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Israeli forces continue their campaign of widespread arrests in the occupied Palestinian territories - International Press Center photo

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011
Before Flying To Moscow, Netanyahu Approves Further Strikes In Gaza
IMEMC - Wednesday March 23, 2011 - 23:05, Israeli sources reported Wednesday that Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, approved a series of strikes in the Gaza Strip before he headed to Russia.

Woman Killed, 25 Injured in Jerusalem Explosion, Netanyahu Delays Moscow Visit
IMEMC - Wednesday March 23, 2011 - 22:16, The explosion that took place in Jerusalem was caused by an explosive device placed in a phone booth close to a bus stop near the Jerusalem Convention Center. An Israeli woman was killed and at least 38 were injured.

Fighting Continues In Gaza And Southern Israel
IMEMC - Wednesday March 23, 2011 - 18:31, Fighting between groups in the Gaza Strip and the Israeli army has continued today.

One Killed, 31 Wounded, In Jerusalem Blast
IMEMC - Wednesday March 23, 2011 - 17:26, Latest reports revealed that one Israeli woman died of serious wounds sustained during the blast the took place in at a bus stop in West Jerusalem, and that 31 Israelis were injured, some seriously.

Knesset Passes "Nakba" and "Segregation" Laws
IMEMC - Wednesday March 23, 2011 - 14:43, The Knesset (the Israeli Parliament) passed, on Tuesday at night, two bills into law. The so-called “Nakba law”, and a bill, deemed “segregation law”, by opponents in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Netanyahu: “P.A. Must Choose Between Peace And Hamas”
IMEMC - Wednesday March 23, 2011 - 07:52, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, stated that the Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas must choose between peace with Israel and peace with the rival Hamas movement, the Israeli Radio and Israel’s daily, Haaretz, reported.

UN Official Condemns Israel's Killing Of Children In Gaza
IMEMC - Wednesday March 23, 2011 - 07:37, After an Israeli airstrike killed eight civilians, including three children on Tuesday, the UN Envoy to the Middle East issued a statement condemning the attack, and calling on Israel to cease its strikes on densely populated areas in Gaza.

Haniyya Calls On UN To Protect The Palestinian People
IMEMC - Wednesday March 23, 2011 - 06:04, Ismail Haniyya, head of the Palestinian government in the Gaza Strip, demanded the Security Council to take serious and fast measures to ensure the protection of the Palestinian people suffering from ongoing Israeli attacks.

Nine Palestinians, Including Three Children, Killed By Army Fire In Gaza On Tuesday
IMEMC - Wednesday March 23, 2011 - 04:22, In the most recent wave of Israeli military escalation targeting the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, Palestinian medical sources reported that nine Palestinians, including three children, were killed as the army bombarded the Gaza Strip.

Jerusalem blast kills woman
3/24/2011 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- An Israeli woman critically wounded when a bomb ripped through a bus in Jerusalem on Wednesday, has died of her injuries, Israeli medical sources said. The bomb was inside a bag left near a West Jerusalem bus stop, Israel's internal security minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch told journalists at the scene....

Early morning fire on Gaza injures 1
3/23/2011 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces resumed military strikes on the Gaza Strip Wednesday morning injuring a militant, in a string of attacks that have left eight dead, including four civilians. Another 12 civilians were wounded, including three young children. Israeli forces struck twice Wednesday, the first time with artillery fire, and the second....

Clashes near Jerusalem: 2 injured, 5 detained
3/23/2011 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Two Palestinians were injured and five others detained during clashes that erupted between Israeli forces and residents of the Jerusalem-district village of Qatanna Wednesday afternoon. Residents said the clash started when an Israeli patrol entered the village, adjacent to the separation wall northwest of the Old City of Jerusalem. An Israeli....

Gaza delegation to Ramallah amid crossings crisis
3/23/2011 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Gaza crossings officials and the local Transport Union agreed Wednesday that Israel's decision to close all but one commercial import terminal had precipitated a crisis. According to a recent UN report from the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, having to relocate all cargo from the recently....

Israel bans events commemorating Nakba
3/23/2011 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli parliament passed two bills late Tuesday night which ban events commemorating the Nakba and restrict residency in the Galilee and Negev, according to the Israeli media. The "˜Nakba bill' requires state fines for local authorities and state-funded bodies that organize or fund events commemorating the Palestinian "˜catastrophe' of....

Israeli forces injure 1, detain 3 near Beit Ummar
3/23/2011 - HEBRON (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces injured one Palestinian and detained three others, during a funeral north of Beit Ummar on Wednesday, local sources said. The southern West Bank town's popular committee spokesman, Muhammad Ayyad Awad, said forces fired sound grenades and tear gas at mourners, after stones were thrown at a settler....

Airstrikes reported across Gaza
3/24/2011 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli aircraft opened fire on several areas in the Gaza Strip early Thursday, witnesses said. Aircraft targeted a tunnel in the south and a site connected to Hamas' Al-Qassam Brigades west of Gaza City, onlookers said. Jets also struck a power station causing blackouts in Gaza City, Reuters reported....

Fatah calls for intervention in Israeli strikes
3/23/2011 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Palestinian political group Fatah issued a statement Wednesday calling for an international intervention that would put "immediate pressure on Israel to stop its attacks against Palestinian civilians in Gaza." Fatah spokesman, Ahmad Assaf, who issued the statement on behalf of the party, said "The international position should be courageous," and called....

Brigades claim 4 projectile launches since midnight
3/23/2011 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Since shortly before midnight on Tuesday, Palestinian resistance factions have claimed three rounds of projectile fire aimed at both Israeli military and civilian targets. The Al-Quds Brigades released a statement shortly after midnight Wednesday morning, saying fighters had launched a Grad-style missile toward the Israeli town of Ashdod and three....

PRC wing claims Askhelon mortar attack
3/23/2011 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The armed wing of the Popular Resistance Committees claimed responsibility Wednesday for firing six projectiles at a target in southern Israel. The An-Nasser Salah Ad-Din Brigades said in a statement that it attacked the Zikim military zone "in response to Israeli crimes in Gaza."The Israeli military confirmed that six....

Settler suicide prompts checkpoint closures
3/23/2011 - NABLUS (Ma'an) -- The suicide of a settler in the northern West Bank saw Israeli forces close down several checkpoints, implement intensive checks and road closures, during the initial stages of investigation into the death. Israeli media reported that a dead body was found in a settlement, while Palestinian sources said unidentified settler shot....

Airstrikes reported in Gaza Strip
3/24/2011 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli aircraft fired on areas throughout the Gaza Strip early Thursday causing no injuries, residents said. An Israeli military spokeswoman said the army had no immediate comment....

Israel denies firing on north Gaza
3/23/2011 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israel's army denied on Wednesday that its forces fired on a car in the northern Gaza Strip, countering claims from witnesses of a loud explosion after a car was targeted....

Hamas calls day of mourning; Abbas demands end to fire
3/23/2011 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Gaza government officials declared Wednesday a day of mourning, with a collective funeral in central Gaza City at midday, for the four civilians and four militants killed by Israeli fire a day earlier. Officials called on residents of Gaza to join the funeral procession. In Moscow, President Mahmoud Abbas asked....

