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Israeli forces continue their campaign of widespread arrests in the occupied Palestinian territories - International Press Center photo

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Israel Readies For Possible Offensive Against Gaza
IMEMC - Israeli daily, Jerusalem Post, reported that General Command of the Israeli Army had instructed the Central Command to take all measures to be ready for the possibility of a large-scale offensive against the Gaza Strip that could take place in the coming few months. ...

Knesset Committee Removes Dr. Tibi For One Week
IMEMC - The so-called “Ethics Committee” of the Israeli Knesset decided to remove member of Knesset (MK) Dr. Ahmad Tibi, from participating in Knesset sessions for a week for strongly denouncing Mk Anastasia Michaeli of the “Israel Our Home” fundamentalist Party, and for writing a poem attacking her. ...

Shouting "Kill him…Kill him": Settlers Attack a Young Jerusalemite with Knives
IMEMC - Israeli extremists attacked a Palestinian young man from Jerusalem, identified as Majdi Mahmoud Abu Ghazala, 21, with sticks and sharp metal tools during his work in Jaffa Street in West Jerusalem, in the early hours of Sunday morning. ...

Settlement Construction Causing the Slow Demise of the Two-State Solution
IMEMC - A tour of several European Capitals by the Palestinian President has given several politicians a sterner voice. This is welcome at a time when the two-state solution is steadily slipping through the fingers of the world leaders, and will soon be out of reach completely; at least through the medium of negotiations and peace. There is always war of course, which must be avoided at all costs. ...

Israeli Forces Abduct Three Palestinians in Jenin Area
IMEMC - Israeli forces invaded the Jenin refugee camp and the city of Jenin, in the northern West Bank, on Monday morning, and abducted one Palestinian. Separately, two Palestinian men were taken from the Jenin checkpoint later in the day for allegedly possessing weapons. ...

Soldiers Invade Azzoun Village, Kidnap 12 Residents
IMEMC - Israeli soldiers invaded, on Monday, the village of Azzoun, east of the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia. They arrested twelve residents, after violently beating and attacking them; four of the taken were released later on. ...

Israeli forces 'detain 12' in Qalqiliya village
1/17/2012 - QALQILIYA (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained 12 people in Qalqiliya village Azzun on Monday, a detainees group said. Qalqiliya detainees society said in a statement that four people were later released, and told the group they were badly beaten by the soldiers. Among the group detained were children and recently-released prisoners, the society said....

Human rights advocate stabbed in Gaza
1/17/2012 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- A human rights advocate was stabbed by unknown assailants in Gaza City after receiving threats over his authorship of an article critical of Palestinian resistance movements. Mahmoud Abu Rahma, international relations director at Gaza-based Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, was attacked by masked men and stabbed multiple times while.... Related: Palestinians, Israelis condemn attack on Gaza activist and Al Mezan: Unknown Persons Assault Al Mezan's Int'l Relations Director, Mahmoud AbuRahma

General: Nuclear Iran may curb Israeli border wars
1/17/2012 - JERUSALEM (Reuters) -- A nuclear-armed Iran could deter Israel from going to war against Tehran's allies in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, a senior Israeli general said on Tuesday. Israel sees the makings of a mortal threat in Iran's uranium enrichment and missile programs, and has lobbied world powers to roll them....

Israel blasts UK's Clegg over settlement comment
1/17/2012 - LONDON (Reuters) -- An Israeli minister called Britain's Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg irresponsible and ill-informed on Tuesday for condemning Israeli settlements as "deliberate vandalism" of efforts to establish a Palestinian state. Visiting Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said Clegg's comment gave the Palestinians an excuse to set pre-conditions for entering....

BDS: UK museum attacked over links to Israel's Ahava
1/17/2012 - LONDON (Reuters) - Experts at a leading British museum should pull out of a European-funded study into tiny particles because one of their partners is an Israeli company that operates in the occupied West Bank, British scientists and public figures said on Tuesday. More than a dozen scientists, some from leading British universities, wrote an open....

Street artists strike again in Jerusalem
1/17/2012 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Palestinian street artists stenciled symbols of resistance in Jerusalem overnight Monday in a campaign they hope will mobilize the people. The activists sprayed Palestinian images in Talpiot, a commercial district in East Jerusalem, days after targeting streets in West Jerusalem with the same artwork." One image at a time we are....

PA welcomes French report on Israel water control
1/17/2012 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The Ramallah-based cabinet on Monday welcomed a French parliamentary report that said Israel's control of Palestinian water resources broke international law. The document published by French parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee in early January says Israeli dominance of water for settlements and Israel is "a weapon serving the....

Hamas, Jihad to hold 'in-depth dialogue'
1/18/2012 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The leader of Gaza's government Ismail Haniyeh on Tuesday called for an in-depth dialogue between his Hamas party and Islamic Jihad, an official said. Muhammad al-Hindi, an Islamic Jihad leader, said the two sides hoped to unify the Palestinian resistance forces. He said this was an Islamic and....

Palestinian officials tour crossings into Gaza
1/17/2012 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Palestinian officials from the West Bank visited Israeli crossings into Gaza on Monday, to inspect ongoing work at the terminals, the Palestinian crossings director said. Deputy chairman of the anti-corruption commission Akram al-Khatib, civil affairs ministry undersecretary Ayman Qandil and several public works ministry engineers toured Kerem Shalom goods crossing....

Israel's Lieberman looking to avoid fraud charges
1/17/2012 - JERUSALEM (Reuters) -- Lawyers for Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman face a final hearing on Tuesday to argue against his being indicted on graft charges that would force his resignation and could trigger early Israeli elections. Justice officials announced last April that Lieberman, an outspoken rightwinger who heads the ultranationalist Yisrael Beiteinu (Israel is Our Home) coalition....

Shia group 'attacked by police' in Gaza
1/17/2012 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- A group of Shiite worshipers say masked police violently raided a religious service in the northern Gaza Strip on Saturday, prompting furious denials by the Hamas-dominated government in the territory. Around 20 followers of the Shia branch of Islam were performing a ceremony for Ashura, the commemoration of the death of....

Official: Flower, strawberry trucks leave Gaza for export
1/17/2012 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israel permitted the export of one truck of flowers and another of strawberries from the blockaded Gaza Strip on Tuesday, a Palestinian official said. The produce will leave Gaza through Kerem Shalom, the sole remaining crossing into Israel, while 220 trucks will enter the Gaza Strip, Palestinian crossings liaison Raed....

