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Al Rowwad Children’s Theater Comes to Vermont!

Al-Rowwad Center
Al-Rowwad Center is an Independent Center for artistic, cultural, and theatre training for children in Aida Camp trying to provide a "safe" and healthy environment to help children creativity and discharge of stress in the war conditions they are forced to live in. See also Friends of Al-Rowwad USA.

Contrast Project
The Contrast Project works with youth in using digital photography and video as tools for expression and advocacy. The project started in the summer of 2006 with photography trainings with two youth groups in the Bethlehem area of the Palestinian Territories. In the summer of 2007, the Contrast Project partnered with Voices Beyond Walls (VBW) to coordinate video and photography workshops with youth from five refugee camps throughout the West Bank.

Defence for Children International - Palestine
DCI/PS is dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights of Palestinian children in the West Bank and Gaza Strip - as articulated in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child as well as in other international human rights instruments - and to facilitating the creation of an environment which is aware of and respects children’s rights.

Handala Project
The Handala Project is about art and activism. "At first he was a Palestinian child, but his consciousness developed to have a national and then a global and human horizon. He is a simple yet tough child, and this is why people adopted him and felt that he represents their consciousness. " -- Naji-Al-Ali

International Center of Bethlehem
Dar Annadwa Addawliyya -- The ICB is a Lutheran-based, ecumenically-oriented institution serving the whole Palestinian community. The programs of the Center serve the entire community from “the womb to the tomb”, with an emphasis on children, youth and women. Through empowering the local community, developing human resources, cultivating artistic talents, and facilitating intercultural encounters, the ICB actively promotes the building of Palestinian civil society.

KinderUSA is dedicated to: Providing assistance to children and their families of both manmade and natural disasters, as well as to victims of armed conflict without regard to race, religion, or political affiliation. Conducting our humanitarian missions with complete impartiality and neutrality irrespective of political and economic realities. Our current focus is on the forgotten children of Palestine.

Middle East Children’s Alliance
The Middle East Children’s Alliance is a non-governmental organization, working for peace and justice in the Middle East; focusing on Palestine, Israel, Lebanon and Iraq.

Mosaic Foundation
The Mosaic Foundation is a charitable and educational organization founded by the spouses of Arab Ambassadors to the United States. The Mosaic Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of women and children, while fostering cultural, educational, and professional dialogues between the peoples of the Arab world and the United States.

Palestine Children’s Relief Fund
The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund was established in 1991 by concerned people in the U. S. to address the medical and humanitarian crisis facing Palestinian youths in the Middle East.

Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund
The Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund was established by a group of individuals whose goals are to improve the living standards of the children of Palestine in the refugee camps inside Palestine.

Playgrounds for Palestine
Playgrounds for Palestine is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to building playgrounds and recreation areas for Palestinian children living under military occupation.

Popular Art Centre
The Popular Art Centre (PAC) is a Palestinian NGO, founded in 1987 during the first Intifada by EL-Funoun, the Palestinian Popular Dance Troupe. The aim was to provide a forum for local dance groups, musicians and artists. The PAC quickly became the leading cultural centre in the West Bank.

Promotion of Popular Theatre in Development
Civil Society Development And Capacity Building - (2004-2006) -- Popular Theater is a unique educational approach that started with the work and writings of Brazilian artist and educator Augusto Boal. Popular Theater is a highly dynamic, provocative, interactive tool intended to increase awareness, initiate change, or modify attitudes and actions.

Qattan Centre for the Child, Gaza
On Saturday 1st October 2005, the Qattan Centre for the Child in Gaza finally began providing its cultural, recreational, training and information services to children up to the age of fifteen, as well as to their parents and carers. The Centre includes a free comprehensive library featuring more than 82,000 volumes, children’s learning materials, an information technology unit, an exhibition centre and halls for training and recreational events.

Save The Children - UK
"We seek out the most marginalised children, wherever they are in the world, so that means we work in a really broad range of countries, from fragile states like Afghanistan, to developed countries like here in the UK. We work closely with our colleagues in the International Save the Children Alliance, both in our programmes with children and in our international campaigns and advocacy work. "

The Freedom Theatre
The members of the "Freedom Theatre" Association wish to announce that we intend to rebuild the children’s theatre in the Jenin Refugee Camp which was established by Arna Mer Khamis and was destroyed by the Israeli Army in 2002.

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Protest the "Apartheid Wall" - Palestine Monitor Maps and Photos of the Israeli Separation Wall Protest the "Apartheid Wall" - Palestine Monitor Maps and Photos of the Israeli Separation Wall

Schoolgirls at UNRWA's

A Palestinian boy shows off to his friends his collection of tear gas canisters and rubber bullets, after the departure of Israeli soldiers in the West Bank city of Hebron, Saturday, Aug. 23, 2003.
A Palestinian boy shows off to his friends his collection of tear gas canisters and rubber bullets, after the departure of Israeli soldiers in the West Bank city of Hebron, Saturday, Aug. 23, 2003.
'We're trapped ... books free our minds'
By Conal Urquhart, The Guardian, December 11, 2005

Nadeen cradles her folder. She carefully lays it on the table and takes out four books, a notebook, a pencil and what looks like a passport. The 'passport', she says, contains a list of the books she has read recently.

She enjoys holding the books and turning them around in her hands and pointing out characters.

Nadeen Hawareen, aged seven, from Ramallah is one of thousands of Palestinian children who are offered lessons, books and activities by the Tamer Institute. She has been taught to use the books to trigger her imagination. She can paint what happens in her books or act out scenes with her friends.

Tamer was founded in 1989 during the first intifada, when Palestinian children needed an education despite school closures and curfews. The Israeli army, surprised by the Palestinian protest, took brutal measures to regain control, breaking the bones of stone throwers and closing Palestinian areas.

Jehan Helou, the institute's director, said: 'Local communities and civil society tried to find ways of compensating for the closure of schools to ensure that a generation did not grow up illiterate. It tried to be informal, in contrast to the traditional style in schools, and to encourage the seeking of knowledge through reading, creative writing, drama and art.' more..

How to suffocate a people
By Lynda Wafi and Saud Abu Ramadan, Middle East Times, August 14, 2003

Raed Zeid, a six-year-old Palestinian boy from the village of Toura Al Sharqeya, west of the northern West Bank town of Jenin, used to carry his schoolbag and walk to the adjacent village of Nazlet Zeid, where his elementary school is located. He ignored Israeli bulldozers and workers building the security fence between the West Bank and Israel.

Every day, he crossed on foot vast areas of land that were being leveled and razed by the Israeli army, and passed Israeli army machinery. He was indifferent to what was happening.

Palestinian girls look at an Israeli soldier while waiting for permission to get into the Ibraheemi mosque in the West Bank city of Hebron April 21, 2005
Palestinian girls look at an Israeli soldier while waiting for permission to get into the Ibraheemi mosque in the West Bank city of Hebron April 21, 2005

One cool, sunny morning, Raed left his home as usual and started his morning walk to school, but when he returned, there was a big fence separating him from the solitary house that was built in line with the Jewish settlement of Shakid.

Despite international opposition to the security wall, Israel has continued to build it between the West Bank and Gaza. The wall is not situated on the 1967 borders between the occupied territories and Israel; it has been constructed where a vast area of Palestinian property has been confiscated and villages isolated from the Palestinian community.

That day, Raed did not know what to do. He searched for a gap in the fence, but there was not even enough space for a cat to cross. He grabbed the fence with his small hands and shook it as hard as he could, but still it was there and his home unreachable.

Nael Zeid, Raed's father, said that discovering the fence left a psychological impact on his child. He has lost concentration in class, and fear crosses his face when he sees armored vehicles and Israeli troops working on the fence. more..  


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Al-Rowwad Center is a place for life to flourish. (Islam Online/Al-Rowwad)

Gaza circus schools juggle raising funds, training children
Al-Monitor 23 Mar 2017 - Two young men from the Gaza Strip established their own circus schools to teach children and amateurs the art of circus, as a way to express themselves under siege.

Israel shuts down Arab primary school in East Jerusalem
Nigel Wilson, Al Jazeera 3/23/2017
      Israeli occupation authorities shut down the private school a month ago, alleging an affiliation with Hamas.
     Sur Baher, occupied East Jerusalem - Perched on a stool in his mother's shop, Mohammad Jadallah recited the homemade study plans he has used since his school was closed down by the Israeli Ministry of Education.
     "I study science and maths. English is my favourite subject," said the 10-year-old fourth-grader, spelling out his name and grade on a loose sheet of paper.
     The closure of al-Nukhba school in the occupied East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sur Baher has left the parents of the 230 children it served in a predicament.
     In the month since the school was shuttered, Mohammad has spent most of his time at home alone, studying textbooks and checking the school's Facebook page for news.
     His mother Myasser, who runs a local optician's shop, has become concerned that a prolonged closure could damage his educational prospects.
     "Every day, I am at work, so he must do his studying alone. It might affect his exams," she told Al Jazeera. "He sees other students leaving to go to school in the mornings; it makes him feel terrible. I am worried about what will happen in the future."
     On February 23, the Israeli Ministry of Education forced the closure of al-Nukhba school, after a months-long investigation by Israel's intelligence services and Jerusalem police....
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Gaza circus schools juggle raising funds, training children
Al-Monitor 23 Mar 2017 - Two young men from the Gaza Strip established their own circus schools to teach children and amateurs the art of circus, as a way to express themselves under siege.

A New Generation Learns to ‘Shoot’ the Occupation
IMEMC - 10 Mar 2017 - Qurtuba children learn to use cameras (photo courtesy of Human Rights Defenders) Human Rights Defenders have started a new project to protect the human rights of the children who have to live and study in the middle...

Just a reminder: Israel’s increasingly racist public opinion
Antoine Shalha, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 3/8/2017
      While preparing this article, I couldn’t resist the temptation of presenting the results of a new public opinion poll conducted in Israel on the occasion of a Qatari educational conference being held soon. This poll showed that the overwhelming majority of those in Israel are “not prepared” for their children to attend ethnically mixed schools.
     The polls suggest that the most “unprepared” group of people are the Palestinians living in the territories occupied in 1948, followed by the Haredi Jews (orthodox Jews). According to the pollsters, these results indicate an escalation in the ethnic centrality, racist positions and the need to educate the families before the children.
     I believe the presentation of this poll as “giving into temptation” because the thing we can believe in the most in this poll is that “there is nothing new under the sun”, although this is just a reminder and states the obvious.
     It is very easy to find an example illustrating these positions. For example, nearly ten years ago, the settlers living in the Kfar Vradim settlement located in the Galilee played Western classical music on loudspeakers as a response to the Eastern music coming from neighbouring Palestinian towns, especially from Tarshiha.
     Israeli outlet Yedioth Ahronoth published a story about the incident and accompanied it with a public opinion poll that indicated that over 85 per cent of Israelis believe that the settlement’s actions were a suitable response to an angering phenomenon and only 15 per cent considered the behaviour to be arrogant and disregarding of the culture of the others living in the country.
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Michigan man accused of antisemitic Twitter threats was subject of Discovery Channel documentary
Jerusalem Post 9 Mar 2017 - David Lenio is an active Twitter user who has used the social media platform to express countless antisemitic threats, threatening to kill children in mass shootings.

Jewish and Arab female Jerusalemites express mixed feelings on Women’s Day
Jerusalem Post 8 Mar 2017 - 'Women are treated as if they are inferior, like they are children,’ says one woman

Maha, A Gaza War-survivor Child ‘Full of Hope Despite Hardships’
Palestine Chronicle: 8 Mar 2017 - By Palestine Chronicle Staff The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) has published a report describing the life of Palestinian child Maha al Sheikh Khalil, a ten-year old girl who survived the 2014 massacre Israel committed against Gaza’s Al-Shuayia neighborhood. “Looking as if it had been hit by an earthquake, the attack left more than 1949 residential buildings completely destroyed. The arbitrary intense bombing led to 195 civilian casualties, of which 50 were women and 55 children. Furthermore, the 180 children became disabled as a result of this war. A whole new generation of children has grown up knowing nothing but war,” PCHR wrote. PCHR added that Maha suffers from quadriplegia after having caught shrapnel in the neck, resulting in vertebrae spine fracture. “Despite the challenges and hardships she been through, is full of love, and hope. Maha’s childhood memoirs are afflicted with loss, war, and being left with irreparable...more

Detainees’ Committee Denounces Israeli Abduction Of Wounded, Disabled, Child In Bethlehem
IMEMC - 2 Mar 2017 - The Palestinian Detainees and Ex-Detainees Committee issued a statement strongly denouncing the Israeli army’s abduction of a wounded Palestinian child, who previously lost one of his legs after the soldiers shot him to an expanding bullet....

Entire community threatened with demolition in strategic E1 area
Sarah Bedson, Palestine Monitor 2/23/2017
      In an unprecedented move, Israel issued dozens of stop work orders on Sunday for an entire Palestinian Bedouin village on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Khan al-Ahmar is home to approximately 200 members of the Jahalin Tribe that was displaced in the early 1950s from their land near Tel Arad in the southern Naqab (Negev) desert. The tribe is the largest refugee tribe in the West Bank. Eid Kahamis Jahalin, a resident of Khan al-Ahmar, explained to Palestine Monitor how large numbers of Civil Administration personnel and police raided the village of Khan al-Ahmar on the 19th of February at around 5am, declared the area a closed military zone, set up military flying checkpoints to prevent entry and exit to the village, and delivered 42 stop work orders, applying to all of the community’s structures, including its school and mosque. Eid explained that these orders caused confusion, as no works are currently underway and there are no new structures in the community. The Italian-funded school in Khan al-Ahmar was built in 2009 out of mud and tyres to serve 152 children between the ages of 6 and 15 from all nearby communities. Eid explained that if this school were demolished, the nearest alternative would be 15km away. Al’aa Erekat, one of the teachers from the school, said that since its inception, the school had faced many problems with Israel’s threats to demolish it. “It’s very difficult”, she said. “I am worried for the children.” Minister of Education and Higher Education Sabri Saidam, described the recent events as a 'systematic arbitrary measure’ and appealed to all international bodies to promptly intervene to stop these 'inhumane measures’ and protect the educational process, institutions, and children’s’ right to education from such attacks.
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How this West Bank village became a writers' retreat
Al-Monitor 21 Feb 2017 - A Palestinian journalist living in Germany started a cultural retreat program in the West Bank village of Kafr Rumman where visitors, in exchange for educating and interacting with the area’s children, can stay for free.

The revised US position on Palestine-Israel is likely to create political chaos
Thembisa Fakude, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 2/16/2017
      Donald Trump met the Prime Minister of Israel in Washington yesterday. The meeting in the White House was followed by a historic press conference between the two leaders. It lasted less than an hour and in that time the hopes of achieving peace in the Middle East were dashed, certainly for the Palestinians.
     Benjamin Netanyahu accused the Palestinians of hatred and of teaching their children hatred, claiming that the education system pivots around the destruction of Israel. When Trump’s turn to speak came, he continued with the tirade without making exceptions. Nobody, of course, challenged their twisted narrative.
     The conference was historic in many ways. It provided Trump with his first opportunity to set out his position on the Israel-Palestine peace process. Some very important developments arose which look set to define US foreign policy on the issue.
     The US president’s comment about Israel’s illegal West Bank and East Jerusalem settlements caught Netanyahu and, indeed, the audience unawares. “I’d like to see you pull back on settlements for a little bit,” he told the Israeli leader. Netanyahu was visibly flabbergasted. Given that Trump has embraced a transactional and megaphone approach when dealing with various issues, was this the beginning of a negotiation process?
     The second development was a change to the long-held policy of the US regarding the two-state solution. This was possibly the only question for which Trump had prepared. “I’m looking at two-state and one-state and I like the one that both parties like,” he said. “I’m very happy with the one that both parties like.”
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A vision for Gaza
Ruth Baker-Harbour, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 2/8/2017
      Education is one of the most effective ways to break the cycle of discrimination and poverty that children with disabilities often face.
     Palestine has a high proportion of people with disabilities compared to the general population. Around 113,000 individuals suffer from at least one disability, which constitutes 2.7 per cent of the overall population.
     Children with disabilities are one of the most marginalised and excluded groups in societies the world over. They are effectively barred from realising their right to healthcare and even education. Their disabilities also place them at a higher risk of physical abuse, and often exclude them from receiving adequate care and nutrition during humanitarian emergencies. They are also often likely to be amongst the poorest members of the population, with girls facing a double disadvantage due to social stigma and traditional cultural barriers.
     Education is one of the most effective ways to break the cycle of discrimination and poverty that children with disabilities often face. However, access to school for such children is usually limited by a lack of understanding about their needs, unsuitable school buildings and poor learning resources and facilities. More than a third of all disabled individuals aged 15 years and over in Palestine have never been to school.
     The Vision Project, a collaborative partnership between the British charity Interpal and the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), was planned to counter the cycle of deprivation faced by children with limited or no eyesight in the Gaza Strip, where ten years of the Israeli blockade have left those most vulnerable without adequate support and care. Providing a digital education initiative to 217 children by using electronic tablets....
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My sister is refusing to join the IDF — and I couldn't be prouder
Amitai Ben-Abba, +972 Magazine 2/5/2017
      In our childhood we would fight imaginary monsters. Today the monster of the occupation is far stronger — yet Atalya continues to bravely fight on, and is willing to pay the price for her beliefs.
     Tomorrow, Tuesday February 6, my sister Atalya Ben-Abba will refuse to join the Israeli army and will likely be sent to prison.
     Atalya has seen more of the reality of our troubled region than most Israelis her age. She volunteered for a year of national service with her youth movement, Hashomer Hatzair, to work with kids on the margins of Israeli society in the city of Hadera. She began to witness the occupation with her own eyes when she was 15 years old on a tour to Hebron. Over the past several months she started to volunteer with Israeli anti-occupation group Ta’ayush in the Jordan Valley, one of the various front lines of ethnic displacement in Palestine.
     I look on proudly as she joins us to rebuild demolished homes in the West Bank. She says that the military cannot solve a problem that is fundamentally moral and political. “We built a wall,” she says as she picks a still-usable wooden plank out of the rubble. “But behind this wall are people who suffer, people whose reality is a prison. They don’t have the freedom to live, they don’t have things that we take for granted, their land is being taken, their houses destroyed.”
     On Monday I will accompany her to her own chosen prison. She will not go alone — two other refuseniks, Tamar Alon and Tamar Ze’evi, will be there, imprisoned with her for their fifth term, after a total of 74 days on the inside. These young women are ready to take more risks for a just peace than any of their government officials.
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52.000 NIS In Fines Imposed On Imprisoned Palestinian Children In Ofer Prison In January
IMEMC - 7 Feb 2017 - The Palestinian Detainees’ Committee has reported, Monday, that Israel has collected at least 52.000 Shekels in fines and bails, from families of Palestinian children, imprisoned in Ofer prison alone, in January. The committee stated that eight...

Israeli torture of Palestinian children 'institutional'
Ben White, Al Jazeera 2/7/2017
      Confessions by Palestinians who have been tortured are regularly accepted by Israeli judges, rights groups say.
     A recent article published by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz has confirmed the extent to which Shin Bet interrogators subject their prisoners to torture.
     Methods include slapping the head "to hurt sensitive organs like the nose, ears, brow and lips", forcing a handcuffed individual to squat against a wall for long periods of time, and placing the suspect bent backwards over a chair with his arms and legs cuffed.
     The interrogators' accounts echo what Palestinians and Israeli human rights groups have long documented. Prisoners' rights NGO Addameer said that such practices "are known to be routinely and systematically used against Palestinian detainees". Other torture methods used against Palestinians include sleep deprivation and threats against family members, an Addameer spokesperson told Al Jazeera.
     Rachel Stroumsa, the executive director of the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI), said that her NGO was aware of hundreds of complaints and allegations along these lines.
     In addition to interrogation being used to gain information about future acts, "our experience is that torture is also used to obtain confessions regarding past acts", Stroumsa told Al Jazeera.
     In its annual report last year, Amnesty International found that Israeli forces and Shin Bet personnel had "tortured and otherwise ill-treated Palestinian detainees, including children...." -- See also: Palestinians forever changed by Israeli torture
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Educational games co CodeMonkey raises $1.5m
Globes Main News - The Israeli company has developed a game-based learning platform for teaching children code.

‘Protecting children as individuals comes first and foremost’
Jerusalem Post 29 Jan 2017 - The committee called for increased cooperation between all relevant public services – including, health, education, welfare and police – in order to grant full access to information about a child at

NGO report paints grim picture of state of children in Israel
Jerusalem Post 16 Jan 2017 - "There are too many hardships and too few responses in education, welfare, health, law enforcement and the protection of children."

Israel is using prison as collective punishment of the Palestinians
Ramona Wadi, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 1/6/2017
      A report compiled by Addameer, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society and Al-Mezan Centre for Human Rights has explained the statistics of the arrest and imprisonment of Palestinians by Israel in 2016. The figures are staggering.
     A total of 6,400 Palestinians were arrested, including 1332 children, of whom 300 are still imprisoned, among them 11 girls. There were 1,742 administrative detention orders in 2016, of which 635 were new; the others were renewals of existing orders. Prisoners are held indefinitely with neither charge nor trial under this system.
     Perhaps the most striking observation of the report with regard to administrative detention was its rampant use against younger Palestinians: “The majority of administrative detention orders were issued against young people, including those who do not belong to the factions or student blocs.” This contradicts Israel’s regurgitated “security concerns”, yet it is disseminated as a mere observation rather than a fact that should at the very least demand greater scrutiny. Appealing for accountability will remain a wasted effort and one that attracts further violations due to the fact that there is no solid foundation upon which to construct such requests. The language in such circumstances has also failed Palestinians; it borrows heavily from the vocabulary of the colonised in order to make itself heard and, in turn, is ignored systematically by the international community.
     Other violations mentioned in the report are the issues of former prisoners who have been refused parole; the Israeli government’s refusal to release the fourth batch of Palestinian prisoners as part of the deal put together during the last stalled negotiations; and the re-arrest of prisoners who were granted freedom as part of the Gilad Shalit prisoner swap. Solitary confinement, medical negligence — which has, in some cases, led to death — and Palestinian protests through hunger strikes are also given prominence. The report attributes 50 prison deaths to medical negligence.
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Hundreds of Children Arrive in Bethlehem as part of “Bethlehem Heart of Christmas”
IMEMC - 17 Dec 2016 - On Friday, December 16th, 350 children from around Palestine visited Bethlehem’s holy sites to learn first-hand about Palestine’s living Christian heritage. The event was part of the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation’s 12th Annual “Journey to...

Poverty, Hard Data and Colonization
IMEMC - 12 Dec 2016 - The impoverished population in Israel is growing and it mostly consists of Palestinians. ~ Sergio Yahni, Alternative Information Center (AIC) Twenty-five percent of the adult population in Israel and 35 percent of the children live in poverty,...

Breaking the Silence has no place in education system
YNet News, 12 Dec 2016 - Op-ed: Can we educate our children both on Zionism and on anti-Zionism? Can we encourage army enlistment and, at the same time, introduce them to an organization which presents the IDF as the source of all evil? The answer is no. ....

Selected Statistics on Palestine
This Week In Palestine 29 Nov 2016 - Selected Statistics on Palestine: Tourism, Children and Educations, jerusalem, Gaza,… The post Selected Statistics on Palestine appeared first on This Week In Palestine .

'The Palestinian cause is our cause’, say Venezuelan Labour leader
Pablo Navarrete, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 11/3/2016
      Under the presidencies of Hugo Chavez (1999-2013) and now Nicolas Maduro (2013-present), Venezuela has undergone significant changes in its political economy. One notable area of change has been foreign policy. The Venezuelan government’s rhetoric and policies towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict under both Chavez and now Maduro have expressed a strong sense of solidarity with the Palestinian cause while regularly denouncing Israel’s policies of occupation and apartheid. Venezuela has spearheaded diplomatic efforts against Israeli aggression and has established close diplomatic and economic ties with the Palestinian Authority, including oil deals, emergency aid and scholarships for Palestinian medical students.
     In 2009 the Venezuela government broke off relations with Israel in response to its “Operation Cast Lead” attacks on the Gaza Strip which resulted in the death of 1,417 Palestinian, according to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights. Chavez accused Israel of “state terrorism” and said that Israel’s hostilities had “cost the lives of the vulnerable and innocent: children, women, and the elderly.” In 2011, the Chavez government supported Palestine’s attempt to be recognised as an independent state by the UN, with pro-Palestine demonstrations held around Venezuela. The president wrote a personal letter to the UN General Secretary advocating Palestinian statehood and criticising the “barbarism” of Israeli policy towards the Palestinian people. In November 2012, President Chavez condemned Israel’s “Pillar of Cloud” air strike campaign in the Gaza Strip as “savage”, and called for an end to “aggression” against the Palestinians.
     Following Chavez’s death from cancer in March 2013, under President Nicolas Maduro Venezuela has continued to express solidarity with Palestine. In July 2014, during the Israeli army’s “Operation Protective Edge” attacks, again on the Gaza Strip, Maduro launched an “SOS Palestine” campaign to demand an end to Israel’s ongoing bombardment. “Enough already, I’ve joined the campaign. #SOS Palestina, let’s launch it,” he told supporters during a televised broadcast....
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Waleed Shaath is the two millionth reason for ending the siege on Gaza
Professor Kamel Hawwash, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 10/31/2016
      The news that the population of Gaza has reached the 2 million mark was reported widely in the media but has stirred hardly any real action by the international community to ensure that Waleed Shaath — the milestone Palestinian baby — could look forward to a normal life. Waleed was born on 12 October in Rafah; the town in southern Gaza is probably best known internationally for its crossing to neighbouring Egypt. The immediate question that comes to mind is when will Waleed actually be able to travel out of Gaza through this crossing and what sort of a future can he look forward to?
     The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) publishes a weekly “Protection of civilians” report documenting incidents in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). The report for the period when Waleed was born (4-17 October), makes for reading typical of other reporting periods: two Palestinian deaths, two Israeli deaths and a further 115 Palestinian injuries due to violence by Israeli forces, including 22 children across the OPTs. Israeli forces conducted 178 search and arrest operations and arrested 295 Palestinians in the West Bank; on two occasions, they carried out land-levelling and excavation operations in the vicinity of the perimeter fence with Gaza.
     OCHA reports that at least ten incidents involving Israelis opening fire at Palestinian civilians in the Access Restricted Areas (ARA) at land and sea in the Gaza Strip were recorded; while no injuries were reported, two fishermen including a 17-year-old, “were forced to take off their clothes and swim to Israeli naval boats, where they were detained and their boat and fishing nets seized.” A number of rockets were fired towards Israel, causing no injuries, and the Israelis launched air strikes and shelling, which caused no injuries.
     The electricity supply in Gaza, which is inadequate at the best of times, deteriorated further during the reporting period with blackouts increasing from 12-16 to 18-20 hours per day on several occasions....
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Protesters demand release of Beirut mother detained in custody dispute
Daily Star 5 Nov 2016 Friends and sympathizers of a mother detained for refusing to hand over her child to her estranged husband protested in a Beirut suburb Saturday to demand her release.

My grandmother was murdered in Kafr Qasim, now these are my demands
Reem Amer, +972 Magazine 10/29/2016
      I think about the events that led up to the murder of my grandmother and 48 other women, children, and men, along with dozens of survivors who carry their trauma until today. Will we ever see true justice?
     Everyone speaks of the Kafr Qasim massacre of 1956 as if it were an isolated case. As if Border Police officers decided to carry out, without any connection to or orders from the government echelon or military establishment. Yet we tend to forget that the regime and the Zionist movement, which sought to empty the land of it inhabitants, was behind the massacre.
     One cannot disconnect what took place in Kafr Qasim from the injustices and oppression that began in 1948 and continue until today in places such as Al-Araqib and Umm al-Hiran, where the authorities destroy homes and expropriate land on a regular basis. The massacre was yet another attempt to force Palestinians to leave their homeland and join the hundreds of thousands of refugees who were expelled during the 1948 war.
     One of the journalists who came to interview me in the run-up to the 60th anniversary of the Kafr Qasim massacre asked about our demands, and whether we would forgive and move on if only the Israeli government would express remorse. We explained that an apology is not enough. The goal remains the same
     I am the granddaughter of Hamisa Farg Amer, who was murdered on that day in 1956. My grandmother was murdered while on her way back from the olive harvest with her friends who suffered a similar fate, save for one survivor, Hana’a Sliman Amer. My grandmother was born in Jaffa. She and her family lived in the Al-Manshiyya neighborhood, when her family became refugees and fled for the ’67 territories.... -- See also: One almighty military order and 49 dead Palestinians
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EU studying platitudes on human rights
Ramona Wadi, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 10/25/2016
      It is inconceivable that EU diplomats necessitate any more awareness regarding the immense restrictions and human rights violations inflicted upon Palestinians by Israel. Yet, the Palestine News Network has reported that EU diplomats based in Ramallah and Jerusalem visited Palestinian communities living in Abu Nuwar and Khan Al-Ahmar. Both locations have been targeted by Israeli authorities through demolition orders, resulting in displacement as well as Israel’s favourite past time of disrupting any semblance of education for Palestinian children.
     Rhetoric regarding the perfunctory visit was unrivalled in complacency reminiscent of what is regularly stated in international institutions. According to the news report, the objective of the diplomats’ visit was “to gain a first-hand impression of the coercive environment these communities find themselves in”. Feigning oblivion, therefore, still remains a priority for the EU, in order to fulfil the next part of the stated objective, which was “to demonstrate concern at the humanitarian impact of any demolitions and forced transfer of population, and to express the EU’s commitment to a sustainable future for the Palestinian communities in Area C.”
     If the EU intended any constructive coherence, it was immediately lost. For decades, Palestine has been bludgeoned due to an absence of political will to address colonialism. The alternative, which has been imposed upon Palestinians by the international community, including the EU, has been that of turning Palestine into a bottomless pit of detailed research, statistical analysis and information gathering, all geared towards sustaining the obsolete two-state imposition.
     An attempt to portray inclusion of Palestinian opinion was the diplomats’ meeting with Palestinian community leaders “who briefed them about demolitions taking place in their communities, including of the local schools”. What will become of the gleaned information once the political excursion reached its conclusion and diplomats were once again safely ensconced within their privileged abodes is, of course, an untold sequel.
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Using education to normalize horrific acts of violence
Gil Gertel, +972 Magazine 10/23/2016
      This is how the Israeli education system makes it possible for generation after generation of Israelis to accept the most brutal forms of state violence.
     October provides Israelis a number of opportunities for self examination, one of which happened just a week ago, on October 14. On that night in 1953, 600 Israeli soldiers — half of an infantry battalion — raided the Palestinian village Qibya, located just over a kilometer from Israel’s border with the West Bank, then under Jordanian control. The soldiers opened fire, threw grenades, laid explosives, and blew up 45 homes. Sixty-nine residents of Qibya, the majority of them women and children, were killed in the attack.
     Israeli public intellectual, Yeshayahu Leibowitz, wrote an article on the moral failure of the massacre, in which he stated:
     "We must ask ourselves: where does this teenager come from, the one who has no qualms about committing such an atrocity, when was he pushed from within or without to commit revenge? The teen, after all, is not part of the rabble, but rather someone who grew up and was educated on Zionist principles, alongside human and societal values."
     I suggest a response: it happened due to Zionist education, which creates a distorted view of reality, along with existential fears that can erupt in a rage against an imaginary enemy. The following are the building blocks that make up this education as they were expressed in the Qibya massacre. The readers are welcome to compare them to all other Israeli military actions taken that night in October 1953.
     1. Lies and denial
     The first step is creating a smokescreen of lies and denials....
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Israel's NG Solutions signs GSK child formula deal
Globes Main News - The formula to enhance height and weight in pre pubertal children developed by the Schneider Children's Medical Center will be marketed as Horlicks Growth +.

Palestinian mothers teach life, not hate
Dalal Erakat, +972 Magazine 10/11/2016
      How am I supposed to explain to my six-year-old son the heinous acts he witnesses Israel perpetrating against his people? How do you suggest I explain the violence of your occupation to my kid, Mr. Netanyahu?
     In his address to the UN General Assembly last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had the audacity to insinuate that Palestinian mothers teach their children to hate. As a proud Palestinian mother, I must remind him of the life his country — through half a century of occupation and exile — has given our children. As a Palestinian mother, I demand an apology from Mr. Netanyahu, and I call on Israeli mothers to join me.
     My oldest son, Sari, was born and raised in Canada until the age of six, at which point my husband and I decided he had the right to grow up in his own country and among his family. So we returned to our homeland. I always looked forward to the moment when I would get to see my parents on the weekends or watch my kids play with their cousins during recess at school.
     Our return to Palestine, however, was not what I had expected. I quickly had to try and find explanations so Sari could comprehend what was going on around him.
     Our arrival in June 2014 was untimely; it coincided with Mr. Netanyahu launching a military aggression against our people in Gaza. The images of the massive death and destruction were horrific. Sari was traumatized.
     I never tried to impose any political beliefs on my family. I have always been supportive of cultural exchanges, of openness, and I never tried to prevent my children from seeing the world around them. In Montreal, my son would celebrate Hanukkah with his Jewish friends....
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Sights set on youth education despite limited rights to movement and IDF violence in West Bank village
Cynthia Wang, Palestine Monitor 10/5/2016
      The youth of Hizma village have found hope in new educational programs and united powers between villagers. Although they often have their studies disrupted by Israeli road blocks on the way to school or violent clashes inside village, their determination to succeed in their education soars beyond the Wall.
     “We believe that education should be a better way to resist than throwing stones at soldiers,” said Issam to the Palestine Monitor, a volunteer from the International Youth Forum (IYF) and a hizma resident.
     Located in the West Bank with a distance less than 7km north to the old city of Jerusalem, Hizma is segregated and isolated by the Wall where harassment from settlers or armed soldiers happen often on a daily basis.
     Aiming to teach young children of their civil rights and medical lessons, Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS) and IYF provide both summer camps and courses. They not only aim to give youth a better understanding of the occupation, but also to educate them on how to raise people’s awareness around the world about the injustices they face, rather than directly confronting military operations.
     “They teach us how to be confident. It is very important when you face difficulties that you are not afraid of speaking up for yourself.” Aia, a 17-year-old girl from Hizma who first participated the course four years ago and is now volunteering with PMRS, explained to the Palestine Monitor.
     While it is true that there are a number of schools in Palestine teach girls and boys separately, organizations such as PMRS and IFY working in Hizma have supported and encouraged youths to interact with each other in mixed group activities.
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The poet crowd-funding to raise the voices of gifted young Gazans
Matt Broomfield, Palestine Monitor 10/4/2016
      Voice of Gaza, a “tuition-fee free educational centre for gifted young writers” in the besieged Strip, is crowdsourcing donations to expand its 18-month old operation.
     The volunteer-staffed project aims to provide a “safe and positive environment” for male and female students to hone their English-language skills, so they can “explore and nourish their creative and artistic side through music, poetry, and the arts”. Spearheaded by poet and teacher Abedalrahman Elderawi, Voice of Gaza (VoG) has been running on a shoestring since its launch.
     Through a crowdfunding campaign on the website LaunchGood, VoG is now seeking $5000 to kit out new premises in Gaza City.
     With laptops, projector screens and proper furniture, Abdelarahman says VoG will be able to accommodate many more pupils.
     The project was instigated to help local youth traumatised by Israel’s Operation Protective Edge in 2014. in which 551 Gazan children were killed and around 3500 injured.
     “They are suffering but they can’t speak,” Abdelarahman told the Palestine Monitor. “I can see this in the eyes of the children I teach: they don’t have the chance to show their ability, or achieve psychological release.”
     One student who has already benefited from VoG tuition is Dina. Writing in support of the campaign, the teenager explained how VoG teachers had helped her make the leap from basic, conversational English to creative expression.
     She said: “The best thing is that I learned how to write stories, where I am able to express myself fluently and freely without any problems.”
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Musical kindergarten offers future to Palestinian children
Andrea Valentino, Palestine Monitor 9/27/2016
      It took me a while to find the Edward Said Musical Kindergarten. It slouches on a battered Ramallah side street, just off the main road to Nablus. Most people looked blank when I asked for directions. To get in, I had to drag back a rusty latch that opened the garden gate. Behind, is the kindergarten: stout and yellow, with a concrete wall protecting it from the stray cats prowling on the street. A few trees provide some shade. Much of Ramallah looks like this. But if the building looks nondescript, what happens inside makes the kindergarten completely unique. The most striking thing about the school is its educational ethos. As the headmistress, Fida, explains, the kindergarten is not a “music school” in the typical sense. Other schools in Ramallah teach music. But the kindergarten, with its twenty-five pupils, is different: “We have lessons with two teachers, the music teacher and the subject teacher together in the classroom. We [teach] the alphabet and numbers through music.” Everything the children do, Fida continues, “is connected to music.” After getting up their strength at snack time, gorging on fruit and drinking water, the children showed me what Fida means. Before I could even sit down, they sang a song welcoming me to the school in Arabic. With a piano providing dramatic accompaniment, the children then learnt about the seasons. In 'winter’ they burrowed into the floor, while in 'spring’ they jumped up and spread their arms like trees in blossom. Sunrise is explained, meanwhile, through the use of gradually rising scales.
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Women’s Boat to Gaza Diary
Leigh-Ann Naidoo, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 9/26/2016
      Day 1, Thursday 22 September 2016
     It was very hard for me to leave Johannesburg, and the current struggles in South Africa around free higher education. Most of my day was spent reading, thinking and responding to the struggles raging on university campuses across the country and spilling out into the streets. Alongside all of this… I was up like many others at 5.30am to get my child ready for school or get to work. I no longer listen to the radio when I am driving her to the school bus. I realised that she listens and is affected by what she hears. I took her to a meeting at Wits [University of the Witwatersrand] yesterday afternoon and she began to panic when she saw the riot police on campus. As concerned academics and students sat on the university library lawns she played with her soccer ball. She kept coming over and asking me if we could leave. I wanted to take her away. To protect her from this unfolding scene. She asked me why the police helicopter was flying around and around. I decided to take her home and miss the important discussion. Once back in the car she said, “I don’t like the police, they make me scared with their guns and I’m worried that they are going to arrest you and take you away.”
     I was overwhelmed in that moment and had to fight back my tears. The first time I remember feeling scared of the police and afraid that they would take my parents away was when the security branch of the apartheid regime busted into my house and arrested my dad. I was five. I was always weary of the police as a result. Here was my 7 year old, reminding me of what many children in South Africa, in my time and hers, have experienced and seen police do.
     Now that I was the parent, the adult who understands a little bit and works against some of the childhood traumas I experienced growing up under apartheid, was I going to expose my child to this?....
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Detainees Committee: “Israeli Soldiers Kidnapped 1000 Children This Year”
IMEMC - 25 Sep 2016 - The Palestinian Detainees Committee reported Saturday that Israeli soldiers have kidnapped at least 1000 children, between the ages of 11 and 18, since the beginning of this year. Testimonies from six detained children are included in...

Passing Palestine’s nightmare to Israel
Iqbal Jassat, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 9/19/2016
      The month of September carries painful memories for Palestinians. It is marked by commemoration activities recalling the horrors of Israel’s brutal and bloody massacres. Without exception, Palestinians as a collective remember those tragic events which robbed them of dear friends and family members.
     One such was the 1982 massacre at the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila in Beirut, when Israeli soldiers facilitated the slaughter of Palestinian civilians in a weekend orgy of bloodshed. Not without reason have historians described Ariel Sharon’s troops as those who “slaughter children” and “rip open the stomachs of pregnant women.” Indeed, what can be more horrific than them actually “betting on the sex of the embryos”?
     The late Professor Edward Said described this massacre as a concerted, deliberate attempt to strip Palestinians of their national identity and, as journalist Robert Fisk has remarked, the stench of injustice still pervades the camps where 1,700 Palestinians were butchered 34 years ago. I can attest to this, having visited Sabra and Shatila in 2003 and being privileged to address grief-stricken families and a huge crowd of activists marking what was then the 21st anniversary of the atrocity. The camps are a memorial to war criminals and their allies in London, Paris and Washington, who continue to evade justice.
     The same can be said of Arab leaders. While these surrogates of the West have regularly expressed grief for the victims of the 9/11 attacks on the US, none has dared to visit Sabra and Shatila’s mass graves. “Arab potentates bleed in their hearts for the Palestinians,” notes Fisk, “but an airfare to Beirut might be a bit much these days – and which of them would want to offend the Israelis or the Americans?”
     As the horrors of various atrocities committed against Palestinians are recalled, it may sound strange....
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Erekat’s contribution to Israeli and international impunity
Ramona Wadi, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 8/30/2016
      Two years have passed since Israel’s brutal military offensive – “Operation Protective Edge” – and justice for Palestinians remains elusive. This is due in large part to the fact that Israel, the Palestinian Authority and the international community have synchronised their efforts to ensure that Palestinian narratives remain smothered by pernicious rhetoric and orchestrated bureaucratic delays. As a result, Israel can continue to act with impunity.
     Last week, the Israel Defence Forces absolved themselves of war crimes committed during the aggression against Gaza in 2014. The Israeli Military Advocate General’s office issuing a statement insisting that it “found that the targeting process in question accorded with Israeli domestic law and international law requirements.” The murder of men, women and children was deemed “tragic and regrettable” despite the fact that deliberate precision strikes were used to inflict a considerable civilian death toll, thus rendering any even remotely apologetic statement from Israel hypocritical, meaningless and void.
     A brief statement by the PLO’s Saeb Erekat published in Palestine News Network is replete with the usual expressions that feign determination and expose acquiescence. After saying that Israel’s self-absolution regarding war crimes was to be expected, Erekat stated that accepting the “outcome of the Israeli ‘investigation’ would set a dangerous precedent.” In conclusion, he insisted once again that, “The international community has a responsibility to protect the Palestinian people from the belligerent Israeli military occupation and put an end to Israel’s impunity for all the crimes committed against the land and people of Palestine.”
     Israeli NGO: 27 cases of suspected war crimes in Gaza, zero indictments
     Erekat’s rhetoric, brimming with misplaced priorities, is reminiscent of other attempts to convey the severity of Israeli human rights violations while being fully aware that he is invoking the wrong actors to intercede on Palestine’s behalf....
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Bennett announces Shevah Mofet high school to remain unchanged
YNet News, 2 Sep 2016 - After days of heated discussions and protests over Tel Aviv municipality's plans to restrict acceptance into school in south of city to make way for illegal migrant children, education minister steps in to set matters straight; 'School won't be closed, fundamental composition will be left unchanged.' ....

Two Palestinian Children Tell Stories of Abuse in Israeli Jails
IMEMC - 1 Sep 2016 - PNN file photo: Israeli soldiers arresting Palestinian child Recently, two Palestinian child detainees, Mu’men Hamayel and Oday Bader, told attorneys from the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs that they have been physically abused and severely beaten after...

PM to Arab schoolchildren: ‘This is your state’
Jerusalem Post 1 Sep 2016 - Netanyahu said he expects the children to learn Hebrew, Arabic and English, and to learn Jewish history as well as the history "of your communities."

PM, Tel Aviv mayor clash over plans to accept migrant kids to top school
YNet News, 1 Sep 2016 - Municipality announces Shevah Mofet will stop accepting students from outside the city to make room for students from southern Tel Aviv—mostly children of asylum seekers; Netanyahu objects to turning the school into 'educational institution for infiltrators,' leading to exchange of accusations. ....

School strikes feared just hours before children return from summer holidays
YNet News, 31 Aug 2016 - Education Minister Naftali Bennett faces mounting pressure over numerous threats of strikes across Israel; reasons range from failure to pay teachers' salaries to shortage of security guards. ....

Najran Prince: Killing of Women, Children Reveals Militias’ Barbarism
Asharq Alawsat ME News 31 Aug 2016 - From ASHARQ AL-AWSAT . Najran- Najran Prince Jelawi bin Abdulaziz bin Musaed expressed condolences to the families of the children who were killed in … continue reading Najran Prince: Killing of Women, Children Reveals Militias’ Barbarism

The stark difference between Israeli and Arab schools on the same side of the separation barrier
Eitan Kalinski, +972 Magazine 8/28/2016
      Just five minutes from Kfar Saba, under full Israeli control, children from the village Arab a-Ramadin will attend a school made of clay, without electricity, and most certainly without computers. All my years as a teacher and administrator couldn’t have prepared me for this place.
     As I stood in front of a structure called ‘School for the Children of the Village of Arab a-Ramadin,’ located five minutes from Kfar Saba, I felt myself shamefully shed over 40 years of teaching. A stone’s throw from Kfar Saba’s cultural centers and educational palaces to the west, and the settlement of Alfei Menashe to the east, stands a cramped condemnable clay structure with a gaping roof. We’ll call it a school.
     In Kfar Saba, which as I mentioned is five minutes away from this school, the staff of teachers at every school is diligently undergoing final preparations to receive the students who will arrive to smart classrooms, laboratories for chemistry and physics, computer and robotics rooms, a gymnasium, spacious well-lit classes, air conditioning that will give you chills during heat waves, heating that will warm students when it’s cold, an expansive yard for recess, bathrooms and water fountains in the yard, and lockers and cold water in the corridors.I have been a teacher for over 40 years. I assumed managerial positions for several years and led a teacher’s seminar in Safed. All my organs associated with the education system suffered from shock on Saturday, when I left a tour with dozens of young members of Combatants for Peace and stood before this structure. I felt the intensity of a painful gap between what I experienced throughout all my years in the school system, and the trampling of respect for student and the teacher, which will take place on September 1 at the ‘gate’ of the Arab a-Ramadin school.
     On the other hand, for the children of Arab a-Ramadin — located in Area C, under Israel full Israeli jurisdiction....
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Towards Better Mental Health Services in Palestine
This Week In Palestine 30 Aug 2016 - Inclusive summer camps have been organized by El Mustakbal Elementary School in El Khader for at least the past fifteen years. El Mustakbal School offers mainstream education for children from Al Khader and its surroundings as well as rehabilitation classes for children with disabilities. When we...

France to teach children how to react to school attacks
YNet News, 24 Aug 2016 - The new requirements from the French government come following a string of extremist attacks in the country, and in Europe at large. "It's not a question of succumbing to panic or into paranoia, but simply to face our responsibilities," said Education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem. ....

Growing trend of children suicide bombers
YNet News, 23 Aug 2016 - In Iraq, Nigeria and now Turkey, child bombers strike; the growing trend of Islamic terrorists to exploit children to serve their murderous purposes. ....

Keep Israel`s militarism away from asylum seeker children
Occupation Magazine 19 Aug 2016 - Dror Mizrachi--But the question that needs to be asked is how, from the get go, did we get to the point in which soldiers take an active role in education — vis-a-vis refugees or citizens — all while turning mandatory enlistment into a natural and legitimate...

NGO establishes NIS 2 million fund to help housebound sick children
YNet News, 18 Aug 2016 - The World ORT Kadima Mada fund will be used for financing treatments for rare illnesses, medical devices, orthodontic treatments, accessible learning aids and more. ....

Keep Israel’s militarism away from asylum seeker children
+972 Magazine - Asylum seekers deserve to learn from quality teachers — not from Israeli soldiers. By Dror Mizrachi Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman (C) seen during a visit to the North Front Command on August 16, 2016. (Ariel Hermoni/Ministry of Defense) Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman caused controversy this week when...

Gaza children return after a 10-day football trip in Ireland
Eloïse Bollack, Palestine Monitor 8/15/2016
      "It was an amazing trip; a dream come true. I have learned so much and Irish people were so friendly with us," told Muhannad Abu Ouda the Palestine Monitor. Muhannad is one of the 14 children from the Gaza Strip who have just returned from a 10-day visit to Ireland to play football. Aged 10 to 14 years old, the young team of Al Helal football club toured seven cities and won all games against local teams. The kids also met with the President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins, in Galway where they played at halftime of the Galway United vs Dundalk match in front of thousands of spectators on Friday, August 5. The project "Gaza kids to Ireland", initiated by Gaza Action Ireland (GAI), required two long years of work to gather the funds and prepare logistics. GAI was formed by Irish activists who were involved in the Irish Ship to Gaza campaign that was launched to maximise Irish participation in the Freedom Flotilla 2. The "Gaza Kids to Ireland" project was launched in 2014 by former Irish football manager Brian Kerr and former rugby international Trevor Hogan after a visit to Gaza.
     "We had huge difficulties to get the travel permits from the Israeli authorities," explained Zoe Lawlor, GAI Coordinator. "The group was initially to be here on July 13, but their permits weren't granted so we had to reschedule our entire program. Then we spent a lot of time trying various diplomatic routes and, eventually they were granted except for one player, Karam Zedan, who had been injured during the Israeli attack in 2009," she added.
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The Future belongs to the Optimists
Uri Avnery, Arabic Media Internet Network (AMIN) 8/12/2016
      IF I were a cartoonist, I would draw Israel as a length of hose pipe. At one end, Jews are flowing in, encouraged by anti-Semites and a large Zionist apparatus. At the other end, young disappointed Israelis are flowing out and settling in Berlin and other places. By the way, the numbers entering and leaving seem to be about equal. FOR SOME weeks now, I have felt like a boy who has thrown a stone into a pool. Rings of water created by the splash get larger and larger and expand more and more. All I did was write a short article in Haaretz, calling upon Israeli emigrants in Berlin and other places to come home and take part in the struggle to save Israel from itself. I readily conceded that every human being has the right to choose where he or she wants to live (provided the local authorities welcome them), but I appealed to them not to give up on their home country. Come back and fight, I pleaded. An Israeli who lives in Berlin, the son of a well-known Israeli professor (who I appreciate very much) answered with an article entitled "Thank you, No!" He asserted that he has finally despaired of Israel and its eternal wars. He wants his children to grow up in a normal, peaceful country. This started a furious debate which is still going on. WHAT IS new about this verbal fight is that both sides have given up pretense.
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Army Jeep Rams A Child Near Jenin
IMEMC - 10 Aug 2016 - An Israeli military jeep rammed, on Wednesday evening, a Palestinian child, south of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, before the soldiers detained and interrogated him instead of providing him the needed medical aid. Palestinian...

Army Jeep Rams A Child Near Jenin
IMEMC - 10 Aug 2016 - An Israeli military jeep rammed, on Wednesday evening, a Palestinian child, south of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, before the soldiers detained and interrogated him instead of providing him the needed medical aid. Palestinian...

The horror of childhood under occupation
Electronic Intifada - Firsthand accounts of Palestinian children imprisoned by Israel reveal systemic abuse.

The horror of childhood under occupation
Electronic Intifada: 9 Aug 2016 - Firsthand accounts of Palestinian children imprisoned by Israel reveal systemic abuse. more..

Bahar: Israel's child imprisonment law "fascist and racist"
PIC - 6 Aug 2016 - First deputy speaker Ahmed Bahar has strongly denounced the new Knesset law which allows Palestinian children under age 14 to be tried and jailed, describing it as "fascist and racist."

Israel approves law that allows imprisonment of East Jerusalem youth under 14
Josh F, Palestine Monitor 8/4/2016
      The Israeli Knesset passed a bill into law on Wednesday allowing for the imprisonment of Palestinian youth under 14 in East Jerusalem for acts of terrorism.
     According to Ayed Abu Eqtaish, Accountability Program Director for the NGO Defense for Children International in Palestine, terrorism in this case refers either to murder or attempted murder.
     The law targets East Jerusalem youth who allegedly attempted attacks on Israeli civilians and military personnel.
     “We believe that this new law is a discriminatory law,” Abu Eqtaish told Palestine Monitor.
     Yet in the West Bank, Palestinian children live under Israeli military law and are eligible for imprisonment from the age of 12. In addition, a law was passed a year ago that allows sentencing anyone - including children - for up to 20 years for throwing stones if intent to harm could be proven, and up to 10 years without proof of intent.
     Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah slammed the new law in a statement, calling it a “disregard for children’s rights.”
     “This makes Israel the sole country in the world where children are systematically tried in military courts and subject to torture, inhumane treatment and punishment, according to a report by UNICEF,” read the statement. Ma’an News reported that the bill, labeled the “Youth Bill,” was introduced into the Knesset by MK Anat Berko (Likud). It passed with 32 in favor, 16 against, and one abstention.
     Berko called the new law a “necessity,” citing “a wave of terror....”
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Syrian Arab Republic: Qatar Supports the Education of Palestine Refugees from Syria through Educate A Child
Relief Web 29 Jul 2016 - Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: occupied Palestinian territory, Qatar, Syrian Arab Republic Giving children access inclusive quality education provides them with the opportunity to change their lives for the better. Educate...

Palestinian man accused of July 1 shooting killed as Israeli forces bombard and destroy his home
Lili Martinez, Palestine Monitor 7/27/2016
      A Palestinian accused of the shooting death of Rabbi Michael Marc on July 1 was killed in his home in the village of Surif last night after the Israeli army surrounded and bombarded his home with anti-tank missiles, destroying it.
     It is unclear exactly how Mohammed Faqih, 29, was killed, as bulldozers demolished the home after the initial attack, during which the Israeli army said it exchanged fire with Faqih. Maan News reported Faqih’s body was seen being lifted out of the house in the bucket of the Israeli army bulldozer.
     According to a statement in Arabic by the Israeli army, Faqih carried out a shooting attack on Route 60 between the illegal Israeli settlements of Beit Hagai and Otniel south of Hebron in which Marc was killed and his wife and children were injured.
     Faqih’s killing and the destruction of his house sparked clashes in Surif and the surrounding area during which four Palestinians were detained in connection to Faqih’s alleged attack, and the Israeli army used rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse protesters, wounding a Palestinian woman.
     While originally from the village of Dura, Faqih had lived in Hebron and had been detained in the past for alleged activity in the Islamic Jihad group. Haaretz reported that according to the Shin Bet, Faqih had become affiliated with Hamas in prison.
     The Israeli army has implemented widespread closures in the Hebron area while they hunted for the perpetrator of the shooting attack on July 1, and in response to the stabbing death of a 13-year-old girl in Kiryat Arba on June 30. [END]

Addameer Report — “In the Shadow of the 2014 Gaza War: Imprisonment of Jerusalem’s Children”
IMEMC - 22 Jul 2016 - via the

Palestinian child Muawiya Alqam, 14, sentenced to 6.5 years in Israeli prison
Occupation Magazine 19 Jul 2016 - Samidoun - Muawiya and his cousin Ali Alqam, 12, were arrested on 10 November 2015 and accused of attempting to stab an Israeli occupation guard on the Jerusalem light rail. Today, Ali, who was 11 at the time of arrest and turned 12 while imprisoned, is...

How your contributions power Mondoweiss journalism
Mondoweiss - On June 30, 2016, you and other Mondoweiss readers learned of a legal complaint against a French weapons manufacturer for its complicity in the death of children during Israel’s 2014 assault on Gaza. Mondoweiss published the story of both the lawsuit and Obliterated Families , an interactive...

'Crisis' in Lebanon for Syrian children out of school
Middle East Eye 19 Jul 2016 - Language Undefined A report released by Human Rights Watch said Syrian refugee children are not getting access to education in large numbers

Police arrest three minors in Bedouin village as expulsion efforts continue
Mairav Zonszein, +972 Magazine 7/19/2016
      Police arrest three children in ‘unrecognized’ village of Al-Araqib, as the Jewish National Fund continues its forestation project on village land.
     Two children, 12 and 13, were arrested in the unrecognized Bedouin village of al-Araqib in Israel’s south on Monday, as the Jewish National Fund (JNF) entered the village accompanied by police forces to resume cultivating land for a forestation project. Another youth was also arrested Tuesday morning, the circumstances of which are still unclear.
     After a long and successful struggle to stop the JNF from cultivating the remaining plots of land that have not been destroyed, authorities returned this week, even establishing a camp southeast of the village’s cemetery.
     Two minors were arrested for allegedly disrupting police conduct and assaulting an officer; they were released the following day and ordered to keep away from the plots for 30 days.
     The land in question is currently in the process of ownership registration and has yet to be legally resolved. In 2012 an Israeli court ruled that no irreversible changes should be made on these plots of land, which the Bedouin families claim as their own. Despite promises made by JNF chairman Efi Stenzler to halt any work until the issue is cleared legally, tractors began plowing this week.
     Al-Araqib has been demolished 100 times since July 2010. It is one of 35 “unrecognized” Bedouin villages in the Negev desert in southern Israel, which means Israel refuses to provide residents with connections to the national water and electricity grids, provide them with health and educational services, or any basic infrastructure.
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Prisoner Society: Israel arrests Palestinian children to collect fines
PIC - 13 Jul 2016 - Palestinian Prisoner Society revealed that Israeli authorities issued 24,000-shekels fines against Palestinian detained minors during the month of June only.

False balance helps no one
Daoud Kuttab, Arabic Media Internet Network (AMIN) 7/14/2016
      One of the lessons professional journalists have learned over the years is that objectivity and balance can sometimes be wrongly used. If, as a journalist, you are witnessing rain, you are not obliged to report that one side says it is raining and the other side says it is not. You have an obligation to your audience to tell it simply that it is raining. Such false balance is often seen in conflict-resolution cases where the side attempting to mediate a case where one side is clearly guilty and failing to act to resolve the conflict, presents a “balanced” solution to a skewed situation, accusing each side of committing some kind of mistake. This false balance naturally produces an angry response from the side that is actively trying to produce a solution. In its attempt at striking balance in the asymmetrical Palestinian-Israeli situation, the Quartet, made up of the US, UN, EU and Russia, balances Israel’s nearly 50 years of military occupation and illegal colonial settlements with Palestinians’ “incitement to violence”. The often-repeated accusations that Palestinian school textbooks and media are instruments of incitement to violence have long been scientifically debunked even though they were regularly repeated by Israeli officials and Israeli apologists. The claim that Palestinians teach their children hate has been rejected by tens of American and European, as well as Israeli and Palestinian, academic studies since the turn of the millennium. A 2005 US congressional bipartisan report asserted that Palestinian textbooks “do not incite Palestinians towards anti-Jewish violence or constitute a ‘war curriculum’.”
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Report: 7 Martyrs, 963 detainees in Jerusalem since January
PIC - 9 Jul 2016 - The information center of Wadi Hilweh documented the martyrdom of seven Jerusalmite people including a girl child, a minor and a woman.

IOF detains 5 Palestinian children for few hours
PIC - 7 Jul 2016 - The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) detained late Thursday five Palestinian children for few hours before releasing them.

Syrian refugee children in Lebanon face growing sex abuse threat
BBC 6 Jul 2016 - Aid agencies in Lebanon say increasing numbers of Syrian refugee children are being sexually abused, as Lina Sinjab reports.

Syrian refugee children in Lebanon face growing sex abuse threat
BBC 6 Jul 2016 - Aid agencies in Lebanon say increasing numbers of Syrian refugee children are being sexually abused, as Lina Sinjab reports.

Syrian refugee children in Lebanon face growing sex abuse threat
BBC 6 Jul 2016 - Aid agencies in Lebanon say increasing numbers of Syrian refugee children are being sexually abused, as Lina Sinjab reports.

Syrian refugee children in Lebanon face growing sex abuse threat
BBC 6 Jul 2016 - Aid agencies in Lebanon say increasing numbers of Syrian refugee children are being sexually abused, as Lina Sinjab reports.

PHOTOS: Circus performers stage vigil for imprisoned Palestinian clown in Tel Aviv
Activestills, +972 Magazine 7/5/2016
      Palestinian and Israeli performers set up shop in a central Tel Aviv pedestrian promenade to demand the release of Mohammed Abu Sakha, a Palestinian clown Israel is imprisoning without charge or trial.
     Circus performers from the West Bank city of Nablus and jugglers from Israeli staged a protest performance in central Tel Aviv Tuesday calling on Israeli authorities to release Mohammed Abu Sakha, a Palestinian clown who has been imprisoned by Israel for seven months, much of which in administrative detention — a draconian tool Israel uses to hold Palestinians without charge or trial.
     The performance, which Amnesty International helped organize, was held at Tel Aviv’s weekly artists market on Nahalat Binyamin Street. The central component of the performance was small cage containing a clown. Around him, the jugglers juggled and circus performers put on acrobatic maneuvers.
     Israeli forces arrested Abu Sakha last December at the Za’atara checkpoint while on his way to visit his parents in the West Bank city of Jenin. Shortly thereafter, he was placed in administrative detention. In June, his administrative detention order was renewed for another six months. Like all Palestinian administrative detainees, of whom there are over 700 at the moment, Abu Sakha does not know of what he is accused and has no opportunity to defend himself against the accusations.
     Until his arrest, Abu Sakha operated the Palestinian Circus School in the West Bank, teaching circus performance to Palestinian children. Abu Sakha started learning the art of circus nine years ago, when he was 14 years old, and since then, it has become his entire life.
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Israeli Soldiers Detain Four Children Near Jenin
IMEMC - 2 Jul 2016 - Israeli soldiers detained, on Saturday at night, four Palestinian children at a military roadblock the soldiers installed on the main entrance of their village, Zabbouba, west of the West Bank city of Jenin. Eyewitnesses said the...

