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Israeli forces continue their campaign of widespread arrests in the occupied Palestinian territories - International Press Center photo

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Saturday, July 23, 2011
Israel refuses to allow prisoner hospital treatment
7/23/2011 - JENIN (Ma'an) -- The Israeli prison administration has repeatedly refused to allow Palestinian prisoner Samer Juma medical treatment, relatives of the detainee told Ma'an. Juma, 24, needs medical attention after being tortured during interrogation by Israeli security officials, his mother said. Juma's mother said he was arrested from his family....

Israel faces court deadline to demolish illegal outpost
7/23/2011 - LONDON (Ma'an) -- Israel's government is on course for a major clash with Israeli settlers in the West Bank as a court deadline to destroy three homes built without permission is set to expire, reports say. The Independent newspaper reported Saturday that Israel's high court last month ordered the destruction....

Turkish PM reiterates support for Palestinian UN bid
7/23/2011 - ISTANBUL (Ma'an) -- Turkish PM Recep Tayyib Erdogan and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas addressed a conference of Palestinian Authority foreign ambassadors in Istanbul on Saturday. In the opening speech, Erdogan expressed his desire to see Palestinian reconciliation completed as soon as possible. He also reasserted that Turkey would continue to support the Palestinian people....

Erdogan: No normalization unless Israel apologizes
7/23/2011 - ISTANBUL, Turkey (AFP) -- Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Saturday it was "unthinkable" for Ankara to normalize relations with Israel until it apologized over its bloody raid on a Turkish ship heading for Gaza." As long as Israel does not apologize to Turkey, pay compensation to the families of the victims and lift its....

Gaza health official: PA failing to send medicine
7/23/2011 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Gaza Ministry of Health spokesman Ashraf Al-Qedra on Saturday accused the Palestinian Authority of trying to obstruct national unity by failing to send sufficient medicine to the Gaza Strip. Al-Qedra said the Hamas-run health ministry sent lists of Gaza's medical needs to the PA but that the Ramallah-based....

4 Islamic Jihad members killed in Gaza car crash
7/23/2011 - GAZA (Ma'an) - Four members of the Islamic Jihad's Al-Quds Brigades were killed in a traffic accident in Gaza on Friday. The accident took place near Khan Younis, a Ma'an correspondent said, and reports indicate that a leader of the armed wing of Islamic Jihad was amongst the dead. The....

Fatah official urges release of affiliates detained in Ramallah
7/23/2011 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Fatah Revolutionary Council member Sufian Abu Zaidah on Saturday urged President Mahmoud Abbas to order the release of Fatah affiliates detained in Ramallah on Thursday. Abu Zaidah said Fatah affiliates were detained by security forces from the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority. He said they were arrested because they were originally from....

Shaath: Palestinian state will contribute to regional peace
7/23/2011 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Fatah central committee member Nabil Shaath said Friday that the establishment of a Palestinian state will contribute to bringing peace and justice to the Middle East. Speaking at an event in Ramallah organized by the Latin Church, Shaath said that the Palestinians should head to the UN in September to announce....

Abbas urges foreign ambassadors to mobilize for UN bid
7/23/2011 - ISTANBUL (Ma'an) -- Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has urged foreign ambassadors from the Palestinian Authority to "mobilize for the September UN bid." Speaking on Friday in Istanbul, Abbas told foreign envoys that they will not be able to take time off until after September, official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported. PA foreign minister Riyad....

Fatah Youth condemns Norway attacks, over 90 killed
7/23/2011 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Fatah Youth released a statement on Saturday condemning attacks in Norway which have reportedly killed over 90 people." It is with consternation that we have received the dramatic news of an awful terrorist attack against a summer camp ran by our comrades of Norwegian Labor Youth 'AUF,'" the statement....

Senior Fatah official suffers heart attack
7/23/2011 - NABLUS (Ma'an) -- Senior Fatah official Rouhi Fattouh was admitted to hospital in Ramallah after suffering a heart attack, Palestinian Authority Minister of Health Fathi Abu Moghli said Saturday. Fattouh, a former advisor to President Mahmoud Abbas, was released from the Palestine Medical Compound after undergoing medical tests Abu Moghli said. The health minister....

Fake slimming pills seized in Jenin
7/23/2011 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- The Palestinian Authority's customs agency seized a batch of slimming pills in the Jenin district on Saturday." Custom agents informed police at the Allenby crossing about two suspects, and as one of them arrived from Jordan, police alarmed us. We followed them until they arrived home in Jenin, and....

Money forger seized in Gaza
7/23/2011 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The Hamas government in Gaza arrested a major money forger on Saturday. Police raided a home in Khan Younis after receiving information about large quantities of counterfeit money, a police statement to Ma'an said. Over 3,000 forged five shekel coins were seized by police. The man was detained....

