"Israel will never get true security and safety through oppressing another people. A true peace can ultimately be built only on justice."
   Bishop Desmond Tutu, Apartheid in the Holy Land
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  International Middle East Media Center
One Kidnapped, Many Injured In Nabi Saleh Weekly Protest
3 Jul 2015 - One Palestinian was kidnapped, while four were shot with rubber-coated metal bullets, and scores suffered the effects of teargas inhalation, after Israeli soldiers attacked the weekly nonviolent protest in Nabi Saleh village, northwest of the central West Bank city of Ramallah. ...
Child Injured In Kufur Qaddoum
3 Jul 2015 - Israeli soldiers invaded, on Friday, Kufur Qaddoum village, near the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia, and attacked the weekly protest, firing dozens of gas bombs and rubber-coated metal bullets; one child was injured, while many residents suffered the effects of tear gas inhalation. ...
Settlers Protest Reopening of Palestinian Stores in Hebron
3 Jul 2015 -
PA Detains Over 100 Hamas Members in Arrest Campaign
3 Jul 2015 - Palestinian Authority security forces detained over 100 Hamas affiliates in the West Bank, overnight Thursday, an official from the Hamas movement said, Friday. ...
10-year-old Girl Assaulted by Israeli Forces at Al-Aqsa
3 Jul 2015 - An Israeli special unit police officer was reported to have physically assaulted a young Palestinian girl in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, yesterday. ...
Rocket Hits Southern Israel
3 Jul 2015 - A rocket landed in the Eshkol region of southern Israel, Friday afternoon, with no injuries or damage reported, the Israeli army said. ...
Israeli Soldiers Detain Ramallah Governor
3 Jul 2015 - Israeli soldiers detained, on Thursday afternoon, the Governor of Ramallah al-Biereh, Laila Ghannam, as she was trying to cross the Hizma roadblock, north of occupied Jerusalem, on her way to the commemoration service of Mohammad Abu Khdeir. ...
Palestinians Clash With Israeli Soldiers North Of Jerusalem
3 Jul 2015 - Following the deadly shooting of a Palestinian teen by Israeli army fire, earlier Friday, dozens of youths clashed with the soldiers near the Qalandia terminal, north of occupied East Jerusalem. ...
Israeli General Kills Palestinian Teen North of Jerusalem
3 Jul 2015 - His two brothers, who were both children, were killed by Israeli army fire in 2001 and 2002 A Palestinian teen was killed, earlier Friday, near the ar-Ram town, north of occupied Jerusalem, after an Israeli commander shot him, as he was climbing the Annexation Wall, in an attempt to reach the Al-Aqsa Mosque for Friday prayers. The attack took place approximately at 7:30 in the morning. ...
  Ha'aretz Diplomacy & Defense
Settlers using West Bank security zones to expropriate Palestinian land
IDF turning blind eye as settlers take over private land to expand communities for reserves or agricultue.
The broken promise to rebuild Gaza
Whatever happened to the billions of dollars in aid the international community was supposedly sending to Gaza?
Israeli Arab given 3-year jail term for joining ISIS in Syria
23-year-old Hamzah Magamseh admitted he left Israel for Turkey with plans to join the Islamist group.
ISIS affiliate claims responsibility for rockets fired from Sinai into Israel
Projectiles found between two communities in Eshkol Regional Council after sirens sounded in Gaza border communities; no injuries or damage caused.
Gas isn't flowing, but coalition is rife with bad blood
The saga of the non-vote on the natural gas plan being pushed by the PM exposed his – and his coalition's – weakness, which may be exploited by a quartet of politicos seeking an election sooner rather than later.
Life in the ruins of post-war Gaza
It was a hardscrabble existence in the Gaza Strip even before last summer’s war. Now, the young dream of emigration and adults despair over ruined homes and lives. Haaretz reports from inside Gaza.
Have Israelis really forgotten so quickly?
Conventional wisdom is that Israelis showed enormous resilience during last year's Gaza war – but many are belatedly showing symptoms of trauma.
Senior Hamas official denies ties to ISIS in Sinai
Moussa Abu Marzouk says Hamas is not holding negotiations with Israel and condemns terrorist attacks in Sinai, saying they hinder Gazans ability to leave the enclave.
Clinton to Jewish donors: I will be a better friend to Israel than Obama
The Democratic frontrunner's comments on the perspective deal with Iran, Politico reported, were ‘a foreign policy Rorschach test.’
Defense Ministry won’t discuss Israeli arms sales to war-torn South Sudan
East African country, in midst of civil war, sent delegates to recent arms expo in Tel Aviv.
How Bibi convinced Israelis to forget about Gaza
SPECIAL MULTIMEDIA PROJECT: How Netanyahu won re-election despite Israel's costly 2014 ground offensive in Gaza.
How Egypt lost Sinai long before the ISIS attacks
Cairo's decades-long neglect of the northern part of the strategic peninsula and its people is now being paid for in Egyptian soldiers' blood.
Entebbe aftermath: How Bibi’s family cultivated the Yoni Netanyahu myth
The Netanyahu family won the Israel branding championship and minimized the role of every other officer in the 1976 operation.