Military Court Watch – 4 years on less than 3 per cent of recommendations have been implemented
Gerard Horton, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 6/30/2016
      This month marks four years since a delegation of prominent British lawyers published a report on the treatment of Palestinian children under Israeli military law. The Foreign Office funded report – Children in Military Custody – found undisputed evidence that the military detention system violated at least six articles under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and two articles under the Fourth Geneva Convention.
     The delegation, led by Sir Stephen Sedley, a former Court of Appeal judge and Baroness Scotland QC, a former Attorney General, made 40 recommendations including the following:
     Children should not be arrested at night except in extreme and unusual circumstances;
     Parents should be promptly notified of the reasons for arrest and place of detention;
     Children should never be blindfolded or hooded;
     Single plastic hand ties should never be used;
     Children should not be transported on the floor of vehicles;
     Children should be informed of their right to silence at the time of arrest;
     Children should consult with a lawyer prior to interrogation;
     Children should be accompanied by a parent during interrogation;
     The prohibition on violent, threatening or coercive conduct should be strictly observed; and,
     All Palestinian children detained under Israeli military law should be held in facilities in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and not in Israel, which constitutes a breach of article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.
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Britain’s exit from the EU should ring alarm bells in Palestine
Ibrahim Hewitt, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 6/25/2016
      The news that a majority of voters in Britain have opted to leave the European Union has produced a lot of surprise, shock and anger, and that’s just within the UK itself. The result has given a major boost to far-right extremists who see it as a mandate for their politics based on anti-immigrant, Islamophobic hatred. Time will tell what effect this will have on British citizens, some of whom clearly had little understanding of what they were doing (the case of Cornwall is a good example; in receipt of millions of Euros in EU subsidies, the county council is pleading for these to be protected when Britain leaves; quite astonishing). However, given Prime Minister David Cameron’s resignation, there is also likely to be a major effect on Britain’s foreign policy, not least in the Middle East.
     Although he is, of course, a supporter of the Zionist state of Israel — one of its “staunchest allies” according to Jewish Chronicle editor Stephen Pollard — Cameron has on occasion been critical of the regime in Tel Aviv; notably, he once described the Gaza Strip as “a prison camp”, and Britain still maintains official opposition to Israel’s illegal colonial-settlements. Nevertheless, with Cameron stepping down, the way is open for people like the more the brazenly neo-conservative Zionist Michael Gove to take power. Gove is unashamedly pro-Israel, as my colleague Yvonne Ridley pointed out earlier this year. “There are few politicians more servile and loyal to Israel than Britain’s Justice Secretary,” she wrote. “So servile,” in fact, that he is prepared to “airbrush Israel’s apartheid crimes” out of the picture, to the extent that his pro-Israel utterances have been at odds with Britain’s foreign policy.
     Gove describes himself as a “proud Zionist” and has a track record of attacking anyone not following the Israeli narrative. As far back as February 2008, he “slandered” (the word used by a fellow parliamentarian) me in the House of Commons when he was in opposition. My crime, in his eyes (apart from being deeply involved in the education of British Muslim children), was that I had “called ‘political Zionism a threat to world peace’…”
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Palestine: 'Hundreds detained' since start of Ramadan
AlJazeera 26 Jun 2016 - Monitoring group says 330 Palestinians, including 60 children, have been detained as raids in West Bank are stepped up.

US Congress members question Israel’s abuse of Palestinian children
Nasim Ahmed, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 6/23/2016
      Members of the US Congress made an unprecedented move by calling for the appointment of “a special envoy for Palestinian youth”. In a letter to Barack Obama, US lawmakers petitioned the President to address the abuse of Palestinian children.
     Twenty members of the US Congress signed the letter urging the “Department of the State to elevate the human rights of Palestinian children to a priority status” and warned of the dangers in “ignoring the trauma being inflicted on millions of Palestinian children”.
     If Obama approves, the new appointment will authorise the special envoy to travel to the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Israel to hear directly from Palestinian youth, human rights and legal experts, NGOs, Palestinian and Israeli officials, including police and military leaders about the ill treatment of Palestinian children.
     Initiated by Congresswomen Betty McCollum, this positive step comes on the back of many serious concerns raised by a number of human rights organisations over the abuse of Palestinian children living under Israeli occupation. “Palestinian children live under the constant fear of arrest, detention, and violence at the hand of the Israeli military”, the lawmakers wrote. They stressed that “a reality that must be acknowledged is that 46 per cent of the 4.68 million Palestinians living in the Occupied Palestinian Territories are under 18 years of age. These children deserve to grow up with dignity, human rights, and a future free of repression.”
     “We must raise our profound concern regarding a longstanding policy of detaining, interrogating, and imprisoning Palestinian children as young as 12 and 13 for up to a year, sometimes longer, without a trial and in violation of international standards."
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Palestine mourns a dear friend, Jo Cox, British Labour MP murdered last Thursday in West Yorkshire
Editor, Palestine Monitor 6/19/2016
      Jo Cox, 41 year old, Labour MP for Batley and Spen in West Yorkshire was murdered in her constituency on Thursday. She was shot and stabbed multiple times in broad daylight on the steps of her constituency surgery.
     Shortly after the attack, the suspect, 52 year old Thomas Mair was arrested and weapons were recovered, police said at a press conference.
     According to The guardian, at least two witness said that the killer screamed “Britain first” as he stabbed and shot Cox.
     Before standing for parliament, Cox had been the Oxfam aid agency's Policy Chief in Brussels. She was elected in May 2015, for the Batley and Spen constituency in West Yorkshire, Northern England, and was going on a promising political career.
     Jo Cox was deeply involved in the Palestinian cause and was an active member of the Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East group. Last February, she challenged the Conservative Government on the proposed ban of the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement in the UK, and defended the right to boycott companies involved in Israeli settlements: “I believe that this is a gross attack on democratic freedoms. It is our right to boycott unethical companies”. She also launched a survey on the Israel boycott ban.
     She was well known for her advocacy work on the rights of Palestinian children, in particular denouncing the way in which children are arrested, detained and treated by Israeli forces in the occupied Palestinian territories.
     The PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi said that Palestine Mourns “the death of 'Palestine’s dear friend and peace and justice activist...."
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The price of occupation: child prisoners in Israeli jails suffer lifelong trauma
Lili Martinez, Palestine Monitor 6/11/2016
      When 12-year-old Dima Al-Wawi returned from 75 days in an Israeli prison, she wasn’t the same. “We can’t interact with her normally the way we do with the other children, because it might affect her emotionally,” her cousin Ali Janazreh said to Palestine Monitor. “Every word we want to say to her, we weigh it, think about it before we say it, think about how it might affect her. We have to be very careful.”
     Dima is the youngest Palestinian girl ever to be detained by the Israeli army. She was arrested on Feb. 9, 2016 on charges of attempting to stab Israeli soldiers at a settlement near Hebron. Since Oct. 2015, a systematic campaign of arrests has increasingly targeted children for offenses such as stone-throwing and carrying knives, creating a new generation of children deeply traumatized by time in Israeli jail. In February, the month Dima was arrested, the Israeli army detained a total of 406 children, one of the highest averages since 2008. And the numbers are rising: according to the most recently available statistics published by Israeli human rights watchdog B’Tselem, as of April 2016, 414 Palestinian minors were held in Israeli prisons as security detainees and prisoners.
     Palestinian children arrested in the occupied West Bank face difficult, confusing and hostile circumstances from the minute their hands are tied with plastic restraints and they are blindfolded and sent to interrogation in a metal truck, the air-conditioner blasting icy air no matter the season. Child detainees like Dima report being interrogated without a lawyer or parents present, forced to sign confessions in Hebrew, subjected to torture and abuse by soldiers, and kept in solitary confinement.
     Sahar Francis, Director of Addameer, a prisoner support and human rights association in Palestine, told Palestine Monitor that this type of treatment can scar children for life....
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Israeli army razes family home of detained child near al-Khalil
PIC - 11 Jun 2016 - The Israeli occupation army at dawn Saturday demolished the family home of 15-year-old prisoner Murad Ad'ies in Beit Amra town, southwest of al-Khalil city.

Number of Syrians in school up 52 percent
Daily Star 8 Jun 2016 The number of Syrian refugee children registered for formal public education in Lebanon increased by 152 percent over the last three academic years, thanks largely to a drive by the Lebanese Education Ministry and the UNHCR,...

PMRS Seeks to Protect Palestinian Minors (VIDEO)
IMEMC - 7 Jun 2016 - In a place where children are treated like adults, or even enemies, where they are imprisoned, injured and killed, child protection campaigns become a necessity. In order to protect children, the Palestinian Medical Relief Society has released...

Syrian refugees set up their own schools
Daily Star 5 Jun 2016 As Lebanon struggles to educate children, displaced take matters into their own hands

Is it time to destigmatise talks with Hamas?
Diana Alghoul, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 6/3/2016
      For many years, negotiating with Hamas was seen as a taboo concept within the Israeli-Palestinian peace initiative. Just over ten years ago, Hamas won the Palestinian legislative elections in Gaza and since then, civilians have been suffering as a result of a blockade and wars that have led to all Gazan children aged eight and under growing up knowing war and the devastating aftermath that comes with it. The UN has estimated that Gaza will be uninhabitable in less than four years.
     Gaza fell into a humanitarian catastrophe following the last Israeli offensive in 2014. Trapped between Egyptian and Israeli aggression, Gazans have been left without water, food or other basic needs. Some 97 per cent of the water in Gaza is unfit for consumption at a time when an increasing number of Gazans live under the poverty line, leaving them unable to afford bottled water. Imprisoned by political violence, hospitals are running out of supplies and patients have been left unable to get the treatment they need.
     All of this has been done to ensure Israel's security and to force the people of Gaza to choose between what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls “Hamas and peace”.
     For Netanyahu and his allies, talking to Hamas is an endorsement of the movement's goal to achieve a Palestinian state along the pre-1948 borders. The Hamas Charter rejects one of the fundamental pillars of the 1993 Oslo Agreement: a two-state solution. With Oslo in mind, it would be fair to say that a political administration that is not willing to recognise Israel should be excluded from the peace process; however, the current Israeli government is also a political administration that does not believe in a two-state solution. During Netanyahu's election campaign last year, he explicitly stated that there will be “no Palestinian state” if he was elected.
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The growing influence of Israel's most hard line settlers
Asa Winstanley, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 6/1/2016
      With the assent of Israel's hard-right new defence minister Avigdor Lieberman, the man he replaced warned of the direction Israeli political life is now taking. “Extremist and dangerous forces have taken over Israel and the Likud movement,” Moshe Yaalon said gravely.
     Of course Yaalon himself could rightly be considered an extremist himself. As I wrote in my recent column about Lieberman's rise, Yaalon is a man who has slandered the Palestinians as an “existential threat” which like “cancer” requires “chemotherapy.” So he he is one to talk. The same goes for former Israeli Labour party leader Ehud Barak who recently said that Israel is now “infected by the shoots of fascism”.
     While they are right that the Israeli political leadership is being taken over by ever-more dangerous extremists, the fact is that both of them, as former ministers in charge of running Israel's wars, helped and encouraged Israel to reach this place.
     A recent New York Times report from one of the more extremist Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank is also essentially a promo for Shimon Dotan's new film The Settlers. The film, which I have not yet seen, sounds like it provides some insight into the racism and religious fanaticism of Israel's settlers. One of the young settler activists, the “Hilltop Youth” told the New York Times reporter “Israel's government was illegitimate because it did not rule based on the laws of the Torah.” They have “a desire to replace the modern state of Israel with a full-scale biblical kingdom that would extend as far as Iraq,” reports the paper.
     Another one of the settler activists in his 20s indoctrinates Israeli children with anti-Palestinian racism, encouraging them to join him and other armed gangs of religious Zionist thugs in violent attack raids on Palestinian villages....
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IOF arrests Palestinian after his attempt to stop arrest of child
PIC - 2 Jun 2016 - The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Wednesday afternoon arrested two Palestinian citizens, one of them after he tried to prevent soldiers from detaining a child in Occupied Jerusalem.

How Israeli soldiers became `children of the nation`
Occupation Magazine 31 May 2016 - Nurit Canetti - Al Monitor - This affair, which pitted supporters of the uniformed shooter against the military establishment that denounced him and dragged the Israel Defense Forces into a growingly radicalized social discourse, provided an opportunity to examine current public attitudes toward IDF soldiers: a...

Israel Interrogates 2 Palestinian Children for Alleged Stone Throwing – for 6 Hours
Palestine Chronicle: 23 May 2016 - Two Palestinian children were detained for six and a half hours for allegedly throwing stones at settlers in the village of al-Tur in occupied East Jerusalem, Muhammad Samih Ulayan, 10, and Mustafa Abu al-Hawa, 12, were arrested by Israeli forces while walking in al-Tur, before being transported to a nearby illegal Israeli settlement, then to the al-Tur police station and finally to the Salah al-Din police station. Here they were interrogated for six and a half hours, as reported by the Wadi Hilweh Information Center. The center added that the Israeli police interrogated the children without a guardian present. It added that Abu al-Hawa was put under house arrest for five days and fined 500 shekels following his release. Israel interrogates 2 children for over 6 hours over allegations of stone throwing: https://t.co/av6ZGO5osA pic.twitter.com/sKEXd4HqD7 — Ma'an News Agency (@MaanNewsAgency) May 21, 2016 In July, legislation was passed in the Israeli...more

The Story Behind ‘Gaza Writes Back’ (VIDEO)
Palestine Chronicle: 21 May 2016 - By Palestine Chronicle Staff Following Israel’s offensive on Gaza in 2008-9, Refaat Alareer, a lecturer at the Islamic University of Gaza started requesting that his students write short stories as a means of releasing their anger and frustration. During the offensive, he would tell his children stories that his grandmother told him while growing up. He collected these stories and published them in a book entitled: Gaza Writes Back: Short Stories from Young Writers in Gaza, Palestine. The following report directed and recently published by Ahmad Abdall of Al Jazeera’s “The Initiative” tells the story behind Gaza Writes Back . “Gaza Writes Back was an attempt to provide a testimony for future generations. This testimony appears in the form of short stories because they outlive every other experience and transcend time, place and race,” Refaat Alareer told the Palestine Chronicle. “But it’s also a book of literature, the kind that comes...more

Israeli Soldiers Kidnap Six Palestinians In The West Bank, Detain Many School Children
IMEMC - 19 May 2016 - Israeli soldiers invaded, earlier on Thursday, several Palestinian cities and towns in different parts of the occupied West Bank, and kidnapped six Palestinians. The soldiers also attacked schoolchildren, near Bethlehem, and detained them. The Palestinian Prisoners...

Palestinians on Nakba Day 2016 — Defiant, Undeterred and Organizing
Occupation Magazine 14 May 2016 - Nada Elia--Dima al-Wawi knows what she wants to be when she grows up: “My dream is that when I grow up I can be a lawyer who can defend children who have been oppressed,” the twelve-year old said in an interview shortly after her release from...

UNICEF: “Israeli Soldiers Killed 25 Palestinian Children In Last Three Months of 2015”
IMEMC - 15 May 2016 - The United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has reported that the Israeli army have killed 25 Palestinian children in the last three months of 2015, and expressed its concern about the dangerous increase in the arrest...

Palestinians on Nakba Day 2016 — Defiant, Undeterred and Organizing
Occupation Magazine 14 May 2016 - Nada Elia--Dima al-Wawi knows what she wants to be when she grows up: “My dream is that when I grow up I can be a lawyer who can defend children who have been oppressed,” the twelve-year old said in an interview shortly after her release from...

25 Palestinian children killed in 3 months: UNICEF
Daily Star 14 May 2016 Twenty-five Palestinian children were killed in the last three months of 2015 during a wave of anti-Israeli attacks and the number detained was the highest in seven years, the UN children's agency said.

Conscientious objection is yet another Ashkenazi privilege
Tom Mehager, Haokets, +972 Magazine 5/14/2016
      Praise for IDF refusenik Tair Kaminer’s “ethics” obscures the fact that an illustrious military service is the Mizrahim’s litmus test for social acceptance and allows the Left to bask in its own self-proclaimed enlightenment.
     The public debate regarding Tair Kaminer’s refusal to serve in the army illustrates, yet again, the color-blindness of the Israeli Left. Time after time the Left ignores the Ashkenazi-Mizrahi elephant in the room, effectively alienating themselves from the majority of Israeli society. However, it doesn’t prevent the Left’s representatives from praising themselves as the standard bearers of “enlightenment.”
     For instance, Haaretz columnist Uri Misgav recently praised Kaminer thus: “Kaminer is a young, ethical person who is politically and socially aware. She spent a year as a volunteer after high school, working with traumatized children in Sderot.” Similar things have been written about Kaminer elsewhere.
     It’s interesting to dwell on the meeting between “a young person with values” and the predominantly Mizrahi periphery, in this case the town of Sderot. How do Israeli youths such as Kaminer gain “ethical values”? What is the process that youths in Israel undergo, in which a separation and a hierarchy between an “ethical youth” and the kids who recently disrupted a TV interview and were roundly denounced as “arsim” (a derogatory Hebrew word for riffraff primarily used against Mizrahim), are created?
     The Israeli establishment never saw the Mizrahi youth as having the potential to acquire “ethical values,” or a “political and social awareness,” as Misgav put it. Quite the opposite. The Israeli education system, from its founding to the present day, operates on the assumption that Mizrahi youths are less capable than their Ashkenazi peers....
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Palestinians on Nakba Day 2016 — Defiant, Undeterred and Organizing
Mondoweiss - Dima al-Wawi knows what she wants to be when she grows up:   “My dream is that when I grow up I can be a lawyer who can defend children who have been oppressed,” the twelve-year old said in an interview shortly after her release from...

Satmar Rebbe Rails Against Secular Education Bill; Moderate Groups Stay Silent
The Forward New 12 May 2016 - An advocate for secular education in Hasidic yeshivas calls a new bill a “no brainer,” but a powerful Hasidic leader says it poses threat to Jewish children.

How education became an Israeli political tool
Occupation Magazine 29 Apr 2016 - Akiva Eldar--Minister Naftali Bennett and his colleagues from other Orthodox parties know that teaching their ideology to school children will benefit themselves politically in the long run. dn

How education became an Israeli political tool
Al-Monitor 28 Apr 2016 - Education Minister Naftali Bennett and his colleagues from other Orthodox parties know that teaching their ideology to school children will benefit themselves politically in the long run.

A child, young woman among 6 detainees in O.J
PIC - 27 Apr 2016 - The Israeli policemen arrested six youths including a young woman and a child in occupied Jerusalem.

How education became an Israeli political tool
Al-Monitor 28 Apr 2016 - Education Minister Naftali Bennett and his colleagues from other Orthodox parties know that teaching their ideology to school children will benefit themselves politically in the long run.

Number of Palestinian children in Israeli prisons soars
Electronic Intifada - Dima al-Wawi, the youngest female detainee, has been released, but many children are still behind bars facing severe abuses.

The state is obligated to provide education to all Israel's children – including the ultra-Orthodox
Ha'aretz - 25 Apr 2016

Number of Palestinian children detained– 440– is double figure of a year ago
Mondoweiss - Violence / Incursions / Detentions — West Bank, Jerusalem Rise in Palestinian children held by Israel ‘alarming’ JERUSALEM (Al Jazeera) 24 Apr by Jonathan Cook — A jabbing pain in his shoulder and thigh roused Obada from his sleep at 3am. In the half-light, the 15-year-old could make...

Samidoun Mourns Muhammad Salah, Palestinian Community Leader, Former Prisoner in US and Israeli Jails
Palestine Chronicle: 25 Apr 2016 - Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network expresses its condolences to the Salah family and the broader Palestinian community of Chicago and the United States on the passing of  Muhammad Salah , prominent Palestinian activist and community leader in the Chicago area, former political prisoner in Israeli jails, survivor of Israeli torture, and subject of extensive U.S. state repression. We express our deepest condolences to Muhammad’s wife Maryam, his children, family, loved ones, and entire community. Muhammad Salah’s victory in court in 2006 – and his second victory six years later, with his removal from the ‘Specially Designated Terrorist’ list – was, as the US Palestinian Community Network Chicago writes, “a prominent court victory for our community in the period of the ‘War on Terrorism’ and the consistent political and legal attacks on Palestinian rights and our struggle for national liberation.” Palestinian-American community leader Muhammad Salah passes after his battle with cancer https://t.co/pDcKIESCXX...more

Israel releases 12-year-old Palestinian girl, highlighting dual legal systems
Oren Ziv, Activestills.org, +972 Magazine 4/24/2016
      A Jewish child arrested for an identical crime in the same location would not have been sent to prison. Israeli authorities released the girl after the case got attention and a request from her parents.
     Twelve-year-old Dima al-Wawi, the youngest Palestinian in Israeli prison, was released after two-and-a-half months on Sunday. Israeli authorities delivered her to the Jabara checkpoint in the West Bank in the early afternoon hours, where she was met by her parents and waiting journalists.
     Al-Wawi was arrested 75 days earlier at the entrance to the Israeli settlement of Karmei Tzur near Hebron for being in possession of a knife. She surrendered the knife to a security guard at the entrance of the settlement and was arrested without incident.
     She was sentenced to four months’ imprisonment as part of a plea deal in which she was convicted of attempted manslaughter. The Israel Prison Service agreed to release the 12 year old two months before the end of her sentence, however, after an appeal by her parents and a growing international campaign. Journalists talk to 12-year-old Dima al-Wawi and her parents at the Jabara checkpoint, where Israeli authorities released her after 75 days imprisonment, West Bank, April 24, 2016. (Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)
     The case highlighted the separate legal systems that Palestinian and Jewish children are subject to in the West Bank. Al-Wawi, a Palestinian, was sent to prison under military law, which considers the age of criminal culpability to be 12.
     A Jewish child of the same age living on the same land and accused of the same crime would be subject to Israeli law.... -- See also: Two legal systems — discrimination under military occupation
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occupied Palestinian territory: New school washrooms bring better hygiene practices
Relief Web 23 Apr 2016 - Source: UN Children's Fund Country: occupied Palestinian territory By Charmaine Seitz and Monica Awad QABATIA, State of Palestine, 21 April 2016 - When children learn in schools that are poorly equipped in terms of water, sanitation and hygiene facilities, the...

Experts push for better treatment of children with special needs
Daily Star 21 Apr 2016 Fifteen percent of children in Lebanon may potentially have a special learning need, according to research conducted by SKILD, a center dedicated to assessing students with learning difficulties in the country.

Israeli police detain 31 during intense campaign against Issawiya
4/20/2016 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces on Wednesday began an intense campaign against Palestinian residents of the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya, detaining at least 31, the majority children, and summoning another 18 for questioning. Muhammad Abu al-Hummus, a member of a local popular committee, told Ma'an that dozens of homes were stormed in the police raid, as officers ransacked their interiors....

Jews who refused to leave Yemen having second thoughts
YNet News, 19 Apr 2016 - 67 Yemeni Jews turned down the Jewish Agency's offer to make aliyah; they say their neighbors treat them poorly and fear no one can provide a Jewish education for their children. ....

Shame on you ‘for killing thousands of children’
Arab News - Tue, 2016-04-19 23:29 NEW YORK: The Israeli and Palestinian ambassadors engaged in a rare shouting match in the UN Security Council on Monday, reflecting Israel’s growing consternation at the upsurge in Palestinian...

Report: “509 Jerusalemite Palestinians, including 15 Women And 10 Children, Imprisoned By Israel”
IMEMC - 17 Apr 2016 - The Jerusalem Detainees’ Parents Committee has reported, Sunday, that as the Palestinians mark the Prisoners Day on April 17, at least 509 Jerusalemite Palestinians are imprisoned by Israel, among them are 10 women, and 18 children. |...

PM: Israel has turned our homeland into a 'large prison'
4/17/2016 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah marked Palestinian Prisoner's Day Sunday, highlighting the record number of children being held in Israeli jails."The Israeli occupation has transformed our homeland into a large prison," he said. In a press release published Sunday, he urged the international community to "protect the human rights of Palestinian prisoners and detainees, especially the children who....

Why Palestinians mark Prisoners’ Day
Noam Rotem, +972 Magazine 4/17/2016
      More than 7,000 Palestinians, including hundreds of minors, are currently in Israeli prisons. Honoring prisoners and ‘freedom fighters’ isn’t just a Palestinian tradition, however. Israelis do it, too.
     Palestinians across the West Bank and Gaza marked “Prisoners Day” Sunday, commemorating and highlighting the plight of thousands of Palestinians being held in Israeli prisons, and the hundreds of thousands of former prisoners.
     For many Israelis Palestinian prisoners are “terrorists,” whose imprisonment is the natural order of things. But for Palestinians they are freedom fighters who sacrificed their liberty for the good of the Palestinian struggle for liberation from Israeli military occupation.
     According to data provided by Israel’s Prison Service (IPS) at the end of February, the number of Palestinians classified as “security prisoners” stood at 6,204, with another 617 Palestinians imprisoned for traveling into Israel without a military issued permit. Add to that dozens or hundreds of Palestinians being detained in military facilities prior to being transferred to IPS custody, and the total number of Palestinians imprisoned by Israel rises to over 7,000.
     Since the year 2000 over 90,000 Israeli arrests of Palestinians — including 11,000 minors and 1,300 women — were been recorded by the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club, a prisoner support NGO. The Israeli army, which under the law of occupation is the sovereign in the West Bank, has not hesitated to arrest the elderly and children, laborers and businessmen, students and teachers, journalists, government officials, and even elected parliamentarians, 65 of whom Israel has arrested since the year 2000 — six of them remain in Israeli prisons. -- See also: Hundreds rally in Gaza, Ramallah marking Palestinian Prisoner's Day
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2 Children among 8 detainees in O. J’lem
PIC - 12 Apr 2016 - The Israeli police forces arrested Tuesday evening five Palestinians including two children in occupied Jerusalem, bringing the number of Tuesday’s Jerusalemite detainees to eight.

Growing numbers of Syrian children forced into labour in Lebanon: Report
Middle East Eye 12 Apr 2016 - Language Undefined New report finds that most Syrian refugees in Lebanon, particularly in the Bekaa Valley, are being put to work for little or no money

Israel holding 10 Palestinian children in admin. detention
Noam Rotem, +972 Magazine 4/10/2016
      Over 400 Palestinian minors from East Jerusalem and the West Bank are currently being held in Israeli prisons. Five of them are under 14 years old, while 10 are being held indefinitely without trial.
     Statistics sent Sunday by the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) to Israeli human rights group B’Tselem reveal the number of Palestinians currently imprisoned by Israel.
     According to the data, at the end of February 437 Palestinian minors from East Jerusalem and the West Bank were in Israeli jails. Five of those were under 14 years old, and 10 of them were being held in administrative detention without trial.
     Administrative detention is an extreme measure meant to be adopted rarely and with moderation, in which detainees are held indefinitely without charge or trial — with out any way to defend themselves.
     According to Military Order No. 132, regarding “sentencing young criminals” — which applies to Palestinians in the West Bank, all of whom live under a military regime — the official term for a prisoner under 14 is “teenager.” According to Israeli civil law, criminals under the age of 14 are considered “children,” and are rarely imprisoned.
     One hundred and three “near adults,” who are over the age of 14 and under 16, are also being held in Israeli prisons, along with 329 minors between 16-18. The status assigned to most of these prisoners (who make up 83 percent of Palestinian prisoners under 18) is one of “detained” — which means they have yet to be put on trial.
     The IPS data also notes that Israel is holding a total of 686 people under administrative detention without trial, a rise of 20 percent since January, when 568 people were being held in administrative detention....
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Israeli forces have killed 2,000 Palestinian Children, wounded 13,000, jailed 12,000 since 2000
Occupation Magazine 8 Apr 2016 - IMEMC Contributers--About 2,070 Palestinian children have been killed, and more 13,000 injured since the outbreak of Al-Aqsa Intifada in 2000, until this past March, official sources have reported, according to Al Ray. Israeli occupation forces detained more than 12,000 Palestinian children since 2000, while nearly 480...

Lebanon detains Australian TV crew over child custody row
Jerusalem Post 7 Apr 2016 -

Palestinian youth goes on hunger strike, child tortured in Israeli jail
PIC - 6 Apr 2016 - 28-year-old administrative detainee Adeeb Mafarjeh has gone on an open-ended hunger strike in the Israeli Negev jail in protest at being held without charge.

Lebanon detains Australian mom for abduction of her two children
Arab News - Thu, 2016-04-07 22:45 BEIRUT: Lebanese authorities on Thursday detained an Australian woman for allegedly abducting her two children and an Australian television crew accused of assisting her. The crew were...

Australian journalists among four held in Lebanon on kidnapping suspicion
The National 7 Apr 2016 - BEIRUT // Lebanese authorities have detained four Australians, including journalists, on suspicion they were involved in the abductions of two children in Beirut, police officials and Australian media said Thursday. The officials added that a British citizen has been detained as well on suspicion that he planned...

Australian TV crew detained in Lebanon
BBC 7 Apr 2016 - Australian TV crew detained in Lebanon over allegations it aided in an operation to recover children allegedly abducted by their father.

Australian TV crew detained in Lebanon
BBC 7 Apr 2016 - Australian TV crew detained in Lebanon over allegations it aided in an operation to recover children allegedly abducted by their father.

Israeli court sentences Palestinian girl to jail, detains 2 children
PIC - 5 Apr 2016 - The Israeli Ofer military court on Monday sentenced a Palestinian girl to 45 days in jail at the same time as Israeli soldiers detained two Palestinian children.

First National Child Council - Palestine elected in Ramallah
4/2/2016 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- The international NGO Save the Children announced on Saturday the creation of the first National Child Council - Palestine after elections were carried out in the central occupied West Bank city of Ramallah in partnership with the Palestinian Network for Children's Rights. The elections were sponsored by the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education.   Children's rights groups....

International Community Falls Short on Syrian Resettlement
IPS Syrian refugee children learn to survive at a camp in north Lebanon. Credit: Zak Brophy/IPS By Tharanga Yakupitiyage UNITED NATIONS, Mar 31 2016 (IPS) “We cannot respond to refugee crises by closing doors and building fences,” said UN High Commissioner For Refugees (UNHCR) Filippo Grandi in his opening address to...

Parents protest as dream of bilingual education in Israel turns sour
Middle East Eye 24 Mar 2016 - Language Undefined Families threaten to pull children from Jaffa’s first mixed Arab-Jewish school, accusing Tel Aviv officials of breaking promises

Palestinian leadership condemns 'deplorable' Brussels attacks
3/23/2016 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah on Wednesday condemned a series of attacks in Brussels the day before that left 31 dead, and expressed the Palestinians' solidarity with the Belgian people."The Palestinian Government and people condemn in the strongest terms the deplorable and vicious terrorist attacks which targeted innocent men, women, and children in Belgium," the prime minister said in....

Tadamun: IOF arrested 8500 Palestinian children in 15 years
PIC - 23 Mar 2016 - General Coordinator of Tadamun, Fahad Hussain, confirmed that the IOA has detained thousands of Palestinian children over the past 15 years.

WATCH: Israel is imprisoning a Palestinian clown without trial
+972 Magazine - Israeli security forces have been imprisoning a Palestinian clown without charge or trial for months. Mohammed Abu Sakha is known for working with special needs children in the West Bank, and runs the Palestinian Circus School. Last week, a group of Israeli clowns staged a protest...

Rani Burnat from Bil’in
International Solidarity Movement - 15th March 2016 | International Solidarity Movement, al-Khalil team | Bil’in, occupied Palestine Rani Burnat is an extraordinary human being in more ways than one. He was left paralysed from an injury sustained during the second intifada, learned to live the remainder of his life in a wheelchair, fathered three children (triplets)...

14-year-old child arrested by IOF for alleged stabbing attempt
PIC - 16 Mar 2016 - Israeli police forces on Wednesday morning detained a Palestinian child in Occupied Jerusalem, alleging that he was planning to carry out an anti-occupation stabbing attack.

WATCH: Israel is imprisoning a Palestinian clown without trial
+972 Magazine - Israeli security forces have been imprisoning a Palestinian clown without charge or trial for months. Mohammed Abu Sakha is known for working with special needs children in the West Bank, and runs the Palestinian Circus School. Last week, a group of Israeli clowns staged a protest...

’Democratic’ Israel is brutally silencing Palestinian media
Dr Noureddine Miladi, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 3/17/2016
      George Orwell once said ‘if liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear’. For the last few decades Israel has been marketing itself as a beacon of democracy and free speech in the Middle East. This myth was shattered when the world started to realize the reality of the occupation and that Israel is nothing but an apartheid state and the most brutal remaining occupation in modern history.
     The attack on Palestine Today TV marks another chapter in the policies of annihilation that the Israeli army has been inflicting on Palestinians since 1948. On Friday 11 March 2016 the Israeli army invaded the offices of the channel in Ramallah (West Bank), ransacked its equipment and arrested its director along with two other journalists, a cameraman and a sound technician. It also shut down Transmedia -a media company providing the service for the Palestine Today channel.
     The Israeli cabinet’s desperate decision to attack Palestinian media is another symptom of the Israeli government’s failure to thwart the social protests that have been on the increase for the last five months. These protests have been the result of years of incarceration and colossal injustices.
     Recently, the Palestinians living under Israeli rule have become increasingly worried about the education system which their children have been forced to become a part of, by the Israeli Education Ministry. This apprehension has increased particularly because the Education Ministry is now controlled by the far-right settler party ‘Jewish Home’, led by Naftali Bennett. The Ministry has been accused of emphasizing only Israel’s Jewish character. Israeli textbooks systematically ‘dehumanize the Palestinians and represent them as immigrants in their own country’ argue many critics.
     However, prior to this event, the occupation army followed a systematic policy of harassment which included imprisonment, torture and threats towards Palestinian journalists....
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Palestine’s award-winning teacher stands tall and proud
Mueen Al-Taher, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 3/17/2016
      Palestinian teacher Hanan Al-Hroub has been chosen as the best teacher in the world. She received the $1 million prize in a ceremony in Dubai, in which she stood tall and proud, like a much-loved Palestinian olive tree, whose roots are deep in the soil of the homeland, soaked with the blood of its martyrs. Al-Hroub wore a traditional dress embroidered by the hands of her fellow Palestinian women; every stitch carried their history back to their patient grandmothers and beyond. Her smile was those of the Palestinian children she teaches, whose suffering under occupation she described; the occupation that suffocates them, silences their laughter and steals their joy.
     This is the core of what Hanan Al-Hroub tried to address as she created and developed her very special and unique method of teaching her pupils. She combines fun and play with learning, decorating her classroom with bright colours and drawings. Using the humble resources at her disposal — often paid for out of her own pocket — she seeks to change children’s behaviour and build their confidence, instilling in them love for one another, and embedding morals and manners as they learn.
     Hers is a serious attempt to compensate in part for what her pupils have lost as a result of what they see and hear every day, including the language and actions of Israeli troops near their homes and schools, affecting their families, neighbourhoods and villages. She has taught her pupils the belief that their eyes, hands and knowledge can resist weapons.
     Hanan Al-Hroub was born and raised in the alleys of Dheisheh refugee camp and has experienced first-hand the suffering of its people. The camp is close to the city of Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank, where she went to school. She married a Palestinian freedom fighter, Omar Al-Hroub, who took part in one of the most daring guerrilla operations in the occupied territories, the Dabboya operation, in Hebron in May 1980....
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Palestine’s Award-winning Teacher Stands Tall and Proud
Palestine Chronicle: 17 Mar 2016 - By Mueen Al-Taher  Palestinian teacher Hanan Al-Hroub has been chosen as the best teacher in the world. She received the $1 million prize in a ceremony in Dubai, in which she stood tall and proud, like a much-loved Palestinian olive tree, whose roots are deep in the soil of the homeland, soaked with the blood of its martyrs. Al-Hroub wore a traditional dress embroidered by the hands of her fellow Palestinian women; every stitch carried their history back to their patient grandmothers and beyond. Her smile was those of the Palestinian children she teaches, whose suffering under occupation she described; the occupation that suffocates them, silences their laughter and steals their joy. This is the core of what Hanan Al-Hroub tried to address as she created and developed her very special and unique method of teaching her pupils. She combines fun and play with learning, decorating her classroom with bright colors...more

7 Palestinian children sentenced to prison for stone-throwing
3/16/2016 - JERUSALEM- (Ma'an) -- An Israeli court in Jerusalem on Wednesday sentenced seven Palestinian children to jail time ranging from 12 to 39 months for alleged stone-throwing, a lawyer with prisoners' rights group Addameer said. Lawyer Muhammad Mahmoud said the Jerusalem court had convicted the children of throwing stones at Israeli cars in the Beit Hanina neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem. Mahmoud said that.... Related: Palestinian teens detained for throwing rocks in Jerusalem

Palestinian teens detained for throwing rocks in Jerusalem
3/16/2016 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Five Palestinian teens suspected of throwing rocks and paint cans at the light rail train in occupied East Jerusalem were detained Wednesday, Israeli police said. The incident reportedly took place in the Palestinian Shufat neighborhood in the northern area of the occupied city and caused material damage to the train, Israeli police spokesperson Luba al-Samri said. The five Palestinians were transferred.... Related: 7 Palestinian children sentenced to prison for stone-throwing

WATCH: Israel is imprisoning a Palestinian clown without trial
+972 Magazine - Israeli security forces have been imprisoning a Palestinian clown without charge or trial for months. Mohammed Abu Sakha is known for working with special needs children in the West Bank, and runs the Palestinian Circus School. Last week, a group of Israeli clowns staged a protest...

Rani Burnat from Bil’in
International Solidarity Movement - 15th March 2016 | International Solidarity Movement, al-Khalil team | Bil’in, occupied Palestine Rani Burnat is an extraordinary human being in more ways than one. He was left paralysed from an injury sustained during the second intifada, learned to live the remainder of his life in a wheelchair, fathered three children (triplets)...

Palestinian teacher wins $1M prize while West Bank colleagues strike
Sawsan Khalife, +972 Magazine 3/14/2016
      Hanan al-Hroub wins global teaching prize worth one million dollars at the height of a mass strike by Palestinian teachers for higher salaries and better terms.
     Hanan al-Hroub, a Palestinian teacher from Bethlehem, won $1 million for her work promoting nonviolence through learning on Sunday night. Al-Hroub, who teaches in both the West Bank city of al-Bireh and Dheisheh refugee camp, was given the second annual Global Teacher prize at a ceremony in Dubai. Palestinian television stations broadcasted the competition, along with the celebrations that took place in Ramallah following the announcement.
     Over 8,000 teachers from across the world competed for the prize; 50 made it to the final rounds, among them three Palestinian teachers. The final 10 also included teachers from several European countries, Kenya, Pakistan, India, the United States, Australia, and Japan.
     Al-Hroub’s won the prize for her work in developing a method to educate students exposed to violence to embrace dialogue and nonviolence in a reality of violent, continual occupation. In a video produced for the competition, al-Hroub explains the difficulty of educating children toward nonviolence when they live in a reality where death and arrests are daily occurrence. Alongside the monetary prize, al-Hroub also received worldwide exposure, which included a congratulatory video message from the Pope and Prince William.
     Despite the celebrations, however, al-Hroub does not receive the proper recognition — nor a decent wage — just like all other Palestinian teachers in the West Bank. Ironically, the best teacher in the world is part of an educational system that was completely shut down due to a strike last month over teachers’ terms of employment in the Palestinian Authority....
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Palestinian teacher wins million dollar prize for teaching children through play
Jerusalem Post 13 Mar 2016 - She said she would use some of the money to promote her education methods and support fellow teachers in the Palestinian territories.

Hundreds demand integrated, bilingual education in Jaffa
+972 Magazine - Parents say that the city is not offering a satisfactory option for bilingual and integrated education of Jewish and Arab children in the mixed city. Jewish and Arab children at a protest demanding bilingual, integrated Jewish-Arab education in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, March 11, 2016. (Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)...

Why we’re fighting for the dignity of our Palestinian teachers
Rula Salameh, +972 Magazine 3/11/2016
      The Palestinian Authority has been doing all it can to put down a two-month long teachers strike in the West Bank. But this crisis won’t end until we realize that respect for our teachers is part and parcel of our liberation.
     Several days ago, a teacher called me and described the great difficulties he is facing due to budget cuts in the Palestinian educational system. He has been teaching for 14 years, and it has been quite some time since he has experienced such neglect from the authorities. He says that he sits for hours and thinks about the future, and that he began seriously considering leaving the profession and moving to a different job that will protect his honor. He says he has children in school, and that he has been keeping them at home for the past few days, where they watch television and play with the neighbors.
     He adds that his friend, who is also a teacher, thought to start working as a bus driver after reaching a dead end. Will we see the day when teachers leave the profession, and our future state will be one that brings in foreign workers as teachers?
     “The teacher is a near-prophet / Is there anything more noble and splendid / Than what builds the soul and the mind?”
     This is how we were raised since we were young: to show love, appreciation, respect, and gratitude toward each and every teacher. Thus, as we grew older, our love and respect for them grew as well. Our teachers taught us that teachers are our fathers and big brothers, that we must follow in their footsteps, and that we will grow wise from their knowledge, that we will take whatever they impart to us, and that we stay away from that which is forbidden to us. We disagreed with them about many things, but we hid our reservations, since we knew that he was right and we were still finding our way. We were sure that he was speaking in our name and would help us build our future. -- See also: Abbas declares end of teachers' crisis after month of silence and Palestinian teachers to suspend strike for a week after Abbas speech
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Hundreds demand integrated, bilingual education in Jaffa
+972 Magazine - Parents say that the city is not offering a satisfactory option for bilingual and integrated education of Jewish and Arab children in the mixed city. Jewish and Arab children at a protest demanding bilingual, integrated Jewish-Arab education in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, March 11, 2016. (Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)...

IDF propaganda ignores occupation when explaining Palestinian violence (Updated)
Mondoweiss - The IDF has a brand new graphic. It appears they’ve embarked on an inflammatory propaganda campaign expunging themselves and Israel’s decades long occupation, apartheid, land theft, extrajudicial executions, administrative detention, home demolitions and systematically institutionalized oppression of Palestinian people, including imprisonment and torture of children, from responsibility...

Why more and more of Gaza's parents are sending their kids to private schools
Al-Monitor 7 Mar 2016 - Despite the difficult economic conditions in the Gaza Strip, parents are still enrolling their children in high-cost private schools, which indicates the value they place on quality education.

'Women in Israel live longer, better educated, but still earn less than men'
Jerusalem Post 6 Mar 2016 - The Central Bureau of Statistics also found that the average number of children per woman in Israel stood at 3.08 - the highest in the OECD, which has an average of 1.7 children per woman.

Israeli forces detain 6 Palestinians, including 2 boys, near Hebron
3/5/2016 - HEBRON (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained at least six Palestinians in and near the southern occupied West Bank city of Hebron on Saturday, including two young boys who were released after several hours. Israeli forces detained two children -- identified as Bakr Mahmoud Ali Najajreh, 13, and Abeer Youssef Makhamreh, 10 -- around noon on Saturday while they were herding sheep in the Janba area near....

Israel’s claims of Palestinian incitement forget reality
Ashraf Al-Ajrami, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 3/3/2016
      As an individual who is approached by the Israeli media for interviews in various areas that are associated with Palestinian affairs and the conflict with Israel, I face many questions regarding an Israeli claim that is being circulated as if it is a well-known fact. This claim is that Palestinian books and schools incite hatred and violence against Israelis. Nowadays, this is being cited by the attacks and confrontations of the Palestinian youth, and even children, against Israelis in the context of the most recent wave of resistance. Many Israelis, who feed on the Israeli media’s information, which was never objective or neutral, claim that if it weren’t for the incitement, the youth and children would not be committing such acts that put them in danger and lead to the majority of them to lose their lives as a result.
     In reality, all of the Israeli research regarding the Palestinian education books either address the period before the national authority, which began its work in 2001, i.e. during the time of occupation. The research actually looks at Jordanian and Egyptian books. In this regard, we can point to the research published by the Palestinian Media Watch, headed by Professor Itamar Marcus, who is known for his severe hostility towards Palestinians, as well as his extremism and racism. He wrote a report that focuses on the Jordanian curriculum taught during the occupation and the first period of the national authority’s operation. It did not address the new curriculums that are now being taught in every school in Palestine. By doing this, he is falsifying the facts and disregarding or omitting others. This conflicts with the principles of scientific research. He also focuses on the history books that tell the Palestinian historical narrative of what happened in Palestine, which certainly completely differ from the fabricated Zionist narrative that cannot be supported by the historical evidence found by archaeologists, even Israeli archaeologists.
     It is natural for such a manner of research to produce unrealistic and false results most of the time. It is worth noting that the Palestinian education books are funded by EU countries, which examine and scrutinise every word in these books....
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Soldiers Attack And Detain A Child Near Ramallah
IMEMC - 29 Feb 2016 - Israeli soldiers invaded, on Sunday evening, the town of Silwad, east of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, detained a child for several hours and repeatedly struck and beat him, causing various injuries. ...

A child among 3 critically injured during W.B. clashes
PIC - 28 Feb 2016 - Three Palestinians, including a child, were critically injured Sunday as clashes broke out in Khader town south of Bethlehem, while a child was detained in Jenin.

Students asked to create yellow badge to commemorate Holocaust
YNet News, 26 Feb 2016 - A teacher at an elementary school in Kfar Yona asked her students to create yellow badges as a part of a project to learn about how children survived the Holocaust, sparking outrage from parents. ....

Commission of detainees: Israeli captors brutally abused two kids
PIC - 26 Feb 2016 - The Palestinian commission of detainees and ex-detainees on Thursday said that two children were exposed recently to physical violence and intimidation during their detention.

What worries the Israeli army about the current uprising?
Ashraf Al-Ajrami, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 2/25/2016
      The statement by General Gadi Eizenkot, the Chief of General Staff of the Israeli army, in which he called on security forces not to be hasty in shooting at Palestinian children as long as they do not pose an immediate threat, was not a slip of the tongue or a reflection of his conscience, or even the “purity of arms” ethics of the army (as if occupation is an ethically-sound action). His statement actually stems from an in-depth study conducted by the army regarding the events that accompanied the youth-led uprising and attacks targeting Israelis in occupied Jerusalem, as well as other areas, including some inside Israel. Eizenkot’s can be added to other statements by his colleagues which have provoked some Israeli politicians to criticise what they call “the army’s interference in politics”.
     Reports in the Israeli media appreciating the position expressed by Herzi Halevi, chief of the Israeli Military Intelligence Directorate, in January are consistent with the line adopted by the army. He admitted that the occupation forces have exhausted all of their military measures in confronting the uprising. He also said that if political negotiations do not resume, matters will deteriorate further, as Fatah will join the operations against the occupation.
     Before these statements were made, senior officials in the Civil Administration and the army’s Central District leadership said that the situation will not calm down in the near future, and the uprising could last a long time unless a political breakthrough is made. Without the latter, there will be more violence and chaos.
     Eizenkot has apparently realised that the killing of Palestinian children and youth will not achieve the degree of deterrence expected by the Israeli government, which has given the army, police and armed civilians the political cover, legitimacy and even absolute freedom to kill Palestinians if they are suspected of threatening Israeli lives.
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Michael Gove, the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the postcolonial professor
Naomi Foyle, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 2/18/2016
      The late Bart Moore-Gilbert (1952-2015), the former Professor of Postcolonial Studies and English at Goldsmiths College, has left a legacy of ground-breaking scholarship; the PEN J.R. Ackerley short-listed memoir, The Setting Sun (Verso 2014); and, no less importantly for friends and family, the moving blog, in which he tracked his painful yet ultimately life-affirming battle with kidney cancer. Among Moore-Gilbert’s many achievements, his self-litigation of a 2012/13 freedom of information tribunal against the Department for Education (DfE) also ranks high. It was a case in which he sought the disclosure of email chains relating to the then Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove’s personal intervention in the matter of school workshops offered by the 2011 Tottenham Palestine Literature Festival. Moore-Gilbert’s extensive work for the tribunal will be of on-going interest to anyone concerned about the power of lobby groups, the transparency of government and the possibility of ministerial bias.
     Moore-Gilbert was an audience member at the festival, a weekend event organised by Haringey Justice for Palestine Group and held at Tottenham’s West Green Learning Centre. Like many others in attendance, he was astounded to learn that the festival’s planned schools’ programme – a series of workshops in five local schools on the theme of human rights, and a poetry competition to be judged by then Children’s Poet Laureate Michael Rosen – had been cancelled after the schools received warning letters from the Prevention of Extremism Unit of the DfE. The letters, signed personally by Michael Gove, demanded that the head teachers, within two days, either set out plans to ensure that the political issues discussed in the workshops were given a “balanced presentation”, or withdraw from the festival altogether. Unable to comply with this directive within the tight timeframe, the schools all chose to withdraw, with one chair of governors expressing “concern” at the imputation that his school had been involved in encouraging extremism.
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Palestinian teachers continue strike after PA arrests educators
Middle East Eye 20 Feb 2016 - Language Undefined Some one million Palestinian children have been impacted by teachers walk out following pay dispute

Jewish Schools in Britain that Erased Images of Females in Books Are Criticised
Asharq Alawsat ME News 19 Feb 2016 - Ofsted criticised two Jewish schools in Stamford Hill, north London (the Guardian) The British Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted) severely criticised two independent Jewish boys’ schools situated in north London for not preparing pupils “for the reality of life in modern...

No access to education for Bedouin children with disabilities
Electronic Intifada - Lack of resources due to Israel's institutionalized discrimination means no classrooms for many students.

No access to education for Bedouin children with disabilities
Electronic Intifada: 17 Feb 2016 - Lack of resources due to Israel's institutionalized discrimination means no classrooms for many students. more..

A Swollen River of Refugees
Palestine Chronicle: 17 Feb 2016 - By David Smith-Ferri Last month, as US border patrol agents began rounding up Central American women and children denied asylum, a small group of international peace activists from Voices for Creative Nonviolence boarded a plane for Helsinki, Finland, to visit two longtime Iraqi friends who fled Baghdad last summer and somehow completed a perilous seven-week journey over land and sea to reach this northern seaport. Negotiating our way from the airport in Helsinki to Laajasalo, a small island and suburb where we were to stay with a Finnish journalist, we crossed a frozen and snow-covered Baltic Sea, as white flakes swirled in the streetlights and the temperature dropped to minus 25 degrees Celsius, a long, long way from Baghdad. Our friends Mohammad and his teenage son, Omar, come from a small farming village where they grow okra. Last autumn, like hundreds of thousands of others, they were part of the...more

Just another arbitrary detention of a Palestinian child
+972 Magazine - Soldiers detain a child in his pajamas and slippers, harshly interrogate him without a parent or attorney present, and then release him 12 hours later as if nothing ever happened. We can already tell you what the military’s investigation will look like. By Yossi Gurvitz, written...

Just another arbitrary detention of a Palestinian child
Yossi Gurvitz, Yesh Din, +972 Magazine 2/13/2016
      Soldiers detain a child in his pajamas and slippers, harshly interrogate him without a parent or attorney present, and then release him 12 hours later as if nothing ever happened. We can already tell you what the military’s investigation will look like.
     J., a 13-year-old Palestinian boy, lives in the West Bank village of Al-Janiya. One cold morning in the beginning of last December, wearing pajamas and slippers, J. left his house and went to collect items for his relative’s engagement party. A large carob tree stood nearby to where he went for the errand. J. was accompanied by A., a six-year-old child.
     As J. would later describe it, upon reaching the tree, several soldiers jumped on the children and began hitting them. The altercation attracted the attention of an adult, who arrived and began yelling at the soldiers. The soldiers released A. but held onto J.
     J.’s mother rushed to the scene and tried to dislodge the child from their grasp. In response, one of the soldiers pressed his rifle barrel to her chest. The mother, who suffers from a medical condition, lost consciousness. In the ensuing chaos, the soldiers threw stun and tear gas grenades, taking off in a vehicle with J.
     Meanwhile, at home, J.’s father heard the news from children who came to his door in tears. He and his relatives would spend the next few hours in desperate attempts to talk to the Palestinian District Coordination Office (DCO) to try and find out where his son was.
     J. was first taken to a military base, where – as he later described – the soldiers blindfolded him with a gun cloth, and then tied his hands and beat him with their rifle butts....
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WATCH: Jaffa parents demand desegregated, bilingual education
+972 Magazine - The Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality does not offer any bi-lingual education options for Jewish and Palestinian families who live in the same Jaffa neighborhoods, on the same streets, and in the same apartment buildings. Parents of children enrolled in the city’s only Arabic-Hebrew bi-lingual kindergarten are now...

Police detain Lebanese for smuggling Syrians
Daily Star 11 Feb 2016 Security forces Thursday detained a Lebanese national smuggling 13 Syrian adults and three children at a police checkpoint in east Lebanon.

VIDEO: Palestinian disabled children learn circus skills
Middle East Eye 9 Feb 2016 - Language Undefined Palestinian children from Ramallah improve their confidence and are given creative opportunities in 'Star Mountain' school

MKs call to remove ex-diplomat who calls to isolate Israel from school board
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2016 - “We want to protect our children and allow them to get a good education, not to educate them through Alon Liel’s example to slander Israel.”

VIDEO: Palestinian disabled children learn circus skills
Middle East Eye 9 Feb 2016 - Language Undefined Palestinian children from Ramallah improve their confidence and are given creative opportunities in 'Star Mountain' school

‘Barbarism by an educated and cultured people’ — Dawayima massacre was worse than Deir Yassin
Mondoweiss - “There was no battle and no resistance (and no Egyptians). The first conquerors killed from eighty to a hundred Arabs [including] women and children. The children were killed by smashing of their skulls with sticks. Is it possible to shout about Deir Yassin and be silent...

Forbidden love tales in Israel...
Jamal Kanj, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 2/7/2016
      How can a two-year-old novel become a best seller? Censorship is the short answer. The most important question is, however, why would the “Jewish democracy” censor a love fiction between a Jew and non-Jew?
     The banned book Borderlife was based on a love story between an Israeli woman and a Palestinian man. According to Haaretz newspaper, the novel was recommended in 2015 for Hebrew high school literature classes by “a professional committee of academics and educators, at the request of a number of teachers.”
     The Israeli Ministry of Education rejected the fiction work for fear it would corrupt young Jewish minds. In explaining its decision, the ministry wrote “Intimate relations between Jews and non-Jews threaten the separate identity.” The Israeli Education Ministry wrote that “young people of adolescent age don’t have the systemic view that includes considerations involving maintaining the national-ethnic identity of the (Jewish) people and the significance of miscegenation.”
     In layman’s terms, the educational authorities in the only “democracy” in the Middle East wanted to protect the fledgling Jewish minds from the plague of assimilation and intermarriages between people of different races. Wasn’t this what Adolph Hitler had advocated for the Aryan race?
     But in an Orwellian love is hate doublethink, Dalia Fenzig, the head of the Israeli ministry committee that decides the Hebrew Literature matriculation reading list, told Israeli Army Radio: “The (love fiction) book could incite hatred...”
     Fenzig further implied that Israeli societal racism rendered the book unfit for Israeli students. “Many parents in the state school system would strongly object to having their children study the novel,” she said.
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Israeli forces detain 3 children, 6 others in West Bank raids
2/7/2016 - HEBRON (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained at least 10 Palestinians in overnight raids on Sunday. Local sources told Ma'an that Israeli troops stormed the village of Sair northeast of Hebron early on Sunday and detained three children. The three brothers, identified as Mujahid, Qusay and Saad Nimer Froukh, are 11, 12 and 14 years old respectively, and were taken to an unknown....

Lebanese hospital detains three children after failure to pay expenses
PIC - 7 Feb 2016 - A Lebanese hospital in Sour (Tyre) city on Saturday detained three Palestinian refugee infants after their father failed to pay the cost of their treatment.

‘Barbarism by an educated and cultured people’ — Dawayima massacre was worse than Deir Yassin
Mondoweiss - “There was no battle and no resistance (and no Egyptians). The first conquerors killed from eighty to a hundred Arabs [including] women and children. The children were killed by smashing of their skulls with sticks. Is it possible to shout about Deir Yassin and be silent...

Israeli forces detain 26 across the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem
2/4/2016 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained at least 27 Palestinians across the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem during raids on Thursday, the Palestinian Prisoners' Society and locals said. The society said in a statement that Israeli forces detained three 13-year-old children from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem. Three were identified as Hamza Abdullah, Muhammad Thaer Farhan and Qassam....

74 children among 150 Jerusalemites detained in January
PIC - 2 Feb 2016 - Almost 150 Palestinians were arrested in occupied Jerusalem over last month including 74 children, a Palestinian rights group revealed.

Demands grow on Israel to release circus teacher for disabled children
Electronic Intifada - Mohammad Abu Sakha has been in administrative detention since December.

A dark cloud hangs over the Palestinian Circus School
The National 2 Feb 2016 - BIRZEIT, WEST BANK // A child swings on a trapeze bar, another bounces and flips on the trampoline while others learn to juggle or catch a flying diablo. Gathered in a circus tent in the West Bank city of Birzeit is a group of 30 Palestinian children...

Demands grow on Israel to release circus teacher for disabled children
Electronic Intifada - Mohammad Abu Sakha has been in administrative detention since December.

Life of journalist Muhammad al-Qiq, administrative detainee on hunger strike for 65 days, in danger
B'tselem - Muhammad al-Qiq, 33, married with two children, is a Palestinian journalist who lives in the village of Abu Qash in the Ramallah District. Al-Qiq was arrested by the Israeli authorities on 21 November 2015 and taken to interrogation. Almost a month later, on 17 December, an...

Demands grow on Israel to release circus teacher for disabled children
Electronic Intifada - Mohammad Abu Sakha has been in administrative detention since December.

Demands grow on Israel to release circus teacher for disabled children
Electronic Intifada: 31 Jan 2016 - Mohammad Abu Sakha has been in administrative detention since December. more..

Nonviolent Resistance in the South Hebron Hills
Cassandra Dixon, Antiwar.com 1/30/2016
      The worst worries of a child’s school day should be homework. Maybe a lost book, or an argument with a friend. No child’s walk to school should routinely involve armed soldiers and fear of sometimes being chased and assaulted by angry adults. But for the Palestinian children who live with their families in the small rural villages that make up the South Hebron Hills, this is how the school day begins. Illegal settlements and outposts isolate and separate their villages and soldiers are a constant in their lives.
     Once, the trip from the tiny hamlet of Tuba to the school in the village of Tuwani was a calm and beautiful walk along a quiet road connecting the two villages. During the 1980s Israeli settlers built a settlement on privately owned Palestinian land, which had been used to graze sheep and goats. Following construction of the settlement, the settlers established an illegal outpost. Now, industrial chicken barns sit astride the road that once served children walking to school, farmers taking livestock to town, and families traveling to Tuwani, or the larger town of Yatta for health care, shopping, and higher education.
     Between the settlement and the outpost, what remains of the road is closed to Palestinians. With one exception, – children walk behind an Israeli military jeep to reach their school. Their parents are not allowed to walk with them.
     The twenty or so children who make this trip start their school day in an unprotected field, anxiously waiting for the Israeli soldiers who will oversee their walk to school. Villagers had built shelters in which the children could await the soldiers, but Israeli authorities have dismantled every shelter. If it is raining, the children get soaked. Some days the soldiers are the same soldiers who chased or arrested shepherds the day before – shepherds who may be the brothers or fathers of these children. Some days the soldiers are late, leaving the group of children waiting, vulnerable to attack and within easy reach of the outpost....
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Child Detainees Deprived of Heat in Hasharon Prison
IMEMC - 27 Jan 2016 -

Lebanons, part 3: The Gorge
Yuval Ben-Ami, +972 Magazine 1/22/2016
      Yuval Ben-Ami’s new project is an anti-travelogue: an exploration of places unvisited. (Read parts one and two.)
     The next place on the map that had a name was “Schwarzwaldalp”. I headed for it in the cool morning, winding downhill into a small valley. The pastures were dark green, the cows cute. The clouds were low, obscuring how tall the mountains were above it all.
     My foot kicked something on the trail, some stick that didn’t feel like a branch. I looked down and found a titanium walking stick. The handle was broken off but otherwise it seemed fine. Nice luck.
     Shwarzwaldalp was not much more than a small restaurant and a children’s playground. I grabbed breakfast: heavily buttered dark bread with slices of hard cheese, had some coffee and flipped through a pile of old magazines on mountain vacationing. They were full of wooden interiors and smiley children in ski goggles. Only the Swiss can really afford Switzerland. I felt resentment toward each and every one of them.
     Outside the restaurant was a sign detailing hiking trails in the area. Only one was interesting, the last on the list. The previous day at the Grindelwald tourist information office, I learned a sad truth: crossing the Bernese Alps on foot was impossible. The top of the range was a vast desert of rock and ice. No hiking trail led through it, just as no foot bridges spanned the Atlantic.
     There was, however, one blue line that sloped dramatically up a slender shoulder of the range, then curved down into a valley and eventually met up with a road navigable by car.... -- See also: Part 1 and Part 2
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No room for occupation in Israel’s civics curriculum
+972 Magazine - Students who open up the Education Ministry’s new civics textbook won’t find a word about military rule or discrimination against 20 percent of the population.   There’s a reason for that. By Gil Gertel Illustrative photo of children in a library. (photo: Shutterstock.com) Education Minister Naftali...

