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Israeli forces continue their campaign of widespread arrests in the occupied Palestinian territories - International Press Center photo

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Monday, January 9, 2012
Soldiers Invade Several Areas In Jenin, Injuries Reported
IMEMC - Palestinian medical sources reported Monday that dozens of Palestinians were wounded in towns and villages, near the northern West Bank city of Jenin, during clashes with Israeli soldiers who invaded the area. ...

Settlers Attack Two Children In Hebron
IMEMC - A group of fundamentalist Israeli settlers attacked on Sunday two Palestinian children in Tel Romeida neighborhood, in the center of the southern West Bank city of Hebron. ...

Israel seals Jenin village for second day
1/9/2012 - JENIN (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces set up a temporary checkpoint sealing a Jenin-district village for several hours on Monday morning, the second day the village has been closed. Forces blocked the eastern entrance to Yabad village around 5. 30 a. m. , preventing some residents from reaching their homes and searching vehicles, locals said. Israel....

Israel 'charges 7 Palestinians for bypass road attacks'
1/9/2012 - TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma'an) -- Israeli authorities have charged seven Palestinians from the West Bank with attacking an Israeli-only road that cuts past their village, Israeli media reported on Monday. The group, from Ramallah-district village Kharbatha al-Misbah, admitted throwing rocks and fire bombs onto Road 443 which cuts into the West Bank and is....

Youth 'clash with forces' in north Jenin village
1/9/2012 - JENIN (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces clashed with youth in a north Jenin village on Monday afternoon after military vehicles deployed to the area, locals told Ma'an. Israeli military jeeps spread out through Zububa village adjacent to the Salem checkpoint, and youth pelted stones and empty bottles at the forces, who returned tear....

Jordan refuses visas for Jihad delegation to PLO talks
1/9/2012 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The head of the PLO parliament informed Islamic Jihad on Monday that their delegation to talks on the future of the body has been denied entry to Jordan, Ma'an has learned. Palestinian National Council director Salim al-Zanoun told Jihad representative in Lebanon Abu Imad al-Refai that Jordanian authorities....

Israeli lawmaker chucks water over Palestinian deputy
1/9/2012 - JERUSALEM (Reuters) -- An Israeli ultranationalist lawmaker faced possible suspension from the Knesset on Monday for hurling a cup of water at an Palestinian member of parliament when he told her to "shut up" in a row over alleged anti-Israeli incitement. The outburst was not unusual for Israel's raucous parliament but Israeli pundits saw....

Israeli forces detain woman at Ramallah crossing
1/9/2012 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained a Palestinian woman at Beituniya crossing near Ramallah on Monday morning, after officials said they found a knife in her possession. An Israeli army spokeswoman said "border police uncovered a 30cm knife, which they confiscated and she was handed over to police....

Israeli forces dismantle outpost in north West Bank
1/9/2012 - QALQILIYA (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces took down four trailers at an illegal settlement outpost in the northern West Bank on early Monday, with Palestinian officials warning of potential revenge acts against locals. Troops removed the structures at Givat Gal Yoseph outpost near the government-sanctioned Shilo settlement, which lies on the main passageway between Ramallah....

Report: Jordan seizes assets of expelled Fatah leader
1/9/2012 - AMMAN (Ma'an) -- The assets of Muhammad Dahlan and his brother were seized by Jordanian authorities to allow Palestinian officials to pursue corruption allegations against the ousted Fatah strongman, Jordanian media reported on Monday. The head of Public Prosecutions in the Jordanian capital ordered the Central Bank of Jordan to foreclose the real estate....

PFLP: Israeli, Palestinian talks 'poison' reconciliation
1/9/2012 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine warned on Monday that PLO meetings with Israeli envoys were set to harm reconciliation between Palestinian factions, as Hamas reiterated its opposition to the talks. PLO delegates are due to meet representatives of the Israeli government in the Jordanian capital later on....

Lieberman dismisses Palestinian motives in Amman talks
1/9/2012 - JERUSALEM (Reuters) -- Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman dismissed newly rekindled diplomatic contacts with Palestinian officials on Monday, accusing them of poor faith in peacemaking. Lieberman, a hardline coalition partner to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is often sidelined in statecraft, told lawmakers in Jerusalem that Palestinians only agreed to resume contacts after being "dragged against....

Zahhar: 'The future belongs to Islamists'
1/9/2012 - GAZA CITY (Reuters) -- The coming rise of Islamism in the Arab world will strengthen support for the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, which will not give up its armed confrontation with Israel, senior Hamas official Mahmoud Zahhar said on Monday. If President Mahmoud Abbas bets on peace talks with Israel rather than reconciling his Fatah movement....

Fayyad: Govt raises tax, cutting costs to plug deficit
1/9/2012 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad is cutting spending and raising taxes in an attempt to plug the $1. 1 billion deficit in the public budget, he told reporters in Ramallah on Sunday evening. Fayyad's government aims to knock $350 million off the budget deficit through new measures to....

Report: Shaath says Hamas admits some oppose reconciliation
1/9/2012 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Senior Fatah official Nabil Shaath said on Monday that Hamas leaders acknowledge some officials in the movement are opposed to reconciliation with his party. Shaath, who returned from a week-long visit to the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on Sunday, told Voice of Palestine radio that several Hamas leaders told him that some....

Israel Aerospace sells $1.1 bln arms to Asian nation
1/9/2012 - JERUSALEM (Reuters) -- Israel Aerospace Industries will sell weapons systems worth more than $1. 1 billion to an Asian country over the next four years, the state-owned defense contractor said on Monday. It said the deal had been signed but did not identify the buyer. Israel's past defense trading partners in Asia have included....

Palestinians seek economic independence from aid
1/9/2012 - RAMALLAH (IRIN) -- Izz Tawil draws a black circle on the flip-chart in his office in Ramallah, capital of the West Bank in the occupied Palestinian territory." The Palestinian economy is a closed cash-circle," the general manager of the Palestinian microfinance network Sharakeh explains. He goes on to draw several small arrows on the line, meant....

Pope calls for peace in Mideast
1/9/2012 - VATICAN CITY (Ma'an) -- The Catholic Pope urged the international community to do more to bring about peace between Israelis and Palestinians, and welcomed the recent opening of talks between the sides, in an address to world diplomats on Monday." It is necessary that the leaders of these two peoples adopt courageous and farsighted....

