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Israeli forces continue their campaign of widespread arrests in the occupied Palestinian territories - International Press Center photo

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Thursday, January 19, 2012
Israel Arrests Islamic Jihad Fighters In Jenin
IMEMC - Released for Publication – The Israeli Internal Security Service (Shabak) revealed that its operatives kidnapped ten members of the Islamic Jihad in recent months, in the Jenin district, in the northern part of the West bank, and claimed that the arrested members are in direct contact with Hamas leadership in Syria. ...

Army Kidnaps PLC Head Dr. Dweik
IMEMC - Israeli soldiers kidnapped, on Thursday evening, the elected head of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Dr. Aziz Dweik, after stopping him at the Jaba’ military roadblock, north east of occupied East Jerusalem. ...

Seventy-Six Acres of Lands Confiscated in Bethlehem
IMEMC - On Thursday, Palestinian families were shocked by the decision to confiscate seventy-six acres of land to the benefit of the Jerusalem Municipality. The land lays behind the Annexation Wall in al-Khass village, in the eastern part of the West Bank city of Bethlehem, the Palestinian news agency, Ma’an reported. ...

Israeli Tanks Open Fire on Northern Gaza
IMEMC - On Thursday, the Israeli army fired several shells at farmlands in Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza strip, the Palestinian news agency, Ma’an, reported. ...

U.N: “Gaza Siege, Collective Punishment”
IMEMC - In its annual report that was submitted to the Security Council on Wednesday, regarding the humanitarian situation and human rights in the occupied territories, the United Nations (UN) reported that the Israeli siege on Gaza is an act of collective punishment, and is directly impacting the daily lives of more than 1.6 million Palestinians living in the coastal enclave. ...

Israeli Troops Clash with Settlers During Removal of Illegal Outpost
IMEMC - During the eviction of an unauthorized settlement outpost Thursday morning, Israeli troops arrested three Israeli settlers who were protesting the eviction. During the clashes that resulted, six settlers and three Israeli police officers were slightly injured, according to the Israeli Army Radio. ...

Three Arab Students Exiled from Jerusalem for Seven Days
IMEMC - The Arabs48 news website reported on Wednesday that three Arab students, studying at the Engineering Academy in occupied Jerusalem, have received police warrants exiling them from the city for seven days after they called for a boycott of a speech by Israeli President, Shimon Peres. ...

Twelve Palestinians Abducted by Israeli Troops Wednesday Morning
IMEMC - In a series of military incursion into West Bank towns in the pre-dawn hours of Wednesday morning, Israeli troops arrested twelve Palestinians and took them to an unknown location. ...

Two killed by Israeli Military in Gaza
IMEMC - Two men have been confirmed dead, with two more injured, after Israeli planes and tanks opened fire upon them as they approached the 'kill zone' established by the Israeli military along the border surrounding the Gaza strip. The strike occurred just before noon, east of the Northern town of Beit Hanoun. ...

Israel annexes 76 dunums of land near Bethlehem
1/19/2012 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli authorities annexed 76 dunums of land from a village east of Bethlehem on Thursday, local officials said. Head of al-Khas village council Khader Hamdan said that the land was taken on the basis that it is absentee property, the official PA news agency Wafa reported. Villagers had not been able....

Israeli forces 'detain PLC head' at checkpoint
1/19/2012 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces on Thursday detained the head of the Palestinian Legislative Council Aziz Dweik at a checkpoint near Jerusalem, witnesses said. Israeli soldiers handcuffed and blindfolded Dweik and took him to an unknown destination, witnesses told Ma'an. An Israeli military spokesman had no immediate comment on the report. Some....

Witnesses: Israeli tanks fire at land in northern Gaza
1/19/2012 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces on Thursday opened fire on agricultural land near Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip, witnesses said. Locals told Ma'an that tanks fired at land belonging to farmers. No injuries were reported....

PLO under 'huge pressure' to extend negotiations deadline
1/19/2012 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The PLO is under intense international pressure to extend a Jan. 26 deadline set by the Quartet for the exchange of proposals by Israeli and Palestinian peace negotiators, a PLO executive committee member said Thursday. In October, the Quartet of international peace mediators -- the US, Russia, the EU and the UN....

Israeli forces detain 3 men near Gaza airport
1/19/2012 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained three Palestinians on Thursday by the disused Gaza airport near Rafah, the Israeli army and locals said. Witnesses told Ma'an that special Israeli forces detained Akram and Ismail al-Soufi near the Yasser Arafat International Airport in southern Gaza. An Israeli army spokesman said that early....

Hamas to investigate attack on human rights activist
1/19/2012 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The Gaza government on Thursday vowed to find the perpetrators of an attack on a human rights activist who was stabbed in Gaza City. Mahmoud Abu Rahma was attacked by masked men and stabbed multiple times while walking back from his brother's house on Friday night, he told.... Related: Human rights advocate stabbed in Gaza

Israeli forces demolish illegal settler outpost
1/19/2012 - TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma'an) -- Israeli military forces evicted settlers from an outpost early Thursday leading to clashes between residents and the army, Israeli media reported. Hundreds of security force personnel arrived at the Mitzpeh Yeriho settlement east of Jerusalem early Thursday, Haaretz quoted army radio reports as saying. Six houses were demolished and....

Israel 'detains 180 migrants' near Egypt border
1/19/2012 - El-ARISH, Egypt (Ma'an) -- Israeli authorities on Thursday detained 180 African migrants who had entered the country illegally, Egyptian authorities said. Egyptian security officials told Ma'an that they were notified of the incident by Israeli border guards. The migrants, all from Eritrea, had entered Israel via the Egyptian Sinai peninsula and were....

Bethlehem woman sentenced to 10 years hard labor
1/19/2012 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- A Palestinian Authority court sentenced a woman from Bethlehem to 10 years hard labor on Thursday for treason. The court also ordered the 25-year-old to pay a fine of 10,000 Jordanian dinars ($14,120), the Supreme Judicial Council said in a statement. The council said the woman had given information about....

Report: EU delegates say PLO should return to Jerusalem
1/19/2012 - TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma'an) -- A report by European Union delegates has called for the re-development of PLO institutions in Jerusalem, stressing that Israeli polices are undermining the two state solution." Without Jerusalem as the future capital of two states, a sustainable peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians will not be possible," a....