So Just How Jewish Is Sesame Street?
The Forward New 15 Jan 2016 - The beloved children’s educational show Sesame Street gets a big upgrade this weekend †not too much unlike the city its fictionally based in: New York.

So Just How Jewish Is Sesame Street?
The Forward New 15 Jan 2016 - The beloved children’s educational show Sesame Street gets a big upgrade this weekend †not too much unlike the city its fictionally based in: New York.

Gaza’s children grow up with trauma
Electronic Intifada - Under siege and in isolation, Gaza's mental health crisis has little chance of abating.

Gaza’s children grow up with trauma
Electronic Intifada: 14 Jan 2016 - Under siege and in isolation, Gaza's mental health crisis has little chance of abating. more..

Why Israel`s schools merit a U.S. boycott
Occupation Magazine 12 Jan 2016 - Saree Makdisi - Los Angeles Times - The United Nations` Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination points out with alarm that Israel maintains two separate educational systems for its citizens — one for Jewish children and another for the children of the Palestinian minority —...

Dozens protest in support of Israeli conscientious objector
Haggai Matar, +972 Magazine 1/10/2016
      Tair Kaminer is expected to be sentenced to a month in military jail for refusing to enlist in the IDF. Kaminer: ‘Military jail frightens me less than our society losing its humanity.’
     Approximately 40 demonstrators accompanied Israeli conscientious objector Tair Kaminer to the Tel Hashomer induction base on Sunday, where she is expected to be sentenced for her refusal to enlist in the Israeli army.
     The demonstrators held signs chanted against the occupation at the entrance to the base. Some of them organized a short performance, in which they wore IDF uniforms and pledged their loyalty to the state while their their eyes, ears, and mouths were covered.
     Kaminer, 19, recently finished a year of national service with the Israeli Scouts (“Tzofim”) in the southern development town of Sderot. There she volunteered with children who suffer from trauma due to multiple wars in Gaza and continual rocket fire on the city. “The children I worked with grew up in the heart of the conflict and have had extremely difficult experiences from a young age, experiences that caused them to feel hatred, which can be understood, especially when it comes from young children,” Kaminer wrote in a statement several days ago.
     “Like them, many children who grow up in Gaza or in the West Bank, in an even more difficult environment, learn to hate the other side,” she continues. “They, too, cannot be blamed. When I look at all of these children, and the next generation on both sides and the reality in which they grow up, I see only more trauma and pain. And I say enough! That is why I refuse: so that I do not take an active part in the occupation of the Palestinian territories and the injustices that the Palestinian people face under occupation, so that I do not take part in this circle of hate in Gaza and Sderot."
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Dozens protest in support of Israeli conscientious objector
Haggai Matar, +972 Magazine 1/10/2016
      Tair Kaminer is expected to be sentenced to a month in military jail for refusing to enlist in the IDF. Kaminer: ‘Military jail frightens me less than our society losing its humanity.’
     Approximately 40 demonstrators accompanied Israeli conscientious objector Tair Kaminer to the Tel Hashomer induction base on Sunday, where she is expected to be sentenced for her refusal to enlist in the Israeli army.
     The demonstrators held signs chanted against the occupation at the entrance to the base. Some of them organized a short performance, in which they wore IDF uniforms and pledged their loyalty to the state while their their eyes, ears, and mouths were covered.
     Kaminer, 19, recently finished a year of national service with the Israeli Scouts (“Tzofim”) in the southern development town of Sderot. There she volunteered with children who suffer from trauma due to multiple wars in Gaza and continual rocket fire on the city. “The children I worked with grew up in the heart of the conflict and have had extremely difficult experiences from a young age, experiences that caused them to feel hatred, which can be understood, especially when it comes from young children,” Kaminer wrote in a statement several days ago.
     “Like them, many children who grow up in Gaza or in the West Bank, in an even more difficult environment, learn to hate the other side,” she continues. “They, too, cannot be blamed. When I look at all of these children, and the next generation on both sides and the reality in which they grow up, I see only more trauma and pain. And I say enough! That is why I refuse: so that I do not take an active part in the occupation of the Palestinian territories and the injustices that the Palestinian people face under occupation, so that I do not take part in this circle of hate in Gaza and Sderot."
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Learning Arabic: the key to coexistence
YNet News, 11 Jan 2016 - Consensus is growing in Israel on importance of teaching Arabic to children as of first grade. A few examples plucked from Arabic media illustrate how vital speaking Arabic is to get a better grasp of the current conflict; it will also engender honest dialogue and mutual respect. ....

Israel debates how to stop BDS even as it continues to lose friends abroad
Ben White, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 1/7/2016
      On Wednesday, a debate was held in the British Parliament on the issue of Palestinian child prisoners detained by Israeli forces in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT).
     The same day, two thousand miles away, Israel’s Knesset hosted a discussion on how to combat the growing, Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign. Together, these two parliamentary meetings serve as a useful illustration of why Israel’s international image continues to deteriorate – and why it is not likely to improve any time soon.
     First, to Westminster, where Labour MP Sarah Champion sponsored a debate on Palestinian child prisoners. The majority of the debate was taken up by a detailed account of the situation as it currently stands, including how children are taken from their homes at night, and the injustices and discrimination inherent in Israel’s use of military courts to try and jail Palestinian children.
     Instructively, however, the debate did not just focus on the human rights abuses being perpetrated by Israel, but what can be done to stop them.
     Champion, describing the transfer of Palestinian detainees out of the OPT as a war crime, urged the government to establish “a watch list” of those responsible, and to “ensure that any individual on the watch list who attempts to enter the UK is detained for questioning and, if sufficient evidence is available, charged and prosecuted, subject to the consent of the Director of Public Prosecutions.”
     Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, meanwhile, asked Champion whether she agreed “that it is now time for action”, and suggested that “the UK could call for the suspension of the EU-Israel association agreement”....
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UK MPs speak out about Israeli detention of Palestinian children
Jehan Alfarra, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 1/7/2016
      British parliament held a debate on the issue of child prisoners and detainees in the Occupied Palestinian Territories for the second time yesterday, following a debate on the issue in 2010.
     The debate was procured by Sarah Champion MP, who began by addressing the ill-treatment meted out to Palestinian children detained by the Israeli military as documented by two damning reports showing that Israel was in breach of its legal obligations under the UN convention on the rights of the child and the Fourth Geneva Convention.
     In 2012, a delegation of nine UK lawyers led by the former British Attorney-General, Baroness Scotland, published an independent report funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Children in Military Custody, on the plight of Palestinian children arrested and detained by Israel. The report found that Israel’s treatment of Palestinian child prisoners and detainees was in breach of Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention on the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, as well as several articles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
     In 2013, UNICEF also released its own assessment of the military detention system for children. After reviewing the available evidence, including over 400 sworn affidavits from children detained in a system that has a jurisdiction to prosecute 12 year olds in military courts, UNICEF concluded that “the ill-treatment of children who come into contact with the military detention system appears to be widespread, systematic, and institutionalised throughout the process, from the moment of arrest until the child’s prosecution and eventual conviction and sentencing”.
     Champion named a number of specific issues that British officials have raised with their Israeli counterparts as part of on-going discussions aimed at following up on the implementation of the report’s recommendations by the Israeli government....
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Gazan 14-year-old sentenced to 6 months in prison by Israeli court
1/9/2016 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- An Israeli court sentenced a 14-year-old Palestinian boy from the Gaza Strip to six months in prison, an official from the Palestinian Authority Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs said in a statement. Abd al-Nasser Farawanah said that Israeli forces had detained 13 Palestinian children from the Gaza Strip on Oct. 10 during clashes in the al-Bureij refugee camp....

Contest highlights hurdles to education
Daily Star 7 Jan 2016 Hamra’s Teh Marbouta restaurant hosted a mobile device film contest to raise awareness about obstacles deterring children from acquiring an education in Lebanon.

Contest highlights hurdles to education
Daily Star 7 Jan 2016 Hamra’s Teh Marbouta restaurant hosted a mobile device film contest to raise awareness about obstacles deterring children from acquiring an education in Lebanon.

Youngest prisoner in the world, Ali, in the Israeli jails
PIC - 7 Jan 2016 - The Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) continue to detain the Palestinian minors Ali and Muawiyah Alqam. The child Ali, 11, is the youngest prisoner in the world.

Youngest prisoner in the world, Ali, in the Israeli jails
PIC - 7 Jan 2016 - The Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) continue to detain the Palestinian minors Ali and Muawiyah Alqam. The child Ali, 11, is the youngest prisoner in the world.

Israeli forces detain 15 Palestinians in West Bank predawn raids
1/6/2016 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained at least 15 Palestinians, including six children, in multiple predawn detention raids across the occupied West Bank Wednesday, Palestinian and Israeli sources said. The Palestinian Prisoner's Society said in a statement that Palestinians were detained from Hebron, Jenin, Tulkarem, Qalqiliya, Bethlehem, Nablus, and Tubas. In Hebron district, the society said that Israeli forces detained Basil Azmi....

The children who won’t let us forget the occupation
Yasmine Halevi, +972 Magazine 1/2/2016
      A six-year-old Palestinian girl was run over on a main road while begging for change in northern Israel. She is one of many Palestinians sent over from the West Bank, where both poverty and despair is only growing.
     The above photo is of Fatma from Hebron. She is six-and-a-half years old and she has a full time job. She was smuggled to Israel over a month ago, and since then she has been begging for change at the Kafr Kara junction in northern Israel. She sleeps in either a nearby mosque or the adjacent town of Barta’a — it isn’t exactly clear. She hasn’t had a shower in a while, and most of the time she is hungry.
     Her parents likely earn 30-50 shekels a day from this job, and there are many like her. Up until a few months ago, young boys sold lighters and pens at the junction, but following the latest wave of violence, they were replaced by skinny, dirty girls who stand around with sad eyes, looking disheveled and exhausted.
     Many who drive through Wadi Ara see these children. They know this “phenomenon,” their hearts sink. First off, children who walk around a main road are in constant danger. Secondly, the sight is simply horrible. Of course there are cynical, shameless parents who make money off of their children. But perhaps the father is in prison? Maybe he is dead? Maybe there is no mother around? What if they live in the street?
     What do we know?
     The Israel National Council for the Child advises not to give these children money so that they do not keep coming back. This is a classic response by those who have it all....
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The children who won’t let us forget the occupation
+972 Magazine - A six-year-old Palestinian girl was run over on a main road while begging for change in northern Israel. She is one of many Palestinians sent over from the West Bank, where both poverty and despair is only growing.    By Yasmine Halevi Six-year-old Fatma lays in...

The uncomfortable context of Israel’s book ban
+972 Magazine - The decision to prevent high schools from teaching a Jewish-Palestinian love story might sound like an innocent attempt at promoting Jewish continuity. In fact, it’s the sound of Israel’s extreme right going mainstream. Illustrative photo of children in a library. (photo: Shutterstock.com ) Israel’s Education Ministry announced...

Arrested Adolescence: On the Interrupted Development of Palestinian Minors in Prison
Palestine Chronicle: 30 Dec 2015 - By Dr. Samah Jabr  The Israeli parliament has recently approved a law that allows the sentencing of up to 20 years in prison for Palestinians who throw stones, individuals who are usually minors. This development was followed by a law that would allow for the imprisonment of Palestinian children as young as 12, if they are found guilty of “nationalistically-motivated” violent offences. As a clinician, I am often confronted with adolescents whose social and psychological growth has been suspended by experiences of political detention. I observe that many such youths have become anxious and depressed following this experience, whereas others manifest stoicism and fail to express any emotion. “Majed” (all names have been changed) is a boy of 14; he has been arrested 14 times and often beaten brutally in detention. On one occasion, the Israeli forces broke his teeth and inflicted a number of head injuries. Majed was brought...more

Research Unit: 5,934 Children Detained by Israel since 2010
IMEMC - 29 Dec 2015 - Israel has detained a total of 5,934 Palestinian children over the last five years, the Palestinian Studies and Documentation unit revealed, according to WAFA. ...

Research Unit: Israel Detained 5,934 Children since 2010
WAFA - 29 Dec 2015

Arrested adolescence: on the interrupted development of Palestinian minors in prison
Dr Samah Jabr, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 12/25/2015
      The Israeli parliament has recently approved a law that allows the sentencing of up to 20 years in prison for Palestinians who throw stones, individuals who are usually minors. This development was followed by a law that would allow for the imprisonment of Palestinian children as young as 12, if they are found guilty of "nationalistically-motivated" violent offences.
     As a clinician, I am often confronted with adolescents whose social and psychological growth has been suspended by experiences of political detention. I observe that many such youths have become anxious and depressed following this experience, whereas others manifest stoicism and fail to express any emotion.
     “Majed” (all names have been changed) is a boy of 14; he has been arrested 14 times and often beaten brutally in detention. On one occasion, the Israeli forces broke his teeth and inflicted a number of head injuries. Majed was brought to my clinic by an older sister who had just finished medical school. She explained that he did not listen to anyone at home, no longer respected his teachers and frequently missed school. Instead, he befriended men of 30 or 40 and accompanied them to spend time in coffee shops. I found in Majed an adolescent experiencing a hypertrophic growth of his status as a hero, at the expense of compromising other areas of personality development. This profile of adolescent ex-detainees is typical. Less commonly, we see reactions such as that of Mufeed, in whom the experience of detention brought a deeper destruction, at least with regard to his image of his father. Mufeed claimed that “the prison guard was better than my father; he gave me cigarettes to smoke."
     Majed and Mufeed are just two among the 700 Palestinian youths arrested each year. The average age of arrest is 15 and the average duration of their detention in prison is 147 days. Ninety per cent of these minors have been documented as having been exposed to traumatic experiences and sixty-five of them have developed diagnosable psychiatric disorders....
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Chicago law professor praised right-wing Israeli settler group in West Bank lecture
Ben White, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 12/18/2015
      A law professor at Chicago’s Northwestern University gave a lecture as the guest of a right-wing Israeli organisation whose head supports the “transfer” of Palestinians, it has emerged.
     Eugene Kontorovich, described on his faculty website as an expert in international law, is a public apologist for Israel’s illegal settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). In a recent op-ed for The New York Times, he attacked the European Union’s guidelines for the labelling of settlement produce.
     What is not well known, however, is that Kontorovich is himself a West Bank settler. Two years ago, Kontorovich emigrated to Israel from the US, and moved to Alon Shvut, an Israeli colony south of Bethlehem. According to his listing at the Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs, Kontorovich now lives in Neve Daniel, another settlement within the Bethlehem governorate.
     But Kontorovich is not just a settlement resident; a video that has come to light shows him expressing support for a notorious right-wing settler group that sees all of the West Bank as “the exclusive possession” of Jews.
     In December 2013, Kontorovich gave a talk as a guest of Women in Green (WiG) “on how to apply Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria [the West Bank] without jeopardizing the existence of Israel as a Jewish state.”
     The event took place in Ush Ghurab, on the outskirts of Beit Sahour, where settler activists waged a long campaign to ensure the land remained out of bounds for local Palestinians. Ultimately, the settlers succeeded in “squash[ing] a plan for building a hospital for Palestinian children” on the site.
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The forced transfer of Palestinian detainees — why it matters
Gerard Horton, +972 Magazine 12/19/2015
      International law is clear that prisoners should not be transferred outside of an occupied territory — both to allow their families access to them and to prevent forced population transfer. But that’s not all that’s at stake.
     Palestinian children detained in the Israeli military detention system should be held in facilities located in Palestine, as opposed to Israel, in accordance with international law, UNICEF recommended in its 2013 report, Children in Israeli Military Detention (2013).
     The latest figures released by the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) indicate that since UNICEF made this recommendation the percentage of Palestinian children being transferred to prison facilities inside Israel has actually gone up. To make matters worse, the military authorities have informed the UN agency that they have no intention of changing the policy.
     Does this matter?
     To answer the question – does it matter? – it is worth briefly considering the legal provisions that prohibit transfer and understand why they were thought necessary in the first place. Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention (the Convention) (see also Article 49) specifically prohibits the transfer of protected persons accused or convicted of offences from occupied territory.
     It is unnecessary to consider whether or not the Convention applies to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict or the status of Palestine as occupied territory as both these issues have been authoritatively determined by the UN Security Council in legally binding resolutions putting the question beyond any reasonable dispute.
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Why are Israeli ministers playing political games with poor children?
Al-Monitor 11 Dec 2015 - Instead of reflexively blaming cuts to child benefits during the last government for growing poverty in Israel, Ministers Aryeh Deri and Moshe Kahlon should propose constructive measures and follow up on recommendations made in 2014.

Extremist Settlers Prevent Children from Reaching School
IMEMC - 10 Dec 2015 - A group of Israeli extremists prevented Palestinian children from going to school in Hebron city, on Thursday, the director of the Palestinian Authority's Ministry of Education Hebron office said. ...

Israeli settlers prevent Hebron children from reaching primary school
12/10/2015 - HEBRON (Ma'an) - A group of Israeli extremists prevented Palestinian children from going to school in the southern occupied West Bank's Hebron city on Thursday, the director of the Palestinian Authority's Ministry of Education Hebron office told Ma'an. Bassam Tahboub said Anat Cohen, a well-known extremist who frequently harasses Palestinian residents in the area, first "attacked" the school....

School children denied their right to education in Hebron
International Solidarity Movement - December 10th, 2015 | International Solidarity Movement, al Khalil team | al Khalil, occupied Palestine Soldiers blocked the way to the Cordoba school in al Khalil Today, on   International Human Rights Day , school children as well as teachers were denied access to the Cordoba school in Al-Khalil (Hebron). The mixed primary...

‘I am a mother amongst hundreds, we are all worried about our children’: The systemic incarceration of Palestinian children
Mondoweiss - Palestinian children’s rights of survival, protection, education, health and development have been dramatically violated by Israel since the first Intifada. Palestinian children stand defenseless against Israeli policies that target them as potential “terrorists” and continue to justify and legalize a system in which child imprisonment and persecution...

‘I am a mother amongst hundreds, we are all worried about our children’: The systemic incarceration of Palestinian children
Mondoweiss - Palestinian children’s rights of survival, protection, education, health and development have been dramatically violated by Israel since the first Intifada. Palestinian children stand defenseless against Israeli policies that target them as potential “terrorists” and continue to justify and legalize a system in which child imprisonment and persecution...

Would you turn in your own child? The dilemma facing Palestinian parents
Noam Rotem, +972 Magazine 12/8/2015
      A number of Palestinian youngsters have been turned in by their own families in recent weeks, despite the fact that they had not yet committed any crime. Leveraging threats of collective punishment, the state is becoming Big Brother.
     Generations of Soviet children grew up with the story of Pavel Morozov, the 13-year-old boy who, according to legend, was so loyal to the state that he turned in his father to the authorities for forging documents on behalf of “enemies of the revolution.” George Orwell used the Morozov myth in his dystopian classic “1984,” where children were asked to inform on their parents for every digression from Big Brother’s path.
     We won’t get into the historical debate about whether Morozov actually informed on his father or who might have been interested in propagating the myth. The point is that that state made him into a national hero. Statues of the 13-year-old Pavel were erected in city centers, and schoolchildren were sent to those statues to learn that the state expects of them exactly what Pavel did.
     In recent months that nightmarish dystopia has begun to take hold here, but with a twist. Parents are turning in their own children to authorities, faced with an impossible moral dilemma in which serious consequences loom behind every door.
     A number of youngsters have been turned in to the authorities by their parents despite the fact that they hadn’t done anything more than send a message, or make a troubling statement in the heat of an argument. A 19-year-old woman was put in administrative detention for three months after her family members turned her in. A 15-year-old in Israel’s South was turned in to authorities by her parents after they received a text message from her. A 22-year-old youth was arrested and handed over to the Shin Bet when, during an argument with his father, he said he was going to carry out an attack. There are more examples.
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Israeli forces detain 22 Palestinians across West Bank
12/7/2015 - HEBRON (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained at least 22 Palestinians across the occupied West Bank in predawn raids on Monday, including 10 alleged members of Hamas, Palestinian and Israeli sources said. At least six Palestinians were detained from their homes in the Hebron district, locals said, included three children from the town of Halhul to Hebron's north. They were identified as brothers....

PA: 520 Palestinian prisoners held under administrative detention
12/7/2015 - RAMMALLAH (Ma'an) -- The Palestinian Authority Committee for Prisoners' Affairs said Monday that Israel is now holding some 520 Palestinian prisoners under administrative detention without trial or charge. The head of the committee, Issa Qaraqe, told Ma'an that among the administrative detainees were five children and two members of Palestine's parliament, the Palestinian Legislative Council. He identified the children....

PA launches international campaign to release imprisoned children
12/2/2015 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- The Palestinian Authority announced on Wednesday the launch of an international campaign aiming to pressure the Israeli government to release child Palestinian prisoners, the Palestinian Prisoners' Society said in a statement. The Ministry of Education is sponsoring the campaign, entitled "Give Them Space to Learn and Play," which will be launched across the occupied West Bank, the society said. As....

Israel generates the illusion that violence is routine
Ramona Wadi, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 12/1/2015
      A recent joint press release by Defence for Children International – Palestine (DCIP) and Palestinian prisoners’ NGO Addameer has laid bare the facts regarding Israel’s prosecution of children within the context of the current uprising. Around 350 Palestinian children have been arrested by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank recently, which has led to a marked increase in children being incarcerated since September. Statistical data summarised by both organisations has revealed a systematic implementation of collective punishment and deprivation of human rights, including the fabrication of evidence, solitary confinement, torture and coerced confessions. According to DCIP, such methods have been experienced by 86 per cent of Palestinian minors detained between January and June this year.
     While the earlier days of the Jerusalem Intifada were marked by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s macabre incentives to increase surveillance with the intention of eventually escalating to unbridled murder, it is clear that Israeli tactics have, this time, shifted in focus. The intention is obviously to target the younger generation of Palestinians first and foremost.
     Recently, the state’s Ministerial Committee for Legislation proposed a bill that stipulates the lowering of the age at which people can be imprisoned to 12 for Palestinian children convicted of “nationalist-motivated” actions. There are precedents to this law, notably the recent harsher sentences for Palestinians embarking upon resistance tactics such as stone throwing and restricting the possibility of suspended sentences. Israel has also reinstated administrative detention for Palestinian minors, meaning that they can be imprisoned without charge or trial indefinitely.
     At the other end of the spectrum, Israel has, under the pretext of security concerns, permitted the extrajudicial killing of Palestinians. The aforementioned press release includes a very pertinent quote from DCIP’s Accountability Programme Director, Ayed Abu Eqtaish: “While all states have the right to protect their children from violence, it cannot be used to justify extrajudicial killings or the unlawful use of intentional lethal force."
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Israel Generates the Illusion that Violence is Routine
Palestine Chronicle: 1 Dec 2015 - By Ramona Wadi A recent joint press release by Defence for Children International – Palestine (DCIP) and Palestinian prisoners’ NGO Addameer has laid bare the facts regarding Israel’s prosecution of children within the context of the current uprising. Around 350 Palestinian children have been arrested by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank recently, which has led to a marked increase in children being incarcerated since September. Statistical data summarised by both organisations has revealed a systematic implementation of collective punishment and deprivation of human rights, including the fabrication of evidence, solitary confinement, torture and coerced confessions. According to DCIP, such methods have been experienced by 86 per cent of Palestinian minors detained between January and June this year. While the earlier days of the Jerusalem Intifada were marked by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s macabre incentives to increase surveillance with the intention of eventually escalating to unbridled murder, it is...more

We love life, but we love our land more
Dr Fayez Rasheed, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 11/27/2015
      They claim that our Palestinian youth who are resisting Israel’s occupation sanctify the “culture of death”. They see them going to their deaths, but they are desperate in falsifying such a claim.
     They do not realise that given the conditions of displacement and suffering to which Palestinians are subject, they — we — are one of the most “life-loving” nations in the world. Many of our youth, both male and female, survived their heroic resistance operations; others did not, while some of the martyrs did not intend to stab soldiers. However, if we look closely at the neo-fascist Zionist hatred of everything Palestinian, Arab or even human, we find that Israeli soldiers have killed young Palestinians and then placed knives near their bodies; many were shot merely because the soldiers suspected that they might be going to stab someone. This is extra-judicial execution based on suspicion of intent and nothing else.
     Yes, our people love life and they live on the hope of liberating their land and living happily and freely, just like other men, women and children all over the world. However, if sacrificing oneself is the only way to get rid of the occupation, then most of our people would sacrifice their lives for the sake of their land, their people’s national rights and the happiness of future generations of Palestinians. Since the successive occupations of their land, especially since the foundation of the state of Israel, the Palestinians have been open targets. Our enemies have an insatiable appetite, and they would love to kill or wipe out all Palestinians. Hence, they hope that the sea will swallow Gaza; they are annoyed every time a Palestinian is born; and they even wish that the word “Palestine” could be erased from the dictionaries because it reminds them of their confiscation of the land, their colonisation, their founding myths and the fact that today’s new-borns will grow and fight them for the rights of their people. As such, the Israelis realise that they are only here for a short while.
     The Palestinian mother is one of the most loving and protective for her children....
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Israel draft law allows jail for Palestinians aged 12
Occupation Magazine 24 Nov 2015 - Patrick Strickland - Aljazeera - An Israeli ministerial committee has approved a law sharply criticised by human rights groups as it would allow the imprisonment of Palestinian children as young as 12. Authorised by Israel`s Ministerial Committee for Legislation on Sunday, the bill could enable Israel...

Samira Project
Rachel Corrie Foundation 24 Nov 2015 - Earlier this summer, the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) , along with funding and support from the Madison-Rafah Sister City Project (MRSCP) , started a pilot project, The Samira Project, to help children with learning disabilities in Gaza. The Rachel Corrie Foundation (RCF) proudly offers support for this...

Despite Israel’s wars, ethnic cleansing and hatred, Palestinians continue to grow in number
Dr Fayez Rasheed, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 11/23/2015
      They’re killing our people in genocides, they're torturing and arresting our children and they're burning them alive. Israelis wish for the Palestinians to disappear from the face of the earth, so that they may rest, but we will not grant them any of their wishes. They hate Arabs and Muslims and the whole religion of Islam. They even tried to exploit the terrorist attack that hit Paris. A spokeswoman for Israeli Minister of Housing, Nira Yadin, attacked the holy Qur’an, desecrated and abused it verbally, connecting one of its verses to the events in Paris.
     The Palestinian Mizan organisation for human rights called for an investigation of Yadin and for her to be fired from her position for her racist anti-Muslim remarks and slander against the Qur’an in saying that its verses are an incitement to violence. “Nira Yadin, journalist and spokeswoman for Minister of Housing Yoav Galant, said on social media that ‘what happened in France comes from chapter number 18 of the Koran’ [sic],” said Mizan. “We condemn such hateful statements and the underestimating of the Qur’an, and we consider these statements to be racist, exceeding all red lines when it comes to freedom of expression.” The Mizan statement added the group’s belief that Yadin’s statements violate the religion of Islam and the emotions of Muslims.
     The budget for the Israeli army takes up a huge portion of government spending, at the expense of public services. The published general budget of the state of Israel reveals the ongoing racial discrimination against Palestinian citizens. Representatives of Arab municipal and rural councils are expected to demonstrate in front of the Knesset against the financial crisis from which they are suffering. Israel’s general budget for the current year and next is between $93 and 96 billion, of which $16 billion is allocated to the ministry of defence. Further millions are spent on border guards, who are part of the police and thus come under the ministry of the interior. Illegal settlers and the settlements take another large slice of public money. According to recent research, one third of the Israeli budget is usually spent on war and occupation policies.
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Israel’s Open Season on ‘Arabs’
Palestine Chronicle: 25 Nov 2015 - By Jeremy Salt Sometimes it must be such fun to be an Israeli undercover agent especially if you like amateur theatricals and perhaps thought of an acting career but were not quite good enough and had to settle for something less. You get drama and excitement without the element of danger to yourself. You can dress up as an ‘Arab’ and storm into ‘Arab’ homes on the West Bank to terrorize families and shoot dead teenagers. You have to put up with sobbing mothers and screaming children, but so what, they are all terrorists or will grow up to be one. You can storm into a hospital to kidnap and kill. Not a gun in sight except yours: nothing but wards, patients, bandages, cupboards full of medical equipment and a few orderlies wandering around in a green smock. You could actually walk into the hospital in uniform in the middle...more

Despite Israel’s Wars, Ethnic Cleansing and Hatred, Palestinians Continue to Grow in Number
Palestine Chronicle: 24 Nov 2015 - By Dr. Fayez Rasheed They’re killing our people in genocides, they’re torturing and arresting our children and they’re burning them alive. Israelis wish for the Palestinians to disappear from the face of the earth, so that they may rest, but we will not grant them any of their wishes. They hate Arabs and Muslims and the whole religion of Islam. They even tried to exploit the terrorist attack that hit Paris. A spokeswoman for Israeli Minister of Housing, Nira Yadin, attacked the holy Qur’an, desecrated and abused it verbally, connecting one of its verses to the events in Paris. The Palestinian Mizan organisation for human rights called for an investigation of Yadin and for her to be fired from her position for her racist anti-Muslim remarks and slander against the Qur’an in saying that its verses are an incitement to violence. “Nira Yadin, journalist and spokeswoman for Minister of Housing Yoav...more

Israeli forces detain Palestinian child, 9, near Bethlehem
11/24/2015 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) --Israeli military forces on Tuesday detained a nine-year-old Palestinian child from the village of Tuqu south of Bethlehem, witnesses said. Locals told Ma'an that Israeli soldiers detained Yasin Ahmad al-Badan on his way home from school, claiming he had broken an Israeli soldiers' leg while throwing rocks. The child was transferred to the Etzion DCO for questioning. Teachers....

Samira Project
Rachel Corrie Foundation 24 Nov 2015 - Earlier this summer, the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA), along with funding and support from the Madison-Rafah Sister City Project (MRSCP), started a pilot project, The Samira Project, to help children with learning disabilities in Gaza. The Rachel Corrie Foundation (RCF) proudly offers support for this...

Israeli minister and judges, and US Zionist donors, face major lawsuit over child trafficking
Marianne Azizi, Redress 11/21/2015
      A major civil lawsuit was filed this week against a host of Israeli judges, American organisations and an Israeli minister.
     Welfare and Social Services Minister Haim Katz, judges Yitzhak Amit, Tova Peri and Galit Mor Vigotski, Zionist financier Lynn Schusterman, the World International Zionist Organisation (WIZO), the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) and SOS Children’s Village USA face charges of false solicitation to propel a booming industry of snatching and trafficking children from their natural parents in Israel.
     Marygold Collins, 46, a British-Israeli mother of twins, is launching the legal fight following a two-year battle to rescue her girls from the institution holding them.
     Two years ago, her eight-year-old twin daughters, Becky and Sylvie, were taken away from her and put into an institution after it was alleged that the children were behind with their learning.
     After two agonising years, in which the children talked of abuse, and endless court battles, Mrs Collins took things a step further and launched the legal action.
     Thousands of children in Israel are taken from their parents on the basis of flimsy evidence and placed in institutions. They are then subjected to examinations, medication, psychiatric tests and often sexual abuse, making their chance of returning full time to their homes slim.
     Time has stood still for the Collins family. Marygold, her mother and brother have been engaged in a surreal nightmare and have been unable to concentrate on anything else.
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Nearly 400 Palestinian children held in Israeli jails
11/20/2015 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- A prisoners' rights group said Friday that nearly 400 Palestinian children between the ages of 11 and 17 are currently being held in Israeli jails. The Palestinian Prisoners' Society said in a statement that 11 of those detained were being held without charge or trial under administration detention orders. The group added that several children detained since the start....

IOF detains 4 Palestinians including child
PIC - 17 Nov 2015 - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) rounded up four Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem Tuesday evening including 9-year-old child.

Undercover Israeli forces detain 3 schoolchildren in Silwan
11/17/2015 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli undercover forces on Tuesday detained three Palestinian schoolchildren from the Ras al-Amud area of Silwan neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem, witnesses said. Witnesses said that undercover Israeli agents dressed as Palestinians chased the children while they were on their way to school before detaining them. During the chase, the undercover officers reportedly pulled out handguns and fired them into the....

Israeli forces detain father and child from Jerusalem village
11/16/2015 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces on Monday evening detained a Palestinian child and his father from their home in al-Tur village in occupied East Jerusalem, family members told Ma'an. Israeli forces chased Ahmad Nidal Abu Sbeitan,12, to the front of his home before detaining him, family members said. The family added that Israeli forces assaulted al-Tur residents with pepper spray and....

A child triumphs against Israel’s brutal occupation
Hossam Shaker, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 11/13/2015
      It is rare to find scenes that can express a complex reality or major issue, but one such was some video footage leaked recently, which exposed part of the heinous interrogation of a Palestinian child. Ranking officers in the Israeli occupation security services tried to overpower a 13 year old boy, break his will and crush his dignity.
     The astonishing video shows the impressive resilience of the Palestinian people, represented by this child from Jerusalem. The boy, Ahmed Manasrah, remains strong, unwilling to break, no matter how much the Israeli officers aggravate him with moral and physical pressure. The injured child was seen standing in the face of the human monsters who earn their daily bread by spreading systematic intimidation and fear in this manner.
     Manasrah has a story to tell. A number of Israelis crowded around him after he was injured and left him to bleed for an extended period of time. They cursed and insulted him as he lay in his own blood on the side of the road after being hit by an Israeli car. Israelis the age of his father yelled fascist statements and obscene insults at him, while repeatedly telling him to die. This was videoed and the shocking footage was seen by the public across the world; but could he expect any better from the citizens of such a vile colonial country? Manasrah was arrested while he was still injured and accused of trying to stab someone. His 16 year old cousin, Hassan, was executed by swift trigger-fingers with no questions asked. Another video of Ahmed was leaked showing him in hospital, a wounded child alone and handcuffed to the bed. This was followed by the newest video of the boy being interrogated, thus exposing the current Israeli situation warts and all, without any propaganda effects or makeup.
     The interrogation scene sums up the reality, as Israeli institutions and security forces continue to pursue children relentlessly and adopt the necessary laws and measures required to do so; some shocking laws are on their way through the Knesset.... -- See also: Watch the video here
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Israeli forces detain 2 Palestinian children in al-Bireh
11/10/2015 - AL-BIREH (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained two Palestinian children east of al-Bireh during clashes in the area on Tuesday, witnesses said. The two children were detained on a street by Israeli soldiers, who dragged them to a nearby military jeep, locals said. The arrest took place in the Jabal al-Tawil area, with Israeli soldiers firing tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets during clashes. There....

Rights group pushes for releasing child from Israeli jail
PIC - 10 Nov 2015 - The Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) on Tuesday slammed Israel’s torture of the detained Palestinian minor Ahmad Manasra to force confession out of him.

Is Erdogan waging a war of choice against the PKK?
Al-Monitor 8 Nov 2015 - Erdogan and the AKP win by emphasizing the threat from Kurdish terrorism; Palestinian martyrs on the rise with intifada violence; Al-Monitor backs UNICEF education program for Syrian children.

Qaraqe': "Imprisoned Children Subject To Systematic Violations, Cruel And Unusual Punishment"
IMEMC - 5 Nov 2015 - The head of the Palestinian Detainees' Committee Issa Qaraqe has reported that Israeli soldiers have kidnapped more than 800 Palestinian children in October, most of them from Jerusalem, and subjected them to severe torture and abuse. ...

Incriminating and intimidating the Palestinian community
Samah Jabr, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 11/2/2015
      Incitement is a “one size fits all” accusation, constructed especially to frighten Palestinians who voice opposition to the tightening of Israeli policies that already suffocate the community. The Israeli security forces, for example, have established an “Arabic Section” within their cyber department, charged with scanning social media. One of the many who have been arrested on account of their Facebook postings is a young man who wrote, “Bring onions with you”; onions are believed to be an antidote for the tear gas fired at protesters by soldiers and police.
     The Director of the Israeli Ministry of Education, General Michal Cohen, has called for the investigation of a principal and teacher from an elementary school in East Jerusalem who were accused of incitement against soldiers. According to the ministry, the school had engaged in “illegal political propaganda” by permitting a play to be performed in which a soldier was depicted as “violent and murderous, [as] he shoots a Palestinian child.” Education Minister Naftali Bennett has warned that “the educators who have authorised this play will be treated without reservation.”
     While much of the killing, arrests and home demolitions taking place in Palestine targets children of school age, it is clear that their counsellors and educators are prevented from providing an opportunity for them to express themselves and work through such difficult experiences. When children re-enact their reality symbolically in post-traumatic play, or when adults try to reduce their anxiety by sharing news on social media, they find that these responses are prohibited by the Israelis and punished as “incitement”, as if the terrible realities created by Israel were not enough in their own right to “incite” people to resist the occupation.
     What are these realities? More laws and policies to humiliate and discriminate against Palestinians have been issued by the Israeli cabinet, such as the “stop and frisk law”; the increasing closure of Jerusalem to Palestinians coming from the West Bank; the addition of more checkpoints with passage-blocking cement blocks and metal detectors....
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Palestinian children aged 7, 8 detained by Israeli forces in Jerusalem
11/3/2015 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained two Palestinian children, aged eight and seven-years-old, on Tuesday in front of their homes in East Jerusalem, a local committee said. Amjad Abu Asab, head of local group representing the families of Palestinian prisoners, said Israeli forces arrestedMuhammad Abdullah Yaqoub Shweiki, seven, and Amir Muhammad Abbasi, eight, outside of their home in the Silwan neighborhood. They were both....

Bennett: Education Ministry responsible for all the children of Israel
Jerusalem Post 2 Nov 2015 - “We will succeed in formulating the best possible agreement for the Christian education in the state of Israel. We are responsible for all the children of Israel,” Bennett says.

Lebanon's schools do double-duty to educate both Syrian, Lebanese students
Al-Monitor 30 Oct 2015 - The Lebanese Ministry of Education is working with international donors to increase the country’s capacity to secure education for the large number of displaced Syrian children.

Knesset Education Committee slams incitement in Palestinian schools
Jerusalem Post 29 Oct 2015 - Report documents that killers of Israelis are portrayed as heroes and role models, and that children are taught that Israel will eventually be replaced by “Palestine.”

Business as Usual
Dissident Voice: 28 Oct 2015 - The list of settler ambushes upon Palestinian women and children and unarmed men in the West Bank is endless.  It grows day by day with more and more ferocity. In fact, there have been more than a thousand such documented attacks by rabid settlers on Palestinian civilians, although many more go unreported as futile.  Of late the victims of settler violence have begun to include other Jews. With predictable panic, once again the Israeli government is running about aimlessly blaming the victim for inviting their own victimization. This time it was a youthful Eritrean Jew who foolishly ventured out in public where he was slaughtered by a frenetic mob of Zionist settlers because they thought he was Palestinian. As the mortally injured Jew was evacuated from the clutches of the mob that had stomped and beaten him, his killers screamed over and over again “Death to Arabs”; hundreds of others...more

100 Children Held In Ofer Israeli Prison
IMEMC - 26 Oct 2015 - Detainee Abdul-Fattah Doula, representative of child detainees in Ofer Israeli Prison, told a lawyer of the Palestinian Detainees' Committee Israel is holding captive 100 children in Ofer Prison, and that all of them were kidnapped this month. ...

Group: Nearly 1,000 Palestinians detained in October
10/26/2015 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Just short of 1,000 Palestinians, including 147 children, have been detained by Israeli forces since the beginning of the month, Palestinian prisoners' rights group Addameer said Monday. The group's advocacy coordinator, Rafat Sub Laban, told Ma'an that at least 988 Palestinians had been detained in October, including 578 in the occupied West Bank, 258 in East....

Security situation hampers Israel Cancer Association Knock-on-the-Door campaign
Jerusalem Post 22 Oct 2015 - Campaign is an event through which children learn about the importance of giving and helping others, ICA says.

We are not Native Americans but is the US ready to implement its own law?
Dr. Fayez Rasheed, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 10/22/2015
      There are many who provoke me and it is thus with very little faith that I write. The comments on Israel’s streets regarding the crimes that are currently being committed by its army, settlers and “Arabised” undercover police all say the same thing: “Kill the Arabs, wipe out their children, Arabs are pigs, thieves, murders and deviants”; and so the list goes on. There has not been a single negative explanation without it being applied to us. A recent study by Professor Daniel Barnell of Tel Aviv University found that nearly 124 books used in the Israeli curriculum (89 per cent of all school books) describe Arabs in racist terms and portray us in the worst possible light. That fact notwithstanding, Israel was audacious enough to ask education departments in the Palestinian Authority, Jordan and Egypt, all of which have a peace agreement with the Zionist state, to review their school books and delete any passages that discuss being enemies with it. Benjamin Netanyahu even said recently that Mahmoud Abbas is the one inciting the Palestinians against Israel even though the Palestinian president is well known for calling constantly for what many call “a sense of calm”.
     Furthermore, the fascist ex-minister Avigdor Lieberman has called for the use of the “iron fist” against our family in Palestine (as if Netanyahu is using a silk glove) as well as the implementation of military rule. Both right- and left-wing parties have been threatening the Arabs and calling on Netanyahu and his government to step down for their failure to contain the Palestinians and oppress them even more. Indeed, our land lies under the feet of the invaders, reminding me of the famous poems of Mahmoud Darwish: “Beware, beware my hunger and my anger.” Ayelet Shakid, Israel’s Minister of Justice, has said that her ministry has started work on a law to remove any legitimacy from the northern Islamic movement, which is led by Shaikh Raed Salah.
     In his book, A Palestinian State for Native Americans, the writer, translator and researcher Muneer Al-Aksh said that there is good reason to compare the Palestinians with the Native Americans, despite Yasser Arafat’s famous quote that our fate would not be like theirs....
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The Battle for Al-Aqsa
Dr. Elias Akleh, Intifada-Palestine 10/19/2015
      The new generations of Palestinians are fed up with the 67 years old Israeli occupation, colonial state violence and ethnic cleansing, settlers’ colonization, apartheid racism and discrimination, checkpoint humiliations, wars, home demolitions, land confiscations, imprisonments, international bias and injustice, abandonment by their brethren Arabs, and oppressed by the Israeli proxy Palestinian Authority.
     Since the beginning of this month (October) we have been witnessing on social media horrific videos of vicious attacks by Israeli soldiers, extremist religious settlers, and even seemingly Israeli civilians shouting “Death to Arabs” while gunning down Palestinian children demonstrators, insulting them and watching them in vigilante gleeful mood bleeding to death.
     Palestinian youth have been demonstrating in the streets of every Palestinian town against the religiously extremist Jewish settlers’ violations of the sanctity of the Al-Aqsa Mosque; the third holiest Islamic site after Al-Haram Mosque in Mecca and Al-Nabawi Mosque in Medina in Saudi Arabia.
     Religiously extremist Jewish settlers have been increasingly storming Al-Aqsa Compound under the protection of Israeli soldiers, where they perform their religious dances. During these provocations the Israeli soldiers routinely attack Al-Aqsa guards and Moslem prayers with stun grenades, tear gas and with rubber coated steel bullets. In their attempt to evacuate the mosque the Israeli soldiers break down doors and windows. These violations had ignited what many are calling a third Palestinian Intifada (uprising).
     Zionists, another name for ancient Pharisaic Talmudists, had been trying to gain control of the Islamic Al-Aqsa Compound; what they call temple mount, in an attempt to assert their religious myth of Solomon’s temple....
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Chaos in Jerusalem is a Warning of Things to Come
Palestine Chronicle: 21 Oct 2015 - By Jonathan Cook Among Palestinians and Israelis, the recent upsurge in violence has been variously described as the children’s, lone-wolf, Jerusalem and smartphone intifadas. Each describes a distinguishing feature of this round of clashes. The steady erosion of Fatah and Hamas’ authority during the post-Oslo years, as the Palestinian factions proved incapable of protecting their people from the structural violence of the occupation, has driven Palestine’s politically orphaned children to the streets, armed with stones. The growing hopelessness and sense of abandonment have led a few so-called “lone wolves” to vent their fury on Israelis with improvised weapons such as knives, screwdrivers and cars. These attacks have attracted the most publicity, becoming the equivalent of the second intifada’s suicide bomber. But they serve chiefly as a barometer of Palestinian despair. Jerusalem is the centre of events, with the Palestinians’ only unifying symbol, al-Aqsa mosque, at its heart. For Palestinians, the...more

IOF injures 45 youths, detains a child in el-Bireh
PIC - 19 Oct 2015 - Clashes erupted between Palestinian youths and Israeli forces Sunday evening near Beit El settlement built on Palestinian lands in el-Bireh city in the central West Bank.

Israeli Forces Detain 42 Palestinians, including Eight Children
WAFA - 19 Oct 2015

Jerusalem Chaos is a Warning of Things to Come
Dissident Voice: 19 Oct 2015 - Among Palestinians and Israelis, the recent upsurge in violence has been variously described as the children’s, lone-wolf, Jerusalem and smartphone intifadas. Each describes a distinguishing feature of this round of clashes. The steady erosion of Fatah and Hamas’ authority during the post-Oslo years, as the Palestinian factions proved incapable of protecting their people from the structural violence of the occupation, has driven Palestine’s orphaned children to the streets, armed with stones. The growing hopelessness and sense of abandonment have led a few so-called “lone wolves” to vent their fury on Israelis with improvised weapons such as knives, screwdrivers and cars. These attacks have attracted the most publicity, becoming the equivalent of the second intifada’s suicide bomber. But they serve chiefly as a barometer of Palestinian despair. Jerusalem is the centre of events, with the Palestinians’ only unifying symbol, Al Aqsa mosque, at its heart. For Palestinians, the incremental takeover of...more

‘Israel running out of geeks,’ global hi-tech firms fret
Jerusalem Post 18 Oct 2015 - If Israel wants its children to be ready to tackle the kinds of jobs that will be around in the future, it will need to boost its education and invest in diversity measures.

Three Palestinians killed on Wednesday; 33 Palestinians Killed This Month, Including 7 Children
IMEMC - 14 Oct 2015 - Names of all 33 dead after text Two Palestinians were shot dead by Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem, Wednesday, while a third Palestinian died while being held by the Israeli army as a political detainee. Clashes between Palestinian youth and invading Israeli soldiers were reported all over the West Bank and Jerusalem. ...

Three Palestinian killed on Wednesday; 33 Palestinians Killed This Month, Including 7 Children
IMEMC - 14 Oct 2015 - Names of all 33 dead after text Two Palestinians were shoot dead by Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem, Wednesday, while a third Palestinian died while being held by the Israeli army as a political detainee. Clashes between Palestinian youth and invading Israeli soldiers were reported all over the West Bank and Gaza. ...

Eight ways to calm children during the wave of violence
YNet News, 12 Oct 2015 - Parents must allow their children express their fears, and speak openly with them; From not being afraid of fear to sharing ways you yourself coped with such tensions in the past, here are some helpful tips. ....

Why Palestinians are rising up in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Palestine
Mazin Qumsiyeh, Redress 10/8/2015
      There has been a significant escalation of violence in apartheid Israel in the past few days. If this is a new uprising, that would hardly be surprising, given that, on average, we we have had one uprising every 10 years (nearly 14 in the past 140 years of the Zionist onslaught).
     When we analyse the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back in this particular wave of unrest, we see the arson attack of 31 July 2015 on the Dawabsheh family home (father, mother and child murdered) and the calls for revenge as key. Since then, some 30 Palestinians have been killed, as have four Israelis. Settler provocations
     The past week saw a further escalation that started with the storming of the Al-Aqsa mosque area by extremist settlers who want to destroy the mosque to build a Jewish temple. A Jewish settler husband and wife were killed by a cell from Hamas (probably acting without direct orders from the group). They were residents of an illegal Israeli colony built on stolen Palestinian land; the husband was a senior Israeli officer and the wife also served in the Israeli army. Whether one supports such actions or not, they predictably unleashed a torrent of settler revenge attacks supported by the Israeli army.
     The Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, returned from his US tour after receiving the green light from Washington for ethnically cleansing Jerusalem and killing Palestinians. He told his commanders to shoot any Palestinian throwing stones, and if they arrest such youth to give them mandatory minimum sentences of four years imprisonment.
     The Jewish settlers and soldiers also received the green light to torch cars, shoot civilians, burn crops and more. Tensions escalated, and 650 Palestinian civilians were injured and many killed.
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UNICEF, EU announce refugee education grants
Daily Star 2 Oct 2015 Syrian refugee children in Lebanon will have better access to education as a result of an agreement signed Thursday between the European Union and UNICEF, providing grants worth 37.9 million euros ($42.4 million).

Lebanese security detain 40 Palestinian Syrians
PIC - 1 Oct 2015 - Information Division of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces detained 40 Palestinian Syrian refugees including women and children on Wednesday.

DCIP: Over 1,996 Palestinian Children Killed Since Outbreak of Second Intifada
Occupation Magazine 30 Sep 2015 - DCI-Palestine - IMEMC - "Displacement, access to education and health care, and psychological trauma remain significant areas of concern for children in Gaza, particularly in the wake of Israel’s 2014 assault and eight-year blockade on Gaza." - id

Leg Of Detained Wounded Child To Be Amputated
IMEMC - 30 Sep 2015 - The Palestinian Detainees' Committee has reported, Wednesday, that surgeons in the Hadassah Ein Karem Israeli Hospital, in occupied Jerusalem, have decided to amputate the leg of a wounded, and detained, Palestinian child. ...

2 Palestinian children detained in Jerusalem for 'throwing stones'
9/29/2015 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli police on Tuesday detained three Palestinians, including two minors, in occupied East Jerusalem for reportedly throwing stones at an Israeli bus and passing vehicles, injuring two tourists. Israeli police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld told Ma'an that the three were detained on the outskirts of the Old City after hitting an "Egged" bus and several vehicles. The two tourists sustained....

Wounded Child Detainee Could Lose His Leg
IMEMC - 27 Sep 2015 -

Statistics, complicity and the erosion of Palestinian rights
Ramona Wadi, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 9/26/2015
      In the wake of government-supported, Zionist settler violence in Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, violations and destruction have been documented and analysed by Euro-Med Monitor. A report titled “Fire under the ashes provoking Muslims in Jerusalem” insists that the Israeli incitement against Palestinian Muslims is likely to trigger an uprising “that would likely result in disastrous consequences.”
     Statistics show that 2015 has seen an increase in violence against Muslims in Jerusalem, with the majority of violations, such as deportations and detentions, occurring before Jewish holidays.
     Between January and June this year, 7,200 settlers participated in incursions at Al-Aqsa, under the protection of Israeli soldiers. In addition, 225 Palestinians were detained at the mosque: 118 men, 95 women and 44 children. The number of settlers participating in incursions in 2015 up to June is already higher than half the total of settler incursions in 2014, which amounted to almost 11,000.
     The report details provocative acts and use of excessive violence against Palestinians in Jerusalem, with a special focus upon violations committed at Al-Aqsa. Provocation has included the throwing of rubbish, death threats, preventing Palestinian Muslims from worshipping at the mosque and the performance of Talmudic prayers by Jewish settlers in the vicinity of Muslims.
     In conclusion, the organisation called upon the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process (UNSCO) and the international community to urge Israel “to adhere to international law, including the Geneva Conventions” and demanded that the UN Security Council ends “the Israeli illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories.”
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Israel’s Army and Schools Work Hand in Hand Say Teachers
Dissident Voice: 28 Sep 2015 - The task for Israeli pupils: to foil an imminent terror attack on their school. But if they are to succeed, they must first find the clues using key words they have been learning in Arabic. Arabic lesson plans for Israel’s Jewish schoolchildren have a strange focus. Those matriculating in the language can rarely hold a conversation in Arabic. And almost none of the hundreds of teachers introducing Jewish children to Israel’s second language are native speakers, even though one in five of the population belong to the country’s Palestinian minority. The reason, says Yonatan Mendel, a researcher at the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem, is that the teaching of Arabic in Israel’s Jewish schools is determined almost exclusively by the needs of the Israeli army. Mendel’s recent research shows that officers from a military intelligence unit called Telem design much of the Arabic language curriculum. “Its involvement is what might...more

Black labor: How a white elite uses black soldiers to enforce its will
Photos by Mati Milstein, text by Tom Mehager, +972 Magazine 9/25/2015
      A new photo project focuses on the soldiers of Israel’s Border Police, the main military unit used to enforce the occupation of the Palestinians. Shot in various locations across Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, ‘Black Labor’ looks at the points of impact where Israel’s elite pits black Jews against Palestinians.
     Mati Milstein’s “Black Labor” project reveals the face of the “Second Israel,” the antithesis of those Israelis who have always been viewed as the “salt of the earth.” When the parents of those photographed arrived to this country, the establishment viewed them as both morally and intellectually inferior — people who need to be re-socialized in order to become a part of the State of Israel’s moral regime.
     Take, for instance, the first leaders of the Education Ministry. Back in 1945 Eliezer Riger, one of the foremost proponents of vocational education — and who would eventually come to head the Education Ministry — spoke of the need to separate Mizrahim (Jews from Arab and Muslim countries) and Ashkenazim (Jews of European origin): “Pre-vocational [education] leadership could bring a special blessing to the Oriental population, after all… the Oriental children, at least most of them, do not know how to appreciate simplified learning and cannot derive actual uselessness from non-practical education.”
     At the end the 1950s, the head of the ministry, Yaakov Sarid, said that the government must erect a “dam to prevent the storming of academic high schools by all elementary school graduates.” The State of Israel effectively prevented parents from sending their children to academic high schools. It continues to do so today.
     Then Education Minister, Zalman Aren, praised the new collective that the state was helping establish: “During my visits to the pre-vocational classes, I saw a process of merging the Diaspora communities....
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Army Detains Three children In Hebron
IMEMC - 22 Sep 2015 -

Israeli forces detain 11 children in East Jerusalem arrest raids
9/21/2015 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces on Monday detained 17 Palestinians from East Jerusalemin arrest raids , including 11 children, locals said. Eight minors identified as Abu Mayala, Sufian Idris, Amir Abu Njma, Ismael Anous, Alaa Bazlamit, Muhammad Abu Nijma, Hamza Syouri, and Ahmad Nasser were detained in Ras al-Amud, the Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwan said. Three children were also detained in al-Issawiya, the....

Israel's education of hospitalized children to go on display at UN headquarters
Ha'aretz - 20 Sep 2015

Israeli forces detain 6 in East Jerusalem, including 4 children
9/17/2015 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained four Palestinian children and two young men from different neighborhoods of occupied East Jerusalem, after ransacking their homes overnight Wednesday, a human rights lawyer and local sources told Ma'an. Addameer human rights lawyer, Muhammad Mahmoud, said Israeli forces detained Ramiz Ajlouni, 12, and Muatazz Said, 16, in the Old City of Jerusalem overnight on Wednesday, while....

Israeli forces detain 8 children in East Jerusalem arrest raids
9/17/2015 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained eight Palestinian children overnight  Wednesday and during the day Thursday in occupied East Jerusalem, a watchdog said. The Silwan-based Wadi Hilweh Information Center told Ma'an that I sraeli forces detained Amer Siam, 12, Sultan Shweiki, 12 and Raed Mansour 16, in the Silwan neighborhood on Wednesday evening. A group of Israeli soldiers reportedly stepped out of a....

Palestinian education remains compromised by UNRWA
Ramona Wadi, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 9/11/2015
      UNRWA has long propagated the slogan that education is the only hope for Palestinians in Gaza. Undergoing various forms of paraphrasing, the emphasis placed by the agency upon education, however, remains hampered by the fact that compromise is still an integral component of what’s on offer.
     Prior to the commencement of this new academic year, UNRWA’s discourse centred upon financial difficulties which threatened to disrupt education for hundreds of thousands of Palestinian children. In August, parents protested against the overcrowding in UNRWA schools. Recently in Gaza, classes in the UN-run schools were suspended following a strike by the staff protesting against “compulsory unpaid vacation for employees and other negative school arrangements.” Maan news agency reported that around 250,000 Palestinian students in Gaza were sent home.
     According to UNRWA’s website, a funding shortfall of $101 million risked jeopardising education in 685 schools in Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, where UNRWA has its operations. A timely pledge of $15 million from the United Arab Emirates ended that possibility, leading UNRWA Commissioner General Pierre Krähenbühl to say, “Education is a fundamental right for children everywhere in the world, and it should never have come to the point where the UNRWA school year risked being delayed because of a funding shortfall for the core UNRWA budget.”
     The US has also since contributed $15 million to UNRWA. “We are deeply grateful to the United States for this remarkable contribution,” Krähenbühl declared, “which will help ensure that the 500,000 Palestinian refugees who attend UNRWA schools across the region will continue to have access to quality basic education that is so crucial for their development and future prospects.”
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U.S. contributes $10M to UNICEF in Lebanon
Daily Star 11 Sep 2015 U.S. Ambassador David Hale announced Friday America’s contribution of $10 million to the U.N. Children’s Education Fund in Lebanon to enroll vulnerable school-aged children in public schools’ first shift, a statement by the embassy said.

New textbook for settler children: `There`s no such thing as Palestine`
Occupation Magazine 7 Sep 2015 - Elisha Ben Kimon - Y-net - Settler spokesperson Yigal Dakmoni revealed that adult West Bank settlers are afraid that their children might be "misled by propaganda disseminated by left-wing organizations". Therefore, the Yesha ("Judea and Samaria") Council spent considerable effort and resources on producing an educational...

Detainees' Committee: "100 Palestinian Children Held In The 'Ofer Israeli Prison"
IMEMC - 7 Sep 2015 - The Palestinian Detainees' Committee has reported that the number of Palestinian children, held by Israel in the 'Ofer Prison, has arrived to 100, especially since August witnessed the largest number of abductions of children since the beginning of the year. ...

Israeli Terrorists, Born in the U.S.A.
Sara Yael Hirschhorn, New York Times 9/4/2015
      Jerusalem — ON July 31, in the West Bank village of Duma, 18-month-old Ali Dawabsheh was burned alive in a fire. All available evidence suggests that the blaze was a deliberate act of settler terrorism. More disturbingly, several of the alleged instigators, currently being detained indefinitely, are not native-born Israelis — they have American roots.
     But there has been little outcry in their communities. Settler rabbis and the leaders of American immigrant communities in the West Bank have either played down their crime or offered muted criticism.
     It’s worth recalling the response of the former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin to another heinous attack two decades ago, when an American-born doctor, Baruch Goldstein, gunned down dozens of Palestinians while they prayed in Hebron.
     “He grew in a swamp whose murderous sources are found here, and across the sea; they are foreign to Judaism, they are not ours,” thundered Mr. Rabin before the Knesset in February 1994. “You are a foreign implant. You are an errant weed. Sensible Judaism spits you out.”
     The shocking 1994 massacre was, at the time, the bloodiest outbreak of settler terrorism Israelis and Palestinians had ever seen. Less than two years later, Mr. Rabin himself would be dead, felled by an ultranationalist assassin’s bullet.
     Suddenly, a group of American Jewish immigrants that had existed on the fringes of society became a national pariah. A former president of Israel, Chaim Herzog, labeled the United States “a breeding ground” for Jewish terror; the daily newspaper Maariv castigated American Jews who “send their lunatic children to Israel.” One Israeli journalist even demanded “operative steps against the Goldsteins of tomorrow” by banning the immigration of militant American Jews.
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Israeli forces detain 7, including 5-year-old, in al-Eizariya village
9/4/2015 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained a Palestinian woman, her five-year-old child, and five young men after raiding the village of al-Eizariya and erecting checkpoints in the area on Thursday, locals said. The mother and five-year-old child were detained after their taxi was searched by Israeli forces at the entrance to the occupied East Jerusalem village, a spokesman for a popular resistance committee Hani....

occupied Palestinian territory: Educate a Child: Bridging the Education gaps for Palestine Refugee Children of Syria
Relief Web 4 Sep 2015 - Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic In its fifth year, the Syrian conflict has devastated the lives and livelihoods of millions of Syrians. Equally shattered are...

