANNE (AFP) -- Down-to-the-wire nuclear talks with Iran remained blocked on three major issues, a Western diplomat said Monday on the eve of a deadline to agree the outlines of a deal. It was "yes or no" time, the diplomat said, adding that...
Israel: Nuclear deal would reward Iran for Yemen 'aggression'
3/30/2015 - JERUSALEM (AFP) -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned world powers on Monday that any nuclear deal they strike with Iran would be seen as a reward for Tehran's alleged "aggression" in Yemen." The agreement being formulated in Lausanne sends a...
Israel media: Ex-PM Olmert found guilty in corruption case
3/30/2015 - JERUSALEM (AFP) -- A Jerusalem court found former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert guilty of corruption Monday over allegations that he received envelopes of cash from a US businessman, Israeli media reported. It was the latest legal blow in a humiliating fall from...
PA provides financial support to 15,000 displaced Gazans
3/30/2015 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The Palestinian Ministry of Civil Affairs announced on Monday that approximately 15,000 families whose homes were destroyed during last summer's Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip are to receive financial support for a year. The...
State media: US drone killed 2 Iranian troops in Iraq
3/30/2015 - TEHRAN (AFP) -- Two Iranian Revolutionary Guards posted to Iraq as advisers in the war against Islamic State were killed by a US drone in Tikrit, Iranian state media said Monday. The official IRNA news agency, reporting on the men's funerals...
IOM: 45 dead in airstrike on Yemen displaced camp
3/30/2015 - SANAA (AFP) -- At least 45 people were killed when an air raid struck a camp for displaced people in northwest Yemen on Monday, the International Organization for Migration said."IOM is reporting 45 dead among internally displaced persons, 65 injured (and counting...
  The Guardian
University event questioning Israel's right to exist is cancelled
31 Mar 2015 - 6,400-strong petition condemned Southampton conference as one-sided but organisers call on university to stand up for free speech A conference at the University of...
Israel to deport Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers to third countries
31 Mar 2015 - Authorities will give people 30 days to leave; those who refuse will be sent back to the Holot detention centre or imprisoned indefinitely Israel...
Ehud Olmert guilty of corruption, says Israeli court – video
30 Mar 2015 - Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert is convicted on Monday of unlawfully accepting envelopes of cash from a US businessman in a retrial on...
Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert found guilty of corruption
30 Mar 2015 - Politician who hoped to sign historic peace accord with Palestinians is to be sentenced over claims he accepted cash bribes from US businessman Former...
  Ha'aretz National News
Israeli town with 19% Arab population has no Arabic library books
Ha'aretz - 31 Mar 2015
Members of 20th Knesset to be sworn in on Tuesday
Ha'aretz - 31 Mar 2015
Israel to begin imminent deportation of some African refugees – even without their consent
Ha'aretz - 31 Mar 2015
Israeli government’s apathy is killing foreign workers' children
Ha'aretz - 31 Mar 2015
Israel will deport Eritrean, Sudanese refugees to Africa under new policy
Ha'aretz - 31 Mar 2015
With no road blocks or strikes, Arabs mark quiet Land Day
Ha'aretz - 30 Mar 2015
Israel Prison Service considering special wing for Olmert
Ha'aretz - 30 Mar 2015
Police arrest man suspected of attack on author, songwriter Yehonatan Geffen
Ha'aretz - 30 Mar 2015
Israel charges Palestinian with fighting with ISIS in Syria
Ha'aretz - 30 Mar 2015
Second refugee baby dies in two days at Tel Aviv day-care center
Ha'aretz - 30 Mar 2015
Obama as Pharaoh: Israeli singer releases Passover song referring to 'stupid president'
Ha'aretz - 30 Mar 2015
Zionist Union sources: Some MKs talking behind Herzog’s back to join coalition
Ha'aretz - 30 Mar 2015
Timeline: Ex-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's checkered career
Ha'aretz - 30 Mar 2015
Will Israel's ex-Prime Minister Ehud Olmert go to jail after new conviction?
