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Israeli forces continue their campaign of widespread arrests in the occupied Palestinian territories - International Press Center photo

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Monday, July 4, 2011
US Flotilla activists begin open-ended hunger strike in Greece
IMEMC - Monday July 04, 2011 - 21:42, Members of the U.S. Boat to Gaza have begun an open-ended fast calling on the U.S. government to defend their right to sail out of Greece. The Greek government has issued a directive effectively seizing control over all Gaza-bound boats, effectively imposing a siege on the Freedom Flotilla of ten boats and hundreds of volunteers who had hoped to break the siege on the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian woman, child run over by Israeli settlers in separate incidents
IMEMC - Monday July 04, 2011 - 21:16, An Israeli settler driving near Nablus ran over a 40-year old Palestinian woman Sunday, then tried to flee the scene. Separately, an Israeli-plated vehicle ran over a 14-year old boy in Qalqilia and then drove away.

PA Salaries Cut due to Funding Shortfall
IMEMC - Monday July 04, 2011 - 15:31, The Palestinian Authority will pay only half the salaries due to its government employees this month due to a shortfall in funding from donor nations, according to PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. Fayyad made the comments during a press conference in the West Bank city of Ramallah on Sunday.

Gas Pipeline Explosion On The Northern Sinai Peninsula
IMEMC - Monday July 04, 2011 - 13:27, A controversial gas pipeline in Nagah, the Bir Abdu region, has been blown up for the third time since February on Monday, July 4, 2011. The pipeline that connected gas to Jordan and Israel has been closed down as a result of the explosion.

Israel To Return Bodies Of 84 Palestinian Fighters Buried In Israel
IMEMC - Monday July 04, 2011 - 13:05, Israel is to return the bodies of 84 Palestinian fighters killed in Israel since 1967. The deal, reached following extensive negotiations between Israel and Palestinian leaders, was announced by Palestinian Authority Minister of Civil Affairs Hussein Ash-Sheikh to Maan News on Monday.

US Flotilla Passengers Stage Hunger Strike Outside US Embassy In Athens
IMEMC - Monday July 04, 2011 - 11:09, Activists set to sail to Gaza as part of the Freedom Flotilla 2 movement, but prevented by the Greek navy and coastguard, have begun a hunger strike outside the US embassy in Athens. The activists are calling on the US government to pressure Greece to release the detained US ship's captain, John Klusmer, and to allow the flotilla leave for its destination.

Israel Issues Bids For Settlement Construction In Bethlehem, Nablus
IMEMC - Monday July 04, 2011 - 07:03, The Israeli TV reported that Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, issued direct orders allowing Jewish settlers to build hundreds of units in colonies near the West Bank cities of Bethlehem and Nablus.

Reports of new plans for settlement expansion
7/5/2011 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli television on Sunday reported plans to expand settlements south of Bethlehem and near Nablus. This would apparently be the first time that the government of Benjamin Netanyahu challenged the US administration and published tenders to build hundreds of units in Beitar Elit in Bethlehem and Shomron in Nablus. The tenders....

Greece seizes control of Gaza-bound Canada boat
7/4/2011 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Greek authorities have taken over a Canadian boat bound for the Gaza Strip in the second such incident in days, activists and journalists on board the vessel said Monday. In line with its decision to block the international flotilla from leaving port, Greek coast guard forces surrounded the ship and dragged.... Related: '30 captains' on intercepted Canadian boat

'Prisoners want popular uprising'
7/5/2011 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Prisoners in Israeli jails are calling for a popular uprising in solidarity with them, saying their situation was becoming unbearable and required practical action other than speeches and slogans. Atiyya Al-Basyouni, a Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine leader and the head of a prisoners group in Gaza, said Sunday....

Union: Settlers burn olive trees near Nablus
7/5/2011 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- The union of agricultural work committees in the village of Aqraba in Nablus said Monday that residents of the illegal Itamar settlementburned 300 olive trees. A similar incident was alleged to have occurred several months earlier, it said. The agricultural committees called on Palestinian Authority officials to intervene to stop violations....

'30 captains' on intercepted Canadian boat
7/4/2011 - ATHENS, Greece (AFP) -- Thirty pro-Palestinian activists on a Canadian boat bound for Gaza that was stopped out of a Greek port Monday for breaking a ban, defied authorities by claiming they had all captained the ship. Greek coastguards halted the Canadian vessel Tahrir about 10 minutes after it left port on the island of Crete.... Related: Greece seizes control of Gaza-bound Canada boat

PA: Israel to return Palestinian bodies
7/4/2011 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israel has agreed to return the bodies of Palestinian fighters killed since 1967 to their families, Palestinian Authority Minister of Civil Affairs Hussein Ash-Sheikh said Monday. Until now Israel has refused to return the bodies to their families. The deceased have been kept in what Israel calls "enemy fighters' cemeteries.... Related: Names of deceased Palestinians to be returned by Israel and Israel confirms deal to hand over Palestinian bodies held since 1967

1,000 Israelis enter Nablus overnight
7/5/2011 - NABLUS (Ma'an) -- Over 1,000 Israelis entered the West Bank city of Nablus overnight Sunday to visit Joseph's Tomb, witnesses and the army said. Locals said Israeli forces imposed heavy restrictions on the site, where some believe the biblical figure Joseph was buried. Dozens of Israeli soldiers were deployed to the area....

Is the PA's financial crisis genuine?
7/4/2011 - Bassam Abu Eid - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- As the Palestinian Authority blames the financial crisis for recurrent delays in paying civil servants' salaries, the public is uncertain if the crisis is genuine. Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said Sunday that government employees will only receive half their salaries in July. He said the.... Related: Union official furious over handling of salary crisis

Protest after Israel police quiz rabbis on racist book
7/5/2011 - JERUSALEM (AFP) -- Some 2,000 religious Jews demonstrated outside Israel's Supreme Court on Monday, protesting against the recent arrest of two leading rabbis who allegedly endorsed a racist book. In the past week, police have detained, questioned and released the two rabbis as part of an ongoing investigation into a book called "The King.... Related: Riots after Israel police quiz rabbi on 'racist' book

Riots after Israel police quiz rabbi on 'racist' book
7/4/2011 - JERUSALEM (AFP) -- Supporters of an Israeli rabbi questioned by detectives on Sunday over his endorsement of an allegedly racist book rioted in Jerusalem, burning tires and injuring a policeman, police said. Police spokeswoman Lubra Samri said that a total of seven people were arrested for various public disorder offenses, including a pepper spray attack on.... Related: Protest after Israel police quiz rabbis on racist book

Union official furious over handling of salary crisis
7/5/2011 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- An official with the Palestinian Authority's civil servants union expressed anger Monday after learning from news reports that the PA would be paying half salaries this month. Amjad Abu Raad said that "We should have had a chance to brief the workers on the conditions of the finance ministry.... Related: Is the PA's financial crisis genuine?

Rights group condemns dispersal of protests
7/5/2011 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights on Monday condemned measures taken by the government in Ramallah against activities organized by the Hizb ut-Tahrir movement a day earlier. On Sunday, Palestinian security services imposed restrictions on demonstrations organized by the pacifist Islamist movement commemorating the 90th anniversary of the collapse of the....