In Russia, Abbas condemns Jerusalem attack
3/23/2011 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday condemned a bombing attack in central Jerusalem that killed one woman and injured dozens, the official Palestinian Authority news agency reported. Abbas also condemned Israel's operation in the Gaza Strip a day earlier, which caused the deaths of eight Palestinians including four civilians and....

Gates condemns 'horrific terrorist attack' in Jerusalem
3/23/2011 - CAIRO (AFP) -- US Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Wednesday condemned as an "horrific terrorist attack" a bomb blast at a crowded Jerusalem bus stop that killed one Israeli woman and wounded more than 30....

Abbas, Fayyad condemn Jerusalem bombing
3/23/2011 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday condemned a bombing attack in central Jerusalem that killed one woman and injured dozens, the official Palestinian Authority news agency reported. Salam Fayyad, the resigned caretaker prime minister, said in a statement, "I condemn in the strongest terms possible the terrorist attack in Jerusalem today regardless....

Fayyad condemns Jerusalem attack
3/23/2011 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Salam Fayyad, the resigned caretaker prime minister, denounced on Wednesday the "terrorist attack that happened in Jerusalem." "We are following this issue closely and even though we don't have enough information regarding the attack that led to the injury of 20 people I condemn this terrorist act regardless of....

UN chief condemns Jerusalem bombing
3/23/2011 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The UN secretary-general strongly condemned a bomb attack Wednesday in West Jerusalem which reportedly killed one woman and injured over 30 Israeli civilians, some of them seriously."Such attacks are unacceptable," a statement from the secretary-general's spokesman said. The secretary-general "is deeply concerned and calls for an immediate cessation....

Netanyahu: Attackers will learn Israel has 'iron will'
3/23/2011 - BEN GURION INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Israel (AFP) -- Anyone who attacks Israel will learn that the state has an "iron will" to defend itself, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday after a Jerusalem bus bombing and rocket attacks on the south....

PFLP official denies leader's resignation
3/23/2011 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- A member of the central committee of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine denied Tuesday that a senior leader of the party had resigned, despite reports in Hamas media. Jamil Mezher denied that Jamil Mejdalawi resigned from his post, affirming that Majdalawi is still in office. Mezher told Ma....

Abbas: Ramallah-Gaza road shortest path to unity
3/23/2011 - MOSCOW (Ma'an) -- President Mahmoud Abbas renewed his pledge to go to Gaza in a push for reconciliation with Hamas, saying Tuesday that the Gaza-Ramallah road remained the shortest route to unity between Fatah and Hamas. Speaking from Moscow where he remains for an official visit, Abbas said that a successful visit to Gaza....

Hamas says PA political arrests continue
3/23/2011 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Hamas leaders in the West Bank saidWednesday that Palestinian Authority security officers detained three Hamas members during the week. A Hamas statement said the detentions were carried out in the Tulkarem and Nablus districts....

Hamas 'vows to restore calm' in Gaza
3/23/2011 - GAZA CITY (AFP) -- Gaza's Islamist rulers on Wednesday vowed "to restore calm" in the coastal enclave after militants there stepped up rocket attacks on Israel, a statement said....

Egypt stocks fall 10% as market reopens
3/23/2011 - CAIRO (AFP) -- Egypt's stock exchange on Wednesday plummeted nearly 10 percent after reopening for the first time since January 27 at the start of an uprising that brought down long-time president Hosni Mubarak. The main EGX-30 index shed 560. 87 points to be at 5,085. 63 within little more than one minute....

Witnesses: Gadhafi forces hammer Misrata hospital
3/23/2011 - BENGHAZI, Libya (AFP) -- Forces loyal to Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi on Wednesday bombarded the main hospital in the rebel-held city of Misrata east of the Libyan capital, a witness told AFP by telephone....

Israel and facilitating Palestinian acts of "terrorism".
Palestine Note 23 Mar 2011 - One has to ask and wonder why the sudden escalation of violence between Israel and Gaza and why Jerusalem after calms and quite is witnessing its first “terrorist” acts in many years? I always condemned “terrorist” acts committed by both...

Can't write about one act of violence before another one strikes
Palestine Note 23 Mar 2011 - I was in the middle of writing about the Israeli military killing of 5 Palestinian civilians, including two children, when word came that there was a bomb attack in Jerusalem that injured more than 30 Israelis. The American media exploded...

Do Egyptian elections the right way: learn from Palestinian election mistakes
Palestine Note 23 Mar 2011 - Egypt is in the middle of a whirlwind. With President Hosni Mubarak gone, the Egyptian military has dissolved the country’s parliament, suspended its constitution and called for elections in six months. It is vitally important to begin immediate deliberations about...

Violence Flares on Israel-Gaza Border
Palestine Note 23 Mar 2011 - Gaza civilians killed by IDF shelling; bomb in Jerusalem kills one, injures dozens Reuters - Palestinian rockets struck two cities deep in Israel on Wednesday, wounding a resident and prompting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to threaten lengthy "exchanges of blows"...

US soldier pleads guilty to Afghan killings
AlJazeera 23 Mar 2011 - Jeremy Morlock admits using illegally obtained Afghan weapons to make it appear that the victims were enemy combatants.

Yemeni president offers early elections
AlJazeera 23 Mar 2011 - Saleh offers parliamenatry and presidential polls before the end of this year in bid to appease protesters.

Clashes in Algeria over housing row
AlJazeera 23 Mar 2011 - Police disperse crowds who throw stones and petrol bombs to stop bulldozers demolishing dozens of illegally built homes

'Many dead' in Syrian crackdown
AlJazeera 23 Mar 2011 - At least 15 dead, human rights activists say, after security forces open fire on protesters in southern town of Daraa.

Portugal PM quits after losing austerity vote
AlJazeera 23 Mar 2011 - Jose Socrates quits after all five opposition parties vote against his latest proposal for spending cuts and tax hikes.

Yemeni protesters call for march on palace
AlJazeera 23 Mar 2011 - Opposition groups vow to oust Ali Abdullah Saleh from power as parliament approves emergency laws after weeks of unrest.

Egypt stock exchange plummets on reopening
AlJazeera 23 Mar 2011 - Shares down almost nine per cent in first day of trading in nearly two months.

Estonian tourists kidnapped in Lebanon
AlJazeera 23 Mar 2011 - Armed gunmen force tourist group into two vans near Zahle in the Bekaa Valley, security sources say.

Israeli jets strike Gaza
AlJazeera 23 Mar 2011 - The strikes come after a bomb rips through a Jerusalem bus, killing one and wounding more than 30 others.

Saudi Arabia to hold municipal polls
AlJazeera 23 Mar 2011 - Local bodies elections could be concession extended to protesters seeking political change in kingdom.

Youths Threaten Self-Immolation for National Unity
PNN - Bethlehem – PNN/Exclusive - Today two Palestinian youth from the March 15 Youth Coalition threatened to set themselves on fire if Palestinians do not achieve national unity. This afternoon at the Mosque...

Clashes with Israeli Army in Beit Omar; One Injured, 5 Arrested
PNN - Hebron - PNN The Israeli army seized several shared taxis at the entrance to Beit Omar, confiscating the keys of four of them and arresting two of the occupants. Earlier in the...

