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Israeli forces continue their campaign of widespread arrests in the occupied Palestinian territories - International Press Center photo

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Thursday, February 9, 2012
Netanyahu Refuses EU Demands To Release Detainees
IMEMC - Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, rejected demands presented by representatives of the European Union (EU) to release a number of Palestinian political prisoners under a confidence-building measure that would also increase popular support to president Mahmoud Abbas. ...

P.A Refuses To Resume Exploratory Talks With Israel
IMEMC - The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank renewed its rejection to resume the “exploratory talks” with Israel, and stated that the “confidence-building measures” proposed by Quartet Envoy, Tony Blair, to Israel are not enough, the Palestine News Network (PNN) reported. ...

Fayyad: “Donor Countries Must Abide by Their Commitments”
IMEMC - Palestinian Prime Minister, Dr. Salaam Fayyad, stated during his Thursday meeting with the Luxembourg's Minister of Development, Cooperation, and Humanitarian Affairs, Marie-Josée Jacobs, that donor countries must abide by their commitments to financially support the Palestinian Authority so that it can perform its duties. ...

Amnesty: Forced relocation of Bedouin could be war crime
2/9/2012 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Amnesty International on Wednesday urged Israel to cancel plans to forcibly displace around 2,300 Bedouin residents from a Jerusalem district." Thousands of Bedouin living in some of the most vulnerable communities in the West Bank are facing the destruction of their homes and livelihoods under this Israeli military plan," Ann Harrison....

Landowner notified by Israel of confiscation orders
2/9/2012 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces have distributed confiscation orders for 68 dunums of Jabaa village lands southwest of Bethlehem in order to expand Beitar Illit and Gva'ot settlements, a landowner said Thursday. Khaled Mashala told Ma'an he was surprised when he arrived to his land to find the notifications, which....

Court delays hearing for hunger-striker Adnan
2/9/2012 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- The Israeli Court of Military Appeals has suspended a session considering the case of hunger-striker Khader Adnan. The case was held in Zeif Hospital in Safad on Thursday. Palestinian prisoners society lawyer Jawad Bulus told Ma'an his society has appealed against the Ofer court's decision to detain.... Related: Israeli hospital: Khader Adnan risks dying

Israeli hospital: Khader Adnan risks dying
2/9/2012 - RAMALLAH (Reuters) -- A Palestinian prisoner on hunger strike for 55 days to protest against his detention without trial by Israel is refusing medical treatment and his life is in danger, a hospital spokeswoman said Thursday. Khader Adnan, 33, a member of Islamic Jihad, has been refusing to eat since mid-December, shortly after his arrest in.... Related: Court delays hearing for hunger-striker Adnan

Hamas leader denies party split over unity deal
2/9/2012 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Party leader Ahmad Yousef denied Thursday that Hamas was split on a plan to reconcile the occupied territories, saying misunderstandings were due to the sudden nature of the announcement."Perhaps the announcement of the Doha meeting was surprising for everyone, including the dialogue committees, as Qatar provided the guarantees for this....

Israel detains 2 Hamas leaders in Tubas
2/9/2012 - NABLUS (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained two Hamas leaders on Thursday from the northern city of Tubas, Palestinian security sources told Ma'an. Soldiers entered Tubas at 1 a. m. and detained Faze Sawaftah, 41, and Nader Sawaftah, 37, after raiding their homes. An Israeli army spokesman said that two men had been....

Settlers plant trees on village land
2/9/2012 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Israeli settlers arrived at the village of Qaryut, north of Ramallah, on Thursday accompanied by Israeli soldiers, witnesses told Ma'an. Settlers marched to the center of the village and planted trees on village land while soldiers looked on, villagers told Ma'an. They said that soldiers prevented them....

Israeli banks, ports shut for second day of strike
2/9/2012 - JERUSALEM (Reuters) -- Israel's bank, ports and stock market were closed on Thursday for the second day of a general strike as the government and the main labor union held talks on the status of contract workers. The Histadrut labor federation, the umbrella organization for hundreds of thousands of public sector workers, said the....

Israel allows 200 truckloads of goods, 20 cars into Gaza
2/9/2012 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli authorities allowed 20 cars and 200 truckloads of commercial and agricultural goods into the Gaza Strip on Thursday. One truck of flowers was exported from the coastal enclave, Palestinian border crossing official Raed Fattouh told Ma'an....

Unequal neighbors: Off the grid in Area C
2/9/2012 - By Charlotte Alfred - MASAFER YATTA (Ma'an) -- Pylons tower over South Hebron Hills village Um al-Kher, hoisting electricity cables that bisect the agricultural community. But like hundreds of their Palestinian neighbors, this tiny hamlet has no access to the power grid. The cables running above the heads of the 150 Um al-Kher residents supply....

Sarkozy meets Gilad Shalit in Paris
2/9/2012 - TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma'an) -- Former Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit met with French president Nicolas Sarkozy on Wednesday at the Elysee Palace in Paris. Parents Noam and Aviva Shalit accompanied their son, who has French citizenship, and thanked Sarkozy for his commitment to the cause, Israel's Haaretz said. Shalit was abducted in....

Opinion: Mahmoud Abbas' latest title
2/9/2012 - By Daoud Kuttab - Unlike his predecessor, Yasser Arafat, the current Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, is not known for hoarding power or being authoritarian. Abbas will most likely end his revolutionary/professional career in retirement and not in a direct struggle with his enemies. But in spite of his power-sharing style of management, Abbas finds himself....

Economy minister referred to corruption court
2/9/2012 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- The Palestinian Authority's anti-corruption unit has referred Economy Minister Hassan Abu Libda and former Finance Ministry director-general Sami Ramlawi to a special court following investigations. The commission called on Salam Fayyad to suspend the work of Abu Libda as minister according to Article 76 of the Basic Law. Ramlawi....