Iran says dialogue of 'equals' possible with US
7/23/2011 - TEHRAN (AFP) -- Iran may consider dialogue with the United States as long as it is between "equals" and Washington respects its people's rights, Foreign Minster Ali Akbar Salehi said in an interview on Friday." We have not ruled out establishing relations with other countries barring the Zionist regime [Israel], but it is possible....

UN fears crimes against humanity in Syria
7/23/2011 - DAMASCUS (AFP) -- UN officials have said Syrian security forces may have committed crimes against humanity in their crackdown on protesters, as at least eight more civilians were killed in massive protests against President Bashar Al-Assad's rule. The UN concerns were expressed in a statement late Friday by Francis Deng, special adviser to Secretary....

Egypt's under-fire ruler commits to democracy
7/23/2011 - CAIRO (AFP) -- Egypt's military ruler on Saturday stressed the army's commitment to democracy, as protesters kept up pressure on the general over the slow pace of reforms since a revolt ousted Hosni Mubarak. Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi, the head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and Mubarak's....

Palestinian Authority; Running on Empty.
Palestine Note 23 Jul 2011 - Perhaps it will do good for Salam Fayyad to pick up the phone, better yet to take the short walk to the office of the Israeli Military Governor for Judea and Samaria (the Boss) and ask for the $300 millions...

Belgium ban on Islamic veil comes into force
AlJazeera 23 Jul 2011 - After France, a second country in Europe prohibits the wearing of the burqa and niqab in public.

Bin Hammam to appeal against FIFA life ban
AlJazeera 23 Jul 2011 - Asian Football Chief rejects findings of an ethics committee hearing which said he was guilty of attempted bribery.

Latvia looks set to dissolve parliament
AlJazeera 23 Jul 2011 - Almost 95 per cent of those who voted support dissolution, following earlier attempt by ex-president to curb corruption.

Dozens die on derailed Chinese bullet train
AlJazeera 23 Jul 2011 - Ultra-fast trains collide after loss of power, causing two carriages to fall from bridge, killing 32 people.

Violent clashes erupt in Egyptian capital
AlJazeera 23 Jul 2011 - At least 231 injured after knife-wielding men attack pro-reform protesters marching to defence ministry in Cairo.

Iranian nuclear scientist shot dead in Tehran
AlJazeera 23 Jul 2011 - Dariush Rezai-Nejad killed in front of his home in the capital, after two gunmen on motorcycles opened fire.

Syrian flashpoint city mourns Friday deaths
AlJazeera 23 Jul 2011 - Funerals held for three protesters killed during anti-government demonstrations on Friday in Homs.

Abbas: Israeli policy forced UN statehood bid
AlJazeera 23 Jul 2011 - Palestinian president says Israel's refusal to halt settlement building has forced his people to seek recognition at UN.

Dutch Band Brings Music to Palestinian Streets
PNN - PNN Exclusive /By Liza Oliver - Dutch band, De Fanfare van de Eerste Lief des Nacht (the First Night of Love Brass Band) performed in the streets of Beit Sehour Saturday night,...

Community Leader: Israel is Hunting down International Supporters
PNN - Bethlehem – PNN Exclusive - Sami Awad, director of Holy Land Trust, a local NGO that works in developing nonviolent resistance in Palestine, warned on Saturday that Israel is targeting international supporters...

President Abbas: Going to the UN is our Choice and Came after Negotiations Reached a Deadlock
PNN - Istanbul – PNN – On Saturday morning Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas opened a conference for Palestinian ambassadors in Istanbul. During his speech, President Abbas, said that we want to coexist with Israel...

IDF shoots live ammunition at ISM activists at sea
7/23/2011 - International Solidarity Movement - 24 July 2011, International Solidarity Movement - On Saturday the ISM crew for CPS Gaza rode out on the trawler that rescued us during the second attack on the Oliva on Thursday, July 14th.   As I mentioned before, the Oliva project is currently on an indefinite hiatus.   Nils, Joe and I went to the port at....

One demonstrator was hit with shrapnel and dozens suffered from tear gas inhalation during the anti-wall weekly protest
7/23/2011 - International Solidarity Movement - Ni'linVillage. org Today in Ni'lin, one demonstrator was hit with shrapnel and dozens suffered from tear gas inhalation during the suppression by the Israeli occupation forces of the anti-wall weekly protest. The march organized by The Ni'lin Popular Committee was supported by many Palestinians, International's and Israeli.... Related: Ni'lin Village: Solidarity with Ni'lin town's just struggle against the apartheid wall

Egypt to close Rafah crossing Saturday
23 Jul 2011 - Gaza Strip, (Pal Telegraph)- Rafah border crossing-the only entrance to Gaza-will be closed Saturday by the Egyptian authorities because of celebrations and will be opened on Sunday, according to Ayyub Abu Shaar, the director of Rafah crossing.

Extremist settlers attack Qasra village
23 Jul 2011 - West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Extremist settlers attacked yesterday Qasra village in the south of Nablus and slaughtered cattle owned by Palestinians.