Gaza crossing to close Wednesday for Egypt vote
1/9/2012 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Gaza's interior ministry said that Egypt will close the Rafah crossing out of the Gaza Strip on Wednesday during the final round of voting in the country's parliamentary elections. The terminal, Gaza's only link to the outside world due to Israel's closure....

Youth gather for global meet on PLO elections
1/9/2012 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Youth activists in at least eight countries will take part in a global meeting via live media on Tuesday, to call for elections to the PLO parliament. Palestinians meeting in Ramallah, Beirut, Rome, London, Madrid, Stockholm, Santiago and across the US will connect online to assert their right to a voice....

Family brawl in Qalqiliya injures 4
1/9/2012 - QALQILIYA (Ma'an) -- Four people were injured on Sunday evening after a family brawl in Qalqiliya city in the northern West Bank. According to security officials, one man was shot in the neck during the fight between two families with a long history of rivalry. He was reported to be in a stable condition....

Report: Israel navy to protect oil rigs
1/9/2012 - TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma'an) -- The Israeli navy will protect oil rigs off the country's coast, a task amounting to thousands of hours of military time, Israeli media reported on Monday. The offshore drilling stations are beyond Israel's territorial waters of 12 nautical miles but within its "economic waters" of....

'French woman converts' at Haniyeh Tunisia summit
1/9/2012 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- A French woman converted to Islam at a summit addressed by Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh in Tunisia on Sunday, according to a video distributed by ruling party Ennahda. The video shows Haniyeh presenting the woman with a Quran at the event in Sfax city sports stadium in the north....

Amnesty: Mideast governments fail to see scale of change
1/9/2012 - LONDON (Reuters) -- Most Middle Eastern governments are failing to recognise the significance of the Arab Spring and are responding with repression or merely cosmetic change, Amnesty International said on Monday. Reform movements showed no sign of flagging despite bloodshed on the streets and arrests last year, Amnesty said in its report "Year of Rebellion: State....

Lawyer accuses army ruler of lying about Mubarak
1/9/2012 - CAIRO (Reuters) -- A lawyer for the families of protesters killed in the uprising against Egypt's ousted president accused the military ruler who replaced him of "giving false testimony" to the court that Hosni Mubarak gave no order to fire on protesters. Mubarak, his two sons, the former interior minister and senior police officers....

Iran starts underground nuclear enrichment
1/9/2012 - TEHRAN/VIENNA (Reuters) -- Iran has switched on a uranium enrichment plant inside a mountain and sentenced an American to death for spying, actions sure to provoke Western anger and undermine diplomacy aimed at averting further sanctions or war. The start of enrichment at the Fordow bunker near the Shiite Muslim holy city of Qom was....

Israel to increase defence budget by $700m
AlJazeera 9 Jan 2012 - Prime minister to boost spending due to "abundant challenges and threats", despite previously saying he would make cuts.

9 January 2009 - The Abu Oda family
1/9/2012 - International Solidarity Movement - 9 January 2012, Palestinian Centre for Human Rights - "The Israeli military say they are the most moral army in the world, but they killed my daughter, they didn't respect her right to live" - On 9 January 2009, the Abu Oda household in the Al Amal neighbourhood of Beit Hanoun came under sustained fire.... Related: Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

The Occupy movement and Palestine
1/9/2012 - International Solidarity Movement - By Yousef Aljamal, 9 January 2012, Center for Political and Development Studies - The Occupy movement is an international protest movement directed primarily against economic and social inequality. The first Occupy protest to receive wide coverage was Occupy Wall Street in New York City's Zuccotti Park, which began on September 17, 2011. It was.... Related: Center for Political and Development Studies

Israel obstruct school in occupied Jerusalem
9 Jan 2012 - Palestine, (Pal Telegraph) - Israeli authorities closed the only road leading to Khan al-Ahmar elementary school, dubbed school of tires, northeast of Jerusalem, the Palestinian Ministry of Education said in a statement Monday.

Hamas adopts Popular Resistance against Israel
9 Jan 2012 - Palestine, (Pal Telegraph) - The chair of Hamas political bureau Khaled Meshaal expressed his hope of bringing back the harmony between the parties in Palestine. Palestine could only increase its power if the parties are willing to co-operate. He admitted mistakes on both parts and confirmed that the dispute is history now.

Israel foreign minister calls for Arab citizens to be under Palestinian rule
The National 9 Jan 2012 - Avigdor Lieberman's views could complicate peace talks.

'Merkozy' starts to creak at seams in Euro zone crisis
The National 9 Jan 2012 - The leaders of France and Germany insisted yesterday that their plans to rescue the euro were on track as the debt crisis returned with a vengeance after a brief respite, with fresh doubts about Greece's ability to avert bankruptcy.

Qatar and Kuwait wait to follow UAE's lead over purchase of Rafale fighter jets from France
The National 9 Jan 2012 - Emirates already in negotiations to purchase 60 aircraft.

American CIA 'spy' sentenced to death in Iran
The National 9 Jan 2012 - A defiant Iran sharply escalate tensions with the West by sentencing a former US marine of Iranian descent to death for allegedly spying for the CIA.

Yemen interim PM begins GCC tour for economic support
The National 9 Jan 2012 - Mohammed Salem Basindwah visits Saudi Arabia as part of a tour of Gulf countries to mobilise political and economic support for the country's transitional government.

Bahrain overturns death sentences for two protesters
The National 9 Jan 2012 - Life-imprisonment for three other protesters convicted of murdering two policemen during a wave of anti-government demonstrations last year is also overturned in a civilian court.

Mitt Romney banking on his 'broad appeal' in Republican race
The National 9 Jan 2012 - Presidential hopeful expected to win the New Hampshire primary, but rivals could capitalise on his Mormon background and past policy reversals.

Lawyer alleges Egypt military ruler lied to court for Mubarak
The National 9 Jan 2012 - A lawyer for victims in the trial of Hosni Mubarak accused the head of Egypt's ruling military council and the former vice president of lying to the court on behalf of the ousted leader.

Amnesty: states will cling to power 'at almost any cost'
The National 9 Jan 2012 - An Amnesty International report says violence used by Middle East governments to suppress dissent last year is set to continue in 2012.