Thousands protest against racism faced by Ethiopians in Israel
1/19/2012 - TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma'an) -- Thousands of Israelis took to the streets on Wednesday in protest against racism faced by Ethiopian immigrants. Some 5,000 people demonstrated in Jerusalem, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported, marching past the Israeli Knesset holding signs which read "social justice", "our blood is only good for wars", and "blacks and....

Man and wife found dead in Gaza home
1/19/2012 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Ambulance and emergency crews in the Gaza Strip found two dead bodies in a Khan Younis home on Thursday. Medical sources told Ma'an that Muhammad al-Haddad and his wife Tahrir suffocated to death after inhaling toxic smoke while heating their home using charcoal. Many Palestinians in the Gaza....

Abbas presents award to Israeli human rights lawyer
1/19/2012 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday awarded a medal of excellence to Israeli human rights lawyer Felicia Langer. Langer received the prize in recognition for her role in defending Palestinian prisoners and her struggle to achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians, the official news agency Wafa reported. The ceremony took place in....

Thailand recognizes Palestine
1/19/2012 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Thailand has officially recognized the state of Palestine, the Palestinian Authority Minister of Foreign Affairs said Thursday. Riyad al-Malki said Thailand has started proceedings to establish formal diplomatic relations with the PA, the official Wafa news reported. Some 131 countries now recognize Palestine, following an intensive diplomatic campaign by the PLO....

US army chief visits Israel
1/19/2012 - JERUSALEM (Reuters) -- The United States' top military officer arrives in Israel on Thursday as the allies coordinate efforts to curb Iran's nuclear program -- and play down suggestions they are at odds on strategy. The United States, which is leading Western pressure on Tehran to curb controversial uranium enrichment, has voiced concern that....

Egypt Red Crescent sends 29 ambulances to Gaza
1/19/2012 - EL-ARISH, Egypt (Ma'an) -- The Egyptian Red Crescent on Thursday sent 29 ambulances to Gaza, director Jaber al-Arabi said. The donation comes a day after the organization sent one ton of medicine to Gaza through the Rafah border crossing, and coordinated the delivery of Kuwaiti medical aid to the besieged enclave....

Algerian delegation arrives in Gaza
1/19/2012 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- A group of 26 Algerian parliamentarians, doctors and businessmen arrived in Gaza on Thursday, government officials said. Anwar Atallah, head of protocol for the government's committee to end the siege, told Ma'an the delegation would stay for several days to see the situation in Gaza and....

Abbas meets German chancellor
1/19/2012 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- President Mahmoud Abbas held talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Thursday. Abbas praised Germany's role in the peace process."The fact that Germany is a friend of Israel does not bother us. Because Germany is a friend of Israel as well as our friend," Abbas said....

Fayyad calls for national debate on PA financial crisis
1/19/2012 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad on Wednesday called for a national debate on the financial situation facing the West Bank-based government." We want to help everyone. We do not want theories, we want practical solutions, our people need social and economic security and we are working hard to get rid....

Hamas to pay public sector salaries
1/19/2012 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Government employees in the Gaza Strip will begin to receive their salaries on Thursday, the Finance Ministry said. Ministry official Ismail Mahfouz told reporters that salaries estimated to be worth 77 million shekels ($20. 3 million) will be paid to around 40,000 public sector workers in the Hamas government. The....

Bethlehem University students go on hunger strike
1/19/2012 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Seven Bethlehem University students announced an open hunger strike on Thursday in protest over rising tuition fees and fines for late payment. Bethlehem University on Tuesday suspended classes amid ongoing protests. The university said it could not ensure the safety of students on campus while protesters were sleeping in corridors and....

EU condemns death sentencing in Gaza
1/19/2012 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The EU on Thursday urged the Gaza government not to carry out capital punishment after the Hamas-led administration sentenced two men to death in January. In a statement, EU missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah condemned the death sentence handed down on Jan. 11 by a military court in Gaza. The court....

5-year-old boy dies after being hit by car near Ramallah
1/19/2012 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- A five-year-old boy died Thursday after being run over by a car north of Ramallah. Siraj Mustafa died from injuries sustained in the collision, police said. Police detained the driver before seizing the vehicle. An investigation has been opened into the incident....

Israel arrests Palestinian parliament speaker
AlJazeera 19 Jan 2012 - Abdel Aziz Dweik, the speaker of the defunct parliament and a member of Hamas, was arrested near Ramallah.

Executive Summary: Report of the Independent Civil Society Fact-Finding Mission to Libya
Palestinian Center for Human Rights Thursday, 19 January 2012

Israel interrogates Palestinian minor
19 Jan 2012 - London, (Pal Telegraph) - Human Rights (Euro-Mid Observer) commented on a leaked video showing Israeli interrogators grabbing confessions from a Palestinian minor by imposing physical and psychological pressure on the minor. An official in the Euro-Mid observer stated that the Euro-mid observer collected and documented testimonies of a number of Palestinian minors, who have undergone cruel and inhumane methods of...

Iran nuclear talks likely as rhetoric toned down
The National 19 Jan 2012 - Intense diplomacy is under way to prepare for new talks between Iran and world powers on Tehran's nuclear programme.

Israeli hackers release Arab credit card details in cyber attacks
The National 19 Jan 2012 - Tit-for-tat cyber attacks between Israeli and Arab hackers escalates as a shadowy Israeli group also tries to launch attacks on UAE Central Bank and the Arab Bank Palestine websites.

Liner survivor was 'seeing death'
The National 19 Jan 2012 - An Indian national who was among the crew members who survived the sinking of an Italian ship last year recalled the experience as one that brought him close to death.

Is your jewellery good as gold?
The National 19 Jan 2012 - Retailers will have to provide a stamp certifying the authenticity of gold and other metals, and falsifying it will carry a three-year jail sentence.

Police chief defends criticism of US policies
The National 19 Jan 2012 - The Dubai Police chief this week criticised US policiies in the Gulf during a security conference in Bahrain. The US ambassador to Bahrain walked out of the conference during the police chief's speech, but it is not clear why he left.

