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Israeli forces continue their campaign of widespread arrests in the occupied Palestinian territories - International Press Center photo

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Friday, January 13, 2012
Settlers Cut More Than 100 Olive Trees Near Salfit
IMEMC - A number of fundamentalist Israeli settlers cut on Friday more than 100 Palestinian Olive trees, including some ancient Roman trees that belong to residents of Yasouf and Jam’een towns, near the central Went Bank district of Salfit. ...

After Being Attacked By Settlers, Soldiers Kidnap Two Palestinians
IMEMC - A number of fundamentalist Israeli settlers attacked, on Friday, two Palestinian youths in Ash-Shuhada Street, in the southern West Bank city of Hebron. Israeli soldiers arrived at the scene and kidnapped the two Palestinians; the settlers were not even questioned. ...

Israeli Artillery Shells Central Gaza, Two Injuries Reported
IMEMC - Israeli Artillery Shells Central Gaza Two Palestinians were injured on Friday midnight as Israeli artillery fired two missiles into the eastern area of Al-Breij Palestinian Refugee Camp, the central Gaza Strip. ...

Medics: Israeli fire injures 2 in Gaza
1/13/2012 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces fired on the central Gaza Strip early Friday injuring two people, medics said. Medical services spokesman in Gaza Adham Abu Salmiya told Ma'an that two people were moderately injured after forces shelled east of al-Bureij refugee camp shortly after midnight. The injured were transferred to Al-Aqsa....

Witnesses: Shells fired at northern Gaza
1/13/2012 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli military forces fired shells at northern Gaza on Friday. Witnesses told Ma'an that three loud explosions were heard in the al-Ghoul area of Beit Lahiya on Friday evening. No injuries were reported. An Israeli army spokesman said that there were no immediate reports of the incident. Overnight....

Israel, PLO to meet Saturday
1/13/2012 - JERUSALEM (Reuters) -- Israeli and PLO envoys will hold their third round of face-to-face meetings this year on Saturday in what diplomats hope might lead to the resumption of full peace talks, sources on each side said Friday. The exploratory discussions began on Jan. 3 and followed a long break in negotiations after President Mahmoud Abbas....

Israeli forces detain 3 in Nabi Saleh
1/13/2012 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces raided Nabi Saleh village in the central West Bank early Friday, detaining three Palestinians, officials and residents said. Dozens of soldiers closed the entrance to the village, declaring it a closed military zone, and raided several houses using police dogs, witnesses told Ma'an. The forces damaged a....

PA: Israel allows aggregate into Gaza after 7-year wait
1/13/2012 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israel has agreed to allow 22,000 tons of aggregate into the Gaza Strip after a 7-year delay, a Palestinian Authority official said Friday. Head of the PA borders committee Nathni Mhannah told Ma'an the decision followed talks between the committee, European officials and Palestinian unions. Mhannah said....

Report: Court charges 4 Israelis for Nablus forays
1/13/2012 - TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma'an) -- An Israeli court has charged four Jewish men with making unauthorized trips to a religious site in the West Bank city of Nablus, Israeli media reported on Friday. The group of Israelis were prosecuted after making several trips to the site, believed to be Joseph's tomb, during....

Abbas on diplomacy tour of Europe
1/13/2012 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- President Mahmoud Abbas will travel to Britain, Germany and Russia next week, presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rdainah said on Thursday. Abbas will meet with British Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev during the tour, Rdainah told official Palestinian Authority news agency Wafa. Rdainah emphasized....

PLO envoys to US say settler build increase 'alarming'
1/13/2012 - WASHINGTON (Ma'an) -- The PLO delegation to the US said on Thursday that Israel's increase in settlement construction during 2011 is "alarming", and urged the US administration to hold Israel to its international commitments. Last week, a report by Israeli group Peace Now showed construction of illegal settler homes grew 20 percent....

Haniyeh: Gaza 'will not break' under Israeli attack
1/13/2012 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh has warned that a new military operation on the coastal strip "will be no picnic" for Israel and vowed the territory could stand up to any aggression. Recently returned from his first tour of the region since 2007, Haniyeh told reporters on Thursday that the....

Egyptians consider Palestine visit to aid reconciliation
1/13/2012 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The Palestinian Authority ambassador to Cairo said Friday that Egyptian officials were considering a visit to the Palestinian territories in order to boost reconciliation talks. Yasser Othman told Ma'an that Egypt was pushing forward efforts to implement unity between Hamas and Fatah and closely following the work of....

Egypt grants citizenship to children of Palestinian fathers
1/13/2012 - CAIRO (Ma'an) -- The Egyptian Ministry of Interior has granted citizenship to 651 children with non-Egyptian fathers, local media reported. Minister of Interior Muhammad Ibrahim said the decision would affect 603 children with Palestinian fathers and Egyptian mothers, Al-Ahram newspaper reported. Prior to 2004, the children of Egyptian women married to foreigners were denied....

Netanyahu says Iran sanctions starting to work
1/13/2012 - JERUSALEM (Reuters) -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that harsh international economic sanctions against Iran, which Israel fears is developing a nuclear weapon to threaten it, have started to have an effect. In an interview in Saturday's "The Australian" newspaper, Netanyahu said: "For the first time I see Iran wobble. . . under the....

Thailand says Lebanese in custody after Israel tip-off
1/13/2012 - BANGKOK (Reuters) -- Thai authorities have arrested a Lebanese suspect after a tip-off from Israeli officials, the deputy prime minister said on Friday, adding that police had stepped up security and he was confident the situation would be contained." A Lebanese suspect from the Hezbollah group has been taken into custody by Thai officials and police....

Abbas tells diaspora groups reconciliation on track
1/13/2012 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- President Mahmoud Abbas said Friday that national reconciliation talks have made concrete achievements despite obstacles along the way. Abbas made the comments during a meeting with Palestinian delegations from refugee camps in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. The president added that Fatah and Hamas are determined to implement the deal signed on....