Renewed South Sudan tribal clashes kill at least 24
The National 9 Jan 2012 - Violence flare in Jonglei state, days after a cattle vendetta plunged the region into a "disaster area".

Boko Haram has supporters in Nigerian government, says president
The National 9 Jan 2012 - Goodluck Jonathan, the Nigerian president, says the danger the group has created is worse than during the 1960s civil war that killed more than a million people.

Husband of 2 days tells of crash that killed wife
The National 9 Jan 2012 - A woman who had gotten married just two days earlier died in a traffic crash in India, right beside her new husband, who survived.

Ahmadinejad, Chavez rebuff U.S., joke about having nuclear bomb
Ha'aretz - 9 Jan 2012

Israel cabinet supports bill to prohibit use of Nazi symbols in protests
Ha'aretz - 9 Jan 2012

White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley resigns
Ha'aretz - 9 Jan 2012

Erdogan: Turkey must prevent the impending civil war in Syria
Ha'aretz - 9 Jan 2012

Hamas leader warns PA against pursuing peace with Israel instead of Palestinian unity
Ha'aretz - 9 Jan 2012

UN nuclear watchdog confirms Iran enriching uranium in underground site
Ha'aretz - 9 Jan 2012

Palestinian Authority to raise taxes and cut costs amid foreign aid shortfall
Ha'aretz - 9 Jan 2012

Noam Shalit announces he will run for Israel's Labor Party list
Ha'aretz - 9 Jan 2012

Iran begins uranium enrichment in site near Qom
Ha'aretz - 9 Jan 2012

Lieberman: Palestinians were dragged into negotiations, breakthrough impossible
Ha'aretz - 9 Jan 2012

VIDEO / Israeli Knesset member throws cup of water on colleague at height of heated argument
Ha'aretz - 9 Jan 2012

Alleged CIA agent in Iran sentenced to death
Ha'aretz - 9 Jan 2012

Sheldon Adelson gives $5 million to pro-Gingrich group
Ha'aretz - 9 Jan 2012

Ahmadinejad arrives in Venezuela at start of Latin American tour
Ha'aretz - 8 Jan 2012

State ordered to act on poor conditions at East Jerusalem government offices
Ha'aretz - 8 Jan 2012

Israel's Health Ministry says some PIP breast implants are okay
Ha'aretz - 8 Jan 2012

Israel's High Court rules residents of settlements can serve as justices
Ha'aretz - 8 Jan 2012

Israeli government takes key step to ease pressure on overcrowded Arab town
Ha'aretz - 8 Jan 2012

Negev Bedouin town left without water after repeated theft of central pump
Ha'aretz - 8 Jan 2012

Labor Court delays contract workers strike decision
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - National Labor Court held its long-awaited hearing on the Histadrut labor federation’s request to hold a general strike.

Top senator: An attack on Israel is an attack on US
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - US Senator Daniel Inouye (D-HA) says an Iranian attack on Israel would be tantamount to attacking the United States.

Are you a descendant of the House of David?
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - You can find out in the King David Private Museum and Research Center, which reopened in central Tel Aviv.

Analysis: Israel’s red line
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - Israel and the West have reportedly spoken about a clear red line that, if crossed, meant military action against Iran.

Lapid hires strategists to sustain support
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - Yair Lapid’s team will include Uri Shani, former prime minister Ariel Sharon’s bureau chief and Washington-based Democratic strategist Mark Mellman.

Ahmadinejad, Chavez mock US, joke about bomb
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - Venezuelan, Iranian leaders express mutual respect, fire anti-US snipes as Ahmadinejad starts Latin American trip; "The imperialist madness has been unleashed in a way that hasn't been seen in a long time," Chavez says.

IMA bars physicians from attending Puah conference
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - Group’s ethics section refuses to support male-speaker-only event scheduled for today.

Formula One urged to quit Bahrain
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - Human rights groups’ pressure for boycott to highlight continuing unrest.

The Lapid effect
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - It is the responsibility of newspaper editors and TV and radio producers – not lawmakers – to ensure the professionalism and objectivity of reporters, anchormen and commentators.

Inside Out: Yair Lapid and the potential for change
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - Lapid is not merely a fresh and “clean” public figure whose sole promise is to introduce a “new and different kind of politics.”

Yair Lapid, Beyonce and beyond
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - As a journalist, Lapid has had the luxury of asking the questions without ever having to answer them.

Absence of gratitude is the source of rabbinical burnout
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - No Holds Barred: Society expects members of the clergy to give of themselves but expect nothing in return.

Washington is playing with Brotherhood fire
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - Wishful thinking on the part of the Obama administration is creating some dangerous illusions about the "new" Egypt.

Israel-Palestinian breakthrough could change Iran equation
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - There's little indication of how much sanctions will be able to achieve, let alone any unintended consequences they may have.

Daley out, Jack Lew in as Obama's top aide
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley leaves job after just one year; budget director Jack Lew, an Orthodox Jew, will replace him.

Death of peace process means opportunity for new ideas
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - The entire world knows what Israel doesn’t want. The time has come for Israel to state clearly what, exactly, it does want.

Candidly Speaking: Who’s threatening democracy?
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - The far-left has succeeded in creating the absurd perception that any reform would breach the fundamental rights of minorities.

'Ashkenazi, Harpaz conspired against Barak'
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - Channel 2 investigative report claims former IDF chief worked with alleged "Galant Document" forger to gather dirt on defense minister.

Shamgar: Did you ask why it took almost five years?
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - Encountering Peace: All of my direct knowledge and involvement testifies to the belief that we could have brought Gilad four years earlier.

An eye for the story
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - Screenwriter extraordinaire Jean-Claude Carriere sat down with the 'Post’ to talk about teaching and his long association with the great surrealist director Luis Bunuel.

Turkish PM warns of civil war in Syria
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - Erdogan says Ankara must take a leadership role as the deteriorating situation poses a threat to Turkey.

'Monitors only 'buying time' for Assad's crackdown'
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - Syrian journalist to 'Post': Arab League has shown no interest in helping anti-government protesters.

'PA should focus on Palestinian unity, not Israel'
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - Hamas official Zahar and PFLP official come out against current talks in Amman; "The future is ours," Zahar says.

Forget the haredim; where’s the state?
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - When police side with haredi extremists, how can other haredim oppose them?