Soldiers detain 3 Palestinians at Nablus checkpoint
7/4/2011 - NABLUS (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces on Monday detained three Palestinians at Zatara checkpoint south of Nablus. Palestinian officials identified those detained asAdham Libbada, Raghib Shihab and Ayman Makhlouf. An Israeli military spokesman said they were "wanted for questioning....

Capoeira hopes to ease child trauma
7/4/2011 - JERUSALEM (IRIN) -- Shufat refugee camp, in a Palestinian neighborhood of East Jerusalem in the occupied Palestinian territory, is a difficult place for a child to grow up in."The area has very few opportunities for kids to do constructive and positive things," said Isaac Heinrich, project manager for an NGO called Bidna Capoeira."It is.... Related: Source

Names of deceased Palestinians to be returned by Israel
7/4/2011 - The Palestinian Authority's Ministry of Civil Affairs released a list Monday revealing the identities of 84 Palestinian fighters whose bodies have been held by Israel. The ministry says Israel has agreed to release the bodies to be returned to their families. Palestinian Authority Minister of Civil Affairs Hussein Ash-Sheikh told Ma'an.... Related: PA: Israel to return Palestinian bodies and Israel confirms deal to hand over Palestinian bodies held since 1967

Kerem Shalom crossing opens
7/4/2011 - GAZA (Ma'an) - Israeli forces decided to open Kerem Shalom on Wednesday for the access of food and fuel in addition to building materials for international projects in Gaza. Crossing official Raed Fattuh told Ma'an that 250 trucks loaded with aid would access the enclave. Fourteen trucks are loaded with iron, cement....

Nablus man found stabbed to death
7/5/2011 - NABLUS (Ma'an) -- Police found a man stabbed to death in his car near Nablus in the northern West Bank shortly after midnight Sunday. Police told Ma'an that 51-year-old Husni Rajih Hasan Abu Kheit, from Askar in the Nablus district, was found dead in his car five kilometers east of the....

Israel confirms deal to hand over Palestinian bodies held since 1967
7/4/2011 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israel has approved the transfer of 84 bodies from a Jordan Valley "cemetery of enemy combatants" to the Palestinian Authority, officials said Monday. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved the request months earlier following "extensive staff work and coordination with all relevant authorities," Israel's army said in a statement." Over.... Related: Names of deceased Palestinians to be returned by Israel

In photos: Palestine vs Afghanistan
7/4/2011 - MaanImages / Wajdi Jafari - Palestine advances in the World Cup, drawing 1-1 with Afghanistan in the first qualifying match to be held in the West Bank, played Sunday at the Faisal Husseini stadium in occupied East Jerusalem. Palestine defeated Afghanistan in the first round and will face Thailand on July 23....

Syrian forces move to retake flashpoint central city
7/5/2011 - DAMASCUS (AFP) -- Syrian security forces killed two anti-regime protesters near Damascus and deployed tanks in a town near Turkey's border, activists said on Monday, as the authorities eyed the recapture of Hama. More than 20 people were arrested on the outskirts of the flashpoint central city, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said....

Amnesty: Saudi Arabia detains women protesters
7/5/2011 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Two women remain in detention after being arrested in Riyadh on Sunday during a protest to demand fair trials for their relatives, Amnesty International reported Monday. Some 15 women and five children were arrested Sunday after calling for fair trials for their male relatives, who are being detained without charge - in....

Clashes as Egypt bails police accused of murders
7/5/2011 - CAIRO (AFP) -- Clashes erupted in Cairo on Monday when a court bailed seven police officers accused of killing protesters during a popular uprising that ousted president Hosni Mubarak earlier this year. Security services said family members of the victims attacked the courthouse on the outskirts of Cairo, before blocking traffic on a highway just outside....

Syrian security forces 'kill 2'
7/4/2011 - NICOSIA, Cyprus (AFP) -- Syrian security forces shot dead two anti-government protesters near Damascus and deployed tanks in a town near the Turkish border, activists said on Monday." Two demonstrators were killed and eight wounded on Sunday night as security forces opened fire to disperse a protest in Hajar Aswad," a community in Damascus province, said....

Tough conditions for Syrians in Lebanon, Turkey
7/4/2011 - BEIRUT (IRIN) -- The number of Syrians who have fled to Lebanon is fluctuating from week to week, but many have found it difficult to meet basic needs -- especially shelter, food, health care and protection -- sources say."Large families, families in extreme poverty, people with extreme medical conditions, and the physically and mentally disabled need help....

Strauss-Kahn faces Paris rape case
AlJazeera 4 Jul 2011 - Case to be filed by French writer as former IMF chief plans counter-action against her.

Yemeni government 'shells Taiz'
AlJazeera 4 Jul 2011 - Revolutionary guard force shells several locations in city as armed gunmen storm square full of protesters.

Iraq attacks target security personnel
AlJazeera 4 Jul 2011 - At least 13 killed in Baghdad, Kirkuk, Mosul and elsewhere.

Egyptians protest security officers' release
AlJazeera 4 Jul 2011 - Relatives block highway to Suez after court orders release of 10 policemen charged with killing protesters.

'Shooting and arrests' in Syrian city
AlJazeera 4 Jul 2011 - Reports of random detentions and gunfire as buses of troops arrive in Hama, activists say, days after mass protests.

Ben Ali sentenced to 15 years in prison
AlJazeera 4 Jul 2011 - Tunisian court announces verdict against former president in absentia on charges of trafficking in drugs and weapons.

Flotilla ship intercepted by coast guards
AlJazeera 4 Jul 2011 - Canadian vessel forced to return to Greece after breaking out of Crete harbour in bid to embark on Gaza aid voyage.

Canadian Flotilla Ship Forced to Shore By Greek Coast Guard
PNN - PNN - Crete - Activists aboard the Canadian Gaza flotilla ship Tahrir said on Monday that the Greek coast guard was forcing the ship back to shore after leaving port in Crete....

Historic First World Cup Qualifier on Home Soil a Success as Palestine Progress
PNN - Ramallah – PNN – Palestine progressed to the next Asian World Cup Qualifying round, after recording a 1:1 draw with Afghanistan on Sunday. Palestine went through 3:1 on aggregate after previously beating...

Israeli Organizations Support Freedom Flotilla to Gaza
PNN - Jerusalem - PNN - A group of Israeli peace organizations have announced their support for the flotilla to Gaza in a statement issued today, in which they call the flotilla a courageous...

More Shows of Palestinian Solidarity Announced
PNN - Ramallah - PNN - In conjunction with the International activists participating in Freedom Flotilla Two and the planned plane trips into Israel to help break the siege in the West Bank, protests...

PA Minister to PNN: Israel to Release Names of 84 Bodies of Palestinian Activists Detained by Army
PNN - Ramallah – PNN - Hussien al-Shikh, Palestinian Minister of Civil Affairs, announced on Monday that the Israeli government has agreed to release the names of Palestinian fighters killed by the Israeli army...

The Israeli Military arrested 50 civilians from Hebron in June
PNN - Hebron – PNN - Amjad al-Majar, Director of the Palestinian Prisoners Society in Hebron, Southern West Bank, announced on Monday that during the month of June 2011 Israel has arrested 50 prisoners...