UN chief: Attacks on scientists 'not acceptable'
1/13/2012 - UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) -- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Friday any killing like that of an Iranian nuclear scientist in Tehran earlier this week was to be condemned, a UN spokesman said. Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, 32, was killed by a motorbike hit man who put a magnetic bomb on his car on a street near a....

Ex-pat Syrians camp on Turk border after convoy barred
1/13/2012 - KILIS, Turkey (Reuters) -- Dozens of Syrian expatriates from a convoy barred from taking aid into Syria camped overnight near Turkey's border with their homeland in a protest against President Bashar Assad's crackdown on protests. Drawn from California to the Arab Gulf, up to 150 people, mainly Syrian diaspora, had come to....

Brotherhood claim 46 percent of Egypt parliament
1/13/2012 - CAIRO (Reuters) -- The Muslim Brotherhood will control close to half the seats in the first Egyptian parliament elected since an uprising swept Hosni Mubarak from power last year, according to a projection posted by the group on Friday. Underlining the depth of change in Egypt since Mubarak was toppled, the Islamist group banned under the....

15 killed in Syria, tanks attack town
1/13/2012 - AMMAN (Reuters) -- Unrest in Syria cost at least 15 lives on Friday and troops backed by tanks attacked Zabadani, a town near the border with Lebanon, an opposition leader said, in the first big military assault since Arab League monitors arrived last month. The League chief said he feared a 10-month-old struggle to topple....

13 January 2009: Hibba al-Najjar
1/13/2012 - International Solidarity Movement - 13 January 2012, Palestinian Centre for Human Rights - "The first two years I could manage but this year I have been suffering a lot from the loss of my mother. When I see girls from my school with their mother or talking about their mother, I miss my mother even more. I need to have.... Related: Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

Palestine doesn't ask for aid, but for freedom and recognition
1/13/2012 - International Solidarity Movement - By Emma, 13 January 2012, International Solidarity Movement, West Bank - I always knew I would go to Palestine one day. It wasn't until I met my four friends from Gaza, Motasem, Mohammed, Hussein and Mo'min, during my time as an exchange student at a Turkish university, that I finally decided to go. Their....

Resistance continues, demonstration in the No Go Zone
1/13/2012 - International Solidarity Movement - By Nathan Stuckey, 11 January 2012, International Solidarity Movement, Gaza - Every Tuesday we gather in front of the Beit Hanoun Agricultural College, members of the Beit Hanoun Local Initiative, the International Solidarity Movement and other activists from all over Gaza.   We gather, and we march into the no go zone.   Sometimes we are shot at.... Related: The No Go Zone - images

We Remember: Tom Hurndall
1/13/2012 - International Solidarity Movement - 13 January 2012 | International Solidarity Movement - Tom was 21 years old when he was shot. A photography student, he had left the UK to volunteer as a "˜human shield' in Iraq. Here he heard about the ISM, one of whose volunteers, Rachel Corrie, had just been killed by a bulldozer whilst protesting house demolitions....

South Sudan (Republic of): Civilian protection remains atop Security Council agenda in 2011 amid violent suppression of mass protests, birth of new Member State
Relief Web 12 Jan 2012 - Source: UN Security Council Country: South Sudan (Republic of) , Afghanistan , Bosnia and Herzegovina , Burundi , Central African Republic (the) , Côte d'Ivoire , Democratic Republic of the Congo (the) , Guinea-Bissau , Haiti , Iraq , Lebanon , Liberia , Libya , Nepal , occupied Palestinian territory , Serbia , Sierra Leone , Somalia ,...

World: Report of the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (A/HRC/19/57)
Relief Web 12 Jan 2012 - Source: UN General Assembly , UN Human Rights Council Country: World , Afghanistan , Angola , Bahrain , Bangladesh , Colombia , Egypt , Kyrgyzstan , Lao People's Democratic Republic (the) , Lebanon , Libya , Mexico , Myanmar , occupied Palestinian territory , Sri Lanka , Sudan (the) , Syrian Arab Republic (the) , Tunisia , Venezuela (Bolivarian...

France's credit rating falls to AA+
The National 13 Jan 2012 - For Nicolas Sarkozy, the president of France, the downgrade is a particularly severe blow with elections looming.

India marks year without polio
The National 13 Jan 2012 - India once had the world's worst polio-infection rates because of its dense population, poor sanitation, high levels of migration and weak public health system.

One year on, Tunisia to celebrate uprising with Ben Ali in exile
The National 13 Jan 2012 - While crowds are expected to celebrate in Tunis today, the ousted dictator remains in Saudi Arabia but is wanted for trial at home.

Donations continue to pour in for Philippine flood victims
The National 13 Jan 2012 - Filipinos continue to rally to aid their compatriots almost a month after Tropical Storm Washi hit the Philippines.

New pearl museum opens in RAK
The National 13 Jan 2012 - One-of-a-kind museum harks to the glory age of the trade in the emirate and exhibits both cultured and natural examples of their beauty.

UK prisons adviser blames imams for spike in number of jailed Muslims
The National 13 Jan 2012 - The UK's Muslim adviser on prisons blames imams, family breakdowns, arranged marriages and drugs for the fact that there are almost 11,000 Muslim males in prison.

Palestinians ask countries to seize assets of former Fatah security chief
The National 13 Jan 2012 - The Palestinian Authority has asked foreign governments to seize the assets of Mohammed Dahlan, a former security chief in the Fatah movement.

Dubai Police say 60 complaints were true
The National 13 Jan 2012 - More than 60 public complaints about Dubai Police of about 500 received last year were found to be legitimate, police figures released yesterday revealed.

Yemen campaign urges "A Day without Qat"
The National 13 Jan 2012 - Much like the protests against the government, the campaign to end chewing of qat leaves was started on social networking websites.

Fans turn out for Azzam victory
The National 13 Jan 2012 - Fans and fun-seekers alike turned out in their droves yesterday to see the penultimate chapter of Abu Dhabi's stage of the Volvo Ocean Race.