UN Human Rights Council adopts resolution condemning Israel over Gaza war report
Resolution condemns Israel's targeting of innocents but completely ignores Hamas rocket fire; Netanyahu: Council neither interested in facts nor human rights.
Palestinian Authority arrests 100 Hamas men in West Bank
Hamas aimed to ‘create security chaos’ for Israel, a PA official says, as Fatah-Hamas relations worsen.
Israel releases logs from Entebbe raid, a mission some deemed impossible
‘How does a mission start? They say it’s impossible,’ Defense Minister Shimon Peres complained at the time.
Has the world turned against Israel because of Gaza?
SPECIAL MULTIMEDIA PROJECT: Israel’s international credit is depleted, public opinion has turned hostile and prospects of boycott loom larger than ever.
Billions in aid promised to Gaza but never delivered
SPECIAL MULTIMEDIA PROJECT: Whatever happened to the billions of dollars in aid the international community was supposedly sending to Gaza?
WATCH: Police violently arrest Palestinian pretzel vendor for not having license
Four Israeli officers videoed aggressively apprehending Zaki Sabah, who has a history of legal troubles for selling food in Jerusalem's Old City without the required permits.
Senior Israeli officer shoots dead Palestinian stone-thrower in West Bank
17-year-old Palestinian shot by senior IDF brigade commander after shattering IDF SUV's windshield near the West Bank village of Al-Ram.
  Palestinian Center for Human Rights
Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (26 June- 01 July 2015)
Palestinian Center for Human Rights
  International Solidarity Movement
Mental disability on the rise under the Israeli siege
6/9/2015 - International Solidarity Movement - Miguel Hernandez, Gaza, Occupied Palestine - The number of mentally disabled people in the Gaza Strip has increased substantially in the last years. It so happens that 70% of the cases come from the communities located near the fence that separates Gaza from the...
Hamas demands release of its supporters in West Bank
07/04/2015 - Hamas, which governs Gaza, is seeking immediate release of over 100 of its supporters arrested by Palestinian Authority.
  Daily Star
Clinton: Hopeful US can reach 'verifiable deal' with Iran
4 Jul 2015 Hillary Rodham Clinton says she is hopeful the U.S. can reach a "strong verifiable deal" to curb Iran's nuclear weapons program by next week's deadline
  YNet News
Assistant Commissioner Ephraim Bracha commits suicide
5 Jul 2015 - ....
Police face off with Palestinian stone throwers on Temple Mount
5 Jul 2015 - ....
Greece goes to the ballot box on Euro recovery referendum
5 Jul 2015 - ....
Bnei Menashe visit Menashe's tomb
4 Jul 2015 - Some 2,700 years after their forefathers were exiled from Land of Israel, members of lost biblical tribe sing and dance near their forefather Joseph's grave and his son Menashe's tombstone in Nablus. ....
Gaza op devastation 1 year later
4 Jul 2015 - Ynet has returned to the sites of destruction and fear to document Israel's physical repair despite emotional scars that persist in the Israeli psyche. ....
‘What we’re going through is war’
4 Jul 2015 - ‘Every day there's terrorism on the roads and you can't know where it'll come from,' say settlers living in the Binyamin area of the West Bank, recently plagued with terror attacks. 'The government, the army, they all need to wake up. You can't abandon us like that.’ ....
Clinton: Iran will remain state sponser of terrorism after deal
4 Jul 2015 - ....
Firebombs believed to be cause of Jerusalem-area blazes
4 Jul 2015 - Arson by Palestinians suspected after over 100 hectares of woodlands go up in flames in less than a week. ....
Car bombs kill 11 in Baghdad at end of Ramadan fast
4 Jul 2015 - ....
IS releases mass execution video from Palmyra
4 Jul 2015 - The terror organization Islamic State releases video showing execution of about 25 Syrian captives in the ancient city of Palmyra. ....
Haredi women bring home the gelt
4 Jul 2015 - As their husbands spend most of their times at yeshivot, women become the primary breadwinners and many are now opening their own businesses.....
Possible breakthrough on implementing Iran sanction relief
4 Jul 2015 - Issue of sanction relief has been the center of contention between the powers and Iran; possible breakthrough would represent a major step in the direction of a final agreement. ....
Saying one thing and doing another
4 Jul 2015 - Op-ed: Statements from the French prime minister that France is fighting a ‘war of civilizations’ against global jihad don’t amount to much when the French government continues funding organizations who call for a boycott against Israel. ....
French anti-terrorist hotline challenges family ties
4 Jul 2015 - The French foreign ministry has set up a hotline which families can call to report a child having become a radicalized islamist; more than 2,200 youths have been reported thus far. ....
Gazans look to a hopeful future through resilient character
4 Jul 2015 - A year after Operation Protective Edge, there is a stark contrast in Gaza's scenery, where destroyed neighborhoods can be seen from the roof of a new boutique hotel. ....
Israel’s intelligence flaws in Sinai
3 Jul 2015 - Analysis: For Egypt, the Islamic State’s murderous attack against its troops in Sinai is a price it has taken into account. Israel, on the other hand, cannot afford to allow a threat to grow right under its nose while it is plagued with intelligence flaws in this area. And the danger doesn’t just lie across the border – it’s already here. ....