Palestinians in Sweden go hungry for their rights
Adriano Mérola Marotta, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 9/4/2015
      Stateless Palestinians like Aaed Al-Shalabi have been stuck in a legal limbo in Sweden for 17 months without signs of a resolution. He fled his home in Baghdad, Iraq, together with his wife in 2011, leaving behind his life and job as a mechanical engineer.
     Like the other 120 Palestinian refugees from Iraq and Gaza currently in a makeshift protest camp outside the immigration authorities in southern Sweden, he has grown tired of his isolated and stagnant situation.
     The Swedish government has so far been unable to deport many of these Palestinians to Iraq and Gaza because of the apparent intransience of the Iraqi and Egyptian authorities without whom deportation is impossible. For others, they await the final decision from the immigration authorities. ‘Where is the humanity?’
     “Normally, convicted criminals are released after a prison sentence of three or four years,” Aaed exclaims, “yet we have been waiting for years in what feels like a big prison, without an end in sight.”
     “Our only crime is being Palestinian in search of a sanctuary for ourselves and our children. Where is the humanity for refugees?”
     Born out of Aaed’s desperation, the one-man tent protest quickly gained tract on social media and became a focal point for Palestinian refugees in Sweden. Like him, people have travelled hundreds of kilometres to join the protest with a whole host of complaints.
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Now who's pulling the strings?: The newest political puppets in Knesset
Jerusalem Post 3 Sep 2015 - New children’s TV show about the Israeli legislature aims to educate youngsters about the values of democracy.

IOF detains injured child in hospital
PIC - 3 Sep 2015 - The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) held a 15-year-old Palestinian boy in Hadassa Hospital after being shot and injured in his leg, the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) said.

Report: 301 Palestinian kids in Israel's jails
PIC - 3 Sep 2015 - A Palestinian official report has accused Israel of detaining 301 Palestinian children in its prisons with no regard to the international law, which protects their rights.

Witnesses: Israeli forces detain 9 after crossing the Gaza border
9/2/2015 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces on Wednesday afternoon detained nine Palestinians inside of Israel after the group attempted to cross the border east of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip. Witnesses said a young man, two women, and six children were detained after sneaking into Israel from al-Faraheen village. Palestinian security forces were present at the scene after the incident, witnesses added....

Middle East and North Africa unrest has destroyed young dreams, says Unicef
The Guardian 2 Sep 2015 - Education in nine states across region disrupted by violence and political upheaval, affecting schooling of almost 14 million children, claims agency Enduring conflicts and political upheaval across the Middle East and North Africa are stopping almost...

‘Hi, Mr. President, I am glad to be in Israel and to learn Hebrew’
Jerusalem Post 1 Sep 2015 - French immigrant children host Rivlin on first day of school in Samaria.

A rare glimpse into the education of Jewish children during the Holocaust
Jerusalem Post 1 Sep 2015 - Shem Olam Institute releases curriculum of schools in the Krakow Ghetto.

A show I'll never forget
YNet News, 1 Sep 2015 - Op-ed: Education Minister Naftali Bennett writes a letter to Israeli children, celebrating the start of the school year. ....

‘What’s the number of your room, child?’
+972 Magazine - Attacking and imprisoning Palestinian children has shaped Palestinian generations for decades. The more rights-deprived the childhood, the more hungry for freedom adulthood will be. By Sawsan Khalife’ In this video, an Israeli soldier is seen chasing a Palestinian child with a broken arm during the weekly demonstration...

WATCH: Palestinian women and children prevent arrest of minor in Nabi Saleh
+972 Magazine - An  Israeli soldier attempts to detain a 12-year-old Palestinian boy during a demonstration in the West Bank village. His mother and sister make sure that doesn’t happen. See update below. The weekly demonstration in the West Bank village of  Nabi Saleh  took a particularly violent turn...

Signs of Regression: Canada’s NDP and Palestine
Palestine Chronicle: 29 Aug 2015 - By Dan Freeman-Maloy A friend recently expressed his confusion about the outrage over the death of Ali Dawabsheh, the 18-month-old Palestinian toddler who was killed last month when Jewish settlers firebombed his home in the occupied West Bank. (The child’s father was also badly burned in the attack, and eight days later died from his injuries.) An attack that kills a sleeping toddler is surely horrific. But Israeli violence against Palestinian children is an aspect of the Palestine conflict almost as central as the perpetuation of historical lies through the force of repetition. What is it then, in the Israeli and Western public arena, that makes the assault on Palestinian life sometimes seem outrageous, and at other times acceptable? Of the approximately 1.9 million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, nearly half are eighteen years old or younger. Nearly forty-three per cent are fourteen years old or younger. Not that...more

Palestinian women, children stop IDF soldier detaining a minor
Ha'aretz - 28 Aug 2015

Palestinian children return to school
8/23/2015 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Around 1. 2 million Palestinian children will head to school Monday for the start of the new school year, the Palestinian Ministry of Education said. The MoE said in a statement that there would be 700,000 students in the West Bank and 500,000 in the Gaza Strip this year. Of those, around 792,000 students are registered at public schools, 295,000 at....

‘We Can’t Have Another Year Like This': UNRWA Commissioner-General
Palestine Chronicle: 22 Aug 2015 - Schools open on time. It hardly sounds like news, but for half a million Palestinian refugee children it certainly is. On Wednesday, the UN body that looks after Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, announced it had overcome a $101 million deficit and the school year wouldn’t have to be delayed after all. After a desperate funding drive, Gulf Arab countries and the United States filled the gap, but with more refugees, growing needs and little new donor money, the underlying problems remain. It is clear the agency must make radical changes to avoid being in the same situation next year. IRIN sat down with UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl to find out how the agency overcame what he said was its “most serious financial crisis ever” and what he plans to do to keep it out of trouble for good. In a wide-ranging interview, he addresses new school class sizes, the organisation’s financial...more

Israeli forces detain 2 children from Kafr Qaddum
8/20/2015 - QALQILIYA (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained five Palestinians from the occupied West Bank town of Kafr Qaddum early Thursday, including two children, a local official said. Israeli forces raided the town early in the morning and detained three residents. The forces also delivered notices ordering two Palestinian children in the town to meet with Israeli police in the illegal Ariel settlement, coordinator of a....

Lebanon: Children in Lebanon Refugee Camps Play & Learn in Renovated Preschools
Relief Web 18 Aug 2015 - Source: American Near East Refugee Aid Country: Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic “When we first opened the newly rehabilitated kindergarten, the children started running around, full of joy and excitement, ” preschool teacher Sarah Mchayrfe says, smiling at...

4 Palestinians detained by IOF, child injured in settler attack
PIC - 18 Aug 2015 - The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Tuesday kidnapped four Palestinian civilians from al-Khalil, hours after a Palestinian girl and youth were injured in settler attacks.

Lebanon: Education Sector - Mid-Year Dashboard, Inter-Agency Coordination Lebanon (June 2015)
Relief Web 17 Aug 2015 - Source: UN Children's Fund, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Country: Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic Highlights · 106,735 refugee children enrolled in formal public education, of which 44,507 in the first shift and 62,228 in the second shift....

Syrian Arab Republic: Promoting Quality, Equitable and Inclusive Education for Palestine Refugee Children
Relief Web 17 Aug 2015 - Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic On 11 and 12 August, the UNRWA education programme in Syria held its annual conference in Damascus to reflect on...

Will there be a far-right coup in Israel?
Saleh Al-Naami, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 8/13/2015
      The Shin Bet has recently given the impression that a large rebel movement is on the verge of a revolt against the governing system in Tel Aviv. All that's left is for these "rebels" to release their first statement on one of the television stations that they control. Israeli and many foreign media outlets have taken the internal security agency's warnings very seriously. It believes that the cell which set fire to the Dawabsheh family home in the Palestinian village of Duma is only part of a big "salvific" movement that aims to establish the "State of Judea" on the ruins of the "State of Israel", after first managing to undermine its "democratic government" and launching a governance system based only on the Torah and rabbinical tradition.
     In order to downplay the horror and ugliness of the terrorism this movement committed against the Dawabshehs, the agency believes that it is committing terrorist acts against the Palestinians on a large scale as part of the strategy adopted to achieve its goals. It is clear that the Shin Bet's miserable approach aims mainly to whitewash the state's larger-scale terrorism by drawing a dramatic picture of the Jewish terrorist groups, which wouldn't have seen the light of day without the support of the Israeli government and its security, economic and judicial institutions. It is clear that the exaggeration of the danger posed by these groups to the government aims to dwarf the terrorism against the Palestinians, and to use them in the context of the imaginary "coup" scenario in order to make them more bearable to live with.
     All of the individuals that the Shin Bet suspects are "leaders" and members of the Jewish terrorist movement that attacked the Dawabsheh family are younger than 24. They also all live in settlements that are under the protection of the army, and most of them are from the ultra-orthodox Haredi movement whose children do not serve in the army. So is the state that boasts of possessing one of the strongest intelligence services in the world unable to confront groups led by young amateurs? Or are Israel's institutions conspiring with these groups and providing them with an environment conducive to their growth?
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Brand Israel pretends the burning of a Palestinian baby is the act of extremists
Susan Abulhawa, Intifada-Palestine 8/11/2015
      Israel wants us to believe the burning of a Palestinian toddler was done by fringe elements but the reality is that targeting children is woven into the fabric of Israeli society.
     (Middle East Eye) – Israeli settlers in Palestine used petrol to set fire to Palestinian homes in the village of Duma on Friday, burning to death 18-month Ali Dawabsheh and critically wounding and maiming four members of his family. Faced with growing international disquiet, Israeli military spokesperson said, “This attack against Palestinian civilians is a barbaric act of terrorism.” Such forceful repudiation of Israeli terrorism is unheard of, and consequently, some, including the Palestinian Authority, have hailed it as a breakthrough. However, as the overwhelming evidence shows, the military’s words are meant as damage control, for international public consumption. It’s “Brand Israel” pretending that the killing of a Palestinian child is the act of fringe “extremists,” when the reality is that targeting of Palestinian children is woven into the fabric of the Israeli military and settler movements
     In the words of Khaled Quzmar, Director of Defense of Children International-Palestine (DCI-Pal), “Israel’s condemnation of this heinous act rings hollow as the state’s policies have led to the climate of impunity that makes such violence possible.”
     According DCI-Pal, soldier and settler violence claimed the lives of 1895 Palestinian children since 2000, yet there is not a single instance where an Israeli is currently serving time for the murder of a Palestinian child. In contrast, there are hundreds of Palestinian children who languish in Israeli jails, tortured, denied counsel, denied their parents, and placed in solitary confinement, like 16-year old Diyaa, on mere suspicion of having committed offenses.
     Less than 27% of all Palestinian fatalities are investigated. Of those, approximately 90% are closed without indictment....
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Wartime journalism: Mohammed Omer on Gaza
Richard Falk, Alternative Information Center 8/9/2015
      "I have written this book as a way of preserving and passing on stories that need to be told.”
     I visited North Vietnam in 1968, and had meetings with its leaders in the midst of the ongoing war, which resulted in receiving the outlines of a proposal for ending the conflict on a basis more favorable to the United States than what was finally negotiated by Henry Kissinger seven years and many deaths later. Because I was among the early anti-war visitors to Hanoi and may have been the first with a combination of academic credentials and some access to American decision-makers, there was great journalistic interest in my experience. I was approached on my return by mainstream journalists from major newspapers and TV networks, especially those who harbored growing doubts about the war, resulting in a series of interviews given prominent media attention for several days.
     Yet I was deeply disappointed and disturbed by the experience, and the journalistic ethos that it revealed. The mainstream interest was totally focused on what I had been told by the North Vietnamese leadership about their receptivity to a peaceful resolution of the conflict. This preoccupation was, of course, understandable, but what I found so distressing at the time was a total disinterest in my accounts of the total vulnerability of the Vietnamese people to the onslaught of high tech weaponry, the resulting suffering and devastation, as well as the absence of military targets in the Vietnamese countryside, where the only structures were churches and hospitals. I was deeply affected by this exposure to the human fabric of warfare, as well as by the Vietnamese spirit of resilience and perseverance coupled with an absence of bitterness toward the American people, in part a reflection of the way Vietnam was governed at the time. School children were taught that it is not contradictory to view the government of the United States as an enemy and yet maintain friendship with American people and the best of their national traditions. Throughout the war, I found it remarkable that Vietnamese school children were taught to regard the American Declaration of Independence as a step toward human liberation that deserved universal affirmation.
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Al Aqsa Mosque: Soldiers Assault Children, Guards
IMEMC - 10 Aug 2015 - Israeli occupation forces assaulted and injured guards at the Al Aqsa Mosque, Monday morning, at the door of al-Asbat, while detaining one other. ...

Arson Suspects Released by Israeli Authorities
IMEMC - 10 Aug 2015 - Israel has released all suspects detained in raids as part of a probe into the firebombing of a Palestinian home which killed an 18-month-old child and his father, Israeli authorities said Monday. ...

Israel releases suspects held in raid linked to deadly firebombing
8/10/2015 - JERUSALEM (AFP) -- Israel has released all suspects detained in raids as part of a probe into the firebombing of a Palestinian home that killed an 18-month-old child and his father, Israeli authorities said Monday. They did not provide the number of those detained in the raids early Sunday in Jewish settlement outposts in the occupied West Bank near the Palestinian village of Duma, where....

occupied Palestinian territory: In video call, UN chief says education remains ‘passport to dignity’ for Gaza’s children
Relief Web 10 Aug 2015 - Source: UN News Service Country: occupied Palestinian territory 10 August 2015 – Access to education can provide Gaza’s children with a “passport to dignity” and help break the cycle of poverty and violence that has afflicted the troubled enclave for...

Israel releases suspects held over West Bank arson attack
Middle East Eye 10 Aug 2015 - Language Undefined Suspects had been detained in raids in Jewish settlement outposts as part of probe into firebombing that killed 18-month-old child

Israeli police detain 2 Palestinian children in East Jerusalem
8/2/2015 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli police detained two Palestinian children aged 12 and 14 from the neighborhood of Silwan in occupied East Jerusalem on Sunday afternoon. The Wadi Hilweh Information Center said that Israeli police detained 12-year-old Muhammad Sami Odeh for allegedly throwing stones at Israeli soldiers. The center said he was detained while he was riding his bike in Silwan and was taken....

Stolen childhood: A Palestinian story
Hatem Bazian, Al Jazeera 8/2/2015
      The world is resoundingly indifferent to Palestinian suffering and demonstrates that policy of indifference daily.
     Ismail, Zakaria, Ahed, and Mohamed are four names that are seemingly random and have no particular significance for the average person in the world.
     However, these four names are well known and engraved into every Palestinian's consciousness.
     They are the Bakr family children - each of them between nine and eleven years old. I don't blame you for not recognising their names.
     The truth is - Palestinian names, families, and faces are not remembered in a world where public opinion and awareness is dictated by a 24/7 news cycle.
     Their story wasn't spread. Their loss wasn't humanised and interviews with their loved ones weren't conducted. So no one learned of their joys, their dreams, or their aspirations.
     A year ago, a 16-year-old Palestinian boy, Mohammed Abu Khdeir, was burned alive by Israeli attackers in Jerusalem in a "price tag" revenge killing.
     Last Friday, the burning of an 18-month-old toddler, Ali Saad Dawabsheh, in an arson attack by settlers on the family home in the Duma village, marked the one year anniversary of Abu Khdeir's death.
     The truth is we don't mourn the loss of Palestinian lives. We don't pause to remember the families who were wiped out, the homes and schools methodically blown up, the hospitals and ambulances surgically targeted, or the countless innocent individuals murdered while simply trying to live their lives.
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occupied Palestinian territory: IOCC Farm Project Reaps Food And Earning Power For West Bank Women
Relief Web 1 Aug 2015 - Source: International Orthodox Christian Charities Country: occupied Palestinian territory Baltimore, MD (IOCC) — Four years ago Samira's husband was killed while farming his land in the West Bank, leaving her with seven children to support, little education and no source...

Susiya: Injustice On Display
Alon Ben-Meir, Arabic Media Internet Network (AMIN) 7/30/2015
      The pending order to demolish the small Palestinian village of Susiya in the southern Judean Mountains in the occupied West Bank represents the most blatant violation of human rights. The order calls for the forcible removal of several hundred Palestinians who have been living on their land from the time of the Ottoman Empire and still have the ownership deeds to prove their claim. Prime Minister Netanyahu, who never misses an opportunity to remind the world that Israel is a democracy guided by moral principles, seems to care less about displacing Palestinian women and children for the fourth time. His excuse is that this dusty village, established in 1830, is the site of archeological remains both of a 5th century synagogue and a 10th century mosque and it must be preserved.
     The real reason is that Netanyahu is leading a coalition government which is committed to preventing the Palestinians from building anywhere in Area C, which represents 61 percent of the West Bank, and is openly seeking its outright annexation.
     This policy is repeatedly reinforced by the government’s refusal to grant building permits to Susiya residents, when at the same time it is providing all the funding for facilities and security to a religious communal Israeli settlement established in 1986 with the same name only a short distance south of Palestinian Susiya.
     It is hard to express how outrageous the behavior of Netanyahu’s government is when only hours after Israel’s High Court of Justice ordered the demolition of two illegally-built structures in the West Bank settlement of Beit El, Netanyahu authorized the immediate construction of 300 units in the same settlement.
     In response to the Court ruling, Naftali Bennett, the leader of the ultra-conservative Jewish Home party, said: “This is an unfortunate ruling by the High Court…[that] will bring about a wave of construction across the settlements.”....
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Violence against Palestinian child detainees on rise
7/25/2015 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- The first six months of 2015 saw a 10 percent increase in physical violence against Palestinian children detained by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank, an international children's rights groups said Saturday. Defense for Children International Palestine (DCIP) said in a statement that "86 percent of Palestinian children experienced some form of physical violence during their arrest or....

‘Choked, Beaten and Strip-searched': HRW Slams Israel for ‘Abusive Arrests’ of Palestinian Kids
Palestine Chronicle: 21 Jul 2015 - Israeli security forces have performed “abusive arrests” of Palestinian children, chocking, beating and threatening kids as young as 11, a global watchdog said in a report. “Israeli security forces have used unnecessary force to arrest or detain Palestinian children as young as 11,” a report published by the Human Rights Watch (HRW) said Monday. According to the group Israeli security forces “have choked children, thrown stun grenades at them, beaten them in custody, threatened and interrogated them without the presence of parents or lawyers, and failed to let their parents know their whereabouts.” HRW said it interviewed several Palestinian boys and a girl aged from 11 to 15 who were arrested by Israeli security forces in the period from March to December 2014. The children told HRW that “Israeli authorities did not inform parents of their child’s arrest and interrogated the children without permitting them to speak to a parent...more

Israel lambasted over 'abusive arrests' of Palestinian children
7/20/2015 - JERUSALEM (AFP) -- Human Rights Watch on Monday accused Israel of "abusive arrests" of Palestinian children as young as 11 and of using threats to force them to sign confessions. Israeli authorities failed to inform parents of their children's arrest or whereabouts, the New York-based watchdog added, drawing on accounts of several children detained during intense unrest in east Jerusalem and the West Bank....

occupied Palestinian territory: Israel: Security Forces Abuse Palestinian Children
Relief Web 20 Jul 2015 - Source: Human Rights Watch Country: occupied Palestinian territory Chokeholds, Beatings, Coercive Interrogations (Jerusalem, July 20, 2015) – Israeli security forces have used unnecessary force to arrest or detain Palestinian children as young as 11, Human Rights Watch said today. Security...

HRW: Israeli jailers abuse Palestinian Children
PIC - 20 Jul 2015 - The Israeli occupation forces have used unnecessary force to arrest or detain Palestinian children as young as 11, Human Rights Watch (HRW) reported Monday.

Celebrating Eid in Gaza amidst the rubble of war
Jen Marlowe, +972 Magazine 7/20/2015
      Wafaa takes me back to the pile of rubble, but this time, not to show me the destruction. She points to a small shrub at the rubble’s edge, battered, but clearly alive. ‘Ibrahim’s tree,’ she says of the living reminder of her son.
     Wafaa Awajah’s family had scarcely taken their seats in a circle of plastic chairs when her brother hitched up his pants to show me the scars on his leg from where he had been injured by an Israeli soldier. Another brother had also sustained injuries from the army; he, too, showed me his wounds. As Wafaa passed around a tray of chilled soft drinks and bowls of nuts and sweets (as is customary during the Eid celebration) a third brother told me of how years ago a settler had hit him with his car–intentionally, he believed–as he was riding his bike on the side of road. A fourth brother had been imprisoned on two occasions, not by the Israeli army, but by Hamas. “For speaking too much,” he told me with a grin, when I asked him why.
     I had arrived to the caravans where the Awajah family now lives in Beit Lahiya, Gaza a few hours earlier, in the midst of the flurry of excitement accompanying the preparation for Eid il-Fitr, the three-day holiday marking the end of Ramadan. The children were running around, brushing their hair, putting on their new Eid clothes. Meters away from us was the rubble of their home, destroyed in the 2009 war, finally rebuilt in 2013, and destroyed again in the 2014 war.
     The two days I spent with the family were joyful, yet still penetrated by the horror that this family (and so many families in Gaza) have experienced. Little Ibrahim, at the age of three, is obsessed with playing Hamas and soldiers. “Hold the fire! Hold the fire!” his battery operated toy gun barks in scratchy English as the little boy crouches in the sand, taking aim at imaginary Israeli soldiers. His sister pointed to the small statue mounted on the toy gun; it was a soldier in a tank. “That’s the Israelis, not Hamas,” she said. “Only the Israelis have those weapons.” But Ibrahim stubbornly insisted that, tank or no tank, he and his gun were Hamas.
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In BDS debate, both Jewish feelings and Palestinian lives matter
Ryan Rodrick Beiler, Activestills.org, +972 Magazine 7/17/2015
      As the BDS movement grows, U.S. churches find themselves caught between a history of anti-Semitism, and a desire to stand alongside Palestinians.
     In recent weeks, three U.S. churches considered resolutions to divest from occupation-complicit corporations. The United Church of Christ passed its measure with a landslide vote. The Episcopal Church’s resolution was rejected by its House of Bishops. And the Mennonite Church USA—my church—tabled its resolution for two more years.
     These were only the most recent examples of churches considering some form of boycott, divestment and sactions (BDS) to apply economic pressure on Israel. Last year, the Presbyterian Church USA passed a divestment resolution, and the United Methodist Church and various Quaker bodies have taken similar actions.
     Criticism following this round of debate was no surprise, and it’s easy to dismiss fundamentalist gems like this one by Earl Cox in The Jerusalem Post:
     "Anyone who supports a BDS campaign against Israel and claims to be a Christian is not telling the truth…. G-d will say to those counterfeit Christians, ‘Depart from Me. I never knew you.’ … They occupy church pews on Sunday but their knowledge of His Word is only superficial."
     Cox doesn’t mention that the “depart from me” quote is taken from the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 7—which begins with Jesus’ apt advice: “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”
     It usually takes a right-wing fundamentalist with a literalist interpretation of the Bible to explain why all the stuff Jesus said about “blessed are the peacemakers” and “love your enemies” and “as you have done to the least of these you have done to me” have nothing to do with, say, Palestinian children in Gaza.
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Israeli police detain, release 10-year-old Palestinian
7/16/2015 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli police on Wednesday evening detained a Palestinian child in the Silwan neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem, for allegedly damaging the car belonging to an Israeli settler, media reported. Israeli media reported that the ten-year-old was detained from the neighborhood before being released to his parents later on. An Israeli police spokesperson did not immediately respond for comment. Israel detained 1,266....

Surviving the ups and downs: Israel’s first Arab-Jewish school turns 30
+972 Magazine - For three decades the school at Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam has taught our children how to grow and become adults with a cohesive national and human identity, without fear of the other. Today, however, the future looks as uncertain as ever. By Samah Salaime (translated by Rivka Einy)...

Palestinian secrets worth sharing
Raya Al-Jadir, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 6/29/2015
      As a young child born in the city of Jerusalem Nevien Shaabneh dreamt of nothing else but writing; reciting her stories out loud, passers-by would pat her on the head once they listened to her tales. At just five years old Shaabneh regarded writing as serious work spending hours filling notebook after notebook with precious words which paved the way for her journey to becoming an author. Soon after she immigrated with her family to Chicago, US, where these notebooks grew and matured with her and over the years stacked up her room. But they were put aside as Shaabneh became focused on gaining an education.
     Achieving a Bachelor's degree in English Education from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and Master of Arts from Saint Xavier University, distracted Shaabneh further from pursuing her dream of writing which then became a distant memory as marriage, children and work took over. Since graduating she has taught American Literature and Contemporary Literature to high school students.
     But one day the longing for her childhood dream and the nostalgia of the past became stronger and so she brushed the dust off one of her manuscripts. This gave birth to "Secrets under the olive tree" which was published as Shaabneh's first ever novel.
     Her earliest writings were in Palestine where she says: "I began writing before I was able to write. I sat for hours and wrote stories and letters to relatives that I would hand deliver." Surrounded by pomegranates, grape vines, olive trees, a breeze that carried with it the indulgent scent of warm bread, mint tea and a friendly hello is how Shaabneh remembers Palestine, the place that inspired her passion for writing and the focus of her novel.
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Church-run Schools in Israel Face “Death Sentence”
Dissident Voice: 30 Jun 2015 - Israel is seeking to bring dozens of church-run schools under government control, a move that community leaders have warned will curb the last vestiges of educational freedom for the country’s large Palestinian minority. Most of the 47 schools, which are among the highest-achieving in Israel, were established by Christian orders more than 100 years ago, before Israel’s creation in 1948. Today, they are among the few independent schools catering to Israel’s community of 1.5 million Palestinian citizens, who make up one-fifth of the population. The schools are attended by about 33,000 children – some 5 percent of the Palestinian school-age population – and employ 3,000 teachers. Israel segregates the country’s education system based on ethnicity. Palestinian leaders say the church-run schools, which educate Christians and Muslims, are the only hope for most families trying to escape dire conditions in the government-run Arab education system. Yousef Jabareen, an Arab member of...more

Khader Adnan reaches deal to end hunger strike, will be released
Yael Marom, +972 Magazine 6/29/2015
      Adnan has been on hunger strike for over 50 days in protest of being held without charge, trial or being convicted of a crime.
     Palestinian administrative detainee Khader Adnan will end his 50-plus-day hunger strike after reaching a deal with Israeli authorities that will see him released on July 12, according to members of Knesset who were privy to the negotiations late Sunday night.
     The deal was expected to be signed in the early morning hours on Monday, according to Balad MK Jamal Zahalka. “The strike will be over the moment the deal is signed,” and Adnan will agree to receive medical treatment, MK Zahalka added.
     Zahalka and other members of Knesset from the Joint List went to the hospital Sunday night at the behest of Adnan’s family, who were holding a vigil.
     Adnan’s health seriously deteriorated in recent days and his family feared he might die at any moment. His father, mother and children arrived at the hospital Sunday evening and declared that they would not leave until an agreement for Adnan’s release was signed.
     Adan’s wife was permitted to see him Sunday night in the hospital bed to which he has been shackled for weeks.
     Dozens of activists joined the Joint List MKs at the hospital to support the family.
     “This is not only a victory for Khader Adnan, the administrative detainee, it is a victory of human spirit up against forces of oppression,” MK Haneen Zoabi said of the agreement.
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Israeli forces detain 9-year-old in Jerusalem
6/28/2015 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces on Sunday detained a nine-year-old Palestinian child in al-Thuri neighborhood of Silwan, group says. Ahmad Jasim al-Shweiki was detained by Israeli forces and taken to the police station on Salah al-Din street, head of a support group for families of Palestinian detainees in Jerusalem Amjad Abu Assab said, giving no additional information on the circumstances of his detention. Israeli....

House Democrats Urge Kerry to Prioritize Detained Palestinian Children
IMEMC - 25 Jun 2015 -

Ban Ki-moon and the detention of Palestinian children
+972 Magazine - The connection between settlements and the military regime that detains some 1,000 Palestinian each year is becoming harder and harder to ignore. By Gerard Horton Palestinian children with Israeli soldiers during the weekly demonstration in Nabi Saleh, May 29, 2015. (Natasha Roth) In recent weeks some...

19 House Democrats urge Kerry to make detained Palestinian children a priority
Jerusalem Post 24 Jun 2015 - The letter, initiated by Rep. Betty McCollum, D-Minn., cites a 2013 UNICEF report on Palestinian children in military detention.

Woman feared to have joined IS was coerced, says family
YNet News, 23 Jun 2015 - Following report that Sakhnin resident fled to Syria with wife and children to join Islamic State group, relatives express shock and anger at the man they say ruined their lives. ....

UNRWA Launches Campaign to Fund Gaza Children Education
WAFA - 23 Jun 2015

Repealing the Oslo agreements
Ruth Tenne, Redress 6/19/2015
      Taking steps towards full sovereignty
     Following a recent meeting with Binyamin Netanyahu, President Barack Obama clearly expressed his frustration with the failure of the talks between Israel and the Palestinians, stating
     "with the breakdown of talks, simmering tension in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, last summer’s conflict in Gaza, and serious questions about overall commitment to a two-state outcome, it’s no secret that we now have a very difficult path forward. As a result, the United States is taking a hard look at our approach to the conflict."
     Obama added that it was ultimately down to the two parties “to address not just Gaza’s immediate humanitarian and reconstruction needs, but also core challenges to Gaza’s future within a two-state context, including reinvigorating Gaza’s connection with the West Bank and re-establishing strong commercial links with Israel and the global economy”.
     This inevitably requires a new political approach which should not necessarily be bound by previous agreements between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organisation(PLO)/Palestinian Authority (PA). Revoking the Oslo accords, according to which Israel should have withdrawn from the West Bank and Gaza by the end of 1998, appears to be vital to any new political solution. As stated by Obama on his visit to Ramallah in 2013, “Palestinians deserve an end to the occupation and the daily indignities that come with it; they deserve to live in an independent, sovereign state where they can give their children a life of dignity and opportunity”.
     Flawed agreements....
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Netanyahu threatens new TV station for Palestinian citizens of Israel
Haggai Matar, +972 Magazine 6/19/2015
      The new satellite station, ‘Palestine 48,’ aimed at Arab citizens of Israel, presents an opportunity to use the community as a bridge between Israel and Palestine, a member of its board says.
     Israeli Communications Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday declared his intention to shut down a brand new television station, “Palestine 48.” A day later, its employees and management vowed that they would not fold so easily. The station began pilot broadcasts on Thursday morning from Nazareth, and for the time being, its launch schedule is proceeding as scheduled.
     Israeli authorities — and the Netanyahu government in particular — have been targeting Arab cultural institutions in recent weeks, cutting off funding for an Arabic-language theater in Haifa and threatening to do the same to a children’s theater in Jaffa operated by an Arab actor.
     According to Sanaa Hammoud, a member of Palestine 48’s advisory board, the Netanyahu government is in the midst of a campaign to silence and exclude 20 percent of Israel’s citizens, ultimately de-legitimizing their citizenship itself.
     But in addition to the principled issue, Hammoud warned, the government’s campaign endangers the constitutionally protected freedoms of occupation and expression. (While Israel does not have a constitution, it has “basic laws,” which have constitutional standing.)
     “If anybody is violating the law,” Hammoud added, “it is not us — it’s Netanyahu.”
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Bradford sisters questioned in March
BBC 17 Jun 2015 - The three sisters and nine children from Bradford feared to be going to Syria missed a flight in March due to security checks, the BBC learns.

Bradford sisters questioned in March
BBC 17 Jun 2015 - The three sisters and nine children from Bradford feared to be going to Syria missed a flight in March due to security checks, the BBC learns.

Israeli military kills Palestinian kids, United Nations whitewashes it
Brad Parker, Salon 6/16/2015
      Hundreds of Palestinian kids were killed in '14 by occupation. Why was Israel removed from child rights blacklist?
     Last week, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon capitulated to pressure from the Obama administration and removed Israel’s armed forces from a child rights “blacklist.” The decision not only undermines a strong global tool necessary to protect children in armed conflict, but provides Israeli forces with tacit approval to continue committing egregious violations against children with impunity.
     Each year, the Secretary-General submits a report on children and armed conflict to the UN Security Council that includes an annex, or “list of shame,” specifically identifying armed forces and groups found to commit grave violations against children. Israel’s armed forces were recommended by Leila Zerrougui, UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, for inclusion in the list for killing and maiming children and carrying out attacks against schools. This was rejected by Ban, as was the recommendation to list Palestinian armed groups.
     The latest report, released on June 8, is itself a real contradiction. While Ban expressed deep alarm “at the extent of grave violations suffered by children as a result of Israeli military operations in 2014” and recognized the “unprecedented and unacceptable scale” of Israel’s military violence, he omitted Israel’s armed forces from the annex.
     The report methodically details the devastating impact Israel’s prolonged military occupation had on Palestinian children, highlighting that 557 Palestinian children were killed in 2014. The total ranked third highest behind Afghanistan (710) and Iraq (679), and significantly more than in Syria (368). The report notes that at least 543 schools were damaged or destroyed in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), the highest recorded number of all situations in 2014.
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75 Palestinians from Gaza visit relatives jailed in Israel
6/15/2015 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Over 75 Palestinians from the Gaza Strip visited relatives in Israel's Nafha jail on Monday in a visit coordinated by the International Committee of the Red Cross. Thirteen children were part of the group, which visited 44 relatives jailed in southern Israel. Around 420 Palestinians from Gaza are currently detained in Israeli jails. [END]

Israeli police detain, interrogate 3 children in Jerusalem
6/12/2015 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli police released three Palestinian children from the Silwan neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem late Thursday after detaining and interrogating them for allegedly throwing rocks at an Israeli settler. The Silwan-based Wadi Hilweh Information Center said that a private security guard protecting an Israeli settler detained the three children from the al-Ein area in Silwan before calling the police, who took....

occupied Palestinian territory: UNRWA in Gaza commences its annual Summer Learning Program; second chance education for refugee children
Relief Web 12 Jun 2015 - Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: occupied Palestinian territory This week, UNRWA in Gaza started its annual Summer Learning Program (SLP). This program provides children who failed Arabic, Mathematics or both the...

1266 Palestinian children under 15 were detained in occupied territories last year
Mondoweiss - Violence / Arrests 13-year-old detained by Israeli forces in East Jerusalem JERUSALEM (Ma‘an) 10 June – Israeli forces detained a 13-year-old Palestinian from his home in the al-Issawiya neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem overnight Tuesday, lawyer says. Lawyer Muhammad Mahmoud of the Addameer prisoners’ rights group identified...

West Bank doctors to go on strike in protest over detained doctor
6/8/2015 - NABLUS (Ma'an) -- Doctors in hospitals across the West Bank are to go on strike Tuesday in protest over the arrest of a doctor by Palestinian security services after a woman in his care died during childbirth. Sources in the Palestinian doctors' union said the strike would affect all hospitals across the occupied West Bank. They did not specify the duration of the....

Several Kidnapped by Israeli Forces Across West Bank & Jerusalem
IMEMC - 7 Jun 2015 - Israeli forces detained eight Palestinians across the occupied West Bank overnight Saturday, the Israeli army said. On Sunday morning, at the entrance of occupied East Jerusalem, forces detained a young man and a child from Al Issawiya, in the Old City. ...

Our injured Muslim pride
YNet News, 5 Jun 2015 - Op-ed: The honor of Islam is not served by violence, but by the greater jihad of self-improvement and self-responsibility. If we learn to balance a deep Islamic faith with sincere respect and love for all of Allah’s children, Islam will be restored to its place of dignity and respect among religions. ....

The Big Lie at the Heart of the Myth of the Creation of Israel
Douglas Valentine, CounterPunch 6/5/2015
      An Interview with Lia Tarachansky
     Lia Tarachansky’s heart-wrenching documentary, On the Side of the Road, reveals the Big Lie at the heart of the myth of the creation of Israel.
     Tarachansky had to break through a lot of personal and social barriers to produce this often infuriating film about the Nakba, the “catastrophe” of 1948, when approximately 750,000 Palestinians (a number that has grown to 1.5 million refugees living in camps over the ensuing 67 years) were expelled from their homes and forced into squalid camps, where they are denied basic human rights.
     Tarachansky’s toughest challenge was overcoming her own deeply ingrained assumptions. Born in Kiev in 1984, her youth, as she described it in a previous interview, was “a shifting, uncertain reality. While I was only learning to read, my parents split, the Chernobyl nuclear reactor blew up, and the Soviet Union collapsed. I was too young to understand what was happening when we evacuated the city and prepared for what would turn into years of economic uncertainty.”
     A Zionist, her mother took Lia and her sister to Israel where, she told her children, “banana-eating monkeys sit in palm trees,” and “everyone is Jewish.”
     Those were among the first myths to fizzle out. A computer engineer, Tarachansky’s mother found work changing diapers in a retirement home, while Lia went from “being the only Jew in my Soviet kindergarten to being the only Russian in my Israeli elementary school.”
     “We went from the façade of ‘equality for all comrades’,” Tarachansky said, “to the façade of ‘equality for all Jews’.” As she discovered, “Israel is a striated society, even among Jews, in terms of access to economic justice and rights.”
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Meet Palestine’s first all-female race-car team
Samah Salaime, +972 Magazine 6/3/2015
      A new documentary tells the story of five brave Palestinian female race-car drivers who must learn to challenge their own society’s norms while facing the violence of Israel’s military occupation.
     That pursuit of something good, which fills you up with hope and positive energy, has become mission impossible even for optimists such as myself. Over the weekend I planned to watch a movie with a friend who suffers from “temporary depression” (such as myself), until our plot was foiled by a little thing called children and husbands. On Sunday we tried our best to head out to a stand-up comedy show, but in the end we decided we could just watch the Knesset Channel. And on Monday our plan to go to a spa was thrown away into the same dresser drawer as all the other socks and pairs of underwear that had just come out of the wash.
     But that was before Haggai Matar told me that a new film titled “Speed Sisters” (“????????” in Arabic), had its Palestinian premier in Ramallah last Saturday. After two minutes of watching the trailer I knew I had to watch the movie. An unspeakable energy burst forth from the screen, where I saw five Palestinian women, dressed in rally clothing, large helmets with colorful race cars plastered with lightning-bolt stickers. I forced myself to get over my exhaustion and come back to life, lest my theories about women’s empowerment collapse upon themselves.
     On Monday, when I learned that I wouldn’t be able to make it to the public screening of the film in East Jerusalem, I spoke with one of the producers and convinced her that this is a matter of life and death, “The mood of the Palestinian people is in your hands,” I told her, after which she promptly sent me a link and a secret code to watch the film in the comfort of my own home. Without popcorn, alone in my bed on my son’s iPad, the movie began to roll.
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Army Kidnaps A Palestinian-American Child Near Ramallah
IMEMC - 3 Jun 2015 - Israeli soldiers installed, Wednesday, a sudden roadblock at the main entrance of Silwad town, east of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, and kidnapped one child, who also holds an American citizenship. The soldiers also detained a young man for a few hours. ...

Lawyer reports: Palestinian children abused in a "heinous" manner by Israeli interrogators
IMEMC - 1 Jun 2015 - Palestinian Authority lawyer Hiba Masalha reported that young Palestinian detainees are being "terrified, threatened, and blackmailed" by Israeli authorities while detained. ...

Wet beds and nightmares: Yemen's children learn war
IRIN ME 31 May 2015 - SANA'A/DUBAI 01 June 2015 (IRIN) - Yemeni children are suffering sustained psychosocial trauma due to airstrikes and gun battles. Many are also at risk from explosive remnants of war that now litter their communities. >

’They said we drink the blood of children’—Netanyahu goes off the deep end after FIFA campaign
Allison Deger, Mondoweiss 6/1/2015
      Following a collapsed effort to sanction Israel at the international soccer association, FIFA, on Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has taken his most aggressive—and outlandish—tone yet against critics by accusing them of being from the same ilk of those who use anti-Semitic tropes.
     “They said that we drink the blood of little children,” and “They said that we are the poisoners of the wells of humanity,” Netanyahu claimed of his adversaries in the soccer campaign. Speaking to Knesset today Netanyahu reiterated that his country’s “actions are being twisted,” telling his parliament those who speak against Israel are initiating “false libels.”
     A steadfast and somewhat boastful Netanyahu then added the international community is practicing a double standard, where Israel is judged more harshly than “dictatorships” and “less challenged democracies” that “could learn something from the standards we uphold.”
     Yesterday Netanyahu’s comments had even more bite. This is where he compared his opponents with charges of blood libel, and labels of his country as “the focus of all evil in the world.” The remarks, though not stated outright, were directed at Palestinian officials for their attempts to oust Israel from FIFA on Friday, a move he said was part of “a long campaign” that his country must prepare to squash. “We will not allow ourselves to be ousted from important sports organizations nor from those which are not important,” Netanyahu said.
     On Friday Palestinian Football Association head Jabril Rajoub folded his effort to suspend Israel from the soccer league, hours before a vote by the organization was scheduled. Rajoub was thought to have failed to gain enough support from member delegates needed to vote out Israel. When he mounted the campaign, Rajoub cited Israel’s soccer clubs located in settlements in the West Bank, and detention and delay of Palestinian players when traveling internationally for competitions.
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Lawyer: Palestinian children facing torture in Israeli jails
5/31/2015 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Palestinian children are being beaten and tortured in a "heinous" way by Israeli soldiers during interrogation, a Palestinian Authority lawyer has said. Hiba Masalha, a lawyer for the PA committee of prisoners' affairs, said in a statement on Sunday that teenage detainees are being "terrified, threatened and blackmailed" in contravention of international law and conventions advocating children's rights....

Lebanon: Education Sector - Monthly Dashboard, Inter-Agency Coordination Lebanon (April 2015)
Relief Web 28 May 2015 - Source: UN Children's Fund, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Country: Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic SITUATION ANALYSIS Children who have missed school for at least two years now have a new opportunity to resume their education. The Ministry...

June 2: Action Alert! Urge Lawmakers to Attend Briefing on Israel’s Mistreatment of Children
Rachel Corrie Foundation 26 May 2015 - Action Alert: Invite your legislator now to the June 2nd Congressional Briefing! Every year, hundreds of Palestinian children-some as young as 12 years old-are detained and arrested in an Israeli military detention system where ill treatment and abuse is widespread. Many are taken from their families in night...

Brown: Funds needed to school refugees
Daily Star 26 May 2015 U.N. Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown has backed a $100 million call for the international community to fund formal public education for 100,000 more Syrian refugee children in Lebanon.

Israeli troops detain 4 children near Tulkarem
5/24/2015 - TULKAREM (Ma'an) -- Israeli troops on Sunday morning detained four minors from a boys' school in the northern West Bank village of Farun near Tulkarem, local officials told Ma'an. The secretary of Farun's local council, Ahmad Darwish, said that the boys were arrested near a gate used by Palestinian farmers to access their land behind the Israeli separation wall....

Child Detainees Testify To Torture And Abuse
IMEMC - 19 May 2015 - The Palestinian Detainees Committee has reported, on Tuesday, that several detained Palestinian children testified to their lawyers about repeated torture, abuse, and intimidation, by Israeli interrogators and soldiers. ...

Child detainees testify to torture and abuse
Occupation Magazine 18 May 2015 - IMEMC - Lawyer Heba Masalha of the Palestinian Detainees` Committee Committee managed to visit several detained children in the HaSharon Prison and got testimonies of ongoing violations, torture and abuse by Israeli interrogators. For example, Jamal az-Za’tari, 15 years of age, from at-Tour in Jerusalem, was...

More than 10 000 South African School Students March Against Woolworths over Israel Trade
Global BDS 15 May 2015 - More than 10 000 South African school learners protested earlier today against Woolworths Stores over its Israeli trade. The #BoycottWoolworths protest was led by the Congress of South African Students (COSAS) in the Free State. COSAS represents school children in all 9 SA provinces and is...

Israeli forces shoot 3 children, detain 6 near Ramallah
5/14/2015 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces injured three Palestinian children with live fire during severe clashes that erupted between soldiers and school students in the Jabal al-Tawil neighborhood of al-Bireh in the occupied West Bank Thursday, witnesses said. The injured children were taken to a hospital for treatment, while Israeli forces detained six Palestinian children, all under 10 years of age, and took them to....

Global protests condemn G4S for alleged role in Israeli prisoners' rights abuses
Middle East Eye 7 May 2015 - Language Undefined Human rights organisations and protesters criticise Israel for coercing confessions from Palestinian child detainees

Lebanon: Education Sector - Quarterly Dashboard, Inter-Agency Coordination Lebanon (Jan - Mar 2015)
Relief Web 5 May 2015 - Source: UN Children's Fund, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Country: Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic SITUATION ANALYSIS The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) convened a meeting with Ambassadors and Head of Agencies early March to provide...

occupied Palestinian territory: Al Fakhoora, UNDP and UNICEF Agree on the Implementation of Education, Reconstruction and Psychosocial Support Projects in Gaza
Relief Web 3 May 2015 - Source: UN Development Programme, UN Children's Fund Country: occupied Palestinian territory Doha, 02 May 2015 - During a series of meetings which took place in Doha this week, Education Above All’s Al Fakhoora programme, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)...

Seven-year-old boy is arrested in East Jerusalem, interrogated for hours, released at 3 AM
Mondoweiss - Violence / Raids / Suppression of protests / Arrests — West Bank & Jerusalem Israel detains 4 children in 2 days from same Jerusalem family BETHLEHEM (Ma‘an) 30 Apr — Undercover Israeli operatives detained and interrogated a 7-year-old Palestinian boy and his twelve-year-old brother in occupied East Jerusalem Tuesday,...

The illusion of change in the West Bank military courts
+972 Magazine - Positive developments in the treatment of minors by Israeli security forces are overshadowed by partial and half-hearted implementation. By Gerard Horton Illustrative photo of Israeli soldiers blindfolding and arresting a young Palestinian youth in Hebron. (photo: Activestills.org) In March 2013, UNICEF recommended that all children detained...

WATCH: The conflict starts in school
+972 Magazine - Documentary filmmaker Tamar Erde went to five Israeli and Palestinian schools to find out what role state education plays in shaping children’s notions about politics.

Detained Jerusalem Child Beaten And Tortured
IMEMC - 30 Apr 2015 - Lawyer of the Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwan (Silwanic) said the Israeli police violently attacked, and beat, on Monday evening, a child who was kidnapped in Wad al-Jouz neighborhood, in occupied Jerusalem. ...

Israel detains 4 children in 2 days from same Jerusalem family
4/30/2015 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Undercover Israeli operatives detained and interrogated a 7-year-old Palestinian boy and his twelve-year-old brother in occupied East Jerusalem Tuesday, only a day after two 15-year-olds from the same family were taken. The boy and his older brother, from the Zaatari family in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Wadi al-Joz, were detained by Israeli operatives dressed as Palestinian locals....

Palestinian kids instilled with national identity
Daily Star 27 Apr 2015 Dozens of Palestinian children from refugee camps in Lebanon participated in a Citizenship and Personal Identity ceremony, to show what they have learned during a two-week program about identity.

Ministers demand international aid for Lebanon’s schools
Daily Star 22 Apr 2015 Lebanon needs more help to assist Syrian refugees and educate Syrian children, Education Minister Elias Bou Saab said Wednesday on the second day of a national conference on education, saying that providing such aid was everyone’s...

Child Detainee, Khaled Sheikh, Released; Two Children Kidnapped
IMEMC - 16 Apr 2015 -

Millions of children out of school in the Middle East, UN warns
4/15/2015 - BEIRUT (AFP) -- Education is not available to more than 12 million children in countries throughout the Middle East despite advances in efforts to expand schooling, the UN children's agency UNICEF said on Wednesday. The joint report by UNICEF and UN cultural agency UNESCO's Institute for Statistics praises the "considerable resources and political capital" devoted to expanding education in the Middle East....

HRW: Settlement Agriculture Using Palestinian Child Labor
Palestine Chronicle: 14 Apr 2015 - Israeli settlement farms in the occupied West Bank are using Palestinian child labor to grow, harvest and pack agricultural produce, much of it for export, Human Rights Watch said in a report released Monday. The farms pay the children low wages and subject them to dangerous working conditions in violation of international standards. The 74-page report, “Ripe for Abuse: Palestinian Child Labor in Israeli Agricultural Settlements in the West Bank,” documents that children as young as 11 are working on settlement farms. The children carry heavy loads, are exposed to high temperatures and hazardous pesticides, and in some cases have to pay themselves for medical treatment for work-related injuries or illness. “Israel’s settlements are profiting from rights abuses against Palestinian children,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East and North Africa director for Human Rights Watch. “Children from communities impoverished by Israel’s discrimination and settlement policies are dropping out of school...more

HRW: Settlement agriculture using Palestinian child labor
4/13/2015 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli settlement farms in the occupied West Bank are using Palestinian child labor to grow, harvest and pack agricultural produce, much of it for export, Human Rights Watch said in a report released Monday. The farms pay the children low wages and subject them to dangerous working conditions in violation of international standards. The 74-page report, "Ripe for Abuse: Palestinian.... Related: HRW Report: Ripe for Abuse

Israel ’profiting’ from Palestinian child labour
Dalia Hatuqa, Al Jazeera 4/13/2015
      Palestinian children as young as 11 face hazardous working conditions on Israeli settlement farms, report finds.
     Ramallah, occupied West Bank - F, a 13-year-old Palestinian boy from al-Fasayil, an impoverished village near the West Bank city of Jericho, used to work in the nearby Israeli settlement of Petzael on weekends, earning 50 shekels ($12.50) a day. He would start at 5am and work until 3pm, his wage was reduced by a Palestinian middleman who would bring him to the farming settlement.
     "Work is better than school," F said. "My family needs me to work. There are six in my family. I'm the [eldest] boy, and me and my father work."
     The youngster is one of many children being used to grow, harvest and pack agricultural produce on Israeli settlement farms, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in a report released on Monday. The settlements pay these underage Palestinians low wages and subject them to hazardous working conditions, the group said.
     The report, "Ripe for Abuse: Palestinian Child Labor in Israeli Agricultural Settlements in the West Bank", documents cases of children as young as 11 working on some settlement farms, often in high temperatures. "They carry heavy loads, are exposed to hazardous pesticides, and in some cases have to pay themselves for medical treatment for work-related injuries or illness," the report said.
     The children, whose families are often poor and have few resources, are typically introduced to work on farms by a Palestinian middleman or waseet who deducts from their wages. Many leave their studies behind in the hopes of providing for their parents and siblings. -- See also: HRW Report: Ripe for Abuse
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Israeli courts convict hundreds of Palestinian children
Patrick Strickland, Al Jazeera 4/10/2015
      Courts have come under heavy criticism for harsh judicial measures against Palestinian minors accused of stone-throwing.
     Beit Anan, occupied West Bank - When Israeli soldiers detained Hussam al-Sheikh's 15-year-old son Khaled on Christmas Day last year, he expected to pay a fine and bring the boy home within a few hours.
     "A few weeks earlier, some young boys from our village were arrested for allegedly throwing stones," Sheikh told Al Jazeera. "They all came home the next morning after their parents paid a small fine."
     Accused of throwing stones, Khaled was arrested near the Israeli separation wall in Beit Anan, a village near Sheikh in the occupied West Bank. Yet, upon arriving at the police station at the Binyamina settlement where the boy was being held, Hussam learned that his son would not be allowed to go home with him anytime soon.
     "When we got to the police station, he had been beaten up and there was blood on his face," Sheikh told Al Jazeera. "After five court hearings, he was sentenced to four months in prison. How does a 50-year-old man sit on a bench and decide the fate of little children?"
     The Israeli military court that sentenced Khaled also fined his parents 2,000 Israeli shekels ($510) - a costly amount on top of the lawyer and court fees the Sheikh family already had to pay.
     Palestinians tried in Israeli military courts are convicted at a rate of more than 99 percent, according to a 2011 military document leaked to the Israeli daily Haaretz.
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Settlers detain children's school bus
PIC - 7 Apr 2015 - A group of settlers intercepted and held a children's school bus till late hours on Monday near Yitzhar settlement to the south east of Nablus.

Israeli Extremists Detain Palestinian Children Near Nablus
IMEMC - 7 Apr 2015 - A group of extremist Israelis held, on Monday at night, a Palestinian school bus for several hours, near the Yitzhar illegal colony, built on Palestinian lands, southeast of the northern West Bank city of Nablus. ...

Israel detains 100 Palestinians from Hebron in March
4/6/2015 - HEBRON (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained 100 Palestinians in the Hebron district in March, including 25 children, a prisoner rights group said Monday. Amjad Najjar, head of the Palestinian Prisoner's Society in Hebron, said 34 of the 100 detained were transferred to administrative detention, with 18 said to be students. A total of 25,000 shekels ($6,300) of fines was imposed on the....

occupied Palestinian territory: Supporting Youth Education for Palestinians in East Jerusalem
Relief Web 2 Apr 2015 - Source: American Near East Refugee Aid Country: occupied Palestinian territory Friday is the busiest day of the week at the Spafford Children’s Center in the Old City of Jerusalem, and it is also when the center is most lively and...

U.S. diplomat hails education for Syrians
Daily Star 2 Apr 2015 Educating Syrian refugee children is both a humanitarian and security imperative, Education Minister Elias Bou Saab and a senior U.S. diplomat said Thursday during a tour of a school in a Beirut suburb.

Dome of the Rock erased from kindergarten's Haggadah
YNet News, 31 Mar 2015 - Al-Aqsa mosque replaced with trees in picture of Jerusalem's Western Wall in Kiryat Tivon nursery school's Passover booklet. 'This is not the kind of education I would like my children to receive,' says shocked father. ....

German Jewish family recount ordeal of living in Israel
Marianne Azizi, Redress 3/30/2015
      “From the minute we arrived, the authorities started to cheat us”
     Binyamin Netanyau has been very vocal in urging Jews around the world to go to Israel, which he claimed is the best place, the safest place, the only place for Jewish people to live.
     Hana Gan, a pregnant Canadian woman, believed it and became trapped. More stories like hers are coming in, and we now learn that another Jewish family – this time from Germany – wants to give a stark warning: Do not move to Israel.
     Below is a verbatim translation of the Knyazhinsky family’s testimony, as the family prepares to take legal action against police and social workers in Israel.
     Knyazhinsky family’s testimony
     In January 2012, in our town in Hamburg, a meeting took place that was initiated by the Jewish Agency with the aim of persuading the German Jewish people to emigrate to Israel, under a programme called Naale. The meeting was chaired by Sergey Cherniac.
     It was always my dream to give my children a better education, and they had already attended a Yeshiva Orthodox [Jewish] school in Berlin.
     The Jewish Agency tried to persuade us to emigrate to Israel. It claimed that my children had no future in Germany, that their only future was in Israel, and that if the kids studied in a Yeshiva they would not have to join the Israeli army....
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99 Palestinian Children Currently Detained in Israeli Jails
IMEMC - 30 Mar 2015 - Head of the Palestinian Prisoners Society's legal unit, Jawad Boulos, reported Monday that there are currently 99 Palestinian minors detained in Israeli jails, of whom 26 were abducted in March. ...

99 Palestinian Children Currently Detained in Israeli Jails, Says Prisoner’s Club
WAFA - 30 Mar 2015

Family of Israeli victim question airlines' background checks
YNet News, 26 Mar 2015 - Baum family express shock at reports saying co-pilot of Germanwings flight deliberately crashed plane; "There were children there, families. How could such a thing happen?' ....

Israeli forces arrest 6 teens in Jerusalem
3/23/2015 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces on Monday evening arrested six Palestinians from the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound for allegedly throwing rocks, witnesses said. They said four children were detained while playing football, while the other two were assaulted, shoved, and arrested near the Chain Gate. The detainees were aged between 11-15, and were identified as Bashar Najib, Tawfiq Najib, Amir al-Malki, Abd al-Bakri, Ayman.... Related: Israeli forces arrest 2 teens in Hebron

4 women detained while exiting Aqsa mosque
3/23/2015 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces on Monday detained four women as they left the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound. The four women, one of them carrying her infant child, were taken to the Chain Gate police station. Two of the women were released, while the other two, identified as Ayeda al-Sidawi and Noura al-Sa'ou, were held. Also Monday, an Israeli court extended the remand....

Israeli forces detain child, 3 teenagers in East Jerusalem
3/18/2015 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces arrested a Palestinian child on Tuesday evening and three teenage boys on Wednesday morning in occupied East Jerusalem. A spokesman of a local Jerusalem committee representing families of prisoners in Israeli custody told Ma'an that Israeli troops arrested 11-year-old Mahdi Abu Asab in the al-Qirmi neighborhood in the Old City. He added that Israeli troops also....

Holon’s new baby
Jerusalem Post 18 Mar 2015 - The Tif Taf Center is a novel learning facility for children under three – and their parents.

occupied Palestinian territory: UNRWA continues efforts to keep trauma at bay amongst Gaza’s children
Relief Web 16 Mar 2015 - Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: occupied Palestinian territory Gaza More young people in the Gaza Strip are learning how to deal with stress and trauma than ever before, according to UNRWA....

Nearly 13,000 Syrians killed by regime torture since 2011
3/13/2015 - BEIRUT (AFP) -- Nearly 13,000 Syrians, including 108 children, have been tortured to death in government prisons since the uprising began in March 2011, a monitoring group said Friday. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 12,751 detainees in government detention centers had died from torture during the conflict."Some of the families of those killed under torture were forced to sign statements that their loved....

Scholarships given to 3,000 Syrians
Daily Star 12 Mar 2015 The Hariri Foundation provided 52 private schools from across Lebanon with scholarship funds Thursday to pay for the tuition of 3,000 Syrian refugees, as part of a wider campaign to integrate more refugee children into education.

IOA deprives child from visitation for 67 consecutive days
PIC - 11 Mar 2015 - The Israeli Occupation Authority (IOA) has been depriving the detained 15-year-old Jerusalemite boy Khaled al-Sheikh from family visits for 67 consecutive days.

Restoration of Buildings vs Memories
Sam Bahour, Arabic Media Internet Network (AMIN) 3/10/2015
      I’m almost embarrassed to admit it. I’ve lived in Palestine for 21 years and passed by the village of 'Ein Siniya hundreds of times, but can’t recall ever actually visiting it, that is, until today.
     'Ein Siniya is a small Palestinian village in the West Bank’s Ramallah and al-Bireh Governorate, 10 kilometers north of Ramallah, northeast of Jifna, the village renowned for its apricots. It lies in a valley surrounded by olive and fig terraces. Its population has grown from 701 persons in 2007 to 885 today, a whopping 12% increase. It was the home of Faisal Husseini, the legendary Palestinian leader who spent his life defending Palestinian rights in Jerusalem. ‘Ein Siniya is what one would call a sleepy, laid-back village, but today it came alive and I was there to witness this refreshing awakening.
     I arrived to 'Ein Siniya driving behind a minibus from The Danish House in Palestine that was transporting people who were heading to the same venue that I was. Turning off the main road into the village, we turned right and then took the first left. The first thing I noticed is what one usually sees in all Palestinian villages, a group of children. This group was a cheerful one of young girls seemingly excited at all the odd traffic crawling up their street. A few hundred meters up the hill, on the right, was the historic home that we were coming to visit, the home of Mr. Jamil Al Husseini.
     Standing in front of this huge, run-down home was actress Faten Khoury. She was oddly standing halfway in the street, not to be missed. She was frozen in a pose, staring at the long, stone staircase that hugged the backside of the building and led to the first floor of this abandoned, eerie home. She held a suitcase in one hand and a white photo album in the other. As we exited our cars and the bus unloaded, many stopped to talk to Faten, but she would not budge. She just stared up the staircase, clearly leading us to where we were to go, without saying a word.
     Upstairs we entered through an old, traditional doorway, narrow and with a heavy steel door....
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Three suspects in Nemtsov murder ‘good guys’ relative - video
The National 9 Mar 2015 - Relatives and neighbors of three Nemtsov murder suspects say they were well-behaved as children and express surprise at the link to the killing.

8-year-old child among two detainees reported in WB, OJ
PIC - 1 Mar 2015 - Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) nabbed on Sunday a Jerusalemite young man at the entrance to Shufat refugee camp to the north of occupied Jerusalem.

IOF Injures Palestinian man, arrest 3 Palestinian children in West Bank
Al-Akhbar News 3 Mar 2015 - Israeli troops shot and injured a young Palestinian man during clashes in the northern West Bank town of Qabatia west of Jenin on Tuesday morning, security sources said. Meanwhile the Israeli army detained three school students in the southern West Bank, the Palestinian Authority (PA) Education...