Giant octopus flies over Dubai mall
The National 13 Jan 2012 - Fun is in the air at first international kite event in emirate.

Retailers ordered to supply three-pin adaptors by March
The National 13 Jan 2012 - Government takes steps to phase out unsafe two-pin plugs.

UN chief expresses concern over Hezbollah's military wing
Ha'aretz - 13 Jan 2012

'Israeli Mossad agents posed as CIA spies to recruit terrorists to fight against Iran'
Ha'aretz - 13 Jan 2012

Netanyahu: International sanctions on Iran are working
Ha'aretz - 13 Jan 2012

Israelis warned of imminent terror attack in Bangkok
Ha'aretz - 13 Jan 2012

Israeli, Palestinian delegates to meet for third round of direct talks
Ha'aretz - 13 Jan 2012

Thailand authorities arrest terror suspect following warning from Israeli embassy
Ha'aretz - 13 Jan 2012

Ahmadinejad: ‘International Zionism’ assassinated Iran nuclear scientist
Ha'aretz - 13 Jan 2012

Obama secretly warns Iran against closing Strait of Hormuz, report says
Ha'aretz - 13 Jan 2012

Let it snow: Golan Heights go white as stormy weather hits Israel
Ha'aretz - 13 Jan 2012

New Israeli cop shows seek to redefine policemen's image
Ha'aretz - 13 Jan 2012

IN PICTURES / Haiti: Miserable, but it photographs well
Ha'aretz - 12 Jan 2012

Yair Lapid version 2.0: Less clamor, more glamour
Ha'aretz - 12 Jan 2012

Daughter of U.S. immigrants wages legal battle against mikveh
Ha'aretz - 12 Jan 2012

Draft law will protect IDF soldiers who refuse to hear women sing
Ha'aretz - 12 Jan 2012

Four Israelis indicted for unauthorized visits to Joseph's Tomb in West Bank
Ha'aretz - 12 Jan 2012

Amira Hass / A glimpse into the life of an Israeli-Palestinian couple
Ha'aretz - 12 Jan 2012

Israel's Supreme Court President criticized for handling of appeals against Citizenship Law
Ha'aretz - 12 Jan 2012

Gideon Levy / Israel had a promising summer of protests, but then came the fall
Ha'aretz - 12 Jan 2012

Israel's tent protest left homeless to deal with their own problems
Ha'aretz - 12 Jan 2012

'Mossad agents have been posing as CIA'
Jerusalem Post 13 Jan 2012 - Foreign Policy exposé claims that Israeli intelligence officials have been impersonating US agents to recruit against Iran; US officials reportedly "infuriated", scale back joint operations.

S&P downgrades ratings of 9 euro zone countries
Jerusalem Post 13 Jan 2012 - France suffers 1-notch downgrade; Portugal, Italy, Spain, Cyprus drop 2 notches by Standard & Poor's rating agency.

Syrian tanks storm town amid civil war warning
Jerusalem Post 13 Jan 2012 - Tanks, troops attack town near Lebanese border; Arab League head warns of possible civil war; Anti-Assad demonstrations flare after prayers.

Disarm Hezbollah, UN chief tells Lebanon
Jerusalem Post 13 Jan 2012 - Ban to focus on UN peacekeepers, Hariri tribunal; condemns "Israeli violations of Lebanon's sovereignty," 'Daily Star' reports.

US concerned over ship Moscow sent to Syria
Jerusalem Post 13 Jan 2012 - Source at vessel's St. Petersburg-based firm says ship carrying dangerous cargo.

Jack sat and just got fat
Jerusalem Post 13 Jan 2012 - Couch potatoes of the world, arise. You have nothing to lose but your weight.

Israel issues warning against travel to Bangkok
Jerusalem Post 13 Jan 2012 - Counter-Terrorism Bureau: Israelis shouldn't travel to Thailand; Bangkok: Lebanese suspect arrested over security threat.

Syria protests erupt, Arab League fears civil war
Jerusalem Post 13 Jan 2012 - Anti-Assad demonstrations flare up after Friday prayers; Arab League head warns of possible civil war; Defecting general predicts long struggle to topple Assad.

'Russian-operated arms ship reaches Syria'
Jerusalem Post 13 Jan 2012 - Source at vessel's St. Petersburg-based firm says ship carrying dangerous cargo.

Saudi security forces kill protester in oil province
Jerusalem Post 13 Jan 2012 - One protester killed and three wounded in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province, which houses a large Shi'ite minority.

'US warns Iran on Hormuz through secret channel'
Jerusalem Post 13 Jan 2012 - 'NY Times': America tells Iranian supreme leader through secret channel that blocking Strait is a "red line."

'Israel wasn't involved in Iran scientist killing'
Jerusalem Post 13 Jan 2012 - Peres tells CNN that "to the best of my knowledge," Israel not involved in bomb that killed nuclear scientist in Tehran.

Arrivals: A redneck Jew
Jerusalem Post 13 Jan 2012 - Although he had a rough start in life, Benjamin Gibson has focused on the future he wants for himself.

Soldiers in uniform now allowed on Temple Mount
Jerusalem Post 13 Jan 2012 - Due to the sensitive nature of the area soldiers had been prohibited from entering the area in uniform for last decade.

Business group: Legalize at-home water recycling
Jerusalem Post 13 Jan 2012 - By recycling gray water Israel’s private sector could save 150 million cubic meters of water annually.

Rishon Tours owner indicted
Jerusalem Post 13 Jan 2012 - Owner allegedly ordered staff to produce fake travel invoices for Olmert.

Arab League chief fears Syria civil war
Jerusalem Post 13 Jan 2012 - "Any problems in Syria will have consequences for the neighboring states," Elaraby warns in Al-Hayat interview.

‘Women’s right to give eulogies can’t be enforced’
Jerusalem Post 13 Jan 2012 - "We are living in a state of law and not of halacha," Minister Livnat says of discriminatory practices against women.

Modern Orthodox organ-donor campaign slammed
Jerusalem Post 12 Jan 2012 - Bilvavi organ-donor card called unnecessary, wasteful and harmful to transplantation.