Turkey PM: I won't visit Gaza if Israel apologizes for flotilla raid
Ha'aretz - Erdogan: We support Palestinian statehood bid; Netanyahu to convene top ministersto mull Mavi Marmara apology.

Israelis rank economy as top concern, survey finds
Ha'aretz - More Israelis dissatisfied with the government's social, economic policies than with international political situation, says poll conducted by the War and Peace Index.

Tens of thousands march in Tel Aviv to protest housing shortage, high rent prices
Ha'aretz - Demonstrators call on government to find a sustainable solution to the housing crisis; at least 15 people arrested in protests following main rally.

Iran nuclear scientist shot dead in Tehran
Ha'aretz - According to Iranian media reports, assailants on a motorcycle killed a 35-year-old Iranian nuclear physicist outside his home and wounded his wife.

British Jewish singer Amy Winehouse found dead
Ha'aretz - Police discover the body of the 27-year-old singer at her London apartment; death being treated as 'unexplained'.

Norway terror suspect attacked Islam, multiculturalism online
Ha'aretz - Anders Behring Breivik, 32, has been charged for the attacks in Norway in which at least 91 people were killed.

Israeli students shine at international math competition
Ha'aretz - Israeli whiz kids walk away from competition with 1 gold, 4 bronze medals, as Israel reaches 23rd spot out of 101 teams.

Cabinet to approve recovery plan for fire-ravaged Carmel region
Ha'aretz - State has not yet located funding for the NIS 55 million program, which aims to restore scorched Carmel environment and reduce risks of future fires.

Report: Islamic Jihad leader killed in Gaza road accident
Ha'aretz - Leader of Islamic Jihad military wing among four killed in vehicle collision near Khan Yunis, Ma'an news agency reports.

Turkish PM: No normalization with Israel without apology, end of Gaza blockade
Ha'aretz - Speaking at a conference in Istanbul, Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterates his demand for an apology and compensation for those killed on the Gaza-bound ship last year.

Comment: ‘There’s a hole in my bucket’
Jerusalem Post 23 Jul 2011 - Some steps to address the housing crisis have already been taken, but even if they are successful the crisis at large will be far from over.

From Juba to Jerusalem
Jerusalem Post 23 Jul 2011 - Israel has the opportunity to midwife the birth of the UN’s newest member.

The Kurdish case
Jerusalem Post 23 Jul 2011 - The unilateral declaration of Kurdish autonomy in Turkey was greeted with deadly silence. The world couldn’t care less.

Tens of thousands rally in Tel Aviv for affordable housing
Jerusalem Post 23 Jul 2011 - In largest social demonstration in years, people march from Habima Square to TA Museum, chanting “we want social justice, not charity”; PM expected to unveil plan to address housing shortage; around 20 arrested.

Can universities study anti-Semitism honestly?
Jerusalem Post 23 Jul 2011 - Recent history at Yale indicates that doing so might be too costly.

PM: Israel identifies with 'deep pain and grief' of Norway
Jerusalem Post 23 Jul 2011 - Norwegian police search for more victims of suspected right-wing extremist's shooting spree; up to 98 believed dead in attacks.

My Word: In tents and purposes
Jerusalem Post 23 Jul 2011 - It is not only the cost of housing that needs to be addressed, we simply cannot afford to ignore the underlying social issues.

Dozens injured in clashes during demonstrations in Cairo
Jerusalem Post 23 Jul 2011 - Civilians believed to be thugs hurled barrages of stones and firebombs at demonstrators urging Egypt's military rulers to speed reforms.

Tens of thousands mass in TA tent city for march, rally
Jerusalem Post 23 Jul 2011 - Busloads of people protesting high price of rents arrive at Bima Square for march to Tel Aviv Museum where rally scheduled to take place.

UK singer Amy Winehouse found dead in London
Jerusalem Post 23 Jul 2011 - The 27-year-old Jewish singer was found at her home in North London; police say her death is "being treated as unexplained."

'Failure of peace talks forced Palestinian statehood bid'
Jerusalem Post 23 Jul 2011 - Abbas says PA plan to seek recognition of state at UN in September is not a unilateral move, but rather the result of "Israeli intransigence."

Abbas: UN statehood bid is not a unilateral act
Jerusalem Post 23 Jul 2011 - PA president says failure of peace talks forced Palestinian statehood bid, move not aimed at delegitimizing or isolating Israel.

Erdogan: 'Unthinkable' for ties to improve before apology
Jerusalem Post 23 Jul 2011 - Speaking just days before the submission of a UN report on the 'Mavi Marmara' raid, Turkish PM says "we have not forgotten, nor will we forget."

Dahlan returns to W. Bank to answer coup charges
Jerusalem Post 23 Jul 2011 - After being expelled from Fatah for allegations he lead a plot to undermine the Palestinian Authority, Dahlan vows to prove innocence.

Dahlan returns to West Bank to fight corruption charges
Jerusalem Post 23 Jul 2011 - After being expelled from Fatah for allegations he lead a plot to undermine the Palestinian Authority, Dahlan vows to prove innocence.