Gaza may 'fall into darkness' without fuel transfer
2/9/2012 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The Gaza Energy Authority announced on Thursday that if fuel doesn't enter the coastal enclave within 72 hours the Strip will face a severe electricity crisis." In less than 72 hours if we don't receive fuel, Gaza will fall into darkness and disability in all aspects....

Police: Drug dealer seized in Yatta village
2/9/2012 - HEBRON (Ma'an) -- Palestinian police arrested a drug dealer in the Hebron village of Yatta on Thursday, a statement said. Police had been tracking the dealer before launching an operation. They seized his car and half a kilo of Hashish. The unnamed dealer is set to face legal proceedings and police are investigating whether....

29 killed as Assad's forces maintain Homs assault
2/9/2012 - BEIRUT (Reuters) -- Syrian forces killed at least 29 people on Thursday in rocket and mortar bombardments of several districts of Homs, the heart of a revolt against President Bashar Assad, activists and opposition sources said. They said the bombardments centred on the Baba Amro, Inshaat, Khalidiya, al-Bayyada and Jouret al-Shayyah districts of the city of....

Egyptian military officers 'kidnapped'
2/9/2012 - EL-ARISH, Egypt (Ma'an) -- The Azazma Bedouin tribe has kidnapped 17 Egyptian border officers after one of its members was killed trying to sneak into Israel, security sources said Thursday. The tribe kidnapped 17 border guards of the Central Security Forces during their shift around 4 p. m. Thursday along the Israeli-Egyptian border, the....

Jordan charges ex-intel chief with graft
2/9/2012 - AMMAN, Jordan (Reuters) -- A former Jordanian intelligence chief was charged Thursday with money-laundering, embezzlement and abuse of power, judicial officials said, in the latest move of a widening anti-graft campaign propelled by popular protests against corruption. The officials said General Mohammad al-Dahabi, who ran the powerful intelligence services from 2005 to 2009, was charged on....

Group: Bombardment of Syria's Homs kills 110 civilians
2/9/2012 - AMMAN, Jordan (Reuters) -- Tank, mortar and rocket bombardment by President Bashar Assad's forces on the besieged city of Homs killed at least 110 civilians Thursday, an activist group said." This number includes three families whose bodies were dug up from under the rubble of their homes, bodies brought to field hospitals and people....

Libya expels Syrian diplomats
2/9/2012 - TRIPOLI (Reuters) -- Libya has given Syria's charge d'affaires and his staff in Tripoli 72 hours to leave the country, the foreign ministry said in a statement on Thursday. Libya's National Transitional Council officially recognised the Syrian opposition council in October as the legitimate authority in Syria after months of....

West offers words, only, as Syria killing rages
2/9/2012 - AMMAN, Jordan (Reuters) -- Syrian government artillery barrages killed dozens of civilians in Homs on Thursday, activists said, as President Bashar Assad, bolstered by Russian support, ignored appeals from world leaders to halt the carnage. The United Nations secretary-general condemned the "appalling brutality" of the operation to stamp out the revolt against Assad, and Turkey'....

Support grows for Palestinian hunger striker
AlJazeera 9 Feb 2012 - Khader Adnan's "life is in danger" after more than 50 days without food in protest against his detention without charge.

World: Tapping the Potential of Displaced Youth: Guidance for Nonformal Education and Livelihoods Development Policy and Practice
Relief Web 9 Feb 2012 - Source: Women's Refugee Commission Country: World , Afghanistan , Bangladesh , Bolivia , Chad , Colombia , Côte d'Ivoire , Democratic Republic of the Congo (the) , Guinea , Haiti , Kenya , Liberia , Nepal , Niger (the) , Nigeria , occupied Palestinian territory , Pakistan , Philippines (the) , Somalia , Sri Lanka , Sudan (the) , Timor-Leste , Uganda...

Al Ain paraglider crash prompts safety call
The National 9 Feb 2012 - The Al Ain chief executive Carlo Nohra admitted voicing safety concerns before the show but said he would not rule out using powered gliders again.

Syria crisis talks in bid for unified opposition
The National 9 Feb 2012 - Arab League to discuss recognition as efforts to topple Damascus regime are hampered by lack of unity and absence of a recognisable leader for resistance movement.

Food shortage adds to woe in Homs siege
The National 9 Feb 2012 - Ten children are among the 131 more deaths, say opposition activists, as the assault on Syrian city entered its seventh day.

Ahmadinejad allies fly under the radar ahead of Iran elections
The National 9 Feb 2012 - Supporters of Iran's president are favouring stealth tactics for the first nationwide vote in Iran since the chaos after the disputed presidential outcome in June 2009.

WWE leaps into ring in Abu Dhabi
The National 9 Feb 2012 - Thousands of wrestling fans from all over the region filled the seats at the stadium for the capital's first World Wresting Entertainment event last night.

Greece accepts bailout demands
The National 9 Feb 2012 - More than two years after it came clean about its addiction to debt, Greece may finally have begun its long and painful road to recovery.

Dh10m for a private jet on wheels
The National 9 Feb 2012 - But Big Boys Toys is not all about blowing your bank balance on the biggest and best gadgets just to show off to your friends. Some of the products on offer also have a use, like getting you into shape.

Arab Spring uprisings embolden Africa's militants
The National 9 Feb 2012 - Boko Haram in Nigeria, Tuareg insurgents in Mali and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb have ramped up operations since the Arab Spring. Experts are worried that the region could be further destabilised as these groups acquire more weapons and power.

Three arrested over murder 5 years ago
The National 9 Feb 2012 - Police believe the victim had been involved in a financial dispute.

Tehran can limp along under sanctions, but ordinary Iranians are bearing the brunt
The National 9 Feb 2012 - International sanctions targeting Iran's oil exports are inflicting economic pain but may well fail to force Tehran to compromise on its nuclear ambitions.