Violence in Syria lingers as Arab League mission ends
The National 19 Jan 2012 - Arab League foreign ministers will meet on Sunday and consider extending the league's observer mission, officials say, as Syrian forces retreat from a rebel-held town.

US plans to defy Khartoum with aid for starving Sudan
The National 19 Jan 2012 - The Obama administration is planning a possible humanitarian operation to prevent mass starvation in two Sudanese states in defiance of the Khartoum government

Arab Spring offers the world reason for hope, says report
The National 19 Jan 2012 - The Washington-based pro-democracy watchdog group Freedom House said protests were the biggest challenge to authoritarian governments since the downfall of Soviet Communism.

Egyptian scholar says Islamist win is just a blip
The National 19 Jan 2012 - The 91-year-old younger brother of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, who took 45 per cent of seats in elections, believes Egypt needs a 'more open society'.

News of the World publisher pays out settlements to hacking victims
The National 19 Jan 2012 - From actor Jude Law, to former British Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, Rupert Murdoch's British newspaper company agrees to pay damages to victims of tabloid phone-hacking.

Hamas attack on Gaza Shiites may indicate its political shift
The National 19 Jan 2012 - Interior ministry in Gaza admitted carrying out the operation, but denies attacking Shiites, saying only that the people gathered in the building were seeking to create a "fitna", or societal crisis.

Egyptian activist attacked on Cairo's streets
The National 19 Jan 2012 - Assailants attack on a prominent Egyptian activist as she left work at Cairo's state television headquarters is captured on video.

Report: Meshal notified Hamas leadership he will not seek reelection
Ha'aretz - 19 Jan 2012

Hamas officials: IDF arrests Palestinian parliament speaker in West Bank
Ha'aretz - 19 Jan 2012

European leaders to mark 70th anniversary of Nazi Wannsee Conference
Ha'aretz - 19 Jan 2012

IDF exposes Syria-funded Islamic Jihad terror cell in West Bank
Ha'aretz - 19 Jan 2012

Santorum, not Romney, won Iowa Republican U.S. presidential caucuses
Ha'aretz - 19 Jan 2012

Netanyahu denies calling Haaretz and New York Times Israel's 'main enemies'
Ha'aretz - 19 Jan 2012

Introducing freekeh, the hip grain of 2012
Ha'aretz - 19 Jan 2012

UN watchdog urges full Iran cooperation in nuclear probe
Ha'aretz - 19 Jan 2012

Why did Netanyahu choose AIPAC over Africa?
Ha'aretz - 19 Jan 2012

Six hurt during demolition of illegal West Bank outpost
Ha'aretz - 19 Jan 2012

The badly kept secret of Israel's trade throughout the Muslim world
Ha'aretz - 18 Jan 2012

A look into the life of one of Israel's most important, yet forgotten architects
Ha'aretz - 18 Jan 2012

'Hamas will defeat Fatah in May elections'
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - Senior Fatah offical, former PA minister Nabil Amr warns that his party will be defeated once again if new elections are held in the Palestinian territories.

Peres writes ode to Ethiopian Jewry
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - During visit to J'lem school, president is inspired by a fourth-grader and writes "The Eyes of Beta Israel."

Tova Ben-Dov elected WIZO president
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - Ben-Do was formerly the head of WIZO in Israel, will succeed Helena Glaser, who is stepping down after eight years.

Soldiers’ Sunday a.m. train access to be limited
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - Move aimed at reducing overcrowding is introduced; free buses along train routes are introduced.

IDF arrests 3 PA policemen for throwing stones
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - Senior Israeli officer calls participation of Palestinian security forces in anti-Israeli demonstrations "disturbing."

Ethiopians call on US Jews to fight racism in Israel
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - "American Jews have the power to put pressure on gov't here, help us to change situation,” social equality organization head says.

Hungarian FM: EU will adopt stricter Iran sanctions
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - Martonyi tells the 'Post' EU position is always to follow a "double-track approach" to the Iranian nuclear issue.

British museum refuses call to boycott Ahava lab
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - Anti-Israel artists and academics push for end to scientific research cooperation.

White House troubled by ‘anti-Semitic think tank'
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - Obama's liaison with the Jewish community reportedly tells Wiesenthal Center CAP developments "troubling."

IDF arrests Hamas head of PA parliament
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - Israel nabs PA parliamentary speaker Aziz Dweik near Ramallah on suspicion of involvement with terrorist groups.

Savir's Corner: The Facebook revolution
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 -

PostScript: Beware, Greased lightning
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - It was stunning that within hours of this paper’s editor making private remarks, they were all over the place.

Column One: Mainstreaming anti-Semitism
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - Today’s anti-Semitism is predicated on preferring Palestinian and pan-Arab nationalism to Jewish nationalism.

Halting discrimination
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - Combating the debilitating effects of Ethiopian ghettos is the first order of business.

Sinai Today: Divided we fall
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - We need to find a better way for the future, a way of talking to each other – especially when we disagree – with kindness and respect.

A Different Perspective: Elections mean votes, not ratings
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - Outstanding personalities in the American news media never became candidates for elected office. And rightly so.

Israel breaks record, cramming 15 into mini
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - In just four and half minutes, a mini-car is filled with fifteen people at Rishon Lezion's Zahav mall.

Violence rages in Syria as Arab mission expires
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - Arab bloc to deliberate over monitoring team's future - Syria's Muslim Brotherhood pushed for Assad's isolation as Kurds seek united front

Netanyahu pressuring Europe to embargo Iranian oil
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - "Action must be taken before it is too late, sanctions on Iran must be intensified," says Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu during trip to Holland, insists Europe must not wait until July for embargo.

Perry drops out; Iowa tips for Santorum
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - Rick Perry bows out of GOP race, endorses Gingrich; new figures put Rick Santorum ahead of Romney in January 3 Iowa primary.

Worries grow over Syria chemical weapons arsenal
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - Collapse of Assad regime could put toxins in the wrong hands; No one knows the size, quality of WMDs collected by Syria.

Dutch PM urges Netanyahu to freeze settlements
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - A freeze “would help to get discussions going,” says Dutch PM Mark Rutte; Netanyahu says construction a "side issue."