Explosion Hits Jerusalem Bus Stop; 1 Dead, 31 Injured
PNN - Jerusalem – PNN - An explosion was reported at 3:15 p.m. on Wednesday opposite the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem, killing one Israeli and injuring 31 others, four critically. Israeli public radio...

New Settlement Outpost in Jordan Valley, Army Threatens Arrests
PNN - Tulkarm - PNN - At dawn on Wednesday morning a group of 25 Jewish settlers entered a group of tents in the northern Jordan valley area of Ein al-Helwa and set up...

Knesset Passes Bill Prohibiting Nakba Commemoration
PNN - The Israeli legislature has passed a bill that will require the state to fine local authorities or state funded bodies that commemorate the Palestinian Nakba Day. The bill has been reworked since...

Daily Roundup: Two More Injured in Gaza Airstrikes, Five Arrests in Hebron
PNN - Gaza City – PNN - One day after Israeli airstrikes killed eight Palestinians in a day of escalating aggression, an unmanned Israeli drone wounded two Palestinians on Wednesday morning, one critically. The...

PCHR Participate at 16th Session of Human Rights Council: Call for situation in Israel and oPt to be transferred to International Criminal Court.
Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Awarta faces second wave of curfew and military harassment
3/23/2011 - International Solidarity Movement - According to Awarta residents, the Israeli army entered the village again at 3 am on Thuesday 22nd of March laying down a curfew for the second time this month. The previous week Awarta, south of Nablus, had been put under curfew for five days by the Israeli military. Once again houses were searched, leaving a....

Wrecked home, Awarta
3/23/2011 - International Solidarity Movement - One of the homes that got wrecked during the thuesday curfew in Awarta. In the same home, the five sons were arrested. Updated on March 23, 2011....

Israel's attack on civilians: two children killed
3/23/2011 - International Solidarity Movement - Until now I am doubting whether to upload the horrific pictures of the latest fatalities of Israel's attacks on Gaza. They show what remains of 15-year-old Qasem Salah Abu Uteiwi and his 16-year-old friend Imad Mohammed Issa Faraj Allah. Both teenagers are from Nuseirat refugee camp, in central Gaza Strip. They.... Related: Warning - extremely graphic images

Sarah Palin Concludes Brief Visit in Israel
Alternative Information Center - Potential US presidential candidate Sarah Palin visited Israel for two days this week, a visit initiated by extreme right wing Israeli politicians. Palin did not meet with any Palestinians and joins other neo-conservative US politicians in...

Call for action: Protest against H&M Opening a New Store in Israel
Alternative Information Center - In the aftermath of the Gaza massacre in January 2009, the management of H&M decided to open seven stores in Israel. Despite worldwide protests and Israel’s massive violations of international humanitarian law, H&M opened four stores...

Uruguayan Capital to Host United Nations Latin American and Caribbean Meeting in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace, 29-30 March
Relief Web 23 Mar 2011 - Source: UN General Assembly

OPT: IOF Kills and Injures 19 Persons, including 11 Children - Al Mezan Condemns and Calls on the International Community to Intervene
Relief Web 23 Mar 2011 - Source: Al Mezan Center for Human Rights

Libyan Arab Jamahiriyah: Unrest Situation Report No. 15 (Arabic version)
Relief Web 23 Mar 2011 - Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Italy, Switzerland and Austria contribute €9.4 million through PEGASE to the Palestinian Authority's payment of social allowances to Palestinian families in need
Relief Web 23 Mar 2011 - Source: European Union

IAF strikes Gaza targets in response to rocket fire on south
Ha'aretz - Hamas says airstrike targeted smuggling tunnels along the Gaza-Egypt border, a training camp in central Gaza, and a power transformer; no reported injuries as a result of airtrike.

Israel Police on high alert in wake of deadly Jerusalem bombing
Ha'aretz - Police announced that they will move to level-three operational activity, the highest level of alert, and will be out in full force in the coming days throughout the country.

MESS Report / Hamas unlikely to be behind Jerusalem bombing
Ha'aretz - Despite the escalation, Hamas does not seem to want large-scale clashes yet. The organization actually has good reasons to believe that Israel is the one heating up the southern front.

Netanyahu: Israel will react firmly to recent Palestinian violence
Ha'aretz - PM responds to Wednesday's bombing in Jerusalem in which one woman was killed and over 30 wounded, says government, IDF has 'iron will' to defend the country.

Report: Gunmen kidnap seven Europeans in Lebanon
Ha'aretz - Kidnapped cyclists of Estonian nationality apparently crossed into Lebanon from Syria; still unclear if kidnappings were politically motivated.

Gates: U.S. may turn over control of Libya operations Saturday
Ha'aretz - U.S. President Barack Obama has categorically ruled out a land invasion of Libya and is eager to hand over the reigns in the Libya no-fly zone operation; NATO still undecided on scope of role in military operations.

Haaretz regrets move to charge Uri Blau for 'doing his work as a journalist'
Ha'aretz - Justice Ministry announced that it's considering charging the Haaretz journalist with holding classified information without authorization, and without intention to harm the security of the state.

15 killed in 24-hour police assualt on Syrian anti-government protesters
Ha'aretz - The Daraa protests, inspired by the wave of pro-democracy protests around the region have been met with violent police crackdowns; the total death toll stands at 22.

State Comptroller: Israel must stop ignoring earthquake warnings
Ha'aretz - Micha Lindenstrauss issues report revealing that the country has done almost nothing to reinforce buildings and infrastructure in the last decade.

'It's disgraceful that Israel is sending its president to jail'
Ha'aretz - Residents of Moshe Katsav's hometown Kiryat Malakhi express dismay over the prison sentence handed to the former president after he was convicted of rape and other sexual offenses.

'Jerusalem explosion victims were completely covered in blood'
Ha'aretz - Eyewitnesses give accounts of the scene moments after bomb explodes in central Jerusalem; paramedic who rushed to scene of the blast says he saw two women unconscious and covered in blood.

Palestinian PM: Jerusalem terror attack contradicts our plan for freedom by peaceful means
Ha'aretz - Fayyad harshly condemns Jerusalem bombing; Obama also condemns attack in central Jerusalem, rockets fired from Gaza.

TIMELINE / Terror returns to Jerusalem after three-year lull
Ha'aretz - The Jerusalem bomb explosion on Wednesday in which a woman was killed and over 30 were reported wounded is one in a series of attacks that have hit the Israeli capital.

Bomb explodes in central Jerusalem; 1 dead, at least 30 hurt
Ha'aretz - Blast caused by explosive device placed next to telephone pole; 59-year-old killed believed to be foreign citizen; three people seriously wounded; entrance to the city has been closed.

Palestinian child hospitalized in Israel after hurt by IDF fire in Gaza
Ha'aretz - Israel has offered medical assistance via the Palestinian Authority to other casualties of Tuesday's fighting in the Gaza Strip, according to Israel Radio.

Netanyahu: Israel will continue to operate against terrorists in Gaza
Ha'aretz - After barrage of rocket and mortar fire, Vice Premier Shalom says Israel may have to consider wide operation in Gaza; Minister Limor Livnat: Operation Cast Lead 2 may be in order.