French Muslims, Jews build friendships with Facebook
Jerusalem Post 23 Jul 2011 - A groundbreaking group is fostering a social network community where members can interact directly online about the issues that divide them.

'Egypt committed to maintaining existing int'l agreements'
Jerusalem Post 23 Jul 2011 - Head of military council in charge of Egypt says Cairo will continue to support the Middle East peace process in televised speech.

'Iranian nuclear scientist killed in Tehran'
Jerusalem Post 23 Jul 2011 - Gov't minister says unclear whether Darioush Rezaie, a university teacher, was a nuclear scientist; police investigations are continuing.

Norway massacre suspect attacked Islam online
Jerusalem Post 23 Jul 2011 - Anders Behring Breivik, detained after 85 people gunned down at youth camp, criticized European policies of multiculturalism.

Syrian officials: 'Saboteurs' derail train, driver killed
Jerusalem Post 23 Jul 2011 - Train carrying over 400 troops, civilians derails after "saboteur groups" dismantle section of railway near Homs, governor says; several hurt.

Blasts hit military college in Syria's Homs, say residents
Jerusalem Post 23 Jul 2011 - 2 explosions, gunfire heard from inside Syrian Army War College; ambulance seen heading to compound; injured taken to hospital.

Gallery: Bombing in Oslo's government district kills 7
Jerusalem Post 23 Jul 2011 - Suspected car bomb blows out the windows of the prime minister's building before gunman goes on shooting spree in youth camp.

Syrian forces kill 11 in Damascus and Homs
Jerusalem Post 22 Jul 2011 - Footage shows police fatally shooting 12-year-old in capital; Assad adviser: Unrest serves Israel; forces clamp down on Kurds

Cooking on both burners
Jerusalem Post 22 Jul 2011 - Going for round two, the immensely popular Hebrew-language "Master Chef" returns for another season.

[] Man killed in Iran shooting was student, not nuclear scientist
Uruknet July 23, 2011 - Iran said the victim of a deadly shooting Saturday was a university student, not a physicist involved in the country's nuclear program as state media had first reported. A mix-up over the victim's name apparently led to the confusion, the English-language Press TV said. Initial reports said a pair of gunmen firing from motorcycles...

[] Fade to White: The Tender Treatment of Christian Terror
Uruknet July 23, 2011 - There is not much to say about the horrific events in Norway, beyond this general observation. If a white, Christian nationalist carries out such atrocities, then he is, inevitably and always, a "lone nut," an outlier, emblematic of nothing but his own individual lunacy. But if a Muslim-- or any person of color or...

[] Another war crime: NATO Bombs Libyan Water Pipe
Uruknet July 23, 2011 - NATO hit the Libyan water supply pipeline. It will take months to repair. Then on Saturday they hit the pipeline factory producing pipes to repair it. Since when is a water pipes factory in al-Brega a legitimate target to impose a no-fly zone to protect civilians? Sine when is the water supply pipeline itself...

[] Palestinian refugees turn against Syria's regime
Uruknet July 23, 2011 - ... "We will not accept to be a bargaining chip for the Syrian regime," said Abu Ammar, 50, a Palestinian refugee living in Yarmouk, a poor southern suburb of Damascus and the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Syria. "The regime wants to use us against the pro-democracy protesters but I think most Palestinian refugees in...

[] Norway suspect laid out detailed plans for violence against "traitors," Muslims
Uruknet July 23, 2011 - Anders Behring Breivik saw himself as a holy warrior and crusader engaged in a war against a "Marxist-Islamist alliance" that he feared would take over Europe if not stopped. He hoped by his actions to inspire "thousands" to follow in his path. He described himself as a "martyr" and "resistance fighter." He described members...

[] Boycott the state, not just the settlements
Uruknet July 23, 2011 - Recent legislation passed in the Israeli Knesset, which many people call the "Anti-BDS" bill, has raised a number of questions about a rising tide of "fascism" in Israel. This language is not only used by Palestinian critics, who have long borne the brunt of Israel's undemocratic policies. Now, many Israeli and Jewish-American writers can...

[] Israel refuses to allow prisoner hospital treatment
Uruknet July 23, 2011 - - The Israeli prison administration has repeatedly refused to allow Palestinian prisoner Samer Juma medical treatment, relatives of the detainee told Ma'an. Juma, 24, needs medical attention after being tortured during interrogation by Israeli security officials, his mother said. Juma's mother said he was arrested from his family home in Jenin in August 2008...

[] Iran denies shooting down US spy plane, saying it only hit a test target
Uruknet July 23, 2011 - Iran's Revolutionary Guard denied Friday that it shot down an unmanned U.S. spy plane over a uranium enrichment site, saying that its air defenses had only hit a test target. The statement carried on the official IRNA news agency was in response to a claim earlier this week by Iranian lawmaker Ali Aghazadeh Dafsari,...

