"Israel will never get true security and safety through oppressing another people. A true peace can ultimately be built only on justice."
   Bishop Desmond Tutu, Apartheid in the Holy Land
Send Vermont to the Gaza Freedom March
Events: July 14: VTJP Meeting
  International Middle East Media Center
62 Palestinians Killed by Israeli Missile in Rafah; Ceasefire is Dead
At least 62 Palestinians Killed, 400 Injured In Rafah The latest report from the massive bomb that hit Rafah, on Friday morning, is that over 62 people have been killed and 200 injured in the Israeli bombardment of a crowded marketplace, shattering the ceasefire less than 4 hours after it began. ...
Israeli Airstrikes Hit Northern, Southern and Central Gaza Friday Afternoon; 14 killed
Air strikes in different parts of Gaza killed 14 Palestinians, including 3 medics whose ambulance was directly targeted, a 4-year old and an 8-month old baby. This follows an earlier missile that http://imemc.org/article/68709, killing 62. Meanwhile, a hospital in Rafah has been evacuated under threat of Israeli airstrikes. ...
Two Killed and More than 100 People Injured in West Bank Clashes
Two Palestinian youth were killed on Friday when Israeli soldiers used live rounds and tear gas to attack protests in solidarity with Gaza organized all over the West Bank and East Jerusalem. ...
Israeli Military Announce They Will Bomb al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza
International solidarity activists who have been helping in Shifa Hospital, Gaza's largest, have announced that the hospital has received a phone call telling them a building of the hospital will be bombed. ...
US Senate Approves More Aid to Israel Despite Deficit Concerns
In a turn-around from Thursday, US Senators Friday morning decided to move ahead with approval of an additional $225 million for Israel, even while calling for drastic cuts to social services and other domestic spending. ...
Hamas: “Israel Violated Ceasefire, Fighters Retaliated”
The Media Office of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, issued a press release accusing Israel of repeatedly violating the 72-hour ceasefire, shortly after it started, an issue which pushed armed resistance groups to retaliate, and clash with invading soldiers. ...
Despite Temporary Ceasefire, Israeli Attacks Continue
Local sources in Gaza have reported that Israeli soldiers opened fire at Palestinians, trying to reach their homes in Rafah, Gaza City, and several areas in the Gaza Strip. Medics and rescue teams located remains of several Palestinians in different parts of the Gaza Strip. ...
9 Palestinian Journalists Killed Since July 7
Muhammad Daher, a Palestinian journalist for al-Resalah newspaper, was recently injured when Israeli forces shelled his home in Shuja'eyya, to the east of Gaza City. He succumbed to his wounds on Thursday. ...
14 Palestinians Kidnapped from West Bank, 2 Injured by Live Fire
Israeli forces, yesterday, kidnapped at least 14 Palestinians and shot one with live ammunition during predawn raids on West Bank districts of Hebron and Jenin, according to reports by local and security sources. Later in the evening, forces shot and injured another at a military checkpoint, to the east of Nablus. ...
Names of Palestinians & Israelis Killed in the War on Gaza since 8 July
This list is constantly updated due to the ongoing Israeli assault on Gaza since July 8th. The following 1282 names have been confirmed - the actual death toll stands at approximately 1458. ...
  Ha'aretz Diplomacy & Defense
Goldin in captivity: Third act of Gaza op begins
Four weeks into the Israeli offensive in Gaza: Iron Dome still intercepting rockets, the ground invasion continues; but efforts to bring the captive IDF officer home will prove to be the hardest act yet.
LIVE UPDATES: Obama says Israeli soldier must be freed 'unconditionally'
Israel releases names to two soldiers killed Friday morning; heavy fighting in southern Gaza; mortars fire continues; Livni: Hamas will pay a heavy price.
Obama calls for immediate release of captured Israeli soldier in Gaza
U.S. president reiterates Israel's right to defend itself, but says: 'There is a way of dealing with the tunnels while reducing the bloodshed.'
Captured Israeli officer Hadar Goldin placed utmost value on army service
The 23-year-old commander became engaged just a few months ago; he has a twin brother - also a combat soldier serving in Gaza.
U.S. in race to divert Israel from all-out war on Hamas
The administration’s public outrage at suspected capture of Hadar Goldin gives Israel new leeway but is also meant to avert a go-it-alone mentality.
Capturing of soldier should not shape the face of the war
Despite the pain and sadness following Friday morning's attack - as well the expected public pressure - the cabinet must remain calm and make rational decisions.
Mortar fire kills 5 soldiers in staging area near Strip
Rocket fire wounds Israeli civilian in Kiryat Gat; three soldiers wounded in Gaza Strip by sniper fire.
Hamas claims its prize and deepens its isolation
By snatching an Israeli officer, the Islamist group has alienated powerful players on the Mideast stage and blown the cease-fire to smithereens.
Behind the scenes of the short-lived Gaza cease-fire
Kerry’s stubbornness, Israel’s conditions, Qatari pressure and Hamas’ giving in.
Arab nurse suspended from Sheba for Facebook post to be reinstated
Nurse who called the IDF 'war criminals' on his Facebook page will apologize.
Behind Hamas’ guns, a serious problem of dough
The organization’s financial problems have left the Gaza economy in ruins. A desperate war with Israel might be the only way to solve them.
Analysis / A well-mown lawn
The IDF has done its job; soon it will be time to prepare for the next war.
Givati Brigade commander: 'Studying Torah is best protection’
Makes statement to ultra-Orthodox paper; at start of operation, ordered troops to 'wipe out an enemy ... who curses and defames God’
Once flourishing, Gaza border communities now virtual ghost towns
The tipping point for many residents who have chosen to flee was the discovery of Hamas-built tunnels virtually under their homes.
As bulldozers destroy Hamas' underground network, IDF sees light at end of tunnel
Resisting calls to widen the offensive, PM prefers to withdraw from Gaza as soon as the tunnel threat has been removed - something that could be accomplished by early next week.
Israel should take advantage of anti-Hamas regional alliances
Israel is in the same trench with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.
Israel, Hamas agree to 72-hour Gaza humanitarian truce, U.S. says
Truce to start 8 A.M. Friday; Palestinian, Israeli delegations to head to Cairo immediately, joint U.S., UN statement says.
LIVE UPDATES: Operation Protective Edge, day 24
U.S. State Department says sides agree to 72-hour humanitarian truce; White House says 'little doubt' UNRWA school in Gaza was hit by IDF fire; Netanyahu says tunnels will be destroyed, either way; ministers order military to press on with Gaza op.
Senior officer: Hamas still able to carry out tunnel attacks against Israel
By Friday, IDF says, 90 percent of known Gaza infiltration tunnels will be destroyed.
White House: Little doubt UN school in Gaza was hit by Israeli artillery
Shelling of facility is 'totally unacceptable and totally indefensible,' says spokesman Josh Earnest.
Sending our sons into battle: the failure of another Israeli generation
We can blame the Palestinians, the Arabs and the international community all we like, but it was our responsibility to make sure our children wouldn’t have to go off and kill or be killed.
Gaza hospitals struggle to cope with wounded
With wards filled beyond capacity and a never-ending stream of injured people, Palestinian Health Ministry in the Strip warns of danger of uncontrolled infections, post-surgical complications.
Donations to IDF troops overflowing - but units forbidden from making requests
One infantry unit has asked for contributions on its Facebook page. In any case, there’s plenty of donated candy and other stuff to go around.
Minister Sa'ar confronts Netanyahu: Toppling Hamas should have been objective of Gaza op
Interior minister criticizes prime minister’s management of IDF offensive, suggests he should read the report on failures of the Second Lebanon War.
  Palestinian Center for Human Rights
On the 23rd Day of the Israeli Offensive: Indiscriminate Artillery Shelling; Complete Families Annihilated; UNRWA Shelte...
Palestinian Center for Human Rights
  International Solidarity Movement
Action Alert: Children trapped at the Rafah crossing
8/1/2014 - International Solidarity Movement - Gaza, Occupied Palestine - This morning a group of over 70 people, mostly women and children carrying foreign passports, planned to take advantage of the ceasefire to leave Gaza and enter Egypt. Israel began bombing Rafah and the Egyptian personnel closed the Egyptian...
Gaza Ministry of Health: 'Al Najar Hospital in Rafah evacuated as Israeli genocidal rampage continues'
8/1/2014 - International Solidarity Movement - Gaza Ministry of Health, Gaza, Occupied Palestine - The Ministry of Health Gaza announces the closure of Al Najar Hospital in Rafah, due to Israeli shelling in the vicinity compromising its ability to guarantee the safety of patients and staff. The hospital has...