Fayyad: PA to raise taxes amid foreign aid dip
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - Palestinian Authority PM says cost-cutting measures needed in 2012 to cut $1.1b. deficit; official's say more than $150m. of US aid frozen.

Adelson gives $5m. to Super PAC backing Gingrich
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - Jewish billionaire made donation to keep republican candidate competitive in S. Carolina primary, 'Washington Post' reports.

A great way to start any J’lem visit
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - Sights and Insights: Dr. Wayne Stiles discovers some of the treasures in the Tower of David and Herod's original Citadel.

Alternatively Speaking: Essentially oil
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - Alternative medicine enthusiast Natalie Marx answers your questions: Can anything be done to prevent the return of acne?

MKs slam J'lem for illegal building in e. J'lem
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - Illegal building grows at approx 1,000 per year, worse in areas across the fence.

Big hack attack on Israel inevitable, say experts
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - Cyber warriors are gaining the knowledge to do more than virtual vandalism; the worst is yet to come say experts.

Witness in Holyland affair finds bullets in his car
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - Attorney Avi Drecsler, discovers that shots were fired at his car outside his Ramat Gan home.

IFA chairman: I absolutely did not fix matches
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - "I am an honest and fair man" says Luzon in an interview, following 8 hours of questioning by fraud unit a day earlier.

'Mideast governments fail to see scale of change'
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - Amnesty International report saying leaders are not recognizing the significance of the Arab Spring.

Arab League stops short of turning to UN on Syria
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - Mideast bloc’s draft doesn’t explicitly condemn Damascus; Syrian dissident: Don’t expect Western intervention.

State: Only 1m. tons of Samar sand can be mined
Jerusalem Post 9 Jan 2012 - A petition was filed a few weeks ago in the Beersheba District Court by Tel Aviv University’s Environmental Justice Clinic.

Bahrain to Jewish leader: Iran is a threat to us all
Jerusalem Post 8 Jan 2012 - King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa has agreed to hold a Jewish-Muslim dialogue in Bahrain later this year.

A ray of sunshine for embattled Beit Shemesh
Jerusalem Post 8 Jan 2012 - Coexistence group seeks to stimulate dialogue following strife between Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox.

Peres, Erdan honor top defenders of environment
Jerusalem Post 8 Jan 2012 - Intel Israel, Misgav Regional Council among winners at annual awards ceremony.

Tzohar head against bill promoted by own group
Jerusalem Post 8 Jan 2012 - Rabbi Ya’akov Ariel says he's uncomfortable with Knesset involvement in dealings of the Chief Rabbinate.

Money could be behind Jaffa Christian figure's murder
Jerusalem Post 8 Jan 2012 - Four members of a Christian-Arab family remain in police custody over the stabbing murder of Gabriel Cadis.

Hatikva tent city residents await eviction
Jerusalem Post 8 Jan 2012 - Protesters at one of country’s last remaining encampments say they have nowhere else to go, ask for public housing.

Mizrahi Jew, settler among Supreme Court appointees
Jerusalem Post 8 Jan 2012 - Four new justices are appointed to Israel's top court; settler leader says Sohlberg appointment brings much-needed "balance."

Heschel Center deemed to environmentally excel
Jerusalem Post 8 Jan 2012 - The program was one of seven organizations, individuals to receive award, NIS 50,000 by Erdan and Peres.

Tiberias man arrested for using hacked credit cards
Jerusalem Post 8 Jan 2012 - Eighteen year old allegedly used 3 stolen credit card numbers, is arrested by officer disguised as courier.

Israeli parliament debate turns ugly as politician throws water over colleague
The Guardian 9 Jan 2012 - Anastasia Michaeli faces suspension for her outburst after being told to 'shut up' during row over human rights rally An ultranationalist Israeli parliament member faced possible suspension from the Knesset on Monday for hurling a cup...

Israeli TV talkshow host Yair Lapid to launch political party
The Guardian 9 Jan 2012 - Launch of party by presenter of Israel's top-rated Friday night news programme could have dramatic impact on next election Israel's best-known TV talkshow host has quit his job to launch a political party that could have...

Israeli journalist to launch political party
The Guardian 9 Jan 2012 - One of Israel's best-known TV news presenters has turned his back on journalism to launch his own political party. Yair Lapid, who is also a best-selling author and columnist, has become very popular since be began...

[] Vindictive States of America: After cutting funds to Palestinian Sesame Street, US officials make public visit to Israeli version
Uruknet January 9, 2012 - It seems the Obama administration will pass up no opportunity to demonstrate its favoritism for Israel and its petty vindictiveness and hostility towards Palestinians. Today, the US Embassy in Tel Aviv tweeted, "PD [Public Diplomacy] staff met with Israel's Sesame St. Muppet characters during a behind-the-scenes visit at the Sesame Workshop and...

[] Do They Have Cars in Ramallah?
Uruknet January 8, 2012 - After visiting me in Ramallah, a friend of mine who lives in Tel Aviv went back to meet some curious acquaintances who wanted to know more about what it is like in Palestine. The questions they asked says it all; "Do they have cars in Ramallah?" "Are there any cafe's?" If any...

[] Syria News - January 8, 2012 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Uruknet January 8, 2012 -The number of martyrs today has reached 21 including two children and a woman. 13 martyrs in Homs, 6 martyrs in Damascus Suburbs[3 Zabadany, 1 Douma, 1 Kanaker ,1 Qodsaya] and a martyr each of Deir Ezzor "tayanah" and Daraa "Kherbet Ghazaleh"... Homs: Martyrdom of Ady Al-Sawan , 13 years old, by security members'...

[] Iraq Turns Justice Into a Show, and Terror Confessions a Script
Uruknet January 8, 2012 - The cameras were rolling and the reporters were ready inside the auditorium, so the Iraqi police officer gave the signal: Bring in the prisoners. In they shuffled, 21 men accused of terrorism and murder, hands shackled, eyes tracing the floor. This was no day in court. Today, they were lined up to...

[] Gaza: the Olive Fights the Occupation
Uruknet January 8, 2012 - "During hard times, we have survived off olive oil," says Ahmed Sourani from the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee. "Including during the last war," says Sourani, referring to the 23 day war Israel waged on Gaza three years ago. "Many people who couldn't leave their homes had only bread and olive oil to...