Ha'aretz - 30 Mar 2015
Former Israeli Prime Minister Olmert found guilty in 'cash envelopes affair' retrial
Ha'aretz - 30 Mar 2015
Students pitch tent to protest canceled field trips
Ha'aretz - 30 Mar 2015
Court to rule in Olmert’s retrial over Talansky ‘cash envelopes’
Ha'aretz - 30 Mar 2015
Government defense firms more open to army women
Ha'aretz - 29 Mar 2015
Egyptians loved their Tel Aviv beer – 5,000 years ago
Ha'aretz - 29 Mar 2015
March for Bedouin rights ends at President’s Residence in Jerusalem
Ha'aretz - 29 Mar 2015
  Palestinian Information Center
Qassam Brigades, the Hope of the Palestinian People!
30 Mar 2015 - Ever since Palestine fell for foreign occupation, Palestinians took every effort to liberate their lands by all means possible.
Israel seeks European mediation for its soldiers' release
30 Mar 2015 - The Israeli authorities have asked European mediators to intervene for the release of Israeli soldiers who were captured during Israel’s summer aggression on Gaza.
Hamas: Abbas seeks to incite the world against the Palestinians
30 Mar 2015 - Hamas strongly denounced Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas for his call for similar military action against the Gaza Strip like the one taking place in Yemen.
21 Palestinians nabbed by IOF in West Bank, J’lem
30 Mar 2015 - At least 21 Palestinians were arrested by the Israeli army and police in the West Bank and Occupied Jerusalem on early Monday morning.
MP Abu Halabiya: The situation in J'lem is very critical
30 Mar 2015 - Rapporteur of Jerusalem Committee at the Palestinian Legislative Council Dr. Ahmed Abu Halabiya said: "The situation is Occupied Jerusalem is very serious and quite difficult."
Local committee: Boycott-of-Israel campaign ongoing
30 Mar 2015 - The Palestinian National Office for the defense of land said Israel’s decision to resume tax transfers to the PA will not affect the latter’s promotion of the boycott-of-Israel campaign.
Hamas's principled stance on the Yemen crisis
30 Mar 2015 - The principled stance by Hamas on the ongoing Yemeni crisis is politically sound and morally correct. It may raise some eyebrows and draw criticism in some quarters.
Hamas: No occupying force lives forever
30 Mar 2015 - Hamas has said that history proved that no racist and fascist occupying force had ever survived even if it had used violence and oppression against other nations.
Nazal: Abbas dragging his feet vis-à-vis home crises
30 Mar 2015 - Political bureau member of Hamas, Mohamed Nazal, slammed the PA Chairman for dragging his feet vis-à-vis the series of crises emerging on the Palestinian socio-political scene.
Demolition threats, field interrogations reported in IOF assaults in Jenin
30 Mar 2015 - The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Sunday stormed a chain of agricultural stocks under construction in Jenin’s town of Ramana and expelled all the workers who were inside the building.
IOA forces Palestinian civilian to knock down his own home
30 Mar 2015 - The Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) ordered a Palestinian citizen to self-demolish his own home in Occupied Jerusalem under the pretext of unlicensed construction.
Abu Sisi faces 21-year sentence
29 Mar 2015 - Israeli prosecution has asked the Beersheba District Court to impose a 21-year prison sentence against the Palestinian engineer Dirar Abi Sisi.
4 Palestinian refugees tortured to death in Syria
29 Mar 2015 - Four Palestinian refugees were tortured to death in the Syrian regime’s prisons and detention centers, human rights sources said Sunday.
Tunisia: Abbas participates in march against terrorism
29 Mar 2015 - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has visited Sunday Tunisia to take part in the march against terrorism, expressing his total support for the Tunisian people.