PCHR Condemns Dispersal of Hizb ut Tahrir’s Demonstrations in the West Bank
Palestinian Center for Human Rights Sunday, 03 July 2011

Madama on Fire
7/4/2011 - International Solidarity Movement - 3 July 2011, International Solidarity Movement, West Bank - On Sunday 3 July  a Palestinian village near Nablus was attacked by a group of Israeli settlers who set fire to the villager's land. The village of Madama has been targeted weekly by settlers from the illegal Israeli settlement of Yitzhar. On 1 July  they....

Report on Israeli Settlement in the Occupied Territories, Vol. 21 No. 3, May-June 2011
Relief Web 4 Jul 2011 - Source: Foundation for Middle East Peace Country: occupied Palestinian territory Contents Running in Place: U.S. Policy Runs Out of Steam In a series of speeches in late May, President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu each sought to make...

Gaza aid flotilla to sail today at noon
4 Jul 2011 - Gaza Strip, (Pal Telegraph)-Two Greek ships carrying 46 forging supporters will start sailing today afternoon from the port of Athena, according to the Secretary General for the Palestinian national initiative, Mustafa Barghouti.

Israel denies prisoner’s mother medication in Jordan
4 Jul 2011 - West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli authorities prevented yesterday  a Palestinian woman from travelling to Jordan for medical treatment without legal justification, but just because she is a mother for a Palestinian prisoner.

Settlers set fire to agricultural lands, attack Palestinian
4 Jul 2011 - West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Extremist settlers attacked yesterday a Palestinian from Madma village in the south of Nablus and set fire to agricultural lands near the village.

Hundreds of settlers break into Yousef’s tomb
4 Jul 2011 - West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Hundreds of settlers stormed Monday Nabi Yousef tomb in the east of Nablus amid intensive Israeli measures.

Bahrain's national dialogue starts in earnest
The National 4 Jul 2011 - Opposition groups to be given chance to air their views as 15 facilitators lead four committees in five-hour conversations, three times a week to discuss laws governing political parties,a lack of opportunities for young people, women¿s rights and the economy.

Protesters shot as Syrian security forces storm into Hama
The National 4 Jul 2011 - After an anti-government rally in the city of Hama of up to 500,000 people, security forces swept into the city, arresting suspected dissidents and shooting more than a dozen people, according to activists.

Bomb attack on Egyptian pipeline disrupts gas supply to Israel and Jordan
The National 4 Jul 2011 - Attackers armed with assault rifles placed explosives that triggered a blaze which took firefighters at least seven hours to extinguish, in third attack on pipeline since Mubarak's regime was toppled in February.

Palestinian Authority employees on half-pay as Arab donors fail to stump up
The National 4 Jul 2011 - A failure by some donor countries to meet their financial pledges to the PA, whose budget is largely reliant on foreign aid, means that the PA has nearly reached its borrowing limit and cannot pay full salaries.

Egypt's freer atmosphere finds Muslim Brotherhood wrong-footed
The National 4 Jul 2011 - The Islamist group maintained rigid discipline when it was outlawed, but since the fall of Mubarak, it has suffered a series of breakaways as reformists criticise the group as antiquated and with a patriarchal leadership that cannot stand renewal.

Fatah 'tiptoeing round accord with Hamas' in run-up to statehood bid
The National 4 Jul 2011 - The rapprochement between Hamas and Fatah now resembles little more than a shaky truce, as the two sides fail to agree over the PM of the planned interim government and Fatah realises US and Israeli opposition to any embrace of Hamas could scuttle international approval of Palestinian statehood, say observers.

UAE allocates $3bn aid package for Egypt
The National 4 Jul 2011 - A $1.5bn fund, the Khalifa bin Zayed Fund for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, will be established in Egypt, with another $1.5bn available for grants and loans.

Iran reformists regain a foothold as conservatives squabble
The National 3 Jul 2011 - While Iran's conservative camp is racked with arguments, once-banned reformist papers have reappeared on news-stands, allowing reformists to launch a debate on whether to participate in next March's election for parliament.

Three-mile-long queues at petrol stations as Yemen's fuel crisis starves economy
The National 3 Jul 2011 - Yemenis are forced to either wait more than a week in front of petrol stations or buy it for six times the price on the black market.

Parents of assassinated Lebanese police captain still hoping for justice
The National 3 Jul 2011 - Wissam Eid, part of the Lebanese team working with the UN investigation into the Hariri assassination, and credited with having uncovered an intricate communications network believed to have been used by those linked to the murder, was himself blown up by a bomb in 2008.

Saleh's injuries mean no return to Yemen for two months, says diplomat
The National 3 Jul 2011 - Even if the Yemeni president wanted to return from Saudi Arabia tomorrow, 'it is impossible because his burns are serious and he needs to stay at a specialised clinic – Saleh is politically dead' says Western diplomat.

Activists on alert as Syrian tanks assemble outside Hama
The National 3 Jul 2011 - 'Syria's Benghazi' braced for action as security forces arrive outside town that staged country's largest anti-regime protests in decades, their intent as yet unclear

Barak stops transfer of Palestinian bodies to PA at last minute
Ha'aretz - Defense Minister decides to hold off on transfer of 84 bodies of Palestinian terrorists following Haaretz report that senior Hamas officials Awadallah brothers slated for Shalit deal among the bodies.

Gaza-bound 'Tahrir' crew warned ship may be in danger
Ha'aretz - Steering committee of Canadian ship stopped by Greek authorities tells Haaretz received warning that safety at risk, says holds Greek authorities responsible for any harm done to ship.

Alarming rise in clashes between settlers and Palestinians in West Bank
Ha'aretz - IDF commanders concerned situation in territories may deteriorate further with diplomatic crisis looming in September when Palestinians make bid for UN recognition.

Israel, Turkey scramble to reach compromise on UN Gaza flotilla report
Ha'aretz - In last-minute effort ahead of the release of the UN report on last year's Gaza flotilla, Israeli and Turkish officials meet in New York in attempt to mend ties.

Israel, Greece mark growing ties with joint air force drill
Ha'aretz - Greek and Israeli air forces hold two-week-long drill as the two countries' ties tighten following Greek government's attempt to halt the Gaza-bound flotilla from departing.

Syrian forces kill three civilians in Hama as tanks surround city
Ha'aretz - The three casualties include 13-year-old boy, man whose body was dumped in Orontes river, a doctor in Hama said.

Hundreds in Jerusalem protest the arrest of senior rabbis
Ha'aretz - Two top rabbis briefly detained for questioning for their endorsement of book which justifies killing of non-Jews; Rabbi Dov Lior, chief rabbi of Kiryat Arba, says arrests have awakened rightist activists.

UN prosecutor calls on Hezbollah to cooperate in Hariri case
Ha'aretz - Prosecutor in probe into the 2005 murder of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri calls on Nasrallah to offer material that could assist the investigation.

'Israel to return Palestinian bodies previously planned to be part of Shalit deal'
Ha'aretz - Palestinian media reports that the bodies of the Awadallah brothers, former leaders of Hamas military wing, are to be handed over to Palestinian Authority in coming days.

Netanyahu approves transfer of 84 Palestinian bodies to PA
Ha'aretz - PM's office says move is a humanitarian gesture; bodies to be transferred to Palestinian Authority in coming days ahead of the month of Ramadan.