Israeli military announce they will bomb al-Shifa hospital in Gaza
8/1/2014 - International Solidarity Movement - Gaza, Occupied Palestine - Al-Shifa hospital hasreceiveda phone call telling them a building of the hospital will be bombed. At 16:30, the hospital received a call from an unlisted number, stating a building needed to be evacuated immediately. The building is being...
  Palestine News Network
[Uruknet 108638 01-aug-2014 23:47 ECT] "Long slide into the abyss": Cheney s old pal Ahmed Chalabi is back
1 Aug 2014 - July 21, 2014 - One of the iconic images of the early days of the Iraq invasion was the picture of the neocon George Washington, former banker and conman Ahmed Chalabi going back to his homeland as part of a...
[Uruknet 108637 01-aug-2014 19:31 ECT] Israeli academic: raping Palestinian women would deter attacks
1 Aug 2014 - July 21, 2014 - Dr. Mordechai Kedar, an Israeli scholar of Arabic literature and lecturer at Bar-Ilan University, declared Monday that raping the wives and mothers of Palestinian combatants would deter attacks."The only thing that could deter a suicide bomber...
[Uruknet 108636 01-aug-2014 15:38 ECT] Netanyahu s Telegenically Dead Comment Is Grotesque but Not Original
1 Aug 2014 - July 21, 2014 - Benjamin Netanyahu, yesterday, on CNN, addressing worldwide sympathy for the civilian victims of Israeli violence in Gaza: They want to pile up as many civilian dead as they can. They use telegenically dead Palestinians for their...
[Uruknet 108635 01-aug-2014 01:28 ECT] More than 20 members of one family killed in Gaza strike
31 Jul 2014 - July 21, 2014 - ....In Deir al-Balah in central Gaza, al-Aqsa hospital became the third to be struck in the 14-day conflict when three shells slammed into the intensive care unit, surgical and administrative areas. Five people were killed and...
[Uruknet 108634 01-aug-2014 00:49 ECT] Complicity in Ethnic Cleansing
31 Jul 2014 - July 21, 2014 -Israel s current attack on a basically defenseless population in Gaza is a repeat of its massacres of Palestinians in November 2012, December 2008-January 2009 and June-July 2006. This time Israeli forces have already slaughtered over 500...
[Uruknet 108633 01-aug-2014 00:36 ECT] Hezbollah has taken my son from me
31 Jul 2014 - July 21, 2014 - "I m happy," said Mohamad Dekkou, as he wiped his tears, "my son is a martyr; he died an honorable death defending his town - when no one else did."It was NOW s fourth encounter with...
[Uruknet 108632 31-jul-2014 23:17 ECT] Four Little Boys and the Price of Play in Gaza
31 Jul 2014 - July 21, 2014 - When the Palestinian national soccer team secured entry into the 2015 Asia Cup, winning the right to play in an international tournament for the first time in its eighty-six-year history, crowds gathered by the hundreds to...
[Uruknet 108631 31-jul-2014 22:22 ECT] Former Iraqi vice-president: Maliki is bombing Baghdad
31 Jul 2014 - July 21, 2014 -According to exiled former vice-president Tariq Hashemi, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki plans to carry out car bombings in Baghdad as punishment for the lack of support for his third term.Following the explosion of a car on...
[Uruknet 108630 31-jul-2014 22:16 ECT] Summary of events of the Iraqi popular revolution - Bulletin no. 253 - Sunday 20th July, 2014
31 Jul 2014 - July 22, 2014 Baghdad: Maliki s army and Asa ib militia attacked Albu Khalifah and Halabsah in Taji ,north of Baghdad, from three sides - the first one is from Salah-il-deen to Balad through Haswah firms, second one is through...
[Uruknet 108629 31-jul-2014 19:13 ECT] Israel-Gaza conflict: The myth of Hamas s human shields
31 Jul 2014 - July 21, 2014 - What used to be a three-storey house had been turned into debris sunk into a deep crater with twisted steel rods jutting out. Twenty-six people were killed in the mostly deadly air-strike so far in this...
[Uruknet 108628 31-jul-2014 17:57 ECT] Editorial Position of the New York Times: Thumbs Up for Gaza Slaughter
31 Jul 2014 - July 21, 2014 -Under the headline "Israel s War in Gaza," the most powerful newspaper in the United States editorialized that such carnage is necessary. The lead editorial in the July 19 edition flashed a bright green light - reassuring...
[Uruknet 108627 31-jul-2014 01:29 ECT] Edward Snowden Is the Most Dangerous Man in America. Good.
30 Jul 2014 - July 21, 2014 - Oh yes, yes, Edward Snowden is clearly the most dangerous man in America. Speaking via video link (he uses Skype!) from Russia to the HopeX hackers conference in New York City July 19, Edward Snowden issued...
Gaza truce fails as Israeli 'seized'
BBC 1 Aug 2014 - Israeli forces search for a soldier believed captured and 53 Gazans are killed in fighting that ended a short-lived humanitarian truce in Gaza.
‘Dear American Jewish community, It’s time to talk about Zionism’
Mondoweiss 1 Aug 2014 - A Ft. Lauderdale, FL demonstration against Gaza war. Elena Stein holds sign Dear American Jewish Community, Its time for us to talk. I know for many of you that you still don’t want to talk – many of you have spent the last few weeks effectively...
JVP is Hiring!
Jewish Voice for Peace 1 Aug 2014 - Jewish Voice for Peace is currently hiring for four positions. Administrative Associate (half-time, Brooklyn, NY) Development Assistant (full-time, Brooklyn, NY or Oakland, CA) Online Organizer (full-time, Brooklyn, NY or Oakland, CA) Graphic Designer (full-time, location TBD) To read more about these positions and to apply, please...
Crisis in Rafah: Palestinian civilians trapped trying to escape Israeli onslaught
Mondoweiss 1 Aug 2014 - Smoke billows from buildings following an Israeli military strike east of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, on August 1, 2014. (Photo: SAID KHATIB/AFP/Getty Images) At 6:30 am, 90 minutes before a 72-hour ceasefire was slated to go into effect, Israeli authorities alleged that Palestinian militants...
Cease-fire breaks down: Israeli shelling kills 50 after reported capture of soldier
Mondoweiss 1 Aug 2014 - The Israeli army firing shells at Gaza. (Photo: Jack Guez/AFP/Getty Images) The cease-fire that was supposed to go into effect this morning in Gaza has completely broken down. There are conflicting reports as to who was the first who broke it: Israel or Palestinian militants, who...
Reprint of Yochanan Gordon’s “When Genocide is Permissible” (Updated)
Mondoweiss 1 Aug 2014 - Earlier today the Times of Israel published the article “When Genocide is Permissible” by Yochanan Gordon. They have since taken it down but we are republishing it here as representative of part of the discourse in the American Jewish community. According to Gordon’s bio at the Times of...
US suspended aid to Egypt after it slaughtered civilians — why not Israel?
Mondoweiss 1 Aug 2014 - You surely know that the White House in its wisdom has condemned the Israeli shelling of the U.N. school in Gaza that killed 15 or 20 civilians or more (accounts vary). Obama’s press secretary  Josh Earnest said yesterday  that Israel wasn’t living up to its high...
Gaza War, Day 24: 61 IDF Soldiers Killed, 1,458 Palestinians Killed, Bibi Lied About West Bank Kidnapping
Tikun Olam 1 Aug 2014 - Today, brings a small respite from mass murder.  Both Israel and Hamas have agreed to a 72-hour truce brokered by the UN and U.S. and announced simultaneously by them.  Apparaently, the daily massacres of children at UN schools over the past few days have taken a toll....
Syria 'torture' photos shown in US
BBC 31 Jul 2014 - US lawmakers shown photos of Syria 'torture'
Filipinos urged to leave Libya
BBC 31 Jul 2014 - A top diplomat from the Philippines is to oversee the evacuation of 13,000 citizens from Libya after a Filipino worker was beheaded and a nurse raped.
VIDEO: Gaza-Israel: Views from both sides
BBC 31 Jul 2014 - Israel is committing genocide against the people of Gaza, the Palestinian representative to the UN has said. The Israeli ambassador to the UN defended the country's actions.