Off the Beaten Track: Castle above the sea
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - Travel expert Joe Yudin discovers why Apollonia-Tel Arshaf National Park is a hidden gem.

Media not portraying the entire Ethiopian-Israeli saga
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - The plight of Ethiopian Israelis is not fully understood by the media.

Neeman backs nixing custody law favoring moms
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - Justice Minister embraces Schnitt C'tee recommendations to revoke law granting automatic custody to mothers in divorce.

Who is the latest Jewish trivia whiz?
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - Jason Keller wins $213,900 during 9-episode run on Jeopardy!; wants to visit Israel, play Scrabble in Tel Aviv.

More on the looming war with Iran
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - Iran will bring about its own demise because of its own miscalculations.

Syrian Muslim Brotherhood leader: Isolate Assad
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - In Reuters interview, Mohammad Shaqfa calls for United Nations to establish "a no-fly zone and safe zones" in Syria.

The Weekly Schmooze: Fiddler on the Lego Roof
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - JPost column on hottest Jewish news: Goldblum to play 'Glee' gay dad; Bloomberg, Koch team up in funny video.

Conviction overturned for man who called IDF Nazis
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - Judges say defendant expressed remorse, had not committed similar offenses.

For investors Arab Spring dangers remain
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - Political risk consultant sees more upheaval as causes of instability remain.

Mea She'arim: 75 years ago
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - JPost special feature: The ultra-orthodox neighborhood of Mea She'arim in the 1930s.

Chosen Bites: Vanilla and rum roasted pineapple
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - There's nothing more fragrant and enticing than roasted pineapple.

'Syrian tanks pull back from rebel town'
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - Senior opposition leader says ceasefire with government reached, but fighting could renew "at any time."

Israeli hackers down Gaza, UAE bank websites
Jerusalem Post 19 Jan 2012 - 'IDF Team' hackers warn they will "disable stock market, gov't, economic, security sites" if attacks against Israelis continue.

'Radioactive material stolen from Egypt plant'
Jerusalem Post 18 Jan 2012 - Plant staff refuse to go to the site because of the deterioration in the security situation there.

'Dead Sea almost dried up 125,000 years ago'
Jerusalem Post 18 Jan 2012 - Newly found sediments reveal information about ancient climactic conditions both in Dead Sea region, Sahara.

Israeli film makes Oscar short-list
Jerusalem Post 18 Jan 2012 - Joseph Cedar’s 'Footnote' named to short-list in running for Best Foreign Language Film.

Preparations begin for Israel's second Komen race
Jerusalem Post 18 Jan 2012 - Event is designed to create more awareness of breast cancer and the benefits of early detection.

Anti-racism activists call on PM, gov't to 'wake up'
Jerusalem Post 18 Jan 2012 - Thousands demonstrate against on-going discrimination in Israeli society.

Israel may have taken a step back from bombing Iran – but for how long? | Harriet Sherwood
The Guardian 19 Jan 2012 - The chair of the US joint chiefs of staff who is in Israel to discuss Iran will warn of the dire consequences of a military strike When Israel's defence minister, Ehud Barak, said this week that...

Hacking away at Arab and Israeli stereotypes | Khaled Diab
The Guardian 19 Jan 2012 - Cyber-attacks on Israel shock those who see Arabs as backward – but on both sides such stereotyping is being challenged Earlier this week, a hacker or group of hackers who claim to be Saudi scaled up...

EGYPT: Islamist Parties to Abide by Camp David – For Now
IPS The Islamist landslide in recently concluded parliamentary polls has led to fears in some quarters of an impending paradigm shift in Egyptian foreign policy. Most local analysts, however, dismiss the likelihood of any sea changes, especially when it comes to the sensitive issues of Palestine and the Camp David peace...

[] In Gaza, Mabhouh's Grieving Family Still in Search of Answers
Uruknet January 19, 2012 - He scours the internet for any news about progress in the efforts to bring Mahmoud's killers to justice. To the reporters who show up regularly at his home in Jabaliya, he pleads again to Dubai police and other authorities to prosecute members of the hit squad. They had entered the UAE on...

[] Time runs out for effective probe of brutal Gaddafi murder
Uruknet January 19, 2012 - While Libya has been quick to shake off 40 years of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's legacy, his children are still waiting for justice. The lawyer of the late leader's daughter has been telling RT why his killing in October still hasn't been investigated. Aisha Gaddafi has hired Nick Kaufman, an Israeli lawyer, to...

[] The "anti-Semitism" smear campaign against CAP and Media Matters rolls on
Uruknet January 19, 2012 - Last month, my Salon colleague Justin Elliott revealed that AIPAC's former spokesman, Josh Block, had been encouraging neoconservative journalists and pundits on a private email list to attack as "anti-Semites" various Middle East commentators employed by two of the most influential Democratic-Party-aligned organizations: the Center for American Progress (CAP) and Media Matters (...

[] New Pro-Israel Hasbara Meme: Blackwashing
Uruknet January 19, 2012 - You've heard of pinkwashing, greenwashing-now "blackwashing" joins the cast of pro-Israel hasbara communities exploited in order to combat the major criticisms of Israeli policy toward the Palestinians. Pinkwashing is the effort to promote Israel to the gay community in order to point out the homophobia of Arab culture and nations. Greenwashing is...

[] Israel annexes 76 dunums of land near Bethlehem
Uruknet January 19, 2012 -- Israeli authorities annexed 76 dunums of land from a village east of Bethlehem on Thursday, local officials said. Head of al-Khas village council Khader Hamdan said that the land was taken on the basis that it is absentee property, the official PA news agency Wafa reported. Villagers had not been able to...

[] Palestinians and desensitization: is it the time for a third intifada?
Uruknet January 19, 2012 - The more I tread through Gaza's roads, the more I get trapped into a web of complexities. "Do not be too political" I whisper to myself. I try too hard but I fail. Cars, buses, food; all stamped with Hebrew calligraphy. To me, given my Hebraic illiteracy, the stamps represent one thing:...

[] Charles Taylor 'worked' for CIA in Liberia
Uruknet January 19, 2012 - US authorities say former Liberian leader Charles Taylor worked for its intelligence agencies, including the CIA, the Boston Globe reports. The revelation comes in response to a Freedom of Information request by the newspaper. A Globe reporter told the BBC this is the first official confirmation of long-held reports of a relationship...