Two Grad rockets hit Be'er Sheva; IAF strikes Gaza launching squad
Ha'aretz - Eight mortar shells hit western Negev between the two attacks on Be'er Sheva, and within hours of another strike on Ashdod; on Israeli lightly wounded, at least eight Palestinians killed over course of Tuesday.

Barak: Israel facing regional 'earthquake' and diplomatic 'tsunami'
Ha'aretz - Speaking at New York event, Defense Minister says Israel has proven it is an island of stability, an 'outpost of the free world values in a tough neighborhood.'

The sirens that followed said it all
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - What initially sounded like thunder brings a rainy Jerusalem back to more terrible times.

‘The smell is still in my nose from other terror attacks'
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - For United Hatzalah director, Binyanei Ha’uma blast brings back memories of other bus bombings.

‘There were 20 seconds of silence, then screams began’
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - Victims of Jerusalem terror attack recount their experiences as Mayor Nir Barkat says "awareness can reduce the number of wounded."

IDF strikes targets in Gaza in retaliation to rockets
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - Israeli airstrikes hit smuggling tunnels along Gaza-Egypt border as well as a Hamas training camp in central Gaza; action follows rocket attacks against Beersheba and Ashkelon; no reports of injured in attack.

Analysis: A war on multiple fronts
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - The IDF's challenge will be to find a way to restore Israel’s deterrence while containing the violence from growing into a larger-scale conflict.

Car sales race ahead as Palestinian economy purrs
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - Palestinian new car sales numbers reflect growing prosperity and are one of the best measures to see how the economy is faring.

Edelstein calls on Facebook to remove Intifada page
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - Social network's owner Zuckerberg asked to shut down group with over 230,000 members calling for "Third Palestinian Intifada."

J'lem bombing is a 'natural response to Israeli crimes'
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - Hamas, Islamic Jihad express support for terror attack as PA's Abbas, Fayyad issue condemnations; state of emergency declared in Gaza.

Owner of twice-bombed J'lem kiosk vows to continue
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - Brother-in-law first alerted police to suspicious package in terrorist attack; “Nothing will overcome us, tomorrow morning we’ll return to clean up."

Peres: I have confidence in IDF to stop terror
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - President addresses J'lem bombing, sends condolences to family of woman killed; Barak: We can't tolerate attacks on Israelis in South, J'lem.

PM: Israel will act ‘vigorously, responsibly and prudently’
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - Netanyahu says elements trying to disturb quiet with terror "will learn that the gov't, the IDF and the Israeli public have an iron will to protect the state.

Police, MDA raise alert level following terror attacks
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - Police, emergency medical services increase presence after one person dies, 39 hurt in J'lem bombing, barrages of rockets, mortars hit South.

Obama, int'l leaders denounce Jerusalem terrorist attack
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - US president on J'lem bombing and Gaza rocket attacks: "There is never any possible justification for terrorism."

'J'lem terror attack doesn't represent a move backwards'
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - Police chief Cohen: Forces were as prepared as possible; no suspects in bombing; J'lem police chief: City marathon still likely to proceed.

Fayyad: 'I resolutely denounce this terror attack'
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - PA Prime Minister says he opposes the attack "no matter who stands behind it," wishes a full recovery those injured.

'We can't tolerate attacks on Israelis in South, J'lem'
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - Defense Minister Barak addresses the J'lem bombing: We are determined to return the quiet; Yishai says escalation "demands action."

Netanyahu delays Russia departure after explosion
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - Bombing coincides with PM's planned flight; trip delayed as Netanyahu is briefed on Jerusalem bombing; Barak is currently in the US.

Police set up roadblocks in search for J'lem bomber
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - Jerusalem police commander says forces still unsure of how bomb was set off; Jerusalem Marathon, city events likely to proceed as planned.

The curious case of Bibi’s missing speech
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - Whatever happened to Netanyahu’s proposed speech? An open plea to the PM to cease fluctuating between opposing policies and be forthright with his citizens by informing them once and for all in which direction Israel is headed: a one, two or three state solution?

Gazan child injured by IDF mortar treated in Israel
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - 8-year-old boy's transfer into Israel coordinated with PA; Israel offers medical treatment to civilians injured by IDF mortar strike.

Kiss rocker Gene Simmons back in Israel after 51 years
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - The Israeli-born superstar calls boycotting artists "idiots," says "there ain't no place like Israel on Earth."

Comptroller: Israel unprepared for future earthquakes
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - Lindenstrauss says report is "a red flag waving in front of" Netanyahu's government, Israel has not fixed "serious shortcomings."

Abbas to Russia: Pressure Israel to halt Gaza escalation
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - PA president slams Netanyahu's criticism of Hamas unity talks: "He's always wept to US that he can't negotiate with divided Palestinians," says Ma'an report.

Egypt committee charges Mubarak of killing protesters
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - Investigation of violence during protests says former president and interior minister intentionally murdered over 360 protesters.

'The window for a negotiated peace ends in September'
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - International community will be the one that will take a Palestinian state to the UN, predicts Palestinian FM Riad Malki in TA address.

Rivlin: IDF conversion bill could split Jewish people
Jeruslalem Post 23 Mar 2011 - Chief Rabbi Amar still hoping to see bill pass giving Chief Rabbinate sole authority over conversions.

'Majority of Israelis see US Jewry as vital to security'
Jeruslalem Post 22 Mar 2011 - Poll: 73% of adults say Israel can learn a lot from religious pluralism of American Jewish community; MKs to take Diaspora study tour.

6 Palestinians detained by army in WB
23 Mar 2011 - West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli occupation forces detained Wednesday at dawn four citizens following home raids in the West Bank city of Hebron.

Israeli shelling on Gaza injures 2
23 Mar 2011 - Gaza Strip,(Pal Telegraph)-Two Palestinians were injured Wednesday at morning as Israeli jets struck the east of Al-Shejai suburb.

Army storms several villages in Jenin
23 Mar 2011 - West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli occupation forces raided Monday six villages in the city of Jenin without detentions reported.

8 Palestinians killed in Israeli raids on Gaza Strip
23 Mar 2011 -   Gaza Strip, (Pal Telegraph)-In an escalation of the ongoing Israeli violence against Gaza residents, eight Palestinians were killed yesterday in Israeli shelling across the strip.

How we missed you, humanitarian intervention
Uruknet March 23, 2011 - With the mealy-mouthed support of the Arab League and soon-to-be-repentant sectors of the Arab left, the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution authorizing the creation of a free-fire zone in Qaddafi-controlled quadrants of Libya. NATO warplanes are already alight. Qaddafi’s air-defenses are reportedly being taken out, while a column of tanks manned by working-class...

Libyan air forces destroyed - British commander
Uruknet March 23, 2011 - Allied forces have destroyed the Libyan air force and are flying with impunity across its airspace, attacking ground troops wherever they threaten the civilian population, a senior British commander said on Wednesday. "We are now applying sustained and unrelenting pressure on the Libyan armed forces," Air Vice Marshal Greg Bagwell said, according to the text...

Obama’s Imperial Twist: “Humanitarian” Regime Change in Libya
Uruknet March 23, 2011 - President Obama demanded regime change in Libya more than three weeks ago, but now acts as if that’s not his policy. He will use the assault on Muamar Khadafi’s forces to introduce so-called "humanitarian intervention" as an anchor of the Obama Doctrine. Regime change will remain a basic tool, while the "humanitarian" ruse expands imperial...