Five demonstrations in Gaza on Land Day
29 Mar 2015 - Hundreds of Palestinians have commemorated the Land Day in borderline areas to the east of Khan Younis in southern Gaza Strip at noon Sunday.
Popular Committee: Gaza facing humanitarian disaster
29 Mar 2015 - Dr. Essam Youssef, head of the Popular International Committee to Support Gaza Strip, called on the world to save Gaza from a humanitarian disaster.
Abu Marzouk charges PA with incitement against Gaza
29 Mar 2015 - Mousa Abu Marzouk charged PA President Mahmoud Abbas along with his adviser Mahmoud Habbash with inciting Arab countries to strike the besieged Gaza Strip.
IOF soldiers quell protest at Ofer
29 Mar 2015 - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) fired teargas canisters and stun grenades at Palestinian protestors in front of Ofer military roadblock near Ramallah on Sunday.
Settlers uproot hundreds of trees, steel rocks in West Bank
29 Mar 2015 - Jewish settlers uprooted hundreds of olive and almond trees in al-Khalil on Saturday evening and stole stones in Salfit governorate on Sunday.
Israeli court rules the demolition of an entire Palestinian town
29 Mar 2015 - An Israeli court has issued a decision on Sunday to raze a Palestinian town to the south of al-Khalil city for settlement expansion.
Donors asked to dig deep for Syria
KUWAIT CITY / DUBAI 31 March 2015 (IRIN) - High-level officials from 78 countries and more than 40 international organisations are gathering in Kuwait City to take part in the Third International Humanitarian Pledging Conference for Syria on Tuesday, amid major concerns of funding shortages.
  New York Times
U.N. Warns of ‘Total Collapse’ in Yemen as Houthis Continue Offensive
31 Mar 2015 - The warning came amid reports of heavy fighting in the port city of Aden that had left streets lined with bodies and hospitals full of corpses.
Op-Ed Contributor: Jordan’s Divided Brotherhood
31 Mar 2015 - How a party split could herald a historic realignment of Islamist politics in the Middle East.
Preliminary Nuclear Deal With Iran Appears Close, but Tough Issues May Wait
31 Mar 2015 - Any accord that is reached to limit Iran’s nuclear program will be, by design, an interim instrument, more an outline than a final agreement.
Witnesses, Who Say Police Killed Activist, Are to Be Charged in Egypt
31 Mar 2015 - Egyptian prosecutors are bringing criminal charges against witnesses who said they saw the police kill an unarmed poet and activist during a demonstration, a lawyer who has seen the charges said on Monday.
Our Man in Tehran — Episode 2: The Martyr’s Daughter
31 Mar 2015 - A supporter of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, Najiyeh Allahdad, sees it as her duty to speak out when the government fails to live up to the ideals for which her father fought and died.
World Briefing: Iran: Old Land Mines Kill Six
30 Mar 2015 - Iranian state television said two land mines left over from the 1980s Iran-Iraq war killed six people on Monday, five of them Iranian border guards and the other a female shepherd.
An Anxious Wait in Syrian City Held by Insurgents
30 Mar 2015 - Government forces were routed from Idlib, a provincial capital in the country’s north.
As U.S. and Iran Seek Nuclear Deal, Saudi Arabia Makes Its Own Moves
30 Mar 2015 - The talks themselves are already changing the dynamics of regional politics as Saudi Arabia, Iran’s chief regional rival, acts against Iranian-backed groups in Yemen, Syria and Iraq.
Islamic State’s Grip on City Appears Firmer Than Iraqis Acknowledge
30 Mar 2015 - There is evidence that Islamic State forces are more numerous in Tikrit than previously revealed by the Iraqi government.
‘Tricky Issues’ Remain as Deadline Nears in Nuclear Talks With Iran
30 Mar 2015 - An Iranian official had seemed to rule out an accord under which the fuel would be sent abroad, but American negotiators said the issue had not yet been decided.