[] The final illusion has disappeared
Uruknet January 19, 2012 - The Israeli Supreme Court has rejected petitions submitted by human rights organisations seeking a cancellation of the amendments to the Citizenship Act which will prevent the reunification of Palestinian families living on both sides of the Green (1948 Armistice) Line. Six judges voted against the petitions; five were in favour, including the...

[] Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (12- 18 January 2012)
Uruknet January 19, 2012 - Summary - Israeli violations of international law and humanitarian law in the OPT continued during the reporting period (12 - 18 January 2012): Shooting: During the reporting period, IOF killed 2 Palestinian resistance activists and wounded another two resistance activist in the Gaza Strip. In the West Bank, many Palestinians suffered from...

[] Military Resistance 10A17: Protect the Soldiers
Uruknet January 18, 2012 - Under the subtitle "A Challenging Global Security Environment," the first pages discuss the success in killing Osama bin Laden and rendering al-Qaeda "far less capable," then say that extremist groups in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere "will continue to threaten U.S. interests, allies, partners and the homeland." The paper says, "For...

[] In Libya, a Fundamentalist War against Moderate Islam Takes Shape
Uruknet January 18, 2012 - ...Puritanical Muslims known as Salafis are applying a rigid form of Islam in more and more communities. They have clamped down on the sale of alcohol and demolished the tombs of saints where many local people worship. The small town of Zuwara near the Tunisian border, dominated by a heterodox Muslim sect...

[] Israeli judge holds confession of Palestinian minor admissible, although it was obtained through breach of his rights
Uruknet January 18, 2012 - On 9 January 2012, Israeli Military Youth Court judge Major Sharon Rivlin-Ahai held that the confession given to the police by I.D., a 14-year-old Palestinian boy from a-Nabi Saleh, interrogated on suspicion of stone throwing, was admissible. The judge admitted the confession even though the minor had been questioned in breach of...

[] Former Saudi intelligence chief says all options open against Iranian threats'
Uruknet January 18, 2012 - Saudi Arabia will use "all available options" to defend itself against Iranian "threats" that might trigger "unwanted military confrontation," its former intelligence chief told a Gulf security conference.... "Any threat to our interests or security will force us to use all available options to defend our interests, and national and regional security,"...

[] Israeli "hacker" threatens to "harm" people "regardless of religion, creed or gender"
Uruknet January 18, 2012 - Israel's Ynet website has published an article supposedly by an Israeli hacker named "Yoni" (last name not given) which threatens a "war" in response to a Saudi hacker who disrupted several Israeli websites in recent weeks in what is has been described "as a tit-for-tat exchange of posturing, threats of mass credit...

[] Syria News - January 18, 2012 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Uruknet January 18, 2012 - Today, Wednesday, ended with the fall of 22 martyrs including two ladies, a child, 8 defected recruits and one died under severe torture. Thirteen martyrs in Homs, 4 in Idlib, 2 in Damascus Suburbs and one martyr in each of Daraa and Aleppo.Homs: Hawla: Martyrdom of Karam Rafeq Harmoush, 60 years old,...

[] On Apartheid, One State and Arab Spring: Interview with Richard Falk
Uruknet January 18, 2012 - ...The overwhelming international consensus is that the Palestinian territories are occupied territories' that are subject to administration by Israel as the occupier, but in accord with the Fourth Geneva Convention and the First Additional Protocol of 1977. This occupation that has lasted since 1967 goes beyond what is envisioned by international humanitarian...

[] The Puppet, the Dictator, and the President: Haiti Today and Tomorrow
Uruknet January 18, 2012 - There they were, at the official ceremony: the living, breathing banes of Haiti's existence. "Rubbing shoulders on stage, shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries were Haitian President Michel Martelly, former US President and UN Special Envoy, Bill Clinton, and, Jean Claude Duvalier," the mass murderer and former dictator. The dictator is hoping for...

[] Iraq snapshot - January 18, 2012
Uruknet January 18, 2012 - Nouri al-Maliki is a liar. He cannot be trusted. He proves that with each passing day. The Tehran Times reports: Arrest warrants have been issued for 120 members of the Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO), Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki announced in a televised interview late on Tuesday. During his remarks, Maliki described...

[] Sunni Baghdad Leader Arrested on Terrorism Charges; 11 Iraqis Killed
Uruknet January 18, 2012 - A prominent Sunni politician was arrested today on terrorism charges, as a surge in violence continues thanks to sectarian political tensions. At least 11 Iraqis were killed and 16 more were wounded. Baghdad Provincial Council Vice President Riyadh al-Adhadh was arrested on terrorism charges and stands accused of financing a terrorist group...

[] Gaza Strip - Operation Cast Lead Aftermath :The Abu Rujailah family
Uruknet January 18, 2012 - On 18 January 2009, at approximately 10:00, Israeli forces located on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip indiscriminately fired bullets towards farmers working on their lands east of Khuza'a village, east of Khan Younis. One of the farmers, Maher Abdel Azim Abu Rujailah (twenty-three), was killed when one of the...

[] Iran offered Syria's Brotherhood power if it agreed to Assad staying on: official
Uruknet January 18, 2012 - Iran has offered the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood a deal that includes giving the Islamist opposition group all of the government, but under the condition that President Bashar al-Assad remains as the country's premier, an official said in a newspaper interview published on Wednesday. Mohammed Taifour, the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood's Deputy Superintendent and...

[] PWA chief: World must act on Israel's water apartheid
Uruknet January 18, 2012 -- The head of the Palestinian Water Authority on Tuesday said the international community must act on Israel's "apartheid" water policy in the West Bank. In January, the French parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee issued a report which found that Israel's water policy constituted "a weapon serving the new apartheid." It noted that Jewish...

[] Status of Criminal and Civil Complaints Submitted to Israeli Authorities on behalf of Victims of Operation Cast Lead
Uruknet January 18, 2012 - The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) represents 1,046 individual victims of Operation Cast Lead, Israel's 27 December 2008 - 18 January 2009 offensive on the Gaza Strip. Criminal and civil complaints on behalf of each of these victims were submitted to the Israeli authorities; to-date substantive responses have only been received...