[] Child victims of Syria
Uruknet July 23, 2011 - 12-year-old Talha Dalal was buried Saturday after doctors lost the battle to save his life after he was shot in the head during a protest last Friday. While in a protest march in the Jobar neighbourhood of Damascus on Friday 15 June, Talha was shot in the head by Syrian security forces, according to...

[] The Fix Is In: Washington's Planned Social Contract Destruction
Uruknet July 23, 2011 - The criminal class in Washington is bipartisan, united against working household interests. In fact, lawmakers yield on virtually everything big money wants, notably when banks and other corporate favorites are affected. Last December, Obama capitulated to Republicans, rigging a deal for up to $1 trillion dollars in handouts, mostly to corporate giants and America's...

[] 143 hurt at clashes in Cairo, two activists reportedly kidnapped
Uruknet July 23, 2011 - At least 143 peoplewere injured in Cairo's Abbasseya district on Saturday when thousands of demonstrators fought opponents with stones after marching to the Defense Ministry to urge their military rulers to speed up reforms, the Health Ministry said. Central Security and military forces cordoned protesters in Abbasseya, while residents threw stones and molotov cocktails...

Uruknet July 23, 2011 - --ATTENTION- ONE MORE CATASTROPHIC VIOLATION OF THE 'NO FLY ZONE' AND S.COUNCIL RESOLUTION !! ... This airplane is not shot down nor forcedly landed on the ground! It's one more violation of the UN resolution. In NAFUSA MOUNTAINS airplanes regularly land on the ground. "Runway for training" have regularly seen cargo planes with ARMS from Tunisia.....

[] How a clueless "terrorism expert" set media suspicion on Muslims after Oslo horror
Uruknet July 23, 2011 - Immediately after news of the bombing of government buildings in Norway's capital Oslo, the Internet buzzed with speculation about who might have done it and why. Most speculation focused on so-called Islamist militancy and Muslims. The urge to speculate after grave events is understandable, but the focus of speculation, its amplification through social media,...

[] The omnipotence of Al Qaeda and meaninglessness of "Terrorism"
Uruknet July 23, 2011 - For much of the day yesterday, the featured headline on The New York Times online front page strongly suggested that Muslims were responsible for the attacks on Oslo; that led to definitive statements on the BBC and elsewhere that Muslims were the culprits. The Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin wrote a whole column based on...

[] OCHA: 2011 sees more West Bank demolitions than last two years combined
Uruknet July 23, 2011 - A report by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) released Friday revealed an alarming increase in the number of home demolitions this year in Area C of the occupied West Bank. It documents that the total number of Palestinian structures destroyed by the Israeli occupation authorities so far in 2011...

[] Libya rebels report loss of Qatrun
Uruknet July 23, 2011 - Libyan rebel fighters have lost control of the southwestern oasis town of Qatrun after an attack by forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi, a member of the local Toubou tribe told AFP on Saturday. Gadhafi's troops swept in from the north on Thursday, forcing rebel fighters from the town, according to Mohammed Lino, who relayed...

[] Benghazi "Rebels" Lynching Blacks In Libya
Uruknet July 23, 2011 - Watch this linked video of an anti-Black lynch mob and you will understand why The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, the BBC and other major news organizations have never followed up on The Wall Street Journal's June 21 article about ethnic cleansing of Black Libyans in Misurata by the "Brigade for the...

[] Gaza passengers await the unknown
Uruknet July 22, 2011 - The Rafah Crossing, given the Israeli control and lockdown of Gaza's sea and land ports, is the region's sole avenue to the outside world. Some waiting to leave are not critical medical cases and simply seek to visit family or to escape factional fighting and Israeli air bombings of the coastal strip. But due...

[] Iraq: Mehdi Army splinters into hit squads, gangs
Uruknet July 22, 2011 - Anti-U.S. cleric Moqtada al-Sadr's Mehdi Army has spawned dozens of renegade splinter groups which frequently assassinate Iraqi officials on behalf of foreign sponsors, Sadrist and security officials say..."They have turned into mercenary groups which have no ideology or specific agenda. They are more like contract killers," said Major-General Hassan al-Baidhani, chief of staff for...

[] Prison 101
Uruknet July 22, 2011 - During the first Intifada which erupted during the late 1980s, countless numbers of Palestinians found themselves behind bars. Conditions were torturous, sometimes deadly; the cost of resisting the occupation was high. During their time spent in a military prison on the outskirts of Nablus, which now sits abandoned, three Palestinian men from Askar refugee...

[] Palestinian women tell their stories in "Suspended Lives"
Uruknet July 22, 2011 - Thirty-six large photographs depicting former Palestinian women prisoners and their families were hung in Ramallah's Al Mahatta Gallery earlier this month, accompanied by the photographed subjects' words inked in Arabic on the gallery's steel-grey walls. The recorded voices of the former prisoners, interspersed with a haunting melody played on a cello, echoed throughout the...