J'em soup kitchen charity rejects claims it misled donors
Jerusalem Post 12 Jan 2012 - In effort to clear his name, director and founder of Hazon Yeshaya Rabbi Abraham Israel publishes conclusions of internal audit.

‘Naksa Day’ rioter gets six months
Jerusalem Post 12 Jan 2012 - Assad Abu Salah, who was convicted under a plea bargain, admitted that he took part in rioting and that he threw rocks at security forces.

Despite rain, water crisis persists
Jerusalem Post 12 Jan 2012 - Lake Kinneret's water level is 55 centimeters under the 213 meter red line, and a full 4.75 meters away from full capacity.

‘Arab League monitors are failing in Syria’
Jerusalem Post 12 Jan 2012 - Observers have not ventured out on tours of restive areas since 11 of them were injured by pro-Assad demonstrators in Latakia.

Gaza hackers attack Israeli firefighters' website
Jerusalem Post 12 Jan 2012 - Hackers write "death to Israel," insult Deputy FM Ayalon in latest cyber attack against Israeli interest.

Cold winds blowing from the North
Jerusalem Post 12 Jan 2012 - Security and Defense: As Assad's fate hangs in the balance, the IDF prepares for conflict.

Comprehending the incomprehensible – Part I
Jerusalem Post 12 Jan 2012 - Into The Fray: The first of a two-part analysis of why Israel is losing the international battle for hearts and minds.

A view from Israel: Diamond in the rough
Jerusalem Post 12 Jan 2012 - Like many before him, Dennis Ross places the blame for the stagnant peace process squarely on Israel.

Another Tack: Losing proportions
Jerusalem Post 12 Jan 2012 - Offensive placards always proliferated in Natorei Karta neighborhoods.

Eisenbud's Odyssey: Imagine
Jerusalem Post 12 Jan 2012 - The battlefield has changed, but the game remains the same: Destroy or discredit Israel.

Consider this: Bleak house
Jerusalem Post 12 Jan 2012 - "I have finally received some measure of belated justice, and I would like to believe that more will come."

The Human Sprit: Learning from each other
Jerusalem Post 12 Jan 2012 - There is no way to undercut the devotion it takes to bring up 10 children, as is common for haredim.

Interesting Times: Why size matters
Jerusalem Post 12 Jan 2012 - If haredim were a small, marginal minority we could let them retreat to their own neighborhoods.

Blue and white on the silver screen
Jerusalem Post 12 Jan 2012 - At home and abroad, Israeli films will be making a fine showing this year

Je t'aime, Jane
Jerusalem Post 12 Jan 2012 - Wearing her musical hat, multi-talented Jane Birkin pays homage to French songwriter Serge Gainsbourg

Out and About: Top ten things to do
Jerusalem Post 12 Jan 2012 - The Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak Dance Company brings you 'Rushes Plus.'

Peres: There is no room for Hitlerism or racism in Israel
Jerusalem Post 12 Jan 2012 - President voices shame over discrimination against Ethiopian immigrants.

Good migrations
Jerusalem Post 12 Jan 2012 - The Agamon Park has more to offer the visitor than just birdwatching.

Violinist suspended for Israel Proms protest takes claim to tribunal
The Guardian 13 Jan 2012 - Call for Proms organisers to cancel concert by Israel Philharmonic Orchestra led to suspension of four musicians One of four musicians suspended by the London Philharmonic Orchestra is taking a claim for discrimination on the grounds...

Thai authorities question Hezbollah suspect after terror tipoff - video
The Guardian 13 Jan 2012 - Police in Thailand have arrested a Lebanese man suspected of links to the militant Shia Muslim group Hezbollah, prompting the US embassy to warn American nationals of the threat of a terrorist attack in the country...

Iran's ruling clergy uses funeral of nuclear scientist to urge unity
The Guardian 13 Jan 2012 - Tehran regime calls on Iranians to reject boycott of elections and help face down west over threats to nuclear programme Iran's ruling clergy has used the funeral of an assassinated nuclear scientist to urge Iranians to...

Thailand arrests Hezbollah suspect after terror tipoff
The Guardian 13 Jan 2012 - Thai police question Lebanese man after Israel warns of potential attack, prompting US to issue terror alert to citizens Police in Thailand are questioning a suspected Hezbollah member, with the development coming as the US embassy...

Egypt Follows Israel, Eyeing U.S. Aid Without Pre-Conditions
IPS The United States, the largest provider of military aid to Israel, has rarely, if ever, succeeded in using its leverage to get the Jewish state to abandon its continued repression of Palestinians or halt illegal settlements in occupied territories.

MIDEAST: Flowers Fight Their Way Out
IPS Ayman Siam, 41, is not growing carnations as usual this year. It's limonium and statice flowers instead because they are hardier. Given the risks of an Israeli blockade, it's a political decision.

[] Palestine doesn't ask for aid, but for freedom and recognition
Uruknet January 13, 2012 - ...The question is, what more do the Palestinians have to negotiate with when more and more land is being confiscated by settlements including East Jerusalem? What should Palestinians negotiate with when not even their own president Mahmoud Abbas can leave Palestine without Israeli permission? There is something very wrong with the idea...

[] Gaza Strip - Operation Cast Lead Aftermath : Hibba al-Najjar
Uruknet January 13, 2012 - In the early morning of 13 January 2009, following two days of home demolitions, the Israeli army started to shell the village of Khuza'a and its surroundings, using high explosive and white phosphorous artillery shells. Israeli bulldozers, tanks and snipers were located on the edge of the village. At around 7:00 soldiers...

[] Rumor and Anger Mount in Libya
Uruknet January 13, 2013 - ...There is clear and growing pro-Gadhafi political and military activity here and it is why NTC leader Mustapha Abdul Jalil, the other day warned against the Gadhafi children raising an insurrection. Aisha Gadhafi, given Saif's current incarceration, is perhaps the likely leader. Every night more pro-Gadhafi graffiti appears on street walls, buildings...