[] Israel as World's First Bunker State Room for Jews only in Israel's villa in the jungle'
Uruknet January 18, 2012 - The wheel is turning full circle. Last week the Israeli parliament updated a 59-year-old law originally intended to prevent hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees from returning to the homes and lands from which they had been expelled as Israel was established. The purpose of the draconian 1954 Prevention of Infiltration Law...

Google's 4Q results miss analyst targets
Daily Star 19 Jan 2012 Google's earnings growth slowed dramatically in the fourth quarter as the holiday shopping season turned into a major letdown for investors.

How one Egyptian sold a revolution on the Web
Daily Star 19 Jan 2012 Wael Ghonim doesn't like being called an activist.

Thousands march in Turkey for slain journalist
Daily Star 19 Jan 2012 More than 10,000 people marched silently through Istanbul to protest against the acquittals of 17 men tried over the killing of prominent Turkish-Armenian journalist Dink.

Madrid's Pepe apologizes for Messi foot stomp
Daily Star 19 Jan 2012 Real Madrid defender Pepe apologized to Lionel Messi for stepping on the Barcelona forward's hand in his team's 2-1 loss in the Copa del Rey, saying that it wasn't intentional.

Islamic Jihad cell in West Bank broken: Israel
Daily Star 19 Jan 2012 The military has broken up an Islamic Jihad cell of 10 militants suspected of planning attacks on Israel.

Jordan to train 10,000 Libyan ex-rebels
Daily Star 19 Jan 2012 Libya will send 10,000 former rebels who helped topple Moamer Kadhafi's regime to Jordan for training in order to integrate them into the interior ministry.

Qatar Airways targets acquisition in Europe - CEO
Daily Star 19 Jan 2012 Qatar Airways is eyeing more investment in Europe and has identified an acquisition target, while declining to comment about Spanish airline Spanair.

Blast wounds 13 in southeast Turkey
Daily Star 19 Jan 2012 Thirteen people including three police officers were wounded in an explosion in southeast Turkey on Thursday, a local official told the Anatolia news agency.

Wahlberg apologizes for 9/11 comments
Daily Star 19 Jan 2012 Mark Wahlberg has apologized for asserting that he would have stopped terrorists from flying an airliner into New York’s World Trade Center on Sept. 11 if he had been on the plane.

Australia says regime 'atrocities' underway in Syria
Daily Star 19 Jan 2012 Australia urged Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down and said he should be tried before the International Criminal Court for "atrocities" against his people.

Turkey works to cut dependence on Iranian oil
Daily Star 19 Jan 2012 Turkish refiner Tupras plans to cut its dependence on imports of Iranian oil and will meet Saudi Arabian authorities this month.

Bahrain protests greet air show with black smoke
Daily Star 19 Jan 2012 Anti-government protesters in Bahrain have set off pillars of black smoke from burning tires in apparent attempts to embarrass officials on the opening day of the country's air show.

Syria loses $2 bn over oil sanctions: minister
Daily Star 19 Jan 2012 Syria has lost more than $2 billion in revenues since September 1 as a result of European and US bans on importing its oil, Oil Minister Sufian Allaw said on Thursday.

EU nations agree sanctions against Iran central bank
Daily Star 19 Jan 2012 EU nations agreed Thursday to slap sanctions on Iran's central bank, freezing assets potentially used to finance its nuclear programme, but have not yet clinched an oil embargo deal.

Dempsey in Israel as allies seek unity on Iran
Daily Star 19 Jan 2012 The United States' top military officer arrived in Israel on Thursday as the allies coordinated efforts to curb Iran's nuclear program.

Apple jumps into digital textbooks fray
Daily Star 19 Jan 2012 Apple Inc unveiled a new digital textbook service called iBooks 2, aiming to revitalize the U.S. education market and quicken the adoption of its market-leading iPad in that sector.

Bomb blast kills six in Somali capital
Daily Star 19 Jan 2012 A bomb blast on Thursday killed two Somali policemen and four refugees close to a camp for displaced people in the capital, Mogadishu.

Iran TV: Earthquake injures 100 in northeast city
Daily Star 19 Jan 2012 An earthquake of moderate strength caused damage and injured 100 people in the city of Neyshabour in the northeast part of Iran Thursday afternoon, Iran's state TV reported.

New fighting in Sudan's Blue Nile border state
Daily Star 19 Jan 2012 Sudan's army has clashed with rebels in Blue Nile state, which borders South Sudan and where fighting has been going on for five months.

Johnny Depp, Vanessa Paradis near split-report
Daily Star 19 Jan 2012 Johnny Depp’s 14-year romance with French actress and singer Vanessa Paradis has hit the rocks, People magazine claimed on Wednesday, and the couple are living largely separate lives.

'Arab students arrested over call to avoid Peres lecture'
YNet News, 19 Jan 2012 - Three JCE students claim they were arrested over calls to boycott lecture by President Peres. Student activist warns: We won't remain silent in the face of academic terror ....

FBI shuts down; charges 7 with piracy
YNet News, 19 Jan 2012 - ....

Palestinians: Quartet pressuring to extend peace talks
YNet News, 19 Jan 2012 - ....

Khamenei meets families of killed Iranian scientists
YNet News, 19 Jan 2012 - ....

Top Hamas legislator arrested
YNet News, 19 Jan 2012 - Hamas Parliament President Aziz Dwaik arrested near Ramallah for suspected terror activity. Hamas government urges Egypt, Arab League to facilitate his immediate release ....

MKs: Zoabi should be tried for treason
YNet News, 19 Jan 2012 - Knesset members furious with Balad MK for meeting with Hamas officials. National Union demands House revoke her parliamentary immunity; urges AG to file treason charges ....

IDF probes theft of over 2,000 tank shells
YNet News, 19 Jan 2012 - Thousand of shells missing from Negev base's inventory; Military Police believe munitions stolen over time ....

'Sanctions not only option against Iran'
YNet News, 19 Jan 2012 - US ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro says Washington has alternatives ready should sanctions on Islamic Republic fail ....

'MK Zoabi met with Hamas officials'
YNet News, 19 Jan 2012 - IDF raid in Tulkarem yields photos of Balad MK with top Hamas officials. 'We don't consider Hamas to be a terror organization,' she tells Ynet. National Union: Zoabi should lose immunity, stand trial for treason ....