[] Shelling by security forces in south Yemen town kills young girl and her mother
Uruknet July 22, 2011 - Shelling by Yemeni security forces killed a young girl and her mother Friday, and army forces fought with Islamists who have overrun a southern town in clashes that killed four combatants. Security across Yemen has nearly collapsed amid five months of mass protests seeking to topple the regime of longtime President Ali Abdullah Saleh....

[] Exclusive: U.S. Blocks Oversight of Its Mercenary Army in Iraq
Uruknet July 22, 2011 - By January 2012, the State Department will do something it's never done before: command a mercenary army the size of a heavy combat brigade. That's the plan to provide security for its diplomats in Iraq once the U.S. military withdraws. And no one outside State knows anything more, as the department has gone to...

[] Man held after Norway attacks right-wing extremist: report
Uruknet July 22, 2011 - The Norwegian man detained after twin attacks in Norway on Friday that killed at least 17 people has links to right-wing extremism, independent Norwegian television TV2 reported on Saturday, without disclosing its sources. Police were searching a flat in west Oslo where the man lived, TV2 said....

Libya rebels report loss of Qatrun
Daily Star 23 Jul 2011 Libyan rebel fighters have lost control of the southwestern oasis town of Qatrun after an attack by forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi, a member of the local Toubou tribe tells AFP.

No normalization unless Israel apologizes: Erdogan
Daily Star 23 Jul 2011 Turkish Prime Minister says it is "unthinkable" for Ankara to normalize relations with Israel until it apologized over its bloody raid on a Turkish ship heading for Gaza.

Syrian train derailed, civilians arrested in Homs: reports
Daily Star 23 Jul 2011 Syrian security forces arrest several civilians, including women, in the flashpoint central city of Homs where gunfire was also heard, activists tell AFP.

Egypt nabs people trying to enter Libya illegally
Daily Star 23 Jul 2011 Egypt's military arrested 17 people for entering a military zone and trying to illegally cross into Libya, state news agency MENA said Saturday.

Egyptian army rulers promise transition to democracy
Daily Star 23 Jul 2011 Egypt's interim military rulers are committed to transforming the Arab world's most populous nation into a democracy, Field Marshall Mohamed Hussein Tantawi said in a televised address on Saturday.

Yemen tribes say they stop militant convoy in south
Daily Star 23 Jul 2011 Tribal forces working with the Yemeni army halted on Friday a convoy of militants heading to the southern town of Zinjibar where government troops are fighting to dislodge Islamists, a tribal source said.

Information Branch director to be included in ISF shake-up
Daily Star 22 Jul 2011 A series of long-awaited appointments and transfers of officers within the Internal Security Forces are awaiting the formation of a new Command Council within the ISF...

U.S. stalls Hezbollah prisoner transfer over release fears
Daily Star 22 Jul 2011 Plans to transfer a top commander of Hezbollah who is being held in Baghdad from U.S. to Iraqi custody have been put on hold amid fears in Washington that he will ultimately escape or be freed...

Bahiya Hariri warns country’s situation delicate
Daily Star 22 Jul 2011 Sidon MP Bahiya Hariri warned Friday that the political situation in Lebanon was very delicate, and called on rival factions to engage in dialogue to resolve their differences.

Bassil: Government making haste on maritime borders
Daily Star 22 Jul 2011 Energy Minister Gibran Bassil said Friday Lebanon was moving quickly on the Lebanese-Israeli maritime border issue.

Mikati to pursue false witnesses issue further
Daily Star 22 Jul 2011 By bringing up the issue of false witnesses linked to the U.N. probe into the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri during an interview with CNN last Monday...

Williams’ warnings draw mixed reactions
Daily Star 22 Jul 2011 A warning from U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams that ongoing unrest in Syria could jeopardize Lebanon’s security received mixed reaction from lawmakers Friday.

Tripoli protest links Iran and Israel ‘projects’
Daily Star 22 Jul 2011 Dozens of protesters marched in the northern city of Tripoli Friday in support of the popular uprisings in Syria, as thousands of Syrians continued their demonstrations against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime.

Day of fury: Housing protestors converge on Tel Aviv
YNet News, 23 Jul 2011 - Nationwide protestors gather in Tel Aviv: Tens of thousands of Israelis angry over skyrocketing housing prices hit Tel Aviv's streets Saturday evening for a march and ... ....

Iran media: Wrong man killed
YNet News, 23 Jul 2011 - Iran's semi-official Fars news agency has denied that a physicist involved in the country's disputed nuclear program was assassinated. The news agency said the wrong ... ....

New soldiers want Golani
YNet News, 23 Jul 2011 - IDF's 2011 recruitment round underway: The army's round of recruitment to IDF field units will official open Sunday, with the first day of recruitment for the Golani ... ....