Noam Shalit to MKs: If we can't handle terrorists in Israel, we should find somewhere else to live
Ha'aretz - Father of captured soldier tells lawmakers not to recoil from fact that some freed in return for his son may return to terrorism.

Greek coast guard seizes Canadian ship bound for Gaza
Ha'aretz - Canadian ship 'Tahrir' tries to set sail for Gaza after Greek authorities had banned the departure of all ships to Gaza from its ports; all passengers due to be detained once returning to Greek port.

Former PM Olmert questioned regarding contradictory statements in court
Ha'aretz - First day of cross-examination: my associate never hid the origin of funds found in safe.

Hit-and-run driver who killed pregnant woman and husband confesses to police
Ha'aretz - The driver, a 31-year-old from Yaffo, hit Hai Ziv Kreif, 24, and pregnant wife Shani, 22 while they were changing a flat tire.

Mladic removed from UN war crimes courtroom for disruption
Ha'aretz - Ex-Bosnian Serb army chief Ratko Mladic appears before UN court at the Hague despite boycott warning; Mladic ordered out of court after disrupts reading of charges.

Hacked Fox News Twitter feed reports death of President Obama
Ha'aretz - On American independence day, a series of tweets say president shot twice in Iowa restaurant and wishes his successor Joe Biden good luck.

Lebanon pro-Western faction urges arrests in Hariri killing
Ha'aretz - Political bloc 'March 14' calls on Lebanese government to uphold international tribunal call to arrest 4 Hezbollah members over murder of ex-President Hariri; Hezbollah leadership denies involvement.

Planners split on where to build Haredi enclaves
Ha'aretz - A new study claims the establishment of wholly ultra-Orthodox towns will make for weak locales and socio-economic problems. Other experts say there are advantages

Give the capital market back to the people
Ha'aretz - With narrow interests which stifle competition, Israel's market today affects salary levels, competition, business norms, corporate culture, ethics, values - and democracy.

Consumer food prices climbed 30% in five years
Ha'aretz - Inflation was 16% and salaries barely rose, but average cost of a home-cooked meal up by 30% over past five years; rise in products including eggs and milk.

This Fourth of July, Israel-American kinship is thin on the ground
Ha'aretz - The warm words Netanyahu bestows upon the U.S. cannot mask the fact that there is very little trust left between the two countries.

Women’s groups oppose raising retirement age
Jerusalem Post 5 Jul 2011 - “It seems the ctee's goal was to save money for state pension funds, not to consider problems facing women in the workforce,” Livnat says.

’Disgraceful police salaries require immediate solution'
Jerusalem Post 5 Jul 2011 - At present, starting police officers cannot hope to pass NIS 5,000 a month mark until he, she rises through five ranks.

Settler leaders protest dearth of buses to Joseph’s Tomb
Jerusalem Post 5 Jul 2011 - Settlers, right-wing politicians are in midst of campaign to return tomb, located at site of biblical city of Shechem, to Israeli control.

Don’t raise prices following pipe explosion, say experts
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - This third incident has made experts increasingly doubtful of Egypt’s gas reliability, officials say.

Don’t raise prices following pipe explosion, experts say
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - This third incident has made experts increasingly doubtful of Egypt’s gas reliability, officials say.

Reservist units honored at Beit Hanassi
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - The army would not be able to exist in terms of quality or quantity without the reservists, Peres says at ceremony.

PM signs covenant to preserve National Heritage sites
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - There are over 150 initiatives in the plan to renovate national heritage sites; as of now, 9 have been approved for preservation.

North Americans celebrate July 4/Canada Day in the capital
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - The party,which spread out across Kraft Stadium, was even bigger this year, in honor of AACI’s 60th anniversary.

If... then...
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - Encountering Peace: In order to see change, regional leaders need to begin by formulating their messages differently.

Deri and Shas deserve each other
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - In principle, it makes no difference whether Deri or Yishai heads Shas in the next elections; there is no substantial difference between the two.

Israel’s palace coup plotters
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - Our World: Israel today faces the most daunting and complex threat spectrum it has ever seen.

There is no Palestinian right of return
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - International law and UN resolutions regarding the Palestinian question do not confer on refugees and their descendants a right to return within the borders of Israel.

Obama, Israel and the Jewish vote
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - Obama will undoubtedly continue to enjoy wide support among American Jewry, but this does not mean his Mideast policies will be good for Israel.

The man with many hats
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - A Joe Pesci look-alike and self-described ‘all around player,’ producer Arik Henig has left his mark in radio and television.

Barak suspends talks on transferal of Palestinian bodies
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - Defense minister says some names on the 84-person list, which includes Hamas members, could undermine efforts to release Schalit.

Lior: Rabbis should give opinions, not fear others'
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - Small turnout, 5 arrests at rally in J'lem to support rabbis Dov Lior, Yaakov Yosef recently detained over endorsement of 'Torat Hamelech.'

Borderline Views: Preserving the human rights of the other
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - The real challenge facing human rights groups is respecting and upholding the civil rights of those with whom we often disagree.

Israeli, Turkish diplomats looking to end ‘Marmara’ crisis
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - Netanyahu says it's "too early to tell" whether turning point was reached; Barak says reconciliation is a key Israeli interest; Turkish, Israeli diplomats at UN working on joint statement.

Godlessness has doomed Britain
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - No Holds Barred: Atheism equals nihilism, neither of which are fertile ground for a national resurgence.

The Irish don’t mean it, because they can’t understand it
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - I’ll be blunt: I often wonder why so many Israelis I’ve met have such love for Ireland.

Sharansky: Palestinians can learn from Jewish Agency
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - Relations between Israelis and diaspora Jews need strengthening; Palestinians should form their own Jewish Agency to establish a state.

Ousted Tunisian leader gets 15-year jail term
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - Ben Ali convicted in absentia of drugs, weapons charges; lawyers boycott trial; former president already sentenced on other charges.

Cyber attack can 'collapse states,' Knesset c'ttee warns
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - MK Sheetrit: No military can come to the rescue of a cyber attack; official says such attacks are no longer science fiction.

Olmert calls prosecution's questioning 'a ploy'
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - After first day of cross examination, former PM is questioned about accusations he solicited funds from US businessman Talansky.

PA says it'll drop UN bid if Israel accepts 67 lines
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - Abbas advisor says if Quartet calls on Israel to withdraw from '67 territories, halt settlement construction, PA will abandon September plan.

Bnei Akiva and Meretz youth protest for Pollard
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - Dozens of students show solidarity with Jonathan Pollard by making their own prison outside the US consulate.

Netanyahu to decide fate of 5-day work week in fall
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - Steinitz, Sa'ar spar with Shalom over longer weekend; finance minister warns making Sunday a day off is "too extreme a step."

Only Jewish school in South Australia to close its doors
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - Massada College, a "Jewish Primary School and Early Learning Centre" was founded in 1975 in Adelaide, South Australia.

Watch: Harvard professor assails 'kill-the-Jews flotilla'
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - In audio interview, scholar Ruth Wisse says flotilla aims to "give Hamas a free hand amassing weapons," calls Yale's closure of YIISA "a scandal."