Syria-backed terror cell exposed in Jenin
YNet News, 19 Jan 2012 - West Bank-based cell comprised of 10 Islamic Jihad operatives. Defense establishment sources say they were planning multiple attacks on military, civilian targets in Israel ....

Army unsuitable for haredim
YNet News, 19 Jan 2012 - Op-ed: IDF doesn’t really want to integrate haredim, it only wants to make them secular ....

Israeli undercover agents wound 3 Palestinians, detain 2 children in Aiswayia
PIC - Israeli undercover agents stormed Aisawiya village in occupied Jerusalem and fired at civilians, wounding three young men, and detained two children.

Hamas: Israeli demolition, eviction policy racist
PIC - Hamas has renewed its strong condemnation of the Israeli policy of evicting Palestinian citizens from their hometowns and demolishing their homes.

Power authority: The occupation and the PA behind Gaza power crisis
PIC - The authority of power and natural resources said the power crisis in Gaza is not only caused by the Israeli occupation, but also by the de facto government in Ramallah.

IOF soldiers detain seven Palestinians
PIC - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) rounded up seven Palestinian citizens in the West Bank at dawn Thursday and stormed homes in Al-Khalil.

Masri: We urged Swiss officials to create positive ties with Hamas
PIC - Hamas MP Mushir Al-Masri said he and his colleagues visiting Switzerland urged Swiss officials and lawmakers to help establish good European relations with Hamas movement.

"Jewish state" is euphemism for Jewish fascism
PIC - Israel today is Nazi Germany of yesterday. The tools and ideas are strikingly similar. In Germany, they had the master race mantra, and in Israel they invoke the Chosen People..

Mishaal discusses Hamas-Europe relations with Swiss envoy
PIC - Political bureau chairman of Hamas Khaled Mishaal conferred with the Swiss envoy to the Middle East Jean-Daniel Ruch in Cairo on Wednesday night on recent regional developments.

European union slams Israel's violations against J'lem and its natives
PIC - The European union on Wednesday strongly denounced Israel's Judaization practices against the occupied city of Jerusalem and its Muslim and Christian natives.

Abu Zuhri: International report further proof of Israeli crimes
PIC - The UN annual report on the humanitarian conditions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip serves as another proof of Israeli occupation’s crimes, Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, said on Thursday.

IOA expropriates 76 dunums of Bethlehem land
PIC - The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has seized 76 dunums of Al-Khas village land to the east of Bethlehem at the pretext it was owned by absentees.

Abbas Arrives in Russian Capital Moscow
WAFA - 21:17-MOSCOW, January 19, 2012 (WAFA) - President Mahmoud Abbas Thursday evening arrived in the Russian capital, Moscow, as his third stop on his current European tour, which included London and Berlin. A...

Abbas to Merkel: We Value Major Development in Palestinian-German Relations
WAFA - 20:59-BERLIN, January 19, 2012 (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas, in a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday, praised the significant and ongoing development in the Palestini...

Palestinians Determined to Achieve Reconciliation, says Fatah Official
WAFA - 17:12-CAIRO, January 19, 2012 (WAFA) – Fatah official Azzam al-Ahmad, who also heads his party’s delegation to the reconciliation talks with Hamas, Thursday said that Fatah and Hamas are determined to achie...

Security Council to Discuss Jerusalem, Settlements, says Official
WAFA - 13:48-RAMALLAH, January 19, 2012 (WAFA) – The United Nations Security Council will hold a public session on January 24 to discuss Israeli settlements and policy in occupied East Jerusalem, Palestine’s Perma...

Israeli Authorities Seize Land near Bethlehem
WAFA - 13:25-BETHLEHEM, January 19, 2012 (WAFA) – The Israeli authorities Thursday seized 76 dunums of land from al-Khas village, east of Bethlehem, to be allocated for the West Jerusalem municipality under the pr...

Abbas Thanks Thailand for Recognizing Palestine
WAFA - 13:20-RAMALLAH, January 19, 2012 (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas Thursday thanked Thailand for recognizing Palestinian, making the Southeast Asian country the first country to recognize Palestine this year...

EU, Rights Group Denounce Gaza Death Sentences
WAFA - 12:15- JERUSALEM/GAZA, January 19, 2012 (WAFA) – The European Union missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah and the Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza (PCHR) condemned in two separate statements death ...

Rights Group Wants Torture Case Reopened
WAFA - 11:22-JERUSALEM, January 19, 2012 (WAFA) – The Israeli rights group, the Public Committee against Torture in Israel (PCATI), plans to petition the Israeli High Court to reopen investigation into a torture c...

Weather Forecast: Cold, Cloudy Weather Until Friday
WAFA - 10:03-RAMALLAH, January 19, 2012 (WAFA) - A further drop in temperature to 10 degrees Celsius on Thursday with potential light scattered showers and moderate northwesterly winds, according to the Pale ...

The Divergent Faces of Israel – An Analysis by Dr. Lawrence Davidson
Intifada-Palestine: 19 Jan 2012 - by Dr. Lawrence Davidson Part I – Zionist Reality Last month Amira Hass, one of Israel’s best, bravest and most disliked journalists wrote a short piece in Haaretz entitled “ When ‘fascist’ is not a rude word .” Here she tells... more

Gen. Martin Dempsey in Israel for Talks on Iran
New York Times 19 Jan 2012 - Gen. Martin E. Dempsey is expected to focus on Iran’s nuclear program, as well as the challenges posed by the past year’s regional upheavals and the American military exit from Iraq.

U.S. Navy Says It Assists Third Iranian Crew in Distress
New York Times 19 Jan 2012 - The repeated aid efforts come as Iran has aimed belligerent warnings aimed at the Navy’s Fifth Fleet, which has patrolled the Persian Gulf for decades.

Iran’s Rial Falls to New Low Against Dollar
New York Times 19 Jan 2012 - The drop appeared to reflect new anxiety about the impact of Western economic sanctions on the country’s Central Bank and worries about the government’s ability to counter it.