Qassam effect? Farmers showcase huge pumpkins
YNet News, 23 Jul 2011 - Farmers from the community of Kfar Maimon in southern Israel presented huge pumpkins in a Beersheba market over the weekend, noting that the unusual vegetables were grown ... ....

Syria: Protest movement sabotaged train
YNet News, 23 Jul 2011 - A passenger train derailed and caught fire in central Syria Saturday, killing the driver and injuring 14 passengers, after "saboteurs" tore out part of the tracks, Syrian ... ....

Survivor says Norway blast 'like 9/11'
YNet News, 23 Jul 2011 - A Norwegian gunman disguised as a police officer beckoned his victims closer before shooting them one by one, claiming at least 85 lives, in a horrific killing spree on ... ....

Gaza commander killed in accident
YNet News, 23 Jul 2011 - A commander in the al-Quds Brigades, Islamic Jihad's military wing, was killed in a traffic accident that occurred Saturday near the southern Gaza town of Khan Younis. ... ....

Horror in Norway: At least 92 killed in shooting, bombing
YNet News, 23 Jul 2011 - Carnage in Norway: Gunman with links to far Right murdered at least 85....

Gunman's background puzzles Norway police
YNet News, 23 Jul 2011 - Blond, blue-eyed suspect in attack grew vegetables, expressed rightist,....

Israel intends to seize more W. Bank lands to kill future Palestinian state
PIC - Haaretz newspaper disclosed an Israeli plan to annex more lands in the West Bank aimed at dismembering it further and thus eliminating any chance to establish a Palestinian state.

Abbas says statehood results would not stop peace talks with Israel
PIC - PA President Mahmoud Abbas has said that no matter what results take place in the bid to seek statehood with the United Nations, it would not stop negotiations with the Israelis.

Zahhar: Abbas's insistence on Fayyad disrupts the reconciliation
PIC - Member of Hamas's political bureau Mahmoud Al-Zahhar, said Mahmoud Abbas's insistence on Salam Fayyad as the premier of the next Palestinian government would thwart the national reconciliation.

Israel to carry out two new Jewish settlement projects in East Jerusalem
PIC - Israel plans on carrying out new settlement projects in Har Homa and Pisgat Ze'ev, Jewish settlements established in occupied East Jerusalem, Israel's weekly newspaper Kol Ha'ir has revealed.

IOF uproots, robs 100 olive trees
PIC - The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) uprooted 100 olive trees from Beit Egza village, northwest of occupied Jerusalem, and took them in trucks to an unknown destination.

Foreign press slams Netanyahu's office for persistent humiliation of reporters
PIC - The foreign press association in Israel condemned the continued harassment of foreign reporters who arrive at the Israeli premier's office's media events.

OCHA: 2011 sees more West Bank demolitions than last two years combined
PIC - A report by OCHA released Friday revealed an alarming increase in the number of home demolitions this year in Area C of the occupied West Bank.

Dughmush discusses Rafah crossing, reconciliation with Egyptian intelligence
PIC - Secretary general of the popular resistance committees Zakaria Dughmush met in Cairo with Egyptian intelligence officials for a discussion on easing traffic restrictions on the Rafah crossing.

Gov't appeals for end to Israel's violation of detainees' right to education
PIC - The Palestinian government appealed to the world's organizations concerned with education and culture to intervene with Israel to stop denying the Palestinian prisoners their right to education.

Norway attacks draw condemnation from pro-Palestinian organizations
PIC - The twin attacks in Oslo that left some 90 dead have drawn strong condemnation by pro-Palestinian organizations on Saturday.

Washington says PA should fight resistance to get money
PIC - 23/07/2011 - 05:58 AM

Family of mentally ill captive want him released immediately
PIC - 23/07/2011 - 06:24 AM

Jewish settlers assault shepherd, start fire in olive trees
PIC - 23/07/2011 - 08:22 AM

French peace activists detained, expelled to Jordan
PIC - 23/07/2011 - 08:24 AM

Sabri: 'Bitter situation' in Jerusalem needs urgent action by Arabs, Muslims
PIC - 23/07/2011 - 10:14 AM

Israeli Soldiers Uproot 100 Olive Trees in Jerusalem Area Village

Abbas Meets Erdogan in Istanbul

Abbas says UN Resolution 181 gave Palestinians Right to a State

Abbas, Erdogan Open Palestinian Ambassadors Conference in Istanbul

PAUL BALLES: Murdoch, Media and Intellectual Terrorism
Intifada-Palestine: 23 Jul 2011 - ” It’s not a democracy when a realm is controlled by an unelected power broker with enforcers who run the government for another country”. Paul Balles The past week’s news has been dominated by reports of scandals in Rupert Murdoch’s media... more

The Grumpy Diplomats of the Rogue State
Intifada-Palestine: 23 Jul 2011 - The real reason for Israeli diplomats’ headaches. ( Claudia Gabriela Marques Vieira / Flickr ) by Ilan Pappe   The Electronic Intifada The Israeli ambassador to Spain , Raphael Schutz, has just finished his term in Madrid. In an op-ed in Haaretz’s Hebrew edition he... more