Author of 'Torat Hamelech' speaks out
Jerusalem Post 4 Jul 2011 - Controversial author Rabbi Yitzak Shapira discusses his book and the controversy surrounding it in interview with Haredi radio station.

Letters: Double standards over Salah's arrest
The Guardian 4 Jul 2011 - I was deeply disturbed to learn Sheikh Raed Salah is under threat of deportation on grounds that this action would be "conducive to the public good" ( Inquiry after banned Palestinian enters UK , 30 June). On the...

Greek coastguard forces Gaza 'freedom flotilla' vessel back to port
The Guardian 4 Jul 2011 - Canadian ship Tahrir part of international attempt to break Israeli blockade of Palestinian territory An attempt by one of the Gaza-bound "freedom flotilla" ships to defy the Greek government and escape from port was thwarted on...

MIDEAST: From the Sea to the Pond
IPS "Farmed fish are now better than sea fish in Gaza. They shouldn't be, but because of the sewage in Gaza's sea and the Israeli fishing restrictions, farmed fish are cleaner and healthier than sea fish."

EGYPT: Anger Grows Over Slow Pace of Justice
IPS The violence that engulfed downtown Cairo last week and left over 1,000 civilians injured took everyone by surprise, but was not unexpected. It had been brewing for nearly five months.

BAHRAIN: Rifts Weaken Women's Protest
IPS Women activists in Bahrain have acknowledged their poor showing in the recent unrest as well as in efforts to fight sectarianism, and blamed it on rifts within their organisations.

[] Game Not Yet Over: Flotilla Considers Next Moves
Uruknet July 4, 2011 - In order to set the context I would like to begin by stating a few facts about Gaza: - The UNRWA annual report for 2010 found that the unemployment rate in Gaza is 45.2 per cent, which is believed to be the highest in the world. - For those in work the purchasing power...

[] Leaked Letter Reveals Tory Welfare Reform Madness: 40,000 More Homeless Families, and An Increase in Cost
Uruknet July 4, 2011 - Britain's incompetent coalition government has just hit a new low. In a leaked letter to David Cameron from the office of Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, the ruinous impact of the government's decision to cap benefits at £500 a week per family (essentially capping housing benefit at £400...

[] Graves for the Living: Palestinian Political Prisoners in Solitary Confinement
Uruknet July 4, 2011 - Yesterday, 03.07.2011, around 7000 Palestinian prisoners held captives in Israeli dungeons went on a one-day hunger strike to protest the repressive measures of the Israeli prison administration. According to the Palestinian ministry of prisoners' spokesperson: "Palestinian prisoners in all Israeli jails were the target of an unprecedented terrorizing campaign of repression, isolation, and transfer...

[] Pakistani Lawyer Blocked From U.S. After Suing CIA on Drone Strikes
Uruknet July 4, 2011 - Pakistani lawyer and human rights champion Mirza Shahzad Akbar, who has aided the U.S. government in legal counterterrorism efforts, was banned from traveling to the States to speak at Columbia Law School after suing the CIA about drone strikes that have killed civilians in his country. In an open letter, Akbar describes the plight...

[] EMERGENCY POST // The Palestine Entries: Rally in support of Flotilla in Gaza City as soon as possible
Uruknet July 4, 2011 - This is an emergency post. I don't really know how to accomplish this but I have an amazing image in my head. I see thousands of Palestinian, Turkish, French, Spanish, South African, and even Greek flags waving through the crowded streets of Gaza. I hear hundreds of thousands of voices chanting in unison, demanding...

[] Independence Day Hypocrisy
Uruknet July 4, 2011 - All US federal holidays wreak of hypocrisy, representing notions and events other than what they commemorate. Besides Christmas, none perhaps is more celebrated than when America became independent from Britain on July 4, 1776. Coming in the summer, parades, outings, barbecues, other celebratory events, and baseball highlight the day for many - relaxing, not...

[] Libya and the united front
Uruknet July 4, 2011 - ...The anti-war movement's united front must include those Libyans resisting U.S./NATO aggression. On June 17, and then again on July 1, hundreds of thousands rallied in Tripoli against the bombing. Many waved Libya's green flag, and carried pictures of Gadaffi. Others, we can assume, are critics of Gadaffi, but mobilized in defense of Libya's...

[] SYRIA: Cameraman apparently shot by security officer [Video]
Uruknet July 4, 2011 - Shocking amateur video footage posted online Monday captures another heartbreaking moment in the brutal crackdown against peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators in Syria. The video, purportedly recorded on Friday in the town of Karm Shami in Homs province, reveals jerky footage filmed by a young man from the rooftop of one building. He documents gunfire before...

[] Dispatch from the Freedom Flotilla 2 A Long Train of Abuses
Uruknet July 4, 2011 - Two hundred and thirty-five years after the American colonies declared independence from Britain, the passengers on the U.S. boat to Gaza call for a new American Declaration of Independence, this time from Israel. The passengers issued their call from the decks of the U.S.-flagged boat, The Audacity of Hope, which is currently confined to...

[] Gaza: siege and lethal Israeli sea restrictions force aquaculture
Uruknet July 4, 2011 - "Farmed fish are now better than sea fish in Gaza. They shouldn't be, but because of the sewage in Gaza's sea and the Israeli fishing restrictions, farmed fish are cleaner and healthier than sea fish." Sohail Ekhail has a point. The 38-year-old marine engineer and sea captain is one of the pioneers of the...

[] Saboteurs bomb Egypt gas pipeline to Israel, Jordan
Uruknet July 4, 2011 -- Saboteurs bombed an Egyptian gas pipeline in the Sinai peninsula on Monday, sending flames into the sky and cutting supplies to Israel and Jordan, a security official said. Officials said a car had parked near the pipeline in the Bir Al-Abd area, 80 kilometers from the north Sinai town of El-Arish, shortly before the...

[] Canadian Flotilla Ship Forced to Shore By Greek Coast Guard
Uruknet July 4, 2011 - Activists aboard the Canadian Gaza flotilla ship Tahrir said on Monday that the Greek coast guard was forcing the ship back to shore after leaving port in Crete. Activists said earlier on Monday that the Tahrir was leaving port on the Mediterranean island to join the Gaza-bound flotilla and called on Greece to abide...

[] Activists: Syrian Forces Kill At Least 6 in Damascus Suburb
Uruknet July 4, 2011 - Syrian activists say government troops have shot and wounded at least six people in raids on several villages in the country's northwest in the latest crackdown on an opposition uprising. The activists say the Syrian troops carried out operations in Kfar Roumah and other villages in Idlib province Monday. Elsewhere, the Syrian Observatory for...

Talks proceed but rebels remain firm: Gadhafi must go
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 The Libyan government said Monday it was in talks with opposition figures but there seemed little chance of a swift end to the conflict as both sides stuck to entrenched positions on the fate of Moammar...

Syrian forces storm Hama as thousands protest in streets
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 Syrian troops stormed houses in Hama Monday as thousands of people took to the streets shouting God is greatest,...

Summer camp program funded by U.S. draws Palestinian ire
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 Summer camps for Palestinian refugee children were shut down Sunday over fears that the program, which receives funds from the United States, was designed to erase the Palestinian memory.