[] Settlers 'attack 2 children' in Hebron
Uruknet January 8, 2012 --Israeli settlers in Hebron attacked two Palestinian children in the West Bank city on Sunday, their family said. The group threatened Muhammad Abu Eisha, 12, and his brother Ibrahim, 11, with a knife before striking the children in the Tel Rumeida area, their father, also named Muhammad, told Ma'an. Israeli soldiers did not...

[] Targeting Journalists Covering OWS Protests
Uruknet January 8, 2012 - On September, 17, 2011, US Day of organized protests in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, OR, and Austin, TX. They hoped many more would follow, grow, and spread nationwide. Indeed they have to over 1,000 large and small cities, towns, and communities. "We have had enough," they said. "Help...

[] Protests Continue as Yemeni Cabinet Looks to Promise Immunity to Entire Govt.
Uruknet January 8, 2012 - Yemen's cabinet is reportedly moving forward with a bill that would broaden the immunity granted to dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh, with the new bill extended not just to him, but to "those who worked with him in all civilian, military and security state bodies and institutions during his rule." The move isn't...

[] In one Week, IOF Arrests 7 Fishermen, PCHR Condemns the Continued Israeli Violations Against Palestinian Fishermen in the Gaza Strip
Uruknet January 8, 2012 - The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) condemns the continued Israeli violations against the Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip and is strongly concerned over the escalation of such violations. The violations resulted in the arrest of seven fishermen in two separate incidents, confiscation of two fishing boats, subjecting the fishermen to...

[] Gov. Perry Vows to Reinvade Iraq if Elected
Uruknet January 8, 2012 - After a disappointing fifth place finish in the Iowa Caucuses, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas is looking to build some momentum to salvage his campaign and, as is so often the case with candidates, is looking to do so with hawkish policy statements. But while other candidates have focused on starting new...

[] Gaza Strip - Operation Cast Lead Aftermath :The Al-Rahel family
Uruknet January 8, 2012 - On 8 January 2009, at approximately 11:00, four missiles were fired at the house of Juma'a al-Rahel (45) in Beit Lahiya, injuring 3 members of the extended al-Rahel family: Basma (3), Dima (5), and Faten (41). Many of the extended family were inside the house at the time of the attack, as...

[] Video: Freedom Behind Bars: Thousands jailed in Libya for failing to swap sides
Uruknet January 8, 2012 - The leader of Libya's transitional government admits the country could be sliding into civil war. He says it's a likely outcome unless the NTC takes control over militias and disarms them. The country's justice system also remains a concern, with thousands still behind bars without ever being charged, as Oksana Boyko reports...

[] IOF soldiers detain university student, 10-year-old child
Uruknet January 8, 2012-- Israeli occupation forces (IOF) detained two Palestinian university students after one of them managed to make a kite with an engine that successfully flew in the air as part of an experiment in his engineering faculty in Tulkarem. Local sources said that IOF soldiers broke into the home of Ali Takatka, 19, in...

[] IDF Finally Concedes Gaza Attacks Originated in Sinai, Not Gaza
Uruknet January 8, 2012 - When even the most hawkish of Israel military correspondents concede (implicitly) the IDF's version of the Eilat terror attacks is rubbish, you know you've been vindicated. You'll recall that back in August, after the incident, Alex Fishman, Idan Landau and I all demolished the claims by the IDF that the attackers were...

[] Israeli settler leader: Democracy must be dismantled
Uruknet January 8, 2012 - The veteran settler leader, Benni Katzover, was caught (Hebrew) telling some meshigene Chabad paper, "Beit Mashiach", that "I would say that today, Israeli democracy has one central mission, and that is to disappear. Israeli democracy has finished its historical role, and it must be dismantled and bow before Judaism. All the events...

[] Western oil firms remain as US exits Iraq
Uruknet January 8, 2012 - - While the US military has formally ended its occupation of Iraq, some of the largest western oil companies, ExxonMobil, BP and Shell, remain. On November 27, 38 months after Royal Dutch Shell announced its pursuit of a massive gas deal in southern Iraq, the oil giant had its contract signed for...

[] Marwan Barghouti: Prisoner of Conscience
Uruknet January 8, 2012 - May 3, 2002, during the second Intifada, Israel conducted Operation Defensive Shield. Before Cast Lead, it was its largest military operation since June 1967 when Israel occupied Palestine. On September 23, 2001, a warrant was issued for Barghouti's arrest. On April 14, 2002, he was arrested on spurious charges of murder, aiding...

Israel preparing for nuclear Iran: report
Daily Star 9 Jan 2012 Israel is preparing for Iran to become a nuclear power and has accepted it may happen within a year, the London Times reported on Monday citing an Israeli security report.

Nicotine could ward off memory loss: study
Daily Star 9 Jan 2012 Older adults who are starting to have problems with memory may benefit from small amounts of nicotine therapy, according to a US study published on Monday.

Facebook's newest frontier: inside the car
Daily Star 9 Jan 2012 At restaurants, at movies and at the office, checking Facebook has become a regular habit for many of the Internet social network's more than 800 million users.

Internet body says name expansion won't hurt United Nations
Daily Star 9 Jan 2012 Internet domain name regulators on Monday played down fears by the United Nations and other international bodies that a planned expansion of possible Website addresses could cause them problems.

Egypt's Brotherhood treads carefully after victory
Daily Star 9 Jan 2012 The Muslim Brotherhood has emerged as the biggest winner in parliamentary elections.

China rejects linking trade and Iranian nukes
Daily Star 9 Jan 2012 A top Chinese diplomat on Monday rejected linking Iran's nuclear program to trade.

Golden Globe stars to dine on desserts of gold
Daily Star 9 Jan 2012 When Hollywood's top stars, including George Clooney, Angelina Jolie and Steven Spielberg, attend the Golden Globe Awards next week they will sip vintage champagne and nibble edible gold.

AT&T promises 8 new high-speed mobile devices
Daily Star 9 Jan 2012 AT&T Inc (T.N) announced plans to launch seven new smartphones and a tablet computer early this year for a new wireless network.

Elton John to pen personal story about AIDS
Daily Star 9 Jan 2012 Elton John will write a personal account of his life during the AIDS epidemic, including his friendship with Queen frontman Freddie Mercury who died of an AIDS-related illness in 1991 aged 45.