Obama vs. Netanyahu: The visionary and the survivor
3 Jul 2015 - Op-ed: Only leaders who make courageous decisions, which influence their nations' existence and nature, will be given an eternal life in textbooks. ....
Summer of French aliyah begins
3 Jul 2015 - Some 400 French Jews arrive at Ben-Gurion Airport this week; more than 3,000 expected to arrive throughout the summer. Additionally, 80 French Jews on tourist visas become Israeli citizens. ....
There will be no change until Muslims wake up
3 Jul 2015 - Op-ed: Surveys show an absolute majority of Muslims oppose Islamist State, but so far no one has succeeded in turning this opposition into real action. ....
Beyond Compromise: “Our future is in our hands”
Palestine Monitor 5 Jul 2015 - June 26, 2012- Earlier this month, a new website titled Beyond Compromise was launched amidst much fanfare in the Palestinian blogosphere...
Susiya fighting for survival
Palestine Monitor 5 Jul 2015 - June 25, 2012-Five hundred people marched in Susiya, South Hebron on Friday to protest the planned demolition of 45 structures in the village. The peaceful march was violently stopped by ....
16 killed in Gaza in a week of Israeli bombardment
Palestine Monitor 5 Jul 2015 - June 25, 2012-On Monday morning June 18 a group of unknown armed men crossed the Sinai desert from the Egyptain border and killed an Israeli civilian....
Jenin Diaries: Burried Jewels, But Where?
Palestine Monitor 5 Jul 2015 - June 26, 2012- Koufrdan is a small village located a few kilometers west of the Palestinian city of Jenin. Its wells provide the main source of water for Palestinian farmers in the area due to its large amount of groundwater. It is the only village in...
Israeli Authorities Breach Last Month’s Prisoner Agreement
Palestine Monitor 5 Jul 2015 - June 24, 2012- After undergoing 71 days without food, Palestinian prisoner Hasan Safadi is back on hunger strike protesting the renewal of his administrative detention, a breach of the....
For a Good Time, Call 1-800 SHINBET!
Tikun Olam 4 Jul 2015 - Arabic language web page served to Nicola Perugini while he surfed the web Nicola Perugini, a good friend (online) and co-author with Neve Gordon of numerous articles and a new book on the Israel-Palestine conflict, was sitting in a Ramallah cafe recently.  He was working on...
How does Israel’s media fight sexual harassment? With racism
+972 Magazine 4 Jul 2015 - An Israeli news site runs a piece about Palestinian men sexually assaulting Israeli women at the beach, begging the question: why is this particular story newsworthy when stories about Jewish men assaulting Jewish women rarely are? Palestinians from the West Bank enjoy the Mediterranean Sea on the...
Bulldozers poised outside Susiya, right in time for July 4th congressional break
Mondoweiss 4 Jul 2015 - Thursday evening military trucks, soundless but with lights flashing, delivered huge earthmoving bulldozers to an Israeli Army camp very close to Susiya, a small Palestinian village in the South Hebron Hills of the West Bank. The Villages Group, a unique group of Israelis and Palestinians (and friends of many...
Finish line in sight at Iran nuclear talks
Al-Monitor 4 Jul 2015 - Substantial progress has been made here in resolving key issues for a final Iran nuclear deal, but diplomats said some big and small issues still remain to be overcome to conclude the deal.
Surviving the ups and downs: Israel’s first Arab-Jewish school turns 30
+972 Magazine 4 Jul 2015 - For three decades the school at Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam has taught our children how to grow and become adults with a cohesive national and human identity, without fear of the other. Today, however, the future looks as uncertain as ever. By Samah Salaime (translated by Rivka Einy)...
Iran's nuclear deal: The toughest of all challenges
BBC 4 Jul 2015 - Is Iran ready to make a nuclear bargain?
Iran nuclear deal 'never closer'
BBC 3 Jul 2015 - Iran's foreign minister uses a YouTube posting to say a comprehensive agreement over its nuclear programme has never been closer.
When will Dad come back?
Occupation Magazine 3 Jul 2015 - Refaat Alareer--The last time my little niece Raneem saw her dad was when the Israeli shells were falling on the heads and houses of more than 10,000 Palestinians in Shujaiya, east of Gaza City, last summer. My brother Mohammed took the time to help guide many...
Netanyahu and Obama find a shared interest — screwing the Israeli people
Occupation Magazine 3 Jul 2015 - Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 - The story starts with two of the most common ingredients found in nearly all Middle Eastern dramas: fossil fuels and American economic interests. You see, about six years ago a surprising discovery was made off of Israel’s coast— the largest...
Senior Hamas official denies ties to ISIS in Sinai
Occupation Magazine 3 Jul 2015 - Jack Khoury - Haaretz - According to Abu Marzouk, who spoke on Al-Quds TV, the attack in Sinai "is detrimental to the security of Palestinians, especially those living in Gaza, since Sinai is the only exit for Gaza residents." He condemned "attempts to tie the Hamas...
Thousands attend funeral for Palestinian teen shot by Israeli forces
Occupation Magazine 3 Jul 2015 - Ma`an - An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma`an that Israeli forces were carrying out routine activity when a suspect approached the military vehicle and started throwing rocks, damaging the vehicle. After warning the teen, the forces opened fire when he reportedly approached them from close range,...