Mass celebrates poet Said Akl on the occasion of his 100th birthday
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 Lebanese poet and writer Said Akl was honored on his 100th birthday during an official mass in Bkirki Monday.

Judiciary launches official probe into bomb attack on UNIFIL forces
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 Military Prosecutor Judge Saqr Saqr launched an official investigation Monday into the roadside bomb attack in May that wounded six Italian peacekeepers serving as part of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

Haigazian University holds commencement
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 150 students graduated from Haigazian University during the university’s 51st commencement exercises over the weekend.

Civil Defense personnel put out fire in Aley
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 Four Civil Defense vehicles doused a forest fire in Aley Monday, a security source told The Daily Star.

Aid policies spur climber’s Mount Blanc ascent
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 Lebanese adventurer Gilbert Moukheiber will soon ascend Europe’s tallest mountain, Mount Blanc, in a bid to do much more than add another of the world’s biggest challenges to his impressive hiking record.

Sayyad road project causing major traffic snarls
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 It is one of the most visible sights that visitors to Lebanon will see this summer, but it is also, unfortunately, a massive road project that will tie up traffic at one of the main entrances...

Palestinians say Israel to return fighters’ bodies
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 A Palestinian minister Monday said Israel is to release the bodies of 84 Palestinians killed in the conflict between the sides since the 1967 war.

Greece blocks Gaza banned boat with 30 ‘captains’ on board
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 Thirty pro-Palestinian activists on a Canadian boat bound for Gaza that was stopped out of a Greek port Monday for breaking a ban, defied authorities by claiming they had all captained the ship.

Egypt’s gas pipeline to Israel bombed for the third time
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 Saboteurs bombed an Egyptian gas pipeline in the Sinai Monday for the third time since February, cutting off supplies to Israel and Jordan.

Libya’s ‘Mad Dog’ may yet bark: Gadhafi could accept exit deal
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 Behind his image as a crazed tyrant, Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi is fiercely intelligent, loves his family and just might do what everyone is least expecting and let go of power.

Ben Ali sentenced to 15 years in jail
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 A Tunis court Monday sentenced ousted Tunisian president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in his absence to 15 years in jail.

Rights lawyer jailed in Tehran on charges of subversiveactivity
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 Iran’s judiciary has sentenced a prominent rights lawyer to nine years in jail and barred him from working as an attorney for 10 years after he was convicted of seeking to overthrow the ruling system.

Tens of thousands flee southern Yemen
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 More than 50,000 Yemenis have fled the flashpoint southern province of Abyan since militants took over its capital last month, a government official said Monday, as fighting intensified in the area.

Iran turns the tables, plans to try senior U.S. officials on human rights violations
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 Iran plans to try in absentia 26 U.S. officials it believes violated human rights, the latest attempt to turn the tables on Western accusations about Tehran’s rights record.

Iraq says will talk to foes, but no reconciliation with Al-Qaeda
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 Iraq’s government said Monday it would not reconcile with members of Al-Qaeda or anyone who has killed Iraqis...

Abu Dhabi ruler grants more land to citizens for building homes
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 Abu Dhabi’s ruler granted 1,235 residential plots to Emiratis in the west of the emirate, the state news agency WAM said, the latest in a string of handouts since turmoil spread across the region.

Turkey elects new speaker as opposition keeps up boycott
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 Turkey’s parliament elected a new speaker Monday as the opposition maintained a boycott over jailed lawmakers after Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan dismissed calls for reconciliation.

Gulf political, economic reform crucial: Kuwait PM
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 Gulf Arab rulers should enact economic and political reforms or risk raising the ire of their citizens, Kuwait’s prime minister was quoted as saying in Al-Hayat newspaper Monday.

Ahmadinejad hits out at West over Sudan partition
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad hit out at Western governments Monday for tearing apart Sudan while rejecting the demands of separatists on their own soil, his website said.

Sudan’s two capitals: North for affluence, South for freedom
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 When North and South Sudan split into separate countries on July 9, their capitals will already be worlds apart.

Ben Ali’s lawyers, including Lebanese firm, withdraw from trial
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 Ousted Tunisian leader's defense team includes Akram Azoury, a a prominent Lebanese criminal defender, whose firm said the proceedings violated the norms of a just trial.

Lebanon launches investigation into UNIFIL bomb attack
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 Judge Sakr Sakr lays out charges which would be applied to any future suspects found in the case.

Those accused by STL are wanted by Israel: Berri
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 Parliament Speaker says four Hezbollah suspects are on Israel’s wanted list.

Sleiman, Mikati meet to choose Talal Arslan's replacement
Daily Star 4 Jul 2011 President and prime minister discuss situation in Lebanon on the eve of parliamentary meetings to debate Cabinet's policy statement ahead of vote of confidence.

LAU awards degrees to over 1,500 students in double ceremony
Daily Star 3 Jul 2011 The Lebanese American University’s campuses in Beirut and Byblos awarded degrees to 1,011 students over the weekend and conferred honorary doctorates on former first lady Mouna Hrawi, Ambassador Gilbert Chagoury and his wife, Rose-Marie Chagoury.

A year after his death, Fadlallah’s legacy alive
Daily Star 3 Jul 2011 Monday marks the passing of one year since the death of Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah, the influential and controversial Shiite scholar who managed to make enemies across the spectrum.

March 14 MPs socialize before firing back
Daily Star 3 Jul 2011 Sipping coffee and chatting with friends, some March 14 MPs enjoyed a few moments of free time at a Beirut hotel cafe before they got down to business Sunday evening.

Rai: Christian-Muslim cooperation key to stability
Daily Star 3 Jul 2011 Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai said the cooperation between Christians and Muslims in the country was the only way to preserve stability and understanding in the Middle East.

Newspaper banned from reporting on Karam case
Daily Star 3 Jul 2011 The judiciary issued a ruling over the weekend banning an unidentified Lebanese newspaper from publishing news related to the trial of retired Gen. Fayez Karam, a member of the Free Patriotic Movement suspected of being an...

Lebanese Army, UNIFIL hold joint naval maneuvers
Daily Star 3 Jul 2011 The Lebanese Army and the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon conducted a joint-naval maneuver over the weekend off the coast of the Mediterranean.

Nasrallah refuses to hand over accused
Daily Star 3 Jul 2011 Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah has rejected a U.N.-backed court’s indictment implicating four party members in the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, vowing never to turn over the four suspects – a move...

A deluge of reactions follows Nasrallah’s speech
Daily Star 3 Jul 2011 Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah’s speech Saturday provoked a deluge of responses from March 14 groups stepping up their campaign against Hezbollah, and from March 8 parties falling in line behind the leader.

March 14 to Mikati: Commit to STL or go
Daily Star 3 Jul 2011 Prime Minister Najib Mikati should either announce his commitment Tuesday to a U.N.-backed court seeking the killers of statesman Rafik Hariri or step down...

Lebanese daily banned from reporting on Karam case
Daily Star 3 Jul 2011 The judiciary issued a ruling over the weekend banning an unidentified Lebanese newspaper from publishing news related to the trial of retired Gen. Fayez Karam, a member of the Free Patriotic Movement suspected of being an...