[] The Lousy Arab
Uruknet January 13, 2012 - I've been following the Angry Arab blog since 2005. In those days, the blog was a breath of fresh air, written by an Arab political commentator in the US who was against the Iraq war and who was not scared of speaking his mind on Israel. As the Arab Spring took off,...

[] Rival Libyan militias clash south of Tripoli, leaving 2 fighters dead
Uruknet January 13, 2012 - Rival Libyan militias clashed south of the capital on Friday, firing machine guns and rockets at one another in fighting that left at least two people dead, officials said. The clash underscored the tenuous security situation in the North African nation since revolutionary forces overthrew the regime of longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi...

[] Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (05- 11 January 2012)
Uruknet January 13, 2012 - Summary : Israeli violations of international law and humanitarian law in the OPT continued during the reporting period (05 - 11 January 2012): Shooting: During the reporting period, IOF wounded 4 Palestinian civilians, including a woman, in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. In the West Bank, during the reporting period, IOF...

[] Saudi protests after youth shot
Uruknet January 13, 2012 - Hundreds of protesters have taken to the streets in a tense region in eastern Saudi Arabia after the killing of a Shiite youth in a clash with security forces. Videos posted on Facebook sites by activists showed hundreds of young men, their faces covered with scarves and T-shirts, chanting, "We will not...

[] Medics: Israeli fire injures 2 in Gaza
Uruknet January 13, 2012 -- Israeli forces fired on the central Gaza Strip early Friday injuring two people, medics said. Medical services spokesman in Gaza Adham Abu Salmiya told Ma'an that two people were moderately injured after forces shelled east of al-Bureij refugee camp shortly after midnight. The injured were transferred to Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, he said....

[] Syria News - January 12, 2012 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Uruknet January 12, 2012 - The number of martyrs today rose to 32 including two defected recruits, and 8 unidentified dead bodies in Maret Noman National Hospital, Nine martyrs in Idlib [ 2 Saraqeb,Sarjeh,Areha,Marshoren,Maret Noman] , Ten in Homs,three in Deir Ezzor and one in each of Hama, and Douma (Damascus Suburbs)...Homs: Security forces deliver the body of martyr...

[] Complicity in Torture
Uruknet January 12, 2012 - So nobody in the security services was guilty of complicity in torture. Those rendered to torture were in fact whisked off by flying pigs. Or maybe a big boy did it and ran away... I have views on this lying exoneration today which are more complex than you might expect. The MI5...

[] PRC: Palestinian refugees in Iraq Should Be Protected
Uruknet January 12, 2012 - The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) in London is extremely concerned over the constant attacks against Palestinian Refugees in Iraq. The centre calls for an immediate protection for those refugees through the intervention of International humanitarian organizations in Iraq and worldwide. The centre further calls on the Iraqi government to explain the incidents...

[] Israel : Ethiopian Jews step up protests against discrimination
Uruknet January 12, 2012 - The Israeli Knesset Committee for Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs convened an extraordinary session on Wednesday, January 11 to address the phenomenon of racial discrimination against Israelis of Ethiopian origin because of their skin colour. The session which was attended by representatives of the police was held amid escalating protests in the...

[] Israel's Draconian Infiltration Law
Uruknet January 12, 2012 - On January 10, Haaretz writer Jonathan Lis headlined, "Knesset passes (Law to Prevent Infiltration) that could put asylum seekers in jail without trial," saying: "The bill would make 'illegal' migrants and asylum seekers liable to jail, without trial or deportation, if caught staying in Israel for 'long periods.' " Moreover, anyone helping them...

[] Iraq snapshot - January 12, 2012
Uruknet January 12, 2012. Chaos and violence continue, Marc Lynch abuses the factual record, State of Law plays Don Rickles, Erdogan continues to warn about a possible civil war in Iraq, and more. Marc Lynch (Foreign Policy) decides to play Columbus and 'discover' Iraq today. It wasn't pretty. If the "last American troops officially left Iraq before...

[] Why Don't They Pull the Plug on Israeli Trade?
Uruknet January 12, 2012 - The imprisonment and collective punishment inflicted on the civilian population in the overcrowded enclave of Gaza continues without let-up. For example, those whose children were killed or maimed by Israel's murderous blitzkrieg 3 years ago (Operation Cast Lead), and whose homes were destroyed, have received no response to the criminal complaints submitted...

[] Haditha Trial: Marine Sergeant Said, "We Should Kill Everyone" Prior to Mass Killing
Uruknet January 12, 2012 - A military trial is continuing for Sgt. Frank Wuterich, the last of the U.S. marines charged in the massacre of 24 Iraqi civilians in the Iraqi village of Haditha in November 2005. On Wednesday, a fellow marine testified that Wuterich called for violent retaliation against Iraqi civilians if they were attacked. Wuterich...

[] This is not about 'bad apples'. This is the horror of war
Uruknet January 12, 2012 - ... If war were not about the total failure of the human spirit, there would be something grotesquely funny about the American reaction to the pissing pictures. For note, it was not the killing of these men that worried the Marine Corps in the US - it was the pissing. Nothing wrong in...

[] Haiti: Two Years Later
Uruknet January 12, 2012 - On January 9, Center for Constitutional Rights lawyer Bill Quigley headlined, "Haiti: Seven Places Where the Earthquake Money Did and Did Not Go," saying: Today's Haiti "looks like the earthquake happened two months ago, not two years." Virtually no funding "actually went directly to Haiti." It was diverted to private contractors, other...

[] Guantanamo Has Got to Go: Protesting Ten Years of Indefinite Detention
Uruknet January 12, 2012 - "Prisoners of Guantanamo turn right," yelled the marshal. "Prisoners forward!" In response to the call, several hundred people dressed in orange jumpsuits and black hoods turned in unison, faced east on Pennsylvania Avenue, and began a slow march toward the U.S. Capitol building. Wednesday was the tenth anniversary of the first transfer...

