Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel

  Israel and Palestine, Choosing Sides by Alison Weir
An Introduction to the Israel-Palestine Conflict by Norman Finkelstein
Primer on the Uprising in Palestine Middle East Research and Information Project
Palestinian-Israeli Conflict For Beginners Palestine Remembered
Life Under Occupation Occupation Magazine
  History and International Law  

Question of Palestine United Nations
The Origins And Evolution Of The Palestine Problem 1917-1988 United Nations
UN Information System on Palestine
The Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict Jews for Justice in the Middle East (PDF version)
UN Resolutions on Palestine and Palestinian Rights
A Historical Survey of Proposals to Transfer Arabs from Palestine 1895 - 1947 Geocities


Behind the myths about Hamas By Deepa Kumar
Enter Hamas: The Challenges of Political Integration
International Crisis Group
Our second biggest mistake in the Middle East By Alastair Crooke

Palestinian Loss of Land 1946 - 2000 - click to enlarge
Palestinian Loss of Land 1946 - 2000 - click to enlarge

The shrinking map of Palestine
West Bank: Effect of Closure and Permit regime on Palestinian Movement   UN OCHA
West Bank Barrier Update, July 2006 OCHA
West Bank Barrier Projections, July 2006
Food Insecurity in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, May 2006 OCHA
Territorial Fragmentation of the West Bank, May 2006
Reference Map, October 2005 - Palestinian Communities and Israeli Settlements OCHA

Palestine: Status Quo  Islam Online
The 12 Districts of Mandate Palestine: Palestine Before Al Nakba Palestine Remembered
Royal Commission plan for the partition of Palestine, 1937
Jewish Owned Land In Palestine As Of 1947 Palestine Remembered
UN Partition recommendation, Nov. 1947
Palestine 1948: Commemeration of Al-Nakba
Palestine Land Society
Refugees: Maps
PLO Negotiations Affairs Department
Arab territories seized by Israel in 1948-49, in violation of the UN partition plan
The Near East After the 1967 June War
Palestinian Refugees: UNWRA Refugee Camps, 2001
Settlements in the West Bank
May 2002, produced jointly by B'tselem and Israeli arhitect Eyal Weizman
Israel’s Wall: Maps
PLO Negotiations Affairs Department
Israel’s Wall, Revised Route
B'tselem map of the Wall as approved by Israel's Cabinet Feb 2005

Map Collections:
Maps of Palestine Palestine Remembered
Maps of Israel and Palestine If Americans Knew
Current and historical maps Miftah
Settlements and Political Maps Foundation for Middle East Peace

  Photos of the West Bank: Beauty and Despair S'ra Disantis
Images from the Occupation from the world press and other sources
Maps and Photos of Israel's Wall in the West Bank
Checkpoint Pictures
- MachsomWatch
Photos From Gaza
  Research Reports Jerusalem Media and Communication Centre - JMCC
Introduction to Media Coverage Electronic Intifada
Analysis of Israel/Palestine Media Coverage
If Americans Knew
Research Guide to the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict - Robin Miller
  The 'Generous Offer' at Camp David - all articles
Debunking 6 common Israeli myths - Electronic Intifada
Barak's Generous Offer
The Myth of the Generous Offer
A Most Ungenerous Offer
Americans for Middle East Understanding (or in Acrobat format)
Projection of the West Bank Final Status Map presented by Israel, Camp David, July 2000 Passia

Israeli Settlements in the Occupied Territories: A Guide Foundation for Middle East Peace
Settlements in the West Bank - a May 2002 map produced jointly by B'tselem and Israeli arhitect Eyal Weizman (1.6 MB)
The Politics of Verticality - Eyal Weizman’s extraordinary map of Israeli control over the West Bank forces us to see the Israel-Palestine conflict in a new way
Settlements: Photos and Maps - by Peace Now, maps of settlements, population, and outposts
Settlement Maps Foundation for Middle East Peace

  Israel's Wall  
  Special Report: Israel's Wall in the West Bank
The Apartheid Wall: News and Archives
Maps and Photos of the Wall
  The Treatment of Prisoners and Detainees  
  The Main Checkpoints in the West Bank: Interactive Map MachsomWatch
Summaries: Monthly Reports on Checkpoint Activity
Special Report on the Outrages of Human Dignity at Israeli Checkpoints in the Gaza Strip
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights

VTJP Archives

More resources:
Fact Sheets - Palestine Monitor


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