Report: Abu Marzouq moves family to Cairo
1/17/2012 - CAIRO (Ma'an) -- Egypt is allowing the family of the deputy Hamas politburo chief Mousa Abu Marzouq to reside permanently in Cairo, the Arabic-language daily Al-Hayat reported Tuesday. According to a source quoted by the newspaper, Abu Marzouq arrived two weeks ahead of his family to arrange for an appropriate place to stay in....

Mashaal arrives in Cairo
1/17/2012 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- A Hamas delegation headed by party chief Khalid Mashaal arrived in Cairo on Tuesday ahead of meetings with Egyptian officials, Hamas officials said. Mashaal will also meet with Swiss representatives to the Middle East during his visit to the Egyptian capital....

Palestinians, Israelis condemn attack on Gaza activist
1/18/2012 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli and Palestinian human rights groups on Tuesday condemned a stabbing attack on the author of an op-ed demanding accountability in Gaza. Mahmoud Abu Rahma, the international relations director of Al Mezan, a prominent human rights group based in Gaza City, received death threats shortly after his report appeared on Ma.... Related: Human rights advocate stabbed in Gaza and Al Mezan: Unknown Persons Assault Al Mezan's Int'l Relations Director, Mahmoud AbuRahma

Child drowns off Gaza coast
1/17/2012 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- A 9-year-old boy died on Monday night after he fell from his father's boat off the coast of Rafah in the Gaza Strip. Muhammad Al-Bardawil was playing on the boat when he stumbled into the water and was suffocated by a fishing net, officials said....

UK loses bid to deport Bethlehem-born cleric
1/18/2012 - LONDON (Reuters) -- A cleric born in Bethlehem won an appeal in the European courts on Tuesday to stop Britain from deporting him to Jordan to stand trial on terrorism charges. Seven judges at the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Abu Qatada, once described as "Osama bin Laden's right-hand man in Europe....

PCHR Condemns Attack on Human Defender, Mahmoud Abu Rahma
Palestinian Center for Human Rights Tuesday, 17 January 2012

PCHR Condemns Use of Force by Security Officers against a Number of Palestinians While Performing Shiite Rituals
Palestinian Center for Human Rights Monday, 16 January 2012

17 January 2009 - The Al Ashqar family
1/17/2012 - International Solidarity Movement - 17 January 2012, Palestinian Centre for Human Rights - "Madleen refuses to sleep by herself; she will only sleep in her parent's room" says Nujoud, "she's afraid to be by herself at all. The other day we were in the garden and I asked her to go to the bedroom to bring.... Related: Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

Kufr Qaddoum: Not peanuts in the colonists' jar
1/17/2012 - International Solidarity Movement - By Amal, 16 January 2012, International Solidarity Movement, West Bank - The cold and rain did not keep the residents of Kufr Qaddoum from protesting this past Friday. Even the hail storm did not stop them from demanding their equal rights. The resilience and courage of the residents cannot be summed up in words. However, this....

March on the No Go Zone
1/17/2012 - International Solidarity Movement - 17 January 2012, International Solidarity Movement, Gaza - On Tuesday, 17 January 2012, the International Solidarity Movement joined the Beit Hanoun Local Initiative for its weekly march into the deadly No Go Zone in the northern Gaza Strip....

Central African Republic (the): L’AFD soutient 18 nouveaux projets d’ONG françaises
Relief Web 16 Jan 2012 - Source: Government of France Country: Central African Republic (the) , Afghanistan , Benin , Burkina Faso , Haiti , Madagascar , Mali , Mauritania , occupied Palestinian territory , Senegal , Togo Le Comité ONG, délégation du Conseil d’Administration de l’AFD pour l’appui aux initiatives des ONG, s’est réuni le...

Lebanon: Palestine Red Crescent Society inaugurates Dr. Fathi Arafat Health and Community Center at Nahr el Bared Refugee Camp
Relief Web 16 Jan 2012 - Source: Palestine Red Crescent Society Country: Lebanon , occupied Palestinian territory (Nahr el Bared- 12/1/2012): In cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), PRCS/Lebanon inaugurated an Emergency and Health Center at Nahr el Bared Refugee Camp, with a...

Lebanon: Film follows Lebanese youth visiting refugee camp
Relief Web 16 Jan 2012 - Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: Lebanon , occupied Palestinian territory Lebanon January 2012 Watch the video Through the eyes of a young Lebanese man, a new UNRWA documentary offers a rare glimpse...

The Other Israeli Psychological War on Gaza
17 Jan 2012 - Gaza, (Pal Telegraph) - Israeli punishment continues. It is, ultimately, a never-ending policy. The punishment referred to is not the siege that has been imposed for more than 5 years. It is not the War of 2008-2009, which Israel killed more than 1400 civilians. Not even the humiliation measured at the Iritz crossing between Gaza and Israel, where Israeli intelligence...

Currency crisis in Iran as sanctions start to bite
The National 17 Jan 2012 - Police hit the streets to curb black-market money trading as ordinary Iranians say they are paying the price for western sanctions

Dubai suspends 748 licences for drink-driving in 2011
The National 17 Jan 2012 - Police aim to cut the numbers with 'close eye on offenders'.

'Time running out' on climate change
The National 17 Jan 2012 - World Future Energy Summit: Experts have warned that climate change will have disastrous effects on humanity and the environment unless governments agree to make fundamental and rapid changes.

Ministry under fire for shipwreck response
The National 17 Jan 2012 -

Signed football. Do I hear Dh310,000?
The National 17 Jan 2012 - An auction that drew international stars - and people dressed like stars - raised money for the expansion of a centre for children with special needs.

Anwar Malek: I saw sniper kill child
The National 17 Jan 2012 - The Arab League observer who quit mission to monitor events in Syria accused the regime of Bashar Al Assad of committing crimes against humanity.

Anniversary dilemma for Egypt's tarnished military
The National 17 Jan 2012 - Criticised for being as oppressive as the regime it helped to topple, the junta hopes to restore its reputation with anniversary celebrations - but may further damage it instead.

Hrant Dink's family alleges cover-up as Turkish militant nationalist given life sentence
The National 17 Jan 2012 - Supporters of the murdered journalist demand that state officials should be investigated over his 2007 killing.

Audio of Costa Concordia captain making 'excuses' during evacuation
The National 17 Jan 2012 - Divers located five more bodies, all of them adults wearing life jackets, in the rear of the ship near an emergency evacuation point.