[] Palestinian youth call for Ramallah protest against Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in Jordan
Uruknet January 12, 2012 - Palestinian youth have called for a silent protest this Saturday outside the headquarters of Palestinian Authority ruler Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah to protest resumption of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in Jordan. An Arabic Facebook page advertising the protest has been set up by a group calling itself "Palestinians for Dignity." The group has also...

[] 20 killed in sectarian clashes in north Yemen ‎
Uruknet January 12, 2012 - Twenty gunmen were killed Thursday in clashes between Zaidi Shia rebels and Sunni Salafist gunmen in northern Yemen, a security official said. Clashes erupted in the morning in the northwestern Hajjah province between rebel gunmen, known as Huthis, and Sunni extremists, the local official told AFP. The official said the gunfight took...

[] Israeli Army To Demolish A Mosque Near Hebron
Uruknet Thursday January 12, 2012 - Israeli soldiers handed, on Thursday afternoon, a military order aimed at the destruction of a mosque in Al-Mafqara area, south east of Yatta town, south of the southern West Bank city of Hebron. Local sources reported that the order states that the mosque will be demolished within three days. The sources...

Local youth struggle on Riyadi bench
Daily Star 13 Jan 2012 Riyadi have spent millions of dollars on signing the best local and foreign players in the hope of buying success.

Bachrouche looks to Olympics
Daily Star 13 Jan 2012 The opening days of the Pan Arab Games held in Doha last month left a bad impression of Lebanon’s ability to compete as its pocket remained empty of gold.

Champville are threatening to topple Lebanese champions Riyadi
Daily Star 13 Jan 2012 Throughout Lebanese basketball’s largely two-sided history, Champville have never lifted a title. This season, however, there is no reason they shouldn’t.

Can Nejmeh maintain their charge without Atwi?
Daily Star 13 Jan 2012 Before the new season began, uncertainty surrounded the Lebanese Premier League.

Comedian Stephen Colbert mocks U.S. politics
Daily Star 13 Jan 2012 Late night comedian Stephen Colbert has dropped a fat hint that he is exploring a run in the Republican presidential primary in South Carolina, although the deadline has passed to get on the ballot.

Chavez says would respect Venezuela vote if loses
Daily Star 13 Jan 2012 Venezuela's Hugo Chavez said on Friday that if an opposition candidate wins this year's presidential election, he will be the first to recognize the rival's victory and hand over power.

Saudis say have oil to make up for Iran: US' Cantor
Daily Star 13 Jan 2012 Saudi Arabia says it has enough oil output capacity to meet global customers' needs if new sanctions keep Iran from exporting oil, a top U.S. Republican said on Friday.

Cassano cleared to train after heart scare
Daily Star 13 Jan 2012 AC Milan striker Antonio Cassano, who underwent surgery on a heart defect in November, has received permission from his doctors to resume training, the club announced on Friday.

No new offers from Israel, Abbas says
Daily Star 13 Jan 2012 Israel has made no new proposals in meetings with Palestinians about the possibility of resuming formal peace talks, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Thursday.

Billionaire businessman to appear in UK bribe case
Daily Star 13 Jan 2012 Canadian-British billionaire Victor Dahdaleh, who faced bribery charges in court Friday, has rubbed shoulders with royalty.

We won't play politics with Bahrain-Swedish FA
Daily Star 13 Jan 2012 Swedish FA chairman Lars-Ake Lagrell is adamant that sports bodies should not play politics after coming under fire for agreeing to a friendly international against Bahrain.

1st of 3 men in US terror ring sentenced to prison
Daily Star 13 Jan 2012 An American-born Muslim was sentenced to 15 years in prison for participating in a North Carolina terrorism ring that federal agents said plotted attacks on the Quantico U.S. Marine Corps base and foreign targets.

Nigeria's Boko Haram ups game but no Al Qaeda
Daily Star 13 Jan 2012 With a YouTube video reminiscent of the broadcasts of Osama bin Laden, Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram seems keen to paint itself as part of a wider global jihad.

Saudi king dismisses religious police head
Daily Star 13 Jan 2012 King Abdullah dismissed the head of Saudi Arabia's powerful religious police on Friday, replacing him with a more moderate cleric, state news agency SPA reported without giving reasons.

US warns Iran over blocking oil strait: report
Daily Star 13 Jan 2012 The United States has used a secret channel to warn Iran's leaders against closing the strategic Strait of Hormuz, saying that doing so would provoke a US response

Iraq PM denounces Turkish 'interventions'
Daily Star 13 Jan 2012 PM Nuri al-Maliki voiced criticism on Friday of Turkish "interventions" in Iraqi affairs, warning that Turkey itself would suffer if its actions sparked conflict in the Middle East.

Carter: Egypt parliament poll reflects popular will
Daily Star 13 Jan 2012 Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter said on Friday that Egypt's first parliamentary poll since a popular uprising swept Hosni Mubarak from power "accurately" reflected the will of Egyptians.

Russian-operated ship with bullets reaches Syria
Daily Star 13 Jan 2012 A Russian-operated ship carrying a cargo of ammunition has reached conflict-torn Syria after being temporarily halted during a refuelling stop in Cyprus.

Christians, Muslims unite at fuel demonstration in Nigeria
Daily Star 13 Jan 2012 A human wave of more than 20,000 surrounded the Muslim faithful as they prayed toward Mecca Friday.

Russia says would be threatened by Iran military action
Daily Star 13 Jan 2012 "If Iran is involved in any military action, it's a direct threat to our security."

New Demolitions in the Jordan Valley
Stop The Wall - Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign The occupation forces demolished this morning housing and agriculture facilities in the Jordan Valley area east of the West Bank after dozens of demolition campaigns in the same area last year. The population of the bats of Alhamra area said that the military bulldozers surrounded...

Israeli Apartheid Week
Stop The Wall - The Latest about Israeli Apartheid Week apartheidweek: RT @PalFreedom: Israel's foreign ministry sends students on #hasbara journey to #UK following Israeli @ApartheidWeek: ... RT @PalFreedom: Israel's foreign ministry sends students on # hasbara journey to # UK following Israeli @ ApartheidWeek : ... apartheidweek: RT @spirodon: photos: Artists Against Apartheid @apartheidweek feat. @nomadicmassive...