Dozens Are Reported Killed as Saudi-Led Strike Hits Camp for Displaced Yemeni Civilians
30 Mar 2015 - Saudi-led military actions intensified in Yemen, including a strike on a missile depot in Sana, which set a fire that sent civilians in a nearby village fleeing.
Islamic State Destruction Renews Debate Over Repatriation of Antiquities
30 Mar 2015 - As militants ravage artifacts, a debate has resumed over whether Western collectors should return disputed items to their countries of origin.
Palestinian Discontent With Abbas Is Growing
30 Mar 2015 - Some Palestinians are questioning whether their leader, who celebrated his 80th birthday last week, will be able to seize any opportunity for statehood.
Ehud Olmert, Israeli Ex-Premier, Is Convicted of Fraud
30 Mar 2015 - The charges related to a case involving an American businessman, whose testimony in a Jerusalem court in 2008 was instrumental in the former leader’s downfall.
  Jerusalem Post
Israeli web video wins first prize at Hong Kong Int’l Mobile Film Awards
31 Mar 2015 -
Entranced by Infected Mushroom
31 Mar 2015 - Internationally renowned Israeli psychedelic trance giants return home for an outdoor show in Rishon Lezion.
Lufthansa crash pilot had told flight school he suffered from 'severe depression'
31 Mar 2015 - Airline says has passed emails to investigator
New IDF Home Front Commander takes up post
31 Mar 2015 -
Netanyahu catches Obama in Iran-nuclear flip-flop
31 Mar 2015 - PM points out elements "apparently" in nuclear deal that Obama said last year are things that Iran does not need in order to have a peaceful program.
Iran- Nuclear talks to continue until major disputes overcome
31 Mar 2015 -
APC- Nigerian's Jonathan calls rival to concede defeat
31 Mar 2015 -
Gov’t seeks to allocate funds to migrant day care centers in wake of south Tel Aviv tragedy
31 Mar 2015 - Child welfare experts: Govt agencies aware of "child warehouses" for years, chose to ignore problem.
Study: Israeli patents in US jump 21%
31 Mar 2015 - Israeli innovation brings "international recognition and goodwill."
3 arrested in connection with Paris killings
31 Mar 2015 -
In 'major victory to Arab residents,' 2,200 homes approved in east Jerusalem
31 Mar 2015 - Plan also retroactively legalizes 300 homes built without permits; Right-wing leaders vehemently oppose expansion as divisive to capital.
Head of Gaza reconstruction committee quits Palestinian unity government
31 Mar 2015 - Citing personal reasons, Mustafa is the first minister to quit since the formation of a unity government with Hamas.
Report: Mentally-ill man stabbed women at Ben Gurion airport last July
31 Mar 2015 -
US says ready to pursue Iran nuclear talks past midnight deadline if needed
31 Mar 2015 - Russian FM set to rejoin talks, says chances of success are good.
US says ready to pursue Iran nuclear talks into Wednesday if needed
31 Mar 2015 -
Rivlin urges Netanyahu to expedite forming coalition
31 Mar 2015 - Speaking ahead of the swearing-in of the new Knesset, Rivlin said the outgoing government was limited in its ability to serve the public and the new one needed to start working.
Mob boss unfazed as he’s brought from prison to face murder charge
31 Mar 2015 - Police say that Avi Ruhan, 51, head of one of Israel’s major crime organizations, orchestrated the car bomb on January 23rd in Hod Hasharon that killed Shay Bachar.
It's Passover cleanup time in Israel and e-waste recycling is on the rise
31 Mar 2015 - Electronic Waste Law went into force in March, 2014.
Palestinians asks FIFA to suspend Israel from competition
31 Mar 2015 - Despite efforts by FIFA president Sepp Blatter, Palestinians remain frustrated at restrictions they say Israel imposes on the movement of their athletes between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.