Apple's Siri puts voice-enabled search in spotlight
Daily Star 9 Jan 2012 Apple Inc will again dominate conversations at CES, the world's biggest technology showcase.

Hints that 'extinct' giant tortoises live on
Daily Star 9 Jan 2012 It may be the ultimate paternity test for a reptile believed lost to history.

Officials: White House chief of staff resigning
Daily Star 9 Jan 2012 William Daley is resigning as President Barack Obama's chief of staff just one year into the one of the most pivotal jobs in U.S. politics, senior administration officials said Monday.

US opposes Sudan's Bashir visit to Libya
Daily Star 9 Jan 2012 The US on Monday opposed a visit to Libya by Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir as he is wanted internationally for charges of genocide and war crimes in Sudan's Darfur region.

To optimize exercise, heed your heart rate training zone
Daily Star 9 Jan 2012 Whether you're interested in running a marathon or staving off the chronic diseases of ageing, to reap the rewards of your efforts getting into the zone is essential.

Lionel Messi named world's best player for 2011
Daily Star 9 Jan 2012 Already judged one of football's all-time greats at just 24, Lionel Messi unsurprisingly extended his reign as the world's best player for a third year on Monday.

Romney blasts Republican attacks on jobs record
Daily Star 9 Jan 2012 Mitt Romney angrily denounced attacks by his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination over jobs lost at firms bought by his hugely rich venture capital company.

"The future is ours", says Hamas Gaza leader
Daily Star 9 Jan 2012 The coming rise of Islamism in the Arab world will strengthen support for the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, which will not give up its armed confrontation with Israel.

Palestinians focused on UN, not talks: Lieberman
Daily Star 9 Jan 2012 The Palestinians have no interest in restarting peace talks with Israel and are just biding their time before returning to the UN, Israel's ultra-nationalist foreign minister said Monday.

Turkish PM warns of civil war in Syria
Daily Star 9 Jan 2012 Turkey's PM Erdogan warned that civil war was looming in neighbouring Syria as President Bashar al-Assad's regime was continuing to "mercilessly murder" its own people.

Syria's Assad to give speech on Tuesday: SANA
Daily Star 9 Jan 2012 Syria's President Bashar al-Assad will deliver a speech on Tuesday about the country's "internal matters," the official SANA news agency said.

Boycott threat overshadows last stage of Egypt vote
YNet News, 9 Jan 2012 - ....

US urges Iran to release American convicted of espionage
YNet News, 9 Jan 2012 - ....

Embrace our Shabbat
YNet News, 9 Jan 2012 - Op-ed: Making Sunday Israel’s official day off will be good for our economy and soul ....

Iranian, Venezuelan leaders rebuff US, joke about bomb
YNet News, 9 Jan 2012 - ....

MK Hasson: Shalit's decision to run for Knesset embarrassing
YNet News, 9 Jan 2012 - ....

Knesset backs 'suspects' names' bill
YNet News, 9 Jan 2012 - Amendment to Courts Act saying suspects names must remain under embargo for 48 hours passes second, third House readings ....

Israeli, Palestinian meeting concludes in Amman
YNet News, 9 Jan 2012 - ....

Gold diggers ravage archeological site
YNet News, 9 Jan 2012 - Two Bedouins from Dimona destroy 2,000-year-old well in search for tall tale buried treasure ....

IDF updates abduction alert to include navy
YNet News, 9 Jan 2012 - Military expands efforts to prevent possible abduction of troops, introduces 'Hannibal Protocol' to navy in case of maritime attack on IDF vessels ....

'Overcrowded IDF jails turn defectors away'
YNet News, 9 Jan 2012 - Deserters who wish to turn themselves in are rejected due to lack of space; 'Situation sends wrong message to draft-dodgers,' army source says ....

IDF hesder students urge Gantz against 'secular coercion'
YNet News, 9 Jan 2012 - Hesder yeshiva students petition IDF chief of staff over order forbidding them from leaving official ceremonies that include performances by women; say decision offensive ....

No apologies to the Jews
YNet News, 9 Jan 2012 - Op-ed: Will Dutch prime minister finally apologize for Holland’s wartime misconduct? ....

MK Michaeli throws water in MK Majadele's face
YNet News, 9 Jan 2012 - Yisrael Beiteinu lawmaker decided to help Labor MK 'cool off' after he calls her 'fascist' during heated debate at Knesset's Education Committee meeting ....

Noam Shalit eyes spot on Labor's list
YNet News, 9 Jan 2012 - Father of former captive soldier Gilad Shalit announces his intention to join Labor Party in next Knesset elections; says he wishes to serve the people, Labor is his 'natural home' ....

Israel's new political reality
YNet News, 9 Jan 2012 - Op-ed: Will Yair Lapid's decision to enter politics change the State of Israel’s face? ....

Jewish settlers launch night attack on Palestinian village in Al-Khalil
PIC - Jewish settlers at dawn Monday savagely attacked Palestinian property, including a car, in Al-Baqa'h area east of Al-Khalil city.

IOF kidnap 10 Palestinians in night raids
PIC - The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) carried out at dawn Monday a wide detention campaign in different West Bank areas where many Palestinians were reportedly kidnapped.

Dr Amer: The countdown to a new Israeli war on Gaza started
PIC - Specialist in Israeli affairs and political analyst Dr. Adnan Abu Amer said the countdown to new military aggression against the Gaza Strip started.

IOA confiscates land in Yatta
PIC - The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has confiscated a land lot in the midst of Tawana village near Yatta town, south of Al-Khalil, and threatened anyone approaching it of a heavy fine.

IOA wants to annex large swaths of Qalqilia land
PIC - The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has issued orders for the confiscation of thousands of cultivated land lots to the east and south of Qalqilia, north of the West Bank.

PFLP, Jihad: Amman meetings poison reconciliation atmosphere
PIC - Popular front for the liberation of Palestine and Islamic Jihad movement have lashed out at the PA meetings in Amman with the Israeli occupation authority.

Qassem: Security coordination and reconciliation do not meet
PIC - Security coordination and meetings with the IOA do not conform to Palestinian national reconciliation, Dr. Abdulsattar Qassem, professor of political science at Najah University in Nablus, said.

Barhoum: PA-Israeli meetings serious threat to Palestine cause
PIC - Negotiations between the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah and the Israeli occupation authority constitute a series threat to the Palestine cause, Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesman, said on Monday.