Gaza lion cubs in limbo
Occupation Magazine 3 Jul 2015 - Associated Press--Hotel takes in lions after unsuccessful attempt to transport cubs to Jordan sanctuary through Israel border crossing. dn
Orthodox Rabbi Accused of Rape Arrested Fleeing Israel, His Identity Under Police Gag Order (Except Here)
Tikun Olam 3 Jul 2015 - Rabbi Ezra Sheinberg, deposed after accusations of rape among married female followers Israeli Orthodox Rabbi Ezra Sheinberg, until recently head of a yeshiva and other institutions in the northern city of Kiryat Shmona, was arrested by Israeli police at Ben Gurion Airport as he attempted to...
Palestinian teen killed on way to pray in Jerusalem
Mondoweiss 3 Jul 2015 - Before sunrise 17-year old Mohammed Sami al-Kasbah went to morning prayers at a mosque one block from his house in Qalandia refugee camp in Jerusalem, which is separated from the rest of the city on the West Bank side of Israel’s security barrier. By afternoon he...
Netanyahu and Obama find a shared interest — screwing the Israeli people
+972 Magazine 3 Jul 2015 - Despite the years of endless clashes of both personality and policy, this dramatic political saga really won’t surprise you one bit. Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama in the Oval Office, March 2012 (White House photo) The rather lousy relationship between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and...
‘They burned Mohammed once, but we burn every day': One year since the murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir
Mondoweiss 3 Jul 2015 - 33-year-old Mohammad Abu Khdeir stood outside the Shuafat girls secondary school where the commemoration of the kidnapping and murder of his teenage cousin (who had the same name) was taking place. Down the street was one of several heavily armed Israeli Border Police units strategically placed...
Real-world impact: You and Mondoweiss can change minds
Mondoweiss 3 Jul 2015 - You probably already know how easy it is to share Mondoweiss content online, and we’ll continue to give pointers on how to maximize the impact when you do. We’ll also continue to ask you to invest in improved tools for the site by donating to build...
Roger Waters to Caetano Veloso: ‘I implore you not to proceed with your engagement in Tel Aviv’
Mondoweiss 3 Jul 2015 - Legendary Brazilian artists and political activists Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil are scheduled to perform to an already sold out crowd in Tel Aviv on July 28.  Brazilian and international BDS activists have implored the artists to cancel their performance. Roger Waters wrote Veloso with such a...
Call for action: Street campaign remembers Gaza’s ‘obliterated families’
+972 Magazine 3 Jul 2015 - There were 142 so-called ‘obliterated families’ in Gaza last summer — families that lost three or more members in Israeli attacks during the military offensive. Marking one year since the war, the Activestills photography collective wants your help to launch an international street exhibition to bring their...
IS fights for its window to the Mediterranean
Al-Monitor 3 Jul 2015 - As the Islamic State is gaining ground in Homs, which is close to the Lebanese border, the Lebanese army is preparing to counter any attempt to turn North Lebanon into an emirate affiliated with the terrorist organization.
Gaza's only mobile phone company forced to close
Al-Monitor 3 Jul 2015 - The Gaza attorney general's shutdown of Jawwal for alleged tax evasion could affect hundreds of jobs and has been met by criticism by those who see the company as a victim of a political divide.
Questions emerge over Hamas' ability to secure Gaza
Al-Monitor 3 Jul 2015 - The disappearance of Mahmoud Salfiti, a Salafist prisoner who had been granted a 24-hour leave to visit his family, raises questions about Hamas’ ability to control and secure the Gaza Strip.
Netanyahu coalition's days may be numbered
Al-Monitor 3 Jul 2015 - The natural gas fiasco, in which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had to withdraw his proposed outline from a Knesset vote, is yet another sign of the fragility of his coalition.
Israel Appoints Special Team to Plan Strike on Iran
The Arab World 360 2 Jul 2015 - By Ari Yashar, Arutz Sheva As world powers and Iran reach a deadline Tuesday – which may be extended – for talks on the Islamic regime’s nuclear program, Israel is taking steps to prepare for a military strike on Tehran’s nuclear facilities so as to defend...
Iran atomic bomb probe may be completed in 2015: IAEA
Middle East Eye 4 Jul 2015 - Language Undefined A UN watchdog has said that it could complete a report by the end of the year detailing whether Iran has sought to develop nuclear weapons
Iran, US inching towards nuclear deal
Middle East Eye 3 Jul 2015 - Language Undefined As Iran's foreign minister met US Secretary of State John Kerry Friday, Kerry praised 'the genuine effort' being made by all sides
IS in Egypt claims rocket attack on Israel
Middle East Eye 3 Jul 2015 - Language Undefined The IS-linked group said the rocket fire was in retaliation for alleged Israeli support for Egypt's armed forces
UNHRC votes to adopt resolution denouncing Israel for Gaza war
Middle East Eye 3 Jul 2015 - Language Undefined Israeli ministers slammed the UNHRC's decision to adopt a resolution denouncing Israel's conduct in the summer 2014 war in Gaza as 'absurd'
Palestinian security forces arrest over 100 in biggest campaign in years
Middle East Eye 3 Jul 2015 - Language Undefined Dozens of Hamas members and supporters were rounded up in an escalation of security coordination between the PA and Israel
Made in Washington: How the US manufactured Iran's nuclear threat
Middle East Eye 3 Jul 2015 - Despite engaging with Iran on the nuclear issue, Obama continues to push the contradictory narrative that Tehran poses a threat to regional stability
Did Jewish Groups Push Too Hard on N.Y. Education Tax Credit?