Hamas leader stepping down is 'pure speculation'
The National 17 Jan 2012 - Khaled Meshaal has no plans to relinquish his role as head of Hamas, a spokesman for the Islamist group said.

Syria rejects any plans for an Arab League military presence
The National 17 Jan 2012 - The foreign ministry said it would confront any attempt to infringe upon Syria's sovereignty and the integrity of its territories.

Obama and Jordan's king in talks to focus on stalled peace moves
The National 17 Jan 2012 - With Amman seeking to fill a regional mediation role vacated by Cairo, talks expected to focus on stalled international efforts to push forward a Palestinian-Israeli peace process.

Tel Aviv nature school still allowed to weed out students
Ha'aretz - 17 Jan 2012

Israel cracking down on admissions screening at ultra-Orthodox girls schools
Ha'aretz - 17 Jan 2012

Israeli analysts: Iran still mulling whether to build bomb
Ha'aretz - 17 Jan 2012

Senior IDF officer: Migron outpost demolition would harm stability
Ha'aretz - 17 Jan 2012

Lieberman's lawyers positive after first day of indictment hearings
Ha'aretz - 17 Jan 2012

Study find most Tel Aviv area wells too polluted to draw drinking water
Ha'aretz - 17 Jan 2012

State refuses citizenship to Israeli man's husband
Ha'aretz - 17 Jan 2012

Obama promises to consult Jordan on Israeli-Palestinian peace talk issues
Ha'aretz - 17 Jan 2012

EU delegates: Palestinian Liberation Organization should return to Jerusalem
Ha'aretz - 17 Jan 2012

Report: Iran planning attacks on U.S. targets in Turkey
Ha'aretz - 17 Jan 2012

Hamas leadership evactuates families from Syria as violence escalates
Ha'aretz - 17 Jan 2012

Israel's municipalities end general strike, sign deal with Netanyahu's office
Ha'aretz - 17 Jan 2012

Israeli hackers bring down Saudi, UAE stock exchange websites
Ha'aretz - 17 Jan 2012

Barak: Yeshiva students may continue to defer IDF service
Ha'aretz - 17 Jan 2012

IDF official: Nuclear Iran will limit Israel's ability to protect its borders
Ha'aretz - 17 Jan 2012

Cyber attack against Israeli websites used local computers, security expert says
Ha'aretz - 17 Jan 2012

U.S. funnyman Colbert mocks Republican field ahead of South Carolina vote
Ha'aretz - 17 Jan 2012

Source: Khaled Meshal to resign as Hamas chief after upcoming vote
Ha'aretz - 17 Jan 2012

Knesset panel bans Israeli Arab MK for reciting controversial poem
Ha'aretz - 17 Jan 2012

Shabbat overnight stew, in the spirit of the Iraqi tradition
Ha'aretz - 17 Jan 2012

Jordan's Abdullah: Israel realizes need to revive Mideast peace talks immediately
Ha'aretz - 17 Jan 2012

Rick Perry: Turkey is being ruled by what many perceive to be Islamic terrorists
Ha'aretz - 17 Jan 2012

Israeli social activists resume tent protest in Tel Aviv boulevard
Ha'aretz - 16 Jan 2012

New evidence backs claims KGB stopped probe into Holocaust hero
Ha'aretz - 16 Jan 2012

Israeli Opera hopes Wild West will take 'Carmen' to Masada heights
Ha'aretz - 16 Jan 2012

Women sang – and no one walked out
Jerusalem Post 18 Jan 2012 - WIZO holds gala opening of conference in Tel Aviv, with some 800 from around the globe in attendance.

Drivers laud roadside speed cameras
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - 44 of 300 units to be activated by month’s end, will also monitor violations at traffic signals.

Boycott Law constitutional despite 'difficulties'
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Legislation won’t prevent public opposition to policies in the West Bank, state tells High Court.

Hamas chief won’t seek reelection
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Movement's political bureau leader will not challenge two-term limit; Hamas official calls move “bold and sincere.”

Immigrant kills wife, hangs himself in Rishon Lezion
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Couple’s son finds bodies; MK Molla blames government for failing to understand newcomers’ needs.

Deal reached to end local authorities strike
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Agreements signed in meeting between union and PMO director-general, Harel Loker.

‘PKK using Israeli drones to attack Turkish troops'
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Kurdish militants have access to intel gained from UAVs to set up bases in northern Syria, Turkish daily reports.

Israel blasts UK's Clegg over settlement comment
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Deputy FM Ayalon calls UK vice PM irresponsible, ill-informed for condemning settlements as "deliberate vandalism."

'French police suspect rabbi raped underage girls'
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - 70-year-old rabbi- founder of French Liberal Jewish Movement- probed by police investigators, French media reports.

Obama decries Syria violence as 37 reportedly killed
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Homs bombarded, government forces fire rockets on houses, opposition activists tell Al Jazeera; rights group says car bomb goes off near minibus, killing 8; Obama again calls on Assad to step down.

Obama decries Syria violence; 37 reportedly killed
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Homs bombarded, government forces fire rockets on houses, opposition activists tell Al Jazeera.

After Tal
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - It is conceivable that a larger number of haredim will eventually share in the collective burdens of Israel.

Israel experience programs are a game changer
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - The Jewish people won’t solve all our major challenges in one stroke – we never have.

Yalla Peace: Falafel, fences and Syria
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Is the Assad regime really the ‘champion’ of the Palestinian cause when it oppresses its own people?

All Israelis must share burden of national service
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Gafni’s call to avoid military service has no basis in Jewish law or tradition, or in basic human ethics.

National-religious youth vow not to enlist in IDF
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Dozens of pre-army youth from several yeshivot sign a petition not to enlist unless exempted from ceremonies in which women sing.

Breast-feeding should be encouraged
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - By promoting formula instead of natural mother’s milk, hospitals are making money at expense of newborns’ health.

Building tolerance – even for haredim
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Extreme secularism alienates the ultra-Orthodox, preventing them from integrating into Israeli society.

Little echoes, big sound
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - A longtime favorite with Israeli audiences, Belgian rockers K’s Choice return to Tel Aviv with acoustic show.

Government slams French water 'apartheid' report
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - French MK blames Israel for turning water into a "weapon"; Foreign Ministry calls report inaccurate propaganda.