UNICEF recommendations enforce Israel’s colonial policies
Ramona Wadi, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 2/26/2015
      UNICEF's latest bulletin has confirmed the systematic violation of children's rights while they are in Israeli detention. The findings of "Children in Israeli Military Detention" support evidence collected in 2014 by Defence for Children International Palestine (DCIP).
     Accountability Programme Director Ayed Abu Eqtaish said that, "Despite an ongoing dialogue with UNICEF over nearly two years, the Israeli authorities have failed persistently to implement practical changes to stop violence and ill-treatment against Palestinian child detainees."
     Israel's attitude towards the intentional violations was summed up succinctly by attorney and international advocacy officer at DCIP, Brad Parker: "The core question is whether the Israeli military court system is even capable of or interested in administering justice. Regardless of changes to Israeli military law or modifications to operating procedures, Palestinian civilians, particularly children, should not be prosecuted in military courts."
     UNICEF's report fluctuates between development, progress and an admission, through an evaluation of progress regarding the recommendations discussed, that Israel is blatantly enforcing colonial policies.
     According to data obtained by UNICEF from Israel's military prosecutor, in 2013 there were 654 Palestinian children from the West Bank aged between 5 and 17 years arrested by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF); all were referred to the Military Advocate General. This prompted the UN body to embark upon a series of discussions and consultations with Israeli security forces in an attempt to shed light upon the spectrum of violations inflicted upon Palestinian children, as well as urging the government, through its institutions, to protect children's rights.
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Family Demands Immediate Release; Husam Sheikh, 14, Sentenced To 4 Months
IMEMC - 27 Feb 2015 - The Israeli military court in the Ofer base and detention center, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, sentenced on Wednesday child detainee, Husam Khaled Sheikh, 14 years of age, to four months imprisonment, and 2000NIS fine, his family said. ...

occupied Palestinian territory: Humanitarian Coordinator calls for children’s safe access to education in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem
Relief Web 26 Feb 2015 - Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Country: occupied Palestinian territory In today’s visit to the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City and the Old City of Hebron, the Humanitarian Coordinator for the occupied Palestinian territory, James W....

Protest sit-in demanding release of detained child
PIC - 25 Feb 2015 - Scores of Palestinians held lit candles during a protest sit-in organized by the Popular Committee against the Siege on Tuesday evening in the Gaza Strip demanding the release of Khaled al-Sheikh.

Malcolm X’s Internationalism and the Struggle for Liberation in Haiti Today
Dissident Voice: 26 Feb 2015 - …when you select heroes about which black children ought to be taught, let them be black heroes who have died fighting for the benefit of black people.  We never were taught about Christophe or Dessalines.  It was the slave revolt in Haiti when slaves, black slaves, had the soldiers of Napoleon tied down and forced him to sell one half of the American continent to the Americans. They don’t teach us that.  This is the kind of history we want to learn. — Malcolm X 1 February 21, 2015 marked the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X who is firmly located within the ranks of the foremost luminaries of Pan-Afrikanism.  2 As such, he was very much concerned with the fate of Afrikans across the globe. The broadness of Malcolm’s humanity and sympathy informed his internationalism, which included all oppressed peoples, especially the racialized ones who have experienced...more

Child Detainee Denied Family Visits, Medical Treatment
IMEMC - 24 Feb 2015 - Child detainee, Khaled Husam Sheikh, 15 years of age, has been denied family visits, and essential medical treatment, since his abduction by the Israeli army 62 days ago, after the soldiers alleged he threw stones on their vehicles. ...

Lawyer and Two Children Detained from Jerusalem
IMEMC - 23 Feb 2015 - Israeli forces detained a lawyer and two children during a raid on their houses in the nearby town of Al Tur (Mount of Olives) and Al Thawri neighborhood, in the city. ...

Israeli Arrest Campaign Targets Palestinian Children
IPS Nasser Murad Safi, 15, was shot by Israeli soldiers with live ammunition breaking his leg during stone-throwing clashes between Palestinian youngsters and Israeli soldiers. Credit: Mel Frykberg/IPS By Mel Frykberg RAMALLAH, West Bank, Feb 15 2015 (IPS) Fourteen-year-old Malak al Khatib, one of the youngest Palestinian detainees and one of...

American Officials Silent on Israeli Abuse of Palestinian Children
Dissident Voice: 15 Feb 2015 - Six weeks after being abducted on her way home from school in the occupied West Bank, 14-year-old Malak al-Khatib was  released   on Friday from the jail where she was being imprisoned by Israeli occupation forces. The youngest Palestinian girl ever to be incarcerated, Malak is one of hundreds of children to be prosecuted through the Israeli military court system each year. As of December 2014, there were 156 Palestinian child prisoners, 17 of which were under 16 years old, according to the  Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association . As the benefactor of the illegal Israeli occupation, the United States government is complicit in Israel’s disgraceful persecution and abuse of Palestinian children. While American officials refrain from criticizing such abuses, they forcefully condemn any resistance to the violent Israeli occupation that is responsible for innumerable human rights violations against Palestinian children.During Israel’s Operation Protective Edge in Gaza last August,...more

occupied Palestinian territory: Israeli Arrest Campaign Targets Palestinian Children
Relief Web 15 Feb 2015 - Source: Inter Press Service Country: occupied Palestinian territory RAMALLAH, West Bank, Feb 15 2015 (IPS) - Fourteen-year-old Malak al Khatib, one of the youngest Palestinian detainees and one of only a handful of girls, was released from an Israeli prison...

Tamkeen calls for the release of Palestinian detained children
PIC - 14 Feb 2015 - The Arab Group for Development and National Empowerment "Tamkeen" called Saturday on UNICEF to intervene urgently for the release of 250 Palestinian children held in Israeli jails.

Child Detainee, Malak al-Khatib, Released
IMEMC - 13 Feb 2015 - The Israeli Authorities released, on Friday noon, the youngest Palestinian detainee, Malak al-Khatib, after holding her captive since December 31, 2014 ...

Ailing Child Detainee in Deteriorating Condition, Denied Treatment, Family Visits
IMEMC - 12 Feb 2015 - The Ahrar Center for Human Rights has reported that an ailing child detainee, held by Israel since his kidnapping on December 24, 2014, in occupied Jerusalem, is facing seriously deteriorating health conditions, including anemia. ...

Lebanon: Children learn joy of reading in Lebanon camps
Relief Web 12 Feb 2015 - Source: American Near East Refugee Aid Country: Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory Three-year-old Hoda sits on the floor totally engrossed in the large colorful book in her lap. She and her 80 classmates at Najdeh preschool in Ein El Helweh refugee...

occupied Palestinian territory: Amid Brutal Winter, Gaza Children Get TOMS Boots
Relief Web 12 Feb 2015 - Source: American Near East Refugee Aid Country: occupied Palestinian territory A Tough Winter in Gaza Life in Al Sawarha, Gaza reflects the simplicity and pride of its residents. Kids growing up in the rural community walk through green fields planted...

DCI Report: Palestinian Children Abused to Confess
IMEMC - 11 Feb 2015 - Palestinian children detained by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank, over 2014, fell victim to a pattern of abuse designed to coerce confessions, according to http://www.imemc.org/newswire?search_text=dci+palestine&button=Search+%3E%3E. ...

Children among 8 detainees reported in W.B.
PIC - 10 Feb 2015 - The Israeli Occupation Forces nabbed at dawn Tuesday eight Palestinians including children during a raid campaign carried out in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem.

occupied Palestinian territory: Japanese NGO Supports a New Educational Project in East Jerusalem
Relief Web 9 Feb 2015 - Source: Government of Japan Country: Japan, occupied Palestinian territory On February 9th, 2015, the Ambassador for Palestinian Affairs and Representative of Japan to the Palestinian Authority, Mr. Junya Matsuura and Mr. Kentaro Sato, the Representative of Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi -Children...

Education Ministry: Parents can enroll children aged 3 in private preschools next year
Jerusalem Post 9 Feb 2015 - Ministry backtracks on earlier policy regarding private preschools, making decision following protests by parents.

Killing by another means
Charlotte Silver, Al Jazeera 2/3/2015
      Israeli policies and unhealthy environment to blame for premature mortality of Palestinians.
     A new new report published by Physicians for Human Rights in Israel (PHR) finds stark disparities between the health of Palestinians and Israelis.
     Looking at the grim findings in the report we learn that infant mortality among Palestinian children is five times higher than that of Israeli children; Palestinian life expectancy is, on average, 10 years less than Israelis (a gap that appears to be growing); and Palestinian women die in childbirth - in cases that are nearly all preventable - at a rate that is four times greater than Israeli women.
     The premature mortality of Palestinians, revealed in statistics, is not only the result of the outright violence they suffer by Israeli soldiers' and snipers' bullets or even bombing campaigns. It is the result of a ubiquitous, accretive, and noxiously unhealthy environment, born of and sustained by the insidious control Israel exercises over Palestinians.
     For example, the report tells us that today, the leading cause of death among Palestinians is from cardiac diseases. Technological advances in this field have made most of these diseases highly treatable, dramatically reducing fatalities.
     Access denied
     However, because of Israel's embargo on travel permits, Palestinian doctors are routinely denied access to education in these developments in techniques and equipment.
     Furthermore, while Israel's control over movement and travel has made it nearly impossible for Palestinian doctors to specialise in areas in dire need of practitioners....
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Malak al-Khatib: Symbol of Palestinian Childhood Denied
Palestine Chronicle: 5 Feb 2015 - By Ghada Ageel Children are the most precious natural resource that communities and humanity have. The League of Nations Declaration of 1924 pledges, “Mankind owes to the child the best it has to give.” The Declaration stressed that children should have “by right” the means necessary for their normal development. The 1959 UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child affirmed the rights set forth by the League of Nations and noted that children need “special safeguards and care” and that a child has to enjoy “special protection”. Neglecting these rights and safeguards harms children and endangers their self-esteem, healthy growth and development. Violating these rights using systematic and institutional oppression harms not only the psychological, social and emotional well-being of a child, but also the future resources of nations. Even when children are not direct victims of a traumatic event, they can still be harmed by witnessing it transpire...more

151 Palestinian Children Currently Imprisoned by Israel
IMEMC - 4 Feb 2015 - At least 151 Palestinian children are currently being held as "security prisoners" in Israeli jails, Palestinian legal monitor Military Court Watch said in a statement, on Tuesday. ...

Report: 151 Palestinian children being held in Israeli prisons
2/4/2015 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- At least 151 Palestinian children are currently being held as "security prisoners" in Israeli jails, Palestinian legal monitor Military Court Watch said in a statement on Tuesday. The group said that 47 percent of those are being held inside Israel in violation of the Geneva Conventions, which prevents the transfer of detainees outside of occupied territory as it limits their families....

‘Rethinking Schools’ journal responds to liberal Zionism
Mondoweiss - In its winter 2014-15 issue, the education journal Rethinking Schools has taken another courageous stand against liberal Zionism.  In Fall 2014, the journal published an editorial (“The Children of Gaza”) expressing outrage about the recent Gaza war.  This editorial generated a letter from a liberal Zionist...

Swedish city prevents Jewish couple from homeschooling children
YNet News, 2 Feb 2015 - Chabad emissaries stand trial in Gothenburg for their decision to educate their children at home according to their religious belief due to lack of Jewish schools in the city. ....

The fraud of Gush Etzion, Israel’s mythological settlement bloc
Hillel Bardin and Dror Etkes, +972 Magazine 2/1/2015
      Destroyed by Arab armies during the 1948 War, Gush Etzion was repopulated after Israel occupied the West Bank in 1967. Since then, successive Israeli governments have done everything they can to magnify the mythology of the bloc, while settling Israelis on its privately-owned Palestinian land.
     All American children learn the battle cry, “Remember the Alamo!” at some point in their schooling. The story of the Alamo starts in 1836, when white colonists began settling in northern Mexico. They finally drove the Mexican army out, but the army eventually returned and slaughtered all the whites in the Alamo Mission, refusing to even take prisoners. The white army, infuriated by the slaughter of the heroes of the Alamo, returned with a taste for blood. They beat back the Mexicans and subsequently annexed all of northern Mexico, which then became the state of Texas – the largest in the contiguous United States.
     Israeli children do not learn about the Alamo, but they do have their own heroes to remember. In the 1940s, four kibbutzim (Kfar Etzion, Masuot Yitzhak, Revadim and Ein Tzurim) were established southwest of Bethlehem in an area later designated for a Palestinian state by the 1947 UN Partition Plan. It turned out that their location was excellent for intercepting Arab military traffic between Hebron and Jerusalem, so the Haganah and Palmach (pre-state Zionist militias) sent troops and supplies to do just that in the last days of the British Mandate. The battle of Gush Etzion was one of three battles lost by the Jews during the war, and its heroes are part of the Israeli pantheon. Even Prime Minister Ben-Gurion said that he could “think of no battle in the annals of the Israel Defense Forces that was more magnificent, more tragic or more heroic than the struggle for Gush Etzion.”
     While there was debate in 1967 over whether to settle in the West Bank, the resettlement of Gush Etzion was viewed by many Jews as a special case.... -- See also: Construction of Gush Etzion separation fence delayed due to settler objections
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Tzohar advocates sexual education in religious community
YNet News, 30 Jan 2015 - Rabbinical organization hosts 150 women in one of first public forums on issues of intimacy within Religious Zionist community. 'Sessions like these are critical for preserving the holiness and sanctity of our families and children,' says religious institute director. ....

Soldiers Detain Four Children Near Jenin
IMEMC - 28 Jan 2015 - Israeli soldiers detained, Wednesday, four children, including a Jordanian child, and two with special needs, in Zabbouba village, near the northern West Bank city of Jenin. Two Palestinians kidnapped near Bethlehem. ...

IOF brutally attacks Palestinian students
PIC - 28 Jan 2015 - The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) detained Tuesday afternoon a Palestinian child and brutally attacked a number of students after breaking into Aida refugee camp to the north of Bethlehem.

Sit-in in solidarity with detained child in Nablus
PIC - 27 Jan 2015 - Dozens of Palestinians, including representatives of organizations, took part on Tuesday in a solidarity sit-in to display support for the Palestinian child prisoner Malak al-Khatib.

Israel jails Palestinian girl, 14, for throwing stones
Dalia Hatuqa, Al Jazeera 1/27/2015
      Six hundred Palestinian children were brought before Israeli military judges in 2014 alone, says rights group.
     Ramallah, West Bank - Ali al-Khatib and his wife, Khawla, waited outside Ofer military prison on the outskirts of Ramallah for hours before they were allowed to attend a final court hearing for their 14-year-old daughter, Malak, who has been incarcerated since December 31, 2014.
     In the course of at least three other hearings they heard the Israeli prosecutor make allegations about the 8th grader from Beitin, near Ramallah, that they did not believe to be true. Malak's charge sheet included stone-throwing and possession of a weapon (a knife).
     The Khatibs said they were shocked when the judge sentenced Malak to two months in prison, including time served, and a 6,000 shekel ($1,500) fine, making her the youngest Palestinian female held by Israel.
     During the hearings, the Khatibs were not allowed to speak to Malak, who was brought into the courtroom handcuffed, her ankles shackled together. "Malak was out near a bypass road when the army detained her," Ali said. "They said she was throwing stones there. She was so scared, she confessed to whatever charges they brought before her."
     The young teen spent almost three weeks in detention pending sentencing. At the time of arrest, she was handcuffed and blindfolded before she was taken in for interrogation, where she was questioned without the presence of her family, the Khatibs said. -- See also: Israel 'systematically mistreats' Palestinian children in custody
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Israel Arrests Child in West Bank, Five 1948 Palestinian Minors in Haifa
Al-Akhbar News 26 Jan 2015 - Israeli security forces detain a Palestinian with Israeli citizenship during clashes in the town of Kfar Kana, in northern Occupied Palestine on November 9, 2014, a day after security forces shot dead a 22-year-old Palestinian with Israeli citizenship. AFP/Jack Guez Israeli security forces detain a Palestinian...

War Crimes against Palestinian Prisoners Committed by Israeli Special Units
IMEMC - 25 Jan 2015 - Child abuse cases in Israeli prisons on the rise According to the Palestine Detainees Studies Center, special units working in Israeli jails are engaged in war crimes against Palestinian prisoners. ...

Further Demolitions, Abductions in West Bank & Jerusalem
IMEMC - 23 Jan 2015 - Israeli court sentences minor for stone throwing, releases guards suspected of shooting Palestinians Israeli forces detained a Palestinian child near the village of Maghayir al-Abeed and demolished four structures in the Palestinian village of Ar-Rifa'iyya in the http://www.imemc.org/newswire?search_text=south+hebron+hills&button=Search+%3E%3E area on Wednesday. ...

Israeli Ofer court sentences child to two months in jail
PIC - 21 Jan 2015 - The Israeli military court in Ofer has sentenced 14-year-old Malak al-Khatib to two months imprisonment and a suspended fine of 6000 shekels.

Israeli forces detain a child and destroy four structures in the South Hebron Hills
International Solidarity Movement - 21st January 2015 | Operation Dove  | South Hebron Hills, Occupied Palestine On January 20th, Israeli forces detained a Palestinian child near the village of Maghayir Al Abeed and demolished four structures in the Palestinian village of Ar-Rifa’iyya in the South Hebron Hills area. Photo by Operation Dove. At about 9.00 a.m....

Can CERD Regain its Intellectual and Academic Role in Lebanon?
Al-Akhbar News 21 Jan 2015 - Children attend the National Orthodox School in Tripoli, Lebanon. Al-Akhbar/Marwan Tahtah Children attend the National Orthodox School in Tripoli, Lebanon. Al-Akhbar/Marwan Tahtah Consultations aimed at appointing a new president for the Center for Educational Research and Development (CERD) are being held in confidentiality and covertness. Lebanese...

The State of Israel's biggest failures
YNet News, 18 Jan 2015 - Op-ed: We are about to leave our children a country afflicted with poverty and occupation – the two malignant growths endangering its future. ....

Unreported Israel: the stolen children
Marianne Azizi, Redress 1/11/2015
      Moti Leybel, the Israeli human rights activist , finds himself in hot water again. Last month he faced a trial for his right to freedom of expression, and next week he will face yet another trial.
     Moti is being harassed because he is trying to expose the injustices of the Israeli welfare system and what appears to be the cruel decisions welfare officials are making to separate children from their parents. In his desire to protect the vulnerable, he has stood up to be counted, alongside two particular women this week.
     Ora Moore Joseph is a young woman who was desperate for a child. Her only problem was being wheelchair bound, so she could not have a natural childbirth. A distant relative offered to help and have a baby for her. They went to Thailand, and filled out all the necessary forms there. Returning with her surrogate to have the baby in Israel, Ora informed the welfare authorities of her actions and her desire to adopt the baby. She received no replies from the welfare office, so assumed all was well.
     When Ora’s baby was born the social workers arrived at the hospital to take the baby for adoption. Ora begged them, pleaded with them, explaining she had paid for the surrogacy, and also asked if her sister could adopt the baby. She thought perhaps her disability was the problem.
     Her child was taken away from her on the basis of a report which declared that Ora didn’t have the same genetics as the child, which disqualified her from adopting the child. The authorities refused her pleas and took the baby shortly after birth. Ora fought and tried everything she could to have her baby returned, and finally turned to Moti Leybel after two years of fruitless efforts.
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Erdogan seeks to increase Turkey's birth rates with reforms
Al-Akhbar News 8 Jan 2015 - Turkey's government on Thursday unveiled a new reform package aimed at realizing President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's ambition for married couples to have more children to counter a slowdown in population growth. The new welfare program, announced by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in Ankara, includes several financial...

UN: ISIS depriving 670,000 Syrian children of education
Al-Akhbar News 7 Jan 2015 - Western-backed Syrian militants walk in the al-Breij area northwest on the northern Syrian town of Aleppo after they reportedly re-took control of the area from the Syrian army on January 7, 2015. AFP/AMC/Fadi al-Halabi Western-backed Syrian militants walk in the al-Breij area northwest on the northern...

School attacks killed 160 Syrian children: UN
Daily Star 6 Jan 2015 At least 160 children died in attacks on schools in war-ravaged Syria last year and the education of 1.6 million has been cut short by the fighting, the U.N. said Tuesday.

3755 Children Kidnapped In Past Four Years, 1266 in 2014 Alone
IMEMC - Head of the Census Department of the Palestinian Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs, Abdul-Nasser Ferwana, stated that the Israeli army continues to attack and abduct Palestinian children in violation of international law, kidnapping 3755 children in the last four years, including 1266 in 2014. ...

PLO: Israel has detained 1266 Palestinian children in 2014
Al-Akhbar News 30 Dec 2014 - Muntasser Bakr, an eleven-year-old Palestinian boy who lost four of his relatives when two Israeli missiles slammed into a beach during the 50-day July-August Gaza war, stands outside his house on December 24, 2014 in Gaza City. AFP / Mahmoud Hams Muntasser Bakr, an eleven-year-old Palestinian boy...

International Education: For Children in Turkish Refugee Camps, School's Out
New York Times 28 Dec 2014 - Among the 1.5 million Syrian refugees in tent cities cobbled together near the border are thousands of youths who have lost access to a formal education.

6500 Palestinians, Including 200 Children, Currently Held By Israel
IMEMC - Abdul-Nasser Ferwana, head of the Palestinian Detainees Committee, and a member of its follow-up committee in the Gaza Strip, stated that the ongoing arbitrary kidnappings, carried out by the Israeli army, especially since the second half of this year, have led to increasing the number of Palestinian detainees to more than 6500. ...

Teen gets educational punishment for threatening Jewish kids
YNet News, 21 Dec 2014 - Australian youth who terrorized children on a school bus with threats of slitting their throats and anti-Semitic chants will be required to attend a Shabbat meal, visit Sydney Jewish Museum and read Holocaust literature. ....

Israeli police detain 3 Palestinian children
12/15/2014 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- The Israeli police detained three Palestinians children from the al-Aqsa Mosque compound on Monday. Witnesses told Ma'an that the Israeli police detained three Palestinian children aged 10-11. The children were identified as Tawfiq Najib, Mustafa Abu Snineh and Zakariyah al-Bakri. [END]

A donkey/zebra’s story allows children to learn about Gaza
Mondoweiss - Gaza is a literary challenge. You want a wide audience to learn about this unique outpost of occupation and contempt, but how to  convey the atrocities and human rights abuses of the siege and the latest war and the war before that one in a manner that...

Trauma and despair on the increase in besieged Gaza
Arianna Love, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 12/12/2014
      Cases of trauma and acute despair are being seen more often by medical professionals across the besieged Gaza Strip. Almost every family, it is claimed, is affected, and the problems are leading to a marked increase in suicide attempts.
     According to Dr Ayman Sahbani of Gaza City's Al-Shifa Hospital, most of those trying to kill themselves are under 30 years of age. Local officials say that there are between 30 and 40 suicide attempts every month, and the figure is expected to increase. "We see young people who have swallowed rat poison and pesticides, overdosed on medication, cut themselves or jumped off high buildings," said Dr Sahbani. "There are also shootings, self-immolation and hangings to deal with."
     Survivors are often helped by staff at the Community Mental Health Programme in Gaza. Psychologists there speak of a "sense of hopelessness", particularly among the young, which is exacerbated by the effects of the Israeli-led siege, which prevents students from travelling abroad for study and work and has destroyed the local economy. Gaza has a very high population of young graduates who are out of work; the siege and military invasions have targeted factories, farms and other means of production. "There is a tremendous need for psychological support in Gaza," said CMHP officials.
     In fact, UNICEF reported in September that 430,000 children are in need of such support immediately. The cost of failing to treat children suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Complex PTSD is far too high. Doctors point out that they can set broken bones, but when it comes to rebuilding someone's psychological integrity, this is something else. "Israel and its supporters in the West don't understand this," they claim. "They're creating psychological damage for these kids that will be with them for the rest of their lives and will be carried through the generations."
     Dr Lena Geha is a trauma expert at the Palestine Trauma Centre; she points out that there are nowhere near enough mental health facilities in Gaza to meet the growing demand....
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Prior to Knesset dispersal, education committee addresses child abuse
Jerusalem Post 8 Dec 2014 - 53% of children in study reported being victim to some form of violence.

Israel detains 24 Palestinians as settler violence escalates
Al-Akhbar News 7 Dec 2014 - A Palestinian child runs for cover as an Israeli military vehicle (background) sprays a foul-smelling spray known as "skunk" in the village of Kafr Qaddum, near Nablus in the occupied West Bank, on December 5, 2014. AFP / Jaafar Ashtiyeh A Palestinian child runs for cover as...

Report: Israeli forces killed nine Palestinians, arrested 650, during month of November
Mondoweiss - Israel killed 9 Palestinians, arrested 650 in November Al-Akhbar 2 Dec — Israeli Occupation Forces killed nine Palestinians and arrested 650 others in November, Ahrar Center for Detainees’ Studies and Human Rights, a Palestinian rights organization said in a report on Monday. The child Mohammed Amin...

IS leader's wife held in Lebanon
BBC 2 Dec 2014 - Lebanese security forces have detained a wife and child of Islamic State (IS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi near the border with Syria, the army says.

IS leader's wife held in Lebanon
BBC 2 Dec 2014 - Lebanese security forces have detained a wife and child of Islamic State (IS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi near the border with Syria, the army says.

Kids express life under occupation
Holger Hennies, Alternative Information Center 11/29/2014
      “Our hope in life is not a crime. So expressing what occurred to me cannot be an atrocity“, writes 16-year old Hamza Abu Beh in a poem. He is one of 19 children from the Nablus area who participated in the third issue of the Voice of Kids magazine, a project organized by the Human Supporters Association in Nablus. In a 12 month long program, the association works with a group of traumatized kids to make them “go after their dreams again“, as Ali Nobani puts it. He is the association’s director and trained psychologist.
     In four different stages the children are provided with a safe space to express themselves, get trained in community work and journalism until they finally write, edit and design the magazine, which is translated into different languages by several volunteers. The outcome of the third issue is a colorful mix full of poetry, articles and lyrical expressions by the children themselves.
     The reads are of striking openness and give insights into issues often addressed by writing about children, but seldom by giving children a leading voice. Lines like Abdallah Dwabsheh’s “An adolescent quits school… leaves school… abandons his toy and the swing under the olive tree to learn in the school of resistance” show the children’s desperation in living the conflict situation that is life in the West Bank.
     A 2011 UNICEF report about the psychosocial circumstances of Palestinian children states: “As they grow up, they are exposed to military incursions, political violence, home demolitions, displacement and home searches.“ That is why Ali Nobani sees the need of more places for children to follow creative and leisure activities. “Part of children’s life is to play and be happy“, he explains. The children of Voice of Kids express the same opinion. Abdallah Dwabsheh stresses the right to childhood while 14-year old Mohammed Salman tells stories of when the kids organized playful activities for other children in the old city of Nablus. In his text Salman understands the importance of play and closes with an appeal to create a more constructive environment for kids.
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Israeli court releases woman jailed while visiting husband
11/30/2014 - JENIN (Ma'an) - An Israeli magistrate court in Beersheba on Sunday decided to release a Palestinian woman who was detained last Thursday while visiting her jailed husband in Eshel prison, the Palestinian Prisoner's Society reported Sunday. In a statement, the PPS said Nihal al-Ghawadra, 30, from Jenin was freed without bail. Al-Ghawadra and her children were detained while visiting her jailed husband....

US teen found after ‘missing’ for three years
The National 30 Nov 2014 - Five people living in the home in Jonesboro were taken into custody, including two adults who face charges of false imprisonment and cruelty to children.

Jewish and Palestinian Children Learn Together at Jerusalem 'Greenhouse' of Coexistence
The Forward New 30 Nov 2014 - Rawan Masalha and Inbar Shaked-Vardi were in their ninth-grade geography class earlier this year when a fight began over the name of their textbook, “Israel: Its People and Area.” Click here for the rest of the article...

Israel releases detained 9-month-old and two-year-old Palestinian children
Al-Akhbar News 28 Nov 2014 - Israel on Thursday afternoon released nine-month-old Balqis Ghawadra and two-year-old Baraa Ghawadra who were detained by authorities the day before during a visit to see their jailed father. Executive director of the Palestinian Prisoner's Society (PPS) Abdullah al-Zaghari said the Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem transferred...

Israel detains mother, 2 children while visiting jailed husband
11/27/2014 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces on Wednesday detained a Palestinian woman and her two infant children during a visit to her jailed husband, a prisoner rights group said. Nidal Ghannam al-Ghawadra, from Jenin, and her two children, 9-month-old daughter Balqis and 2-year-old son Baraa, are still reportedly being held in Israeli prison custody. Al-Ghawadra and her children were detained while visiting Muammar.... Related: Israel releases 2 infants detained with mother on jail visit

Israel releases 2 infants detained with mother on jail visit
11/27/2014 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israel on Thursday afternoon released two infants who were detained by authorities after accompanying their mother on a visit to see their father in an Israeli jail. Executive director of the Palestinian Prisoner's Society Abdullah al-Zghari said that the two children -- nine-month-old Balqis Ghawadra and two-year-old Baraa Ghawadra -- had been delivered to the organization from the Holy Family Hospital.... Related: Israel detains mother, 2 children while visiting jailed husband

Palestine: No luxury of despair
Mazin Qumsiyeh, Alternative Information Center 11/25/2014
      Colonisation of Palestine goes unchecked and the residents of Jerusalem are suffering horribly. The rich get richer and international law and human rights are irrelevant to the racist Zionist “might makes right” attitude. However, we don't have the luxury of despair and must work as we can. Work to end colonisation, especially utilising BDS, and not make the conditions of Palestinian imprisonment a bit more comfortable.
     We are in the midst of the “Days of Science Festival” in Palestine (in 18 cities). In the Bethlehem District, it is inspiring to watch hundreds of school children learn basics of questioning and knowledge acquisition. Students just need opportunities to learn, not to be lectured to.
     Unfortunately education is taking a back seat among Israelis and Palestinians to the ongoing daily distorted realities of the governments. For example, 43% of the Palestinian Authority budget goes to security (for Israel as subcontractors of occupation). Israel spent $8 billion just on the expansion of the apartheid wall to steal more Palestinian land. The Oslo and Paris accords ensured expansion of corruption to unprecedented levels (both in NGOs and government level). Glittery buildings and fancy SUVs and hotels ensure the rich in Ramallah and Tel Aviv know little and care less about the marginalized in our society. Thus 25% of Israeli children and some 50% of Palestinian children live below the poverty line.
     Otherwise good people (Palestinian and Israeli) now spend their days begging for aid from Europeans and Americans and writing progress reports and filling in text and pictures on imaginary “development activities”. The Palestinian Authority figures and Israeli leaders play games and meet with “dignitaries” in 5-star hotels, hoping they could delay the inevitable collapse of the corrupt system they created. Perhaps they think that one more year of the status quo means one more year to accumulate wealth. Meanwhile, the Zionist Knesset passes a racist “basic” law that consecrates Israel as the state of “the Jewish people” (Jewish national anthem, laws based on Jewish mythology etc)....
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Sexual Abuse Against Palestinian Child Detainees Reported
IMEMC - At least 600 Palestinian children were arrested in Jerusalem since last June. Of these chlidren, nearly 40% were reportedly exposed to sexual abuse during arrest or investigation by the Israeli authorities, according to a report by the Palestinian Prisoners Club (PPC). ...

Reports of Israeli Sexual Abuse Committed against Detained Palestinian Children
WAFA - 20 Nov 2014

Israel has detained 10,000 Palestinian children since 2000: PLO
Al-Akhbar News 20 Nov 2014 - Israeli Occupation Forces detain a Palestinian youth during clashes in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, October 26, 2014. AFP / Ahmed Gharabli Israeli Occupation Forces detain a Palestinian youth during clashes in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, October 26, 2014. AFP / Ahmed Gharabli More than...

Children's art in Iraqi Kurdistan
BBC 20 Nov 2014 - Expressions of hope through art by refugee children in Iraq

Child Seriously Injured During Interrogation In Jerusalem
IMEMC - Several Children Kidnapped Palestinian human rights groups have reported that a detained Palestinian child from Jerusalem was seriously injured during interrogation at an Israeli interrogation center in Salah Ed-Deen Street, in the occupied city. ...

Israeli harassment curtails access to education for Hebron girls
Alex Shams and Salam Muharam, Ma’an News Agency 11/19/2014
      The first part in a series about the lives of Palestinian women affected by the Jewish settlements of Hebron's Old City.
     Having grown up in Hebron's Old City, Aisha was used to dealing with Israeli soldiers and their questions on a daily basis.
     When she was a little girl the checkpoints began multiplying as the Jewish settlements expanded throughout the city, and by the time she reached middle school she had to pass through a checkpoint to go anywhere more than a few meters up the road.
     The staring, the yelling, and the pushing were a daily occurrence, and she says that more than a few times young Jewish settlers who had taken over homes in the area smacked her as she passed while soldiers watched impassively. For a girl growing up in Hebron's Old City, these little humiliations were -- and are -- the stuff of life.
     But even Aisha was surprised the day a female soldier locked her into a small compartment near the checkpoint under the pretext of "inspection" while she was on her way back from school. The soldiers at the checkpoints see the same neighborhood kids pass back and forth on their way to school every day, and often know them by name. When the gun-toting Israeli decided to inspect her all of a sudden, Aisha began to worry.
     "The room was scary and terrible," Aisha told Ma'an during an interview at her Hebron home. But after the soldiers yelled at her to sit and wait in the room, she did as she was told.
     Aisha grew up seeing children as young as five detained for throwing stones in self-defense -- to say nothing of the hundreds of grown women and men who were taken away after trying to hit back....
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Where is humanity? Post-war life in Gaza
Elizabeth Austwick, Alternative Information Center 11/17/2014
      “I am sorry for every human. What is happening in Gaza represents a tremendous dehumanisation for every human in the world”. Heba Al Hayek, a student of English Literature at the Islamic University of Gaza and Social Media and Community Organiser for Aid Watch Palestine, responded simply as I struggled to grasp where humanity is after hearing her story. The situation in Gaza today has reached a deep humanitarian crisis, and looks only to worsen with the coming winter.
     A majority of the 1.8 million residents of Gaza are refugees who survived the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948 and have remained steadfast in the face of Israel’s continued brutality. Heba, however describes Israel's summer attack as “worse than the two previous wars put together and any other time in our life, it was a very brutal and savage war and people are now living in despair.”
     The United Nations reports the cumulative death toll among Palestinians during Operation Protective Edge was at least 2,256, with over 11,000 injured. Over 20,000 tons of explosives were dropped on Gaza, four times that of Hiroshima, leaving not a single person unaffected. Khalil Shaheen, from the Palestine Centre for Human Rights, states that “the whole population was psychologically damaged.”
     This is most evident in the situation of children, who are growing up in an environment ravaged by war and brutality. Heba describes how this can be seen in schools. “I don’t know who is going to help them. Teachers face the same thing, the same war, and they don’t have potential to help these children because they themselves need help. From age 6-18 they all need support and there is no support at all, either from family or school, because there is no way to do this, we are all under pressure. We have been destroyed physically and psychologically.”
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Egypt: Scores of Syrian and Palestinian refugees at imminent risk of deportation from Egypt
Relief Web 14 Nov 2014 - Source: Amnesty Country: Egypt, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic The Egyptian authorities must immediately release and refrain from deporting at least 66 refugees from Syria and Gaza, including a number of children, who are unlawfully detained in the country,...

Egypt: Scores of Syrian and Palestinian refugees at imminent risk of deportation from Egypt
Relief Web 14 Nov 2014 - Source: Amnesty Country: Egypt, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic The Egyptian authorities must immediately release and refrain from deporting at least 66 refugees from Syria and Gaza, including a number of children, who are unlawfully detained in the country,...

Palestine: Luta continua
Mazin Qumsiyeh, Alternative Information Center 11/6/2014
      I return to this country (and it is one country) to find the situation more tense than it was two weeks ago when I left. An Israeli colonial settler runs over Palestinian children, killing one 5 year old and injuring another. A Palestinian native runs over Israeli border police in Jerusalem, killing one officer and injuring several. Such incidents are increasing. Zionism started here as a colonial movement to change a multi-religious flourishing Palestine into JSIL (the Jewish state of Israel in the Levant). The support of western powers was and continues to be critical for JSIL's establishment and (increasingly more expensive) maintenance.
     Colonial movements must destroy on one hand the native society and build a new society. In the case of colonization of Palestine (now called Israel), the destruction is breathtaking. 7 million of us are refugees or displaced people (out of a population of 12 million). Land left for us to live on in historic Palestine is about 8% (that includes the ghettos left for us in the Galilee, Naqab, Gaza, East Jerusalem, and the West Bank). Millions of settlers from Europe and other parts of the world now control 92% of the land, more than 90% of the water, all border crossings, and all other natural resources in the country. The Zionist policy of might makes right has meant that human rights and international law are not applicable here.
     This adds to the frustration and anger of the native people. The natives were deprived of real leadership (previously the PLO) and instead has now a “Palestinian Authority” (PA) approved by the US/Israel. The PA men, more concerned for their jobs than the future of Palestine, now act as subcontractors for the occupation. This was the trap that was created in the negotiations in Norway in 1993 (subsequently referred to as the Oslo accords). Since then, the number of Israeli colonial settlers in the West Bank alone rose from 180,000 to 650,000. More and more life for the remaining Palestinians has become unbearable (unless they are from the elite of the PA, most in Ramallah). And to maintain a racist system meant an Israeli educational and social system that increasingly pushes its population to the extremes.
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Children in Aleppo Forced Underground to Go to School
IPS Children in Aleppo forced underground to go to school, October 2014. Credit: Shelly Kittleson/IPS By Shelly Kittleson ALEPPO, Nov 6 2014 (IPS) Winter has not yet hit this nearly besieged city, but children are already attending classes in winter coats and stocking hats. Cold, damp underground education facilities are less...

Lebanon's education system training children for civil strife
Al-Akhbar News 5 Nov 2014 - Both veiled and un-veiled students at al-Mustaqbal School in Beirut. Photo/Marwan Tahtah Both veiled and un-veiled students at al-Mustaqbal School in Beirut. Photo/Marwan Tahtah There are always problems between parents and both private and public school administrations over issues of banning or imposing certain religious practices....

UNRWA and displacing ’inspiration’
Ramona Wadi, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 10/30/2014
      Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai has declared her intention to donate her winnings from the World Children's Prize to UNRWA. The $50,000, according to statements on the UNRWA website, will be utilised to rebuild a school ruined during "Operation Protective Edge". Through rhetoric replete with symbolism detracting from reality, the gesture reflects the constant fluctuations between necessity and acquiescence, with Palestinians as recipients of aid remaining within a perpetual depletion of freedom.
     UNRWA's Gaza Situation Report detailing the ramifications of Israel's colonial massacre between October 21-28 states that 18 schools are still serving as shelter for displaced Palestinians. Reconstruction of dwellings as well as UNRWA premises feature as a priority for the agency, reflecting its inability, due to its function as part of the UN, its dependence upon imperialist financial aid to carry out projects, as well as Israel's constant human rights violations against Palestinians and restrictions upon the organisation.
     The cycle of human rights violations and humanitarian aid is incessantly evoked. The agency has requested an emergency relief fund of $1.6 million for "early recovery and reconstruction priorities in the Gaza Strip". Reconstruction of shelter to aid homeless Palestinians has been estimated at $680 million by UNRWA. Yet, the Palestinian narrative and restrictions imposed upon the enclave have once again served as a mere background to provide a context for recent celebrity donations.
     In his statement, UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl thanked Malala for her gesture which he said "will lift the spirits of a quarter of a million UNRWA students in Gaza and boost the morale of our more than 9,000 teaching staff there". The statement went on to allude to UNRWA's alleged "profound belief" in education as a means of resistance against oppression and isolation.
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Israeli forces attempt to detain 2-year-old Palestinian for throwing stones
Al-Akhbar News 2 Nov 2014 - Israeli forces, including soldiers disguised as Palestinians, violently arrest a Palestinian child in occupied Jerusalem on October 24, 2014. (Photo: Anadolu Agency - Salih Zeki Fazlıoğlu) Israeli forces, including soldiers disguised as Palestinians, violently arrest a Palestinian child in occupied Jerusalem on October 24, 2014. (Photo:...

Israeli soldiers attempt to detain 2-year-old for rock-throwing
11/1/2014 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces in occupied East Jerusalem on Friday attempted to detain two Palestinian children, a two-year-old and a nine-year old, on suspicion of throwing rocks. Israeli soldiers were conducting a raid on the home of the Jaber family in the Silwan neighborhood in order to search for an individual suspected of throwing rocks at them from the roof, the family told....

Remembering Abdul Rahman Abu Oida, “broken bird”, a beautiful soul,
In Gaza: 30 Oct 2014 - * Abdul Rahman Abu Oida, at the Wafa Rehabilitation hospital (Eva Bartlett) I am very, very sorry to learn of the death of a stoic young Palestinian man, Abed Abu Oida, a result of years of suffering after being shot in the spine by a zionist mercenary sniper in eastern Jabaliya, March 2008. I met Abed in a Cairo hospital in mid 2008 , where he was wasting away (severely emaciated and had festering bedsores on his backside and heels—which would later be the cause of infection). Steve Sosebee, from the Palestinian Children’s Relief Foundation, was fundamental in getting Abed back to Gaza where–in spite of the severity of life under lockdown-siege, Abed was able to get excellent care at the recently-destroyed al-Wafa Rehabilitation hospital (this hospital came under genocidal zionist attacks in 2009, including w White Phosphorous (see links below), and again during the latest zionist genociding of Gaza this...more

Malala to donate $50,000 to rebuild UNRWA schools in Gaza
Al-Akhbar News 29 Oct 2014 - Pakistani activist for education Malala Yousafzai attends a press conference ahead of the award ceremony for the 2014 World's Children Prize for the Rights of the Child at Gripsholm Castle in Mariefred, west of Stockholm, on October 29, 2014. (Photo: AFP - Jonathan Nackstrand) Nobel Peace...

65 Palestinians in Gaza visit relatives jailed in Israel
10/27/2014 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Sixty-five Palestinians in Gaza visited relatives jailed in Israel on Monday via the Erez crossing, the International Committee of the Red Cross said. ICRC spokesman Masaada Saif told Ma'an that 65 people, including 11 children, visited 40 relatives currently detained in Israel's Rimon prison. Jail visits were banned following the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli....

Why peace with Israel was bad for Jordan
Azzam Tamimi, Al Jazeera 10/26/201
      Jordanians have strong reasons for rejecting Israel - for some, these are nationalistic, for others, they are religious and for a great many they are personal.
     Five and a half years before Jordan signed its peace treaty with Israel at Wadi Araba in October 1994, the country saw the eruption of its first major revolution since its creation by the British in 1921. Dire economic conditions and a series of draconian measures adopted by the pro-Syria government of Zaid al-Rifai to restrict political activities and curtail civil liberties, sparked what became known as the April (1989) uprising of the South.
     In anticipation of the need to adopt a severe austerity programme and in a bid to appease disgruntled masses, the late King Hussein launched a process of political liberalisation that included new legislative elections. However, the Jordanian democratic honeymoon was short lived. The massive popular show of support the Islamists received in the elections, the 1991 Gulf war provoked by Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait in August 1990, and the Madrid Peace Conference in late 1991 were among some of the factors that dissuaded the king from pursuing the democratic reform path. Yet, the most important impediment to democratisation has been the peace treaty with Israel.
     The people of Jordan, just like the majority of Arabs and Muslims, do not recognise the legitimacy of Israel's occupation of Palestine. Israel's very existence on a land that was usurped by force continued to be regarded as an aggression against the entire Ummah. Generation after generation, Arabs, foremost among them the Jordanians - who until recent years did not see Palestine and Jordan as separate entities - aspired to see Palestine liberated and the Zionist project aborted. Jordanian children like their fathers before them, grew up learning by heart details of what happened to Palestine and its people, several millions of whom ended up living in Jordan permanently either as refugees or as Jordanian citizens....
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Growing pains: the children of trauma
Jerusalem Post 23 Oct 2014 - Moving on after the loss of a parent, army orphans find strength together.

Muhammad, Where Are You?
Uri Avnery, Arabic Media Internet Network (AMIN) 10/24/201
      IT SOUNDS like a joke. But it isn't.
     About a month ago, on the eve of the Jewish New Year, the government statistical office published a set of interesting items about the population of the state. It is intended as a gift for the citizens. The population is growing, it is getting richer and it is satisfied.
     One of the items lists the most popular names given last year to newborn boys and girls.
     When the statisticians saw the results, they were flabbergasted. It appears the name that topped the list was Muhammad.
     Muhammad? The most popular name in the Jewish state?
     There is a simple explanation for this. Arabs constitute more than 20% of the citizenry. Arab parents like to give their sons the name of the Prophet, God bless his soul. Also, Arab citizens have many more children than Jewish citizens. If every second Arab boy is called Muhammad, you get in principle 5%.
     Jewish citizens have a much wider choice. There are hundreds of names for boys, and the list is growing all the time, because young parents like to invent fresh Hebrew names. Even if a tenth of the Jewish parents prefer the name Josef, the most popular Hebrew name according to the list, you get only 4%.
     What to do? Simple: you just omit the Arab names. No Muhammad.
     When this became known, many Israelis laughed. How silly can you get?
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Israeli forces detain four Palestinian children for throwing stones
Al-Akhbar News 22 Oct 2014 - A Palestinian is getting arrested by Israeli Occupation Forces following clashes outside of the Old City of Jerusalem on July 24, 2014. (Photo: AFP - Ahmad Gharabli) A Palestinian is getting arrested by Israeli Occupation Forces following clashes outside of the Old City of Jerusalem on...

B’tselem video: Israeli soldiers blindfold and detain 11 year old disabled child
Mondoweiss - Watch as settlers from the Jewish settlement of Kiryat Arba, near Hebron, clap, shout and cheer as an Israeli soldier binds the hands of a child behind his back and fastens a blindfold over his eyes as another soldier stands on guard before they lift the...

Child Detainees Continue to Face Abuse and Torture

Pakistani teen, Indian children’s rights activist win Nobel Peace Prize - video
The National 10 Oct 2014 - Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Pakistani education activist Malala Yousafzai and Indian children's rights advocate Kailash Satyarthi.

Pakistan's Malala Yousafzai survives shooting by Taliban, becomes youngest Nobel winner at 17
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2014 - Pakistani teen and Indian children's right activist win the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize for their struggle against suppression of children and fight for the right of all children to education.

VIDEO: Seven-year-old violently detained, one child and two adults arrested
Uruknet 9 Oct 2014 - September 8, 2014 - This morning in al-Khalil (Hebron), through the Salaymeh checkpoint, a seven-year-old was forcefully detained and three more were arrested, including another child.At 07:40, approximately six young children started throwing small stones towards the checkpoint. A few...

Gunness: 138 UNRWA Students Killed Since July
IMEMC - On the record quote from UNRWA Spokesman, Chris Gunness... With 241,000 children back in UNRWA schools to continue their education, UNRWA now has a more accurate picture of the impact of the 50-day war on students and their families. We can confirm that 138 UNRWA students were killed since 8 July. ...

Remnants of war become art in Gaza
AFP, Ma’an News Agency 10/2/2014
      GAZA CITY (AFP) -- Four flower vases adorn the living room of Hossam al-Dabbus's home. Initially inconspicuous, a closer look reveals they are made of Israeli tank shells collected by war-scarred Gazans.
     The refugee camp dweller has picked through the rubble of the coastal strip to turn the remains of a conflict that killed nearly 2,200 Palestinians and more than 70 Israelis, into objects of art.
     "I wanted to keep a souvenir, but my relatives and neighbors felt uncomfortable with them around, so I had the idea of painting them to make them beautiful," the 33-year-old told AFP.
     In his hands, the twisted remnants have taken on a new life -- shell casings covered in golden motifs, tail fins turned into the feet of a vase, the dull metal disappearing under an explosion of painted flowers.
     "When my children grow up I'll be able to show them these and tell them -- here are remains of the 2014 war that left over 2,000 people dead, and this is how I transformed an instrument of death into a vessel of life, making these bombs into flower vases," he said.
     During the seven-week war which ended on August 26, the Israeli army fired countless missiles and tank shells at Gaza, and Hamas militants fired thousands of rockets and mortar shells at Israel.
     Beauty from destruction
     To his great surprise, Dabbus, who lives in Gaza's biggest refugee camp in Jabaliya and works in the honey business, found orders for his creations coming in.
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Israel’s very own history of eugenics
Jonathan Cook, Redress 9/28/2014
      This hour-long documentary, the Ringworm Children, raises so many disturbing questions about Israel and its relationship with the US that one hardly knows where to begin.
     In the 1950s, waves of new immigrants swept into Israel. To the dismay of the country’s Ashkenazi leaders (those originating from Europe and the US), the great majority were from Arab countries. Levi Eshkol, a later prime minister, expressed a common sentiment when he called them “human rubbish”. Israel, deprived of “good-quality” Jews, was being forced to bring to its shores Arab Jews, seen as just as primitive and dirty as the Palestinians whom Israel had recently succeeded in ethnically cleansing.
     Into this deeply racist atmosphere stepped Dr Chaim Sheba, a eugenicist, who believed that the Arabs Jews were bringing along with them diseases that threatened the Ashkenazi Jews. His obsession was ringworm, an innocuous childhood disease that affects the scalp. He went to the US, collected old military X-ray equipment and zapped tens of thousands of these children’s heads with potentially lethal doses of radiation. The survivors tell of their horrifying experiences during and after the treatment, and of the brothers and sisters they lost at a young age.
     But this isn’t just a history lesson exploring an unusual aspect of Israel’s racist underpinnings. The documentary exposes a massive cover-up by the state: many of the children’s medical files – long thought to have been lost – were actually held by one of the doctors involved. Even after this disclosure, the state has continued to refuse the victims access to the files, despite the fact that such access may be vital in helping them receive the correct life-saving treatment, as well as proper compensation.
     The final shocking twist is the discovery that all these experiments cost the equivalent of hundreds of millions of dollars in today’s terms – in fact, more than Israel’s entire annual budget at the time. How could Israel have afforded it?
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ACT! Volunteer with Jordan Valley’s besieged communities
Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign, Alternative Information 9/29/2014
      The Jordan Valley needs your help. The Jordan Valley Solidarity (JVS) Campaign, a network of Palestinian grassroots community groups from all over the Jordan Valley, established in 2003, is making an appeal to international volunteers to go and help the communities in Area C.
     What JVS is looking for is someone who can spend a period in the village of Fasayel where the campaign prepares mud bricks to build houses, schools and structures that the Israeli bulldozers demolished in all the Jordan Valley. Anyone can join and choose how long he/she can stay with them – few days, few weeks, few months. Until now, the campaign managed to build 5 schools, clinics and hundreds of houses for the communities in Area C (more than the 93% of the entire size of the Valley).
     The volunteers will have accommodation and food in the house of Fasayel.
     JVS is also looking for a volunteer native English speaker, who can prepare a report and a project about the new school that the campaign is building in Khirbet Samra.
     As a result of the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestine, and the Israeli policy towards Palestinian citizens living in Area C of the West Bank, many children are denied their right to education. The children of Al Ibkea (a region in the north of the Jordan Valley, Area C) are without schools in their communities and must travel long distances (60 kilometers for some) in order to get to schools located in Area A. Some children must leave their homes by 5am every day in order to get to school on time. On their way to and from school, children face harassment and attacks by both settlers and the Israeli Army. Some families are forced to send their children to live with friends or relatives in Area A in order to get an education.....
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The summer of small Jewish thinking
Mondoweiss - Like children returning to school, I thought I’d write some short reflections about the things I learnt during the holidays. 1. Tapestry I was never much good at arts and crafts. I only do words. But this summer I learnt something about cross stitch tapestry. Around...

Lebanon: Lebanon: RRP6 Monthly Update - August 2014: Education
Relief Web 26 Sep 2014 - Source: UN Children's Fund, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Country: Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic HIGHLIGHTS: Even though schools were closed for the summer, learning continued through a variety of non-formal educational programs during the months of June,...

VIDEO: IS 'trafficking Yazidi women for sex'
BBC 24 Sep 2014 - More than 3,000 Yazidi women and children have been captured by Islamic State militants and are being trafficked for sex, the BBC learns.

VIDEO: IS 'trafficking Yazidi women for sex'
BBC 24 Sep 2014 - More than 3,000 Yazidi women and children have been captured by Islamic State militants and are being trafficked for sex, the BBC learns.

New Israeli Policy Results In Keeping Hundreds Imprisoned
IMEMC - The Israeli Persecution initiated, since the beginning of July, a new policy in occupied East Jerusalem, resulting in keeping hundreds of Palestinians, including dozens of children, behind bars for extended periods, until concluding all “legal measures” against them. ...

Israeli police detain 4 women, 2 children in Jerusalem
9/21/2014 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli police on Sunday afternoon detained four Palestinian women and children from Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. Zahiya Nimer, in her 60s, and Muna Bayyaa, with two children aged 8 and 13 accompanying her, and two other unidentified women were detained. Witnesses said the women were chased after they left the al-Aqsa compound until they were detained at the gate. [END]

Palestine, the US and 'Democracy'
Bob Fantina, CounterPunch 9/19/2014
      Hypocrisy in the Middle East
     Now that the dust has settled on the mutilated bodies of Palestinian men, women and children, the world seems able to ignore the desperate plight of those that survived. Apartheid Israel has accomplished its periodic ‘mowing of the grass’, the leveling of Gaza’s infrastructure, the destruction of schools, hospitals and mosques, and the killing of over 2,000 innocent, unarmed and defenseless Palestinians. Business for Israel now continues as usual, with IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) terrorists focusing their murders on innocent Palestinians in the West Bank. There, with complete impunity, they bulldoze homes, shoot unarmed teenagers, arrest and detain children, establish arbitrary checkpoints and steal land, all in violation of international law, law the international community doesn’t seem particularly interested in enforcing.
     This is not meant to imply that Israel is ignoring Gaza. No, in violation of the cease-fire agreement, an agreement that apparently only the Palestinians have to abide by, IDF terrorists shoot Palestinian fishermen fishing within the very limited zone that Israel, again in violation of international law, permits them.
     Not all countries of the world seem oblivious to Palestinian suffering. Cuba, Venezuela and Turkey have all sent aid to assist people deprived of food, water and shelter. But the U.S., which traditionally showers all kinds of aid on countries that do its bidding, but ignores or terrorizes those, such as Palestine, that don’t, has not responded.
     A recent quotation by U.S. President Barack Obama is interesting: “… we could be looking at hundreds of thousands of people affected, with profound economic, political and security implications for all of us.” This seems to fit the situation in Palestine. At least hundreds of thousands, and, realistically, millions of people have been affected by Israel’s most recent genocidal activities, and the continued financial aid to that apartheid, racist nation has ‘economic, political and s more.. e-mail

Palestinians fleeing Syria charged $400 per month to rent garages in Beirut
Electronic Intifada: 18 Sep 2014 - Children of many Palestinian refugees face being denied education over the coming school year. more..

Israeli forces detain child from Jerusalem
9/16/2014 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces on Tuesday evening detained a Palestinian child from near his home in the Ein al-Lawza neighborhood in Jerusalem's Silwan. The local Wadi Hilwa Information Center's Majdi Abbasi said police detained Mutaz Yusef Abu Diab, 12, and took him in a police car to the "Beit Jonathan" building. He was later moved to Wadi al-Rababa and....

occupied Palestinian territory: Back to School at UNRWA: Education Touched by Conflict
Relief Web 3 Sep 2014 - Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: Jordan, Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic Jerusalem As children in many parts of the world start their new school year, half a million Palestine...

Back to School at UNRWA: Education Touched by Conflict, Many children Can’t Return to School
WAFA - 3 Sep 2014

Flying Out of Our Cages
Samah Jabr, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 8/31/2014
      "I used to fly, but you broke my wings and locked me back in my cage." This was the reproach of a patient who had just recovered from a manic episode during which he had jumped from the top of the 13-foot-high Israeli separation wall and broken both legs. His mania had been a temporary release from the social inhibitions, economic frustrations and political obstructions symbolized by the wall itself. The pills I had given him ended his colorful euphoric experience and thrust him back into a gloomy reality. No wonder he was dissatisfied with my interventions!
     In a two-week period in May, seven murders were committed in Palestine. The victims were women, children and a mentally retarded youth. In my capacity as a psychiatrist, I have interviewed some of the accused perpetrators. To my surprise, they do not resemble the antisocial psychopaths who typically commit such ugly crimes. Most of those I have interviewed suffer from enduring humiliation and an injured sense of manhood. They live in conditions of mounting stress, experiencing the pressure of poverty in a society increasingly obsessed with material possessions and wealth. Such men lose their sense of honor and respect when they are unable to provide for their families; they struggle to regain the illusion of control through misogyny and acts of domestic violence as expressions of their manhood.
     Humiliation, poverty and low social status have made some people in Palestine feel like losers and failures at life. They often attempt to medicate their frustration and anger with alcohol and drugs. And, just as many seek an altered state of mind through these routes, some try to soothe their injured dignity by projecting and externalizing their sense of powerlessness onto members of their families. Such people become abusive and some commit violent crimes. The structural violence, economic inequalities, and pervasive injustice that characterize Palestinian society under occupation have created a fertile psychological environment for sociopathy to grow.
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I post a lot about genocide and colonization in other areas, but need to focus more on Canada’s sordid history. Here’s a start
In Gaza: 30 Aug 2014 - Imperial Abduction: The Globalization of Residential Schooling : -Maximilian Forte “In Canada, there have been official government apologies for the abuses committed during the residential schooling era (which lasted until 1996), plus monetary compensation, and a truth and reconciliat ion commission that was constituted and recently finished its work. Nonetheless the fundamental ethos of residential schooling has not only been preserved, it has been amplified into a template containing the basic operating instructions for how to approach peoples around the world who are understood to be inferior. Such inferiority can be understood, for example, in the way that other people’s governments, no matter how indisputably democratic or legitimate they may be, are consistently treated as if they were disposable. Residential schooling in Canada and its counterpart systems in Australia and the US, all intended to “save” Native children, to “educate” and thus “improve” them, is reflective of a classic settler state...more

The difference between children
Gideon Levy, Ha’aretz 8/24/2014
      It is human that the killing of an Israeli boy, a child of ours, would arouse greater identification than the death of some other child. What is incomprehensible is the Israeli response to the killing of their children.
     After the first child, nobody batted an eye; after the 50th not even a slight tremor was felt in a plane’s wing; after the 100th, they stopped counting; after the 200th, they blamed Hamas. After the 300th child they blamed the parents. After the 400th child, they invented excuses; after (the first) 478 children nobody cares.
     Then came our first child and Israel went into shock. And indeed, the heart weeps at the picture of 4-year-old Daniel Tragerman, killed Friday evening in his home in Sha’ar Hanegev. A beautiful child, who once had his picture taken in an Argentinean soccer team shirt, blue and white, number 10. And whose heart would not be broken at the sight of this photo, and who would not weep at how he was criminally killed. “Hey Leo Messi, look at that boy,” a Facebook post read, “you were his hero.”
     Suddenly death has a face and dreamy blue eyes and light hair. A tiny body that will never grow. Suddenly the death of a little boy has meaning, suddenly it is shocking. It is human, understandable and moving. It is also human that the killing of an Israeli boy, a child of ours, would arouse greater identification than the death of some other child. What is incomprehensible is the Israeli response to the killing of their children.
     In a world where there is some good, children would be left out of the cruel game called war. In a world where there is some good, it would be impossible to understand the total, almost monstrous unfeelingness in the face of the killing of hundreds of children – not ours, but by us.... -- See also: Article also available at Sabbah Report
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Injured and forced to walk
8/27/2014 - International Solidarity Movement - Khalil team, Hebron, Occupied Palestine - It was a warm Saturday night in late August in al-Khalil (Hebron). For the Palestinian children school was starting the next day, and a feeling of anticipation and excitement for a new year of learning floated over the hot Palestinian night. A group of ISM members were invited to a barbecue with a local activist organization, which we happily attended. After eating....

India seeks unlikely alliance with Pepsi to improve children’s diets
The National 27 Aug 2014 - The pitch to the snack-food maker comes as Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pledged to attract more foreign investment, restore economic growth, and revive stalled projects to boost investor confidence.

Gaza, the Goy!
Haidar Eid, Al Jazeera 8/27/2014
      How many more wars and devastation will it take to end Israeli apartheid?
     "There is no such thing as a Palestinian." - Golda Meir
     "The old will die and the young will forget." - David Ben-Gurion
     Israelis have many things to say about Palestinians, none of them humanising or related to reality. They continue to create their false narrative making Orwellian words their allies. From 1948 to today, words have been a weapon as important as their army, their navy and their air force.
     Their words and their machinery of death have created a situation in Gaza today that defies description. The lack of water and electricity, the inability to find bodies under massive piles of rubble because bare hands can only do so much, the barbarism of targeting children. Words are so inadequate to express the anger and trauma, the resilience and the solidarity.
     Where is one to begin and end if one wants to present a "neutral" analysis of the "dramatic" footage of the massive "surgical" explosions of the five multi-storey residential apartment blocks, (two as high as 13 storeys) located in densely populated areas in Gaza City and Rafah.
     Tellingly, a Western journalist interviewing me on these war crimes had this to say: "But Israel is saying that these apartment blocks were used as headquarters for Khamas [sic]?" To which I replied:" Israel could have said that these residential towers had the body of Hitler buried under them, and that they had nuclear war heads hidden there, and you would nevertheless, still ask the same question and expect me to respond to that 'neutral' question!"
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Oregon Protesters Occupy Offices of Israel-affiliated Prison Firm G4S
IMEMC - A group of Palestine supporters occupied the office of the prison and security contracting firm in Portland Oregon on Thursday afternoon, calling on the company to end its affiliation with the Israeli prison system - a system which brutalizes inmates, imprisons children in adult facilities and engages in torture. ...

occupied Palestinian territory: No school for Gaza’s children as new term starts amid fighting
Relief Web 22 Aug 2014 - Source: Save the Children Country: occupied Palestinian territory As children around the world prepare to return to school for the new school year, young people in Gaza are being denied their right to education. Schools were due to reopen for...