The Forward New 3 Jul 2015 - In a rare show of unity, the UJA-Federation joined with the Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox to back tuition tax credits in New York. The initiative failed. Are aggressive tactics to blame?
A Nice Jewish Guy Built A Booming Fireworks Business. Then the Tsarnaev Brothers Walked In.
The Forward New 2 Jul 2015 - Bruce Zoldan built a $100 million Jewish fireworks company from the trunk of his mother’s car. Business was booming † until the Tsarnaev brothers walked in as they plotted the Boston Marathon terror attack.
Egypt: Rocket Fired Into Israel, Military Checking If Source Is Sinai - Israeli Radio
allAfrica.com 4 Jul 2015 - [Aswat Masriya] Cairo -A rocket fired into Southern Israel did not cause any damages or injuries on Friday but Israeli military sources said there an investigation to see if the rocket was fired from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, Israeli state radio reported.
South Africa: Gaza Help Not Over
allAfrica.com 3 Jul 2015 - [News24Wire] University of KwaZulu-Natal academic, theologian and activist Clint le Bruyns says the mission to Gaza is not over and the delays have only made him more determined and stronger.
Mauritius: Prime Minister Reiterates Support to the Palestinian Cause
allAfrica.com 2 Jul 2015 - [Government of Mauritius] The outgoing non-resident Ambassador of the State of Palestine, Dr Nasri Abujaish, paid a courtesy call yesterday on the Prime Minister, Sir Anerood Jugnauth, at the Treasury Building in Port Louis, to bid him farewell after having served for three years in Mauritius.
First half car deliveries hit new peak
Globes Main News 2 Jul 2015 - 144,000 new vehicles were delivered in Israel in the first half of 2015, with Hyundai and Kia dominating sales.
Golan Telecom again leads subscriber recruitment
Globes Main News 2 Jul 2015 - Golan led Hot Mobile in June thanks to Hot's high churn rate, while Partner continues to lag.
9/09/2011 AIPAC Junkets to Israel Illegal: IRS-DOJ Complaint Filing
IRMEP 5 Jul 2015 - A complaint filed with the IRS and Justice Department charges the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF) is a "sham" charitable organization of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.
5/16/2011 Obama vs. Reagan on AIPAC Documents reveal Ronald Reagan's response to Israel lobby invitation
IRMEP 5 Jul 2015 - President Obama accepts an invitation to speak at AIPAC, Reagan declined. Why?
4/18/2011 US Treasury Dept.: Tax-exempt US donation laundering into West Bank settlements "okay"
IRMEP 5 Jul 2015 - The US Department of Treasury has no program to combat massive flows of US tax-exempt charitable contributions into illegal settlement building. Despite ongoing public revelations of wrongdoing, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has never investigated or even discussed US charitable organizations with proven ties...
4/06/2011 US-Israel Trade: Espionage, Theft and Secrets - IRmep at University of Rochester
IRMEP 5 Jul 2015 - On April 6, Grant F. Smith presented a comprehensive review of the US-Israel Free Trade Agreement to the Finance and Economics Council at the University of Rochester. Using a slide show of declassified documents and charts, Smith revealed how secret agreements and a joint Israeli embassy/AIPAC...
3/28/2011 Neoconomics: Conscription and War as Wealth
IRMEP 5 Jul 2015 - Start-up Nation airbrushes one vital and enduring truth — when Israel faces sovereign barriers to foreign trade routes, weapons, or technology; it tends to break other country’s laws and steal what it thinks it needs.
3/07/2011 Israel lobbyist funds US Presidents, Israeli Nukes, AIPAC disinformation
IRMEP 5 Jul 2015 - According to new histories of Israel's clandestine nuclear weapons program including "Israel and the Bomb" by Avner Cohen (1998), Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion secretly named Feinberg his chief nuclear weapons fundraising coordinator in 1958. According to Michael Karpin's "The Bomb in the Basement" (2007) Feinberg...
  Ma'an News
Israeli forces close main checkpoint in Nablus
7/4/2015 - NABLUS (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces closed the Huwwara military checkpoint in both directions and set up flying checkpoints south of Nablus in the occupied West Bank on Saturday, Palestinian security sources said. A major entrance and exit into Nablus, Israeli forces...
Palestinian FM praises UNHRC vote: 'We have a duty to end impunity'
7/4/2015 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs on Saturday welcomed "strong" international support for a resolution passed by the United Nations Human Rights Council to hold accountable those who violated international law during last summer's bloody Gaza...
Egypt destroys 1.5 km smuggling tunnel near Rafah
7/4/2015 - CAIRO (Ma'an) -- Egyptian forces on Saturday discovered and destroyed a 1. 5 kilometer smuggling tunnel beneath the Gazan border, the Egyptian army said. Egyptian security sources told Ma'an that the tunnel was found by Egyptian border guards in...