Before Flying To Moscow, Netanyahu Approves Further Strikes In Gaza
Uruknet March 23, 2011 - Israeli sources reported Wednesday that Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, approved a series of strikes in the Gaza Strip before he headed to Russia. The decision came during a meeting he held at the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, with Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, Deputy Defense Minister, Matan Vilnai, Army Chief of Staff, Benny...

Bus stop bomb kills one in Jerusalem
Uruknet March 23, 2011 - A bomb has struck a crowded bus stop in West Jerusalem, killing at least one person and wounding 30 in what authorities said was the first major attack in the city in several years. Scores of ambulances converged on the area near the central bus station as rescuers removed bloodied people from the area on...

US escalates military onslaught against Libya
Uruknet March 23, 2011 - Admiral Samuel J. Locklear, the operations commander of the US and European forces attacking Libya, said Tuesday afternoon that he was "considering all options" in expanding the war against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. The United States and Britain launched another two dozen Tomahawk cruise missiles against targets along the Libyan coast, including several in...

Israel admits kidnapping operations manager of Gaza's only power plant
Uruknet March 23, 2011 - Israel admitted this week that it was behind the abduction of the operations manager of Gaza's only power plant, who disappeared more than a month ago while travelling on a train in Ukraine. Israeli officials confirmed in a statement that Mr Dirar Abu Sisi, 42, was being held in Israel's Shikma prison, near Ashkelon, after...

Saudi Arabia Abandons Yemen’s Saleh, Calls for Transition

Deaths as Syrian forces 'storm mosque'
Uruknet March 23, 2011 - Security forces have attempted to storm a mosque in the southern Syrian city of Daraa, reportedly killing at least six people. The government, however, blamed the violence on an "armed gang", according to the state-run SANA news agency. Residents said heavy gunfire was heard near the Omari mosque in the early hours of Wednesday in...

Knesset passes segregation law
Uruknet March 22, 2011 - The Knesset passed a segregation bill today. Palestinian Israelis are not allowed to live in Jewish localities built on land confiscated from them. Government policy also makes sure they cannot build on the little private land that was left in their ownership. How long can Jewish Israelis continue pretending that Palestinians do not exist? ...

Vilifying Gaddafi externalises evil
Uruknet March 23, 2011 - The air strikes on Libya are, under the terms of the UN resolution, supposedly intended to protect civilians and result in a negotiated settlement between Colonel Gaddafi and the rebels. This has resulted in some controversy, as air strikes devastated Gaddafi's compound – Bab El-Azizia, the presidential palace abutting military barracks in Tripoli. The defence...

IOF Kills Four Palestinian Civilians, Including Two Children, in Artillery Shelling and Four Members of the Palestinian Resistance in Aerial Bombardment in Gaza City
Uruknet March 23, 2011 - The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) has continued to commit war crimes in the Gaza Strip and intensified its artillery and aerial bombardment in populated areas. These bombing missions are clearly targeting Palestinian civilians. Yesterday, 22 March 2011, IOF killed four Palestinian civilians. Two children were killed. A man, his grandchild, his cousin and neighbor were...

Liberals March to War “Humanitarian” interventionists salute their commander-in-chief
Uruknet March 23, 2011 - Well, that didn’t take long. Now that President Barack Obama has intervened in Libya, his army of apologists is mobilizing to defend his "humanitarianism," declaring that his war isn’t at all like Bush’s wars. It’s something new, and different – and admirable. I’m not at all surprised. Are you? The anti-interventionist veneer of most American...

Egyptian constitutional referendum passes amid low turnout
Uruknet March 22, 2011 - The thoroughly fraudulent and undemocratic nature of the process was underlined by the declaration from the Supreme Military Council: in the event of a no vote, it would impose its own constitution, until a new one can be drafted. This farce had the full backing of Mubarak’s National Democratic Party and the Muslim Brotherhood. Both...

Kosovo revisited (kind of)
Uruknet March 22, 2011 - No doubt much self-flagellation is currently taking place amongst the Western 'left’, or at least it should be given their atrocious reading of the Libyan 'revolution’. Right from the very beginning of 'Operation Odyssey Dawn’ something just didn’t smell right about the Libyan 'revolution’. From the outset this was no peaceful, civilian insurrection such as...

Iraq snapshot - March 22, 2011
Uruknet March 22, 2011. Chaos and violence continue, at least one police officer is killed during a protest in the KRG, Baghdad activists explain the point of Liberation Square, Nouri claims safety when security incidents beg to differ, the White House continues to refuse to fall Congress' laws with regards to veterans and service members, and more....

Israel abducts two Lebanese shepherds near Rmeish
Uruknet March 22, 2011 - Israel abducted two Lebanese shepherds Tuesday in an act that prompted calls for international action to be taken against the Jewish state following its latest violation of Lebanese sovereignty. The Israel Army notified the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) that it had abducted two shepherds from an area close to the southern Lebanese...

Uruknet March 22, 2011 - THE JOKE has been told by generations of Jews, most famously Golda Meir, the former prime minister of Israel: 'Why did Moses lead us to the one place in the Middle East without oil?’ But an updated version may be required if Harold Vinegar and his colleagues get their way. Dr Vinegar, the former chief...

Jeremy Scahill: As Mass Uprising Threatens the Saleh Regime, a Look at the Covert U.S. War in Yemen
Uruknet March 22, 2011 - The crisis in Yemen is growing following high-level defections from the regime of U.S.-backed President Ali Abudullah Saleh. On Monday, a dozen top military leaders announced their pledge to protect the protest movement after 45 people were killed and some 350 were wounded when Yemeni forces opened fire on demonstrators in the capital of Sana’a...

An Open Letter to War Loving (Democratic/Republican) Frauds
Uruknet March 22, 2011 - Dear War Loving (Democratic or Republican) Fraud, I know many of you don't really care, but in exactly 15 days, it will be seven years since my oldest son (whom I never "abandoned" and raised with his father and three siblings until he went into the Army when he was 21), Casey was killed in...

“No-Fly Zone”: Video Of Libyan "Highway Of Death"
Uruknet March 22, 2011 - In Libya, the international coalition says aerial strikes have successfully halted the forces of Colonel Gaddafi. There are reports over 60 people have been killed so far. The U.S. says it has fired 12 more cruise missiles at targets on Monday, and Canadian planes have now joined the action. Coalition forces say Colonel Gaddafi himself...

US in Libya: Protecting Civilians? A Rebel Army? What?
Uruknet March 22, 2011 - From Monday’s statements by President Obama, General Ham (commander of the Africa Command), and the State Department, it’s clear that the United States is committed to regime change in Libya, to toppling Muammar Qaddafi. But the president and the military are being very, very careful not to tie the UN Security Council resolution, whose authority...

Introducing ASOI Israel's Latest Apartheid Law
Uruknet March 22, 2011 - Those of us who have been veteran comrades in the struggle for peace and justice in Palestine have quite often been frustrated by the inability to galvanize enough support in the political and media establishments in the West against the brutal occupation of the West Bank and the strangulation of Gaza. We believed that clear...

