Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel
Letters to Media by VTJP Members
  Stand in Solidarity with Abdul Razeq & Other Palestinian Hunger Strikers, & End Administrative Detentions by Israel By Alex Cook, VTJP.ORG 6/12/2014
Apartheid in Palestine
By Sister Miriam Ward, Rutland Herald
A defining moment in Palestinian/Israeli history
By Sister Miriam Ward, The Times Argus
45 years of occupation: enough!
By Sister Miriam Ward, The Times Argus
Reflections on the “A” word
By Sister Miriam Ward, RSM, The Times Argus, and Caledonian Record (4/18/2011)
Itamar Violence Begets Violence
By Mark Hage, Times Argus
Call on Israel to end Palestine policy
By Kristin Peterson-Ishaq, The Burlington Free Press
Support cutting aid to Israel
By Jean Archibald, The Burlington Free Press
Israel's blockade of Gaza must end
By Sister Miriam Ward, RSM, The Rutland Herald
Time for U.S. to cut off aid to Israel
By Katherine Shapiro, The Times Argus
Appalled by killing on Gaza aid ship
By Jules Rabin, Burlington Free Press
Outraged by attack
By Anne Bordonaro, The Times Argus
My Turn: Israel must withdraw to the 1967 border
By Wafic Faour, Burlington Free Press
U.S. enables mistreatment
By Mark Hage, Times Argus
U.S. shouldn't support Israel
By Jules Rabin, Times Argus
New mindset needed on Israel
By Neil Richardson, Times Argus
Settlements, deja vu
By Sister Miriam Ward, Times Argus, Rutland Herald
My Turn: The other side of Israel´s 60th
By Sister Miriam Ward, Burlington Free Press
The heart of the matter
By Sister Miriam Ward, Times Argus, Rutland Herald, St.Albans Messenger and Caledonian-Record
5/31 - 6/6/2007
My turn: The clock is ticking. . .
By Sister Miriam Ward, Burlington Free Press
Israelis speak out on Gaza crisis
By Sister Miriam Ward, Rutland Herald/Times Argus/St. Albans Messenger/Burlington Free Press
Demonizing Palestinians
By Neil Richardson, Rutland Herald
Palestine Is Still the Issue
By Sister Miriam Ward, Rutland Herald/Times Argus/St. Albans Messenger
Organize opposition to war in Lebanon
By James Marc Leas, Burlington Free Press
Occupation remains illegal
By Sister Miriam Ward, Rutland Herald
The Civil Rights Tragedy in Palestine
By Neil Richardson, Valley News
February 16, 2006
Wall Is Act of Agression
By Kristin Peterson-Ishaq, Rutland Daily Herald
January 26, 2006
Sharon's record a shameful one
By Mark Hage, The Times Argus
January 31, 2005
Ending occupation is essential
By Miriam Ward, RSM, Rutland Herald (Burlington Free Press 6/5/2005)
Voices for rights of Palestinians
By Miriam Ward, RSM, Rutland Herald
Challenging the Myths of Oslo and Camp David
By Mark Hage, The Times Argus
Israel as occupier
By Sr. Miriam Ward, Burlington Free Press
Security wall obliterates Palestinian rights
By Sr. Miriam Ward, Vermont Catholic Tribune
Tough lover
By James Mark Leas, Burlington Free Press
Capacity for hurt starts at the top
By Mark Hage, Times Argus
Without my consent
By Teri Scatchard, Burlington Free Press
Green Party a real alternative
By Marc Estrin, The Times Argus
Sharon, Bush quite a team
By Jules Rabin, The Times Argus
Madcap action
By Jules Rabin, Burlington Free Press
Israel Culpable on Palestinians
By Mark L. Hage, Times Argus
Plea from the Holy Land
By Sister Miriam Ward, Times Argus
Taxes To Israel
By Monica Simon, Burlington Free Press
Construction of wall in Israel/Palestine amounts to apartheid
By Miriam Ward, RSM, Catholic Peace Voice
September-October 20
Israel plans 300 new homes for Jewish settlers
By Miriam Ward, RSM, Rutland Herald
The 'Road Map' to peace, and the roadblock it faces
By Francis R. Nicosia, The Times Argus
Ethnic cleansing
By James Brooks, Burlington Free Press