PA defends arrest raids after outcry from Palestinian factions
7/4/2015 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The Palestinian Authority on Saturday defended its arrest of dozens of Hamas members across the occupied West Bank, claiming they had been carried out for "security reasons." Adnan Dmeiri, spokesman for the PA security services, accused Hamas of...
Iran talks in endgame, inching close to nuclear deal
7/4/2015 - VIENNA (AFP) -- After months of intense negotiations, global powers and Iran launched into a key weekend of talks Saturday amid signs they may be within sight of a historic nuclear deal to end a 13-year standoff. While all sides remained cautious...
Several hurt as thousands celebrate Tawjihi results
7/4/2015 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) - Several Palestinians sustained wounds and burns on Friday night as thousands across the occupied territories celebrated Tawjihi results -- their final high school exam results -- which were published by the Ministry of Education earlier that day, police said. A...
Egypt's Sisi rallies troops in Sinai after militant attacks
7/4/2015 - CAIRO (AFP) -- Egypt's president made an unannounced visit to the Sinai Peninsula Saturday to rally troops following a wave of deadly attacks on security forces by militant groups, his office said."President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is inspecting troops and police...
Three children, woman killed in Egypt's Sinai
7/4/2015 - CAIRO (AFP) -- Three children and a woman were killed Saturday in a blast and when a shell struck a house in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula where troops are battling anti-government militants, officials said. Two children and a woman were killed when...
  The Guardian
Two rockets fired by jihadists from Sinai hit Israel
3 Jul 2015 - There were no casualties from Friday’s attack, according to an Israeli military spokesman Two rockets, fired from Egypt’s violence-plagued Sinai peninsula, exploded inside Israeli...
  Ha'aretz National News
Senior Israel Police commander, involved in corruption scandal, commits suicide
Ha'aretz - 5 Jul 2015
Israeli gov't to issue bid for national earthquake warning center
Ha'aretz - 4 Jul 2015
Palestinians say J'lem council trying to turn Mt. Scopus into park
Ha'aretz - 4 Jul 2015
Thousands across Israel protest natural gas framework deal
Ha'aretz - 4 Jul 2015
Lieberman: Netanyahu's government won't last through 2015
Ha'aretz - 4 Jul 2015
Court moves to solve E. Jerusalem water crisis to prevent 'humanitarian disaster'
Ha'aretz - 4 Jul 2015
Ex-Supreme Court chief to head panel to choose next attorney general
Ha'aretz - 3 Jul 2015
  Palestinian Information Center
Abu Marzouk: Hamas firm on its swap deal pre-condition
4 Jul 2015 - Member of Hamas's political bureau Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk stressed that Hamas will never compromise its condition before embarking on any future prisoners' swap dealز
Qassam Brigades: We have nothing to do with Sinai attacks
4 Jul 2015 - The Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas Movement, strongly denied the Israeli claims over its involvement in the terrorist attacks in Sinai Peninsula.
Abu Marzouk, Palestinian leaders discuss Lebanese refugee camps situation
4 Jul 2015 - Member of Hamas's political bureau Mousa Abu Marzouk has held many meetings with leaders of Palestinian factions for three consecutive days to discuss the Palestinian affairs.
Ramadan Sweets in Palestine
4 Jul 2015 -
A new light train railway to connect settlements with J'lem
4 Jul 2015 - The Hebrew weekly newspaper Kol Ha'ir said on Saturday that the so-called Israeli Local Committee approved last week the "Green Railway" blueprint of the light train.
PA arrests anti-Occupation activists to please Israel
4 Jul 2015 - Palestinian Authority (PA) security agencies embarked this week on a fresh campaign of repression against activists suspected of affiliation with the Palestinian Islamic liberation group Hamas.
Abu Khdeir, a light that never goes out (report)
4 Jul 2015 - It has been a year since the Jerusalemite child Muhammad Abu Khdeir was savagely burned to death by three Jewish terrorist settlers.
UNHRC endorses Israel's summer aggression report
4 Jul 2015 - The UN Human Rights Council endorsed on Friday a report made by a UN inquiry commission on Israel's 2014 summer aggression on Gaza.
Egypt denies rocket fired towards Israel
4 Jul 2015 - Egyptian military spokesman, Brig-Gen Mohammed Samir, denied Friday Israeli claims saying that a rocket was fired from Sinai into Eshkol in southern Israel.
IPS steps up attacks against Palestinian prisoners
4 Jul 2015 - The Israeli Prison Service (IPS) has notably stepped up night raids and attacks against Palestinian prisoners since the beginning of the year, Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies said.
Injuries reported as IOF suppresses anti-settlement march
4 Jul 2015 - Dozens of injuries were reported Friday as Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) brutally suppressed the weekly anti-settlement march in a West Bank village.
Israeli human rights violations escalated over the week
3 Jul 2015 - The Palestinian Human Rights Center (PHRC) stated in its weekly report issued on Friday that Israeli forces continued over the past week systematic crimes in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).