Israeli Iron Dome firms 'hacked'
BBC 31 Jul 2014 - The BBC has seen evidence that appears to confirm hackers stole secret military documents from two Israeli government-owned companies.
Sample Script
Jewish Voice for Peace 31 Jul 2014 - JVP 8/1 Capitol Hill Briefing Phone Banking Script Steps for calling Congressional offices : 1. Call the office, introduce yourself and ask to speak with the Foreign Policy Aide or Legislative Director. 2. If the staff member is available, give him/her the details about the event and...
U.S. Anti-Iran Lobby Group Accused of Mossad Ties
Tikun Olam 31 Jul 2014 - The NY Times reports a blockbuster story about the anti-Iran lobby group, United Against a Nuclear Iran.  It’s an especially perfidious group supporting regime change, though it couches its approach in terms of opposing Iran’ nuclear program.  Curiously, this is precisely the same way Israel’s far-right...
The myth of the ‘Arabs versus Jews’ narrative
Al-Akhbar Blogs 31 Jul 2014 - The transformation of Zionism as a political ideology to Zionism as a religious ideology begins, in part, with Theodor Herzl’s "infatuation with British imperialism," as noted by literary scholar and cultural historian Eitan Bar-Yosef in his book A Villa In The Jungle: Herzl, Zionist Culture, And...
The new Arab home as a political tool
Al-Akhbar Blogs 31 Jul 2014 - The setting was casual, and our table at the reopening of a leftist bar in Beirut was a miniature scene from a contemporary Arab home that seems to be developing. On my left was a Syrian-Palestinian émigré who is trying to reconstruct the void in her...
Characteristics of Israeli propaganda in the West
Al-Akhbar Blogs 31 Jul 2014 - Ever since the advent of the Zionist movement, Zionists paid little respect for the truth. This was not accidental, the very Zionist idea was based on a collection of lies: that Palestine was not inhabited, that the Palestinians would not mind giving their homeland away, that...
Obama: After 9/11 'we tortured some folks'
Al-Akhbar News 1 Aug 2014 - President Barack Obama admitted Friday that US officials had "tortured some folks" in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks, but urged they not be judged too harshly. The US administration is expected to release a declassified Senate report in the next few days that...
The growth of the Palestine solidarity movement in Europe
Al-Akhbar News 1 Aug 2014 - Demonstrators march through the streets from outside the Israeli embassy in central London on July 26, 2014, calling for an end to violence in Gaza. (Photo: AFP-Justin Tallis) Demonstrators march through the streets from outside the Israeli embassy in central London on July 26, 2014, calling...
Tripoli woman caught with explosive belt, drugs
Al-Akhbar News 1 Aug 2014 - Lebanese security forces have arrested a woman in the northern city of Tripoli after discovering an explosive belt and drugs in her home, a security source told AFP on Friday. The Lebanese women, who was not named, is in her thirties and married to a Syrian...
Week in Photos (July 20-August 1)
Al-Akhbar News 1 Aug 2014 - A woman whose face is painted with the colors of the Palestinian flag takes part in a demonstration against Israel's military campaign in Gaza and show their support to the Palestinian people, on July 26, 2014 in Marseille, southern France. (Photo: Boris Horvat-AFP) A woman whose...
Libyan forces fire on refugees fleeing Libya
Al-Akhbar News 1 Aug 2014 - Libyan forces fired at refugees trying to enter Tunisia on Friday, wounding a border police chief, the interior ministry said. "After hundreds of foreign nationals tried to force the Ras Jdir border post to enter Tunisia, the head of national security at Ben Guerdane was hit...
What happens if the Palestinian Authority takes Israel to the ICC?
Al-Akhbar News 1 Aug 2014 - Palestinian men walk away from a covered dead body in Khuzaa, near Khan Yunis in southern Gaza Strip, on August 1, 2014. (Photo: AFP-Telawi) Palestinian men walk away from a covered dead body in Khuzaa, near Khan Yunis in southern Gaza Strip, on August 1, 2014. (...
Mosul: The capital of the Islamic State and its breadbasket
Al-Akhbar Politics 1 Aug 2014 - A picture taken on April 9, 2001 shows an Iraqi man standing in front of the al-Hadba mosque built 900 years ago in the city of Mosul, 400 kilometers north of Baghdad. (Photo: AFP-Karim Sahib) A picture taken on April 9, 2001 shows an Iraqi man...
Lebanon: Armed group planning to kidnap civilians in exchange for Roumieh prisoners
Al-Akhbar Politics 31 Jul 2014 - Islamist inmates at Lebanon's Roumieh prison. (Photo: Haitham Moussawi) Islamist inmates at Lebanon's Roumieh prison. (Photo: Haitham Moussawi) Information obtained from Western intelligence sources revealed an armed takfiri group is undergoing training in North Lebanon in preparation for an attack against a village and the abduction...
Who is Hamas’ ‘Phantom’?
Al-Akhbar Politics 31 Jul 2014 - Members of the al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas' armed wing. (Photo: AFP) Members of the al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas' armed wing. (Photo: AFP) Mohammed al-Daif was the guest of honor on Tuesday at people’s homes in Gaza and the surrounding areas. The “Phantom,” as the Israeli media calls him,...
Dani Danon Is Such a Threat to Israel Even Bibi Fired Him
The Forward Leonard Fein 1 Aug 2014 -
When We Stop To Really See Each Other
The Forward Leonard Fein 1 Aug 2014 -
Are Jews Now Safe and Free From Being Haunted?
The Forward Leonard Fein 1 Aug 2014 -
Which Side Has No One To Talk To?
The Forward Leonard Fein 1 Aug 2014 -
The Deceptive Style of Settlement Leader Dani Dayan
The Forward Leonard Fein 1 Aug 2014 -
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Barack Obama Calls for Gaza Truce — Backs John Kerry Push
The Foward Breaking News 1 Aug 2014 - President Barack Obama on Friday called on Hamas and Palestinian factions to release a captured Israeli soldier as a precondition for resolving tensions between Israel and Palestinians and said efforts would be made to re-establish a ceasefire that has collapsed. Click here for the rest of...
Pro-Genocide Opinion Piece Pulled From Jewish Papers
The Foward Breaking News 1 Aug 2014 - The Times of Israel and the 5 Towns Jewish Times removed a blog post calling for genocide to be considered as an option in the Gaza conflict and the Times of Israel dropped the blogger. Click here for the rest of the article...
Brussels Jewish Museum Shooter's Lawyers Shown Making 'Quenelle'
The Foward Breaking News 1 Aug 2014 - Attorneys representing the suspected killer of four people in Belgium’s Jewish museum posed for a picture while performing the quenelle gesture, which many believe is an anti-Semitic salute. Click here for the rest of the article...
Captured Israeli Soldier Hadar Goldin Just Got Engaged
The Foward Breaking News 1 Aug 2014 - Hadar Goldin got engaged just a few weeks before being sent into Gaza by Operation Protective Edge. Now authorities fear that he was captured by Hamas militants. Click here for the rest of the article...
Belgian Doctor Denies Refusing Treatment to Jewish Patient in Spat Over Israel War
The Foward Breaking News 1 Aug 2014 - The Belgian physician who refused to treat a Jewish woman and suggested she go to Gaza apologized for doing “something stupid” but denied knowing that the woman was a Jew. Click here for the rest of the article...
Israel Shelling Kills 50 — Soldier Captured as Gaza Truce Crumbles
The Foward Breaking News 1 Aug 2014 - Israel declared a Gaza ceasefire over on Friday, saying Hamas militants breached the truce soon after it came in effect and apparently captured an Israeli officer while killing two other soldiers. Click here for the rest of the article...
Convergence of Hate
The Forward Editorial 31 Jul 2014 - Like many liberals, Jane Eisner has insisted that anti-Zionism is not always anti-Semitism. But the virulent reaction to the Gaza war has made her rethink that credo. Click here for the rest of the article...
What Will Happen Now That Hamas Has Captured Israeli Soldier Hadar Goldin
The Forward New 1 Aug 2014 - Hamas may have scored a key victory by apparently capturing Israeli soldier Hadar Goldin. What happens next may determine the course of the Gaza conflict. Click here for the rest of the article...
Why Israel Must Not Let Soldier's Capture Change Conduct of Gaza War
The Forward New 1 Aug 2014 - The capture of Hadar Goldin may change the course of the Gaza war. But Israel’s leaders must make decisions based on the nation’s best interests — not anger or fear for his safety. Click here for the rest of the article...