Education Ministry plans teaching children to be 'Jewish fighters’
Ha'aretz - 21 Aug 2014

With rockets falling on South, education minister says school will start on time
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2014 - Ramat Hanegev mayor: School will give children of South feeling of normalcy, instead of staying home afraid.

Parents paying more for children’s education
Ha'aretz - 19 Aug 2014

46 Palestinian detainees from Jerusalem released on bail
8/15/2014 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Israeli authorities will release 46 Palestinian detainees from Jerusalem on Friday, a prisoner rights group said. The Palestinian Prisoner's Society said that the detainees, three of whom are children, will be released on bail. Fourteen will be released from Ashkelon prison and 29 from the Russian Compound detention center near Jaffa Street in West Jerusalem. The detainees form part....

From Gaza to Brazil: Stop Financing Drones That Kill Our Children
Palestine Chronicle: 14 Aug 2014 - By Haidar Eid – Gaza As I write this, bombs are falling around us. Electricity is severely restricted and water is hardly available. The loud and frightening sounds of missiles, drones, constant shelling are everywhere. Awake at night, fearfully waiting for the bombing; awake during the day, assisting the injured and searching the ruins of what were once family homes.gave refuge from this harsh world). Awake during the day to search for food and medicine, to bury our dead, and to wait for the night when they will destroy it all again. The death toll has reached 1813 killed (398 children, 207 women, 74 elderly) and 9370 injured (2744 children, 1750 women, 343 elderly). 0.1 percent of the total population of Gaza has already been killed.. During the month-long Israeli assault, a child was both born and later killed. An entire generation of children in the Gaza Strip have grown...more

The battle over numbers: Gaza conflict is about quality not quantity
Mairav Zonszein, +972 Magazine 8/11/2014
      While it may be tempting for those of us who are against Operation Protective Edge to stress the lopsided casualty statistics as a way to promote our criticism, this war should not focus on the numbers.
     One of the most painfully obvious aspects of the current warfare between Israel and Gaza (and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on a whole) is the stark disparity in the number of casualties: 1,928 Palestinians killed compared with 67 Israelis, based on the latest figures recorded by each side. Both the Hamas-run Ministry of Health in Gaza and the UN claim the majority are civilians, whereas Israel claims that around half are militants and thus legitimate targets. Regardless of what numbers one subscribes to, no one can deny Palestinians are the winners (read: losers) when it comes to numbers. Yet they nonetheless remain the subject of intense debate.
     Recent articles in both the BBC and the New York Times call attention to the accuracy the death toll. Both articles question the credibility of the numbers provided by Hamas and human rights groups on the ground, which many (myself included) often quote, as they are the only official numbers publicized. No official Israeli government body has provided final numbers on the outcome of its strikes in real time, and there is no other body doing so. The BBC report specifically cites over-representation of adult male civilian casualties as evidence that challenges the notion that Israeli strikes in Gaza have been indiscriminate.
     The growing death toll and its composition (civilian vs. militant, child vs. adult, male vs. female) are a prominent feature of the media coverage, seemingly to provide the bare facts about the war. Twitter has been full of photos of dead Palestinian children and regular updates on the alarming number of casualties in Gaza, alongside those who tweet the number of rockets launched in a given day into Israel, or the number of Israeli citizens under sirens and forced into bomb shelters.
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Pope expresses outrage at violence in Iraq
Daily Star 10 Aug 2014 Pope Francis on Sunday expressed outrage at violence aimed at religious minorities in Iraq, where fleeing children have died of thirst, and called on the world "to stop these crimes."

Open Source: Israel’s Supporters Try to Come to Terms With the Killing of Children in Gaza
New York Times 7 Aug 2014 - Outrage over the killing of hundreds of children has been expressed by partisans on both sides of the conflict.

In Gaza, We Have Lost So Many That We Love
Dr. Mona El-farra, CounterPunch 8/6/2014
      Targeting the Future Generations
     It’s been three days since Israel’s deadly attack on my cousin’s home and I still haven’t been able to go to Khan Younis to mourn with my surviving family. The Israeli bombing is ongoing and it’s difficult and very dangerous to travel 18 miles from where I’m living and working in Gaza City. Today Israel announced a ceasefire and I wanted to go to Khan Younis. But we have learned we cannot trust these ceasefires and one of my cousins called and begged, “Please don’t come, no where is safe, and you don’t need to take the risk.”
     There is no safe place in Gaza. I’ve said it many times before in writing, in interviews, because it is the frightening reality for us. Many families have been erased and everyone in Gaza is wondering when it will be their turn. Between 60 to 65 families have been wiped out completely. My family is no different from any other in the Gaza Strip. Part of my family has been erased. We are always wondering, “Who will be next?”
     Here is the story of my family, just one among many stories in Gaza:
     At 2:30a.m. on Friday, August 1, my family received a first “warning” bomb on the roof of their house while they slept. They jumped up, woke the children, and told everyone to run outside. The family lived in a four-story apartment building. Three to four minutes after the first bomb, a second larger bomb hit the building. Part of the family was outside running into the street, but part of the family was still in the building when the second Israeli bomb hit.
     My cousin’s son Emad was trying to bring the children together to move them to a safer place when a third rocket hit them in the street and killed them all where they stood. There were body parts everywhere, most of them children. This series of attacks killed nine members of my family....
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Israelis accused of torturing Palestinian child detainees
Uruknet 5 Aug 2014 - July 25, 2014 - Young Tariq Abu Khdeir, 15, from the Shuafat camp in the Jerusalem district, returned to Palestine for his annual summer vacation. Instead, he was severely beaten and detained by Israel soldiers, while his cousin Mohammed Abu...

UN alarm over Iraqi Yazidi children
BBC 5 Aug 2014 - The UN children's agency has expressed "extreme concern" over reports that 40 children from Iraq's Yazidi minority died after an offensive by jihadists.

Refugees once again: Gazans who lost their home wonder what’s next
Samer Badawi, +972 Magazine 8/5/2014
      As the ranks of Gaza’s internally displaced continue to grow, communities are forming in the most unlikely places.
     The Boys Preparatory School “A” is home to hundreds of Palestinians from eastern Rafah, where fierce fighting forced them to flee to the UN-run shelter. The school sits on a quiet street just off Rafah’s Nijmeh Circle, but on August 3, its residents were jarred by an explosion so loud that it left Ashraf Eid’s ears ringing.
     “I jumped up to go see what was happening,” said Eid, 22, who has been at the school with his extended family for 24 days. Trained in first aid, he rushed to the scene to find shrapnel-pierced bodies and children screaming. An Israeli airstrike had killed ten people, including an employee of the UN Relief and Works Agency, two passers-by, and seven others who had sought shelter at the school.
     The next day, when I met him, Ashraf was sitting behind a desk in the school’s courtyard, surrounded by children and selling biscuits and cigarettes – a makeshift business amid the shock gripping this haggard community.
     I asked him if he and the others contemplated leaving after Sunday’s attack. “Where would we go?” he said. “Anyway, when it’s our time to die, we will die.”
     That kind of fatalism pervades every conversation in Gaza. When death comes – literally – from above, there is no agency, no way to hedge against the inevitability of fate.
     Another of the school’s residents, Mohammad Al-Jaafari, tried to buck fate last Friday, when he made for his home in Shoka, near Gaza’s would-be airport. He left after the day’s ceasefire took effect, at 8 a.m. By 9:30 that morning, the fighting had resumed. He never made it.
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When even Zionists admit the project has failed
Yvonne Ridley, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 8/3/2014
      The harrowing newspaper and TV images of death and destruction in Gaza have gone from bad to worse these past few days as the Israeli war machine, fuelled and funded by the West, continues without mercy. While the number of innocents killed heads towards 2,000 there's been another spike, and that is in the rise of anti-Semitic attacks around the world.
     It's true that every time Israel flexes its military muscles there is a backlash on Jewish communities as some thugs see it as an excuse to target them while others confuse the evils of political Zionism with the religion of Judaism. We should all remember that not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews.
     Furthermore, it now emerges that not all those who would describe themselves as traditional Zionists can identify with the distorted and extremist version on display today in Israel. In fact, many are distancing themselves from what is being done by Tel Aviv in their name, including New York Times columnist Roger Cohen who, as a dyed-in-the-wool Zionist, is appalled with the actions of the Israeli state.
     "What I cannot accept, however," wrote Cohen, "is the perversion of Zionism that has seen the inexorable growth of a Messianic Israeli nationalism claiming all the land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River; that has, for almost a half-century now, produced the systematic oppression of another people in the West Bank; that has led to the steady expansion of Israeli settlements on the very West Bank land of any Palestinian state; that isolates moderate Palestinians like Salam Fayyad in the name of divide-and-rule; that pursues policies that will make it impossible to remain a Jewish and democratic state; that seeks tactical advantage rather than the strategic breakthrough of a two-state peace; that blockades Gaza with 1.8 million people locked in its prison and is then surprised by the periodic eruptions of the inmates; and that responds disproportionately to attack in a way that kills hundreds of children. This, as a Zionist, I cannot accept." Heavy stuff.
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Israel’s new hate paradigm – the institutionalization of terror
Catherine Shakdam, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 7/29/2014
      As Israel's war machine continues to advance unabated against Gaza, ravaging neighbourhoods, indiscriminately claiming lives, the world has begun to wake up from its media-induced stupor, so bloody and harrowing have been the crimes of Israel.
     Worse maybe than the butchering of children, the targeting of schools and hospitals, most shocking than the vicious slaughtering of defenceless civilians, it is Israel's desire to rationalize its war on Gaza that many have found most troubling.
     Fed on hate, raised on propaganda, Israel's contempt for all things Arab and all things Muslim has become embedded in its national identity, the cornerstone of its belief in an all mighty Jewish state. Blinded to their own folly, Israel's neo-cons, the architects of Israel's fascist narrative, have managed to institutionalize terror to such an extent that the Israeli nation can no longer imagine its existence without the complete and utter obliteration of Palestine.
     Israel has reached such depth in its radical rationale that it can no longer comprehend the idea of a Palestinian state, let alone tolerate it. But in its psychosis, Israel aims still to justify its crimes, Israel aims still to assert the righteousness of its decisions and aims still to defend the morality of its choices.
     But as Gaza stands knee deep in the blood of its children, there is no longer a moral ground to be had; as Gaza sky grows darker yet under the fire of war, the air filled with cries of agony and despair, there is no righteousness to be claimed.
     But Israel sees not the blood, the pain and the evil its army is inflicting on a people. Israel sees only its hate; Israel knows only its disgust for Palestine.
     For all those who have stood by Israel through the wars and the human rights violations, determined to deflect all blame onto monstrous Hamas and its click of radicals, forever spinning the wheels of Israel's right wings politicians, forever feeding the propaganda monster; the truth has become a heavy burden to bear.
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The story of my brother, martyr Mohammed Alareer
Electronic Intifada: 28 Jul 2014 - Two beautiful children will have to grow up without their dad, a beloved kids’ TV program star. more..

Lebanese Palestinians turn to art to protest Gaza
Daily Star 27 Jul 2014 Some 20 Palestinian refugee children in Sidon resorted Sunday to art to express their solidarity with Gazan children amid the ongoing Israeli bombardment of the tiny besieged territory.

Twitter, Gaza, gender, power: Language and the steel of bulldozers
Heike Schotten, Ma’an News Agency 7/25/2014
      Perhaps the most rudimentary measure of the destruction of any war is casualty numbers -- answering the question, how many dead?
     The answer to that question, in relation to the ongoing Israeli slaughter in the Gaza Strip, continues to horrify. As of this writing, it is more than 800.
     Children, most spectacularly, are the victims of this war. Entire families have been killed in their own homes. The injured, infirm, disabled, and elderly have been targeted. Almost all the dead are civilians.
     And every day, the number only gets bigger, sometimes in staggering increments.
     Every hour, photos and video emerge documenting the carnage in Gaza, too gruesome to be imagined.
     Every minute, another person in Gaza tweets an expression of sheer terror, keeping followers like myself, half a world away, sleepless, panicked, and heartsick.
     There are not words capable of characterizing the outrageousness of this latest Israeli assault. There is no language equal to the suffering and devastation being wrought upon the people of Gaza.
     In describing the victims -- as children, women, families, the elderly -- we attempt to return some humanity to those whose systematic dehumanization is part and parcel of Israel’s regime of crime and impunity against the Palestinian people.
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Britain’s Shame
Dissident Voice: 26 Jul 2014 - Today in London crowds are gathering to vent their anger in a mass demonstration and march to Parliament to “stop the massacre in Gaza” and call for an arms embargo against Israel. This follows last weekend’s huge protest outside the Israeli embassy and campaigns against the BBC’s pro-Israel bias in reporting the assault on Gaza. There is growing resentment among British people at being endlessly shamed by their government’s complicity in the mega-injustices and non-stop crimes inflicted on the native people of the Holy Land, exemplified by Whitehall’s attempts to whitewash Israel’s latest genocidal offensive. And on this the 19th day of Israel’s blitzkrieg comes news of a brief humanitarian “pause”, after which the killing spree will continue while Israel attempts to eradicate Gaza’s tunnels. At this point in the orchestrated tragedy the Palestinian death-toll is approaching 900, three-quarters civilians including around 200 children, and more than 5,000 wounded. These...more

Palestinian artists illustrate the deadly realities in Gaza
Mariam Elba, RINF.com 7/24/2014
      It’s hard to find the words to encapsulate how infuriating and sorrowful the situation is getting to be in Gaza. As of this writing, over 750 Palestinians — the overwhelming majority are civilians — have been killed in Gaza. Over a quarter are believed to be children. Facing the most difficult of circumstances, we are seeing the resilience of Palestinian youth through the simplest, yet most powerful of mediums: creative arts intervention.
     A Palestinian blogger from Gaza, Refaat Alareer has been collecting digital altercations of photos of Israeli airstrikes exploding over their communities. Within the clouds of smoke and debris, are various pictures. Some contain nationalist Palestinian symbols, others simple drawings of faces. These faces range from having solemn expressions to those that are crying over the destruction below them.
     This is a trending artform called “smoke art photography.” One of these young Palestinian artists, Bushra Shanan, a graphic designer from Hebron in the occupied West Bank, captioned one of her photos (seen above): “This is how they see it, this is how we see it.” These works of art are a way for these Palestinians to tell their own stories, an opportunity to show what western media won’t allow them to. These artists are challenging the portrayal of Palestinians in mainstream media and taking it upon themselves to change it.
     These photos have been shared widely on social media and are windows into the dreams and imagination of Palestinian youth living under constant siege. Many of these works are anonymous. These images remind us of how we looked up at the clouds as children to see shapes of animals, dragons, people, faces — anything one’s imagination could conjure. It’s also a grim reminder that under this destructive black cloud there are people who are affected by this persistent violence. It’s almost as if these faces are looking at Gaza, surveying the damage and mourning over what had happened. -- See also: Mondoweiss: Palestine turns Israeli bombs into art (Updated)
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International Anger Mounts Against Israel
Dissident Voice: 23 Jul 2014 - You take my water Burn my olive trees Destroy my house Take my job Steal my land Imprison my father Kill my mother Bomb my country Starve us all Humiliate us all But … I am to blame: I shot a rocket back. — Placard first seen in Gaza, 2012 The “most moral army in the world” from “the only democracy in the Middle East” has attacked hospitals, a home for the disabled, a geriatric hospice, demolished five mosques, razed entire neighbourhoods, erased entire families – the youngest – so far – just three days old if you do not count the unborn, as in the case of twenty nine year old Samar Al Hallaq killed with her two sons, aged four and five, other members of her family and carrying her third child. Her husband was critically injured. Yet again a war is declared against children and the young....more

JVP condemns anti-semitic incidents
Jewish Voice for Peace - In these terrible days, JVP is heartened to see the massive growth in the global movement to demand justice for Palestinians and an end to Israel’s current assault, which has now left over 600 Palestinians dead, including 100 children. As a part of this movement, we...

Weapons to Israel and the upholding of false narratives
Ramona Wadi, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 7/20/2014
      The settler-colonial state's imperialist allies have exhausted all perfunctory rhetoric of alleged concern in their futile attempt to ward off outrage at the obscene support for Israel's ongoing massacre of Palestinians in Gaza. Ensuring no doubt remains regarding the maintenance of such depravity, Operation Protective Edge has also been marked by increased military and defence aid to Israel. The deals, however, were shrouded in rhetoric that attempted to justify murder in retaliation for rockets fired into Israel by Palestinian resistance factions. Israel, on the other hand, expressed the usual gratitude by emphasising "difficult conditions" wrought precisely by their annihilation ambitions in Gaza.
     Quoted in Reuters, German Chancellor Angela Merkel asserted allegiance to Israel while evoking the necessity of compromise. "Both sides must accept painful compromises but we stand on the side of Israel when it comes to self-defence." The rigmarole was apparently justified by the observation that Hamas's military capability has increased since the last extermination attempt upon Palestinians in Gaza. Rockets as far-reaching as Tel-Aviv are a source of "concern" - presumably Israel's inflicted "collateral damage" in the form of dismembered bodies, the ruptured skulls of children and melted, disfigured bodies of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, is acceptable, perhaps a sliver of the "painful compromise" that Merkel is advocating for in order to support the illegal existence of the settler-colonial state.
     Only prior to Operation Protective Edge, Germany sold Tanin submarines to Israel. According to Israel Defence, the negotiations carried out in Berlin last February by Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Ya'alon included the sale of three vessels, with the remaining two expected in 2015 and 2017.
     The US, meanwhile upholds its consistent approach towards fomenting the escalation of atrocities in Gaza, citing the immorality of placing weapons in civilian areas following the alleged discovery of rockets inside UN premises in Gaza. In her address to the UN Security Council meeting, US Ambassador Samantha Power quoted Barack Obama's misguided statement: "no nation should accept rockets being fired into its borders or terrorists tunnelling into its territory."
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Education ministry: 50% of Gaza victims children & school students
PIC - Education ministry in Gaza said that almost 50% of the victims of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, 333 so far, are children and school students.

Tariq Abu Khdeir wasn t the first and he won t be the last
Uruknet 14 Jul 2014 - July 7, 2014-Israel has detained over 7,000 Palestinian children over the past 12 years. Many of them report beatings, abuse and a denial of rights by security forces. It s time to put things in the wider context.The detention and...

Cultures of hate ... Israelis, not Palestinians, excel at vengeance
Jonathan Cook, Arabic Media Internet Network (AMIN) 7/8/2014
      Shock and anger have engulfed Israeli and Palestinian societies since they learnt last week of the barbarous murder of children from their communities. Hours after three Israeli teenagers' bodies were located, long after their abduction, a Palestinian youth, Mohammed Abu Khdeir, was kidnapped, beaten and burnt to death, apparently as revenge. These horrifying events should serve as a lesson in the obscene futility of vengeance. As a relative of one of the murdered children observed: "There is no difference between blood and blood." Sadly, that was not the message implicit in much of last week's coverage. On social media, a juxtaposition of pictures from the same day's New York Times showed how easy it is to forget not only that our blood is the same but that grief is too. A headline about Israelis' "heartbreak" was illustrated movingly by the families of the three Israeli teenagers huddled together, overwhelmed by their loss. A report on the killing of 16-year-old Abu Khdeir, on the other hand, was accompanied by an image of masked youths throwing stones. These contrasting depictions of mourning were entirely misleading. True, Palestinian youngsters have been violently protesting in Jerusalem and communities in Israel since Abu Khdeir was buried. But so have groups of Israeli Jews. They have rampaged through Jerusalem and parts of Israel, calling out "Death to the Arabs" and attacking anyone who looks Palestinian. Nonetheless, Abraham Foxman, the head of the Anti-Defamation League, a US Jewish organisation that claims to fight bigotry, was peddling an equally divisive message. In the Huffington Post he wrote of a Palestinian "culture of hatred". According to Foxman, Palestinian and Israeli societies are fundamentally different. Palestinian discontent is "fanned and incited into hatred by a widespread, unfettered support for violence against Jews and Israel".
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What Fuels the Violence Against Palestinian and Israeli Youths?
Ruben Rosenberg Colorni, CounterPunch 7/8/2014
      Ending the Cycle
     Three teenagers who belonged to an illegal settler community in the occupied Palestinian lands, and went missing in mid-June, were discovered to have been murdered. As soon as the bodies of 16-year old Naftali Fraenkel and Gilad Shaar, and 19-year-old Eyal Yifrach were found, on June 30, 2014, the Israeli State and its media apparatus expressed their outrage and condemnation. Politicians and journalists alike were quick to blame Hamas for the act, without proof, and they vowed to engage in quick and heavy retribution against the besieged Gaza strip, which Hamas controls.
     Although this event has attracted enormous attention from the Israeli and international media, the information surrounding it has been largely erroneous, manipulative, and rife with lies of omission. There has been almost no mention of Israel's 60-year campaign of occupation against the Palestinians, the killing of over 1,400 Palestinian children in the past 14 years by Israel's military forces and illegal settlers, or the 500-700 Palestinian children who are placed under military detention by Israel every year. In the face of such double standards, the greatest concern should be for the voiceless and faceless Palestinians.
     As most of the media have focused on the three Israeli youths, there has been almost no mention of the collective punishment that has been unleashed on the overwhelmingly civilian Palestinian population. The Israeli occupation forces have gone on a rampage that has included: arbitrarily destroying Palestinian homes; burning down two farms and destroying a Mosque; abducting over 600 Palestinians including over 50 children, and bombing the people of Gaza with 34 air strikes in one night.
     The attacks by the state appear to have given license to mobs of Israeli settlers to hunt down Palestinian youths....
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Israel’s dominant media narrative
Rachel Shabi, Al Jazeera 7/6/2014
      In reporting the current clashes, why does Western media never begin with Palestinian pain?
     Here we are again: staring at a series of terrible events in Israel and the Palestinian territories. A 16-year-old Palestinian, Mohammed Abu Khdeir, was kidnapped, stabbed and then burned alive. We don't know for sure, but Israeli police report a likely "nationalistic" motive - meaning that his killers were Jewish Israelis.
     This murder comes after the bodies of three kidnapped Israeli teenagers were found in the occupied West Bank last week, after an 18-day search. That military search for Eyal Ifrach, Gilad Shaer and Naftali Frankel, during which six Palestinians were killed and hundreds more detained without charge, was described by Amnesty International as "collective punishment".
     Meanwhile, the news that the Israeli teenagers had been shot dead - evidence of which was obscured for weeks while Israelis united in the campaign to "Bring back our Boys" - unleashed a rising clamour for vengeance.
     A Facebook page called "the people of Israel demand revenge" rapidly drew 35,000 likes; hundreds of Israelis, looking like a lynch mob from the old American south, ran the streets of Jerusalem chanting "Death to Arabs" and seeking out Palestinians to attack, using Arab accents to help identity their targets; Palestinians were verbally and physically attacked on streets and on buses; an attempted kidnapping of another Palestinian child was reported in East Jerusalem, close to where Abu Khdeir was later snatched.
     Vengeful climate
     But the ugly truth is that this bone-chillingly vengeful climate - which the families of the killed Israeli teens came out of mourning to oppose - can be no surprise....
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Israeli forces attack mosque in village near Salfit, detaining and beating a child
Uruknet 9 Jul 2014 - July 3, 2014 -At 9 o clock in the evening of July 2nd, Israeli forces invaded the small Palestinian village of Qarawat Bani Hassan, approximately 10 km northwest of Salfit in the northern half of the West Bank. They approached...

The Israeli culture of vengeance on full display
Mondoweiss - A soldier holding a gun. The caption reads: ‘Just mow them down!!’ (photo credit: The People of Israel Demand Vengeance/Facebook via Times of Israel ) Shock and anger have engulfed Israeli and Palestinian societies since they learnt last week of the barbarous murder of children from their...

Gaza hospitals struggle to treat wounded
Fares Akram, Middle East Children’s Alliance 7/8/2014
      "The medical services are in a very critical situation that we have never reached during the [Egyptian-Israeli] siege," Qedra said, adding that the ministry is running "extremely short" on items like gloves, urine catheters, and other medical equipment.
     Gaza City - Dr. Ayman al-Sahbani rushed to attend to eight people, including two children, in the emergency ward of Al-Shifa hospital. With most suffering from shrapnel wounds, the injured came to Gaza's primary and largest hospital after an Israeli air strike hit eastern Gaza City.
     "Thank [God] their injuries are minor," Sahbani, the head of the hospital's emergency services, told Al Jazeera.
     As Israel continues to pound Gaza with air strikes - carrying out 50 bombings overnight and more throughout the day on Tuesday - Sahbani expressed concern about the capacity of the territory's hospitals to attend to the many injured.
     As of early evening on Tuesday, at least 12 Palestinians had been killed in the Israeli bombardment. More than 80 others were wounded, according to a Gaza health ministry spokesperson, including more than 25 that had serious injuries.
     All 12 beds in the hospital's intensive care unit were occupied on Tuesday. "Most of those people here have medical referrals and were supposed to be receiving treatment at outside hospitals," Sahbani said. "Now, we can't get them out, and we can't find a space for new patients if the airstrikes intensify."
     He added that the closure of smuggling tunnels between Gaza and Egypt - the main lifeline through which medical supplies were brought into Gaza during Israel's last major offensive in November 2012 - and the closure of the Rafah border crossing have exacerbated the problem.
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Cultures of Hate: Israelis, Not Palestinians, Excel at Vengeance
Palestine Chronicle: 9 Jul 2014 - By Jonathan Cook – Nazareth Shock and anger have engulfed Israeli and Palestinian societies since they learnt last week of the barbarous murder of children from their communities. Hours after three Israeli teenagers’ bodies were located, long after their abduction, a Palestinian youth, Mohammed Abu Khdeir, was kidnapped, beaten and burnt to death, apparently as revenge. These horrifying events should serve as a lesson in the obscene futility of vengeance. As a relative of one of the murdered children observed: “There is no difference between blood and blood.” Sadly, that was not the message implicit in much of last week’s coverage. On social media, a juxtaposition of pictures from the same day’s New York Times showed how easy it is to forget not only that our blood is the same but that grief is too. A headline about Israelis’ “heartbreak” was illustrated movingly by the families of the three Israeli...more

Cultures of Hate
Dissident Voice: 9 Jul 2014 - Shock and anger have engulfed Israeli and Palestinian societies since they learnt last week of the barbarous murder of children from their communities. Hours after three Israeli teenagers’ bodies were located, long after their abduction, a Palestinian youth, Mohammed Abu Khdeir, was kidnapped, beaten and burnt to death, apparently as revenge. These horrifying events should serve as a lesson in the obscene futility of vengeance. As a relative of one of the murdered children observed: “There is no difference between blood and blood.” Sadly, that was not the message implicit in much of last week’s coverage. On social media, a juxtaposition of pictures from the same day’s New York Times showed how easy it is to forget not only that our blood is the same but that grief is too. A headline about Israelis’ “heartbreak” was illustrated movingly by the families of the three Israeli teenagers huddled together, overwhelmed by...more

Report: Israel has detained 3,000 Palestinian children since 2010
Uruknet 8 Jul 2014 - July 2, 2014 - Israeli forces arrested nearly 3,000 Palestinian children from the beginning of 2010 to mid-2014, the majority of them between the ages of 12 and 15 years old, Addustour newspaper published a new report saying yesterday.The Euro-Mid...

Proposed legislation and the repercussions of PA security coordination
Ramona Wadi, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 7/8/2014
      The deaths of three teenage settlers provided Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with a scenario through which the continuous escalation of violence against Palestinians can be manipulated as a necessary tactic. Last month, an unnamed senior IDF official quoted on Israel National News affirmed that Operation Brother's Keeper, the codename for the search operation when the boys went missing, would not be characterised by a definite timescale. "Part of our strength is our ability to hold this campaign for a prolonged time period," the official claimed
     Such prolongation has been essential to the consolidation of settler-colonialism in Palestine. Overnight as I write, Israel's bombardment of Gaza has resulted in another nine victims. According to ALRAY, the Palestine Media Agency, seven of those killed were members of the Al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas's military wing. Settlers are also escalating their routine violence against Palestinian civilians and children; the brutal torture and murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, for example, has elicited widespread horror. On Facebook, Team Palestina compiled a list of atrocities committed by settlers in the past few days, including the attempted kidnappings of Palestinian children, an attempt in Nablus to amputate a man's leg using an axe and the killing of two Palestinians in Tulkarem, run over by a settler in a car.
     However, the combination of state and settler violence is predictably removed from the wider framework in order to provide space for the dynamics of prolongation and complicity. Following discussions in which the IDF stated that it was seeking the means to re-incarcerate formerly released Palestinian political prisoners, Israel National News reported yesterday that Likud MK Ze'ev Elkin has contributed towards this reality. Yesterday, the Ministerial Committee for Legislation approved a bill drafted by Elkin which, if implemented, will legalise the re-arrest and imprisonment of former Palestinian political prisoners.
     According to reports, Elkin voiced his approval of the committee's endorsement: "This law allows returning released terrorists to prison as soon as they go back to their corrupt ways or try to kidnap Israelis...."
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Strategic Affairs Ministry head blames PA education for kidnapping
Jerusalem Post 7 Jul 2014 - Ministry Director-General Yossi Kuperwasser says Palestinian education is "totally different" from that of Israel, which teaches children to seek peace.

Israeli forces attack mosque in village near Salfit, detaining and beating a child
7/3/2014 - International Solidarity Movement - Nablus˙Team,˙Qarawat Bani Hassan, Occupied Palestine - At˙9 o'clock˙in the evening of July 2nd, Israeli forces invaded the small Palestinian village of Qarawat Bani Hassan, approximately 10 km northwest of Salfit in the northern half of the West Bank. They approached the mosque in the center of town and fired tear gas and stun˙grenades inside. One witness described the scene as follows:"There were....

Gaza mothers face another Ramadan without their imprisoned sons
Uruknet 3 Jul 2014 - June 27, 2014 - Najat al-Agha, known as Um Diya, is in her sixties and shows up every week outside the offices of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Gaza City. Every Monday, mothers, fathers, wives and children...

West Bank refugee children tell Governor Deval Patrick: Don t be a partner with Israel in killing us
Uruknet 30 Jun 2014 - June 23, 2014 - When he learned from Massachusetts residents with West Bank ties that Governor Deval Patrick was leading a large trade delegation to Israel last month with water as a key focus, 15-year-old Ahmad had a message for...

Children’s Lives in the Balance
Dissident Voice: 1 Jul 2014 - With the news that the bodies of three missing Israeli teens had been found in a field not far from the stretch of road where they disappeared June 12, people everywhere reacted rightly with sorrow and anger. Eyal Yifrah, 19, Gilad Shaar, 16, and Naftali Fraenkel, also 16, were students who lived with their families in a Jewish-only settlement near the Palestinian city of Hebron in the West Bank. The settlement and others like it have been declared illegal by the International Court of Justice because they are located in occupied territory and impede Palestinians’ liberty of movement and right to employment, health and education. However, they were youth just starting out on life, sons and brothers whose families will forever grieve their horrific deaths. We must all condemn such violence. We must also condemn the collective punishment and violence unleashed by the government of Israel in response. To date,...more

As school year ends, ‘Sardine Protest’ aims to reduce overcrowding in classrooms
Jerusalem Post 30 Jun 2014 - Parents disrupted learning in elementary schools around the country for one hour and demonstrated with their children outside their schools Sunday.

Peres’s Washington performance
Jerusalem Post 29 Jun 2014 - One old reality that the parents of Naftali, Gilad and Eyal are not permitted to forget is that whenever Peres and his ilk express their dreams of peace, the rest of us in Israel should grab our children and run for cover.

10 hurt as Israeli settlers, soldiers attack Hebron family
6/27/2014 - HEBRON (Ma'an) -- Israeli settlers accompanied by soldiers early Friday raided a Palestinian home in Hebron and assaulted ten members of a family, who were mostly children, before soldiers detained ten other individuals from the house. Settlers from the Kiryat Arba settlement near Hebron attacked houses belonging to the al-Jaabari family in al-Ras neighborhood of central Hebron while they were escorted by a large....

Israel sentences 5 Palestinian teens to 2 years in jail
6/25/2014 - HEBRON (Ma'an) -- An Israeli court sentenced five Palestinian teenagers to up to two years in prison on Wednesday, family members said. Families of the teens told Ma'an an Israeli judge convicted the teens of "throwing a Molotov cocktail in the Jabal al-Mukabbir neighborhood (of East Jerusalem), and throwing rocks at Israeli vehicles, injuring an Israeli child."The sentences were as follows.... Related: Israeli forces detain 4 children in Jerusalem

Number of Palestinian children in Israeli jails 'surpasses 250'
6/25/2014 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- The number of Palestinian children in Israeli jails has surpassed 250 in the wake of the ongoing military search campaign in the West Bank, a Palestinian Authority lawyer said Tuesday." Israel is violating international children's rights agreements by detaining Palestinian minors, and it is trying to cover up these violations with the story of the three missing settlers," Hiba....

West Bank refugee children tell Governor Deval Patrick: ‘Don’t be a partner with Israel in killing us’
Mondoweiss - Palestinian children fill jars and bottles from a pipe transporting water from a village spring in the village of Dar al-Hatab near the West Bank town of Nablus (Photo: Getty Images) When he learned from Massachusetts residents with West Bank ties that Governor Deval Patrick was...

occupied Palestinian territory: Growing up between Israeli settlements and soldiers
Relief Web 21 Jun 2014 - Source: Defence for Children International/Palestine Section Country: occupied Palestinian territory Ramallah, June 19, 2014—A new report published by DCI-Palestine brings to light the devastating impact on Palestinian children of growing up near increasingly violent Israeli settlements and Israeli military outposts....

Lebanon: Lebanon: RRP6 Monthly Update - May 2014: Education
Relief Web 20 Jun 2014 - Source: UN Children's Fund, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Country: Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic HIGHLIGHTS: The Ministry of Education signed a circular that allows Syrian children without school transcripts to sit for the national exams. With the...

Kidnapping case must be seen in context of occupation
Daoud Kuttab, Ma’an News Agency 6/19/2014
      The kidnapping of three Israeli religious settlers in an area under the total administrative and security control of the Israeli army has partially brought back attention to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but for the wrong reasons.
     While it is natural that the phone calls by US Secretary of State John Kerry and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu focused on ways to help find the missing settlers, both Israeli and US officials must understand the context of the case and their own responsibilities for the way things ended up.
     It is a basic strategic recipe: If you take away hope for a political solution, you have to expect a spike in violence. Add to this formula a hunger strike by over 100 Palestinians imprisoned without charge or trial, that has lasted almost two months without a single attempt to negotiate or hear the prisoners' demands and you have trouble.
     If the above is not enough consider downtown Hebron, the West Bank's second most populated city, where settlers run amok and a major commercial street named Shuhada has been blocked for no reason since 1994 after 29 worshiping Palestinians were gunned down in the nearby Ibrahimi mosque.
     Furthermore, there is documented daily harassment of Palestinians by settlers, which goes without punishment by the ruling Israeli power.
     The absurdity of the situation allowed to fester in Hebron has led a major pacifist Christian organization, Christian Peace Makers Team, to send volunteers to help Palestinian children cross the street to go to school.
     In its first reaction to the disappearance of the Israeli settlers, the Israeli leadership put the blame on the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah.
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Gaza - a hellhole created by Israel
Rana Alshami, Redress 6/17/2014
      Israel has launched yet another campaign against the Palestinian people. This time its excuse is the kidnapping of three teenage "boys". Israel is using this incident to once again collectively punish my people. According to international law, collective punishment is a crime.
     Israel worries about these children of illegal colonizers who threw my people off of our land, but what about the thousands of Palestinians, including young children, who have been abducted by Israeli soldiers and thrown into Israeli jails without charge? What are our children guilty of to be imprisoned and trapped in cages? Did they fire rockets into Israel in reaction to the many times more rockets Israel fires at our homes and lands?
     Lest we forget
     You must not forget these crimes, nor should you forget Israel's bloody massacres of my people.
     My people suffer behind walls and the rest of the world remains ignorant and silent. Thousands of Palestinian children have been tortured in Israeli prisons. No one knows the pain we live with. What proof is there that we really kidnapped the "boys"? And if Palestinians did kidnap these Jewish boys, they would have done so as a result of the atrocities they and their families have been subjected to throughout their entire lives.
     Beginning over 45 years ago, Israel began building settlements in order to prove its claim to all of our land, which it stole by virtue of its greater strength and cunning. It build new settlements and continues to expand existing ones. Chedi Klibi, former Secretary-General of the Arab League, outlines three basic objectives of Israel's expansionism....
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EU Funded Summer Camp for School Children in Southern Hebron Hills Promotes Peace Education
WAFA - 11 Jun 2014

Children in the Palestinian Authority juvenile justice system
Jessica Purkiss, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 6/11/2014
      Ahmad was 15 when he was arrested during a 3 am raid by Palestinian security forces at El Far'a refugee camp in September 2013. He was accused of throwing stones, burning tires and insulting members of the Palestinian security service, and was dragged from his house blindfolded and with his hands bound by a plastic cord.
     As he was placed into a waiting jeep, one of the men arresting him lit a lighter under his wrists to remove the cord. "I was screaming in pain. But he just kept doing it," said Ahmad, recounting his ordeal to Defense for Children International-Palestine (DCI-Palestine), a children's rights organization based in the West Bank.
     Ahmad was taken to the Palestinian Authority (PA) military intelligence headquarters in Tubas in the northeast of the West Bank, a place described by one resident of El Far'a camp as "a nightmare for the civilians who go there."
     After being detained overnight he was transferred to a police station where he was interrogated by three police officers - a policewoman asking questions while two other officers sat next to him, kicking and hitting him repeatedly.
     "Whenever I said I didn't do the things they were accusing me of, one of them would hit me," Ahmad said. "I didn't know which one it would it be, and sometimes they asked questions one after the other."
     The interrogator repeatedly threatened him with further beatings if he did not confess to the charges.
     Outdated law
     The types of violations recounted by Ahmad are normally associated with arrest at the hands of the Israeli military, which enforces military law throughout the occupied West Bank. In this case, however, it was the PA that was responsible for his ill-treatment.
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From our Facebook balconies, the dark heart of Yarmouk
Ahmad Diab, Al-Shabaka, Ma’an News Agency 6/6/2014
      Al-Shabaka is an independent non-profit organization whose mission is to educate and foster public debate on Palestinian human rights and self-determination within the framework of international law. This policy brief is authored by Ahmad Diab, a Palestinian writer and Fulbright scholar currently working on his PhD at New York University. His interests lie in the intersection between literature, film, and power structures.
     If Joseph Conrad was right when he said that we live as we dream, alone, then an inverse of that statement might carry some truth as well. Unlike life and dreams, death and nightmares can be communal, as Syrian Palestinians have discovered.
     The fortunate among them can now look from their Facebook balconies into the heart of darkness that they barely escaped. If they look long enough, they might just catch a glimpse of the horror of those stuck behind. The fragmentation of the Palestinian people has meant that their suffering, while ultimately collective, remains unique to the context in which it is experienced.
     I used to dream of having a homeland and now I dream of the camp
     I used to dream of having a bigger house, and now I dream of a cheap room to rent.
     I used to dream of taking a relaxing vacation, and now I wish I could simply be reunited with my children and family.
     I used to have my own business, and now I pointlessly look for a job.
     I used to dream of the future, and now I yearn for one day of the past....
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196 Palestinian Children Imprisoned by Israeli Military
IMEMC - A total of 196 Palestinian children were imprisoned and prosecuted in the Israeli military court system at the end of April, according to rights group Defence of Children International-Palestine (DCI-Palestine). This represents a decrease of 3 percent from March. ...

Syrian Arab Republic: Promoting quality education for Palestine refugee children against all odds
Relief Web 30 May 2014 - Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic Syria On 18 and 19 May, the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) Syria field education programme held its annual...

ACRI Report: ‘Poverty, blight and neglect’ in east Jerusalem
Jerusalem Post 26 May 2014 - According to the report, only six percent of east Jerusalem children attend public preschools, despite being entitled to a free education.

In Palestine and Israel, there are no clashes A video shows two Palestinian boys were killed in calm circumstances, not in clashes .
Uruknet 26 May 2014 - May 21, 2014 - Colours clash. Opinions clash. Couples clash. Palestinians and Israelis do not clash.Palestinians protest the colonisation and theft of their land, the kidnapping and imprisonment of their children, the indefinite detention of their fathers and brothers, mothers...

Terrorizing Palestinian Children
Sabbah report 25 May 2014 - Since 2,000, over 9,000 Palestinian children under age 18 were detained, isolated, brutally interrogated, forced to confess and tried in military kangaroo tribunals. Guilt by accusation is official Israeli policy. Continue reading → The post: Terrorizing Palestinian Children appeared first on Sabbah Report § Sign up...

Terrorizing Palestinian Children
Uruknet 23 May 2014 - It s longstanding Israeli practice. They re treated like adults. Each year, about 700 are lawlessly arrested.They re detained. They re brutally interrogated. They re prosecuted in military courts. They have no legitimacy whatever. They give kangaroos a bad name....

JNF continues to raze land, trample Bedouin rights in Naqab
Alternative Information Center 5/20/2014
      Bulldozers of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) returned Monday to the "unrecognized" Bedouin-Palestinian village of Awajan in the Naqab (Negev). The Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality reports that the bulldozers, accompanied by Israeli security forces, are "preparing the land for forestation", although this land is cultivated and farmed by the Al Assad family.
     On 12 May JNF bulldozers began plowing some 700 acres of Awajan land, located just south of the Bedouin-Palestinian town of Laqiya. Area residents responded by setting up a protest tent against the JNF forestation project, which is aimed at taking over village land and expelling its residents.
     The following day numerous police officers arrived to the protest tent. Confrontations developed and the police, who lacked any form of official identification, used tear gas and stun grenades against local residents. A boy child of 12 was beaten and five children, aged eight to fourteen, were arrested in addition to two adults. One of the adults was Atiya al-A'sam, chairman of the Council of Unrecognized Bedouin Villages, who tried telling the officers that JNF actions were illegal. The children were taken to a nearby police station and interrogated illegally without their parents being present. All detainees were released by evening, although an order was issued against al-A'sam keeping him away from the area for two weeks.
     The village of Awajan existed prior to 1948 and is home to some 3,600 residents, most of them members of the al Assad family. The village has no schools, electricity, health services or infrastructure, and local residents are forced to buy water privately. The crucial role played by the Jewish National Fund in displacing the Palestinian people has been increasingly underlined. On 6 May more than 25 thousand people rallied in the Galilee calling for implementation of the right of return for Palestinian refugees....
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Israel sends experts to help hunt for Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by Islamists
Jerusalem Post 20 May 2014 - Team includes people experienced in dealing with hostage situations, will join a growing international effort to track down the more than 200 children.

IOF soldiers raid homes in Bethlehem, detain child
PIC - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) raided four homes in Obaidiya village, east of Bethlehem, at dawn Tuesday.

Israel continues to bar Gazan children from visiting fathers imprisoned in Israel
Uruknet 18 May 2014 - May 14, 2014 - In July 2012, Israel partially reinstated authorization for relatives to visit Palestinians from the Gaza Strip being held in Israel as prisoners or detainees (hereafter: "inmates"). Israel s decision was made in consequence of a hunger...

DCI: Israel's solitary confinement of children increased
PIC - The last two years have seen a rise in the number of Palestinian children detained in solitary confinement by Israel, according to defense for children international (DCI).

Palestinian prisoners intensify new hunger strike protest
Ben White, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 5/9/2014
      Palestinian prisoners went on hunger strike Thursday in solidarity with some 100 Palestinian administrative detainees who began their own, open-ended hunger strike two weeks ago.
     Those in administrative detention are held without charge, trial, or access to the evidence being used against them, a practice that has drawn widespread international condemnation.
     The large-scale demonstration of prisoner unity and protest is reminiscent of the 2012 hunger strike actions that attracted global attention and forced Israeli occupation authorities to make a deal to reduce the use of administrative detention - a deal Palestinians say has been reneged upon by Israel.
     On 24 April, dozens of Palestinians being held under administrative detention launched an open-ended hunger strike to protest the systematic, routine use of this policy, as well as demanding that the military-issued order for administrative detention be limited to one period of extension only.
     Yesterday, thousands more staged a one-day, solidarity hunger strike, and a few dozen more joined the open-ended hunger strike, in a coordinated show of support. The protest was confirmed by Israeli officials, though its scale disputed.
     There are currently 183 Palestinians behind held under administrative detention, including nine members of the Palestinian Legislative Council. They are part of a group of more than 5,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, a number that includes some 200 children. [END]

Letter to Ghassan Kanafani on the 66th Anniversary of the Nakba
Palestine Chronicle: 16 May 2014 - Dear Ghassan, This year on our birthday I turned 31 and you turned 78. Even the dead grow old without a homeland. Do you know that we live and die in diaspora now?  Do you know that Palestinian refugee camps are swollen with Iraqis and Syrians now? Too many Jihadi songs end with the refrain “for falasteen”, but Baba says terrorists can’t read maps. The march to Jerusalem doesn’t start from Kunduz. And I definitely can’t see Haifa from Cairo ya Ansar Beit el Maqdis. Last week in Beirut I went to the races for the first time and I bet 5$ on a horse named Thawra. She lost. But I met a little boy who said he was from Sabra . Little boys shouldn’t come from refugee camps. In Jordan, Syrian children say they come from Zaatari and Azraq not anymore Homs or Hama. Dear Ghassan, I’ve been thinking a...more

Gazans with hearing-impairments run restaurant
Yousef Al Helou, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 5/12/2014
      Several organisations in Gaza offer rehabilitation and psycho-social services in different fields to integrate people with special needs into society by providing them the necessary training to earn a living.
     It's no surprise that staff at a recently opened restaurant in Gaza are all young with a hearing-impairment or are deaf. The receptionist, waiters and chefs use sign language to communicate and to take orders from customers, offering a variety of meals and desserts. The team is made up of 12 workers, including males and females who show great dedication and enthusiasm.
     "I'm very excited that I can work and earn a living, it's a very interesting job; I did a cooking course. My colleagues and I learnt how to make different desserts and meals. I'm very proud to be part of this team, I work as a chef in this restaurant which is the first of its kind in Palestine," Omar said using sign language.
     The project, which is funded by a Swiss foundation, is called the Income Generation Programme for Deaf Youth in the Gaza.
     A group of dedicated deaf people of working age at Atfaluna Society For Deaf Children, an NGO in Gaza city, were put through an intensive eight months training programme. The new cooks learned their skills in an environment where lessons were taught with hands rather than words.
     According to the society, the main goal of this project is to empower the deaf population through training and providing them with jobs to prove that they are able, dedicated and professional workers. They also hope to become sources of inspiration for deaf people around the world.
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NGO: Israel puts more children in solitary confinement
5/12/2014 - JERUSALEM (AFP) -- Israel is placing increasing numbers of arrested Palestinian children in solitary confinement, an international children's rights group said in a report issued Monday. The report came just months after Israel's army, under international pressure to introduce reforms, agreed to test alternative treatment for children it detains in the West Bank. In more than one in five cases recorded by....

Bennett: Build more day care centers to encourage integration of women into workforce
Jerusalem Post 12 May 2014 - The Education Ministry allocates NIS 600 million to local authorities to build centers for the absorption of some 60,000 additional children.

Israeli journalist slams occupation s treatment of detained Palestinian children
Uruknet 12 May 2014 - May 6, 2014 - Israel s daily newspaper Haaretz has published an article strongly criticising the Israeli occupation army s treatment of detained Palestinian children. "What kind of country throws a teen out of an army jeep?" the newspaper titled...

Israel jails 20% of Palestinian children in solitary confinement: monitor
Al-Akhbar News 12 May 2014 - Israel is placing increasing numbers of arrested Palestinian children in solitary confinement, an international children's rights group said in a report issued Monday. The report came just months after Israel's army, under international pressure to introduce reforms, agreed to test alternative treatment for children it detains...

Settlers Kidnap A Palestinian Child In Hebron
IMEMC - [Saturday, May 10, 2014] The Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA) has reported that a number of settlers of the Ma’on illegal settlement, south of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, kidnapped a Palestinian child and held him from several hours. Israeli soldiers also detained a child in the city. ...

Lebanon: Lebanon: RRP6 Monthly Update - March 2014: Education
Relief Web 10 May 2014 - Source: UN Children's Fund, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Country: Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic HIGHLIGHTS: The education sector is in the process of developing a strategic response framework which outlines the different options for learning offered to...

Bat Yam man imprisoned family for whole year, police say
Jerusalem Post 9 May 2014 - The woman and 2 young children did not leave the house for an entire year, police said; man held on charges including rape, child abuse, false imprisonment.

Soldiers Detain Two Children Near Jenin
IMEMC - Palestinian security sources stated that Israeli soldiers detained, late on Friday at night, two Palestinian children in Sielet al-Harethiyya village, west of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, and interrogated them for several hours. ...

Israeli Forces Detain Two Children before Releasing them near Jenin
WAFA - 3 May 2014

True Palestinian reconciliation must include refugees
Uruknet 1 May 2014 - April 28, 2014- ... For those of us who are the children of Palestinian refugees, our yearning for a just peace grows each day our parents are denied the right to access their homeland. With more years lived than left, they...

University of Regina Set to Endorse Israeli Occupation?
Dissident Voice: 28 Apr 2014 - What would you do if the Canadian university you attended was planning to enter into a partnership with a university in another country whose persecution of your people meant you couldn’t speak out publicly – in Canada – for fear of reprisals against you and your family? What if, further, the proposed partnership included course delivery for a degree in public safety management inside a country conducting a nearly 50-year-long occupation in contravention of international law? An occupation in which basic freedoms – of movement, speech, and self-determination – were denied your people, and in which security forces routinely imprisoned, shot, and killed civilians, including university students and children, with near total impunity . Strange as it may sound, this is the reality facing Palestinian students at the University of Regina today. As part of a new MBA program in public safety management geared toward police service professionals, the Faculty of...more

Fallujah hospital: 1418 people, including women and children killed and injured by the military operations since the beginning in the city
Uruknet 28 Apr 2014 - April 25, 2014- Fallujah Education Hospital announced on Friday that 1418 people killed and injured in the city of Fallujah since the beginning of military operations. Head of the resident doctors at the hospital Ahmed al-Shami told the National Iraqi...

Watch: Israel border police detain 6-year-old in Hebron
4/24/2014 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Video footage has emerged of Israeli border police officers allegedly detaining a 6-year-old child in Hebron after he threw "pebbles" on Wednesday, activists in the southern West Bank city said. Activists affiliated with the International Solidarity Movement said in a statement that Rami Rajabi was walking to school around 7 a. m. in central Hebron on Wednesday when three Israeli....

Statement by Erekat Marking the Day of the Palestinian Prisoner
IMEMC - A staggering 800,000 Palestinians have been arrested by Israeli forces since 1967. 5224 remain incarcerated today, including administrative, sick, female and children detainees. These numbers reflect one of the worst experiences of imprisonment in contemporary history, designed to break the will of an entire nation seeking freedom. ...

Israeli military courts: Masquerading as justice?
Brad Parker, Al Jazeera 4/17/2014
      Israel's chief military prosecutor for the West Bank, Lieutenant Colonel Maurice Hirsch, declared in February that a new pilot programme would soon be implemented to provide an alternative to arresting Palestinian children from their homes at night. The pilot programme will rely on written summonses demanding Palestinian children appear for questioning at Israeli interrogation centres in the occupied West Bank.
     A summons process, if implemented throughout the occupied West Bank, could potentially reduce the number of Palestinian child detainees that experience violence during their arrest, transfer and interrogation. While this could lead to practical improvements to the Israeli military detention system, recent evidence suggests that it may do little to stem violence and abuse of Palestinian child detainees by Israeli forces.
     In February 2014, several Palestinian children living near the West Bank city of Nablus were summoned via mobile phone to report for questioning at an Israeli interrogation and detention centre located closeby.
     Upon arrival, the teens were taken into Israeli military custody, interrogated without access to a lawyer, bound and blindfolded. Though not arrested during a night raid, they were strip-searched, subjected to physical violence, and verbal abuse during transfer and interrogation. Their parents were not informed where they were being taken.
     International juvenile justice standards, which Israel has obliged itself to implement by signing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1991, demand that children should only be deprived of their liberty as a measure of last resort. Yet over half of Palestinian children were arrested during night raids in 2013. Once arrested, parents rarely know where their child is taken and pre-trial detention is the norm in Israeli military courts.
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Special Report: “800,000 Palestinians Imprisoned By Israel Since 1967”
IMEMC - As the Palestinian people mark Palestinian Prisoners’ Day on April 17, more than 800,000 Palestinians, including children, have been kidnapped and imprisoned by Israel since 1967, while at least 5,000 Palestinians are currently held by Israel, a report by the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees has revealed. ...

Rana (30 years), mother of 4 children,from refugee camp of Amari (Ramallah),arrested in the night on 25/11 / 2013
Palestine Solidarity Project 13 Apr 2014 - Rana (30 years), mother of 4 children,from refugee camp of Amari (Ramallah),arrested in the night on 25/11 / 2013. She was detained in Ashkelon detention center and subject to severe beatings that left her in great pain, strip searches, and other forms of humiliation. She was hit...

Egypt: Access to Education an Added Challenge for Refugees
allAfrica.com 9 Apr 2014 - [IRIN]Cairo -As the number of Syrians in Egypt rises, refugees say it has become increasingly difficult to find places for their children in already overstretched government schools.

I'm a Palestinian child but don't know how to be a child: what should I do?
Nassar Ibrahim, AIC & OPGAI, Alternative Information Center 4/7/2014
      I have been informed that this day, April 5th, is Palestinian Children's Day, i.e. my day, although I don't really understand what this means.
     As I recall, I was born between two Nakbas (catastrophes), on the borders of two refugee camps, and by chance I survived the last massacre and the latest raid. I was born between two bullets. The first bullet failed to kill me, but the second killed my brother. Yes, I had brother. Yes. Can you believe this?! The bullet did not allow me the opportunity and pleasure to know him, to grow together, to be old together, to fight together, to fall in love (maybe with the same girl) , to help me to learn the alphabet, to correct the my spelling mistakes.So, until today I do not even know what it means to be a child!
     So many countries and so many institutions: UNICEF, Save the Children... hundreds of institutions, tell me, and tell us, that they defend the rights of children. They tell me that of course they defend the rights of children, human rights, but that they don't interfere in politics. Welcome, welcome!
     Yet I lost my childhood because of political decisions and political treaties, political wars, political occupation, political arrests, political killings, political economy, political violence and political..
     Excuse me, for although I'm still young I'm not a child. Because I do not know how to be a kid!
     You do not want to interfere in politics, yet you nobly and generously want to defend my rights as a Palestinian child. This is good, but how? I was told that I lost my childhood six decades ago, and that my age is now three years, 10 years, 15 years, 25 years, thirty years, forty years, an old man.I am now walking with the help of my stick....But where is my childhood? I want one day to be a kid... but how? I do not know!
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Tell Bill Gates to divest from Israel’s prison torture
Global BDS 3 Apr 2014 - Sign the petition here:  http://www.addameer.org/gatesdivest British private security company G4S  helps the Israeli government to run prisons  at which Palestinian political prisoners are detained. Right now, there are more than 5,000 Palestinians in Israeli jails, including 183 children. Human rights organisations have documented  widespread torture , including...

What the bones remember: Israeli doctors talk torture
Einat Fishbain, 'The Hottest Place in Hell, +972 Magazine 4/1/2014
      How can signs of deliberate physical injury be detected years after they were caused? What are the physical and psychological ramifications of torture for its victims? How can we cope with the moral dilemmas raised by treating captives and prisoners? Physicians who attended the first workshop in Israel devoted to locating and treating torture victims share their insights.
     "I must admit that the issue of torture kind of passed me by," says Dr. Revital Arbel, a senior gynecologist at a hospital in Jerusalem. "It was always out there somewhere, but I guess that I preferred not to see it. Then I monitored the pregnancy and labor of an Eritrean refugee who was raped in Sinai. Although I have been involved in these issues for years, working with victims of sexual assault, this was the saddest birth I have ever seen. I will never forget the sadness in this mother's eyes when her son was born.
     "I monitored the entire pregnancy not knowing she had been raped. When she came in to deliver the baby she was accompanied by an interpreter for the first time, and they told me the story. Slowly the things she had been through in Sinai began to sink in. Like other refugee women imprisoned in Saharonim, she had not been able to undergo a termination of pregnancy at an early stage. It's hard to realize that women who arrive there pregnant are not given the opportunity to undergo termination. This causes appalling suffering. However late it is, it is always possible to stop a pregnancy in these circumstances - anything rather than see the face of a woman giving birth to her rapist's child."
     Just as Arbel realized that eventually this suffering would not forever pass her by unnoticed, she received an invitation to participate in the first-ever training program in Israel for physicians and psychologists teaching ways to locate and diagnose torture victims.....
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The Man, the Lad and the Boy: Each Person is in Himself a Sea
Palestine Chronicle: 24 Mar 2014 - By Tamar Fleishman I decided to talk about the detainment of Palestinians by the army through the story of three people; I attempted to portray the larger picture by using personal stories. These people aren’t heroes nor are they warriors, provocateurs, protestors or people who had made names for themselves. A man, a lad and a boy, they are just three among the thousands that are crushed under the violent and vicious boot of the executors of the policy that aims to break the spirit and daily life of the Palestinian people, of thousands of people who don’t know what the future holds. Each one of their hopes and dreams is accompanied by doubt, since this everlasting and advancing terror that is used against the civil population is like a sword that dangles over all of them, men as well as women, children as well as adults, and they never...more

Voices on Afghanistan: Building schools for a better future
The National 15 Mar 2014 - "Education was forgotten to begin with because people were distracted by the war. Now, there are huge numbers of children going back to school, including girls. But there’s still a massive amount to do," says Lady Richards co-founder & chief executive of the Afghan Appeal Fund.

Generation risks being 'lost forever' in Syria: agencies
Daily Star 15 Mar 2014 A generation risks being "lost forever" as the Syrian conflict enters its fourth year, displacing millions of children and depriving them of health care, education and security, aid agencies warned Saturday.

In escalations of violence, Gazans pay the price
Abeer Ayyoub, +972 Magazine 3/15/2014
      As Gaza teeters on the brink, a new Israeli offensive could spell catastrophe for the blockaded strip. One Gazan reminds us who foots the bill, each and every time.
     "You don't have to worry - it's only thunder, not an explosion," my sister assured me. We are trying to sleep for the fifth time tonight, after our slumber was repeatedly interrupted by the sound of Israeli rockets and thunder. After failing to distinguish between the two, we turn to local radio stations to find out what was actually happening.
     Winter is special everywhere, and Gaza is no exception, of course. For the past week, as the violence escalated between Israel and Gaza, I could do nothing but recall the days of Cast Lead and Pillar of Defense. They are almost the same: extreme cold, no electricity, non-stop news broadcasts and crying children.
     And while Israeli airstrikes are not targeting my neighborhood, I cannot remove myself from the violent atmosphere. I wake up every time there is an explosion, I hear the drones circling the sky above my head, as well as the ambulance sirens which mean I have to make sure that none of my relatives, friend or colleagues have been hurt. Most importantly, I have to calm down my nephews and nieces, who think that "death is coming to kidnap" them.
     I have never been wounded in any of these Israeli attacks, yet I have to admit that I have been mentally traumatized for the last decade. My head is always about to explode from thinking about how this insane situation might end. I think of the young generation who were born, live and grow up under fire. I never stop wondering whether getting married and bringing children into this miserable situation is the right decision.
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Israeli parents protest sexy Purim costumes for kids
Al-Monitor 12 Mar 2014 - Israeli parents rebel against the growing phenomenon of sexy Purim carnival costumes for children, forcing manufacturers to draw back their ads in the papers.

Release of Syrian Nuns Was Part of a Hostage Swap
New York Times 10 Mar 2014 - The Syrian government freed a group of detainees that included women and children in exchange for the nuns’ release by insurgents.