'Israeli drones aiding PKK activities in Turkey'
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Heron UAVs helped PKK set up bases in Hatay province, Turkish intelligence report says according to 'Today's Zaman'

Water-cooler anti-Semitism and Nazi drinking games
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Britons love to love an underdog, and the Jews are the Goliath to the Palestinian David.

Lieberman’s pre-indictment hearing begins
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Foreign minister faces allegations of fraud, breach of trust, money-laundering and obstruction of justice from 2001-2008.

Jerusalem gets dancing for equality
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - 200 women dance in downtown Jerusalem to protest discrimination against women.

Mofaz bans PM staff from meetings after misquote
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee chairman also accuses Livni of leading 'only when in the mood.'

EU discussing plan to start Iran oil ban on July 1
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Program would allow six-months grace period for existing contracts, EU diplomats say.

Local Authorities announce end of strike
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Agreements signed in meeting between union and PMO director-general, Harel Loker.

'Syria would let monitors stay, not widen mandate'
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Arab League team expected to report failure to implement peace plan; mission mandate to expire this week.

Israeli hackers bring down Arab monetary sites
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - 'Israel Defenders' hackers post in forum that attacks are response to "lame" Saudi attack on Israelis.

Local Authorities meet with Yishai to end strike
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Union representative says Local Authorities are waiting for a meeting with PMO director-general.

'Hacks carried out through local computers'
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Security company chairman says hacker infiltrated Israeli computers for attacks, announces new defenses.

The struggle for our Jewish daughters
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - We must be willing to stand up and take our society back from the ultra-Orthodox.

Top 5 spots with a view
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - There are countless beautiful vistas of Jerusalem, but it’s worth heading to these spots for a truly memorable experience.

Holyland case to be heard by single judge, not panel
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - The state had requested a panel of three judges hear the case; Tel Aviv District Court President says case "no different" than others.

Israeli ‘to-do’ app voted best app of 2011
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Downloaded over 500,000 times in the first month the new Any.DO app is getting a lot of attention in the tech world.

Bollywood in Bat Yam?
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Indian reality stars shoot show for MTV originally created by Israelis.

Tibi suspended from Knesset over ‘inappropriate’ remarks
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - MK Ahmad Tibi suspended for a week for reading limerick with ‘sexual connotations, chauvinist language’ about MK Anastasia Michaeli.

A year after quake, new Chabad House opens in New Zealand
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - New Queenstown facility to replace center destroyed in earthquake that killed 180, including three Israelis.

Tanks fire in Homs, rebels call for intervention
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Free Syrian Army leader calls for UNSC to approve intervention after "failed" Arab League observer mission.

Iran condemns interference in Syria, hails reform
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - "We are fundamentally against interfering in affairs of other countries," Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman says.

State Attorney closes case against Hapoalim chair
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - "Insufficient evidence" to indict Bank Hapoalim chairman Zion Kenan for fraud.

'Mashaal will not seek reelection as Hamas chief'
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Movement's political bureau leader will not challenge two-term limit; Hamas official says confidence lacking in unity talks.

Yishai: Local authorities strike can be ended
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - Ending strike would allow talks with PMO toward presenting recommendations for solving Local Authorities' problems.

Analysis: Unknown awaits Arab League in Syria
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - If the League cannot agree action on its own, Arab states will be under increasing pressure to give their blessing to wider international measures.

‘Threats to open space ever-increasing’
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - SPNI decries planning and building hazards to country’s land that endanger local wildlife.

Rehovot doctors save infant’s vision from virus
Jerusalem Post 17 Jan 2012 - "The angels in white saved my baby," grateful mother says of Kaplan Medical Center doctors.

EU report calls for action over Israeli settlement growth
The Guardian 17 Jan 2012 - Diplomats in Jerusalem say states should consider law to discourage 'financial transactions in support of settlement activity' The European Union should consider legislation to prevent or discourage companies and organisations in member states doing business which...

Letters: Israel, Palestine and the meaning of antisemitism
The Guardian 17 Jan 2012 - Once again a Jewish writer ( Tanya Gold , 17 January) complaining about antisemitism deliberately ignores the distinction between false accusations against Jews over the centuries and justified criticism of the Jewish takeover of Palestine, a land that...

Globe theatre defends hosting controversial Israeli company
The Guardian 17 Jan 2012 - Campaigners criticise programming of Habima's Merchant of Venice over company's record of playing Israeli settlements Shakespeare's Globe has defended programming an Israeli theatre company that has faced criticism for performing to "exclusively Israeli audiences" in West...

KAZAKHSTAN: Dissent Stifled Amid Indifference
IPS President Nursultan Nazarbayev, re-elected last April with an improbable yet typical 93 percent, presided last weekend over parliamentary elections that maintained his iron grip on his oil-rich country's parliament, and further stifled dissent.

MIDEAST: All Unclear on Nuclear
IPS Blame for the shadowy war of attrition against Iran's ballistic missile and nuclear programmes usually prompts vigorous U.S. and Israeli denials of involvement, or self-imposed silence. Yet, the two allies risk being hoisted on their own ambiguity petard.

In Signal to Israel and Iran, Obama Delays War Exercise
IPS The postponement of a massive joint U.S.-Israeli military exercise appears to be the culmination of a series of events that has impelled the Barack Obama administration to put more distance between the United States and aggressive Israeli policies toward Iran.

[] Saudi hacker plays cat-n-mouse with oh-so serious foreign minister
Uruknet January 17, 2012 -Al Akhbar English today interviewed the elusive Saudi hacker first known for releasing Israeli credit card information, now notorious for causing a frenzy with Israel's deputy foreign minister. Politics seem like a footnote, as each step of the way, 0xOmar goads Danny Ayalon, the official, in a game of cat and mouse. Ayalon...

[] Unlawful, Unresolved: Israeli Settlers in Foreign Land
Uruknet January 17, 2012 - Violence, abuse, non-accountability, hate, such is communal living today within the occupied West Bank, where some 518,974 colonisers sit within 200 illegal settlements.... Around half a million settlers' - more accurately, colonisers - now squat upon Palestinian soil, huddled within walled encampments upon stolen land, branded blue and white. Noisily perching upon...

[] Libya: TNC releases anti-democratic draft electoral laws
Uruknet January 17, 2012 - Libya's self-appointed Transitional National Council (TNC) last week released draft laws governing elections scheduled later this year for a "General National Congress." The Congress is supposed to elect a new government to replace the TNC, and draft a new constitution to be put to a referendum. The deeply anti-democratic draft electoral laws...