Israel has second-lowest abortion rate in Europe, continues to drop
31 Mar 2015 - Only Croatia had a lower abortion rate that Israel.
Netanyahu on Iran deal: Israel not ‘burying head,’ will do what is needed to secure its future
31 Mar 2015 - “The biggest threat to our security and future was and remains Iran's attempt to arm with nuclear weapons,” he said. “The agreement being put together at Lausanne is paving the way for that result.”
Netanyahu: Under emerging deal, Iran's nuclear breakout time is a year or less
31 Mar 2015 -
Lapid vows to be 'fighting but statesmanlike opposition'
31 Mar 2015 - Lapid said he would submit a series of anti-corruption bills, starting with one that would prevent criminals convicted of crimes deemed as bearing moral turpitude from serving in government.
American-Israeli team secures US gov't grant to build Burundi’s first solar field
31 Mar 2015 - Grant comes less than two months after Gigawatt Global established the first utility-scale solar field in Rwanda.
UN: Countries have pledged $3.8 billion toward Syria humanitarian crisis
31 Mar 2015 -
Shabbat screenings
31 Mar 2015 - News briefs from around the city.
Faith and feminism
31 Mar 2015 - A leadership forum at the Christian-focused Magdala Center attempts to catalyze change and offer reconciliation for the thousands caught up in Israel’s sex industry.
On the fast track?
31 Mar 2015 - The opening of the railway to Netivot will bring the sleepy southern town closer to the Center.
Green from the Galilee
31 Mar 2015 - Use local wild herbs for seasonal dishes.
Screen Savors: ‘I killed them all...’
31 Mar 2015 - Robert Durst’s twisted life is chronicled in ‘The Jinx.’
Movie Review: Entertaining and enjoyable
31 Mar 2015 - Good acting brings grace to ‘Samba.’
Passover health warning: Avoid dangerous infections from cleaning pond fish
31 Mar 2015 - Health ministry also warns against purchasing non-authentic olive oil.
20th Knesset sworn in during celebratory first meeting
31 Mar 2015 - 39 newcomers, 81 veterans attend festive session opened by Rivlin.
Nigeria opposition declares victory, says "witnessing history"
31 Mar 2015 -
Merkel says deal on Iran would be 'good sign' but not there yet
31 Mar 2015 -
Local authorities warned of enlarged rocket threat from Hezbollah
31 Mar 2015 - In future war with Hezbollah, country could sustain hundreds of fatalities and billions of shekels in damages, Home Front Command says.
Negotiators talking to two hostage takers in Istanbul courthouse
31 Mar 2015 -
Official report: Dutch royal family owns stolen Nazi painting
31 Mar 2015 - Painting was stolen during Nazi occupation of the Netherlands during World War II.
Rivlin at Knesset swearing in ceremony: New coalition must be formed quickly
31 Mar 2015 -
Anne Frank may have died earlier than previously believed, new research shows
31 Mar 2015 - New research from the Anne Frank House shows that the teenage diarist may have died a month earlier than previously thought.
Iraqi PM says security forces have seized large parts of Tikrit
31 Mar 2015 -
Egypt court frees 68 activists in rare move
31 Mar 2015 -
'Iran is placing guided warheads on Hezbollah rockets'
31 Mar 2015 - Col. Aviram Hasson, of the Defense Ministry's missile defense administration says Hezbollah gets a lot of accurate weapons from Iran.
JPost News: March 31, 2015
31 Mar 2015 - JPost.com brings you all the latest news on Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World.
Arab-language spokesman Ofir Gendelman recognized as PMO outstanding employee
31 Mar 2015 -
Residents: Saudi forces and Houthi fighters exchange heavy fire along border
31 Mar 2015 -
Turkish special forces enter Istanbul courthouse after prosecutor taken hostage
31 Mar 2015 -
Lapid: We are heading to the opposition with our heads held high
31 Mar 2015 -
Yemen minister calls for Arab ground push 'as soon as possible'
31 Mar 2015 -
Iran says could cooperate with Saudis to solve Yemen crisis
31 Mar 2015 -
'Republicans more likely to favor Israel over Palestinians, show skepticism toward Iran'
31 Mar 2015 - Overall, Americans were more likely to side with Israel than the Palestinians, the Pew survey found.
Former Tunisian president to sail on new Gaza 'Freedom Flotilla'
31 Mar 2015 - Flotilla set to sail this summer will include political, religious, and business figures, and is now making the final preparations to leave for Gaza, organizer says.