IOA delivers demolition notices to seven families in Al-Khalil
PIC - The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) served demolition notices to owners of seven families in Khirbat Um Al-Kheir to the east of Yatta town in al-Khalil province.

Haneyya leaves Tunisia after five-day visit
PIC - Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya left the Tunisian capital on Monday after a five-day visit during which he met with the president, the premier, and other officials.

Ashrawi: Europe Must Intervene to End Occupation
WAFA - 17:59-RAMALLAH, January 9, 2012 (WAFA) - PLO Executive Committee member and Palestinian lawmaker, Hanan Ashrawi, Monday called upon Europe to play an effective and distinctive role to end the Israeli ...

Pope Calls Palestinian, Israeli Leaders to Adopt Courageous Decisions
WAFA - 14:06-VATICAN, January 9, 2012 (WAFA) - Pope Benedict XVI Monday called the Palestinian and Israeli leaders to “adopt courageous and farsighted decisions in favor of peace,” according to a statement release...

Israeli Parliamentarian Pours Water on Arab Lawmaker
WAFA - 13:11-JERUSALEM, January 9, 2012 (WAFA) – Israeli Knesset member Anastassia Michaeli of the extremist Yisrael Beiteinu Monday poured water on Arab MK Ghaleb Majadleh in a heated discussion during the E...

Japan Funds Building, Equipment of Health Center
WAFA - 13:05-RAMALLAH, January 9, 2012 (WAFA) – Japan will fund the construction of and equipping a new health center in the Ramallah area village of Kobar for an amount exceeding $100,000, a press release by the ...

Activist: Expansion of Apartheid Wall near Qalqilya will Separate Towns
WAFA - 12:33-QALQILYA, January 9, 2012 (WAFA) – An Israeli decision to seize vast areas of Palestinian land east of the West Bank city of Qalqilya in order to expand the Apartheid Wall will separate two Arab towns...

Israel Closes Down Road Leading to School in West Bank
WAFA - 12:25-RAMALLAH, January 9, 2012 (WAFA) – Israeli authorities closed the only road leading to Khan al-Ahmar elementary school, dubbed school of tires, northeast of Jerusalem, the Palestinian Ministry of Educ...

Palestine Exchange Index Adds Three Companies
WAFA - 12:17-NABLUS, January 9, 2012 (WAFA) – The Palestinian stock market, Palestine Exchange (PEX), announced Monday that it has added three more companies to its Al-Quds Index of best trading companies to bring...

Newspapers Review: Hamas-Fatah Crisis Dominates Dailies
WAFA - 11:36-RAMALLAH, January 9, 2012 (WAFA) – The three Palestinian Arabic dailies Monday highlighted the new crisis in Fatah-Hamas relations following Hamas ban on a high level Fatah delegation from entering th...

Pockets in Hamas Oppose Reconciliation, says Shaath
WAFA - 11:18-RAMALLAH, January 9, 2012 (WAFA) - Hamas leaders have admitted that there are pockets in the movement who oppose achieving reconciliation, Fatah Central Committee member Nabil Shaath said Monday. Sha...

Settlers Attack House, Burn Car East of Hebron
WAFA - 11:01-HEBRON, January 9, 2012 (WAFA) – Dozens of Jewish settlers attacked early Monday a Palestinian house and burnt a car in al-Baqa'a area, east of Hebron in the southern West Bank, according to witnesses...

PCBS: Trade Deficit Up by 10% in 2010
WAFA - 10:49-RAMALLAH, January 9, 2012 (WAFA) – Palestinian trade deficit increased by 9.8% in 2010 relative to 2009 and reached $3,383 million, said the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) Monday. &n...

Fayyad says $1.1b Needed to Cover Deficit
WAFA - 20:51-RAMALLAH, January 8, 2012 (WAFA) – Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said Sunday that he needs $1.1 billion to cover a deficit that was carried from 2010. Speaking to journalists and column wr ...

Interrogator at Civil Protester’s Trial says Questioning Minor was a Joke
WAFA - 20:19-RAMALLAH, January 8, 2012 (WAFA) – An Israeli interrogator speaking at the trial of civil protester Bassem Tamimi on Sunday said his questioning of a minor to get confession from him that would convic...

The Turbulent 2011 at a Glance
Intifada-Palestine: 9 Jan 2012 - by Kourosh Ziabari 2011 was a turbulent year for the world. With chained revolutions in the Arab world, mounting financial crisis in Europe and the unprecedented wave of protests and mass demonstrations in the U.S. against the corporate system of the... more

Film footage from Palestine back in 1896
Intifada-Palestine: 9 Jan 2012 - by Jalal Abukhater / Electronic Intifada It is becoming a trend among influential GOP candidates to call out the Palestinian people as “invented” or even “non-existent”. First we had Republican candidate Newt Gingrich calling the Palestinians an “ invented people”. Another rising... more

29 Lives, Deaths and Standing Ovations that Threaten World Peace
Intifada-Palestine: 9 Jan 2012 - Tim King Cave of the Patriarchs massacre, U.S. Congress and redefined rocket science … Courtesy (SALEM) – In a violent world where a genocide can claim as many as six million human lives in a single ‘program’, it seems... more

Iran Trumpets Nuclear Ability at Second Location
New York Times 9 Jan 2012 - The imminent opening of an enrichment site confronts the United States and its allies with difficult choices about how far to go to limit Iran’s nuclear abilities.

Iran Imposes Death Sentence in U.S. Spy Case
New York Times 9 Jan 2012 - Iran’s Revolutionary Court sentenced to death an American of Iranian descent, Amir Mirzaei Hekmati, saying he spied for the C.I.A., the Fars news agency reported.

Car Bombs Kill 14 in Baghdad
New York Times 9 Jan 2012 - Two car bombs exploded Monday evening in the Iraqi capital, according to authorities, raising already high concerns about an outbreak of a full-scale sectarian conflict.

Observers Appeal Again to Syria
New York Times 9 Jan 2012 - The Arab League called again on Sunday for Syrian security forces and armed groups to immediately halt the deadly violence in the country.

Muslim Brotherhood Backs Egyptian Military’s Transition Date
New York Times 9 Jan 2012 - A leader of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political party said it had decided to support keeping the military-appointed cabinet and prime minister in place for six months.