Parents of dead child, 3, had neglected her before
The National 9 Feb 2012 - The Egyptian couple had been prosecuted after police found their daughter Maryam, 3, sitting on the balcony of their apartment on Airport Road with her legs dangling over the edge.

Sharjah Light Festival 'plays crucial role'
The National 9 Feb 2012 - Organisers expect this year's Sharjah Light Festival to attract more than the 90,000 visitors who attended last year's event.

IDF takes back Israeli general who left in shame after war with Hezbollah
Ha'aretz - 9 Feb 2012

Migrant worker sues Interior Minister's sister for social benefits
Ha'aretz - 9 Feb 2012

General strike in Israel to continue after last-ditch negotiations fail
Ha'aretz - 9 Feb 2012

Israel to mull tax exemptions on donations to 'Zionist settlement'
Ha'aretz - 9 Feb 2012

U.S. religious leaders seek to bridge gap between Jews and Muslims
Ha'aretz - 9 Feb 2012

Israeli fans beg PM to hold off Iran attack over Madonna show
Ha'aretz - 9 Feb 2012

Peres unveils Israel's new presidential medal of honor
Ha'aretz - 9 Feb 2012

Knesset Speaker restricts lobbying firm following expose on MK ties
Ha'aretz - 9 Feb 2012

Assad forces mull use of chemical weapons in Homs, opposition says
Ha'aretz - 9 Feb 2012

Israel's Mossad trained assassins of Iran nuclear scientists, report says
Ha'aretz - 9 Feb 2012

Israel's comptroller to blame top ministers, Netanyahu for Carmel fire failures
Ha'aretz - 9 Feb 2012

Damning Carmel fire report sent to top Israeli officials
Ha'aretz - 9 Feb 2012

Israel finance ministry, labor federation nearing deal to end general strike
Ha'aretz - 9 Feb 2012

A vegetarian cholent so meaty, you won't even miss the bones
Ha'aretz - 9 Feb 2012

Assad’s forces tighten siege of restive Homs, say Syria activists
Ha'aretz - 9 Feb 2012

Report: U.S. believes Israel sees Iran nuclear problem 'too narrowly'
Ha'aretz - 9 Feb 2012

Israel's desire to build high comes with a price
Ha'aretz - 8 Feb 2012

Black-market probe plunges Israel's diamond sector into chaos
Ha'aretz - 8 Feb 2012

Israeli sperm bank only taking donations from IDF veterans
Ha'aretz - 8 Feb 2012

Israeli government secretly cut benefits for social workers in priority areas
Ha'aretz - 8 Feb 2012

Police suspect serial robber behind spate of violent central Israel bank holdups
Ha'aretz - 8 Feb 2012

Israel general strike enters second day, as negotiations continue
Ha'aretz - 8 Feb 2012

Israel National Library uploads trove of Newton's theological tracts
Ha'aretz - 8 Feb 2012

Kazakh boy will walk again after surgery in Israel
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Cerebral palsy patient gets free treatment at expense of Assaf Harofeh Medical Center and Foreign Ministry.

TA rally against attack on Iran musters 24 protesters
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Protesters outside Defense Ministry worry attack will have "consequences that Israeli leaders cannot foresee.”

Sarkozy to Jewish group: Solution on Iran ‘not military’
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - French leader says Netanyahu must soften his policies.

Gov’t to penalize people who employ Ivorians, S. Sudanese
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Population, Immigration and Borders Authority says it will start leveling fines and indictments against law-breaking employers in March.

'Elkin most right-wing MK, Meridor a Trojan Horse'
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Pro-settlement NGO Matot Arim ranks politicians from right-wing parties based on their nationalist achievements.

Comptroller: Fire report exposes serious failures
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Steinitz calls document "delusional and absurd."

TA vigils to show solidarity with Syrian people
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Demonstration scheduled to take place at Jaffa Clock Tower; candlelight vigil to be held outside Russian Embassy.

UN decries ‘appalling brutality’ as Homs assault continues
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Dozens killed in protest hotbed; US weighs humanitarian aid, but expert says arms are needed.

Barak approves new settler homes in Gevaot
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - First time permanent housing authorized in isolated area of Gush Etzion; Peace Now: Tantamount to creation of new settlement.

General strike set to enter third day
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - National Labor Court orders sides to continue talks over the employment status of contract workers before reporting back.

Watch: 25% of senior citizens struggle to stay warm
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Taisiya Berger gives up basic needs like food and transportation to afford the winter heating bill.

Leket app connects food donors with charities
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - What do you get if you mix a charity with smart phone technology? An app that helps the needy, of course.

Ynet employees try to form union, may lose jobs
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - News site says terminations were part of ongoing budget cuts.

Gaza man indicted for security offenses
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Ahram al-Zufi allegedly belonged to al-Quds Brigades, attempted to murder IDF soldiers.

Israel urges world to reject Palestinian unity gov't
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Foreign Ministry says int'l community must clarify to PA it will not deal with Palestinian gov't that includes unreformed Hamas; J'lem threatens to revoke economic incentives to Palestinians.

Arab hackers break into cyber-security website
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Hackers penetrate Tel Aviv University Security Studies Program webpage; Site resumes regular operations.

Steinitz calls Carmel Fire report 'delusional'
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Interior minister Yishai says State Comptroller's document contains factual errors and erroneous conclusions.

Israel slams award to ‘anti-Semitic’ pastor
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Rev. Mitri Raheb honored by former German president despite ‘racist statements’.

Democracy is alive and kicking in the Knesset
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - The Knesset has developed into a firm purveyor of the democratic values that reflect our country’s character.

The Knesset today: Between worry and hope
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - I look anxiously at Israel's current state and hope that the Knesset will again be the glory of Israeli democracy.