Will Rabbi David Saperstein’s Departure Mean Watershed Change at the RAC?
The Forward New 1 Aug 2014 - Rabbi David Saperstein is leaving the Religious Action Center to become America’s ambassador for international religious freedom. Can anyone fill his shoes? Click here for the rest of the article...
Israel and Palestinians Locked in Vicious Circle of War, Terror and Occupation
The Forward New 31 Jul 2014 - When Israel ended its ground occupation of the Gaza Strip by withdrawing settlers in 2005, it was hailed as a “disengagement” from conflict. But the conflict did not end, it only changed. Click here for the rest of the article...
Is Fido Suffering From Gaza War, Too?
The Forward New 31 Jul 2014 - Along with people, pets are suffering from the war in Gaza. Animals can suffer lingering after-effects of trauma from rockets and attacks — and only we can heal them. Click here for the rest of the article...
American Jews Rally Mostly to Israel's Side as Gaza Conflict Rages — Minority Objects
The Forward New 30 Jul 2014 - American Jews have flocked by the thousands to rallies backing Israel’s actions in Gaza. They win the numbers game hands down, but a small minority is raising its voice against the war. Click here for the rest of the article...
Egypt: Egypt Urges Palestine, Israel to Send Negotiating Teams
allAfrica.com 1 Aug 2014 - [Egypt Online]Egypt called on the Palestinian authority and Israeli government to send their delegations to Cairo to negotiate issues of common interest within the Egyptian-proposed ceasefire initiative.
Egypt: PM - Egyptian Hospitals Ready to Receive Injured Gazans
allAfrica.com 1 Aug 2014 - [Egypt Online]Egypt's Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab asserted Thursday that Egyptian hospitals were ready to receive any injured Gazans.
Egypt: Egypt Invites Palestinians and Israelis for Truce Talks in Cairo
allAfrica.com 1 Aug 2014 - [Aswat Masriya]Cairo -Egypt has called upon Palestinian and Israeli governments to send their delegations to Cairo to discuss Gaza crisis, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on its official Facebook page.
North Africa: New Wave of Attacks Against Journalists as Repression Escalates
allAfrica.com 1 Aug 2014 - [AI London]A sharp rise in arrests, prosecutions and imprisonment of independent journalists in Iran signals the authorities' utter determination to crush hopes for increased freedom heralded by the election of President Hassan Rouhani, said Amnesty International in a new briefing today.
Egypt: Shokry Contacts Abbas, Kerry On Gaza Crisis
allAfrica.com 1 Aug 2014 - [Egypt Online]Foreign Minister Sameh Shokry made phone calls Thursday with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and US Secretary of State John Kerry on the crisis battering Gaza Strip.
North Africa: Egypt Participates in Arab Quality Expert Panel in Morocco
allAfrica.com 1 Aug 2014 - [Egypt Online]The Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality (ESO) has participated in the meeting of the expert panel of the Arab Quality Award which was held in Morocco.
Rising Entrepreneurship in Ramallah
Arab American Institute 1 Aug 2014 - By Hanane Lahnaoui Summer Intern, 2014 TechCamp is an initiative launched by the U.S. Department of State�s office of eDiplomacy. It is part of Hillary Clinton�s Civil Society 2.0 Initiative, which she launched in 2009 as Secretary of State. The purpose of this initiative is to...
Clinton International Summer School Sparks a Flame for Young Palestinian
Arab American Institute 1 Aug 2014 - By Elizabeth Adams Summer Intern, 2014 On the 28th of June, the Clinton International Summer School welcomed twenty exceptional students from the farthest reaches of the world to their International Summer Program in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The program is an opportunity for young leaders from underserved...
Free at Last? Anti-Surveillance Legislation Appears Before the Senate
Arab American Institute 31 Jul 2014 - By Jad Ireifej Summer Intern, 2014 AAI was a signee on a letter that encouraged top members of the Senate to swiftly pass the unadulterated form of the USA Freedom Act that was presented Tuesday. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt), the Senate Judiciary Chair, unveiled the Freedom Act...
In West Bank, Solidarity Turns to Senseless Violence
Arab American Institute 31 Jul 2014 - By Emily Cooke Summer Intern, 2014 A show of solidarity turned to senseless violence on Friday, July 25th, as Israeli security forces open fired on Palestinians demonstrating peacefully in the West Bank town of Beit Ummar. Among the flood of peaceful demonstrators was Hashem Khader Abu...
Candlelight Vigil for Gaza
Arab American Institute 31 Jul 2014 - Over 1000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, with thousands more wounded or unjustly arrested by the Israeli military. These civilians largely remain nameless and faceless, but with your help we can give identity to the victims lost in this tragic and unjust conflict. AAI and...
Zionism 2014: Power Without Agency
The Magnes Zionist 1 Aug 2014 - Classical Zionism argued that the loss of political sovereignty involved the loss of Jewish political power, and hence the loss of Jewish political agency. Jewish existence was considered to be ahistorical in the diaspora, and Jews were shuttled from land to land “as a driven leaf.”...
9/09/2011 AIPAC Junkets to Israel Illegal: IRS-DOJ Complaint Filing
IRMEP 1 Aug 2014 - A complaint filed with the IRS and Justice Department charges the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF) is a "sham" charitable organization of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.
5/16/2011 Obama vs. Reagan on AIPAC Documents reveal Ronald Reagan's response to Israel lobby invitation
IRMEP 1 Aug 2014 - President Obama accepts an invitation to speak at AIPAC, Reagan declined. Why?
4/18/2011 US Treasury Dept.: Tax-exempt US donation laundering into West Bank settlements "okay"
IRMEP 1 Aug 2014 - The US Department of Treasury has no program to combat massive flows of US tax-exempt charitable contributions into illegal settlement building. Despite ongoing public revelations of wrongdoing, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has never investigated or even discussed US charitable organizations with proven ties...
4/06/2011 US-Israel Trade: Espionage, Theft and Secrets - IRmep at University of Rochester
IRMEP 1 Aug 2014 - On April 6, Grant F. Smith presented a comprehensive review of the US-Israel Free Trade Agreement to the Finance and Economics Council at the University of Rochester. Using a slide show of declassified documents and charts, Smith revealed how secret agreements and a joint Israeli embassy/AIPAC...
3/28/2011 Neoconomics: Conscription and War as Wealth
IRMEP 1 Aug 2014 - Start-up Nation airbrushes one vital and enduring truth — when Israel faces sovereign barriers to foreign trade routes, weapons, or technology; it tends to break other country’s laws and steal what it thinks it needs.
3/07/2011 Israel lobbyist funds US Presidents, Israeli Nukes, AIPAC disinformation
IRMEP 1 Aug 2014 - According to new histories of Israel's clandestine nuclear weapons program including "Israel and the Bomb" by Avner Cohen (1998), Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion secretly named Feinberg his chief nuclear weapons fundraising coordinator in 1958. According to Michael Karpin's "The Bomb in the Basement" (2007) Feinberg...
Hostilities in #GazaUnderAttack, UN Situation Report as of 31 July 2014
Sabbah report 1 Aug 2014 - Occupied Palestinian Territory: Gaza Emergency Situation Report as of 31 July 2014, 1500 hrs The post: Hostilities in #GazaUnderAttack, UN Situation Report as of 31 July 2014 appeared first on Sabbah Report § Sign up for our FREE newsletter §
Sabbah report 1 Aug 2014 - A last-ditch effort to deliver aid to Israel during its war with Hamas died on the Senate floor, as Republicans blocked the proposal over concerns that it would increase the debt. The post: THE US SENATE FINALLY BLOCKS AID TO ISRAEL appeared first on Sabbah Report...