Thousands mourn Palestinian teen killed at Qalandia checkpoint
3 Jul 2015 - Thousands of mourners attended the funeral of Muhammad al-Kasbah, 17, who was cold-bloodedly killed by Israeli fire Friday morning near Qalandia refugee camp to the north of occupied Jerusalem.
Israeli draft resolution to displace Palestinians forever
3 Jul 2015 - Deputy of Israeli War Minister Eli Ben Dahan has submitted a draft resolution to forever displace the families of Palestinians who were involved in attacks against Israeli targets.
200 thousand worshipers perform Friday prayers at al-Aqsa
3 Jul 2015 - Israeli Occupation Authorities (IOA) have imposed new restrictions on Palestinian worshipers arriving from the occupied West Bank to perform Friday prayers in al-Aqsa mosque.
Hamas slams PA arrest campaign against its cadres in W. Bank
3 Jul 2015 - The Hamas Movement has condemned the Palestinian Authority (PA) for its frenzied arrest campaign against its cadres in the West Bank.
Tension flares up in O.J’lem after Israel kills 17-year-old Kasaba
3 Jul 2015 - Tension rose in Occupied Jerusalem and the area surrounding the checkpoint to Qalandia refugee camp after the news of al-Kasaba’s murder, shot dead by the Israeli army, became public.
PA arrests 108 Hamas backers in West Bank
3 Jul 2015 - Palestinian Authority (PA) forces overnight Thursday and at dawn Friday arrested 108 Hamas members in the West Bank, in one of the biggest raids of its kind in months.
Palestinian teenager killed in cold blood at Qalandiya checkpoint
3 Jul 2015 - Israeli soldiers at dawn Friday cold-bloodedly killed 17-year-old Mohamed al-Kasbah at Qalandiya checkpoint where scores of Palestinians were pouring in to cross into occupied Jerusalem to attend prayers at the Aqsa Mosque.
Israel stepped up infringement of Palestinians’ rights in OJ
3 Jul 2015 - The Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) have stepped up violations of Palestinians’ rights and attacks on Muslims’ holy sites in Occupied Jerusalem city.
Can the UN's agency for Palestinians be fixed?
JERUSALEM/BEIRUT 03 July 2015 (IRIN) - Facing what its commissioner-general Pierre Krähenbühl called its “most serious financial crisis ever,” this week the UN agency for Palestinian refugees announced let go some half of its international personnel. What, if anything, can be done to fix the frequently broke agency?
  New York Times
U.N. Nuclear Chief Is Optimistic About Iranian Cooperation on Review
4 Jul 2015 - Completing an assessment on Iran’s suspected past nuclear work by December might help speed up lifting of sanctions, and remove a major hurdle in the talks.
Syria Forces and Hezbollah Attack Insurgents Near Lebanon
4 Jul 2015 - Government forces and their allies in the Lebanese Shiite group began an offensive in Zabadani, a mountain town.
ISIS Destroys More Artifacts in Syria and Iraq
3 Jul 2015 - Islamic State militants said they had smashed statues from the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria, and antiquities experts said a 13th-century tomb in Iraq was wrecked.
Aleppo Fighting Flares as Syria Insurgents Attack
3 Jul 2015 - In the worst fighting in the divided Syrian city in months, insurgents unleashed rockets and shells, and civilians came under fire from both sides.
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Teenager in West Bank
3 Jul 2015 - The Israeli military said the youth and others were throwing stones and rocks, but the Palestinian news media said he was shot trying to scale a wall near a crossing point.
Signs of a Compromise Over Inspections in Iran Nuclear Talks
2 Jul 2015 - An Iranian official signaled a willingness to accept Western demands for inspections of any nuclear-related facility, despite a previous rejection of such actions by the supreme leader.
Yemen Expects a Pause in Fighting for Aid Deliveries
2 Jul 2015 - If a pause is agreed to, it will be a victory in efforts to push Saudi Arabia to let up the airstrikes long enough for food and fuel to be delivered.
World Briefing | Middle East: Syria: Strike Kills an ISIS Leader
2 Jul 2015 - The United States military said Thursday that a coalition airstrike in Syria had killed a senior Islamic State leader who helped raise money, secure arms and transport fighters for the militant group.
Egypt, Stunned by Sinai Assault, Vows to Erase ‘Terrorist Dens’
2 Jul 2015 - A security official said 23 militants were killed in the northern Sinai Peninsula as the government sought to reassert control there.
8 Are Arrested in Connection With Tunisia Attack
2 Jul 2015 - The minister responsible for coordinating the response to the assault said 12 people had been interrogated by the police, and eight of them had been held, pending charges.
  Jerusalem Post
Top Israel police investigator Bracha commits suicide
5 Jul 2015 - National Fraud Squad head who was previously alleged of involvement in Rabbi Pinto bribery case is found after having shot himself in his car in Modi'in.
Analysis: Israel’s lesson to Greece
5 Jul 2015 - Middle Israel: By coincidence, the Greek default fell on the anniversary of the 1985 economic plan that saved Israel from a similar fate; what did Shimon Peres do right that the Greeks did wrong?