Savir's Corner: A new American strategy
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - The Mubarak-Pentagon axis must be replaced by a Tahrir-Harvard one.

Electoral reform
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Since the establishment of the Jewish state there have been repeated attempts to change Israel’s electoral system.

West offers words, only, as Syria killing rages
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Opposition group in Homs puts death toll as high as 110 at nightfall; Arabs to discuss joint UN-Arab mission to Syria.

FM: If Iran sanctions fail, all options on table
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Russian official warns that Israel’s hard-line approach could have "catastrophic consequences" for the region.

'Beduin kidnap police, armed recruits in Sinai'
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - The latest kidnapping in Sinai takes place in reaction to killing of a man who was caught smuggling to Israel, 'Al Ahram' reports.

Hamas split over unity pact with Fatah
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - West Bank leaders welcome deal, but Gaza members say it violates law.

Treasury, Histadrut meeting ends without deal
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Representatives set to present positions to National Labor Court; Eini: Strike will continue into the weekend.

Lieberman: Hezbollah could soon provoke Israel
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Foreign Minister tells UNSC ambassadors that Lebanese group could spark conflict to draw world attention away from Syria.

Peace Now office site of latest extremist attack
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Right-wing extremists spray painted "no leftists, no terror attacks" on left-wing group's Jerusalem offices.

Rivlin restricts lobbyists from most of the Knesset
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Move follows TV expose on Gilad Lobbying company.

Off The Beaten Track: The glory of trees
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - This Tu Bishvat weekend, celebrate the greening of Israel by visiting the Lower Galilee and learning the history of a famous oak tree.

UAE urges G8, IMF to deliver on Arab Spring pledges
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Very little of $73 billion in financing promised to Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan has been handed over by int'l organizations.

'Israel aiding terror group to kill Iran scientists'
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - US officials confirm Iranian claim that Israel has funded, armed dissident assassins in Iran, NBC reports.

Doing Design: A modern Geppetto
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Instead of becoming a fashion designer, Asaf Weinbroom chose the path of industrial design and has not looked back since.

Labor Court extends deadline for strike deal
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Gaps emerge between Treasury, Histadrut before signing agreement to end general strike.

Ask the Barman: Irish charm
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Bartender Eliad waits on Victoria's Secret models and daydreams about serving Kurt Cobain whiskey and coke.

The Weekly Schmooze: George Clooney, Nazi Hunter
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - A Jpost column wrapping up Jewish culture news worldwide: Oprah goes haredi; Kutsher's attempts to be trendy.

Comptroller hands out final draft of Carmel report
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Netanyahu, Steinitz and Yishai among recipients of report detailing "omissions, failures and conclusions" of deadly blaze.

Dempsey to visit Egypt amid NGO tensions
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will meet with military leaders as 19 Americans face prosecution.

In the face of BDS, Penn stays positive
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Pro-Israel university community points to Penn's support following Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions conference.

29 killed as Assad's forces assault Homs
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Syrian forces continue rocket and mortar bombardments; China says Syrian opposition visited and met vice foreign minister.

Ministry to bolster bus services if strike continues
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Following full night of negotiations, Treasury, Histadrut on verge of signing agreement to end general strike.

Strike to continue, except at Ben Gurion Airport
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Sides locked in talks to end general strike negotiate past deadline; second day of strike approved by Labor Court president, except at Ben Gurion airport.

Treasury, Histadrut negotiating past deadlines
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Sides locked in talks to end general strike; National Labor Court once again extends deadline for update to 8 a.m.; second day of strike can be barred only by last minute agreement or Labor Court intervention.

Strike negotiation deadline passes without agreement
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Histadrut, Treasury have been locked overnight in talks to end general strike that has paralyzed Israel's economy; continuation of strike can be barred only by last minute agreement or National Labor Court intervention.

Treasury, Histadrut negotiate past deadlines
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2012 - Sides locked in talks to end general strike that has paralyzed Israel's economy; update on talks expected within hours.

Scientists: Sound can activate ‘sight’ for blind
Jerusalem Post 8 Feb 2012 - Brain scientists tap into visual cortex of people suffering from congenital blindness – making it possible for them to “see.”

Israeli ‘power flower’ coming to US desert
Jerusalem Post 8 Feb 2012 - A team of Americans plans to bring the solar tulip technology of Yavne-based AORA Solar to the sprawling Arizona desert.

Barn owls and kestrels as biological control agents [video] | GrrlScientist
The Guardian 9 Feb 2012 - Documentary of an international collaborative conservation effort that relies on birds, scientists and farmers Not long ago, I told you that bird-friendly California vineyards may have fewer insect pests , but what about relying on birds to...

Renewed Push in U.S. to Arm Syrian Rebels
IPS What with rumours from Israel of war on Iran, a major showdown with the Egyptian military over the indictments of government- funded U.S. activists in Cairo, and continuing political paralysis in Iraq, you would think President Barack Obama has enough Middle East crises to deal with.

[] Libya Struggles to Curb Militias as Chaos Grows
Uruknet February 9, 2012 - ... No one would consider a city ordinary where militiamen tortured to death an urbane former diplomat two weeks ago, where hundreds of refugees deemed loyal to Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi waited hopelessly in a camp and where a government official acknowledged that "freedom is a problem....."Where is the rule of law?" asked Ashraf...

[] Silent State The Campaign Against Whistleblowers in Washington
Uruknet February 9, 2012 - On January 23rd, the Obama administration charged former CIA officer John Kiriakou under the Espionage Act for disclosing classified information to journalists about the waterboarding of al-Qaeda suspects. His is just the latest prosecution in an unprecedented assault on government whistleblowers and leakers of every sort. Kiriakou's plight will clearly be but...

[] Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (02 - 08 Feb. 2012)
Uruknet February 9, 2012 - Summary : Israeli violations of international law and humanitarian law in the OPT continued during the reporting period (02 - 08 February 2012): Shooting: During the reporting period, IOF wounded 7 protesters, including a child and a French solidarity activist, in al-Nabi Saleh weakly protest in the West Bank. In the Gaza Strip,...

[] Gaza: Isolated Under Siege
Uruknet February 9, 2012 - Under repressive occupation, Military Orders govern virtually all aspects of life. Freedom is entirely restricted. Police state authority runs Palestine. Although Oslo called Palestine one territorial unit, Israel maintains total control of people and goods movement in and out of Gaza. In June 1989, Israel began restricting free movement between Gaza and...

[] The Israeli Position toward the Events in Syria
Uruknet February 9, 2012 - ...There are varying opinions in Israel on whether or not the fall of the Syrian regime would be in Israel's interest. Regardless of this divergence, there is a near-consensus on central points relating to Israel's stake in what happens in Syria: As regards the Golan, Israel is very comfortable with the current...

[] Interview: Ex-prisoner reflects on friendship with Khader Adnan and his hunger strike for justice
Uruknet February 9, 2012 - Mousa Abu Maria spent nearly five years, from 1999 to 2003, in Israeli prisons. He spent an additional 14 months, from 2008 to 2009, in administrative detention (without charge or trial). He, like current hunger striker Khader Adnan, was subjected to cruel and inhuman treatment and torture as part of his interrogation....

[] Video: A tribute to Khader Adnan and Palestinian Prisoners
Uruknet February 9, 2012 - This tribute is made for Khader Adnan, who's been hunger striking since December, 17 in protest for his illegal detention without any charge or trial. It included Shahd Abusalama's voice, drawings and writing. It was edited by Yahya Shraim. A Special thanks to Mashael for Artistic Production, Gaza. The song is originally...

[] Three UK Protests to Mark the 10th Anniversary of Shaker Aamer's Arrival at Guantánamo
Uruknet February 9, 2012 - February 14 marks the 10th anniversary of the arrival at Guantánamo of Shaker Aamer, who is now the last British resident in the prison, but was once one of 15 British citizens and residents held at Guantánamo. Shaker's story is one that I have told and retold over the years, including in...

[] Iraq: 65 Executions in First 40 Days of 2012
Uruknet February 9, 2012 - Iraqi authorities should halt all executions and abolish the death penalty, Human Rights Watch said today. Since the beginning of 2012, Iraq has executed at least 65 prisoners, 51 of them in January, and 14 more on February 8, for various offenses. "The Iraqi government seems to have given state executioners the...

[] Israeli forces assault 13-year-old boy, relatives say
Uruknet February 8, 2012 -- Israeli forces beat a teenage boy from Nabi Saleh while under interrogation, the boy's father said. Basel Abdul Ilah Tamimi, 13, was detained in the village last Thursday by undercover Israeli forces and taken to Hallamish settlement. His father told Ma'an that Israeli forces had threatened to kill him and had beaten...

[] Syria News - February 8, 2012 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Uruknet February 8, 2012 : Syrian Revolution General Commission Media Section : The tally number of the martyrs for yesterday Wednesday, February 8, 2012 reached at least 117 martyrs majority of this number are from Homs, amongst them 21 children, 6 women and one defected soldier. Homs: 93 martyrs, amongst them 21 children and 6 women . Idlib: 7 martyrs,...

[] Fighting for Gender Equality in Iraq Yanar Mohammed says the U.S. invasion and occupation hurt women's rights.
Uruknet February 8, 2012 - ... How have things changed for Iraqi women since Saddam was overthrown? Women's status in the society is much worse. When Saddam was around, we had many objections, but the laws did grant some basic women's rights. But after the so-called liberation, a girl can be married at 11 years. This is legal...

[] British MPs: NATO Death Toll In Libya "Cannot Be Counted"
Uruknet February 8, 2012 - Britain has no way of knowing how many civilians died in the Libyan conflict as a result of Nato bombing, a group of MPs has admitted. The defence select committee issued its findings after an inquiry into operations in Libya that led to the overthrow of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Committee members heard...

[] Iraq snapshot - February 8, 2012
Uruknet February 8, 2012. Chaos and violence continue, the CIA will remain in Iraq, Tim Arango's report from yesterday continues to dominate Iraqi discussion in the US, several conservatives call the reported decision to scale back the US diplomatic mission an indication of policy failure, Camp Ashraf residents are being told to prepare for a move, Stan...

[] Economic Recovery? What Recovery?
Uruknet February 8, 2012 - ... America's infested with them top to bottom in government and corporate board rooms. They serve elitist interests while popular needs go begging. They wage wars on false pretenses. They specialize in deception and fear. They profit from predation, destruction, and exploitation. They cause human misery on an incalculable scale. They're driving America...

[] Israeli law finds new ways to keep out Palestinians
Uruknet February 8, 2012 - The Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law, conceived as temporary legislation in 2003, prevents the unification of Israeli citizens with spouses that are from the occupied Palestinian territories. It denies Palestinians from these areas, as well as nationals of Arab "enemy" countries, from ever receiving Israeli citizenship or permanent residency status. A...

[] Stop the Transfer: Israel about to expel Bedouin from homes to expand settlements
Uruknet February 8, 2012 - Israeli defence minister Ehud Barak should cancel military plans to forcibly displace around 2,300 Bedouin residents of the West Bank to an area beside the Jerusalem municipal garbage dump, Amnesty International said today in a new briefing paper. In Stop the Transfer: Israel about to expel Bedouin from homes to expand settlements,...