Live Blog #GazaUnderAttack – Day 26
Sabbah report 1 Aug 2014 - LIVE BLOG | Day 26 | WARNING - POSSIBLE GRAPHIC CONTENT #Gaza: #Israel launches massive offensive Operation #ProtectiveEdge #GazaUnderAttack #Palestine The post: Live Blog #GazaUnderAttack – Day 26 appeared first on Sabbah Report § Sign up for our FREE newsletter §
Live Blog #GazaUnderAttack – Day 25
Sabbah report 1 Aug 2014 - LIVE BLOG | Day 25 | WARNING - POSSIBLE GRAPHIC CONTENT #Gaza: #Israel launches massive offensive Operation #ProtectiveEdge #GazaUnderAttack #Palestine The post: Live Blog #GazaUnderAttack – Day 25 appeared first on Sabbah Report § Sign up for our FREE newsletter §
Hostilities in #GazaUnderAttack, UN Situation Report as of 30 July 2014
Sabbah report 1 Aug 2014 - Occupied Palestinian Territory: Gaza Emergency Situation Report as of 30 July 2014, 1500 hrs The post: Hostilities in #GazaUnderAttack, UN Situation Report as of 30 July 2014 appeared first on Sabbah Report § Sign up for our FREE newsletter §
Live Blog #GazaUnderAttack – Day 24
Sabbah report 1 Aug 2014 - LIVE BLOG | Day 24 | WARNING - POSSIBLE GRAPHIC CONTENT #Gaza: #Israel launches massive offensive Operation #ProtectiveEdge #GazaUnderAttack #Palestine The post: Live Blog #GazaUnderAttack – Day 24 appeared first on Sabbah Report § Sign up for our FREE newsletter §
Jewish Voice for Peace Congressional Briefing
US Campaign to End the Occupation 1 Aug 2014 - Below are videos from Jewish Voice for Peace's first-ever congressional briefing. The briefing took place on Capitol Hill on June 24th, 2014. Post Peace Talks: What's Next for Israel and the Palestinians? Speakers: Rebecca Vilkomerson - Executive Director, Jewish Voice for Peace Yousef Munayyer - Esecutive...
Congressional Briefing: Examining Israel's discrimination against U.S. Citizens
US Campaign to End the Occupation 1 Aug 2014 - O n May 21, 2014, the US Campaign and a diverse group of organizations held a congressional briefing to raise awareness about Israel's discriminatio n against U.S. citizens. Below are the testimonies from the briefing. Yousef Munayyer - Part 1 Sandra Tamari - Part 2 Donna...
10 Years Later: BDS Breaks Through! July 9 We Divest Day of Action
US Campaign to End the Occupation 1 Aug 2014 - Mark your calendars! The We Divest Campaign has called for a national day of action on July 9, which marks the 10 year anniversary of the International Court of Justice’s historic ruling declaring Israel's wall on occupied Palestinian land to be illegal. Below are materials to...
12 States Participate in Free Cone Day!
US Campaign to End the Occupation 1 Aug 2014 - The following report back is by Mark Hage of member group Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel . The second annual Free Cone Day leafleting action at Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops on Tuesday, April 8, organized by Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel (www.vtjp.org),...
Neil Young: Please Don't Play Israel
US Campaign to End the Occupation 1 Aug 2014 - Canadian musician Neil Young is scheduled to perform in Tel Aviv this upcoming July. As noted by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI), Neil has been an "eager speaker in favor of the rights of the indigenous First Nations in...
Josh Ruebner's "Shattered Hopes" Book Tour Comes to Pennsylvania, Mar. 27- Apr. 1
US Campaign to End the Occupation 1 Aug 2014 - Last fall, Josh Ruebner, our National Advocacy Director, shared the exciting news of the publication of his first book, Shattered Hopes: Obama's Failure to Broker Israeli-Palestinian Peace. We are excited to announce that he will be visiting Pennsylvania Thursday , March 27 to Tuesday, April 1. We...
  Ma'an News
Israel bombs Gaza ambulance as Friday death toll surpasses 100
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- An Israeli airstrike hit an ambulance and killed a paramedic Friday as Israel stepped up its bombardment of the besieged Gaza Strip following the collapse of a ceasefire earlier in the day. Palestinian medical sources said that...
Israeli army threatens to call up 80,000 reservists, re-occupy Rafah
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The Israeli response to the capture of a soldier in Rafah will be "crushing," Israeli media quoted the army as saying on Friday. Israeli news website Walla said on Friday that the Israeli army threatened to call...
Israel says soldier captured, confusion over responsibility
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The Israeli military on Friday said that an Israeli soldier had been captured earlier in the day, confirming hours of speculation amid intense clashes and shelling near Rafah. An Israeli military spokeswoman told Ma'an that...
At least 35 killed amid intense Israeli shelling east of Rafah
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- At least 35 were killed amid intense Israeli shelling east of Rafah on Friday morning. [END...
90 Palestinians injured by live fire in Hebron clashes
8/1/2014 - HEBRON (Ma'an) More than 90 Palestinians were injured by live fire during clashes with Israeli forces in Hebron on Friday, medics said. Wilid Zaloum, director of Hebron Governmental Hospital, told Ma'an more 90 Palestinians arrived at the hospital...
Obama: New truce 'very hard' if no confidence in Hamas
8/1/2014 - WASHINGTON (AFP) -- US President Barack Obama urged Hamas to show they were serious about wanting a ceasefire Friday and urged the Islamist militants to release an Israeli soldier reportedly captured earlier in the day." I think it's going to be...
At least 35 dead and 200 injured as Israel shells east Rafah
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza said on Friday that at least 35 Palestinians had been killed and more than 200 injured in Israeli shelling and airstrikes on Rafah that took place after intense clashes broke...
Israel shells Youssef al-Najjar Hospital in Rafah
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israel shelled the Youssef al-Najjar Hospital in Rafah as it carried out a widespread assault on the southern Gaza Strip town on Friday. Witnesses told Ma'an that Israeli shells hit the hospital, but no injuries...
Israel shells Abu Youssef al-Najjar hospital
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israel shelled the Youssef al-Najjar hospital in Rafah as it carried out a widespread assault on the southern Gaza Strip town on Friday. Witnesses told Ma'an that Israeli shells hit the hospital, but no injuries...
Palestinian killed in clashes north of Tulkarem
8/1/2014 - TULKAREM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian on Friday during clashes with Israeli forces in the northern West Bank, witnesses said. Tamer Faraj Sammur, 22, was shot in the chest by Israeli soldiers in western Tulkarem. An Israeli...
Youth killed, 15 injured in clashes with Israeli forces near Ramallah
8/1/2014 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- A Palestinian youth was killed and 15 others were injured Friday in clashes with Israeli forces near Ramallah, a Ma'an reporter said. Odai Nafiz Jabr, 19, was killed in the village of Safa after being hit...
Israel kills 4 despite ceasefire, after 16 killed in hours before
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Four Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip by Israeli forces on Friday, only hours after a 72-hour ceasefire between Israel and Hamas came into effect. Ahmad Muhammad Hasanein, was shot dead by Israeli soldiers in...
Israeli shelling kills 3 in Gaza City
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Three Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip by Israeli forces on Friday, only hours after a 72-hour ceasefire between Israel and Hamas came into effect. Ahmad Muhammad Hasanein, was shot dead by Israeli soldiers in...
Ceasefire ends amid intense Rafah clashes
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Intense clashes erupted Friday morning between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants in the southeastern Gaza Strip after Palestinian militants attacks a post and captured an Israeli soldier. The Ministry of Health in Gaza said that at least...
Israel shells Rafah crossing where hundreds have taken shelter
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces shelled the Rafah international crossing into Egypt, where hundreds of Palestinians have taken shelter in the hopes of fleeing the besieged Gaza Strip. [END...
1 killed in shelling in eastern Shujaiyya
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Muhammad Rizq Hasanein, 20, was killed in Israeli shelling in Shujaiyya in eastern Gaza City on Friday afternoon. [END...
Israel starts ground offensive in Shujaiyya, Beit Hanoun, Khan Younis
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israel launched major ground offensives in Shujaiyya, Beit Hanoun, and Khan Younis across the Gaza Strip on Friday, as movement of troops was accompanied by major artillery shelling and airstrikes. [END...
2 killed in Israeli airstrike on car in Tel al-Hawa
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Two Palestinians were killed in an Israeli airstrike on a car in the Tel al-Hawa neighborhood of Gaza City on Friday afternoon. [END...
7 more Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- A Palestinian was killed in an Israeli attack on al-Maghazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip on Friday, health ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said. The dead man was identified as Atef Suheil Qandil, 24. Another Palestinian...
Israeli forces 'open fire at ambulance' amid clashes near Nablus
8/1/2014 - NABLUS (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces opened fire at an ambulance as it was bringing injured Palestinians from a site of clashes near Nablus to a nearby hospital, medics told Ma'an. Amid clashes at the Huwarra checkpoint south of Nablus...
4 killed in Israeli strike on southern Khan Younis
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Four Palestinians were killed in an Israeli strike on southern Khan Younis on Friday, health minister Ashraf al-Qidra said. [END...