Hezbollah should quit Cabinet: Mashnouk
Daily Star 3 Jul 2011 Hezbollah’s ministers in the Cabinet of Prime Minister Najib Mikati should step down given that party members have been indicted in the assassination of statesman Rafik Hariri, Future Movement MP Nohad Mashnouk said Sunday.

Tripoli hopes to revitalize old port
Daily Star 3 Jul 2011 Representatives in Tripoli are hoping to revive the city’s old port, arguing that this could have tremendous economic potential for an area that has been struggling in recent years.

Barak halts body transfer talks
YNet News, 4 Jul 2011 - Defense Minister Ehud Barak has instructed officials to freeze contacts with the Palestinian Authority on the transfer of the bodies of 84 Palestinian terrorists buried ... ....

Rightists riot in Jerusalem
YNet News, 4 Jul 2011 - Dozens of right-wing activists blocked Herzl Boulevard at the entrance to Jerusalem Monday evening to protest the recent detention of rabbis by the Israel Police. The ... ....

PA: Revoking prisoners' rights may lead to clash
YNet News, 4 Jul 2011 - Palestinian Authority Minister of Prisoner Affairs, Issa Kraka, expressed concern Monday that revoking the privileges of Palestinians detained in Israel might trigger a ... ....

IDF: Netanyahu OK'd transfer of terrorist bodies
YNet News, 4 Jul 2011 - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved, several months ago, the transfer of 84 terrorist bodies to the Palestinian Authority, the IDF Spokesman's Office said in a ... ....

Lior: Rabbis must be able to speak freely
YNet News, 4 Jul 2011 - Thousands of protestors arrived in Jerusalem in a massive show of support for Rabbis Dov Lior and Yaakov Yosef who were arrested last week for their endorsement of the ... ....

Greeks stop another Gaza-bound ship
YNet News, 4 Jul 2011 - For the second time in recent days, a Gaza-bound ship attempted to leave its Greek port without authorization en route to the Strip, prompting Greek forces to stop it at ... ....

Is female bomber on list?
YNet News, 4 Jul 2011 - Palestinian Minister of Civil Affairs Hussein al-Sheikh said Monday that the Palestinian Authority had agreed with Israel that 84 bodies of Palestinians who were involved ... ....

Barak on Turkey: Let's put past behind us
YNet News, 4 Jul 2011 - Defense minister says improving ties with Turkey is Israel's priority, slams....

MK Tibi's 'Nakba deniers' bill rejected
YNet News, 4 Jul 2011 - Knesset presidium opts not to allow Knesset to vote on bill demanding all....

Deputy minister meets neo-Nazi millionaire
YNet News, 4 Jul 2011 - Ayoob Kara meets Patrik Brinmann, former member of German neo-Nazi party and far....

Report: Turkey urged to use Hamas ties
YNet News, 4 Jul 2011 - Turkish newspaper report suggests US senators asked Erdogan to play role in....

Syria: Footage shows cameraman shot by sniper
YNet News, 4 Jul 2011 - (Video) Online video reveals Syrian sniper taking aim, shooting at filming....

Nasrallah's Israel plot claim proves false
YNet News, 4 Jul 2011 - Al-Arabiya reports document allegedly proving Israel influenced UN tribunal....

MK Tibi: Take funds from 'Nakba' deniers
YNet News, 4 Jul 2011 - In response to bill withholding state funds from groups marking Palestinian day....

Egypt gas pipeline hit by explosion
YNet News, 4 Jul 2011 - (Video) Gunmen force guards to leave, plant explosives on pipe in third attack....

'Rightists attacked IDF commander's car'
YNet News, 4 Jul 2011 - Settlers claim activists kicked vehicle belonging to Judea and Samaria Division....

IOF troops arrest two brothers in Bethlehem, 50 in Al-Khalil over a month
PIC - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested two Palestinian minors in the village of Housan, west of Bethlehem, at dawn Monday and took them to an unknown destination.

Flotilla organizers reject Greek offer, say: Abbas stabbed us in the back
PIC - Freedom Flotilla II activists have completely rejected Greece’s offer to ship the flotilla’s humanitarian aid to Gaza through the Ashdod port in Israeli or El-Arish port in Egypt.

Palestinian prisoner’s life threatened because of medical neglect
PIC - A Palestinian man held in the Israeli Eshel prison is having episodes of loss of consciousness where his brain and heart stop functioning after a long illness in jail and medical neglect.

Jewish settlers set on fire hundreds of Palestinian olive trees
PIC - Jewish settlers torched hundreds of Palestinian olive trees south of Nablus on Sunday night, local sources said.

Bardawil: Abbas froze reconciliation in response to American-Israeli pressures
PIC - Hamas leader Dr. Salah Al-Bardawil has charged that PA chief and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas had frozen the national reconciliation agreement due to American and Israeli pressures.

IOF soldiers detain 300 citizens in June
PIC - The IOF detained 300 Palestinians and foreign activists in the West Bank over the past month of June including 36 children, the ministry of prisoners in Gaza said on Monday.

Ministry: Israel name change initiative aimed at erasing Palestine’s identity
PIC - The Gaza Ministry of Justice has said the Israel initiative to convert the names of Arab cities into Hebrew names is derived from a series of steps to erase the Arab identity of the region.

Preparations made to receive martyrs held in Israeli Cemetery of Numbers
PIC - Palestinians are fully prepared to receive 84 of the country’s martyrs buried at Israel’s secret Cemetery of Numbers, the national campaign to retrieve the bodies of the martyrs has announced.

Female prisoner fasts after placed in isolation
PIC - Palestinian prisoner Ahlam al-Tamimi said she plans on continuing her hunger strike until her demands are met, after the Hasharon prison administration placed her in isolation.

Ra'ed Salah is not racist, the Zionists are
PIC - Ultimately, the real motive behind the arrest of Sheikh Rae'd Salah is to silence one of the most outspoken defendants of Palestinian rights..

Explosion in gas pipeline halts exports to Israel
PIC - 04/07/2011 - 08:48 AM

IOF troops storm Nabi Yusuf tomb to protect Jewish “visitors”
PIC - 04/07/2011 - 08:55 AM

Israel to take bids on some 400 settlement units in West Bank
PIC - 04/07/2011 - 09:16 AM

Hundreds of settlers attack citizens’ homes in Nablus village
PIC - 04/07/2011 - 09:18 AM

Lord Mayor of London: Palestine Ahead of Britain on Economic Growth

Israel to Release 82 Palestinian Bodies

A Statement of Support for the Gaza-Bound Freedom Flotilla

Ashrawi: Going to UN is a Palestinian Right

Prisoner Refuses Visits if Forced to Wear Israeli Uniform

Israeli Government to Build Hundreds More Settlement Units

Newspapers Review: Half-Salaries for Public Employees in June

Freedom Flotilla to Sail to Gaza at Noon, says Barghouti

Weather Forecast: Clear, Summer Weather

Freedom Flotilla 2 to Sail to Gaza Monday

Criticize Israel And Lose Your Career: Interview With Alison Weir
Intifada-Palestine: 4 Jul 2011 - Interview With Alison Weir Alison Weir By Kourosh Ziabari If you’ve ever tried to search for reliable information and analyses which expose the concealed and obscured side of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict, you’ve surely come across to the website “If... more