[] At least 117 killed in military attacks mostly across Syrian city of Homs
Uruknet February 8, 2012 - The Syrian General Revolutionary Council reported that at least 117 people were killed across Syria on Wednesday, with 93 of the deaths in Homs, Al Arabiya reported. Syrian forces shelled Khaldeya, Bayyada and Baba Amro neighborhoods in Homs, an Al Arabiya correspondent also said on Wednesday. Activists told Al Arabiya that Baba...

[] IRAQ: Unspoken Crimes against Humanity Committed against the People of Iraq Detailed and Documented
Uruknet The International Community and the International Human Rights bodies, who have turned a blind eye to the unspeakable human rights violations in Iraq,should take up their responsibilities urgently. If not, history will be the judge of the criminal neglect of the Iraqi people by the International Community during the past 20 years....We will never accept that...

[] Putting the spotlight on London university's links to Israel's war machine
Uruknet February 8, 2012 - Students at the London School of Economics (LSE) have criticized their university's participation in an EU-funded joint research project involving an Israeli university which has developed remote-controlled bulldozers to illegally destroy Palestinian homes. Dubbed PICK-ME (Policy Incentives for the Creation of Knowledge: Methods and Evidence), the project has a budget of €2.4...

Multiple anti-Assad demos expected in Lebanon Friday
Daily Star 9 Feb 2012 Several protests and rallies are expected to be held across parts of the country Friday in support of Syrians calling for reforms in their country, security sources told The Daily Star.

Police issue warrant for ex Maldives president
Daily Star 9 Feb 2012 A Maldives court issued an arrest warrant Thursday for former President Mohamed Nasheed, one day after his supporters rampaged in the capital.

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood wants government sacked
Daily Star 9 Feb 2012 Brotherhood spokesman Mahmoud Ghozlan says the military should appoint a Brotherhood representative prime minister, who would then form a new coalition government.

Mikati says France visit not aimed at pressuring Syria
Daily Star 9 Feb 2012 Prime Minister Najib Mikati has ruled out Lebanon participating in any Friends of Syria group ahead of an official visit to France and said he would not allow his country to be used against any Arab...

Heather Mills says McCartney calls were hacked
Daily Star 9 Feb 2012 Heather Mills testified forcefully Thursday that there was no doubt her phone had been hacked by a U.K. journalist.

Sadrists fete Iraq departure of U.S. 'occupiers'
Daily Star 9 Feb 2012 Supporters of anti-U.S. Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, whose militia fought pitched battles with American forces, on Thursday officially celebrated the departure of the "occupiers" from Iraq.

Sheriff: Facebook spat led to 2 shooting deaths
Daily Star 9 Feb 2012 Authorities say a father who was upset after a Tennessee couple deleted his adult daughter as a friend on Facebook has been charged with killing the couple.

Kodak to stop making cameras to cut costs
Daily Star 9 Feb 2012 Eastman Kodak Co, the inventor of the hand-held camera, plans to stop making digital cameras, pocket video cameras and digital picture frames in the first half of 2012 in a bid to cut costs.

Israeli troops cross technical fence; UNIFIL deploys in area
Daily Star 9 Feb 2012 UNIFIL confirmed Thursday that the Israeli army has set up a barbed wire near the border village of Adaysseh.

Facing more key votes, Romney can't afford another stumble
Daily Star 9 Feb 2012 Romney's losses on Tuesday were marked by low voter turnout.

Hezbollah beholden to Iran: Future MP
Daily Star 9 Feb 2012 Future bloc MP Khaled Zahraman accused Hezbollah Thursday of doing Iran's bidding.

Yemen army kills two at anti-election protest
Daily Star 9 Feb 2012 Yemeni troops killed two protesters when they opened fire on a rally on Thursday in the southern province of Dalea.

Jordan charges ex-intelligence chief with graft
Daily Star 9 Feb 2012 A former Jordanian intelligence chief was charged on Thursday with money laundering, embezzlement and abuse of power.

Iran turns to India for wheat as palm oil dries up
Daily Star 9 Feb 2012 Iran has turned to India for wheat supplies as other sellers divert grain cargoes away from the Middle East country because of sanctions-related payments problems.

New Renault plant in Morocco good for France: CEO
Daily Star 9 Feb 2012 Renault stressed on Thursday that the opening of a giant factory in Morocco to build low-cost cars is not a sign that it is abandoning production at home in France.

Bkirki committee may recommend return to 1960 election law
Daily Star 9 Feb 2012 In the wake of strong rejection of an electoral law proposed by the Orthodox Gathering, chances are reportedly high for a return to the 1960 election law.

Redknapp favorite as England hunt for manager
Daily Star 9 Feb 2012 The hunt for the next England manager gets under way on Thursday with Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp the overwhelming favorite to succeed Fabio Capello after the Italian's dramatic resignation.

Israel's president sends message of peace to Iran
Daily Star 9 Feb 2012 Israel's president reached out to the Iranian people with a message of peace Wednesday, as the West tightened sanctions over Iran's nuclear program.

Stop the war! We want Madonna, Israeli fan pleads
Daily Star 9 Feb 2012 International music icon Madonna is set to kick off her hotly anticipated 2012 world tour in Israel in May.

FBI file: Steve Jobs was considered for US post
YNet News, 9 Feb 2012 - ....

Palestinians? Who cares!
YNet News, 9 Feb 2012 - Op-ed: Mideast upheaval shatters myth, Arab-Israeli conflict unrelated to region’s troubles ....

Obama pledges to putting end to violence in Syria
YNet News, 9 Feb 2012 - ....

Arabs to discuss joint UN-Arab mission to Syria
YNet News, 9 Feb 2012 - ....

Settlers clash with Palestinians near Yitzhar
YNet News, 9 Feb 2012 - ....

US rallies 'Friends of Syria' for meeting
YNet News, 9 Feb 2012 - ....

Barak celebrates 70th birthday with PM, IDF chief
YNet News, 9 Feb 2012 - 'I've known you for 44 years, but things were simpler back in the day,' PM tells defense minister ....