Security forces arrest 6 Palestinians overnight in West Bank
5 Jul 2015 -
Uruguay: Israeli embassy worker suspected in planting fake bomb
4 Jul 2015 -
Macabbi TA, Jerusalem rivalry continues to heat up off the court
4 Jul 2015 - Hours after agreeing personal terms with Dagan Yivzori, Jerusalem was stunned to discover that the Israeli sharp-shooter had signed a contract with Maccabi on Thursday.
Analysis: Looking at the cup half-full in UN human rights council vote
4 Jul 2015 - Israel was faced with a choice: either a watered-down resolution without any real operative significance that the EU countries would support, or a much tougher resolution.
Timber Timbre ready to carve a niche for themselves in TA
4 Jul 2015 - The Canadian indie rock band led by Taylor Kirk brings its cinematic soundscapes to Israel for the first time.
Thousands take to Tel Aviv streets to protest gas deal
4 Jul 2015 - Four other protests took place simultaneously throughout the country, including outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's residence in Jerusalem, as well as the premier's home in Caesarea.
Liberman: Lack of deterrence in Gaza made world ignore us
4 Jul 2015 - The government's weak policies towards Gaza led the world to ignore Israel in Iran talks, Yisrael Beytenu chairman Avigdor Liberman said Saturday.
Clinton: Tehran will remain a principal state sponsor of terrorism despite agreement
4 Jul 2015 - Iran's "aggressiveness will not end" the former US secretary of state added in a speech at a campaign event.
Hillary Clinton: Iran's 'aggressiveness will not end'
4 Jul 2015 -
Analysis: Rouhani’s anti-gay policies mirror his predecessor
4 Jul 2015 - According to the US State Department’s new Human Rights report, “LGBT persons [in Iran] practiced self-imposed exile to express their beliefs freely or escape government harassment.”
Video: Islamic State conducts mass execution in Palmyra
4 Jul 2015 - Video uploaded to social media purports to show Islamic States militants leading a group of what is said to be Assad soldiers.
Mahmoud Abbas appoints Saeb Erekat to secretary-general of PLO
4 Jul 2015 - The move can be seen as an indication of Abbas’s full confidence in Erekat and that he even considers him fit to serve as the next PA president.
Jerusalem Post wishes a Happy Fourth of July to our readers in America and across the globe
4 Jul 2015 - Millions of Americans readied on Saturday for Independence Day parades and firework shows
Breakthroughs appear in Vienna on Iran nuclear talks
4 Jul 2015 - Three major sticking points obstructing world powers and Iran from making an historic nuclear deal appear to have been resolved.
Forest fire rages near Jerusalem, police investigating arson
4 Jul 2015 - Police say there have been three fires in the area in the past week; four planes part of effort to get blaze under control.
Assad forces, Hezbollah launch major assault on Lebanon border city
4 Jul 2015 - The former popular resort city of Zabadani is one of the rebels' last strongholds along the border.
IAEA: Report on past Iran nuclear work could be ready by year end
4 Jul 2015 -
'ISIS, Gaza militants, Iran nuclear negotiators, do not give Israel a second thought'
4 Jul 2015 - A day after ISIS Sinai-affiliate claims responsibility for rocket launch on Negev, former FM says Israeli deterrence has been damaged since Operation Protective Edge.
Netanyahu's coalition conundrums and the pitfalls that lie ahead
4 Jul 2015 - Netanyahu began to feel the weight of having only a 61-seat coalition when he was forced to give in on a procedural motion on the natural gas deal.
READ: Full text of UNHRC Gaza resolution
3 Jul 2015 - Text of UNHRC resolution backs last week’s report by the fact-finding mission of the Gaza Conflict Commission of Inquiry.
Clinton to Jewish donors: "I will be a better president to Israel than Obama"
3 Jul 2015 - Over 20 prominent Jewish donors were present at Clinton's Manhattan meeting last weekend.
ISIS affiliate in Egypt claims rocket fire toward Israel
3 Jul 2015 - Sinai Province group makes statement on social media claiming projectiles that exploded in open Israeli territory earlier Friday.
US only country to stand with Israel as UNHRC approves Gaza resolution
3 Jul 2015 - American ambassador to UN says US disappointed “that this council does not acknowledge the violent attacks [by Palestinian armed groups] against Israel.”
Netanyahu blasts UNHRC for ratifying Gaza war report as projectile from Sinai hits Israel
3 Jul 2015 - PM says United Nations body "is not really interested in facts and human rights."
UN Human Rights Council adopts resolution on 2014 Gaza war
3 Jul 2015 - United Nations body calls on Israel, Palestinians to prosecute Gaza war crimes.
Four Palestinians killed in West Bank crash
3 Jul 2015 - Six others hurt after truck and two private vehicles collide on Route 60.
Projectiles launched from Sinai hit southern Israel
3 Jul 2015 - No injuries or damage reported; 'code red' alert sirens sound in Eshkol region.
Senior Western diplomat: No plan to continue Iran nuclear talks long past July 7
3 Jul 2015 - Iran nuclear talks approach endgame, negotiators push on sticking points.
In major crackdown, Palestinian forces arrest dozens of Hamas men in W. Bank
3 Jul 2015 - PA says accused "threaten Palestinian internal security and stability and are trying to drag region into military confrontation and destroy area."

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