Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel
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Donations enable us to continue our work for a just peace in the Middle East. Donations to VTJP are tax deductible and are processed through the Peace & Justice Center.


Donate Online
Click the 'Donate' button below to make an online donation using credit card, PayPal, or Good Card. You will be redirected to the Peace & Justice Center's donation page.

PLEASE NOTE: You must designate your donation for "VTJP" to make sure it gets to us. Look for this section of the donation form and fill in the box as shown:

Donate using Peace & Justice Center's donation page


Donate by Mail
Please make checks payable to Peace and Justice Center and mark "VTJP" clearly on the memo line of the check.

Mail to:
c/o Peace & Justice Center
60 Lake Street
Burlington, VT 05401


What We Do

Host visiting speakers from the Middle East
Present community forums, panel discussions, and teach-ins
Host art exhibits, such as Made in Palestine and shows by Peter Schumann and Rajie Cook
Present performances by groups such as Al-Rowwad Children's Theater and Bread and Puppet Theater.
Produce a weekly TV show, Salaam/Shalom, for statewide distribution
Maintain an informal video lending library
Organize demonstrations and vigils
Present films such as Occupation 101, Palestine is Stll the Issue, etc.


Raise money for humanitarian relief in occupied Palestine
Meet with Congressional representatives and staff
Write letters and give interviews to local media
Vermont chapter of the US Campaign to End the Occupation
Coordinate with other groups for peace and justice
Some members visit the Middle East to support human rights & peace
Distribute daily occupation news via this site, Yahoo and other groups
Maintain this website to provide a comprehensive source of the latest news about the occupation of Palestine and the struggle for justice and peace in the region.



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