Medical official: Artillery fire on Aden kills 26 overnight
31 Mar 2015 -
'The Resistance' against Pope Francis
31 Mar 2015 - Ultra-traditionalist bishops in Brazil claim to be leading The Resistance to Pope Francis's religious revolution, despite their own excommunications.
Flug presents Bank of Israel 2014 report to President Rivlin
31 Mar 2015 - Rivlin calls on the Knesset and the incoming government to formulate and pass the budget as quickly as possible.
'Biden told US Jews that Israel - not America - guaranteed their security'
31 Mar 2015 - The surprising remarks were reported by Atlantic journalist Jeffrey Goldberg in a recent article about the future of European Jewry.
Turkish minister: US-led training for Syrian rebels to start in May
31 Mar 2015 -
US pledges $507 million for victims of Syria crisis
31 Mar 2015 -
As Palestinians go to ICC, NGO files war crimes complaint against Hamas
31 Mar 2015 - The complaints by 26 Americans on flights which were redirected or cancelled or were present at the airport on July 22 when most American and international airlines cancelled their flights.
Interior Ministry announces new initiative to get African migrants to agree to deportation
31 Mar 2015 - Israel has reached agreements with two African countries willing to absorb migrants, which have also agreed not to deport them to their home countries.
Jewish Democrats call on Obama to cool rhetoric against Netanyahu
31 Mar 2015 - The Congress members issued the demand last week at a meeting with deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes, Politico reported Sunday.
The silence, fury and forest that finished Olmert
31 Mar 2015 - Throughout the case, one of the great mysteries was what was the new judge thinking?
20th Knesset to be sworn in during celebratory first meeting
30 Mar 2015 - 39 newcomers, 81 veterans to attend festive session opened by Rivlin.
Fun Knesset facts for swearing in day
30 Mar 2015 - Some 39 new MKs will swear allegiance to the Knesset, along with 81 veterans on Tuesday afternoon in the 20th Knesset’s celebratory first meeting.
Suspect arrested in attack on cultural figure Gefen
30 Mar 2015 - Assault, thought to be politically motivated, came day after artist made comments bemoaning the Right-wing election win.
Sources: US may push renewed discussion of the Saudi peace initiative
30 Mar 2015 - According to senior diplomatic officials in New York, the US may work to raise discussion of the Saudi peace plan after the new Israeli government is sworn in.
West hopes for a breakthrough as deadline arrives with Iran
30 Mar 2015 - US: "No idea" what day will bring; Russian foreign minister leaves dissatisfied.
PLO member accuses Israel of war crimes over Har Homa
30 Mar 2015 - Located on the city’s southern end, the neighborhood of some 20,000 residents, creates a wedge between Israeli Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem from the nearby Palestinian city of Bethlehem.
Israeli Arabs mark 39th Land Day with protests
30 Mar 2015 - Land Day, held on March 30, commemorates the deaths of six Galilee Arabs in 1976 riots over a government decision to confiscate land.
Can the Americans walk away from talks with Iran?
30 Mar 2015 - The president's word is tested by Tuesday's hard deadline with Iran.
Virginia State Bar cancels Jerusalem seminar, cites ‘discriminatory’ border policies
30 Mar 2015 - Trip canceled due to concerns that many participants would not be let in to Israel.
As nuclear talks near deadline, Khamenei aide warns of West's 'deceptive tactics'
30 Mar 2015 - Diplomat quoted by Chinese news agency Xinhua as saying the atmosphere on Monday has turned from "optimism" to "gloom" among negotiators.

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