[] Palestinian artists strike Jerusalem's streets again with message for "occupiers and our people"
Uruknet January 17, 2012 - Tonight, Palestinian street artists struck again - as they had promised to do - this time in southern Jerusalem, or more specifically "in Talpiot, an Israeli commercial area, built on Palestinian land of Baqaa and Beit Safafa." Last week, this anonymous group of Palestinian artists left their mark in the center of...

[] Palestinian goes on hunger strike to protest settler violence
Uruknet January 17, 2012 - According to the Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT), Hana Abu Haikel has gone on hunger strike on behalf of her family to protest both settler violence and the Israeli army's failure to stop settler attacks on Palestinians and their property. CPT reports that the Abu Haikel family has filed 500 complaints against settlers...

[] Hamas official: Reconciliation talks beset by mistrust
Uruknet January 17, 2012 -- A senior Hamas official has told Ma'an that ongoing talks to implement the party's reconciliation agreement with Fatah are undermined by low confidence between the factions. Both parties want to achieve national unity but the reconciliation deal, signed in Cairo last May, is plagued by a lack of trust, the Hamas official...

[] Revealed: The FBI's Secretive Practice of "Blackballing" Files
Uruknet January 17, 2012 - Have you ever filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the FBI and received a written response from the agency stating that it could not locate records responsive to your request? If so, there's a chance the FBI may have found some documents, but for unknown reasons, the agency's FOIA...

[] Pissing Contests...
Uruknet January 17, 2012- ... In July 2008 - I wrote about Ahmad and this is what I had to say : "Once arrived, they placed them in a corner of a dirty cell and started pissing on their wounded bodies while hysterically laughing. Not contenting themselves with that alone, they (the Americans) brought in a basin used to...

[] In Signal to Israel and Iran, Obama Delays War Exercise
Uruknet January 16, 2012 - The postponement of a massive joint U.S.-Israeli military exercise appears to be the culmination of a series of events that has impelled the Barack Obama administration to put more distance between the United States and aggressive Israeli policies toward Iran. The exercise, called "Austere Challenge '12" and originally scheduled for April, was...

[] Blockade dictates types of flowers grown in Gaza
Uruknet January 16, 2012 - Ayman Siam, 41, is not growing carnations as usual this year. It's limonium and statice flowers instead because they are hardier. Given the risks of an Israeli blockade, it's a political decision. Earlier this week Israel allowed four trucks of strawberries and flowers out of Gaza, in a slight easing of a...

[] Gaza: PCHR Condemns Use of Force by Security Officers against a Number of Palestinians While Performing Shiite Rituals
Uruknet January 16, 2012 - The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) strongly condemns the use of excessive force by security officers against a number of Palestinians while performing Shiite rituals on Saturday, 14 January 2012, in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Lahiya. PCHR calls for opening serious investigation into this incident and bringing the...

[] Syria News - January 16, 2012 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Uruknet January 16, 2012 - ...Homs: Martyrdom of two children and a man, who weren't identified, at Al-Lewaa Al-Khateeb bakery in Asheera neighborhood...Homs: Martyrdom of Haytham Hana Ibrahim and Attiyah Hana Ibrahim while they are at the bakery by security members' gunfire they are Christians from Ashera neighborhood...Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: More than 200 families fled from the...

[] Iraq: No one bombs bigger than the media
Uruknet January 16, 2012 - Tom A. Peter (Christian Science Monitor) notes 8 dead in a bombing targeting housing for displaced Iraqis outside of Mosul. This is the region of northern Iraq that various religious minorities have relocated to due to safety concerns. Peter reports the targets were the Shabaks. He then notes they share traits with...

[] Corruption in Iraq: 'Your son is being tortured. He will die if you don't pay'
Uruknet January 16, 2012 - The walls of Um Hussein's living room in Baghdad are hung with the portraits of her missing sons. There are four of them, and each picture frame is decorated with plastic roses and green ribbons as an improvised wreath for the dead. Um Hussein had six children. Her eldest son was killed...

[] Britain brands Israel settlements 'deliberate vandalism'
Uruknet January 16, 2012 - British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg condemned Israeli settlements as "deliberate vandalism" as Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas began a European tour to boost his position. Abbas welcomed the comments by the British official, which came as Israeli and Palestinian negotiators squabbled over the conditions to restart full talks which have been on...

[] Israeli Military Prepares for Massive Gaza Invasion Within Months'
Uruknet January 16, 2012 - The Jerusalem Post reports today that Israel's military has ordered its Southern Command to prepare for a "large scale" invasion of the Gaza Strip, likely to begin within the next few months. The revelation is hardly a surprise, as Israeli Military Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz has repeatedly pressed for...

[] 10 Years in Prison, 10 Years of Struggle: On the Anniversary of the Abduction of Ahmad Sa'adat
Uruknet January 16, 2012 - January 15, 2012 is the 10th anniversary of the abduction of Palestinian political leader Ahmad Sa'adat by the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah at the hands of the PA intelligence services headed by Tawfiq Tirawi. Sa'adat, the General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, has been imprisoned for ten...

[] Cruel and Unusual Punishment
Uruknet January 16, 2012 - The Constitution's Eighth Amendment prohibits "cruel and unusual punishment." The legal dictionary defines it as: "any cruel and degrading punishment not known to the Common Law, or any fine, penalty, confinement, or treatment that is so disproportionate to the offense as to shock the moral sense of the community." Sentencing minors to...

[] UK Labour Party student officials face backlash over free tour of Israel, settlements
Uruknet January 16, 2012 - A member of the UK's National Union of Students Executive Council has denounced several youth and student officers from the opposition Labour Party for taking part in an all-expenses-paid tour of Israel and its illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank. The Labour students delegation met with Captain Barak Raz, an Israeli...

Ditch the assumption that developed economies safe
Daily Star 17 Jan 2012 The downgrade of much of Europe's credit ratings demonstrates in perhaps the bluntest terms so far the collapse of any lingering -- if lazy -- assumptions that developed states are somehow "safer" than emerging counterparts.

Greek debt talks to resume Wednesday in Athens
Daily Star 17 Jan 2012 International creditors said they are coming back to the table with Greece to resume talks that broke down last week on a debt swap plan crucial to Athens' chances of avoiding a messy bankruptcy.