Detained, Deported, but not Deterred
Dissident Voice: 11 Mar 2014 - On International Women’s Day, although I woke up in America, my heart was in Gaza. After having been detained for over 22 hours in the Cairo airport without explanation, I had been deported to London and ultimately sent back to America. I was the youngest American of an International Women’s Day Delegation bound for Gaza to answer the call of the women of Gaza issued to the women of the world to come and stand with them in solidarity. We were “armed” with microscopes for hospitals, toys for children, chocolate gifts, and solar lamps as a gesture to give them light in the darkness caused literally and figuratively by the Israeli blockade. As I sat with an amazing group of forty women from around the world between passport control and the arrival gates exit, our thoughts were constantly with the women we were on a mission to visit. Tired from...more

Palestinian children continue to be imprisoned
3/9/2014 - International Solidarity Movement - International Solidarity Movement, Team Khalil| Hebron, Occupied Palestine - On Tuesday 4th March, 14-year-old Wassem Rajabi from the Jabal Johar area of Hebron (al-Khalil), was detained and driven away by Israeli soldiers on his way back from school. This Thursday, after nine days in prison, his family will go to the police station to find out his fate. Recently, more than 50 children from the....

Women behind the lens: Palestinians filming the occupation
Manal Ja'bri, +972 Magazine 3/8/2014
      For the past several years, Palestinian women from all walks of life have been taking part in a video project to document human rights violations under occupation. In honor of International Women's Day, one of them tells her story.
     My name is Manal Ja'bri, I am 38-years-old and I have seven children, between the ages of 9 and 18, and I am the sole breadwinner in my family. I grew up in a house near the West Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba. Settlers burned my family's home and used to beat us on our way to school. One of the problems in Palestinian society is that people don't differentiate between Israelis, Jews and settlers - they are all settlers to us. I used to think the same way, but over the years I learned to tell the difference.
     Three years ago, I read a wanted ad in the newspaper for field researchers for B'Tselem, an Israeli organization dedicated to documenting human rights violations in the occupied territories. B'Tselem trains Palestinians in specific locations in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, where tensions are high and clashes are commonplace, to use video cameras to capture those violations. The footage exposes the Israeli and the international public to the reality of life under occupation.
     When I first started working for B'Tselem, I was frequently criticized by Palestinians for working for an Israeli organization. Over time, however, Palestinians have learned to trust B'Tselem, because they know that our cameras are out there to safeguard their human rights. Today, I am in charge of B'Tselem's video project, and I feel prouder, stronger and more self-confident.
     My children used to get criticized at school by their friends because "their mother works with the Jews." Meanwhile my family did not approve of my work, claiming that "it is a man's job." Yet, as time went by, everyone saw that what I did worked for their benefit, and my family saw how I was able to support my children.
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Israel: Palestinian Children in Israeli Military Custody Face Physical Violence
Relief Web 5 Mar 2014 - Source: Defence for Children International/Palestine Section Country: Israel, occupied Palestinian territory Ramallah, January 30, 2014—Three in four Palestinian children detained by the Israeli military in the occupied West Bank last year endured physical violence during arrest and interrogation, according to...

Premier Expresses Concern over Israel's Ongoing Arrest of Children
WAFA - 5 Mar 2014

Israeli forces arrest 3 Palestinian boys in Jerusalem
3/4/2014 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli police on Tuesday arrested three Palestinian boys in the Old City of Jerusalem, a Ma'an reporter said. The three were identified as Murad al-Tarhouni, Muhammad Abu Sneineh, and Ahmad Abu Gharbieh, all between the ages of 13 and 14. Police took the boys to al-Wad police station, then transferred them to al-Qashla station. Israeli forces detained 31 children....

Iraqi government fails to address rise in autism
Al-Monitor 4 Mar 2014 - Despite signs of growing rates of autism in Iraq, there is little governmental interest in the topic, with no specialized centers for treating autistic children outside the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

occupied Palestinian territory: Japan Supports the Children’s Right to Learn by Building New Classrooms in Aqqaba Village through Grassroots Assistance [EN/AR]
Relief Web 28 Feb 2014 - Source: Government of Japan Country: Japan, occupied Palestinian territory Today, on 20th February, 2014, the signing ceremony was held in the Representative Office of Japan to the PA in Ramallah for the project for “Expanding Six Classrooms in Aqqaba Girls’...

New year starts with 183 Palestinian kids in Israeli military detention
Sabbah report 1 Mar 2014 - At the end of January, a total of 183 Palestinian children were imprisoned and prosecuted in the Israeli military court system, an increase of 18.8 percent over last month. This includes a total of 20 children between the ages of 14 and 15. Three in four...

Omar and the Checkpoint
Ramzy Baroud, CounterPunch 2/27/2014
      The Essential Story that is Rarely Told
     Omar is a 7-year-old boy from Gaza. His family managed to obtain the necessary permits that allowed him to cross the Erez checkpoint to Jerusalem, through the West Bank, in order to undergo surgery. He was accompanied by his father. On the way back, the boy and his father were stopped at the Qalanidya checkpoint, separating occupied East Jerusalem from the West Bank. The father needed another permit from the Israeli military to take his son, whose wounds were still fresh hours after the surgery, back to the strip. But the soldiers were in no obliging mood.
     This story was reported in its painful details by an Israeli rights activist Tamar Fleishman, of Machsomwatch (checkpoint watch). Her name is synonymous with the Qalanidya checkpoint, because she has been hovering there for countless hours, reporting on the Israeli military's infuriating torment of Palestinian travelers. Her report, although painful to read, shed a light on a side of the Israeli occupation that oftentimes goes unnoticed. Many speak of Israel's checkpoints dotting the occupied territories, but few truly appreciate the real experience of living life imprisoned between checkpoints, by being held hostage to the temperament of unruly soldiers.
     Omar's "body was still full of anesthetics (as he) collapsed on the metal bench at the shed in front of the DCL offices at Qalandiya checkpoint," Fleishman wrote in the Palestine Chronicle. "It was very cold as the day turned into evening. Omar's father took his leather coat off and wrapped it over his son. Omar didn't open his eyes. Neither the healthy eye nor the one that was swollen from the surgery. He kept sleeping. He seemed to be in a state between sleep and loss of consciousness."
     The story goes on, and seems to never end. Omar is a representation of every Palestinian child and his dad embodies every Palestinian parent living under occupation.
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PHOTOS: IDF brigade commander vs Hebron’s kindergarten
Text and photos by Dana Direktor / 'The Hottest Place in, +972 Magazine 2/25/2014
      In the middle of Hebron, volunteers and activists built a kindergarten. Even a kindergarten, an attempt to bring a small piece of normalcy to the area, has turned into a target for the army, police and settlers.
     The State of Israel offers compulsory education from the age of three. But for the residents of the H2 area of Hebron, under Israeli control, there are no educational institutions. Period. Thus, a Palestinian child has two options: pass a few checkpoints on the way to school, or stay at home. The farce which surrounded the long-overdue establishment of a kindergarten in H2 can teach us about the situation in Hebron in a time of relative calm.
     Hebron could serve as a museum for the occupation. It is the only city in the occupied territories in which Jews began settling from 1968, with the consent of every Israeli government. The place is so messed up that settlers live in an IDF base in the heart of the city (which is made up of approximately 750 Jews and 175,000 Palestinians). Several tens of thousands of Palestinians live in H2, which is under direct Israeli control. It has become a ghost town, a city of enclosure, an island of insanity. The residents must find creative solutions, such as climbing on roofs, in order to get home - even the elderly among them. Even the children - the same ones who are supposed to be in kindergarten.
     Those who are trying to look out for the children is an organization by the name of "Youth Against Settlements," which was established by a group of Palestinian residents of Hebron who oppose violence and work for the betterment of H2's Palestinian residents, to enable them to live as much of a normal life as possible. There are no municipal services, and to a great degree, the organization's volunteers make sure to fill that gap. They remove trash and paint and fix homes. According to Issa Amro, a resident of the Tel Rumeida neighborhood and activist in Youth Against Settlements, the organization found a home that was abandoned by a Palestinian family that moved to H1 in March 2013....
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Israel Targets Palestinian Children
Sabbah report 24 Feb 2014 - Hundreds of Palestinians are mistreated annually. They’re lawlessly arrested and detained. Children young as five are terrorized. They’re too young to know why. Imagine facing prison for stone-throwing. Imagine it awaiting hundreds whether or not they’re guilty as charged. Imagine being systematically abused. Imagine violating their...

Palestinian incitement: Genuine problem or right-wing dream?
Yizhar Be'er, translated by Miriam Erez, Haokets, +972 Magazine 2/22/2014
      It's not uncommon to hear Israeli leaders accuse the Palestinian Authority and its media outlets of inciting to violence against Israelis and Jews. But is it actually true? A closer examination of the evidence reveals that the habitual blaming of the Palestinian Authority is not only mostly unfounded, it is the product of a direct line between right-wing groups and the Prime Minister's Office.
     John Kerry's arrival in the region and the looming "threat" of a final-status agreement have compelled right-wing leaders to pull out the old canard of "Palestinian incitement." So, in a frenzied attempt to keep us all on our toes, the Israeli cabinet dedicated two full hours to the latest strategic "threat" hovering above us, once again calling in the "experts," with zero advance notice, to present the latest "Palestinian Incitement Index" findings.
     Government leaders in Israel habitually blame the Palestinian Authority and its prime minister's incitement for impeding a peace agreement. "True peace cannot come into being without a halt in incitement against Israel and without education toward peace," said Netanyahu in a cabinet meeting. Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon claimed, "The Palestinians still educate toward incitement and bigotry based on quotes from Hitler. They claim that there's no Jewish people." Justice Minister Tzipi Livni accepts the served-up-as-truth campaign as unassailable: "The incitement on the Palestinian side is horrible. It's terrible to educate children to hate," she said, despite her conclusion that it is precisely because of this that we need a diplomatic solution.
     Which sources are fed to Israeli leaders when they accuse the Palestinian Authority of incitement, at a time when security coordination between Israel and the Authority is tighter than it has ever been, and when, in the eyes of many, the PA is lead by the most moderate Palestinian leader there has ever been with whom we can reach a historic compromise?....
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By 2035, Jewish population in Israel/Palestine is projected at 46 percent
Mondoweiss - Israeli soldiers detaining Palestinian children in Hebron, the largest city in the West Bank, in 2012 A large amount of news, analysis and political rhetoric is disseminated daily about the current American-initiated Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations . However, comparatively little attention — and, hence, insufficient understanding — is...

I risked imprisonment by Israel and death to study in the United States
Electronic Intifada: 20 Feb 2014 - “What about my academic freedom? What about the tens of thousands of Palestinian children and teachers whose movement to and from their schools is impeded by the Israeli military?” more..

Compulsory Education law for three to four-years-old postponed
Jerusalem Post 19 Feb 2014 - Education Committee votes to postpone law for one year; asks to find solution for special needs children who want to join state system.

Searching for the other Israel
Majed Kayali, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 2/18/2014
      "...there are many individuals who have been avoiding making a comparison between the atrocities of the Assad regime and those of Israel because they think that it suggests some reconciliation between the two countries. This is not true"A recent article by Israeli journalist Gideon Levy has become somewhat of an internet phenomenon. Since its publication, there are those who believe Levy's works to be a conspiracy or a hoax and others who consider it to be as dangerous as placing poison in honey because it seeks to whitewash Israeli journalism. There are also those who have gone so far as to make comparisons between Israel and the Syrian regime, as they consider the latter to be "our" kin or a member of "our" tribe.
     Levy is among Israel's best known writers, especially for his criticism of the government and his advocacy of Palestinian rights; he is not alone among Israeli writers and intellectuals. In a recent article he expressed his sympathy for the Palestinians living inside the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus who are under siege and dying through starvation and bombs.
     "Israel," wrote Levy, "bears responsibility for what is happening inside the refugee camp, though not directly, as these Palestinians are the children of Palestine and Palestinians who were forced to flee their homes due to Israel's establishment."
     The images of Yarmouk do not leave us, continued Levy. "We see images of the Palestinian boy who was chewing paper because there is no food and another, who was screaming in front of television cameras, begging the world to save him after his father passed away. There are also pictures of skeletons emerging from the bodies of the dead and the living not to mention the images of elderly women and sheikhs who are swarming the premises for hours at the time with the slim chance that they will be able to find something to eat or gain access to medicine. We have seen the images of thousands of people who are trapped inside their ruined world and destroyed homes." -- See also: Levy: Israel, save the Palestinians in Syria's Yarmouk refugee camp
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Education panel postpones vote on compulsory education law for children aged three
Jerusalem Post 17 Feb 2014 - Parents of children with special needs opposed the delay due to the fact that if there if there is no application of compulsory education.

UNRWA prevented from aid distribution in Yarmouk for last week
2/15/2014 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- A spokesman for the UN's Pakestine refugee agency told Ma'an on Saturday that UNRWA has been unable to distribute aid in Yarmouk for the past week, leading to a potentially "life-threatening" situation for those trapped in the besieged camp. Chris Gunness told Ma'an that "the fate particularly of women and children is of growing concern....

Analysis: Indoctrination in the Israeli school system
Tal G, Ma’an News Agency 2/14/2014
      Tal G. is a high school teacher in central Israel. His name has been altered to protect his anonymity.
     We Israelis are told on a daily basis about the everyday propaganda spewed forth by the Palestinian Authority: Palestinian kids learn to hate Jews, terrorists are glorified, and the land of Israel doesn't appear on geography maps in schools.
     Every day for years, our government, helped by the media, has told us, "We have no real partner for peace, just look how they teach their children."
     I have been in the Israeli education system as a student for 12 years and I currently work as a teacher in a high school located in the middle of Israel. As such, I am a part of the Israeli educational system.
     It is about time to take a deep look at the Israeli educational system and to see how Israeli indoctrination works.
     Just this last month, when a teacher in the city of Tivon dared to raise moral questions about the IDF's actions in the occupied territories, a student complained about him and the teacher was forced to face a hearing concerning his future as a teacher at his school.
     This student, who dutifully fulfilled the role of "thought police" as depicted in the novel 1984, was subsequently invited to the Israeli Parliament as a guest of honor and was praised by the Israeli Culture minister and the Security minister. Last week, supporters of the student organized an evening honoring her for her courage as a defender of Israel against the "brainwashing" teacher.
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Think tank finds education in Arab countries is falling short
Jerusalem Post 13 Feb 2014 - Brookings Institution says 56% of primary level children are not learning while in school.

Elderly Woman Injured, Her Son, Grandson Detained In Jerusalem
IMEMC - [Wednesday at Dawn, February 11, 2014] Israeli soldiers invaded a Palestinian home in the neighborhood of al-Bustan, in Silwan town, occupied Jerusalem, kidnapped a father and his son, and injured the child’s grandmother. ...

IOF detains two Palestinian boys among others
PIC - The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) detained on Tuesday evening two Palestinian children, from the village of Anin to the west of Jenin, and interrogated them for two hours before releasing them.

When Palestinian protests turn violent | @guardianletters
The Guardian 11 Feb 2014 - In her feature on Palestinian children, Harriet Sherwood writes at length about protests in Nabi Saleh ( Weekend , 8 February). She mentions that at least 140 people from the village "have been detained or arrested as a...

Big Heart Campaign appeals for donations to ‘feed the minds’ of 1.2m Syrian refugee children
The National 9 Feb 2014 - The event in Dubai will feature celebrity appearances to raise funds for the education of Syrian refugee children.

Children of the occupation: growing up in Palestine
The Guardian 8 Feb 2014 - Nawal Jabarin wants to be a doctor when she grows up. For now, she lives in a cave with 14 siblings, in constant fear of military raids. We meet the Palestinian children living under Israeli occupation...

Early childhood counseling line for parents opens in Arabic
Jerusalem Post 5 Feb 2014 - Program includes free telephone hotline offering consultation for parents regarding the care and education of young children from birth until age six.

Serious Israeli violations against detained children
PIC - Following her visit to Megiddo prison, lawyer Hiba Mosalha revealed Israeli violations and ill-treatment policy against Palestinian minors in Israeli jails.

Oh hey, you forgot the Palestinian flag
Mondoweiss - Food Palestinian Flag (photo: Shirien) I think it can get confusing for a lot of Palestinian children growing up in the US. At least for me, anyway. I was hella confused as a kid. I come from a family of Palestinian refugees. My families on both...

Lebanon: Lebanon RRP5 Update - December 2013: Education
Relief Web 4 Feb 2014 - Source: UN Children's Fund, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Country: Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic NEEDS As the 2013/2014 school year begins, there are approximately 280,000 3-18 year old Syrian refugee children registered with UNHCR in Lebanon, and...

U.N. Report Details Child Abuses by Syria Rebels, Government Troops
New York Times 4 Feb 2014 - Western-backed opposition groups in Syria are recruiting refugee children in neighboring countries and Syrian government forces are detaining and torturing children with rebel links, U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon said in a report on Tuesday.

MK Rozin: Time to act for the rights of children of migrant workers
Jerusalem Post 3 Feb 2014 - Meretz MK calls on Education ministry to assist with integration children of migrant workers, asylum seekers into school system.

Half of Afghan children suffer irreversible harm from malnutrition
Uruknet 3 Feb 2014 - February 1, 2014 - Afghanistan is raising a stunted generation whose hobbled development could spell disaster for the country s feeble economy and undermine the impact of billions of dollars in aid poured into health, education and other areas. More...

Palestinian Children in Israeli Military Custody Face Physical Violence
Uruknet 1 Feb 2014 - January 30, 2014 -- -Three in four Palestinian children detained by the Israeli military in the occupied West Bank last year endured physical violence during arrest and interrogation, according to Defense for Children International Palestine research. Data compiled by DCI-Palestine...

Between Normal and Abnormal: A Day in Aida Camp
Palestine Chronicle: 2 Feb 2014 - By Kholoud Al-Ajarma – Aida Refugee Camp, West Bank   “This is normal, we got used to it!” Salah, the Director of Lajee Center responded to me when I comment that the center smells like tear gas even though the clashes had not started yet. Lajee Center (Lajee means refugee in Arabic) is a Palestinian creative cultural center for children and youth that was established in 2001 in Aida refugee camp, Bethlehem. Believing in its ideology and support of national, human and moral rights, I joined Lajee Center when I was 14 years old. On Sunday, January 19, 2014 I met some of the children who participate in the daily activities of the center in order to learn about their daily experience in the camp. It was 11am when I left my house at the entrance of Aida camp and walked the 50 meters between my house and the center....more

occupied Palestinian territory: Through Children’s Eyes: Mobile Theatre takes to Bethlehem, Ramallah, Hebron and Jericho
Relief Web 31 Jan 2014 - Source: European Union Country: occupied Palestinian territory The European Union’s Partnership for Peace Programme made use of the innovative form of educational theatrics to target hundreds of Palestinian children in four Governorates of the West Bank. Aptly named ‘Through the...

Glimpse of Hebron children s reality: video footage of minors, some under age 12, detained for throwing stones
Uruknet 30 Jan 2014 - January 28, 2014 - B Tselem has written to Legal Advisor for Judea and Samaria Col. Doron Ben-Barak notifying him of two recent incidents in which soldiers unlawfully detained children, some under the age of criminal responsibility, on suspicion of...

Silwan continues struggle for human rights in East Jerusalem
Uruknet 29 Jan 2014 - January 27, 2014- Amid expanding Israeli settler development projects, mounting demolition orders on Palestinian homes, and ongoing night raids to frighten and detain children, the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan remains resilient, launching a new creative protest on Wednesday, 22...

Children burned with cigarettes by Israeli soldiers in illegal settlement
Uruknet 16 Jan 2014 - January 15, 2014- Three Palestinian children were allegedly burned with lit cigarettes and denied access to food, water or toilet facilities after being arrested and detained by Israeli soldiers and police in September, a new report indicates. In separate incidents,...

VIDEO: Brown: Syrian children 'need hope'
BBC 15 Jan 2014 - Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has spoken out about the need to provide education for Syrian child refugees who have fled to Lebanon and other countries.

VIDEO: Brown: Syrian children 'need hope'
BBC 15 Jan 2014 - Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has spoken out about the need to provide education for Syrian child refugees who have fled to Lebanon and other countries.

How Butcher Sharon Massacred My Relatives
Palestine Chronicle: 14 Jan 2014 - By Jamal Kanj My friend and I were on a cross-country flight from San Diego to Washington, DC on Saturday, September 18, 1982. We arrived at our friends’ home with gleaming smiles, but were received with dejected expressions. “Haven’t you heard the news?” they asked. “What news?” we replied. “The massacre of Palestinian and Lebanese civilians in and around Sabra and Shatila camps,” was their wretched response. Needless to say we were glued to the TV listening to trickling reports from inside the camps and watching bloated bodies of women and children paraded on TV screens. Starting at 6pm on September 16 until 8am on September 18, the Israeli-armed Lebanese Phalange militia went on a killing spree while the Israeli army besieged the camps – stopping anyone from fleeing the massacre. American reporter Janet Lee Stevens, who was one of the first foreign journalists to enter the camps, described the...more

Israeli police detain two Jerusalemite children
PIC - Israeli police nabbed two Palestinian children in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem on Monday morning after searching their family homes.

PA expands role in freeing minors detained by Israel
1/11/2014 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- One of the major obstacles to ongoing peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians is the continuation of Israeli forces' detentions raids across the West Bank. These rarely remarked-upon raids are carried out day and night in Palestinian areas and often involve the detention of children. Israel has said that it will not halt detention raids even if a peace....

Israeli forces release 9 detained Palestinian children and 1 youth
1/10/2014 - HEBRON (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces freed nine Palestinian children and one youth from detention on Friday after the intervention of Palestinian military liaisons, according to a Palestinian security source. The released teenagers were from across Hebron and Ramallah governorates and were all detained by Israeli forces on the pretext of throwing stones. The official source in the military liaison identified the released detainees from....

VIDEO: Syria's refugee child workers
BBC 10 Jan 2014 - The war in Syria has forced thousands to flee and disrupted the education of children who could be the key to rebuilding the country in the future.

VIDEO: Syria's refugee child workers
BBC 10 Jan 2014 - The war in Syria has forced thousands to flee and disrupted the education of children who could be the key to rebuilding the country in the future.

Two international activists to be deported after their arrest is declared illegal
1/9/2014 - International Solidarity Movement - International˙Solidarity Movement, Occupied Palestine - Yesterday, Wednesday 8th January, at approximately 11am in Khalil (Hebron), Vincent Mainville and Fabio Theodule (Swiss and Italian citizens respectively), were arrested by Israeli border police officers. The two international activists were first detained while trying to stop Israeli forces firing live ammunition and tear gas canisters towards a group of Palestinian youth and children throwing stones towards the soldiers. Israeli....

Palestinian Villagers Detain, Protect Settlers Who Attacked Child
IMEMC - A potentially violent confrontation was defused Tuesday in the Palestinian village of Qusra, south of Nablus, after a group of 11 Israeli settlers invaded the village to carry out a "revenge attack", after Israeli troops dismantled one of their illegal settlement outpost structures. ...

Palestinian Children in Cages
Uruknet 5 Jan 2014 - January 4, 2014 - Israel willfully, systematically, maliciously and lawlessly abuses detained Palestinian children. They re treated like adult prisoners. Mercy isn t Israel s long suit. Nor are peace, equity, justice or respect for fundamental human and civil rights....

Report: "Israeli Soldiers Kidnapped 3874, Including 931 Children, In 2013"
Uruknet 30 Dec 2013 - December 28, 2013 - The Census Department of the Palestinian Ministry of Detainee published its annual report stating that Israeli soldiers kidnapped, this year,3874 Palestinians, including 931 children. Four detainees died in 2013. The Census Department said that 1975 of...

Palestinian Ministry: 3,874 Palestinians detained by Israel in 2013, including 931 children
Mondoweiss - Report: ‘Soldiers kidnapped 3,874, including 931 children, in 2013′ IMEMC — [Friday Dec 27] The Census Department of the Palestinian Ministry of Detainee published its annual report stating that Israeli soldiers kidnapped, this year, 3,874 Palestinians, including 931 children. Four detainees died in 2013. The Census...

Data: 75% of the detainees in Israeli jails are children and youngsters
PIC - Official data showed that the arrests carried out by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in 2013 mainly targeted Palestinian children and youths.

Gaza is the only place the world forgets about (or pretends to forget about)
Mondoweiss - Palestinian children look at a double rainbow after heavy rain flooded Gaza Dec. 12, 2013. (photo: Hatem Moussa/AP) ‘Look where the world is and where we are!’ an exclamation I very frequently heard at home, and even expressed myself at some points. Going out to this...

JNF launches $1 billion program to settle ‘Western’ Jewish immigrants ‘fueled by Zionism’ in the Negev and Galilee
Mondoweiss - Children planting trees in Israel with the Jewish National Fund. (Photo: JNF/JSS News) Over the next 10 years the Jewish National Fund aims to inject $1 billion into programs to increase North American immigration to Jewish-only communities in the Negev and Galilee, and renew Zionist education....

occupied Palestinian territory: DCI-Palestine and LPHR launch “Know Your Rights” campaign for children on detainee rights
Relief Web 23 Dec 2013 - Source: Defence for Children International/Palestine Section Country: occupied Palestinian territory Ramallah, December 23, 2013—Defence for Children International Palestine (DCI-Palestine) launched a “Know Your Rights” campaign for Palestinian children with partner, Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights (LPHR), on Monday. The campaign...

Pakistan’s ghost schools fail the young
The National 20 Dec 2013 - Abandoned pupils are part of a growing education crisis in the country where, according to the United Nations, over five million children do not attend primary school.

The Great Lament of Palestine
Vacy Vlazna, CounterPunch 12/19/2013
      A Christmas letter to Pope Francis on Gaza
     Your Holiness,
     In desperation, in December a campaign was launched appealing to you to help release the suffering people of Gaza from the genocidal strangulation of the Israeli seven year blockade.
     There is no world leader other than yourself who possesses the moral strength, the political freedom and the spiritual imperative to help Gaza. There is noone of global influence to whom the Gazans can turn except Your Holiness.
     Through your words and actions, we see the same star that heralded the advent of Gandhi, of Mandela, of Jesus. It's light - the spiritual simplicity of love for the human family, for the oppressed, for the poor, is again penetrating human hearts and consciences.
     It shone bright when you went to Lampedusa, the refugee purgatory, drawing world attention to the "globalization of indifference"
     "We are a society that has forgotten the experience of weeping, of "suffering with": the globalization of indifference has taken from us the ability to weep!...We are accustomed to the suffering of others, it doesn't concern us, it's none of our business...Herod sowed death in order to defend his own well-being, his own soap bubble. And this continues to repeat itself." (Lampedusa Homile,)
     Today's Israeli Herods have systematically made Gaza a hell on earth by imposing a blockade in violation of international law that has made Gaza an open air concentration camp imprisoning 1.7 million innocent people, half of whom are children.
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We shall overcome: Israel’s adherence to human rights principles
Yesh Din, Written By Yossi Gurvitz, +972 Magazine 12/18/2013
      Israel declares itself to be a light unto the nations. It also violates 15 of the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
     When Israel was established, its founders made sure to emphasize, in its Declaration of Independence, the universal values of Jewish tradition: "The State of Israel [.] will promote the development of the country for the benefit of all its inhabitants; will be based on the precepts of liberty, justice and peace as envisaged by the prophets of Israel; will uphold the full social and political equality of all its citizens, without distinction of race, creed or sex; will guarantee full freedom of conscience, worship, education and culture; will safeguard the sanctity and inviolability of the shrines and Holy Places of all religions; and will dedicate itself to the principles of the Charter of the United Nations." Later on, the Knesset voted to adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Furthermore, Israel is in the habit of calling itself "the only democracy in the Middle East", and since its earliest days, its leaders were partial to the term "a light unto the nations." As we mark Human Rights Day, we should examine whether Israel stands by the high rhetoric of its founders, and whether it fulfills the Declaration of Human Rights.
     As every person living here knows, assuming their eyes are open and hearts are not blocked, Israel and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights have a rocky relationship. In the beginning of 2010, Gideon Sa'ar's Ministry of Education decided to stop teaching the Declaration at schools (Hebrew), since it informs tender children of their right to convert to another religion and even, heaven forbid, live somewhere other than Israel. However, this is just a minor problem; reading the text of the Declaration shows that the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories violates 15 of its articles. Given that there are only 30 of them, that's quite impressive.
     Let us begin. The first violation comes with the first operative article of the Declaration, Article 2....
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Study finds post-trauma symptoms in 83% of detained migrant children and parents
Jerusalem Post 15 Dec 2013 - Report also finds “most children under the age of 12 have shown psychological difficulties, severe emotional distress and behavior problems.”

Kite-flying film shows Gaza s kids grow old too soon
Uruknet 11 Dec 2013 - December 10, 2013 -In July 2010, approximately 7,500 children gathered on a beach at Seifa in northern Gaza to fly kites. They were aiming to beat their own record for simultaneous kite-flying, set the previous year at more than 3,000....

International Human Rights Day | Remember Palestinian Political Prisoners and Detainees in Israeli jails
Uruknet 11 Dec 2013 - December 10, 2013 -Since the occupation of Palestine in 1948, more than 800,000 Palestinians have been imprisoned. Different groups of the Palestinian society are exposed to Israeli arrest campaigns, including children, women and the elderly. For decades, Palestinian female prisoners...

PPS: “5000 Palestinians, Including 200 Children, Imprisoned By Israel”
IMEMC - [Tuesday, December 10, 2013] Marking The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Adopted by the UN on December 10 1948), the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported that Israel is ongoing with its serious violations, and is currently holding captive more than 5000 Palestinians, including 200 minors and 15 women. ...

Israeli soldiers detained 4 children ages six to nine, handcuffed 3 of them. Kafr Qadum, November 15, 2013
Uruknet 8 Dec 2013 - December 7, 2013 - On Friday, November 15, 2013, at 9:30 AM, about two and a half hours before the weekly demonstration in the village was set to begin, four children from Kafr Qadum: Malek (8) a third grade student,...

OP-ED: What Europe Must Do for Syrian Refugees
IPS Syrian refugee children learn to survive at a camp in north Lebanon. Credit: Zak Brophy/IPS By António Guterres and Anders Danielsson GENEVA/STOCKHOLM, Dec 6 2013 (IPS) The terrible bloodshed in Syria has been going on for over two and a half years. It has caused one of the worst humanitarian...

Internet bullying has increased the risk of suicide among youth, warns Yitzhak Kadman
Jerusalem Post 4 Dec 2013 - Following suicide of 12-year-old boy in Beersheba after apparently being bullied at school, director of National Council for the Child urges education to identify distress in children.

Paltoons by Latuff // Days of Rage and Solidarity with Palestine
Desert Peace 12/2/2013
      All Images 'Copyleft' by Carlos Latuff
     UN declares 2014 the 'Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People'
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     Sunbula Palestine - Ships Internationally (Express shipping only) A nonprofit Fair Trade organization that supports Palestinian craft producers - women's groups, artisan cooperatives and disabled people's organizations....
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Israeli forces detained 110 Palestinians in Hebron in November
12/3/2013 - HEBRON (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained 110 Palestinians in Hebron district in the southern West Bank over the course of November 2013, a report released by the Hebron office of the Palestinian Prisoners' Society says. The report pointed out that the total number of detained included 25 patients, 30 children under 18, and two women."More than 20 family members of the detainees....

IOF detains a child for 18 hours without water or food
PIC - A Palestinian child has been subjected to torture during his detention for 18 hours in an Israeli detention center.

Israeli Genocide of Palestinian Olive trees
Sabbah report 27 Nov 2013 - Extreme hatred of everything non-Jewish seems to be ingrained in the blood of Zionist Israeli Jews. This hatred is expressed by their warmongering politicians, their terrorist army, their fundamentalist rabbis, and their extremist civilians starting from their children up to their elderly of both sexes. They...

Film review: A documentary explores Israeli attitudes to the Nakba
Lisa Goldman, +972 Magazine 11/28/2013
      The eponymous scene of On the Side of the Road, a documentary that explores Israeli attitudes toward the Palestinian nakba, or catastrophe, occurs midway through the film on an unpaved road just outside the West Bank settlement of Ariel. Interrupted by a curious Israeli family out for a pastoral drive, director Lia Tarachansky stops to answer their questions about what she is filming ("what TV channel will it be on?"). As they drive on, the children waving and smiling their good byes, Tarachansky stands alone on the side of the road and suddenly bursts into tears. "I mean, everyone I love is here," she weeps, as she faces the sprawling settlement. "You know?"
     Tarachansky, a journalist who works for The Real News, was raised from the age of six in Ariel, the largest settlement on the West Bank. Standing on that quiet stretch of road, surrounded by Palestinian villages, she says, "This is where I am from. I don't know anything else." Both statements are heartfelt, but neither is completely true. Tarachansky was born in Kiev, in the former Soviet Union, but raised from the age of six in Ariel. Like most Israeli children she learned nothing in school about the nakba, or catastrophe- the Arabic name for the dispossession and exile of the Palestinian people in 1948.
     Reading Ilan Pappe's The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine as a young adult "was my first encounter with this history," she said in an interview conducted via Skype.
     Her search for more information led her to the Israeli NGO Zochrot, which documents destroyed Palestinian villages and towns in an effort to raise awareness of the dispossession of 1948. Ultimately, she decided to make a documentary film about the subject, and how it is viewed by Israeli society. Today she lives in Jaffa, and is deeply immersed in the activist community. But what she is saying and showing in this scene outside Ariel is that the community in which she is rooted is the one that nurtured her and which she still loves, even though the divergence in their political views has now left her marginalized from mainstream Israeli society-and thus metaphorically "on the side of the road." Asking questions about the nakba is the biggest taboo in Israeli Jewish society.
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4,900 Palestinians Currently Held By Israel
Uruknet 25 Nov 2013 - November 23, 2013 - Palestinian Researcher specialized in detainee s affairs, Abdul-Nasser Farawna, stated that the Israeli occupation army is still holding captive 4,900 Palestinians in 17 prisons, prison camps, detention and interrogation facilities. Among the detainees are children, disabled,...

Jordanian father appeals to UN to have his son released from Israeli jail
PIC - The father of Mohamed Mahdi, a Jordanian child detained by Israel, appealed to the UN and its committee on the rights of the child to intervene to have his son released.

Iran-bound extremist haredi cult settles in Ontario instead
Jerusalem Post 24 Nov 2013 - Cult members say they moved due to dispute with education authorities in Quebec over curriculum that they were being required to teach children.

Why did prosecutors sit on a Palestinian boy’s killing for 14 months?
Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz, +972 Magazine 11/24/2013
      Yusuf Fahri Mussa Ahleil, aged 16, was shot and killed on January 28, 2011, probably by a settler. The state took 14 months to appoint a prosecutor to the case.
     Many of Yesh Din's posts in this blog deal with the incompetence of Israeli police investigations, and it's possible that the death of Yusuf Fahri Mussa Ahleil, a 16-year-old boy from Beit Ummar, will be added to that list; but for the time being, it is a story of criminal negligence on behalf of the prosecution.
     On January 28, 2011, something happened in the village of Beit Ummar in the Hebron region. Testimonies we collected describe an assault by Israeli civilians from two different directions simultaneously. Both incidents involved shooting; the second one ended in death. Witnesses described a large group of Israeli civilians raiding the village, among whom three fired at the Palestinians using weapons, likely M-16 assault rifles. According to one of the witnesses, the Israelis were conducting some sort of ceremony, blew a shofar, and then opened fire. The witnesses agree that no military troops were present and that they arrived only after the shooting.
     When it was all over, Yusuf Ahleil, who was on his way to help his father with his work in the field, lay dead on the ground. The testimony of the father, Fahri, is worth quoting: "I work in agriculture, and that is my main profession. During their vacations the children help me. Before I went to work [on the morning of the incident] I asked my son Yusuf to come with me to work later during the day. At some point I heard the sound of gunshots; I did not know what it was about and kept on working. And then, I don't remember the time, some people from the village came with a vehicle and asked to take me home. I did not understand why - I refused but they insisted, took me with them and brought me back home. When we arrived, I saw that most of the village was gathered next to my house. I asked what happened. I was told, your son was shot. I said, how can that be? We agreed that he should join me at work. This is how I learned that my son, while on his way to work with me, had been wounded by the settlers."
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4900 Palestinians Currently Held By Israel
IMEMC - Palestinian Researcher specialized in detainee’s affair Abdul-Nasser Farawna stated that the Israeli occupation army is still holding captive 4900 Palestinians in 17 prisons, prison camps, detention and interrogation facilities. Among the detainees are children, disabled, elderly and legislators. ...

WATCH: IDF detains 5 to 9-year-old Palestinian children in Qaddum
Uruknet 22 Nov 2013 - November 20, 2013 - Hours before the weekly protest against the occupation in the West Bank village of Qaddum last Friday, Israeli soldiers detained four Palestinian children aged five to nine for allegedly rolling burning tires. Under Israeli military law,...

11-year-old detained in Jerusalem for throwing rocks
11/20/2013 - JERULASEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces on Wednesday arrested a child from Silwan village in Jerusalem for allegedly throwing rocks. Malik Daana, 11, was handcuffed and taken to a police station from a barber shop in Ein al-Lawza neighborhood in Silwan, his father said. Daana's mother went to the station to check up on her son, but her ID was held, and they....

Pakistan's Malala Yousafzai receives EU Sakharov rights prize
11/20/2013 - STRASBOURG, France(AFP) -- Pakistan's teenage activist Malala Yousafzai was Wednesday handed the EU's prestigious Sakharov human rights prize. To thunderous applause announcing the European Parliament prize, the assembly's president Martin Schulz praised the 16-year-old's crusade for all childrens' right to an education, saying: "You have given hope to millions of people."[END]

Israel’s defense minister equates peace talks with murder of Israelis
Mairav Zonszein, +972 Magazine 11/18/2013
      "Our victims are victims of the diplomatic process."
     The man in charge of Israeli security provides his expert opinion that violence against Israelis is a direct result of negotiations with Palestinians and thus anathema to Israeli security. Can't the same be argued regarding Israeli violence against Palestinians?
     Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon blamed the recent murder of Israelis in the West Bank on the peace process. By doing so, he instantaneously undermined the government's involvement in U.S.-brokered diplomacy with the Palestinians, and made it clear that he opposes negotiations.
     Speaking at a conference Sunday night, and reported thus far in Ma'ariv (Hebrew) and settler-outfit Arutz Sheva in English, Ya'alon added that the Palestinian Authority is no different than Hamas, and blamed the root of the conflict on Mahmoud Abbas' unwillingness to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
     "When there is a peace process, the Israeli issue comes up in the Palestinian media at the level of de-legitimization and hatred. They educate their children, in their curriculum, in the rhetoric, and when this increases then there are initiatives - not by terror organizations but rather by criminals - that turn into nationalistically motivated crimes. Our victims are victims of the diplomatic process. And when we stand firm and do not look like we are about to give up, that's when we receive quiet."
     Let me see if I got this straight: the presence of negotiations of some sort between Palestinians and Israelis directly leads Palestinians to incite toward violence and hatred of Israelis....
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But I don’t have any homework!
Jerusalem Post 16 Nov 2013 - The inconsistency of homework assignments makes it difficult for many children to learn.

Film review: Arab citizen of Israel, member of the enemy
Shoshana Madmoni-gerber, +972 Magazine 11/16/2013
      What is a Muslim woman's place in a country where Jewish suffering is the dominant cultural theme? A new Israeli film tells the story of Hadeel, a 27-year-old Arab woman who teaches at a Jewish school in central Israel, and explores the difficulty of never fully belonging.
     Dove's Cry, Ganit Ilouz's new documentary (playing at New York City's "The Other Israel" film festival, November 16-18), tells the story of a charismatic Arabic teacher in a Jewish elementary school in Israel. Edited by Sara Salomon, the film speaks to both the possibilities as well as the limitations of implementing an intercultural Arabic learning program in a Jewish school. Dove's Cry follows the journey of 27-year-old Hadeel over the span of an entire school year, the film focuses on her successes and struggles with her Jewish students and colleagues, as well as her immediate family. The film is a sobering testament to the rigid boundaries within Israeli society, and the complicated dynamics of acceptance and exclusion.
     Hadeel is a single Muslim woman and citizen of Israel. She lives in Wadi Ara in northern Israel, and makes her way every day to the town of Hod Hasharon, near Tel Aviv, to teach her sixth grade students both spoken Arabic and about Arab culture. This vision is part of a welcomed attempt to incorporate the Arabic language into the educational system in a more holistic way (and early on in the children's lives). But while Hadeel is fully accepted by her fellow teachers, and mostly beloved by her students, navigating between her Muslim identity and what is regarded in public as the culture of the enemy, is often challenging.
     On a personal level, Hadeel is loved by everyone. She is charming, smart, funny and attractive. Viewers can't help but fall in love with her. The interpersonal relationships unfolding on the screen are often heartwarming and encouraging. Even the most cynical among us can feel hope and optimism at the sight of Hadeel chatting with a fellow teacher about the horrors of dating, getting her nails done in red polish by another teacher, and a birthday dance performance by adoring students....
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Witnesses: Israeli troops cuff Palestinian children
11/16/2013 - JERUSALEM (AFP) -- Israeli troops in the West Bank detained four Palestinian children aged five to nine years for more than an hour Friday with their hands cuffed, Palestinian witnesses said. An Israeli military spokeswoman said that troops rounded up some minors during rioting in the northern West bank village of Kfar Qaddum but held them only briefly."A group of Palestinian children were detected setting....

Israeli troops cuff Palestinian children: witnesses
Uruknet 16 Nov 2013 - November 15, 2013 - Israeli troops in the West Bank detained four Palestinian children aged five to nine years for more than an hour Friday with their hands cuffed, Palestinian witnesses said. An Israeli military spokeswoman said that troops rounded...

IOF detains and beats Palestinian child north of al-Khalil
PIC - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) detained on Friday evening a Palestinian child near the town of Halhul, north of the city of al-Khalil in the occupied West Bank.

VIDEO: 'I quit job to educate Egyptian kids'
BBC 15 Nov 2013 - The BBC hears from a woman who left her job to concentrate on improving children's education in Egypt.

Israeli forces injure 8 Palestinians during aggressive Kafr Qaddum demonstration
11/15/2013 - International Solidarity Movement - International Solidarity Movement, Nablus Team, Kafr Qaddum, Occupied Palestine - Today, Friday 15th November, the Israeli army detained four children before the weekly demonstration in Kafr Qaddum. Israeli soldiers then invaded the village during the protest, firing many tear gas canisters and injuring 8 Palestinians. At approximately 9:00 this morning, a group of children were playing in the village, when Israeli forces arrived with military....

Israeli forces handcuff, detain Palestinian children as young as five
Al-Akhbar News 15 Nov 2013 - Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank detained four Palestinian children aged five to nine years for more than an hour Friday with their hands cuffed, Palestinian witnesses said. Palestinian activist Murad Ashtiye told AFP that clashes erupted with soldiers in the northern West bank village...

Health Ministry not willing to supervise school catering contractors on quality of food
Jerusalem Post 14 Nov 2013 - Overweight rate of primary school children is growing with one in seven first graders estimated to be overweight.

occupied Palestinian territory: Opening Ceremony for a Grassroots Project Supporting Disabled Children in Deheisha Refugee Camp
Relief Web 12 Nov 2013 - Source: Government of Japan Country: Japan, occupied Palestinian territory Today, on 6 th November, 2013, Mr. Makoto Honda, Deputy Representative of Japan to the PA attended the opening ceremony of the project for Expanding and Improving the Educational Center for...

Israel detains 2 children at Nablus checkpoint
11/11/2013 - NABLUS (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained two children at a checkpoint in Nablus on Monday, a local official said. Head of Beit Furik municipality Aref Hanini told Ma'an that Yaqout Mohammad Jawhar, 13, and Alaa Mustafa Hanini, 12, were detained during clashes at the checkpoint. Israeli soldiers detained the boys after Palestinians threw rocks at military forces, Hanini said. [END]

HRW: Egypt detains Syria refugees, forces them to leave
11/11/2013 - CAIRO (AFP) -- Egypt detained more than 1,500 refugees from Syria, including Palestinians and 250 children, before forcing most to leave the country, Human Rights Watch said in a report Monday. The New York-based watchdog said the refugees were detained for weeks and even months, and that some of the children were only two months old. HRW said that most of the refugees who were arrested....

Egypt: Egypt: Syria Refugees Detained, Coerced to Return
Relief Web 11 Nov 2013 - Source: Human Rights Watch Country: Egypt, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic Palestinians, Children Among Most Vulnerable (New York, November 11, 2013) – Egypt has detained over 1,500 refugees from Syria, including at least 400 Palestinians and 250 children as...

Egypt: Syria Refugees Detained, Coerced to Return - Palestinians, Children Among Most Vulnerable
allAfrica.com 11 Nov 2013 - [HRW]Egypt has detained over 1,500 refugees from Syria, including at least 400 Palestinians and 250 children as young as two months old, for weeks and sometimes months.

48 human beings were massacred - and we have forgotten them
Shirley Racah And Abed Kannaneh, +972 Magazine 11/3/2013
      When a country accepts responsibility for such a significant event in its past, one might expect it to erect a monument to the victims, to sponsor the annual memorial ceremony and to honor the memory of those murdered rather than leave the matter to the families left behind, as if it were their problem alone.
     For most citizens of Israel, the 29th of October was just another day. But not for Israel's Arab citizens. On this date in 1956, 57 years ago - the first day of the Sinai Campaign (the coordinated attack on Egypt by Israel, Great Britain, and France) -the Kafr Qasim massacre took place. A Border Police unit shot and killed 48 villagers - women, men, and children - and wounded 13 more.
     Instead of addressing the massacre and its public implications head on, the government of Israel banned publication of the story. Two Knesset members, Meir Vilner and Tawfik Toubi (along with Latif Dori, who was not an MK) reached the village the next day, collected testimonies from the residents and raised the issue in the Knesset plenum. As a result, the massacre found its way to the international news media, and subsequently to the local press. In 1957, the perpetrators of the atrocity were tried and sentenced to long terms of imprisonment. Within a year, however, they had all been released.
     Read also: For Palestinian citizens, Kafr Qasim isn't a distant memory
     Immediately after the massacre, poet Natan Alterman wrote in the Davar newspaper: "Such an incident must strike every human society as a terrifying nightmare, shake the seats of the supervisors and commanders, both direct and indirect, challenge entrenched concepts, alarm military instructors, and arouse a moral reckoning and search for responsibility - and all of this in addition to the punishment meted out to the perpetrators of the atrocity, so that such things may never happen here again. Never." -- See also: For Palestinian citizens, 1956 massacre is not a distant memory
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Observations from Occupied Palestine, part 1
In Gaza: 4 Nov 2013 - November, 2013, CO Over the years since May 2007, I have lived in different areas of occupied Palestine, witnessing the crimes of the Zionist entity and sharing in the daily tragedies, injustices and realities of Palestinians’ lives. In the occupied West Bank in 2007, I volunteered with the International Solidarity Movement for eight months, during which time I was detained at a protest against a Jewish-only highway in the West Bank, arrested at a road-block removal action, and was finally deported and banned from occupied Palestine. During those months, I was witness to the ugliest aspects of life under Zionist rule: attacks by illegal Jewish colonists (also armed) and by Zionist soldiers on Palestinian children, women, elderly; humiliating military checkpoints , some with zoo-like turnstiles , all which serve to delay or completely prevent Palestinians’ movement; and raids and weeks-long lock-downs on Palestinian towns and cities, in which the Zionist army ransacks...more

For Kurdish Women, It’s a Double Revolution
IPS At Qamishli’s women centre, everyone is inspired by Abdullah Ocalan, the imprisoned leader of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). Credit: Karlos Zurutuza/IPS. By Karlos Zurutuza QAMISHLI, Syria, Nov 4 2013 (IPS) “I got married when I was 14 and I already had four children at 20,” recalls Nafia Brahim. In...

IOF soldiers detained 390 Palestinians last month including 8-year-old child
PIC - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) rounded up 390 Palestinians in October including 65 children, a human rights center said on Saturday.

Economic Justice: The Final Frontier
Dissident Voice: 2 Nov 2013 - On August 24, 2013 tens of thousands of people gathered to celebrate a protest fifty years ago when hundreds of thousands of other people marched and rallied in Washington DC demanding equal rights for African-American residents of the United States. It was on that day the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. made one of his best-known speeches; a speech from which just a few phrases are usually quoted. “I have a dream…” said King that day. “that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” While King spoke that day, a fellow freedom fighter was imprisoned an ocean and a half away. That man, Nelson Mandela, had foregone the nonviolent approach so closely identified with Dr. King, but only after the slaughter of hundreds of his fellow Africans...more

Unconditional release of Marwan Barghouti is positive step forward
Ahmed Kathrada, Al Jazeera 10/31/2013
      A former political prisoner recounts his fight against apartheid and calls on Israel to free all political prisoners.
     Marwan Barghouti, a leading Palestinian political prisoner being held for life in Israel, has spent nearly two decades of his life in Israeli jails, including the past 11 years. Approximately 30 others, who later this month are expected to exchange prison cells for larger prisons in occupied Palestine, are returning to a very different world - grown children, an even more dire political landscape, and a West that denigrates them while ignoring the crimes of their jailers.
     Only a political prisoner can fully comprehend the ordeal of a fellow political prisoner. The experiences of solitary confinement, ill-treatment, separation from the outside world, and the progressive erosion of the concept of time, cannot be fully translated into words. Imprisonment leaves behind deep scars, both in your flesh and in your soul.
     Legitimate struggle
     Together with leaders such as Walter Sisulu and Nelson Mandela, I spent more than a quarter of a century in the dungeons of apartheid in defence of an ideal that eventually triumphed: freedom and a non-racial and non-sexist, democratic South Africa. Like Israel today, the apartheid government framed our case as a "security threat", while it was evident that we were political prisoners fighting a legitimate struggle for national liberation against an oppressive and racist regime.
     When people today think of South Africa they instantly recall the image of the smiling Mandela walking out of prison, to be welcomed by cheering crowds. Little do they remember the personal sacrifices that he and his fellow prisoners made over the years in apartheid prisons before reaching that moment.
     I think of my cramped prison cell and I visualise my fellow freedom fighter Marwan Barghouti and other Palestinian prisoners....
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Release Marwan Barghouti and All Palestinian Political Prisoners
Palestine Chronicle: 1 Nov 2013 - (Ahmed Kathrada is an anti-apartheid leader. He launched the Release Mandela Campaign and was imprisoned a year later, spending 26 years in apartheid jails. On October 27 on Robben Island, he launched the International Campaign to Free Marwan Barghouti and All Palestinian Prisoners.) By Ahmed Kathrada Marwan Barghouti, a leading Palestinian political prisoner being held for life in Israel, has spent nearly two decades of his life in Israeli jails, including the past 11 years. Approximately 30 others, who later this month are expected to exchange prison cells for larger prisons in occupied Palestine, are returning to a very different world – grown children, an even more dire political landscape, and a West that denigrates them while ignoring the crimes of their jailers. Only a political prisoner can fully comprehend the ordeal of a fellow political prisoner. The experiences of solitary confinement, ill-treatment, separation from the outside world, and the...more

Detained child's family appeals for his release
PIC - The family of the child Tawfiq Khaled Abu al-Rub, detained in Israeli jails, called on national and international human rights to intervene for his release.

Israel's Mistreatment of Palestinian Children
Dr. Cesar Chelala, CounterPunch 10/31/2013
      The Saga Continues
     A UNICEF report issued last March, "Children in Israeli Military Detention," was sharply critical of Israel's treatment of detained Palestinian children and youths. According to that report, 700 Palestinian children aged 12-17, most of them boys, are arrested and harshly interrogated by the Israeli military, police and security agents every year in the occupied West Bank.
     Now, a new UNICEF progress report states that although some progress has been achieved "violations are ongoing" seven months after the original report was released. The progress report states that there were 19 sample cases of abuse of youths between 12 and 17 in the occupied West Bank in the second quarter of 2013.
     The information on mistreatment of Palestinian children and youths is the result of several years of information gathering by UN agencies related to grave violations committed against Palestinian children in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory. This information is regularly reported to the United Nations Security Council Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict.
     Last June, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child confirmed the abuses against Palestinian children, including torture, solitary confinement and threats of death and sexual assault in prisons. "These crimes are perpetrated from the time of arrest, during transfer and interrogation, to obtain a confession but also on an arbitrary basis as testified by several Israeli soldiers," stated the committee.
     The reported abuses of Palestinian children also confirm what the organization Breaking the Silence, constituted by Israeli soldiers who served in the IDF and work to expose human rights violations had stated in its report called "Children and Youth, Soldiers Testimonies 2005-2011." In one of the testimonies, a soldier from the Nahal Brigade with rank of first sergeant, stated....
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Education denied
Nina Castro, Alternative Information Center 10/29/2013
      It is eleven o'clock in the morning when a large group of children pours from the school of At Tuwani and down the hill to the meeting point in front of the Operation Dove centre, where a number of international activists await their arrival. The cheerful and colourful group of pupils, teachers, parents and some older boys, walk down the hill singing Palestinian songs and waving Palestinian flags. The children in the first row carry banners in English and Arabic that say: "Hey folks, we have the right to study without obstruction!"
     The occasion of the gathering was a solidarity action organized this Wednesday, October 23, by the South Hebron Hills Popular Committee and The Freedom Theatre's Freedom Bus, to assert the right to education of children from Tuba and Maghayir Al Abeed. The action consisted of a short march in the areas where the local children meet the Israeli military escort that accompanies them home for their safety - the route back to their villages winds between the settlement of Ma'on and the ultra-orthodox outpost of Havat Ma'on, home to some of the most extreme and violent settlers in the West Bank.
     During the march, a number of At Tuwani's residents join the group, which heads for the so-called "gate" on Khelly Hill - the agreed point where the children wait for their military escort - where they find five soldiers blocking access to the "gate". An army vehicle soon joins the soldiers, and on a nearby hill three soldiers are seen monitoring the situation from a distance. Over the next two hours more than 5 military vehicles and 3 armoured police cars arrive. This deployment of force is unwarranted, and gives the children the unwelcome, but not unfamiliar, feeling of being surrounded by malevolent forces.
     Luckily, the Freedom Theatre crew are there to distract from the army's presence and continue their performance. The troupe uses a method called 'Playback Theatre', an interactive approach where audience members share thoughts, feelings and fears that the actors then transform into improvised pieces. The performance is a resounding a success, and again the crowd begins singing Palestinian songs of liberty. Soldiers begin to approach the group....
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Syria: Polio epidemic fears grow
BBC 25 Oct 2013 - The number of suspected cases of polio among children in Syria is believed to have risen sharply, with at least 22 people now thought to be suffering from the disease, health officials say.

Syria: Polio epidemic fears grow
BBC 25 Oct 2013 - The number of suspected cases of polio among children in Syria is believed to have risen sharply, with at least 22 people now thought to be suffering from the disease, health officials say.

Israel: poorest country in the OECD
Sergio Yahni, Alternative Information Center 10/20/2013
      In 2009 Dan Senor and Saul Singer published the book Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle, reinforcing the image of Israel as a developed country with some 63 companies listed on NASDAQ, more than those of any other foreign country.
     However, the life of most Israelis is not so glossy. A report released last Wednesday by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) reveals that Israel, with a poverty rate of 20.9%, is the most impoverished of the 34 countries in the organisation. Moreover, the report indicates that Israel's poor population has grown more than in any other OECD nation; Israel's poverty level has exceeded that of Mexico, whose poverty rate stands at 20.4%.
     These numbers, however, do not reveal the full social crisis in Israel. According to a report by the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, in 2011 31 percent of Israel's population was at risk of poverty; this includes 40 of children in Israel and 44 percent of single-parent families.
     The OECD defines the relative income poverty rate as the share of people earning less than half the national median income. In Israel the poverty rate is higher than in countries such as Turkey, Mexico, Chile, Spain and Poland. As of 2010 it was over 20 percent. According to the OECD report, it has rocketed from 14 percent in 1995 to nearly 21 percent in 2013.
     The director of Israel's National Insurance Institute, Professor Shlomo Mor-Yosef, recently said that planned cuts in child benefits are expected to cause an increase in the number poor of families. According to Mor-Yosef, an additional 30 to 40,000 children are about to be under the poverty line.
     Israel also continues to be one of the countries with the largest income inequalities, ranking fifth in the world, with only the U.S., Mexico, Chile and Turkey having larger income gaps....
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Action Alert: Palestinian institutions based in Europe ring serious alarm bells about the serious situation in Yarmouk Refugee Camp
Uruknet 19 Oct 2013 - October 19, 2013 -The undersigned European institutions have expressed deep concern over the catastrophic conditions in Yarmouk Refugee Camp since the outbreak of the events in Syria two years ago.Twenty thousand Palestinians mostly children, women and elderly suffer inhuman living...

Natsheh's family deprived from celebrating holidays with him for 20 Eids
PIC - Prisoners’ families live tough moments during holidays in the absence of their husbands, fathers and their children who are detained in the Israeli occupation prisons.

Growing up under occupation: the toll Palestinian children pay
Uruknet 16 Oct 2013 - October 16, 2013 - Palestinian children are growing up in an environment in which their rights are being violated. A recent bulletin released by UNICEF (the United Nations Children Fund) shows that 871 Palestinian children were injured and four killed...

UNICEF Publishes Report On Detained Palestinian Children
IMEMC - The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has reported that Israeli violations against detained Palestinian children are still ongoing, despite an alleged Israeli decision to improve their conditions, and the methods of interrogation. ...

UNICEF: Israel violates Palestinian children’s rights in its jails
PIC - UNICEF states that the Israeli authorities continue to violate the rights of Palestinian children detained in the Israeli detention centers, and to breach international conventions in this regard.

Teenagers face 25 years imprisonment for allegedly throwing stones
Jessica Purkiss, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 10/14/2013
      Nema Shamlawi and her family were sleeping when over 15 armed and masked Israeli soldiers raided their home in the West Bank village of Hares, during the early hours of the morning.
     After searching the house and questioning her husband and sons they left, but not empty handed. Amidst Nema's protests her youngest son Ali was blindfolded, handcuffed and instructed to kiss her and his sister goodbye.
     Over six months on 16 year old Ali still remains inside an Israeli adult prison on charges of "stone throwing."
     "He still a child, he is 16 years old. What mind can understand that a child of just 16 years old can endure this much pain and suffering," said his mother.
     The day before Ali's arrest, Israeli settler Adva Biton had been travelling with her three daughters back to her home in the settlement of Yakir, an internationally deemed illegal settlement, in occupied Palestine, when her car collided with a van on March 14th of this year, leaving one of her children severely injured.
     While the driver of the van originally stated he pulled over to check what he believed to be a flat tyre, Biton reported to the police at the time of the accident that the crash had been caused by a group of Palestinian youths throwing stones at her car. The driver of the van later amended his statement to say he had noticed stones at the side of the road.
     As a result the neighbouring villages of Hares and Kifl Hares faced a series of early morning raids led by Israeli soldiers in search of the alleged "culprits." Over a matter of days 19 boys, one as young as 13, were arrested.
     While most were released over the coming weeks, five remain behind bars in an Israeli military prison....
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How Israel increases its odds of international prosecution
Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz, +972 Magazine 10/14/2013
      When the criminal records of IDF war criminals are expunged, the government puts them in danger of being tried abroad.
     Last week Yesh Din published a new report,"Lacuna: War Crimes in Israeli Law and Court Martial Rulings." It deals with the way the military justice system handles offenses that are in effect war crimes. One of the issues discussed is the criminal records of soldiers convicted of offenses of this kind.
     In 2011 the Knesset enacted Amendment No. 61 of the Military Justice Act. It's pretty complicated, but can be summed up by saying that if a soldier was convicted of an offense in a military court martial, and the court sentenced him to no more than two months imprisonment, his criminal record would be erased in five years.
     The criminal record is a sort of cross that any man who has ever been convicted of a felony has to bear. It is a database run by that most efficient of Israeli bureaucracies, the Israel Police. Having your name appear in it seriously jeopardizes your chances of being employed by the government, and it may well even deprive you of a visa to travel abroad. Unless, of course, you are the leader of a major political party - then you can assault a child and still become the foreign minister. The period of time for maintaining criminal records is 10 years plus the length of the statute of limitations for the offense; the minimum period is 17 years.
     As was mentioned, since 2011, soldiers convicted of offenses are given a significant discount: their criminal record is deleted after five years, assuming their sentence was shorter than two months. Amendment No. 61 is intended to prevent young people from having their names besmirched for the rest of their lives due to a mistake they made during their military service. It is also retroactive.... -- See also: Resource: War crimes in Israeli law
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Stop, you're scaring the children: Fear as a cornerstone in Israeli education
Ha'aretz - 12 Oct 2013

PA: 5,200 Palestinians in Israeli jails
10/12/2013 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) - There are 5,200 Palestinians in 17 Israeli military prisons and detention centers, according to a report released Saturday by the Palestinian Authority's ministry of prisoners' affairs. The report highlighted that 2,450 Palestinians were detained in 2013 including 476 children and 49 women. A number of those detainees were released later. Thirteen Palestinian lawmakers are still in Israel'....