The wall
By Peter Lackowski, Burlington Free Press
A War's Rising Toll
By Anne Bordonaro, Newsweek
Apartheid Wall
By Miriam Ward, RSM, Burlington Free Press
Tear down the Wall
By Miriam Ward, RSM, Brattleboro Reformer
Reflections on Independence Day  by Miriam Ward, RSM July 26, 2003
Anti-Semitism Charges Ridiculous
 by James Brooks April 29, 2003
Ethnic cleansing by Israel
 by Miriam Ward, RSM April 15, 2003
Palestinians Under Siege
 by Miriam Ward, RSM April 4, 2003
The Murder of Rachel Corrie
 by James Brooks March 26, 2003
An act of criminal folly
 by Mark L. Hage March 24, 2003
Let’s give thanks to ‘Old Europe’  by Mark L. Hage March 21, 2003
If War Begins Watch Israel  by William Coil February 12/15, 2003
Chemical warhead ruses
 by Mark L. Hage February 2, 2003
War threats are illegal  by James Brooks January 31, 2003
Leap of logic  by Jules Rabin January 28, 2003
Time to grow up  by James Brooks January 28, 2003
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished  by James Brooks January 16, 2003
Not anti-Semitic  by James Marc Leas January 7, 2003
US Slouches Toward Bethlehem  by Sister Miriam Ward January 6, 2003
Civilians Are Being Killed in Palestine  by Mark L. Hage
December 31, 2002
Lock-down in the Holy Land  by Miriam Ward, RSM
December 29, 2002
Palestinian Spirits Low  by Miriam Ward, RSM December 26, 2002
Democracy for Israel  by Robert L. Green
December 12, 2002
Dean should fight to end the plight of Palestinians  by James Brooks December 11, 2002
One Side of the Story  by
Miriam Ward, RSM
December 9, 2002
War of Choice  by James Marc Leas December 4, 2002
Why is peace so boring?  by James Brooks November 28, 2002
Middle East Solution  by Nancy Farrell November 28, 2002
Is Ariel Sharon capable of remorse?  by Mark L. Hage November 7, 2002
Follow Up: Home Demolitions Are Devastating  by Miriam Ward, RSM August 27, 2002
Palestinian Independence  by Miriam Ward, RSM August 26, 2002
Stop Sharon Now - End The Occupation  by Miriam Ward, RSM August 26, 2002
Just Imagine - What If It Were To Happen Here?  by Miriam Ward, RSM August 26, 2002
International law should be their guide  by Tom Smith August 7, 2002
Mideast Comparisons  by Jules Rabin August 4, 2002
Prerequisites for Peace in Palestine/Israel  by Robert L. Green August 1, 2002
Attack dashed hopes  by James Marc Leas July 29, 2002
Palestinian policy counterproductive  by Keren Batiyov July 25, 2002
Working for a Lasting Peace for Palestinians, Israelis  by Mousa Ishaq July 24, 2002
Response re Norman Lockman's 'Israel's Actions'  by Miriam Ward July 21, 2002
Myth of Israel's 'generous offer' damages truth, peace  by Miriam Ward July 20, 2002
Palestinian right of return basic to peace  by Miriam Ward July 16, 2002
Israeli abuse of Arabs July 16, 2002
Shared Responsibility July 16, 2002
Bush's Middle East: Two Responses June 30, 2002
Appeal to CNN  by James Brooks June 24, 2002
The Palestinian As Jew   by Jules Rabin June 5, 2002
Heed the Warning  by George Scatchard August 11, 2001
Source of violence  by Kristin Peterson-Ishaq August 13, 2001
Cycle of violence  by Tom Smith August 13, 2001
Different Opinions  by Peter Lackowski July 18, 2001
Stop the violence  by Hope F. Schultz June 6, 2001
Unholy Alliance  by Teri Scatchard May 30, 2001
Implicit bias  by Peter Lackowski May 13, 2001
Speak out for Humanity  by William E. Coil April 18, 2001
Still happening  by Miriam Ward April 16, 2001
Whose war is it?  by Marianne J. Ward April 14, 2001
Cannot stand by  by Robert L. Green May 6, 2001
To history's right side  by Walter Miale April 1, 2001


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