TRUTHOUT EXCLUSIVE: CIA Psychologist's Notes Reveal True Purpose Behind Bush's Torture Program
Uruknet March 22, 2011 - Dr. Bruce Jessen's handwritten notes describe some of the torture techniques that were used to "exploit" "war on terror" detainees in custody of the CIA and Department of Defense. Bush administration officials have long asserted that the torture techniques used on "war on terror" detainees were utilized as a last resort in an effort to...

Report Underscores Ticking Time Bomb of US Nuke Power Plants
Uruknet March 22, 2011 - A timely report from the Union of Concerned Scientists, based on data from the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), contains troubling news about the state of America’s vast network of nuclear power plants. The report, which examined serious incidents at 14 U.S. nuclear power plants nationwide from New York to California in 2010, finds fault...

Settlers Observe 'Day Of Rage' Pouring Wrath On Palestinians
Uruknet March 22, 2011 - - Israeli settlers observed their own 'Day of Rage' last Thursday, launching reprisal attacks on Palestinians for the recent murder of a settler family in an illegal Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank, and the demolition of a settlement structure by the Israeli authorities. Over the years, Israeli settlers have carried out the much...

Syria: Four killed in Deraa as protests spread across south
Uruknet March 22, 2011 - Syria faces the most serious unrest in the 11-year rule of President Bashar al-Assad as protests continue across the south. Several hundred demonstrators reportedly took to the streets in the governorate of Deraa in the fifth consecutive day of clashes. Last night there were reports that Syrian security forces killed four people on an attack...

On World Water Day, support the academic boycott call
Uruknet March 22, 2011 - Today on World Water Day, we call on those concerned with water rights to support the boycott, divestment and sanctions call to hold Israel responsible for its violations of international law. We at the water rights and advocacy group LifeSource specifically support the call made on the University of Johannesburg to terminate its cooperation with...

Hezbollah supporters back party's silence
Daily Star 23 Mar 2011 BEIRUT: Hezbollah's policy of refraining from commenting on campaigns against its arms is wise, say the party's supporters, with some stressing that they are not provoked by calls to disarm the resistance. Hassan Younes, a university...

Bridal shop robbed of $10,000 worth of dresses
Daily Star 23 Mar 2011 BEIRUT: A bridal shop was robbed of over $10,000 worth of wedding dresses, according to security sources. The sources told The Daily Star that thieves broke into a shop that sells and rents wedding dresses in...

Investigation launched into man found hanging
Daily Star 23 Mar 2011 BEIRUT: An investigation was opened after the body of a man was found hanging in a rented room in a building inhabited by displaced persons in Ouzai, security sources said Wednesday. An initial examination of the...

Three arrested for drug crimes and thefts
Daily Star 23 Mar 2011 BEIRUT: Three arrests for drug crimes and theft took place across the country Wednesday, according to the National News Agency. Police from Ras Baalbek arrested a man wanted on an arrest warrant for drug crime and...

More than 20 homes robbed in Zghorta
Daily Star 23 Mar 2011 BEIRUT: More than 20 homes were robbed in the mountain village of Kfar Sghab in Zghorta. The National News Agency said the thefts took place Tuesday night when thieves broke into over 20 homes and escaped...

Muggings, armed robbery and carjacking reported
Daily Star 23 Mar 2011 BEIRUT: Two muggings, an armed robbery, and a carjacking took place across the country, according to police reports Wednesday. On Hamra's main street, three armed individuals flashed knives in the face of two Korean nationals and...

ISF personnel graduate from community policing program
Daily Star 23 Mar 2011 BAABDA: More than 100 Internal Security Forces personnel graduated from the joint U.S.-ISF community policing training program Wednesday. Under the joint training program, senior ISF officers have made several visits to police departments in the U.S....

Documentary zooms in on positive religious role models
Daily Star 23 Mar 2011 BEIRUT: A documentary aimed at tackling the issue of "faith against fanaticism" was screened for the first time Wednesday to some 300 school students from the capital, as part of a national campaign titled "Fanaticism blinds...

Syria cracks down on dissent, at least 15 dead
Daily Star 23 Mar 2011 DARAA, Syria: Syrian police launched a relentless assault Wednesday on a neighborhood sheltering anti-government protesters, fatally shooting at least 15 in an operation that lasted nearly 24 hours, witnesses said. At least six were killed in...

Franco-Turkish team detect early quake signals
Daily Star 23 Mar 2011 ISTANBUL, Turkey: Franco-Turkish researchers have found that a deadly 1999 quake in Turkey was preceded by seismic signals, raising hopes of a predictive system for future tremors. Studying copious data from the period just before the...

Khartoum denies Southern accusations of airstrikes
Daily Star 23 Mar 2011 JUBA, Sudan: Southern Sudan's army Wednesday accused northern forces of bombing two sites south of their border, further escalating tensions as the South gears up for full independence. But senior government officials from the North and...

U.K. seeking regime change in Libya: Foreign Office official
Daily Star 23 Mar 2011 LONDON: The U.K. government has confirmed its war aims in Libya include regime change and the removal of Moammar Gadhafi from power. A U.K. Foreign Office official told The Daily Star that the one of the...

Bombing near Jerusalem bus stop kills woman, wounds 30
Daily Star 23 Mar 2011 OCCUPIED JERUSALEM: A bomb planted in a bag exploded near a bus stop in a Jewish district of occupied Jerusalem Wednesday, killing a woman and wounding at least 30 people, a day after an Israeli airstrike...

Gadhafi's forces carry out massacre in Misrata
Daily Star 23 Mar 2011 TRIPOLI: Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's forces resumed their attack on the rebel-held town of Misrata Wednesday, moving back onto the offensive just hours after Western strikes silenced their guns. While four nights of Western airstrikes hit...

Jordan's king blames prime minister for slow reform
Daily Star 23 Mar 2011 AMMAN: Jordan's King Abdullah II has blamed his appointed prime minister for delaying changes to the political system the monarch proposed as a response to calls for more democracy. Abdullah told Prime Minister Marouf al-Bakhit in...

Bahrain at a very dangerous stage, says foreign minister
Daily Star 23 Mar 2011 ISTANBUL: The situation in Bahrain is at a "very dangerous stage," Bahrain's foreign minister, Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmad al-Khalifa, told Turkish television channel NTV Wednesday. "What is happening in Bahrain is now at a very dangerous...

Housing protest in Algerian capital leaves 22 hurt: official
Daily Star 23 Mar 2011 ALGIERS: Rioting in a working-class area of Algiers over the demolition of illegally built shacks left 22 people hurt, 21 of them police officers, a top civil protection official said Wednesday. Rioting over housing is fairly...

Committee charges Mubarak with murder
Daily Star 23 Mar 2011 CAIRO: An Egyptian committee set up to investigate violence during demonstrations that toppled Hosni Mubarak has laid charges against the former president for the murder of protesters, a state newspaper said. The committee has also accused...

Yemen Parliament gives Saleh sweeping emergency powers
Daily Star 23 Mar 2011 SANAA: Yemen's Parliament enacted sweeping emergency laws Wednesday after the country's embattled president asked for new powers of arrest, detention and censorship to quash a popular uprising demanding his ouster. The move escalates the showdown between...

Bouazizi's mom remembers him with pride
Daily Star 23 Mar 2011 TUNIS: The mother of Mohammad Bouazizi, the Tunisian fruit seller whose desperate protest has shaken strong-arm regimes across the Arab world, says she will stop her grieving because of the success of the revolution he inspired....