Lieberman: Abbas poses obstacle to peace
YNet News, 9 Feb 2012 - Foreign minister maintains hard-line approach towards Palestinian leader, tells foreign ambassadors recent Palestinian unity deal based on personal interests ....

AG yet to decide on Lieberman indictment
YNet News, 9 Feb 2012 - Third and final stage of hearing on money laundering, witness harassment and breach of trust allegations concludes; attorneys convinced they persuaded Weinstein not prosecute FM ....

Obama’s Russia failure
YNet News, 9 Feb 2012 - Op-ed: America’s Russia policy badly out of whack, falsely sees Moscow as defeated power ....

Palestinian prisoner on 55th day of hunger strike
YNet News, 9 Feb 2012 - Israeli authorities scrambling to keep Islamic Jihad member held under 'administrative detention' alive. Terrorist group vows to punish Israel if he dies ....

Kissinger, Mehta awarded Israel's Presidential Medal
YNet News, 9 Feb 2012 - President Shimon Peres announced new initiative meant to honor individuals who contribute to society, Israel's global image ....

Lindenstrauss presents final draft of Carmel Fire report
YNet News, 9 Feb 2012 - State comptroller sends final draft of report probing events of 2010's devastating fire to PM Netanyahu, AG Weinstein and ministers Steinitz, Yishai ....

MK Peled shortlisted for new Home Front Defense minister
YNet News, 9 Feb 2012 - Likud minister and former GOC Northern Command said to be leading candidate to take over from Matan Vilnai ....

Will America sacrifice Israel?
YNet News, 9 Feb 2012 - Op-ed: Israel-Iran countdown has already begun, but will Washington help the Jewish State? ....

Nunu: Settlers’ plan to storm Aqsa reincarnates Sharon war
PIC - The Jewish settlers’ plan to storm the Aqsa mosque next Sunday would constitute a reincarnation of former Israeli premier Ariel Sharon’s war on the holy site, Taher Al-Nunu said.

IOA razes two buildings in occupied Jerusalem
PIC - The Israeli bulldozers worked again against Palestinian property in occupied Jerusalem and razed a building for a family in Jib village to the north west of occupied Jerusalem on Thursday.

IOF soldiers summon journalist, arrest his brother
PIC - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stormed Arub refugee camp to the north of Al-Khalil at dawn Thursday and served a summons to journalist Ala’a Al-Titi and arrested his brother Abdul Qader.

IOA confiscates Palestinian land in Bethlehem village
PIC - The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has served notices for the confiscation of 68 dunums of Palestinian land in Jaba’a village to the west of Bethlehem, local sources said.

Resheq: Doha declaration a way out of the stalemate
PIC - Member of Hamas's political bureau Izzat Al-Resheq said the agreement on naming Mahmoud Abbas as an interim premier was a convenient solution after the reconciliation talks reached an impasse.

Israeli police round up 21 Palestinian workers
PIC - Israeli police forces arrested 21 Palestinian workers from the Jenin province while working in number of villages in the Galilee on Thursday.

IOF soldiers arrest two Hamas leaders
PIC - The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested two Hamas leaders from their homes in Tobas, to the north of the West Bank, at dawn Thursday.

AFEH warns of increased violation of Aqsa sanctity
PIC - The Aqsa foundation for endowment and heritage has warned of the Israeli occupation authority’s increased violation of the holy Aqsa Mosque’s sanctity.

Rabbi calls for reoccupying Gaza, El-Arish
PIC - A well-known Jewish rabbi has called for reoccupying Gaza Strip and the nearby Egyptian city of El-Arish, claiming that they were part of Greater Israel.

Sawasia warns of disasters in Gaza due to electricity failure
PIC - The Sawasia center for human rights has warned of health and environment disasters in the Gaza Strip due to the electricity crisis.

Western Shenanigans against Syria, Iran
Intifada-Palestine: 9 Feb 2012 - An intelligence report has revealed that British and Qatari troops are leading armed terror gangs in the Syrian city of Homs in their bloody battle against civilians and the Syrian army forces. By Dr. Ismail Salami – The volatile situation... more

Independent Report Contradicts Western Portrait of Syria
Intifada-Palestine: 9 Feb 2012 - Arab League Report Shows that Syria Has Been Mischaracterized While the Western media act like the Syrian government is wantonly and indiscriminately killing its own people without provocation, an independent investigation has found a different reality on the ground. Specifically, over... more

Syria opposition reports more than 100 deaths in Homs
LA Times 10 Feb 2012 - The reports of new bloodshed come as diplomats grapple with the worsening crisis in Syria. The U.N. and Arab League are considering a joint observer mission.  

Aleppo, Syria, long loyal to the government, appears to waver
LA Times 8 Feb 2012 - The nation's second-largest city looks increasingly divided over the uprising. Major unrest there would be a significant blow to President Bashar Assad. In the apartment of an elderly Aleppo woman, the TV was tuned to the pro-government channel Al Dunya.

Russia role in Syria crisis criticized as Homs violence flares
LA Times 8 Feb 2012 - Even as casualties mount in Homs and elsewhere in Syria, a diplomatic impasse has largely blocked any international effort to stop the carnage.  

Dozens More Die in Syrian Violence, Activists Say
New York Times 9 Feb 2012 - The embattled Syrian city of Homs remained under siege for a sixth day Thursday with residents throughout the city cowering in their homes and medical supplies dwindling.

Muslim Brotherhood Demands Military Cede Power
New York Times 9 Feb 2012 - The call by the formerly outlawed Islamist group moved Egypt one step closer to a long-anticipated confrontation between the ruling generals and the Islamist-dominated Parliament.

Jordan Protests Whisper of an Arab Spring
New York Times 9 Feb 2012 - King Abdullah II has long faced critics among liberals in the cities, but recent protests among tribes outside of the urban areas present a new challenge.