3 Palestinians killed in new Israeli strikes on Khan Younis
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Three Palestinians were killed in Israeli strikes on Khan Younis on Friday, health ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said. [END...
Palestinian journalist killed in Israeli strike on Rafah
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- A Palestinian journalist was killed in an Israeli strike on Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on Friday, health ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said. Abdullah Fahjan, a journalist for Aqsa TV, was killed in a strike on...
Israel says 5 solders killed by mortar fire Thursday
8/1/2014 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The Israeli military on Friday said in a statement that five Israeli soldiers had been killed by mortar fire Thursday evening. The statement comes after Israeli media reported six had been injured in mortar fire on Eshkol on...
Mohammed Deif: Elusive Hamas military chief defying Israel
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (AFP) -- Hamas's top military commander Mohammed Deif, who has survived assassination attempts and defied the Middle East's most powerful forces, is proving a redoubtable foe for Israel in its latest incursion in Gaza. As Israel presses...
Unconfirmed reports of Israeli soldier captured near Kerem Shalom
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Amid intense clashes east of Rafah near Kerem Shalom crossing, there were unconfirmed reports of an Israeli soldier captured in the area. [END...
Israel confirms 2 soldiers killed in Rafah attack
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israel on Friday confirmed that two Israeli soldiers were killed in an attack east of Rafah in which one soldier was also captured. The deaths bring the total number of Israeli soldiers killed so far in the...
Egypt invites Palestinian, Israeli delegations to Cairo
8/1/2014 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Egypt called upon the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli government on Friday to send their respective delegations to Cairo to discuss "critical issues" necessary to resolve in order to come to a lasting ceasefire. A statement by the...
Palestinian delegation to head to Cairo for ceasefire talks Saturday
8/1/2014 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- President Mahmoud Abbas said he and a Palestinian delegation would head to Cairo on Saturday to discuss "all future steps" regarding the crisis in Gaza, after Egypt announced earlier that it was delaying Friday's ceasefire talks...
Hamas calls for Day of Anger across West Bank Friday
8/1/2014 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Hamas called for Palestinians in the West Bank to participate in "Day of Anger" demonstrations in all cities and villages of the West Bank on Friday in solidarity with the people of the besieged Gaza Strip and with...
Hamas claims responsibility for capture of Israeli soldier in Rafah
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Hamas confirmed that their forces had carried out the capture of an Israeli soldier on Friday, but strongly contested the version of events put forward by Israel. The Hamas-affiliated Al-Qassam Brigades said that "there has not been...
Islamic Jihad: Egypt delays Gaza talks after Israeli soldier captured
8/1/2014 - CAIRO (AFP) -- Egypt told the Islamic Jihad Friday it is delaying talks on a long-term Gaza ceasefire, the Palestinian militant group said, after Israel revealed one of its soldiers may have been captured."The Egyptians contacted the Islamic Jihad and said Israel...
US blames Hamas for ceasefire breach
8/1/2014 - WASHINGTON (AFP) -- The United States blamed Hamas for the breakdown of a ceasefire with Israeli forces Friday, accusing the Palestinian militant group of launching a "barbaric" attack to capture an Israeli soldier."This is an outrageous action and we look to the...
Ban demands immediate release of captured Israeli soldier
8/1/2014 - UNITED NATIONS, United States (AFP) -- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon demanded Friday that an Israeli soldier captured in Gaza be released immediately and condemned the reported capture "in the strongest terms." Ban called on Israel and Hamas to show restraint and return to...
Israel imposes restriction on Al-Aqsa for Jewish holiday
8/1/2014 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- The Israeli police imposed restrictions Thursday on Palestinian worshipers entering Al-Aqsa mosque compound in order to secure the way for Jewish visitors in the Old City for the "Tisha B'Av" Jewish Holiday. Tisha B'Av...
2 bodies pulled from the rubble in Rafah
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- As thousands of Gazans poured out of their homes on Friday morning to take advantage of the temporary cessation to hostilities to stock up on household goods, medical teams fanned out to areas devastated by Israeli bombardment...
Three Palestinians injured in Israeli shelling in Rafah
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Three Palestinians were injured in Israeli shelling east of Rafah on Friday morning, two hours after a ceasefire went into effect. [END...
Clashes with Israeli forces across West Bank overnight
8/1/2014 - NABLUS (Ma'an) -- Clashes erupted across the West Bank late Thursday, as protests and violence against the Israeli assault on Gaza that has killed more than 1,400 Palestinians continued. Clashes and Israeli raids were reported across the region, including in Qablan...
Israeli shelling on central and northern Gaza Strip
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli shelling on central and northern Gaza Strip was reported on Friday morning. [END...
Archbishop Capucci: Israel must be held accountable
8/1/2014 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Hilarion Capucci, the retired archbishop of Ceasarea for the the Melkite Church, said Thursday that "Israel must be held accountable for the massacres they are committing against Palestinians." Archbishop Caqpucci demanded from his current place of residence in...
Israel informs UN that ceasefire has ended, will resume operations
8/1/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israel on Friday informed the UN that the ceasefire had ended and that they will resume military operations. [END...
Analysis: Gaza and the West Bank are one political entity
8/1/2014 - By Daoud Kuttab - The admission was buried deep in a long drawn out analysis by Israel's leading columnist. Nahum Barnea revealed that one of the yet to be declared results of the war on Gaza is the realization that the...
Saudi king: World silence on Israel 'war crimes' 'inexcusable'
8/1/2014 - JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia (AFP) -- Saudi King Abdullah said Friday that world silence over Israeli "war crimes" in the Gaza Strip was "inexcusable" and would only breed more violence in the future." We see the blood of out brothers in Palestine being shed...
Israeli cabinet to meet at 6:30
8/1/2014 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The Israeli cabinet on Friday said it would postpone its meeting until 6:30 p. m. [END...
  The Guardian
Israel bombards Rafah after soldier disappears amid Gaza ceasefire collapse
1 Aug 2014 - More than 50 Palestinians killed as fate of Hadar Goldin remains unknown following truce-breaking tunnel clash with Hamas Follow the latest developments in our...
Gaza crisis: Obama sees 'very hard' path 'to put a ceasefire back together' - as it happened
1 Aug 2014 - President says Israeli soldier needs to be unconditionally released Ceasefire crumbles as Israeli army reports soldier suspected captured Obama: innocent civilians in Gaza...have to...
Israeli theatre group has performances cancelled at Edinburgh Fringe
1 Aug 2014 - Incubator Theatre seeking new venue after demonstrators forced their government-sponsored show at the Underbelly to close An Israeli theatre group that had its shows...
Gaza: a brief return to normality and then war returns
1 Aug 2014 - Shops opened and children played, but ceasefire broke and so did Gazans' hope that latest conflict with Israel would end soon At 8am on...
Nick Clegg pushes for direct talks between Israel and Hamas
1 Aug 2014 - Deputy PM says face-to-face discussions are only way to stop conflict that has killed more than 1,400 Palestinians and 59 Israelis Nick Clegg: Israel...
Gaza ceasefire collapses as fighting breaks out after two hours
1 Aug 2014 - Israeli tank fire in Rafah reported to have killed at least 40 Palestinians, while an Israeli soldier is missing The humanitarian truce in Gaza...
Israel must open talks with Hamas | Nick Clegg
1 Aug 2014 - In Gaza, neither sides weapons will break the others resolve. Only a political approach can bring lasting peace The daily images of human torment...
Never again for the childrens sake | @guardianletters
1 Aug 2014 - Children are always the innocent victims of war. In the case of the assault on Gaza ( Editorial , 1 August) they have not just been...
IDF should be held to account in Gaza | @guardianletters
1 Aug 2014 - Reading Julian Borgers article ( Poor training of gunners blamed for high civilian death toll in Gaza , 1 August), I recall a tense meeting with...
Russell Brand takes on Sean Hannity in Gaza spat
1 Aug 2014 - Row begins after British comedian and actor calls Fox News presenter a terrorist over his interviewing style In an unlikely manifestation of the Israel-Palestine...
On the Israel-Gaza border, fear is hardening public opinion
1 Aug 2014 - Those still living in border villages live in constant vigilance, heightened after the apparent abduction of an Israeli soldier Inside the military cordon around...
US Senate unanimously approves $225m funding for Israel's Iron Dome
1 Aug 2014 - Lawmakers reached an agreement overnight to pass the missile defence system funding measure Follow our live blog for latest updates The US Senate unanimously...