Israel ranks 48 in Heritage Foundation's Financial Freedom Index
YNet News, 13 Jan 2012 - ....

PM: Iran sanctions starting to work
YNet News, 13 Jan 2012 - Netanyahu tells The Australian economic sanctions imposed on Iran by international community working, Tehran 'wobbling' under pressure ....

Netanyahu: Iran sanctions starting to work
YNet News, 13 Jan 2012 - ....

UN condemns attack on Iran scientist
YNet News, 13 Jan 2012 - ....

Syrian tanks storm town near Lebanon border
YNet News, 13 Jan 2012 - ....

CBS newsman Richard Threlkeld dies in car accident
YNet News, 13 Jan 2012 - ....

Israel, Palestinians to hold further talks Saturday
YNet News, 13 Jan 2012 - Third round of face-to-face meetings to be held in Amman on Saturday; Fatah official says King Abdullah "very disappointed" with Israel's position so far ....

CTB issues Thailand travel advisory
YNet News, 13 Jan 2012 - Counter-Terrorism Bureau issues high-priority warning urging Israelis to avoid trips to Thailand, and especially Bangkok, over concrete terror threat ....

Iran buries slain nuclear expert
YNet News, 13 Jan 2012 - Mother of Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan says Iran will avenge her son's murder during funeral ....

Lebanon combatants to receive war decoration
YNet News, 13 Jan 2012 - For first time ever, hundreds of thousands of troops who served in Lebanon between 1982 war and withdrawal will receive recognition – a campaign ribbon marking their period of service ....

Peres: Israel wasn't involved in Tehran hit
YNet News, 13 Jan 2012 - In interview with CNN Spanish President says Israel wasn't involved in murder of Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan to the best of his knowledge ....

Where is the money?
YNet News, 13 Jan 2012 - Ynet special: Yair Lapid explains why he decided to quit lucrative job, go into politics ....

Palestinians hack into Israel Fire Services website
YNet News, 13 Jan 2012 - Gaza Hackers Team takes over website's homepage, publishes message stating ' We hack into your websites, and will continue to do so until you suffer' ....

Jewish settlers uproot very old olive trees near Salfit
PIC - Jewish settlers on Friday destroyed 100 very old olive trees, amongst them olive trees that locals believe to have existed since Roman times.

IOF troops raid towns in the northern and southern West Bank
PIC - IOF troops raided a number of towns and villages in the northern West Bank and set up military roadblocks near the southern West Bank cities of Bethlehem and al-Khalil.

Israeli court acquits Sheikh Raed in the 'Hilwani Rooftop' Case
PIC - On Thursday, an Israeli court in Jerusalem issued a decision to acquit the leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel, Sheikh Raed Salah, of the charge of non-compliance with a legal order in 2007.

Clashes with the IOF west of Jenin
PIC - Violent clashes erupted on Thursday evening between Palestinian youth in the village of Zbooba to the west of Jenin when IOF troops raided the village in large numbers.

Occupation authorities hand notice to demolish mosque in al-Khalil
PIC - Israeli occupation authorities on Thursday afternoon handed the residents of the Mafqara hamlet a demolition notice for their mosque of the hamlet which lies to the south east of Yatta.

IOF soldiers disguised as Arabs kidnap a number of Silwan residents
PIC - IOF soldiers disguised as Arabs entered the Jerusalem suburb of Silwan and kidnapped a number of Palestinian youth.

Hundreds of settlers raid al-Khalil and perform religious rites
PIC - Around 300 Jewish settlers under the protection of Israeli occupation troops at an early hour Friday entered the part of city of al-Khalil which is under PA control and carried out Talmodic rites.

Two Palestinians wounded east of Buraij Refugee camp
PIC - Two Palestinians were wounded in Israeli shelling that targeted an area east of the Buraij refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.

IOF incursion into Nabi Saleh, curfew imposed
PIC - IOF troops, at dawn Friday, went into the village of Nabi Saleh, to the north west of Ramallah, and raided and ransacked homes.

EU Makes 1.1m Euros Payment for Gaza Private Sector
WAFA - 13:05- JERUSALEM, January 13, 2012 (WAFA) - The European Union contributed Friday €1.1 million ($1.4 million), out of a total package of €22 million, to the eighth payment under the Palestinian Authority's...

AIPAC’s “War With Iran”
Intifada-Palestine: 13 Jan 2012 - It is time for more diplomacy not less — even if that means offending a powerful lobby that is hell-bent for war. House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) and Ranking Member Howard Berman (D-CA) spearheaded a number of important... more

Why Don’t They Pull the Plug on Israeli Trade?
Intifada-Palestine: 13 Jan 2012 - From the start Israel has shown contempt for the EU Agreement and its rules, so… Why don’t they pull the plug on Israeli trade? by Stuart Littlewood The imprisonment and collective punishment inflicted on the civilian population in the overcrowded enclave... more

U.S. boosts its military presence in Persian Gulf
LA Times 12 Jan 2012 - Additional troops and warships are in place in the event a crisis erupts in the standoff with Iran over its nuclear program, officials say. The Pentagon quietly shifted combat troops and warships to the Middle East after the top American commander in the region warned...

Netanyahu Sees Effect From Sanctions on Iran
New York Times 13 Jan 2012 - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview published on Saturday that new economic sanctions against Iran could succeed if combined with a threat of military action.

U.S. Warns Top Iran Leader Not to Shut Strait of Hormuz
New York Times 13 Jan 2012 - The administration has warned Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, that closing the Strait of Hormuz is a “red line” that would provoke a response, officials said.

Russian Ship, Perhaps With Munitions, Said to Reach Syria
New York Times 13 Jan 2012 - If the ship is carrying munitions, it would be in defiance of a European Union embargo.