Israel warns of 'aggressive' response to Jerusalem blast
The Guardian 23 Mar 2011 - Tension high after first bomb explosion in six years in the holy city leaves one dead and dozens injured The Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has vowed to react "aggressively" after a suitcase bomb exploded in...

Jerusalem's fragile peace destroyed by suitcase bomb
The Guardian 23 Mar 2011 - Woman killed and dozens injured in bus station blast that has damaged hopes for Middle East peace process A suitcase bomb exploded in one of the busiest parts of Jerusalem just before rush hour, destroying years...

Israeli-Palestinian tensions: a timeline
The Guardian 23 Mar 2011 - The bus attack in Jerusalem, which killed one person and left at least 25 others injured, follows days of escalating violence 11 March Ehud and Ruti Fogel and three of their children , aged 11, four, and...

Jerusalem bus bomb threatens to reawaken old tensions
The Guardian 23 Mar 2011 - Bus station blast invokes memories of a time when such attacks occurred daily. Many hoped those days were behind them Wednesday's bus bomb in Jerusalem was a shocking reminder of a time when such attacks were...

Bomb explodes near Jerusalem bus station
The Guardian 23 Mar 2011 - One woman killed and at least 25 others injured, some seriously, in city's first bus bombing in several years A bus has exploded opposite the central station in Jerusalem, killing one woman and injuring at least...

Israel is blind to the Arab revolution | Aluf Benn
The Guardian 23 Mar 2011 - Israel's view of the Arab uprising reflects ideas of itself as a liberal bastion in a sea of backwardness Even in its third month, the Arab revolution fails to resonate positively in Israel. The Israeli news...

Gaza militants' rockets strike cities deep into Israel
The Guardian 23 Mar 2011 - Islamic Jihad claims attacks on Beersheba and Ashdod as Israeli vice-premier calls for new offensive in Gaza Strip Palestinian rockets have struck two cities deep in Israel, wounding one man and prompting a deputy to the...

Israel Accused of 'A Form of Ethnic Cleansing'
IPS "If the regime that encourages incitement, racism and anti-democracy is not toppled soon, we will find that the future is already here," says Israeli columnist Sefi Rachlevsky in the Israeli daily 'Haaretz'.

Abbas condemns blast, IDF
YNet News, 23 Mar 2011 - PA leader slams attack, IDF operations; Obama offers condolences to both....

Yishai urges tough response to terror
YNet News, 23 Mar 2011 - Interior minister: Israel must respond more aggressively to terror in order to....

Rocket threat: Southern schools cancel classes
YNet News, 23 Mar 2011 - Bombarded by several rockets, southern cities halt school, university activities....

Kiev says not involved in Gazan's arrest
YNet News, 23 Mar 2011 - Security service says Ukraine unaware how Palestinian engineer ended up in....

Man gets 5 years for attack on Cairo synagogue
YNet News, 23 Mar 2011 - Gamal Hussein threw makeshift explosive at Shaare Shamayim synagogue last....

Comptroller: Israel unprepared for quake
YNet News, 23 Mar 2011 - State Comptroller warns of imminent disaster as two reports issued in past....

6 dead in new clashes in southern Syria city
YNet News, 23 Mar 2011 - Activist says security forces launched attack in Daraa mosque, where anti-gov't....

Knesset passes 'Nakba bill'
YNet News, 23 Mar 2011 - Arab, left-wing MKs fume as bill allowing small communities to reject residents....

Grad rocket injures man in Beersheba
YNet News, 23 Mar 2011 - Residents of Beersheba neighborhood hit by rocket fume after discovering public....

Egypt Air removes Israel from map
YNet News, 23 Mar 2011 - Jordan stretches to sea in online map by Egypt's largest airline, though it....

Palestinians push for talks renewal
YNet News, 23 Mar 2011 - Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki warns Abbas will resign if negotiations not....

Islamic Jihad commanders go into hiding
YNet News, 23 Mar 2011 - Terrorists fear reprisals: The Islamic Jihad terror group in Gaza ordered all its commanders to go into hiding for the next few days at least, for fear that the IDF will ... ....

Jerusalem blast: Man's vigilance saves lives
YNet News, 23 Mar 2011 - Man's vigilance reduced number of casualties: One of the wounded in Wednesday's terror attack called police after spotting a suspicious object near a bus station, ... ....

Dozens hurt, woman killed in Jerusalem bombing
YNet News, 23 Mar 2011 - Terror in capital: A woman of about 60 was killed and dozens of people were wounded Wednesday afternoon after an explosive device was detonated in a phone booth near the ... ....

Netanyahu vows 'firm, wise' response to terror
YNet News, 23 Mar 2011 - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened an emergency session at Ben-Gurion Airport Wednesday, ahead of his departure to Russia, apparently approving a series of ... ....

Amnesty: Egypt army tortured women protesters
YNet News, 23 Mar 2011 - Human rights group Amnesty International on Wednesday called on Egypt's government to investigate accusations that the army tortured and abused women arrested in ... ....

Phosphorous shells hit southern Israel
YNet News, 23 Mar 2011 - South under fire: While Jerusalem residents are recovering from Wednesday's terror attack, at least five mortar shells were fired from the northern Gaza Strip at southern ... ....

Israel tells Facebook: Remove Intifada page
YNet News, 23 Mar 2011 - A month after the launch of a Facebook group calling for a third Intifada, Minister of Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs Yuli Edelstein sent a letter to Facebook founder ... ....

B'Tselem strongly condemns attack in Jerusalem
B'tselem 22 Mar 2011 - B'Tselen strongly condemns the attack today (23 March) near Jerusalem's central bus station, in which a woman was killed and dozens of persons injured, some of them severely. As yet, no organization has taken responsibility for the act, which was clearlygram Files\QuickTime\QTSystem\

Stop mortar fire at populated areas in Gaza
B'tselem 22 Mar 2011 - On 22 March '11, Israeli mortar fire killed four Palestinian civilians east of Gaza City. Despite promises following Operation Cast Lead, it seems the military has not made the changes necessary to prevent harm to civilians from this imprecise weapon.

Swiss President announces plans to break Gaza siege
PIC 23 Mar 2011 - Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Rey has announced her country is developing a project to open up all crossings to the Gaza Strip, which has been suffocating for the last five years..

Eight killed, 35 injured in last 24 hours of Israeli aggression
PIC 23 Mar 2011 - Two resistance fighters were injured Wednesday morning after an Israeli air strike in the eastern Gaza city district of Al-Shajaa'iyya.

Qassam Brigades: Resistance must defend Palestinians during Israeli aggression
PIC 23 Mar 2011 - Abu Obeida spokesman of the Izzeddine al-Qassam Brigades has said resistance forces are obligated to defend the Palestinians and will not exercise restraint as Israel boosts aggression on Gaza .

Israeli occupation killed 10 Palestinians and wounded 43 since Sunday
PIC 23 Mar 2011 - Israeli occupation force launched more than 17 airstrikes and fired more than sixty artillery missiles between Sunday 20 March to Wednesday 23 March killing ten Palestinians and wounded 43 others.