Gaza border at Rafah tightly controlled as Egypt remains hostile to Hamas
1 Aug 2014 - The new Egyptian regime is suspicious of political Islam and only 140 injured Gazans have gone to Egyptian hospitals since 8 July As the...
Put Gazas children before politics, says Vanessa Redgrave | @guardianletters
1 Aug 2014 - On 29 July, I watched on TV the IDF destruction of the central electricity station in Gaza . The human consequences of this operation, added...
Israeli officer's capture in Gaza could prove to be a pyrrhic victory for Hamas
1 Aug 2014 - Palestinian groups see captures as a strategic weapon to help redress military imbalance, but latest is likely to prolong fighting It looked like a...
Weekly highlights: Eid al-Fitr, African cinema and young Londoners
1 Aug 2014 - Weve been getting such great contributions from our readers that we want to share them on our blog. Here are some of this weeks...
Gaza: how international law could work to punish war crimes | Geoffrey Robertson
1 Aug 2014 - The security council will be vetoed, but now that Palestine is a state theres another route to justice For three weeks, the world has...
Gaza: resumption of fighting halts humanitarian aid - video
1 Aug 2014 - Supply trucks destined for Gaza, some carrying humanitarian relief, are turned away from the south border after shelling resumed on Friday morning. Fighting broke...
Israel and Palestine: 'If I was to look to anyone for hope, it would be the people on both sides'
1 Aug 2014 - Amidst the conflict in Gaza there are many individuals and groups inspiring hope for a peaceful resolution For the last few weeks GuardianWitness has...
Gaza conflict: Israel and Hamas begin 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire
1 Aug 2014 - Shelling continued in the Gaza Strip minutes before the ceasefire began at 8am local time and four Palestinians reported killed by Israeli tank fire...
  Daily Star
Obama calls release of Israeli soldier, urges return to ceasefire
1 Aug 2014 President Barack Obama on Friday called on Hamas and Palestinian factions to release a captured Israeli soldier as a precondition for resolving tensions between Israel and Palestinians and said efforts would be made to re-establish a...
A dystopian Egypt that pits rich against poor
1 Aug 2014 It’s 2023 and Egypt is not what it once was.
New truce 'very hard' if no confidence in Hamas: Obama
1 Aug 2014 US President Barack Obama urged Hamas to show they were serious about wanting a ceasefire Friday and urged the Islamist militants to release an Israeli soldier reported captured earlier in the day.
  Ha'aretz National News
Arab nurse suspended from Sheba for Facebook post to be reinstated
Ha'aretz - 1 Aug 2014
Once flourishing, Gaza border communities now virtual ghost towns
Ha'aretz - 31 Jul 2014
Public television tunes into a new era
Ha'aretz - 31 Jul 2014
As war flares, some women flee from violence at home
Ha'aretz - 31 Jul 2014
High Court challenges state on settlement construction
Ha'aretz - 31 Jul 2014
Israel Police officer opens fire on 'Jewish Taliban' woman at the Western Wall
Ha'aretz - 31 Jul 2014
Knesset takes summer recess as Gaza war rages
Ha'aretz - 31 Jul 2014
The Arabs want to stay in Israel - but does Israel want them?
Ha'aretz - 30 Jul 2014
  Palestinian Information Center
Sworn affidavits on Israel’s use of Palestinian civilians as human shields
Sworn affidavits revealing Israel’s use of Palestinian detainees as human shields throughout the incursions launched east of the Gaza Strip have been released by ex-prisoners.
Hamas: Israel violated the ceasefire, committed bloodbath in Rafah
Hamas has slammed Israel for having breached the ceasefire agreement and stepping up its genocides in Rafah, vowing Hamas will only provide consensus over truce bids if observed by Israel.
European medics: Gaza civilian casualty 90% of total war victims
90% of Gaza casualties, killed or injured in the ongoing Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip, are civilians, European medics found out during a visit to Gaza hospitals.
Abu Marzouk: We captured an Israeli soldier before ceasefire
Member of Hamas’s political bureau Mousa Abu Marzouk confirmed on Friday that an Israeli officer was captured hours before a 72-hour humanitarian cease-fire went into effect.
Islamic Jihad: U.S. co-partner in Israeli genocides against Gaza civilians
The Islamic Jihad Movement denounced on Thursday night the U.S.’s ongoing assistance to the Israeli military offensive on besieged Gaza Strip.
No halt to Israeli airstrikes despite ceasefire
Israeli occupation forces (IOF) resumed indiscriminate airstrikes and shelling of Gaza despite the ceasefire declaration for 72 hours on Friday morning. Dozens of casualties were reported.
Israeli tight restrictions in OJ, protests erupt throughout WB
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) imposed a set of tight restrictions on Jerusalemites’ access to al-Aqsa Mosque, where men under the age of 50 years were prevented from performing Friday prayers.
Hamas: Our steadfast people will achieve victory
“You are re-writing history through the very ink of perseverance, self-abnegation and support you’ve been providing the resistance with,†Hamas said as it acclaimed the Palestinians’ steadfastness.
Israeli settlers escalate attacks in West Bank
Israeli settlers opened fire Thursday on a wedding party in Khader town, southern Bethlehem, under Israeli forces protection. One of the guests was seriously injured after being shot in his back.
Palestinian youth severely wounded, 3 others rounded up by IOF in Nablus
A Palestinian youngster was left severely wounded while three others were rounded up by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in Beit Fourik, east of Nablus.
Practicing peace in wartime
JERUSALEM 24 July 2014 (IRIN) - For the few communities in Israel where Arabs and Jews try to coexist peacefully, the latest attacks on Gaza have been a source of both tension and unity.
US accuses Hamas of Gaza truce breach
08/01/2014 - Three-day humanitarian truce collapses hours after it began as scores killed in new Israeli offensive.
Palestinian youths 'executed' in Gaza town
08/01/2014 - Witnesses tell Al Jazeera six youths were taken to a bathroom in a house in Khuzar and executed by Israeli forces.
Tunisia seals Libya border after violence
08/01/2014 - Tunisian guards fire tear gas to stop thousands from storming across the border after fleeing violence in Tripoli.
WHO says Ebola outbreak is out of control
08/01/2014 - Chief of global health orgainisation says Ebola outbreak is spreading quicker than efforts to contain it.
Ukraine troops ambushed by pro-Russian rebels
08/01/2014 - Separatists kill at least 10 Ukrainian soldiers close to where flight MH17 was shot down.
Uganda court overturns anti-gay law
08/01/2014 - Constitutional court says parliament passed the controversial law without the necessary number of legislators.
Al-Shabab fighters gun down Somali MP
08/01/2014 - Aden Madeer, the fifth legislator killed by al-Shabab this year, was killed in the Somali capital Mogadishu.
Taiwan city rocked by deadly gas explosions
08/01/2014 - Emergency services say at least 25 people killed, including four firefighters, and hundreds injured in Kaohsiung.
  New York Times
Obama Casts Doubt on Chances of Gaza Cease-Fire
1 Aug 2014 - President Obama on Friday demanded that Hamas release a captured Israeli soldier unconditionally and expressed pessimism that another cease-fire could be reached.
Hamas’s Shift to Tunnel Warfare Catches Israel by Surprise
1 Aug 2014 - Though Israel knew about Hamas’s tunnels, it has been surprised by how the militant group trained its fighters to use them.
2 Palestinians Killed in West Bank Clashes
1 Aug 2014 - The two Palestinians were fatally shot by Israeli security forces during clashes in the West Bank, according to the Palestinian news media.
Gaza Cease-Fire Collapses; Israeli Soldier Is Captured
1 Aug 2014 - A humanitarian cease-fire in the Gaza conflict collapsed within hours, as the Israeli military annonced a soldier appeared to have been captured.
Kerry Calls on Qatar and Turkey to Gain Release of Israeli Soldier
1 Aug 2014 - Secretary of State John Kerry asked the two nations to use their influence after the abduction, which took place shortly after a cease-fire was to go into effect.
Cease-Fire in Gaza Conflict Takes Effect as Talks Are Set
1 Aug 2014 - The United States and the United Nations announced the 72-hour pause early Friday, a diplomatic bolt-from-the-blue that will set the stage for arduous negotiations between Israel and Hamas.
Tensions Escalate Between Israel and a Second Party in Gaza: The United Nations
31 Jul 2014 - Agency officials are enraged by strikes on its facilities and mounting civilian casualties in Gaza, while Israel accuses the United Nations of playing down Hamas’s role in the conflict.