Billionaire Kremlin hopeful says Putin must change
Daily Star 17 Jan 2012 Mikhail Prokhorov, said his country faced the danger of violent revolution if it did not break conservative resistance and move quickly to democracy.

Wikipedia to be blacked out over anti-piracy bill
Daily Star 17 Jan 2012 Wikipedia will black out the English language version of its website Wednesday to protest anti-piracy legislation under consideration in Congress

In US presidential race, it's the attack of the PACs
Daily Star 17 Jan 2012 The U.S. presidential election is nearly 10 months away, but the theme of the 2012 campaign already seems set: It's the Year of the PAC Attacks.

Obama decries Syria violence
Daily Star 17 Jan 2012 US President Barack Obama decried continued and "unacceptable" levels of violence in Syria and pledged to redouble international efforts to force President Bashar al-Assad to step down.

UK museum attacked over links to Israeli Dead Sea firm
Daily Star 17 Jan 2012 Experts at a leading British museum should pull out of a European-funded study into tiny particles because one of their partners is an Israeli company that operates in the occupied West Bank.

In Arab Spring, economic gain may trump pain
Daily Star 17 Jan 2012 Mazen Dajani, says the Arab Spring accomplished what the global financial crisis of 2008-9 did not: it pushed his company, one of the world's largest shippers of cement, into the red.

Protests paralysing parts of Tunisia a year after revolution
Daily Star 17 Jan 2012 A spate of protest actions are paralysing parts of Tunisia a year after the north African country's popular revolt sparked the Arab Spring uprisings.

Israel: Nuclear Iran could deter military action
Daily Star 17 Jan 2012 A nuclear Iran could make it tougher for Israel to act against enemies closer to home, a senior Israeli military official said Tuesday.

Russia UN resolution on Syria needs work: US
Daily Star 17 Jan 2012 The US said Tuesday that a new Russian draft resolution at the United Nations on violence on Syria was insufficient and needed to hold President Bashar al-Assad accountable.

Hamas leaders evacuating families from Syria
Daily Star 17 Jan 2012 Hamas officials say senior members of their exiled leadership will evacuate their families from the group's headquarters in Syria.

Iraq militia says to keep weapons, citing instability
Daily Star 17 Jan 2012 A Shi'ite militia that fought U.S. troops in Iraq said on Tuesday it will not lay down its arms immediately despite the departure of American forces.

UN council to hear briefing on Palestinian territories
Daily Star 17 Jan 2012 The UN Security Council will on Wednesday hear a briefing on the humanitarian situation in the occupied Palestinian territories which the United States had opposed.

US defends Turkey after Perry 'terrorist' label
Daily Star 17 Jan 2012 US President Barack Obama's administration rejected Rick Perry's description of Turkey as run by "terrorists" and hailed the NATO member as a close ally.

Time for a new FIFA says Champagne
Daily Star 17 Jan 2012 FIFA's Jerome Champagne has suggested changes in the world governing body to help end a perception it is run by self-interested men who do not care enough about the game.

Gulf states show rising confidence to rattle Iran
Daily Star 17 Jan 2012 For leaders on the Iranian side of the Gulf, the past days have offered some hard lessons in the politics of oil.

Tribal chief: UN must act or Syria fighters will
Daily Star 17 Jan 2012 Syrian dissident and tribal chief Nawaf al-Bashir warned Tuesday that the struggle against President Bashar al-Assad's regime will be radicalised if the UN Security Council fails to act.

US, Sudan spar over humanitarian crisis
YNet News, 17 Jan 2012 - ....

The mission: Protecting Israel
YNet News, 17 Jan 2012 - Op-ed: Israeli hacker who leads group that hit Arab sites explains team's actions ....

Ethiopia: 5 tourists killed by armed group
YNet News, 17 Jan 2012 - ....

Opposition: Army, rebels agree ceasefire in Syrian town
YNet News, 17 Jan 2012 - ....

European envoys: Blacklist Israeli settlers
YNet News, 17 Jan 2012 - EU envoys draft harsh report aimed at pressing Israel to change West Bank policy, call for blacklisting violent settlers, dividing Jerusalem ....

Israel blasts UK deputy PM over settlement comment
YNet News, 17 Jan 2012 - ....

Did Israel postpone joint drill with US?
YNet News, 17 Jan 2012 - As opposed to earlier reports whereby major US-Israel exercise delayed as not to escalate regional tensions, American media say Jerusalem asked to annul drill due to budgetary constraints ....

EU document: Prepare 'black list' of violent settlers
YNet News, 17 Jan 2012 - ....

Turkish report: Israel aiding Kurdish rebels
YNet News, 17 Jan 2012 - Intelligence officials claim Israeli drones collected data that helped Kurdish rebels set up training bases in Syria-Turkey border, Today's Zaman reports ....

Watch Netanyahu speak Chinese
YNet News, 17 Jan 2012 - Prime minister offers well-wishes on occasion of Chinese New Year, in Mandarin ....

Israeli hackers hit Saudi stock exchange
YNet News, 17 Jan 2012 - Group calling itself 'IDF Team' says attack was retaliation for similar strikes on Israeli sites. 'Every war has its casualties,' another group of hackers warns ....

Cyber war: Talk is cheap
YNet News, 17 Jan 2012 - Op-ed: Instead of empty talk in face of cyber attacks, we need to deploy Jewish geeks ....

MK Ben-Ari vs. Arab soccer player
YNet News, 17 Jan 2012 - Knesset member urges FIFA to ban Weaam Amasha from national team as he 'doesn't recognize Israel' ....

Syrian 'chemical, biological' weapons concern Israel
YNet News, 17 Jan 2012 - IDF's planning division head says chemical, biological weapons still flowing into Syria, wonders 'what will be transferred to Hezbollah?' ....

Beware Iranian desperation
YNet News, 17 Jan 2012 - Op-ed: Economic collapse in Iran, rather than Israeli strike, may trigger regional war ....

Prisoner society: Palestinian detainees still denied proper medical treatment
PIC - The Palestinian prisoner society said the Israeli prison administrations persist in not providing Palestinian jailed patients with the appropriate medical treatment.

PRC plans a series of rallies on Gaza war anniversary
PIC - The Palestine Return Center (PRC) in Britain is organizing a weeklong event under the name of “Remember Palestine†on the third anniversary of the Israeli war on Gaza Strip 2008-2009.

IOF soldiers detain two youths for allegedly planning resistance attack
PIC - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) detained two Palestinian young men near the Salem army base to the north of Jenin on Monday claiming they were planning an attack on the base.