Archaeologists Use Modern Tools to Reconstruct Ancient Life
New York Times 9 Jan 2012 - Advanced analysis provides revelations for archaeologists at a dig in Ashkelon, Israel.

‘Day of reckoning’ settlers who attacked IDF base have friends in gov’t
Mondoweiss - The five right wing activists (Photo: Gil Yohanan) What started out as a brazen attack by extreme rightwing Jewish zealots on a military base last month is turning into a full-on extravaganza. Going well beyond the 'hilltop youth', it now involves the government. There are reports...

Hey Quartet, Netanyahu left a note for you on the door
Mondoweiss - (Photo Credit: Unknown. First seen here .)

Lieberman plan to strip Palestinian citizenship mirrors liberal demographic fear mongering
Mondoweiss - Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is in the press again for suggesting that Palestinian citizens of Israel should be stripped of Israeli citizenship under a two-state agreement. He says in an AP report , "Any other arrangement is simply collective suicide. This has to be clear and...

Israel’s national theater to bring ‘Merchant’ to World Shakespeare Fest in May
Mondoweiss - Habima National Theatre Unlike many post-Oslo normalization programs that claim to promote peaceful co-existence and respect the ‘Green Line’ – thereby obfuscating the reality of colonial power relations –, the case of the Israeli national theater company Habima presents event organizers and the public with a...

Trying to save two-state consensus, ‘Washington Post’ invokes ‘demographic’ threat
Mondoweiss - Santorum After Rick Santorum's surge had the result of publicizing his view that no Palestinians live in the West Bank--that's Israel, too--Glenn Kessler at the Washington Post did an emphatic "fact-check" of the statement, showing how deluded Santorum is. What I find interesting about the piece...

Three Settler MKs Expose IDF Movements to Settler-Rioters Who Assaulted West Bank Army Base
Tikun Olam - What's the difference between a settler thug and an Uri Ariel? It is so common for Israeli Palestinian MKs to be charged with treason , aiding the enemy, spying, etc. that Israeli Jews not only take it for granted, but accept that the charges are true...

Sheldon Adelson Funds $5-Million TV Ad Campaign on Gingrich’s Behalf, Tars Romney as ‘Predatory Capitalist’
Tikun Olam - Adelson's Venetian Macao Sunset casino-tribute to 'predatory capitalism' As far as I’m concerned, I can die now and go to blogger heaven, satisfied that my sense of political irony can’t be bested by any future headline that would compete with today’s news that global gambling tycoon,...

Regime change in Syria and Iran on hold for now
Voltaire Network 9 Jan 2012 - The lengthy implementation and the heavy capital investment required to kick start the gas pipeline projects designed to meet Europe's spiking demand and to diversify its supply sources are very revealing about Atlanticist ambitions in the region. The Nabucco project - intended to connect Turkey to...

Syria's neighbors fear chaos at their doorstep
Voltaire Network 8 Jan 2012 - The principal focus of media attention has been the second suicide attack that hit Damascus. Only a few of the most representative pieces are featured in this press review. Whereas newspaper reactions to the first attack two weeks ago were skeptical of the Syrian government's version...

Tunisia: Protest At Foreign Affairs Ministry Calls for Prisoners in Iraq to Be Released 9 Jan 2012 - Tunisia Live (Tunis)-A group of bearded men gathered in front of Ministry of Foreign Affairs today, demanding that the new Foreign Minister Rafik Abedssalem intervene to secure the release of Tunisian prisoners held in Iraq since 2003.

Uganda: Palestine to Open Embassy in Kampala 9 Jan 2012 - New Vision (Kampala)-THE State of Palestine is to open an embassy in Kampala and in due course Uganda will also open an embassy in Ramallah, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Asuman Kiyingi has said.

Africa: Iran - When Mere Existence Is Enough Casus Belli 9 Jan 2012 - The Herald (Harare)-"I love the Queen; she is a beautiful lady. But I think time come." Who do you think this is? Incorrect! It is Portia Simpson Miller, the freshly sworn first female Prime Minister of Jamaica. I thought you would guess right by the interesting...

8 Arrested From Beit Ommar Over the Last Week as Israeli Night Raids Continue
Palestine Solidarity Project 9 Jan 2012 - Over the course of the past week, the Israeli army has arrested eight Palestinians from their homes in Beit Ommar, a village in the southern West Bank. Israeli Forces raid the village almost every night, often making arrests and ransacking homes. The raids have often targeted...

Beit Ommar Weekly Demonstrations Continue
Palestine Solidarity Project 9 Jan 2012 - On Saturday, January 7th, 2011, several dozen Palestinian villagers from Beit Ommar, supported by Israeli and international solidarity activists, continued their weekly demonstrations on lands close to the illegal Israeli settlement of Karmei Tsur. Karmei Tsur one of three settlements built on land belonging to Beit...

New Iran site enriching uranium
BBC 9 Jan 2012 - Iran has begun medium-level uranium enrichment at a heavily fortified site near the holy city of Qom, the UN's nuclear watchdog says.

Blasphemy trial for Egypt tycoon
BBC 9 Jan 2012 - Egyptian Christian billionaire Naguib Sawiris is to face a blasphemy trial over a tweet of Mickey and Minnie Mouse in conservative Islamic dress.

Bahrain jails protest policeman
BBC 9 Jan 2012 - A military court in Bahrain sentences a policeman to 12 years in jail for joining protests against the royal family.

Why Is "Terror Expert" Attacking US Solidarity Groups?
US Campaign to End the Occupation 9 Jan 2012 - Szremski US Campaign Steering Committee member Kristin Szremski picks apart Steven Emerson's discredited campaign against American Muslims for Palestine in this investigative article, published in Electronic Intifada. Why is "terror expert" attacking US solidarity groups? Kristin Szremski January 5, 2012 Discredited journalist Steven Emerson, who traded...

Anti-BDS campaigner out of step with pro-BDS consensus of her Catholic order
US Campaign to End the Occupation 9 Jan 2012 - As Mondoweiss' Alex Kane reports, in upcoming assemblies of the national United Methodist and Presbyterian church bodies, leading the fight against resolutions of divestment from companies profiting from Israel's occupation and settlements will be Sister Ruth Lautt, the national director of Christians for Fair Witness on...

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