Mohamed Beltagy, Egypt’s Human Bellwether
New York Times 19 Jan 2012 - To know the future of Egypt, watch what happens to Mohamed Beltagy, the embattled hero of the revolution.

Following weeks of smears, Zaid Jilani resigns from Center for American Progress to take new job
Mondoweiss - Zaid Jilani Last month Israel lobbyist Josh Block smeared several writers who work for two Democratic Party-linked organizations-- Center for American Progress (CAP) and Media Matters-- as anti-semites. Since then, CAP has done little to stand up for its writers' comments, and today a writer targeted...

NY labor leader says Netanyahu’s bad-faith negotiating tactics foster Arab ‘contempt’ for Israel (and Israeli official talks w/ his feet)
Mondoweiss - Stuart Appelbaum A few weeks ago US ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman upset the lobby when he said that Israel's actions were fostering anti-Semitism in Europe. Well NY labor leader Stuart Appelbaum has adopted a similar argument, blaming the crisis of the two-state solution on Israel....

RNC resolution calls for one state (on God-given lands)
Mondoweiss - Costa Looks like the election this year will be between two-state Dems and one-state Republicans. Fascinating. Mitchell Plitnick reports (thanks to Paul Mutter): Last week in New Orleans, the Republican National Committee officially adopted a resolution supporting a one-state solution in Israel-Palestine. This news came to...

EU diplomats propose boycotts, divestment, and sanctions against Israeli colonialism
Mondoweiss - The Israeli settlement of Har Homa overlooking Bethlehem. (Photo: IMEMC ) A report sent to the European Union on Monday by its member countries’ top diplomats in Jerusalem and Ramallah proposed state-level boycotts, divestment, and sanctions against Israel’s illegal colonial infrastructure in the occupied West Bank. These...

Gaza youth hear about Israel lobby’s role from Abunimah via Skype
Mondoweiss - Ali Abu Nima addresses CPDS via Skype Jan. 15, 2012 For the second week in a row, the Center for Political Development Studies holds a video link on the role of the Zionist lobby in US elections. Ali Abunimah, the founder of The Electronic Intifada, joined...

Israeli Attorney General Expects to Indict Lieberman for Graft, Money Laundering
Tikun Olam - Avigdor Lieberman: out of the shadows (Baz Lerner/Reuters) Born in Moldova in the former Soviet Union, Mr. Lieberman also commands the loyalty of many of the one million Israelis who immigrated here from the former Soviet Union and tend toward rightist nationalist politics.Mr. Lieberman…is highly pessimistic...

New Pro-Israel Hasbara Meme: Blackwashing
Tikun Olam - African American political leaders and students on Aipac Israel junket You’ve heard of pinkwashing , greenwashing –now “ blackwashing ” joins the cast of pro-Israel hasbara communities exploited in order to combat the major criticisms of Israeli policy toward the Palestinians.  Pinkwashing is the effort to promote...

Which is Worse Israeli Enemy? Hezbollah, Hamas or Haaretz? Haaretz, Says Bibi
Tikun Olam - Of all the enemies facing the State of Israel, or more specifically Bibi Netanyahu (but why distinguish between the two–aren’t they identical?), who do you think he would single out as the most dangerous: Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Turkey?  None of the above.  His worst enemies are...

Crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 409: despite the release of the official report, doubts still subsist
Voltaire Network 19 Jan 2012 - Surrounded by a veil of mystery that gave rise to multiple controversies, the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 409 off the coast of Beirut, on 25 January 2010, killed all 90 people on board. The Lebanese Transport Ministry has just issued its final report on the...

Iran: the murder of Ahmadi Roshan elicits 1000 vocations
Voltaire Network 19 Jan 2012 - According to the Minister of Science and Technology, M Kamran Daneshjo, many Iranian college students applied to change their curriculum in response to the assassination of one their scientists. Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, aged 32, was killed on January 11 by the explosion of a magnetic bomb...

Qatar isolated within the Arab League
Voltaire Network 18 Jan 2012 - While the mandate of the Arab League observers expires on Thursday, the Prime Minister of Qatar raised the possibility of deploying Arab troops to Syria, without even waiting for the end-of-mission report and the meeting of the Council of foreign ministers on Sunday in Cairo. The...

Angola: Israeli Ambassador Wants to Enlarge Cooperation 19 Jan 2012 - ANGOP (Luanda)-The Israeli ambassador to Angola, Irit Savion Waidergorn expressed on Wednesday, in Dundo, Lunda Norte that the Jewish State wants to cooperate with Angola in the different areas of common interest.

Again With the Stifling of Discussion on Israel
Arab American Institute 19 Jan 2012 - By shielding Israel from the criticism and pressures required to bring it to its senses so it can pursue a more constructive course with the Palestinians, so-called supporters of Israel are ensuring that the state will continue down this self-destructive path of perpetual conflict.

Arab observers to report on Syria
BBC 19 Jan 2012 - The mandate of the Arab League observer mission in Syria is due to expire, a month after it arrived to verify the implementation of a peace plan.

Israel arrests senior Palestinian
BBC 19 Jan 2012 - The speaker of the Palestinian assembly, who is a member of the Hamas militant group, has been arrested at an Israeli checkpoint in the West Bank.

Now Is the Time to #OccupyAIPAC
US Campaign to End the Occupation 19 Jan 2012 - Join Us in Washington, D.C., March 2-6, to #OccupyAIPAC by Josh Ruebner, National Advocacy Director January 19th, 2012 Ever since the Occupy movement burst on to our political landscape last fall and reinjected energy into the movement to make government serve the 99 percent instead of...

Latest Hasbara Meme: BLACKWASHING
US Campaign to End the Occupation 19 Jan 2012 - By Richard Silverstein January 9, 2012 You’ve heard of pinkwashing , greenwashing –now “ blackwashing ” joins the cast of pro-Israel hasbara communities exploited in order to combat the major criticisms of Israeli policy toward the Palestinians. Pinkwashing is the effort to promote Israel to the...

Three years since Operation Cast Lead: Israeli military utterly failed to investigate itself
B'tselem 17 Jan 2012 - Three years after Operation Cast Lead, the Israeli military's argument against independent investigation of its conduct during the operation has proven to be hollow. The military has completely failed to investigate itself, regarding both policy choices and the conduct of the forces in the field in...

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