Palestinian prisoners in Askalan launch single day hunger strike
PIC - Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli Askalan jail have gone on a single day hunger strike on Tuesday to protest their bad incarceration conditions.

IOF soldiers launch large-scale arrest campaign
PIC - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) launched a large-scale arrest campaign in lines of Palestinian citizens at dawn Tuesday in various West Bank areas.

IOA confiscates 117 dunums of Jerusalemite land
PIC - The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has confiscated 117 dunums of Palestinian land in Shufaat and Beit Hanina in occupied Jerusalem, local sources said on Tuesday.

Palestinian source: Mishaal not to run for Hamas chairmanship
PIC - A Palestinian source, close to Hamas movement, said that Khaled Mishaal, the chairman of the political bureau of Hamas, has no intention of running for Hamas chairmanship in the next elections.

Rizqa: Egyptian intelligence officials to visit Gaza and W. Bank soon
PIC - Political advisor Yousuf Rizqa said a delegation of senior Egyptian intelligence officials would visit the Gaza Strip and the West Bank soon to push the inter-Palestinian reconciliation talks forward.

Sultan says Zionists burnt his house in Ohio state
PIC - Head of Jerusalem committee at the international union of Muslim scholars Salah Sultan accused the Zionists of burning his house in the US, noting that the police have failed to identify the culprits.

Abbas Awards Israeli Human Rights Attorney Medal of Excellence
WAFA - 22:55- BERLIN, January 17, 2012 (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas Tuesday awarded Israeli human rights attorney, Felicia Langer, the medal of Excellence in the German capital, Berlin. Langer was awarded in...

Head of Water Authority Welcomes French Report on Israel’s “Water Apartheid”
WAFA - 19:57-RAMALLAH, January 17, 2012 (WAFA) - Head of the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA), Shaddad Attili, welcomed the report produced by the French parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, describing I ...

Germany Grants PLO 42.5 Million Euros to Support Financial, Technical Projects
WAFA - 18:27-RAMALLAH, January 17, 2012 (WAFA) - Germany and Palestine Liberation Organization Tuesday signed 42.5 million euros cooperation agreements for the support of financial and technical projects, accordin...

Abbas Meets Portland Trust Chairman in London
WAFA - 15:52-LONDON, January 17, 2012 (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas Tuesday met with the Chairman of the Portland Trust, Ronald Cohen, in the British capital London. Abbas addressed the situation in th ...

Romania: Undersecretary of Health State Resumes Position
WAFA - 15:51-BUCHAREST, January 17, 2012 (WAFA) – The Romanian Undersecretary of State with the Ministry of Health (MS), Raed Arafat, will return to his position, said the Prime Minister of Romania, Emil Boc, Tues...

UNRWA Launches $300m Appeal for Gaza and West Bank
WAFA - 15:25-GAZA, January 17, 2012 (WAFA) - The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) has launched an emergency appeal for Gaza and the West Bank worth just over 300 million US dollars, according to an U...

Abbas Meets Archbishop of Canterbury
WAFA - 13:18-LONDON, January 17, 2012 (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas Tuesday met in London with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, and the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, ...

Study says Israel responsible for Decline in Palestinian economy
WAFA - 12:58-CAIRO, January 17, 2012 (WAFA) – An Arab League study published Tuesday held Israel responsible for decline in the Palestinian economy. The report monitored impact of Israeli measures on the Palestin...

Cabinet Condemns Continuous Israeli Aggression
WAFA - 12:24-RAMALLAH, January 17, 2012 (WAFA) - The Palestinian cabinet Tuesday condemned the ongoing Israeli aggression against Palestinians and their property that exceeded 30 attacks in the past few days, acco...

Arab Lawmaker Describes Rejecting Bill Proposal as Prejudiced
WAFA - 11:59-JERUSALEM, January 17, 2012 (WAFA) – Arab lawmaker Tuesday described as prejudiced a decision by the chairman of the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, to reject a bill he had submitted for discussion. ...

Rights Group Director Assaulted, Center Demands Investigation
WAFA - 11:07-GAZA, January 17, 2012 (WAFA) – The Gaza-based al-Mezan Center for Human Rights Tuesday demanded an investigation into the late Friday night assault on its international relations director, Mahmoud Ab...

Tensions rise between Iran, Arab states over possible oil embargo
LA Times 16 Jan 2012 - Iran warns Persian Gulf states against joining a possible Western-backed oil embargo, but they appear less afraid of Tehran's threats than in the past. The deepening economic and diplomatic pressure against Iran is sharpening tensions between Tehran and oil-producing Arab states that have long relied...

Hearing Begins on Indictment of Israeli Foreign Minister
New York Times 17 Jan 2012 - Prosecutors will decide whether to pursue charges against Avigdor Lieberman on charges of fraud, breach of trust and money laundering.

Wave of Violence Shakes Syria as Diplomacy Falters
New York Times 17 Jan 2012 - The United Nations Security Council renewed discussions about the Syrian conflict but appeared no closer to a diplomatic breakthrough.

Yemeni Official Suggests Delay in Presidential Vote
New York Times 17 Jan 2012 - Yemen’s foreign minister, Abu Bakr al-Qirbi, said that it would be “difficult” to hold the elections on Feb. 21 as planned, adding to fears of a worsening political crisis.

Iran Tightens Its Security for Scientists After Killing
New York Times 17 Jan 2012 - An assassination last week was the fifth since 2007 involving a scientist with connections to the country’s disputed nuclear program.

Yemeni Militants Seize Rida, a Town 100 Miles From Capital
New York Times 17 Jan 2012 - Islamist militants took control on Monday of a town 100 miles south of the Yemeni capital, Sana, overrunning army positions, storming the local prison and freeing at least 150 inmates.

Popular Culture Exposes Racism That Enables Israeli War Fever
Tikun Olam - When a nation goes to war, there are all sorts of motivations, policy deliberations, and cultural attitudes that contribute to such a decision.  Popular culture offers a window into a nation’s consciousness.  It shows how a country can be conditioned to anticipate, accept and even endorse...

Was the Palestine question on ‘Jeopardy’ last night for real??
Mondoweiss - Last night's Jeopardy. See the Judea column .  Somebody is going to have a fit and demand a retraction. Didn't something like this happen recently with the LA Times? Judea for $1000: Galilee, Samaria & Judea in the south were the 3 traditional divisions of this...

Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, Iran Nuclear Scientist Assassinated
Tikun Olam - Assassinated Iranian nuclear scientist, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan with his now fatherless son (Fars) In response to a particularly heartless link offered by a right-wing reader of this site showing the corpse of Iranian assassinated nuclear scientist, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, I wanted to feature this happier image...

Ateret Cohanim Yeshiva Students Sport Sweatshirts Calling for Destruction of Dome of Rock
Tikun Olam - Ateret Cohanim sweatshirt calling for destruction of Dome of Rock: 'Sometimes you have to take off the kippah.' Apparently, one of the hot fashion items this season in the far-right Israeli yeshiva culture is a sweatshirt sold by students at the Ateret Cohamin yeshiva which calls...

A message of anti-Islamic hatred on the streets of Jerusalem
Mondoweiss - A friend just sent this photo from Jerusalem. Apparently the message reads, in Hebrew: "Sometimes it is necessary to remove the dome/skullcap" and shows a crane removing the dome from the Dome of the Rock. Taken by a "concerned citizen of Israel," who tells us this...

Number of Israeli colonists now approaches 750,000!
Mondoweiss - link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link to link to

Chris Matthews pitches Israel lobby. Ted Koppel keeps bat on shoulder
Mondoweiss - Ted Koppel Last night on Hardball, Chris Matthews went to commercial after teasing his next segment-- Ted Koppel on Super PACs . I turned to my wife and said, "Matthews wants to talk about Sheldon Adelson's attachment to Israel, and why he gave $5 million to Newt...

Jesse Lieberfeld is a, a fake, b, about to be swallowed by a whale, c, the Jewish future
Mondoweiss - Jonah image from this site Yesterday we posted on Pittsburgh 11th-grader Jesse Lieberfeld's MLK Day essay likening Israel to the segregated south and his determination to oppose Israelism within the Jewish community. The piece was a winner in Carnegie Mellon's essay contest and was republished by...

Israelis Willing to Renounce Nuclear Weapons for Mideast Nuclear Free Zone
Tikun Olam - Shibley Telhami recently released the extraordinary results of a recent poll  (see full results ) of Israeli public opinion about its country’s nuclear program and Iran’s.  The answers to the poll’s questions showed rather amazing level of pragmatism regarding Israeli attitudes on the subject: 1. Israelis were...

Killings, explosions and Qatar's hysteria
Voltaire Network 17 Jan 2012 - Arab Affairs Editorial: Killings, explosions and Qatar's hysteria When Washington takes a step backward while remaining along the course of escalation, hostility and intervention under the headline of guaranteeing the implementation of the Arab initiative and when Turkey carries out a similar retreat under the headline...

Ethiopia: 'Pilot Error' Behind Jet Crash in Lebanon 17 Jan 2012 - RNW Africa (Hilversum)-Pilot error and inexperience were behind the 2010 crash of an Ethiopian airliner in Lebanon in which all 90 people on board died, according to a report issued Tuesday by Lebanese authorities.

Sudan: Nation Busts People Smugglers - Report 17 Jan 2012 - RNW Africa (Hilversum)-Sudanese intelligence officers have broken up a ring preparing to smuggle Eritreans to Israel, a report said on Monday, just days after UN officials voiced concern over the gangs.

South Africa: Iran - Country Must Take Lead in Defending Nuclear Non-Proliferation 17 Jan 2012 - DA (Cape Town)-A report released by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) cites "credible" evidence that Iran is engaged in activities aimed at developing nuclear weapons.

Nigeria: Israel Awaits Country's Response to BASA Draft 17 Jan 2012 - Daily Trust (Abuja)-The Ambassador of the State of Israel to Nigeria, Mr. Moshe Ram, disclosed that the Bilateral Air Service Agreement (BASA) between the two countries has been before Nigerian authorities for many years without any response.

“What Does It Mean to Be Pro Israel Today”
The Magnes Zionist 17 Jan 2012 - The current issue of Moment Magazine features a symposium on the subject, “What does it mean to be pro Israel today?” To its credit, the Jewish magazine asked for responses from a wide range of people, including critics of Israel, Jewish and non-Jewish, who are not...

Radical cleric cannot be deported
BBC 17 Jan 2012 - Radical cleric Abu Qatada wins his appeal against deportation from the UK to Jordan to face terror charges, at the European Court of Human Rights.

Syria rejects intervention call
BBC 17 Jan 2012 - Syria's government rejects a call from Qatar for Arab troops to be deployed in the country to end the deadly crackdown on protesters.

Mubarak lawyers open defence case
BBC 17 Jan 2012 - Lawyers for Egypt's ousted leader Hosni Mubarak begin arguing the case for the defence, as the trial reopens in Cairo.

Lebanon air crash report 'wrong'
BBC 17 Jan 2012 - Ethiopian Airlines officials bluntly reject an official Lebanese report into a crash in January 2010, which blames pilot error for the disaster.

A-infos 17 Jan 2012 - UPDATE - From the La Senza Sit-In Facebook page: ---- "Victory!!!!! Thank you to everyone for the support!!! We are going to donate all the money we were given to AWARE!" Congratulations from North London SolFed ---- Four women workers as the Dublin La Senza store...

(en) Palestine-Israel, The Spring is behind the corner - the persistent joint struggle slowly expand
A-infos 17 Jan 2012 - The winter cold did not freeze the joint struggle against the occupation, settler colonialist encroachment and occupation. The struggle in Beit Ummar, Bil'in, East Jerusalem, Kfar Al-Dik, Ma'asara, Nabi Saleh, Ni'ilin, Qadum, South Hebron hills, Walaje... The world Spring upraising did not perish coming the winter...

Hands Not Bombs: From the cave of your invented neighbors
US Campaign to End the Occupation 17 Jan 2012 - The following was written by former US Campaign intern Tamara Masri. It appeared yesterday (Martin Luther King, Jr., Day) on . “Dare to look for the handprints, dare to acknowledge the humanity of an invented people.” A Palestinian-American student, writer and activist takes a journey of...

Adalah-NY Discovers Important Details on Shipments of U.S. Tear Gas to Israel
US Campaign to End the Occupation 17 Jan 2012 - US Campaign member group Adalah-NY discovers important details on shipments of U.S. tear gas to Israel linked to the injury and killing of both Palestinians and U.S. citizens in this article . Adalah-NY unearthed this information in advance of an MLK Day protest against Combined Systems, Inc....

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