ISRAEL SHAMIR: Why Palestine is Important
Intifada-Palestine: 23 Jul 2011 - Zion as a Vision of Empire Photo Yuri Kozyrev By ISRAEL SHAMIR Palestine is important not because it is as beautiful as Tuscany, nor because the Palestinians are suffering, and not even because it is occupied by a Jewish state. What... more

Hillary Cracks the Whip
Intifada-Palestine: 23 Jul 2011 - While it would seem that international conferencing and seeking to overthrow two regimes would make for a busy weekend for even the most peripathetic secretary of state, Hillary also decided to whack her host, Turkey. by Philip Giraldi Secretary of State... more

Police in Libya rebel capital pivot from oppressor to protector
LA Times 22 Jul 2011 - The police force in Benghazi, the Libyan rebel stronghold, is 6,000 poorly trained and woefully equipped men struggling to establish law and order in the middle of a revolution. Officer Sharif Ganasi was working the 4 p.m.-to-midnight shift, cruising the trash-strewn streets of Benghazi, alert...

Man killed in Iran shooting was student, not nuclear scientist
LA Times 23 Jul 2011 - A mix-up over names apparently led to initial reports that the man slain in Tehran was a scientist involved in the country's nuclear program. Iran said the victim of a deadly shooting Saturday was a university student, not a physicist involved in the country's nuclear...

Hundreds of thousands of Syrians protest against regime
LA Times 22 Jul 2011 - Five people are reported slain, as security forces face off with defiant protesters in Aleppo, Homs, Hama and Dair Alzour among other cities. In widespread, unyielding defiance of President Bashar Assad's authoritarian regime, protests erupted across Syria after midday prayers Friday, drawing hundreds of thousands,...

Doubts Grow in Egypt About Trial for Mubarak
New York Times 23 Jul 2011 - Some activists say that setting a trial date of Aug. 3 for former President Hosni Mubarak was just an element of political theater.

AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): Nighttime home raids in the Old City
Christian Peacemaker Teams - Palestine - Raheb asked the soldiers, "Why are you here?"  The only answer she received was,  "Where are your men?"  As it happened, soldiers were detaining the men of the household outside on the street.  Two of Raheb's five daughters slept through the raid, while the other three...

MSNBC discusses the urgency of the I/P issue, but promotes claim that ‘everybody knows minor land swaps’ will create two states
Mondoweiss - A little forward movement the other day on MSNBC. First Martin Bashir's guest host Richard Lui allowed Anthony Summers ("The Eleventh Day" about Osama BinLaden and  Saudi royal funding of Sept. 11 attacks) to name "the Palestine/Israel issue" as "driving" the hijackers, as well as to...

‘Tears of Gaza’ – lest our tears dry up
Mondoweiss - ' Tears of Gaza ' by Vibeke Lokkeberg is a documentary film that should be watched by every American, to see how Israel spends our taxes. Every European should watch it, to see the true face of Israel. It should be viewed by every Arab, to renew...

Sullivan’s rule, or How the paradigm of Jewish liberalism morphed into selfish blindness
Mondoweiss - Andrew Sullivan quotes Michael Koplow on the boycott legislation in Israel, then offers a rule: "Israel cannot afford to erode its liberal democratic credentials much further." And yet it does. Because that is what domestic politics in an increasingly religious and illiberal Israel demand. The only...

The Norway massacre and the nexus of Islamophobia and right-wing Zionism
Mondoweiss - Details on the culprit behind yesterday's massacre in Norway , which saw car bombings in Oslo and a mass shooting attack on the island of Utoya that caused the deaths of at least 91 people, have begun to emerge.  While it...

Are you stupid enough to be a blogger for the Washington Post? Take the Norway test
Mondoweiss - Amazing. Neoconservative Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin blames the Norwegian horror on jihadists, and Jim Fallows nails her . Rubin: We don't know if al Qaeda was directly responsible for today's events, but in all likelihood the attack was launched by part of the jihadist hydra. She...

Breivik, Rightist Mass Murderer, ‘Atlas Shrugged’ Contributor
Tikun Olam - Anders Behring Beivik, far-right terrorist accused of killing 80 A far-right Norwegian nationalist with ardent anti-Muslim views levelled savage blows at the mainstream political culture of his country with massive attacks on the government building housing the prime minister’s office and a summer camp at which...

UNESCO and Jerusalem
Middle East Monitor 23 Jul 2011 - The recent reference by the United Nations Educational, Science and Culture Organisation (UNESCO) to the occupied city of Jerusalem as the "capital of Israel" was both surprising and contrary to previous decisions of the organisation itself. The latter have emphasised that Jerusalem is an occupied Arab...

Iran 'nuclear' scientist killed
BBC 23 Jul 2011 - An Iranian scientist said to be linked to the country's nuclear programme is shot dead outside his home in Tehran, Iranian media sources say.

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