Thirty Captains’ On Intercepted Canadian Boat For Gaza
Intifada-Palestine: 4 Jul 2011 - Palestinians ride on boats at the port of Gaza City during a rally in support of the Gaza-bound flotillas (AFP/File, Mahmud Hams) By Ella Ide (AFP) ATHENS — Thirty pro-Palestinian activists on a Canadian boat bound for Gaza that was stopped... more

A Greek Tragedy: Seizing the Gaza Flotilla on Israel’s Orders
Intifada-Palestine: 4 Jul 2011 - A Greek Coast Guard patrol vessel intercepted the ‘The Audacity of Hope,’ a U.S. vessel carrying 36 American passengers and four crew members roughly 10 minutes after it had left Perama Mohamed Khodr July 4, 2011 The odyssey and fate of... more

A July Fourth Shame on the Founders
Intifada-Palestine: 4 Jul 2011 - “Happy Independence Day to the Zionist States of America.” ED NOTE: Ray McGovern’s reflections that from:  “…the Chief Executive to members of Congress — have been seduced by money and political expediency into disregarding our first president’s farewell address, George Washington’s... more

Syrian forces surround rebellious city of Hama
LA Times 3 Jul 2011 - Syrian troops and tanks spark fears of a full-blown assault as they surround the hotbed of opposition to President Bashar Assad's regime. Protests have increased in Hama, a city loaded with political symbolism. Syrian tanks and troops surrounded the rebellious city of Hama on Sunday,...

Coffee percolates through Iraq's cultural history
LA Times 3 Jul 2011 - Coffee is more than a beverage. It links Iraqis to their ancient hospitality and serves as an entry to small talk when visiting a tribal sheik, as an excuse to sit and argue, as a comfort in times of death. Abdullah Saadi fingers the fine...

Fears Rise With Arrests in Restive Syrian City
New York Times 4 Jul 2011 - Syrian security forces made their largest incursion in Hama since withdrawing in early June.

A Rebel Offer to Qaddafi: ‘Resign’ and Remain in Libya
New York Times 4 Jul 2011 - The opposition movement has not received a response from Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, the Libyan leader, but the offer has angered many rebels who want him to leave.

Violence Erupts as Police Accused of Egypt Killings Get Bail
New York Times 4 Jul 2011 - Enraged relatives of protesters who were killed in the winter uprising attacked security officers at a Cairo courthouse.

Cairo Vendors and Protesters Set Off Clash in Tahrir Square
New York Times 4 Jul 2011 - A dispute between protesters and tea vendors set off clashes among groups of young men armed with rocks, clubs and knives, and a tent city occupied by protesters was burned to the ground.

Blast at Sinai Pipeline Again Halts Gas to Israel
New York Times 4 Jul 2011 - Attackers blew up a strategic natural gas pipeline that runs through Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula to Israel and Jordan on Monday, bringing the flow of gas to a halt for the third time this year.

Palestinians Unable to Pay Full Salaries of Employees
New York Times 4 Jul 2011 - The Palestinian prime minister attributed the authority’s financial problems to “the failure of donors, including our Arab brothers, to fulfill their pledges.”

Explosion Hits Egyptian Gas Pipeline
New York Times 4 Jul 2011 - The line, which carries natural gas to Israel and Jordan, had been sabotaged twice already this year.

U.S. Boat to Gaza blocked from sailing by armed sailors
Jewish Voice for Peace -

France arms anti-Gaddafi forces
WSWS - France acknowledged this week that it had supplied weapons to oppositionists fighting Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s forces in Libya.

For July 4, passengers on U.S. Boat to Gaza call for new U.S. declaration of independence – from Israel
Mondoweiss - Athens, Greece - 235 years after the American colonies declared independence from Britain, the passengers on the U.S. Boat to Gaza call for a new American Declaration of Independence, this time from Israel. The passengers issued their call from the decks of the U.S.-flagged boat, The...

Greek consulate, governor confirm ‘powerful’ pressure on Greece led to flotilla ban
Mondoweiss - For the past few days, speculation has run rampant that the Greek government, presiding over a country in dire economic straits, was heavily pressured into issuing an order that banned the “Freedom Flotilla” ships from sailing out towards Gaza. And while the extent and details of...

Face-to-face with an Israeli warship
Mondoweiss - Charcoal smoke snaked above the horizon about one mile into the distance as we saw an Israeli warship steaming towards a cluster of six  hasaka  - or fishing- boats. We edged ever-closer to the hasaka boats, stopping only to radio in to our base office, updating them on the...

The real preachers of hate: Britain arrests respected Palestinian leader
Mondoweiss - He is an Islamic “preacher of hate” whose views reflect “virulent anti-Semitism” and who has funded Hamas terror operations, according to much of the British media. The furore last week over Sheikh Raed Salah, described by the Daily Mail newspaper as a “vile militant extremist”, goaded...

Gaza unemployment rate is 45%
Mondoweiss - link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link...

Israeli Ministers, IDF Commander to Honor Racist Rabbi
Tikun Olam - Rabbi Dov Lior, 'Beloved of the Settlements,' honored by ministers Eli Yishai, Bogie Yaalon and IDF commander (Flash90) Just yesterday I wrote a post in which I called the police interrogation of Rabbi Dov Lior for incitement a “charade,” since the authorities cannot nor will not...

Gaza Flotilla Boats Detained by Greeks to Sail; ‘Flight of Return’ Set for Friday, Ben Gurion Airport
Tikun Olam - Mary Hughes-Thompson, who is aboard the Canadian ship of the Gaza flotilla, the Tahrir, which is anchored in Crete and blocked by the Greek Coast Guard is about to attempt to set sail to join its comrade boats who’ve already departed and plan to join up...

Week 15: Rafe'a Karajeh Palestinian political prisoner
Middle East Monitor 4 Jul 2011 - Some people are able to relish a struggle, no matter how difficult it is, or how serious the situation. So much so, in fact, that they set others a great example and go on to school them in how to cope with life behind bars in...

Cairo clashes after police freed
BBC 4 Jul 2011 - There are clashes at a Cairo courthouse after a judge bails seven police officers accused of killing protesters in Egypt's uprising.

Israeli Freedom Flotilla II Terrorism
Sabbah report 4 Jul 2011 - Today, its war against humanity dirty tricks/state terrorism arsenal includes propaganda, intimidating lawsuits, pressure on other governments, sabotage, subversion, cold-blodded murder, and whatever else it takes to ruthlessly commit slow-motion genocide against nearly 1.7 million Gazans, besides daily crimes against others in the West Bank and...

(en) US, Chapel Hill: Greenbridge Round Two*
A-infos 4 Jul 2011 - On Saturday, July 2, twelve to fifteen people gathered to protest the gentrifying condo development Greenbridge in Chapel Hill, NC. Several reporters and ten or so police swelled the numbers to twenty-five or thirty, enough to attract significant attention from passers-by and residents. Protesters held signs,...

Victims of Torture
B'tselem 4 Jul 2011 - David Senesh, an Israeli soldier who was held hostage by the Egyptian army, and Amjad Abu Salhah, a Palestinian who was arrested by Israel, describe the methods of torture to which they were subjected and their long-lasting influence. B'Tselem and the Public Committee Against Torture in...

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