One settler killed and 39 others injured in an explosion in Jerusalem
PIC 23 Mar 2011 - One Israeli settler was killed and 39 others were injured as a result of the explosion that took place on Wedbesday evening at a bus station in occupied Jerusalem, according to occupation sources.

Al-Quds Brigades vows to hit back strongly after killing of resistance fighters
PIC 23 Mar 2011 - Al-Quds Brigades vowed to retaliate very strongly to Israel's assassination of four of its resistance fighters during an aerial attack yesterday on Azzeitoun neighborhood, southeast of Gaza city.

Haneyya says reconciliation calls to Abbas are pending
PIC 23 Mar 2011 - Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haneyya has reiterated calls to the country's de facto president Mahmoud Abbas to come to the Gaza Strip to begin reconciliation talks tackling all national issues.

Egyptair removes Israel from its website as destination
PIC 23 Mar 2011 - The Egyptian airlines (Egyptair), the official carrier of Egypt, removed Israel from its website as one of the destinations its aircrafts fly to.

Israeli occupation says retaliatory rocket attacks from Gaza injured settlers
PIC 23 Mar 2011 - The Israel occupation state admitted on Wednesday that 26 Israeli settlers were wounded when two grad rockets landed in the vicinity of Beersheba city in the early morning hours.

Anti-Israel rabbis burn Israeli flag in O. Jerusalem
PIC 22 Mar 2011 - A group of Jewish rabbis from anti-Israel Neturei Karta organization on Monday evening torched an Israeli flag during a Jewish holiday called Purim in occupied Jerusalem.

Intifada-Palestine: 23 Mar 2011 - “] Thousands of Turkish protestors greet the Mavi Marmara on its return to Istanbul [EPA IHH, left-wing European groups plan to send flotilla this May, one year after another IHH flotilla resulted in bloodshed that prompted widespread international condemnation of Israel.... more

Intifada-Palestine: 22 Mar 2011 - At the London summit of 2 November 2010, France decided to pool defense assets with the British, who depend on the United States. by: Thierry Meyssan - It was France, the United Kingdom and the United States who submitted to... more

'Rebel' General Ali Mohsen al Ahmar, Yemen's back-up ruler after Saleh
The National 23 Mar 2011 - The relationship between Major General Ali Mohsen al Ahmar, Yemen¿s top-ranking military commander. and President Ali Abdullah Saleh began to sour years ago. Observers now expect the general, who went over to the protest movement this week, to force the president to go within days.

Bahrain's foreign minister says country is at 'very dangerous stage'
The National 23 Mar 2011 - Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed al Khalifa tells Turkish TV: 'We are absolutely afraid of the division between religious communities.'

Jerusalem bomb kills one, injures at least 35
The National 22 Mar 2011 - Against a background of rising tensions between Israel and Hamas, Jerusalem has experienced its first bombing for seven years.

Bus stop bomb in Jerusalem kills one as Gaza barrage continues
The National 22 Mar 2011 - As rocket and missile exchanges between Israel’s military and militants operating in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip escalated, a bomb in Jerusalem killed one person and injured nearly 30 others.

Syria crackdown on protests continues; 15 killed
LA Times 23 Mar 2011 - Security forces raided a mosque in the city of Dara where demonstrators had sought shelter, witnesses say. The government says it stepped in only after a doctor and two others were killed by armed groups. Fifteen people were killed by Syrian security forces, witnesses said,...

Bomb blast kills one in Jerusalem
LA Times 23 Mar 2011 - One woman is killed and about two dozen people are wounded in the Jerusalem attack, the first there in four years and the latest sign of escalating violence. Israel vows a strong response. The first bombing to rock Jerusalem in four years killed an Israeli...

New Israeli laws will increase discrimination against Arabs, critics say
LA Times 23 Mar 2011 - One legalizes 'admissions committees' in towns to vet would-be residents on their social 'suitability.' The other imposes fines for commemorating Nakba Day, seen as a protest of Israel's independence. Israel's conservative-led Knesset adopted two controversial laws Wednesday that critics warned will worsen discrimination against the...

Six Protesters Killed in Syria
New York Times 23 Mar 2011 - Syrian security forces attacked protesters who had taken refuge in a mosque in the center of the southern city of Dara’a, news agencies reported.

Jerusalem Blast Raises Fears of Growing Violence
New York Times 23 Mar 2011 - In the first bombing inside Jerusalem in four years, one person was killed and 25 injured as violence was escalating along Israel’s border with Gaza.

Rockets From Gaza Hit Deep Into Southern Israel
New York Times 23 Mar 2011 - Palestinian rockets reached deep into Israel late Tuesday and Wednesday, a day after Israeli mortar fire killed three Palestinian civilians.

US escalates military onslaught against Libya
WSWS - The air attacks are now targeting Libyan ground troop concentrations, threatening thousands of deaths.

Yemen ruling elite fractures as uprising continues
WSWS - By Niall Green, March 23, 2011, Senior figures in the Yemeni elite have moved against President Saleh, seeking to maintain their own wealth, power and relations to US imperialism.

HEBRON: Palestinian Demonstration Marks “Unity Day” for Hebron
Christian Peacemaker Teams - Palestine -

SOUTH HEBRON HILLS: Palestinian man stabbed by settler near At-Tuwani two days after settler riot disrupts replanting of damaged olive trees
Christian Peacemaker Teams - Palestine -

New York's Jewish Week on Hillel's exclusionary "consensus"
Jewish Voice for Peace - Cecilie Surasky insisted that the “single greatest threat to Israel today is the occupation and Israel’s continued settlement expansion. It’s the reason Israel is becoming an international pariah, and it’s what is fueling the deterioration of democracy within Israel,” she said.

JVP condemns killing of settler family in West Bank
Jewish Voice for Peace - Jewish Voice for Peace adds its voice to the universal condemnation of Friday's horrific murder of a settler family while they slept, including 3 children. Palestinian news agency Ma'an reports that the Imad Mughniyya Group of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades claimed credit. They also note, however,...

LA Times on Miral, first major US release on Palestinian themes
Jewish Voice for Peace -

Op Ed in Arizona Daily Wildcat on United States' and Israel's Walls
Jewish Voice for Peace -

South African university to end relationship with Ben Gurion Univeristy
Joseph Dana 23 Mar 2011 - In a major victory for proponents of the academic boycott of Israel , the University of Johannesburg has voted to end its relationship with Ben Gurion University. This decision to boycott Ben Gurion University carries special significance given South Africa’s history of Apartheid and the successful boycott that was launched against the country in the 1980’s. The university’s decision...

Israeli PM's pledge after bombing
BBC 23 Mar 2011 - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he will act "aggressively and responsibly" to restore security after a bomb explodes in central Jerusalem.

Syria troops 'kill 10 protesters'
BBC 23 Mar 2011 - At least 10 people are killed after Syrian police open fire on people protesting against the deaths of anti-government demonstrators in Deraa, witnesses say.

Seven tourists seized in Lebanon
BBC 23 Mar 2011 - Seven Estonian tourists have been kidnapped while cycling in the Bekaa Valley in eastern Lebanon.

Egypt ex-minister to face trial
BBC 23 Mar 2011 - Egypt's former interior minister and four other officers are to face trial on charges of killing protesters, the country's public prosecutor said.

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