Lawmakers Voice Skepticism on Iran Nuclear Deal
31 Jul 2014 - If an accord is reached, it would not be a formal treaty, so the Senate would not be called upon to ratify it.
School Shelters Offer Limited Safety, and Even Less Comfort
31 Jul 2014 - Life for about 200,000 people packed into more than 80 schools serving as shelters in Gaza is full of deprivation and discomfort.
U.S. Seeks Release of Couple in Qatar, Creating Tensions With a Crucial Arab Ally
31 Jul 2014 - The State Department asked Qatar to lift a travel ban against an American couple being held in connection with the death of their adopted daughter.
Quest for Demilitarization of Gaza Is Seen Getting Netanyahu Only So Far
31 Jul 2014 - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has begun talking about Gaza’s need for “social and economic relief” from decade-old Israeli restrictions on trade and travel.
Arab Leaders, Viewing Hamas as Worse Than Israel, Stay Silent
30 Jul 2014 - Led by Egypt, a coalition of Arab states has effectively lined up with Israel in its fight against Hamas, posing new obstacles to efforts to end the Gaza conflict.
World Briefing: Libya: Benghazi March Protests Militias
30 Jul 2014 - Residents of the eastern city of Benghazi marched Wednesday in protest against Islamist militias, the city’s dominant force for years.
Banned Munitions Still in Use, Report Says
30 Jul 2014 - There is evidence of the deployment of cluster bombs in Syria and eastern Ukraine, a leading disarmament advocacy groups said.
  Jerusalem Post
Our World: Congress, Obama and the way to defeat Hamas
1 Aug 2014 - It is imperative that Congress begin questioning the nature of the Turkish and Qatari regimes and the legality of US military and other strategic ties with these two state sponsors of Hamas and al-Qaeda.
Obama calls for 'unconditional release' of purportedly kidnapped IDF soldier
1 Aug 2014 - US president says Hamas may be unable to deliver on cease-fire; adds that Hamas' ability to enforce halt in fighting relies on its ability to monitor attack tunnels it has built to conduct such abductions.
Widow of IDF soldier killed in Gaza gives birth
1 Aug 2014 - When Chief Warrant Officer Kasahun Baynesian was killed on July 17 in Gaza, he left behind 3 kids and a nine-month pregnant wife.
Violence mars protest in West Bank city of Tulkarem
1 Aug 2014 - One killed as some 1,200 Palestinians protest against Israel's operation in Gaza; in Ramallah, protestors clash with IDF forces.
Friends, family pay tribute to five fallen IDF soldiers
1 Aug 2014 - Five Israeli combat troops killed by mortar fire from Gaza on Thursday are laid to rest.
Lies, mothers and homicide
1 Aug 2014 - Summer’s TV highlights.
French food with a flair
1 Aug 2014 - 6th Bistro in Tel Aviv is elegant, intimate and appealing.
Father of missing soldier: IDF will 'bring Hadar back safe and sound'
1 Aug 2014 - Simcha Goldin says he's confident army will be successful in efforts to find his son, who is feared kidnapped by Gaza terrorists.
US Senate OKs $225 million in aid for Israeli Iron Dome system
1 Aug 2014 - Lawmakers reach agreement to pass measure after Senate Republicans previously blocked bid to fund missile defense.
Israeli soldier feared kidnapped as IDF names 2 others killed
1 Aug 2014 - Sec.-Lt. Hadar Goldin named as presumably abducted officer; IDF names Maj. Benaya Sarel and St.-Sgt. Liel Gidoni as Givati soldiers killed in attack.
IDF chief Gantz briefs Rivlin on Gaza operation
1 Aug 2014 - “I am here to thank you in the names of hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens," president tells soldiers on the front lines.
5 soldiers killed on the Gaza border
1 Aug 2014 - Soldiers are Sergeant First Class (res.) Daniel Marash, Capt. Omri Tal, St.-Sgt. Shay Kushnir, and St.-Sgt. Noam Rosenthal, and Capt. (res.) Liran Adir (Edry).
Fighting in Gaza continues as truce collapses
1 Aug 2014 - Rocket fire into Israel resumes two hours into 72-hour cease-fire; Palestinian sources report 40 killed from IDF artillery fire.
Analysis: Bruised and battered, Hamas now accepts cease-fire
1 Aug 2014 - The current proposal is similar to the original Egyptian one put on the table on July 15, which Hamas rejected because their demands were not met and they were not consulted in its formulation.
Six Canadian MPs join Jerusalem solidarity rally
1 Aug 2014 - "Canada stands with Israel," says Canadian Ambassador Vivian Bercovici at solidarity event.
Netanyahu reprimands cabinet ministers for politicking during war
1 Aug 2014 - "Cabinet ministers must present a personal example to the entire public," says PM; Sa’ar recommends reading Winograd Report.
Weakened, but not down for the count: Hamas may resurface stronger than before
1 Aug 2014 - After many killed and wounded, Hamas has still not surrendered nor have the people of Gaza rebelled.
Amid more talk of cease-fire, Israel says it will not leave Gaza until tunnels destroyed
31 Jul 2014 - Lapid says after “quiet is restored for a long period of time,” there will be agreement along the lines of Egyptian cease-fire proposal.
‘He moved away 3 meters and that saved him’
31 Jul 2014 - Medical teams rushed the soldiers into waiting ambulances, out of the ambulances and through the hospital doors and into the emergency room.
Thousands attend pro-Israel demonstration in Paris
31 Jul 2014 - Demonstration is first of its kind since Operation Protective Edge began, following spate of anti-semitic Pro-Palestinian protests around France.
Into the fray: Far too little, much too late
31 Jul 2014 - To prevent an even more brutal and extreme successor from taking over, Gaza must be dismantled and the non-belligerent population relocated.
By April, IDF knew Hamas was preparing for 'summer war'
31 Jul 2014 - Israel has destroyed some 85% of Gazan attack tunnels; Hamas's capabilities set back by 4-5 years, says senior military source; IDF moved large number of forces to Gaza Division in recent months.
White House slams Israel for 'indefensible' shelling of UN school
31 Jul 2014 - Washington holds IDF responsible for "totally unacceptable strike; places onus on Israel to do more to protect civilians in Gaza.
My word: Deep terror
31 Jul 2014 - While Israelis face the threat of very real kidnappings at the hands of terrorists, the Western world seems to have become a willing hostage of those same terror movements.
  YNet News
For Israel, the rules in Gaza have now changed
1 Aug 2014 - Given that Hamas deliberately violated the ceasefire in order to kidnap a soldier, Israel cannot unilaterally end the fighting now without delivering Hamas a victory. ....
Four cars with Israeli flags set on fire in Jerusalem
1 Aug 2014 - ....
Conflict escalation leads to three possible endgames in Gaza
1 Aug 2014 - Analysis: Due to refusal to compromise on both ends, possible endgames include IDF pull out, PA taking over Egypt border, and PA taking control of Gaza ....
Rafah hospital evacuated due to heavy bombardment in the area
1 Aug 2014 - ....
Obama: Condemn Hamas, Palestinian factions for breaking ceasefire
1 Aug 2014 - ....
Obama: Abducted soldier needs to be unconditionally released as soon as possible
1 Aug 2014 - ....
Obama: John Kerry has endured unfair criticism simply trying to end the killings
1 Aug 2014 - ....
Anti-Semitic incidents rise in UK as Gaza conflict rages
1 Aug 2014 - Jewish advisory body says 130 incidents have been recorded since start of Israeli operation in early July – the second highest month on record. ....
Let diplomacy win, because an army can't
1 Aug 2014 - Op-ed: The IDF can destroy every house in Gaza and kill any terrorist emerging from a tunnel, but in the 21st century war is won in the negotiating room. ....
Netanyahu trying to market victory against Hamas
31 Jul 2014 - Op-ed: The prime minister is looking for an exit point from Gaza which will help him convince the Israeli public that IDF has in fact won. ....
France could ban radical Jewish group
31 Jul 2014 - At least 4,500 people attend pro-Israel rally in Paris; Jewish Defence League (LDJ) could be banned after clashing with pro-Palestinian protesters. ....
32 nations back Yom Kippur as UN holiday
31 Jul 2014 - In letter to assembly's Committee on Conferences, ambassadors say United Nations 'recognizes the major festivals of many of the world's main religions, yet Judaism is not represented.' ....

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