Talk: Wael Ghonim Has No Regrets
New York Times 13 Jan 2012 - The Google executive who helped start the Egyptian uprising takes stock.

Mossad Assassinations, Black Ops Campaign Backfires Within Iran
Tikun Olam - Omid Memarian writes an acute column in The Daily Beast based on direct interview with prominent Iranian reform figures who denounce the Mossad black ops program against Iran.  I’m going to quote a long passage since I believe it conveys the full power of the author’s...

Homicidal Impulse of the Pro-Israel Social Network Hasbarocracy
Tikun Olam - Pro-Israel Twitter death threat Brian of London, who’s a good pal of David Lange (aka Aussie Dave of Israellycool) has offered the world a classic example of the pro-Israel hasbarocracy’s homicidal impulse in dealing with dissent and opposing views.  I’m offering here a screenshot of a...

Iranian nuclear scientist assassinated in Tehran
WSWS - Iranian nuclear scientist Professor Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, aged 32, was killed yesterday in a bomb blast in Tehran.

Bombshell: Israeli intelligence posed as CIA to recruit terror group for covert war on Iran
Mondoweiss - Acclaimed author and journalist Mark Perry has published an explosive, must-read investigation in Foreign Policy that exposes how the Israeli Mossad recruited known Pakistani terrorists to wage covert war on Iran by disguising themselves as CIA agents. Perry opens: Buried deep in the archives of America's...

Mossad Agents Pose as CIA to Recruit Iranian Terror Agents
Tikun Olam - Jundallah leader Abdolmalek Riggi attended meeting in Morocco he believed was with NATO officials, who were either CIA, or more probably Mossad agents Foreign Policy’s Mark Perry reports  the astonishing story that Mossad agents posing as CIA operatives recruited Iranian Sunni dissidents affiliated with Jundallah to...

Why aren’t the best and the brightest in our MSM?
Mondoweiss - US President Barack Obama (R) meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC, 20 May 2011. (Photo: AFP - Jim Watson)  Yesterday I spotted Sullivan's  Newt's Sugar Daddy ... ... just happens to be Netanyahu's chief propagandist in...

Surviving Guantánamo
Mondoweiss - On the 10th anniversary of the US military prison at Guantánamo Bay, in commemoration of all the prisoners who have suffered, we invite you to listen to  former detainee Qari Mohemmed Saad Iqbal Madani. Guantanamo Photo: Getty/Shane T.McCoy/AFP Without having being charged nor having committed a...

The headline you aren’t seeing: Iran wants talks, Israel pushing for war
Mondoweiss - Iranians hold a portrait of assassinated nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan at his funeral ( Photo via National Post : Atta Kenare/AFP/Getty Images) Foreign Policy's Middle East Channel sums up Iran's latest diplomatic moves: Iran has agreed to a U.N. inspector mission and to hold talks in Turkey with...

What power will Paul have over Romney? (JJ Goldberg and Krauthammer ask)
Mondoweiss - Mitt Romney Charles Krauthammer says that Ron Paul is the most important story of the primary season so far, and I agree. I excerpt his comments on Paul's political goals below. But first the words of another mainstream pro-Israel writer, JJ Goldberg in the Forward . Both...

Obama Ups Ante for War Against Iran
Tikun Olam - Those of you who know your World War I history will remember that that continental conflagration began with a match lit by the assassination of an Austrian archduke and his wife along a Serbian roadside.  Now Pres. Obama has opened yet another opportunity for yet another...

Michael Weiss, Pro-Israel Neocon, Authors Blueprint for Western Military Intervention in Syria Approved by Syrian Ex-Pats
Tikun Olam - Michael Weiss, author of blueprint for western military intervention approved by Syrian ex-pat resistance Pro-Israel neocon hawk Michael Weiss brags, in a new piece in Foreign Affairs Magazine , that he has drafted a blueprint adopted by the Syrian opposition, which includes a call for foreign military...

"Technical stopover" in Syria of Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov
Voltaire Network 13 Jan 2012 - Aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, the jewel of the Russian fleet, reset sail on Tuesday, 10 January 2012, after a three-day stopover at the Syrian port of Tartous, ostensibly to refuel. The ship was flanked by five other boats and several submarines. Normally, this type of ship...

Ron Paul, "What if the Chinese had military bases in America?"
Voltaire Network 13 Jan 2012 - Among Republicans running for president, Ron Paul stands out as the anti-militarist candidate. The 76-year-old congressman from Texas is the only candidate who is skeptical of the United States' interventionist foreign policy and against the prospect of future wars of choice, particularly in the Middle East....

The Non-Violent Way to Justice
Rachel Corrie Foundation 13 Jan 2012 - My daughter Rachel Corrie brought me to the Palestinian/Israeli issue. Ours was a family and community that generally thought about the world and its inhabitants in a loving, curious way. We connected, as comfortable Americans do, through following and discussing the news, attending events, and making...

Is Assad Counting on the Intifada Model?
Arab American Institute 13 Jan 2012 - You�d think someone in that government would�ve noticed by now that violence is futile and that a new course must be taken.

Syria troops 'enter protest town'
BBC 13 Jan 2012 - Syrian tanks and troops 'enter the town of Zabadani' following big demonstrations against President Assad, activists say.

Iran buries killed nuclear expert
BBC 13 Jan 2012 - Iranians have buried a nuclear scientist killed in a car bomb attack as the country's supreme leader vows to punish those behind it.

Thai arrest after US threat alert
BBC 13 Jan 2012 - A suspected Lebanese Hezbollah militant is arrested in Thailand after the US warns its citizens in Bangkok to be alert for a "possible terror threat".

(en) Rebel Worker Vol.31 No.1(212) Jan.-Feb.2012 - Book Review
A-infos 13 Jan 2012 - Rebel Rank & File: Labor Militancy and Revolt from Below During the Long 1970’s Edited by Aaron Brenner, Robert Brenner & Cal Winslow. Published by Verso. ---- Recent months have seen the dramatic emergence of the “Occupy” movement, particularly amongst a core of mainly students, middle...

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