India Explores Economic Opportunities in Iran
New York Times 9 Feb 2012 - India has already eclipsed China as Iran’s No. 1 petroleum customer, subverting efforts by the United States to persuade other countries to find non-Iranian sources for their energy needs.

Israeli Negotiators Report Progress in Strike Talks
New York Times 9 Feb 2012 - A two-day-old general strike in Israel, revolving the role of non-union contract workers, has shut ports, government offices, some banks, museums and parts of hospitals.

Neighborhood Joint | Astoria: At the Egyptian Coffee Shop, Hookah Smoke and Mideast News
New York Times 9 Feb 2012 - At the Egyptian Coffee Shop in Astoria, Queens, the self-proclaimed “first hookah lounge in America,” news reports from home do not get in the way of a good smoke.

US and Israel in “lockstep” against Iran
WSWS - While publicly calling for a “diplomatic solution,” the White House is coordinating closely with Israel as it prepares military strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

French law forbidding denial of Armenian genocide sent to Constitutional Council
WSWS - On January 31a law penalising the denial of the Armenian genocide was referred to France’s Constitutional Council.

Major Study Finds No Muslim-American Terror Menace
Tikun Olam - Will someone tell Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, David Yerushalmi, and Gates of Vienna they might as well close up shop.  A new study reported by the NY Times ‘ Scott Shane confirms what most of us knew all along.  The alleged phenomenon of Muslim-American terror is...

U.S. Officials Confirm Mossad-MEK Covert War Against Iran
Tikun Olam - MSNBC finally confirms possibly one of the worst kept secrets of the war between Israel and Iran: that the Mossad has recruited, trained, equipped and directed a domestic terror campaign against Iran’s nuclear program using the personnel of the Mujahadeen al-Khalq (MEK): Two senior   U.S....

Where is the Bedouin Intifada?
Mondoweiss - The unrecognized Bedouin village of Al Arakib after it was demolished in September 2010 (Photo: Mya Guarnieri) This article was originally published on February 9, 2012 for the Alternative Information Center. In 2004, Israeli officials were up in arms about an impending Bedouin Intifada. But the...

Paul Auster’s Moral Ambivalence on Israel
Tikun Olam - Paul Auster and David Grossman at 2010 Jerusalem Writers Festival (Yoav Ari Dudkevitch)id In light of the argument between Tayyip Erdogan and Paul Auster about the relative freedoms of Turkey and Israel, I thought it would be instructive to quote from a Hebrew language profile of...

U.S. Most Powerful Bunker Buster Cannot Destroy Iran’s Nukes
Tikun Olam - U.S. bunker buster bomb at White Sands in 2007 (AP) Leon Panetta revealed to the Wall Street Journal that the U.S.’ most powerful bunker buster has failed tests designed to prove it could penetrate and destroy Iran’s most hardened nuclear facility in Fordow: Pentagon war planners...

Today in Palestine
Mondoweiss - link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link...

Khader Adnan, 54 days of hunger strike, to see final military appeal tomorrow
Mondoweiss - Gaza protest tent. (Photo: Joe Catron)  This is an updated version of an article that was originally published 2/7/2012 on Mondoweiss Tomorrow, Khader Adnan, now on his 54th day of hunger strike against an administrative detention order, will see an Israeli judge for a final military...

Russia's popularity in Syria confounds the West
Voltaire Network 8 Feb 2012 - The Western press continues to dwell on the triumphant welcome given to the Russian delegation by the people in Damascus, but is at a loss to explain it. It fails to understand the reason for such a huge turnout or why the throng was cheered Sergei...

Tanzania: Iran Embassy Donates Tillers to Zanzibar 9 Feb 2012 - [Daily News] Zanzibar - IRAN Ambassador to Tanzania Muhsen Muvahed Gomi has donated power tillers to Zanzibar as a contribution to the government's food self sufficiency programme dubbed 'Mapinduzi ya kilimo.'

Nigeria: FG to Train 25 Women On Solar Energy in India 9 Feb 2012 - [Daily Trust] The Federal Government will sponsor 25 market women for training on how to manufacture and assemble solar energy panels in India. National Coordinator of the Renewable Energy unit in the Federal Ministry of Environment, Mrs. Hadiza Abubakar disclosed this at a meeting with members...

AAI Poll: U.S. Favorable Attitudes Toward Egypt at 33%
Arab American Institute 9 Feb 2012 - For the first time in two decades, U.S. opinion toward Egypt is in sharp decline with an overall favorability of 33%, according to a poll released by the Arab American Institute today. In July 2011, AAI polling showed 5% of Egyptians held a favorable view of...

Geothermal Green Energy comes to Palestine
Joseph Dana 9 Feb 2012 - Palestinians are not the most forward thinking people when it comes to green energy but one young Palestinian entrepreneur who was raised in Canada has returned in order to start the largest geothermal company in the Middle East.  For Monocle 24′s The Entrepreneurs , I interview Khaled Sabawi about why he is...

(en) US, Portland, MEDIA, Black Bloc Trashes Belmont; Cops Make Arrests
A-infos 9 Feb 2012 - Shortly after 6 pm, with red-and-black flags waving, several dozen protesters left Colonel Summers Park, as promised, for an anti-police-brutality march that had the Portland Police Bureau concerned enough that it sent out a pre-emptive arrest warning earlier in the afternoon. ---- The marchers were chanting...

Get Your City to Take a Stand against Weapons to Israel
US Campaign to End the Occupation 9 Feb 2012 - By Josh Ruebner, National Advocacy Director On Monday, President Obama is scheduled to submit his 2013 budget request to Congress, which could include as much as $3.1 billion in military aid to Israel! Weapons that we taxpayers give to Israel demand an unacceptable moral cost , enabling...

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