Israeli court says parents can attend child interrogations
10/10/2013 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- An Israeli judge at a Jerusalem Magistrate's court ruled Wednesday that the parents of young Palestinian detainees can attend police interrogation sessions with their children, the Palestinian Prisoners' Society said. Mufid al-Hajj, a lawyer with the Palestinian Prisoners Society, told Ma'an that the decision was made during a court session for several Palestinian minors. Israeli police....

Israeli Court Orders Investigators to Bring Parents of Detained Children during Investigations
Palestine News Network

IOF soldiers detain child along with 8 others
PIC - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested a Palestinian child in Beit Ummar village, north of Al-Khalil, afternoon Sunday.

Israeli Soldiers Detain, Beat, Four Children Near Bethlehem
Uruknet 28 Sep 2013 - September 27, 2013 - Wednesday evening Israeli soldiers detained, for several hours, four Palestinian children in the Al-Khader town, south of Bethlehem, and violently beat them before handing them back to the Palestinians. Ahmad Salah, Coordinator of the Popular Committee...

Soldiers Detain, Beat, Four Children Near Bethlehem
IMEMC - Wednesday evening [September 25, 2013] Israeli soldiers detained, for several hours, four Palestinian children in the Al-Khader town, south of Bethlehem, and violently beat them before handing them back to the Palestinians. ...

Sierra Leone: Chernor Bah to Co-Chair Education Crisis Committee on Syria
allAfrica.com 26 Sep 2013 - [Concord]Sierra Leonean-born Chernor Bah, who is currently serving as the Global Youth Rep on the UN Secretary General's Global Initiative on Education, has been asked to co-chair a youth education crisis committee to aid Syrian refugee children.

Video: Going hungry in Syria
The National 25 Sep 2013 - Rights group Save the Children finds a growing number of children are at risk of malnutrition as a result of the conflict in Syria.

Central African Republic: Millions of Children Denied Education Due to Conflict - UN Warns
allAfrica.com 25 Sep 2013 - [UN News]Some 28.5 million children in countries affected by conflict are being denied access to learning, with tens of thousands of schools attacked or occupied by armed forces, heightening the risk they will never go to school or will drop out, the United Nations and its...

Where the Far Left and Far Right Agree
Dissident Voice: 24 Sep 2013 - There are three prominent issues in the news in which the far left and hard core Tea Party activists on the Right agree on policy, but for usually very different reasons: Common Core Standards, ‘Obamacare’, and Syria. Only the far left and the far right are speaking out against major policy issues whereas either mainstream America, or the political establishment in DC, take the supportive side. The Common Core Standards are an attempt to bring ‘rigor’ (as in rigor mortis ) and high standards to our public educational system to make our school children ready for the 21st Century global market. Not sure if they mean for them to compete in or to be the products of the 21st Century. Those on the left clearly see the latter. Race to the Top is the driving force behind it. It’s a force with money. It literally has bribed all 50 states with...more

Lebanon: Lebanon: RRP5 Update - August 2013
Relief Web 23 Sep 2013 - Source: UN Children's Fund, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Country: Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic NEEDS Some 80% of children aged 6 to 17 are estimated to be not enrolled in school. Education assessments have highlighted a number...

Netanyahu’s lesson from killing of Israeli soldier in Hebron: Fortify occupation
Mairav Zonszein, +972 Magazine 9/23/2013
      Just hours after an Israeli soldier was shot to death by a Palestinian sniper in Hebron Sunday, while the body was still warm, Prime Minister Netanyahu declared that settlers should inhabit more and more of the occupied West bank city. As Haaretz reported, Netanyahu said:
     "Anyone who tries to uproot us from the city of our patriarchs will achieve the opposite. We will continue to fight terrorism. with one hand, while strengthening the settlement with the other."
     And in that one paradoxical statement lies most of the problem. How and why does Israeli leadership seek to continue strengthening the settlements - which necessarily means increasing military control and violence that further entrenches the repression of Palestinian civilians - and expect to bring safety to Israeli citizens, much less to Israeli soldiers guarding this reckless and unsustainable way of life?
     Am I, or any rational citizen, supposed to feel comforted, at ease or safer by Netanyahu's statement? Is this really the lesson that should be learned from the killing? Will this prevent the next soldier from being killed?
     Hebron is the cesspool of occupation, the place where the most vile ramifications of Israel's policy of segregation and military control are most acutely visible. The city is a ghost town where Palestinians are barred from walking down the main street of their city; where they can no longer open their businesses; where settlers move around freely with 24-hour army protection; where settlers live on the upper floors of the same houses as Palestinians, separated by a wire fence through which they throw eggs, liquids and garbage at them; where Palestinian children as young as five are detained, while Israeli children never face the consequences of their violent actions; where settlers who attack a Palestinian are not arrested because it is the Sabbath. -- See also: Welcome to Hebron, where the rule of law is nonexistent
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Israel Refuses To Recognize Children Of Detainees Conceived By “Smuggled Semen”
IMEMC - Saturday [September 21, 2013] the Israeli Prison Administration at the Nafha Detention camp, in the Negev Desert, refused to allow detainee Abdul-Karim Reemawi, from visiting with his new born son, and his wife, as the child was conceived through artificial insemination using smuggled semen. ...

Soldiers Detain Child In Hebron
IMEMC - [Wednesday September 18 2013] The Palestinian District Coordination Office (DCO) has reported that it managed to secure the release of a Palestinian child, from the Old City of Hebron in the southern part of the West Bank, after Israeli soldiers kidnapped him. ...

Syrian Arab Republic: “Education will help me achieve my dreams”
Relief Web 17 Sep 2013 - Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic For most children, going back to school means returning to a familiar place and seeing old friends, but for Akram,...

occupied Palestinian territory: Al Mezan Organizes Educational Workshop Entitled “Palestinian Children’s Rights”
Relief Web 17 Sep 2013 - Source: Al Mezan Center for Human Rights Country: occupied Palestinian territory On Sunday 15 September 2013, the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights organized an awareness workshop entitled “Palestinian Children’s Rights,” held at Rafah Preparatory School D for Girls. The...

[Uruknet 100916 17-sep-2013 18:15 ECT] Children in Iraq
Uruknet 17 Sep 2013 - September 14, 2013 - Decades of war, foreign occupation, international sanctions and political instability have changed the face of Iraq. It is now one of the worst places to grow up as a child. - 3.5 million of the 31...

[Uruknet 100884 16-sep-2013 21:00 ECT] Report: “5200 Palestinians, Including 220 Children, Imprisoned By Israelâ€_
Uruknet 16 Sep 2013 - September 13, 2013 - The Census Department of the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees issued a report on Palestinian political prisoners held by Israel, revealing that Israeli soldiers kidnapped 2436 Palestinians since the beginning of this year, and that the number...

Syrian Students in Lebanon: Learning Under a Tent
Al-Akhbar News 16 Sep 2013 - After conducting surveys, it was found that 80 percent of children aged 8 to 10 had never been enrolled in school before, or that they had only studied intermittently. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah) After conducting surveys, it was found that 80 percent of children aged 8 to...

School a distant memory for Syria’s displaced children
The National 14 Sep 2013 - Two million Syrian children – an estimated 40 per cent of all school-age children – are no longer receiving education of because of the civil war as schools in Lebanon and Jordan are unable to absorb refugees. Bradley Hope reports from Beirut

In pictures: Syrian refugee children fall out of education system
The National 14 Sep 2013 - Two million Syrian children — an estimated 40 per cent of all school-age children —are no longer receiving education of any kind because of the civil war, according to Unicef, as schools in Lebanon and Jordan are unable to absorb refugees.

Report: “5200 Palestinians, Including 220 Children, Imprisoned By Israel”
IMEMC - The Census Department of the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees issued a report on Palestinian political prisoners held by Israel, revealing that Israeli soldiers kidnapped 2436 Palestinians since the beginning of this year, and that the number of detainees currently held by Israel is 5200. ...

[Uruknet 100762 11-sep-2013 11:29 ECT] Taliban statement Four persecuted women released from jail in a prison swap
Relief Web 11 Sep 2013 - September 7, 2013 -Four innocent women and two children imprisoned by the Kabul administration on grounds of being the relatives of some Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate, a crime for which some were held for the past ten years in illegal...

Dubai students let their hair down in first week of school term
The National 8 Sep 2013 - Dubai public schools opt for first week of fun to prepare children for learning.

Israeli forces detain dozens in Hebron camp
9/7/2013 - HEBRON (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained over 30 Palestinians in a refugee camp near Hebron early Saturday after a firebomb was hurled at a military tower. Israeli forces escorted dozens of young men and children from the al-Arrub camp in the raid, local popular committee spokesman Ahmad Abu Khayran said."We still don't know the exact number of detainees, because from time....

U.S. Jewish groups use Holocaust guilt to push for Syria strike
Mairav Zonszein, +972 Magazine 9/5/2013
      A policy decision on American military action in Syria cannot be justified by an analogy between Syrian suffering under Assad and Jewish suffering during the Holocaust.
     Two weeks after a chemical attack in Syria killed at least 1,400, including 400 children, and one week after U.S. President Obama announced he favors a limited military strike on Syria, mainstream American Jewish groups broke their silence Tuesday and expressed what they conveyed as unequivocal support for a strike.
     As reported in Politico, AIPAC - the powerful Israel lobby known for being forthright on all issues related to American policy in the Middle East due to its mandate to protect Israeli security interests (i.e. recent backing of military in Egypt despite massacre of Muslim Brotherhood supporters), was eerily quiet following the Obama administration's call for a strike. But on Tuesday, it issued a statement stating that, "simply put, barbarism on a mass scale must not be given a free pass." It then made clear that its reasoning for backing a U.S. strike has to do with American policy on Iran:
     "Our view is that if this vote goes down, it will be devastating to American credibility and send a very clear message to Iran that they can press the accelerator on moving forward with their program. At this point Assad and Hezbollah are merely franchises for Iran," as The Daily Beast reported.
     However, AIPAC was careful to make sure the word "Israel" was nowhere in the statement, which is peculiar for a lobby that proudly declares itself to be THE "pro-Israel" lobby. The reason, according to several reports, is that AIPAC and other major American Jewish groups wanted to make sure their support for a U.S. strike was seen as strictly in American interests, and not tied to Israeli interests - the fear being that if America does get embroiled in a war in Syria, as it did in Iraq in 2003, Americans will blame American Jews and Israel.
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Ofer sentences a Palestinian child to 14 years
PIC - The Israeli Ofer Military Court sentenced Palestinian boy Mohammed Omar Rashid, 17 from the town of Yatta south of al-Khalil, to 14 years imprisonment, in addition to paying a fine of 6000 shekels.

[Uruknet 100638 04-sep-2013 19:52 ECT] An education in inequality for East Jerusalem s children
Relief Web 4 Sep 2013 - September 2, 2013 - In cities around the world, most parents agonize about their kids first day of school. They worry about whether their kids will connect with their teachers. They worry about bullying. Mostly they anguish over the quality...

Report: 30 Palestinian children from Qalqiliya are still in Israeli jails
PIC - The Palestinian prisoner society said that the number of Palestinian children from Qalqiliya who are detained in Israeli jails rose to 30 prisoners after the IOF kidnapped seven others last August.

An education in inequality for East Jerusalem’s children
Betty Herschman, +972 Magazine 9/2/2013
      The number of classrooms, the availability of counselors and the numbers of dropout prevention programs constitute a grievous violation of the right to education for tens of thousands of Palestinian schoolchildren in Jerusalem.
     In cities around the world, most parents agonize about their kids' first day of school. They worry about whether their kids will connect with their teachers. They worry about bullying. Mostly they anguish over the quality of education their child will receive and whether it will prepare them for a productive life beyond their school years.
     In East Jerusalem, mothers and fathers worry about whether or not their child will have a place in the classroom - indeed, whether or not the classroom will physically exist.
     As the new school year begins, a gaping dearth of 2,200 classrooms endures in East Jerusalem and despite a Supreme Court ruling that the Jerusalem Municipality and Education Ministry rectify the shortage by 2016, only 150 classrooms have been built over the past five years. Furthermore, as revealed in Ir Amim's and The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI)'s recently released joint monitoring report on the state of education in East Jerusalem, despite an overall 13 percent dropout rate, there are no dropout prevention programs in one third of Arab secondary schools in Jerusalem.
     Faced with a shortage of 2,200 missing classrooms in the official Arab school system in Jerusalem, the authorities are doing too little, too late to close this intolerable gap. Exacerbating the insult of the shameful disparities in educational resources between East and West Jerusalem is Mayor Nir Barkat's insistence that the system is getting better. Despite Barkat's public statements, according to which under his leadership the municipality has invested significantly more than previous administrations in improving the educational system in East Jerusalem, the pace of building new classrooms is far too leisurely to respond to the urgent needs of Palestinian children. During Barkat's current term, from 2009 until today, only 150 new classrooms have been built in East Jerusalem, with 332 additional classrooms in various stages of planning.
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Families of two detained children appeal to UNICEF to intervene
PIC - The families of two Palestinian children detained in Israeli occupation jails appealed to UNICEF to intervene and demand their release in order for them to join their schools.

[Uruknet 100561 31-aug-2013 18:02 ECT] Defence for Children International-Palestine s monthly bulletin on detention - Issue 43 - July 2013
Relief Web 31 Aug 2013 - August 29, 2013 -As of July 31, 2013, a total of 195 Palestinian children were imprisoned and prosecuted in the Israeli military court system. The number of children between the ages of 12 and 15 was 35, a decrease of...

Jerusalem’s Silwan kids without classrooms
Lea Frehse, Alternative Information Center 8/30/2013
      80 children in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Silwan were sent home on the first day of school this week: not enough classrooms.
     The new school year began in Jerusalem this week, like many places throughout the world. When the pupils of East Jerusalem's Silwan Primary School arrived to class on the first day of school, however, the school's 80 sixth-graders were told to leave: The school doesn't have enough classrooms for all. 40 of the sixth graders were referred to a school in the adjacent neighborhood of Ras al-Amud. For the remaining 40, though, the Israeli authorities have provided no alternatives thus far.
     Students and parents are disappointed and angry. Representatives of Silwan's Parents' Committee have sought contact with the Jerusalem Municipality, responsible for education in East Jerusalem, but talks have yielded no results. On Wednesday, pupils and parents assembled in protest at the school.
     "We went to school on the first day, but the teachers told us there was no space this year for grade six so they sent us away," says six-grader Mohanat Dana. His friend Mohammad Jaba'a explains: "They sent us to Ahmad Abbassi School in Ras al-Amud. We don't want to go there: the Israeli soldiers come often to take kids from there."
     Mohammed Abdel Hameed Adeeb, father of one of the students turned away, is angered by the authorities' neglect:: "Every year they turn some of our kids away. There are not enough classrooms and the Jerusalem municipality has done nothing to tackle the problem.
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Jordan: In Jordan, Palestine refugee children from Syria find hope
Relief Web 28 Aug 2013 - Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: Jordan, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic “I used to learn French when I was in Syria,” 14-year-old Rawan says after she finishes reading a book...

Palestinian schools in Jerusalem offered money to switch to Israeli curriculum
Al-Akhbar News 28 Aug 2013 - Palestinian school children sit in their classroom of their UNRWA school on the first day of the new school year in Gaza City, on 25 August 2013. (Photo: AFP - Mahmud Hams) Several Palestinian schools in Jerusalem will incorporate Israeli educational material in their curriculum after...

Ugandan orphans receive gift of learning from Dubai students
The National 27 Aug 2013 - University of Wollongong in Dubai students create English-language app for underprivileged Ugandan children.

Jerusalem Child Forced Under House Arrest
IMEMC - The District Police in occupied East Jerusalem released on Friday evening [August 23, 2013] a Palestinian child after detaining him for two days, and ordered him under house arrest. ...

Grownup children playing war: On Kufr Qaddum and violence
Amitai Ben Abba, +972 Magazine 8/21/2013
      There's no symmetry and no comparison between a pack of kids with slingshots and the fifth largest nuclear superpower in the world. And if the side at which violence is directed perceives no threat, is that supposed violence real?
     The Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Guerrilla of Qaddum's children is running to and fro with stones and sometimes slingshots, making funny sounds at the soldiers that are lying bored overloaded with weapons and riot gear in the sun on the hill.
     Kids have secret worlds of wandering imagination and play. In my own childhood, I would roam around empty building sites and fields, parks and barren streets, and the space would become only partial to the world of imagination flying in my mind. Street signs, stray cats, rubbish, thorns, empty beer cans and bongs and needles on the ground were sometimes present as props in the play, but they were mostly just regular constituents of the Jerusalem scenery, fading in and out of my child's-play consciousness. Likewise, in Kufr Qaddum, kids play around fields filled with used teargas canisters, rubber coated steel bullets, shells of live ammo and burned patches of ground. My Kosovar and Bosnian friends would tell me of their uncanny childhoods. They were playing at war, like spies or commando units or pirates, wandering between ruins, while bombings and shootings and sometimes massacres were happening around them during the grown-ups' actual war. In the Palestinian village of Kufr Qaddum the kids take the make-believe of children's play to a whole other level.
     "3ah 'Aah, ghri ghrri," the kids cry at the soldiers, like the calls shepherds make to summon their herds. "Awawa 3a wah 3aaaaahhh!"
     Some older Palestinian folks are there as well. "You're not a commander," one of them taunts the officer from a distance. "You're just a municipality contractor in Kufr Qaddum. Look at you, the dog is your leader; our leader is this child over here...."
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Man tries to attack brother on trial for murdering relatives
8/21/2013 - SALFIT (Ma'an) -- Court security guards on Wednesday detained the brother of a man on trial for killing his relatives, the district attorney said. The suspect is on trial for killing his brother's 27-year-old pregnant wife, Lina Fatooni, and her children Majd, 4, and Jana, 5. Guards detained the suspect's brother, who is the widower of Fatooni, as he....

Free land offered to build new schools in Abu Dhabi
The National 18 Aug 2013 - Investors with track record in education are asked to build new schools for 11,000 children in Khalifa City A, Al Wathba and Al Falah.

84 citizens from Gaza visit their relatives held in Nafha jail
PIC - A new batch of prisoners' families from the Gaza Strip, including 17 children, at dawn Monday headed for Nafha prison to visit their detained relatives.

Remembering Zayed: nation led by its loving father
The National 27 Jul 2013 - Picture gallery: Sheikh Zayed had boundless love for children, his own and those he considered his own as leader of the country. He valued their opinions and was strong in his knowledge that if they were well educated, the nation¿s future was safe.

Shaker Aamer’s children tell Senate of loneliness growing up without father

'AMITzvah’ summer program aids disadvantaged children
Jerusalem Post 20 Jul 2013 - Program provides ‘meaningful educational opportunities for families,’ says director.

Two Palestinian children detained in Hebron
IMEMC - Earlier today, Israeli soldiers detained two Palestinian children near the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron. Mohammad Abu Mayaleh, 7, and Ahmad Abed al-Qader, 10, were held for several hours and then released. No reason has been given for their detainment. ...

Israeli group visits Aqsa compound with police escort
7/15/2013 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Dozens of Israelis entered the Al-Aqsa compound on Monday under armed guard, a local foundation said. The Al-Aqsa Foundation for Waqf and Heritage said the group entered the compound through the Moroccan gate accompanied by an Israeli police escort. Israeli forces deployed at the entrances to the compound and briefly detained two children, the group said. At least 180 Israelis, including....

World: Attacks on Education: The impact of conflict and grave violations on children’s futures
Relief Web 12 Jul 2013 - Source: Save the Children Country: Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mali, occupied Palestinian territory, Pakistan, Syrian Arab Republic, World Children's Futures at Risk On July 12, 2013, youth delegates from around the globe will meet at the...

'Syrian war imperils education of over 2 million children'
Jerusalem Post 12 Jul 2013 - Aid agency reports more than a fifth of Syria's schools have been destroyed, made unusable in more than 2 years of conflict.

PA to overhaul policies on children's rights
7/8/2013 - RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- The Palestinian Authority announced Monday that it will begin an overhaul of national policies concerning children's rights in partnership with Save The Children, an international NGO. The change in policy is a result of studies done on children's health, rights, education, protection and children with disabilities by the Ministries of Health, Education, and Social Affairs, as well....

‘Amazing Race’ stars learn reality of challenged kids
Jerusalem Post 27 Jun 2013 - TV show takes its stars to Shalva to meet challenged children; show front-runner says he feels "honored" to meet children.

9-year-old dies in Gaza, without fulfilling ‘human rights’ dream, to see imprisoned father
Mondoweiss - A nine-year-old boy Tariq Assakani passed away in a road accident in Gaza today. Tariq is the only child of the Palestinian prisoner Ahmad Assakani who is serving a 27 year sentence in Israeli jails. The bus Tariq was traveling in was heading for a summer...

2 killed as prisoner relatives' bus collides with truck
6/24/2013 - Correction appended GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Two people were killed and 20 others were wounded on Monday when a bus transporting prisoners' children collided with a truck near the Israeli Civil Administration office in the northern Gaza Strip, witnesses said. Tariq was born after his father was imprisoned and had only been able to visit him twice, the center said. Gaza civil defense....

Journal: Witness to a child arrest in occupied Hebron
6/24/2013 - International Solidarity Movement - 24th June 2013, International Solidarity Movement, Khalil Team, Hebron, Occupied Palestine - Since coming to the West Bank I had heard a lot about the Israeli army detaining and arresting children. Despite this, the first time I saw it myself, I was amazed. Amazed that people - young soldiers – could intimidate, harass and arrest kids. And all done with smiles on their faces. We were called....

UN panel slams Israel for detaining migrant children, urges immediate end to policy
Ha'aretz - 24 Jun 2013

CRC: Palestinian children tortured, used as shields by Israeli occupation
PIC - The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) accused Israeli forces of mistreating Palestinian children, including torturing the detained children and using others as human shields.

UN watchdog accuses Israeli forces of abusing kids
6/20/2013 - GENEVA (AFP) -- A UN human rights watchdog on Thursday accused Israel's police and military of abuses against Palestinian children ranging from torture to solitary confinement and threats of death and sexual assault in prisons. In a report on Israel's record, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child said it expressed its "deepest concern about the reported practice of torture....

Israeli court orders imprisonment of 14-year-old Jerusalemite child
PIC - An Israeli military court ordered the imprisonment of a Jerusalemite child from Alezariya, to the south east of Jerusalem.

occupied Palestinian territory: Changing lives in Gaza by providing access to credit - Case study: Salah Taha from Gaza
Relief Web 18 Jun 2013 - Source: Global Communities Country: occupied Palestinian territory This article originally appeared in Palestine Business Focus Magazine. "CHF-Ryada is helping me maintain stable future education for my children." Salah is 42 years old from Gaza. He is married and has 5...

’NY Times’ publishes defense of racial segregation in Israel
Mairav Zonszein And Lisa Goldman, Daily Beast, +972 Magazine 6/15/2013
      Imagine that the 'New York Times' published an op-ed defending the segregation of white and black schoolchildren at an American amusement park. That's more or less what happened in Israel recently.
     Imagine that Six Flags Great Adventure, a New Jersey adventure park, quietly instituted separate days for black and white schoolchildren. Exposed by the media, the management claimed they had acted in response to complaints from some white parents about the behavior of the black children, saying they behaved badly and cursed at the white children. Senior government ministers, including President Obama, said they were outraged and suggested the incident merited an official investigation. And then a white person wrote an op-ed defending the Six Flags management's decision. In an article saturated with links and references to right-wing media outlets like Fox News, the Washington Free Beacon and the Drudge Report, the white author claimed that Six Flags' policy was not racist. And the New York Times published the piece.
     A variation of this scenario happened in Israel recently, when local media exposed the Superland amusement park's policy of segregating Arab and Jewish schoolchildren. The mainstream media and the government, including right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, were outraged. But Shmuel Rosner, a journalist who lives in Tel Aviv, defended the management's policy in an op-ed for the New York Times, on the International Herald Tribune's Latitudes Blog. According to Rosner, the policy is not an expression of racism, but rather pragmatism that reflects a regrettable reality.
     Rosner explains that Superland's management is just trying to "prevent trouble" between Jewish and Arab kids who behave badly toward one another. This is the same argument that elite American universities like Harvard made for imposing quotas on Jewish students as recently as 50 years ago. The deans justified their policy by explaining that letting a department fill up with Jews would exacerbate anti-semitism, so by limiting the number of Jewish students they were actually protecting them. -- See also: Source: Daily Beast
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Israeli army detains a 10-year-old during the weekly demonstration in Kafr Qaddum
6/14/2013 - International Solidarity Movement - 14th June 2013, International Women's Peace Service, Kafr Qaddum, Occupied Palestine - On Friday 14 June, the Israeli army arrested a 10-year-old child during the weekly protest in Kafr Qaddum. Israeli soldiers fired tear gas canisters and sound bombs at the villagers; many local residents suffered from tear gas inhalation. At approximately˙12:00, when residents and international solidarity activists started gathering for the....

’Infiltrators’ or refugees: back to Jewish history
Michel Warschawski, Alternative Information Center 6/12/2013
      2000 men, women, children and even newborn babies are held in what can only be described as a concentration camp (one must make a clear distinction between concentration camp and extermination camp). According to the amendment of the 'Law against Infiltrations' adopted by the last Knesset and currently pending review by the Supreme Court, Israel can hold in unlimited (sic) detention any person who illegally entered Israeli territory and claims asylum. These refugees, essentially from Sudan and Eritrea, are claiming the obvious: returning to their country may well be a death penalty for them.
     The Israeli behaviour is barbarian. On the one hand, it is building an electronic fence to prevent entry for people escaping hunger or death and, on the other, it arrests those who manage to enter and detains them until they sign a document in which they "voluntarily" accept deportation.
     "Such a law stains the entire Israeli law system" state an editorial last month of Haaretz, "by transforming a refugee into a criminal". Israel signed the UN Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, but is obsessed by the "demographic" issue in maintaining the Jewish character and majority of Israel. To resolve this contradiction, Israel cynically denies the label of 'refugee' to men, women and children who are obviously refugees, and labels them instead as "infiltrators". "Infiltrators" was also the name given in the 1950s and 1960s to Palestinian armed group trying to cross the borders.
     As with many other crimes committed by the Israeli authorities, this is also a slap in the face of our history: thousands of Jews were trying to escape Nazi Germany to other European countries, in particular to Switzerland, but in vain. Authorities then denied them the status of refugees attempting to escape persecutions and eventually death, treating them instead as...infiltrators.
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UN: Syria death toll more than 93,000
6/13/2013 - GENEVA (AFP) -- More than 93,000 people, including over 6,500 children, have been killed in Syria's civil war, which has grown increasingly deadly over the past year, a United Nations study said on Thursday. The skyrocketing death toll, along with documented cases of children tortured and entire families massacred, "is a terrible reminder of just how vicious this conflict has become," UN rights chief....

Islamic Jihad 'preparing next generation to resist'
6/12/2013 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Islamic Jihad is preparing a generation of Palestinians ready to defend themselves and their people against Israeli attacks, a spokesman said Wednesday. As the movement completed a summer camp for 80 teenagers in the southern Gaza Strip, Daoud Shibab said Palestinian children needed to learn to defend themselves."We need to prepare our children to defend themselves, and protect themselves....

IOA transfers 12-year-old detainee to hospital
PIC - The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) transferred a 12-year-old Palestinian child to Hadassah Ein Karem hospital in Jerusalem only few hours after his arrest.

Gaza relatives visit detainees at Israeli jail
6/10/2013 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) - Detainees' relatives from the Gaza Strip headed on Monday morning to the Erez crossing to visit their relatives at Israel's Eshel prison, a Red Cross official said. Nasser al-Najjar told Ma'an that 37 relatives including nine children took the trip. He said the Israeli side was allowing the visits to take place weekly without incident. [END]

The return to Iqrit
Jonathan Cook, Israeli Occupation Archive 6/9/2013
      Descendants of those expelled from one Palestinian village during the creation of Israel are trying to reclaim the land.
     Iqrit, Israel - A dream long nurtured by hundreds of thousands of Palestinians made refugees during the establishment of the state of Israel has become a concrete reality at a small makeshift camp atop a windswept hill.
     A dozen young men have set up the camp at a site in the Upper Galilee from which their grandparents were expelled more than six decades ago.
     Today, all that remains of the village of Iqrit, close to Israel's border with Lebanon, is a Catholic church on the hill's brow. But in 1948, the village was home to 600 Christian Palestinians.
     Walaa Sbeit, one of the camp's leaders, said the group had been inspired by a vision of rebuilding their village.
     "We never lost the connection to this place," he said. "Every summer we hold a summer school here for the children to learn about the village and their past. And once a month the villagers hold a service at the church. For us, this was always our real home."
     The nakba
     In 1948, some 750,000 Palestinians were expelled from more than 400 villages as the new state of Israel was declared on a large part of their homeland - an event known to Palestinians as the nakba, or "catastrophe". The refugees - mostly descendants of those driven from their homes - now number around five million, according to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency.
     Nearly all the emptied villages were later destroyed by the Israeli army to prevent the inhabitants, and the generations which would follow them, from ever returning home.
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Bethlehem man enters 21st year in Israeli jail
6/7/2013 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- A Palestinian detainee entered his 21st year of a life sentence in Israeli prison on Friday. Rizeq Ali Salah, 50, from al-Khader village near Bethlehem, is one of Palestine's longest-serving detainees. Both Salah's parents have died since he was detained in 1993. Salah is married with two children, and his son, Ahmad, spent one year in jail with him. [END]

Lebanon: Education support for children in Lebanon refugee camp
Relief Web 6 Jun 2013 - Source: American Near East Refugee Aid Country: Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory In Nahr El Bared Palestinian refugee camp in the north of Lebanon, eight-year-old Mounir Wehbe draws a banana tree next to a house with large windows. He has just...

Israel allows Gaza residents to visit jailed relatives
6/3/2013 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Over 100 Gaza residents visited their relatives detained in Israel's Nafha prison on Monday, the International Committee of the Red Cross said. ICRC spokesman Nasser al-Najjar told Ma'an that 98 adults and 19 children visited 48 prisoners in Nafha jail. It was the largest group from Gaza allowed to visit prisoners since Israel resumed family visits....

occupied Palestinian territory: OFID and UNESCO Sign Project Agreement to Improve Education for Palestinian Children in West Bank and Gaza Strip
Relief Web 3 Jun 2013 - Source: UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Country: occupied Palestinian territory The OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) signed a project agreement with UNESCO to improve access to quality education for Palestinian children in the West Bank and Gaza Strip,...

IOF soldiers unleash hounds on women and children in Jenin
PIC - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) unleashed their dogs on relatives of five detainees taken from Jenin at dawn Monday.

Video: Israel prohibits Gazan children from visiting imprisoned fathers

occupied Palestinian territory: Israel prohibits Gazan children from visiting imprisoned fathers, 2013
Relief Web 23 May 2013 - Source: Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories Country: occupied Palestinian territory May 2013 - Over 500 Gazan men, including 14 minors, are currently being held as prisoners and detainees in Israel. In July 2012, after a...

Lebanon: In Lebanon, Palestine refugee children from Syria in UNRWA schools receive school bags, clothing from UNICEF
Relief Web 22 May 2013 - Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic Around 3,400 Palestine refugee children from Syria now continuing their education in UNRWA schools in Lebanon received school uniforms,...

Min. to add 1,000 kindergarten assistant jobs
Jerusalem Post 20 May 2013 - Education Minister also reiterated commitment to advancing integration of children with special needs into regular schools.

Final exams start in West Bank schools despite ministry's opposition
5/19/2013 - NABLUS (Ma'an) - School children across the West Bank started final exams Sunday despite the ministry of education's decision to delay them until the end of the month, a union official said."The teachers' union insisted on its decision to start finals Sunday, May 19 bypassing the ministry of education'.... Related: Court freezes union's early exam schedule

Israeli forces 'interrogate Jerusalem children'
5/17/2013 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces interrogated two Palestinian children in Jerusalem on Thursday, their father said. Iyad al-Awar told Ma'an that Israeli forces raided his home and tried to detain his children, 6-year-old Qassam and 5-year-old Nasrallah. Al-Awar prevented the arrest but troops handed him a warrant ordering him to....

New women's center hosts educational Nakba commemoration event
5/17/2013 - International Solidarity Movement - 17th May 2013, International Solidarity Movement, Asira Al-Qibliyyah, Occupied Palestine, Team Nablus - The event ended in a Palestinian dabkah performance by a local girls dabkah group, celebrating culture and proving that Palestinian history has not been forgotten. A new women's center in Asira Al-Qibliyyah hosted an event for women and children in commemoration....

Nakba survivor: ’If you wanted to live, you left’
Ma’an News Agency 5/15/2013
      BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Ghatheyya Mifleh al-Khawalda was 15 years old when she fled her home during the Nakba of 1948.
     Now 80, Ghatheyya was once a carefree teenager who used to live with her mother and sister in the village of al-Qastina, northeast of Gaza.
     Although her early life was marked by tragedy -- her grandmother died when she was born and her father passed away on Eid al-Adha -- she says she had a happy childhood.
     "We had a very nice house, a big house with marble floors in the hallway. My father was a farmer, and we had farmland with orange trees, apple trees, grapefruit trees and others. I used to spend my days playing with my sister and the other girls in the village. We were very happy," she told the Palestinian Center for Human Rights.
     Her life changed dramatically in 1948, when Jewish militias arrived in the area where she lived.
     "We had heard stories about attacks on other villages. Still, the attack on al-Qastina came without warning. Before that, there had been a British military camp nearby, but that year the British left and allowed the Jewish groups to take over."
     Some Jewish militia members were wearing uniform and others had civilian clothes, Ghatheyya said, and when they arrived in the village they began firing at people, killing three villagers.
     "We ran away, afraid for our safety, and went to Tal al-Safi, a nearby village on a hill. It was within walking distance, and we were in a hurry to leave, so we didn't take anything with us. It was like Doomsday. It was utter terror. People's minds were imprisoned by fear. We couldn't think of anything except leaving, not even simple things like bringing food with us," she said.
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Hakol Chai creates humane education program for Arab sector
Jerusalem Post 10 May 2013 - NGO project aims to prevent children’s violent behavior toward animals.

Lebanon: Protect our children’s future by protecting UNRWA schools
Relief Web 8 May 2013 - Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic Op-Ed by Director of UNRWA Affairs in Lebanon, Ann Dismorr Education is the basis of human development and is...

Ahrar: “1227 Palestinians Kidnapped, 16 Killed, This Year”
IMEMC - The Ahrar Center for Detainee’s Studies and Human Rights reported that Israeli soldiers kidnapped 1227 Palestinians, including children, women, elderly, intellectuals and legislators, since the beginning of this year, shot and killed 16 more Palestinians. ...

occupied Palestinian territory: Detention Bulletin - Issue 39 - March 2013
Relief Web 3 May 2013 - Source: Defence for Children International/Palestine Section Country: occupied Palestinian territory March registered the highest number of Palestinian children imprisoned and prosecuted in the Israeli military court system since October 2010, reaching a total of 238, an increase of two children...

Violence is a cruel reminder of a reality that is neither calm nor stable
Mairav Zonszein, +972 Magazine 4/30/2013
      When murder and violence flash in the West Bank, Israelis should remember that on the other days they don’t hear about terror, lots of violence is taking place. Those who choose to live in an illusion of calm and stability should consider themselves both privileged and lucky. And neither of those things can last forever.
     Days like today, ones that start out with a Palestinian stabbing an Israeli to death and end with Israeli settlers rampaging around, starting fires and hurling stones at innocent Palestinian bystanders – many of them children: days like today are a cruel expression of the dire situation we all live in here – but more specifically, illuminate the illusion of stability that Israelis live with.
     A few months ago, the IDF was proud to announce that there were no fatal terror attacks in the West Bank at all in 2012, and it really is a feat. In fact, Evyatar Burovsky was the first Israeli victim of a fatal attack committed by a Palestinian in the West Bank since September 2011.
     During this “calm” period, most Israelis continue going about their lives. They aren’t affected by the violence of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on a daily basis. But days like today, when the phrase “terror attack” is back in the news, Israelis suddenly remember that we are in a violent conflict. The government, of course, does a good job of reminding us we are the victims.
     But on all those days when there is no violence against Israelis in the news, on all those days when Israelis can go about their business, the situation is actually not at all stable or calm. It’s definitely not calm for the Palestinian population, specifically in the West Bank where life under occupation is anything but free of violence.
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Syrian Arab Republic: In Syria, educating students a priority
Relief Web 30 Apr 2013 - Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic 30 April 2013 Syria Now in its third year, the conflict in Syria has had a severe impact on children’s...

PHOTOS: The face of Israel’s discriminatory home demolition policy
Activestills, +972 Magazine 4/30/2013
      Demolitions of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem are part and parcel of Israel’s publicly stated plans to reduce and control the demography of Palestinians and non-Jews in Jerusalem. With little chance of receiving building permits, Palestinian families often decide to build anyway, hoping that maybe their home will be spared.
     On Wednesday April 24, Israeli authorities demolished three Palestinian houses in the At Tur neighborhood on the Mount of Olives in East Jerusalem. The pretext, as usual, was that the owner had built illegally, though he had spent months applying for permits from the Jerusalem Municipality and provided all requested documentation. One of the structures demolished was an addition built to house the youngest generations of the 45-member Jaradat extended family, illustrating one of the basic quandaries facing East Jerusalem Palestinians: As families grow and children get married to start families of their own, where can they live if the government will not grant them permission to build?
     Israelis sometimes display a disturbingly blas? attitude toward the demolition of Palestinian homes. One sometimes encounters the attitude, even among self-proclaimed leftists, that “there are laws,” and since an Israeli Jew cannot build a house without permission, why should a Palestinian be able to? They might even offer examples of how their own family wanted to build and were denied permission. So if Israelis obey the law, isn’t it the Palestinians’ fault when they are punished for breaking it?
     This attitude may seem reasonable to foreigners as well. Most countries have zoning and building regulations that are generally respected as a necessity for maintaining orderly communities. But what these attitudes fail to grasp is the systematic discrimination faced by Palestinians under Israeli occupation, a context well-documented by various human rights organizations....
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Palestinian Children Denied Education in Israeli Prisons

Israeli forces detain 4 children, parent in Hebron
4/26/2013 - HEBRON (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces on Friday detained four children for allegedly throwing stones in Hebron, locals said. The children, aged 8-12, were detained along with the father who tried to stop soldiers from detaining his son. [END]

'3 children detained' by Israeli police in Jerusalem
4/25/2013 - JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli police detained three children on Thursday morning during a raid in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiyeh, a local committee member said. The three children, aged 13, were arrested by Israeli police who were accompanied by intelligence agents, Follow-Up Committee member Muhammad Abul Humus told Ma'an. A spokesman....

Israeli police detains 3 children during raid in Issawiyeh
PIC - Israeli police and undercover forces shot a Palestinian youth and detained three children, following a raid in the east Jerusalem town of Issawiyeh on Wednesday.

US academy to open in Nablus
4/24/2013 - NABLUS (Ma'an) -- A Palestinian teacher who spent 22 years working in the United States has decided to open an educational academy in Nablus which will follow the US school curriculum." My dream is coming true, I always wished to see our children educated the American way and we finally got permission from the....

G4S responds to public anger but remains complicit in Israel’s abhorrent prison system
Global BDS 24 Apr 2013 - Palestinian Prisoners Day was last week marked with actions in 11 countries protesting the complicity of British-Danish security company G4S in Israel’s prison system. The company provides equipment and services to prisons at which Palestinian political prisoners, including child prisoners, are illegally detained and subjected to...

UNICEF tones down report on child detainees in wake of Israeli pressure

UNICEF tones down report on child detainees in wake of Israeli pressure
Haggai Matar, +972 Magazine 4/20/2013
      A story in The Australian newspaper offers a glimpse into the makings of a UN report on Palestinian children detained by Israel, including a look into how Israeli pressure muffled the report’s criticism.
     The issue of Israel’s treatment of detained minors has been gaining more and more attention in recent weeks. Aside from ongoing parliamentary debates in the UK, Israel’s Channel 2 News aired a story on the nighttime arrests of child stone-throwers in the Al-Arub Refugee Camp (Hebrew), and we at +972 published Samar Hazboun’s beautiful and horrific photo essay of children’s testimonies from their detention.
     Both of these were preceded by a UNICEF report published last month, which has gained much attention for its criticism of Israel’s policies towards minors in the occupied territories. Israel differentiates between Israeli and Palestinian minors by law, offering them different sets of rights, subjecting the Palestinian youths to a military court system, and often denying them basic rights in interrogations in an attempt to extort confessions. The UNICEF report concluded that “ill-treatment of Palestinian children in the Israeli military detention system appears to be widespread, systematic and institutionalized.” Harsh words indeed.
     However, it now appears that even these words have been scrutinized and carefully picked, intentionally leaving out words such as “torture” due to Israeli pressure on the UN body. Research published this week by John Lyons, Middle East correspondent for The Australian, shows how attempts were made by UNICEF to blur the severe implications of its own findings. Lyons describes the press conference in which the report was released, and says how the room was surprisingly empty due to the agency’s intentional inviting of few journalists following what one UNICEF official called intense “pressure to cancel this event.”
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Detained: Testimonies from Palestinian children imprisoned by Israel

Detained: Testimonies from Palestinian children imprisoned by Israel
Text and photos by Samar Hazboun, +972 Magazine 4/19/2013
      Detained: Testimonies from Palestinian Children Imprisoned by Israel’ uncovers one of the most painful experiences that Palestinian children endure in the ongoing Israeli occupation. Through interviews with ex-detainees and mothers of minors presently in detention, the project documents their stories and aims to lend a voice to those who are silenced from fear of negative repercussions.
     Over the past 11 years, according to Defence for Children International, some 7,500 children have been detained in Israeli prisons and detention facilities. Muhammad Daoud Dirbas, at the age of six, was the youngest child to have been detained by Israeli soldiers. Such practices are considered illegal under international law, as are other policies that children are subjected to, such as solitary confinement.
     I started working on “Detained” about one year ago, because of the lack of visual documentation on the subject. I contacted some human rights organizations, which put me in contact with a few children. Unfortunately, those children refused to be interviewed; having been contacted several times by journalists, they were afraid of repercussions. I then decided to contact people I knew from Palestinian cities like Nablus and Hebron where child detention is most prevalent. Through these friends, I was able to find and contact additional children. Sadly, it was quite easy to find them since it is such a common phenomenon.
     In most cases, I found children who suffer from various traumas. Some were not able to talk about what had happened in prison; others burst into tears, and it was sometimes hard for me to hold my own tears back as I was conducting the interviews. Many children agreed to talk to me “off the record”; I thus know their stories but was not able to officially interview them or take their pictures. In some cases, I was able to talk to the parents once the child left the room, and thus obtained more detailed information about how the children were dealing with what had happened to them.
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Israeli forces 'detain teens, child' in al-Arrub refugee camp
4/18/2013 - HEBRON (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces on Thursday detained two teenagers and a child in the al-Arrub refugee camp in the southern West Bank, a local popular committee spokesman said. Mohammad Awad said Israeli soldiers raided the camp and detained 11-year-old Abdulla Abu Sharar, Odai Nemr Jawabreh, 18, and Wisam Salih al-Badawi, 19. [END]

Israel detaining 236 Palestinian children
4/17/2013 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israel is detaining at least 236 children as young as 12, among nearly 5,000 Palestinians held in Israeli jails, the Palestinian Authority said ahead of Prisoners Day on Wednesday. Israel is the only country in the world that has devised military courts for children, and it has detained over 8,000 children....

Israel court orders house arrest for Jenin woman
4/15/2013 - JENIN (Ma'an) -- An Israeli court decided Saturday to place the mother of a Palestinian prisoner from the Jenin district under house arrest in Israel after she was detained for allegedly smuggling a phone to her imprisoned son. Fathiya Abu Raed's husband told Ma'an his wife went with two children....

Israel destroys West Bank community center, arrests 20
Jillian Kestler-D'Amours, Burin, Electronic Intifada 4/12/2013
      Large slabs of wood lay scattered on the brightly tiled floor. Ripped posters were still clinging to the walls by bits of tape. A handful of computer hard drives were ripped out, and lay haphazardly on their sides. The electricity wires were cut, and broken windowpanes let in what little light entered the room.
     “[The Israeli interrogator] told me, ‘We are now breaking your dream and your friends’ dreams,’” said 23-year-old Ghassan al-Najjar, while standing on piece of a broken wooden desk. “They said, ‘We will come back soon, but next time will be to take you and put you in the prison.’”
     Al-Najjar founded the Bilal al-Najjar Martyrs Center with friends in his home village of Burin, in the northern occupied West Bank, in 2007.
     Located in the heart of the village, the center provides language and computer classes, and other educational resources, to women, children, the elderly, and anyone else in Burin.
     At 11:30pm Wednesday, at least 400 Israeli forces — among them, soldiers, border police and Shin Bet intelligence officers — stormed Burin, al-Najjar told The Electronic Intifada. At around 12:30am, they began ransacking the homes of some of the center’s 400 volunteers.
     In total, the homes of at least 50 volunteers were raided, and the center was completely trashed. Ten volunteers were beaten and 20 more were arrested; 17 were quickly released, and three remained in Israeli custody by early Thursday evening.
     Al-Najjar said his home was raided. His parents, his sister and her three young children (three-year-old twins and a three-month-old baby), who were asleep at the time, were forced outside by a group of at least 60 soldiers.
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Adoption, Surrogacy, and Birthright
Dissident Voice: 15 Apr 2013 - Adoption and surrogacy are today uniquely framed in terms of family creation, and the mythologies that surround this status quo still hold within all realms of “First World” societies, despite a growing challenge from adoptees, true mothers and families, as well as originating communities that source such children. Such challenges recognize the economic and political realities that undergird adoption and surrogacy as we understand it today, and most recently take the form of government apologies for the Baby Scoop era, the Magdalene Laundries, and the targeting of Indigenous Peoples within the era of Anglo-American empire. Examined from this normally unvoiced perspective, the functional aspects of these practices reveal themselves to be premised upon economic and political factors based on the needs of growing nation-states, with the desire to “create family” relegated to a supportive conceit of bourgeois society. These “pseudo-” or “proto-adoption” practices are nonetheless manifested in the industry as...more

Poverty forces Gaza children into labor market
4/14/2013 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Poverty in the Gaza Strip is forcing a growing number of Palestinian children to drop out of school and enter the job market. Israel's siege on the coastal territory, the high cost of living and the loss of family members who were previously bread winners, have forced children....

The inner syntax of Palestinian stone-throwing
Amira Hass, Haaretz, Independent Australian Jewish Voices 4/7/2013
      It would make sense for Palestinian schools to give classes in resistance: how to build multiple ‘tower and stockade’ villages in Area C; how to behave when army troops enter your homes; how to identify soldiers who flung you handcuffed to the floor of the jeep, in order to submit a complaint.
     Throwing stones is the birthright and duty of anyone subject to foreign rule. Throwing stones is an action as well as a metaphor of resistance. Persecution of stone-throwers, including 8-year-old children, is an inseparable part - though it’s not always spelled out - of the job requirements of the foreign ruler, no less than shooting, torture, land theft, restrictions on movement, and the unequal distribution of water sources.
     The violence of 19-year-old soldiers, their 45-year-old commanders, and the bureaucrats, jurists and lawyers is dictated by reality. Their job is to protect the fruits of violence instilled in foreign occupation - resources, profits, power and privileges.
     Steadfastness (Sumud) and resistance against the physical, and even more so the systemic, institutionalized violence, is the core sentence in the inner syntax of Palestinians in this land. This is reflected every day, every hour, every moment, without pause. Unfortunately, this is true not only in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and Gaza, but also within Israel’s recognized borders, although the violence and the resistance to it are expressed differently. But on both sides of the Green Line, the levels of distress, suffocation, bitterness, anxiety and wrath are continually on the rise, as is the astonishment at Israelis’ blindness in believing that their violence can remain in control forever....
     Even if it is a right and duty, various forms of steadfastness and resisting the foreign regime, as well as its rules and limitations, should be taught and developed. Limitations could include the distinction between civilians and those who carry arms, between children and those in uniform, as well as the failures and narrowness of using weapons. -- See also: Source: Haaretz (by subscription) and Warsaw Ghetto fighter to Israeli youth: Rise up against the occupation
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Students celebrate reading week at Solomon's Pools
4/8/2013 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- School children in Bethlehem concluded national reading week on Sunday with a ceremony at Solomon's Pools. The event, organized by the Tamer Organization for Community Education and the education ministry, included traditional activities and performances denouncing Israeli settlement activities and land confiscation. Sami Imruwwa, director of the ministry'....

New Israeli Military Order Ineffectual in Safeguarding Child Detainees

'Parents in the UAE need to learn about diabetes'
The National 5 Apr 2013 - More than two-thirds of parents in a survey admit their children have not been screened for diabetes despite a family history of the disease.

The Unheard Voices of Palestinians
Alan Wieder, CounterPunch 3/22/2013
      David Grossman's "The Yellow Wind" Revisited
     David Grossman did the interviews for his book, The Yellow Wind, in May 1987, six months before the first Intifada. Not only did the book show that particular decade’s oppressive reality of Israel toward Palestine, it illustrated the causes of that Intifada, and sadly, the one that followed and those that will come because of Israel’s continuing oppression that is now wed with expanding settlements on Palestinian land in what is at the very least the closest, present parallel to the Bantustan states in apartheid South Africa.
     Although somewhat confounding, Grossman did not himself define Israel as the oppressor and Palestine as the oppressed. “Defining Israel’s position as wrong in principle and the Palestinian position as entirely righteous, is simplistic and false,” he said. Grossman’s book is compelling, however, because he relies on the voices of “ordinary” Palestinians and Israelis, not politicians or officials, living in the West Bank at the time. And the people that he spoke with clearly do signify – the oppressor and the oppressed.
     "The fact is that when I wrote the book I had no intention of suggesting a solution. I am a writer not a politician, and the writer’s job, I believe, is to put a finger on the wound, to write anew, in a language that the reader has not yet learned to insulate himself against, about the intricacies of the existing situation, to shatter stereotypes that make it easy not to deal with the problems. The writer’s job is to remind those who have forgotten that humanity and morality are still important questions and to warn of the future implied by the present." (Intro/NP)
     Traveling for seven weeks in the West Bank, Grossman spoke to Palestinians and Israelis. He met shopkeepers, soldiers, farmers, widows, children, oppressors, victims, and more. For the purpose of this review, we will re-visit the words of some of the Palestinians whom Grossman portrays in the book....
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IOF soldiers detained 90 children last month
PIC - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) rounded up 330 Palestinians in the past month of March including 90 children, a human rights group said on Monday.

‘My surprise was even greater–’ Israeli emboff pens Dickensian letter to Lancet justifying harsh treatment of children throwing stones
Mondoweiss - Oh, what bureaucratic officious and oleaginous prose is marshaled in the cause of child imprisonment: the press attache for the Embassy of Israel in London delegitimization by writing to The Lancet t o protest an editorial that calls for certain basic protections for Palestinian minors imprisoned...

More than 100 Jerusalemite detainees within 3 months, including 20 children
PIC - The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrested since the beginning of 2013 about 105 Jerusalemites, including 20 minors, Palestinian human rights sources revealed.

Lessons learned from a box of matzoh
Mondoweiss - Matzoh (Photo: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt) Matzoh, the Jewish bread of affliction, has a historical narrative that dates thousands of years. In our haste to leave Egypt, the land where we were slaves, the Israelites gathered their children, animals, belongings, and bread dough before it had a...

Obama’s 'Listening' Trip to the Middle East
Dr. Elias Akleh, Arabic Media Internet Network (AMIN) 3/25/2013
      President Obama has just concluded his visit to the Middle East that included Israel, occupied Ramallah, and Jordan. The declared purpose of the visit was to listen to the concerns of the heads of states in an attempt to devise some means to revive the peace process. The real undeclared purpose of the visit is to re-instate Israel’s international status that had suffered increased isolation and criticism.
     United Nations Children Fund issued its investigating report of Israeli army abuses of young Palestinian children and accusing it of grave violations of international humanitarian laws. Fourteen members of the UN Security Council had condemned, last December, Israel for advancing the construction of the illegal settlements (colonies) in occupied West Bank and Palestinian East Jerusalem stating that such plans undermine their faith in Israel’s willingness to negotiate with Palestinians. A General Assembly resolution was issued on January 14th 2013 calling on Israel to end its settlement (colonies) expansions declaring such activity as illegal. Many Israeli diplomats and pro-Zionist American politicians had expressed their concern about the increasing worldwide criticism of Israel, even among its supporters, for its settlement (colonies) expansion plans in the West Bank.
     Statements of the members of the new Israeli government had shown that this government is the most extremist since the illegal establishment of the state. The new Israeli government had declared its major goal of enlarging the illegal settlements (colonies) and achieving a million Jew on occupied West Bank. Besides expansionism its members have no vision of any possible peace with Palestinians or even negotiating with them. Danny Danon, for example, the new Israeli deputy defense minister vowed to expand settlements (colonies) stating that US and the rest of the world will have to get used to see increased settlement construction. He also sees that there is no Palestinian peace partner to talk to. Avigdor Leiberman, leader of Yisrael Beitenu, stated that “anyone who thinks peace can be reached with the Palestinians is delusional.”....
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Israel releases 3 children detained in Hebron
3/22/2013 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Three Palestinian children being held in Israeli custody were released on Friday, the Palestinian liaison department said. Ahmed Abdel Raouf Burgan, 15, Ahmed Abdel Muti Abu Mayaleh, 13, and Mohammed Abdul Muti Abu Mayaleh, 13, were released after being arrested in Hebron this week, a statement said. Twenty-year-old Muhammad Mahmou Abusackor....

Israeli Human Rights Centre Objects to Detaining Palestinian Children
Palestine News Network

Israeli forces detain students in Hebron
3/20/2013 - HEBRON (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces on Wednesday detained some 30 students who were on their way to school in the southern area of Hebron, locals said. Locals told Ma'an that the students were transferred to Kiryat Arba police station, and the Israeli forces were detaining every student passing Tareq Bin Zeyad street.... Related: Thirty children arrested in Hebron on their way to school and Video: Israeli soldiers round up children in Hebron

Video: Israeli soldiers round up children in Hebron
3/20/2013 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli rights group B'Tselem on Wednesday said Israel's mass arrest of children in Hebron was "unacceptable," and released a video of the detentions. The video shows soldiers forcefully arresting schoolchildren, one of whom is dragged along the ground by a group of soldiers, as the children'.... Related: Thirty children arrested in Hebron on their way to school and Israeli forces detain students in Hebron

Sources to PNN: IOF Forces Detain 50 School Children in Hebron
Palestine News Network

Call to Action: Join Addameer’s Global End Administrative Detention Campaign!
Global BDS 20 Mar 2013 - Addameer calls on activists and people of conscience to stand in solidarity with all political prisoners and join Addameer Prisoners’ Support and Human Rights Organization’s upcoming global campaign against administrative detention. Over 4,743 Palestinians are currently detained by Israel; 10 of them women, 193 of them children,...

War Without End
Palestine Chronicle: 19 Mar 2013 - By Kathy Kelly Ten years ago, in March of 2003, Iraqis braced themselves for the anticipated “Shock and Awe” attacks that the U.S. was planning to launch against them.  The media buildup for the attack assured Iraqis that barbarous assaults were looming. I was living in Baghdad at the time, along with other Voices in the Wilderness activists determined to remain in Iraq, come what may.  We didn’t want U.S. – led military and economic war to sever bonds that had grown between ourselves and Iraqis who had befriended us over the past seven years.  Since 1996, we had traveled to Iraq numerous times, carrying medicines for children and families there, in open violation of the economic sanctions which directly targeted the most vulnerable people in Iraqi society, – the poor, the elderly, and the children. I still feel haunted by children and their heartbroken mothers and fathers whom we...more

IOF soldiers detain 41 Palestinian children in March
PIC - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) rounded up 41 Palestinian children in the first half of March while eight minors were injured in the same period at the hands of IOF soldiers.

Adalah: Israel denies Palestinian kids in its jails access to education
PIC - Adalah center demanded in a joint letter with defense for children international (DCI) the Israeli prison authority to grant Palestinian children and minors access to schooling in its jails.

EU To Send Delegation To Evaluate the Situation Of Palestinian Detainees
IMEMC - The European Parliament decided to send a fact-finding mission to evaluate the conditions Palestinian detainees face in Israeli prisons, especially detained children and women. ...

UNICEF Criticizes Israel’s Treatment of Palestinian Kids
Dr. Cesar Chelala, CounterPunch 3/15/2013
      A new UNICEF report, “Children in Israeli Military Detention,” is sharply critical of Israel’s treatment of detained Palestinian children. According to UNICEF, 700 Palestinian children aged 12-17, most of them boys, are arrested and harshly interrogated by the Israeli military, police and security agents every year in the occupied West Bank.
     In some cases, stated UNICEF, it had identified practices that “amount to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the Convention against Torture (CAT). The UNICEF report confirms what many human rights activists (including Israeli individual and organizations) have been denouncing for years.
     The UNICEF report is the result of several years of information gathering by the UN agency related to grave violations committed against Palestinian children in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory, including the arrest and detention of children. The information gathered is regularly reported to the United Nations Security Council Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict. Mounting allegations of ill-treatment of Palestinian children held in the Israeli military detention system prompted this review.
     According to Article 37 of the Convention of the Rights of the Child, State Parties shall ensure that “No child shall be subjected to torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment,”…and “Every child deprived of his or her liberty shall have the right to prompt access to legal and other appropriate assistance, as well as the right to challenge the legality of the deprivation of his or her liberty before a court or other competent, independent and impartial authority, and to a prompt decision on any such action.” These provisions have been repeatedly violated by the Israeli authorities.
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Army Detains A Child In Bethlehem
IMEMC - Wednesday March 13, 2013, Israeli soldiers detained a Palestinian child, 14, after claiming that she hurled stones at their jeep west of Bethlehem city. The child was released later on. ...

Women 'carry all' of Palestine’s suffering
Eva Bartlett, Gaza Strip, Electronic Intifada 3/8/2013
      GAZA CITY (IPS) - “In Gaza we don’t lead normal lives, we just cope, and adapt to our abnormal lives under siege and occupation,” said Dr. Mona El-Farra, a physician and a long-time women’s rights activist in the Gaza Strip. On International Women’s Day, when many of the world’s women are fighting for workplace equality and an end to domestic violence, Farra and the majority of Gaza’s women fight for the most basic of rights.
     “It is difficult to live in this small piece of land, where basic needs like clean water, regular electricity, proper sanitation and means of recreation are not met. Women in Gaza are particularly traumatized by the continuous Israeli military attacks,” said Farra.
     A 2009 Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) report highlighted the suffering of Palestinian women under the illegal Israeli-led siege imposed on Gaza, and under the 23 days of Israeli attacks in 2008-2009 which killed over 1,400 Palestinians, including 112 women.
     The report noted Gazan women’s continued struggle “as they attempt to come to terms with their grief and their injuries; with the loss of their children, their husbands, their relatives, their homes and their livelihoods” (“Through women’s eyes,” 28 September 2009).
     For Hiba an-Nabaheen, 24, a media studies graduate from Gaza’s Palestine University, the biggest issues facing women in Gaza are the poverty and unemployment that result from the siege.
     “How can a woman whose husband has died or been imprisoned continue to take care of her children? The deadly Israeli wars we endure don’t compare to the growing poverty we face. I’m a university graduate and can’t find work, and many graduates like me face the same problem, including those with exceptionally high marks."
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Israeli doctors accused of collusion in torture
Sharmila Devi, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 3/11/2013
      Questions are being raised about the involvement of Israeli doctors in the suspected torture of a young Palestinian detainee who died in custody last month. Sharmila Devi reports.
     The death of a Palestinian prisoner in disputed circumstances in an Israeli prison has reignited a longstanding controversy over alleged physician complicity in torture as well as sparking renewed Palestinian anger over the estimated 4600 prisoners held by Israel.
     The Israeli Medical Association (IMA) denied that medical professionals were involved in torture or abuse and said that as far as it knew, torture was not approved or used by Israeli security forces or prisons. However, human-rights campaigners say Palestinian prisoners have long suffered from beatings, sleep deprivation, prolonged and painful handcuffing, humiliation, and medical neglect-considered torture under international standards.
     Arafat Jaradat, a 30-year-old petrol attendant with two children, was arrested on Feb 18 on suspicion of throwing stones and Molotov cocktails during a West Bank demonstration held last November against Israeli military action in the Gaza strip. Palestinians say his arrest, months after the demonstration, and his interrogation was part of a longstanding Israeli policy to coerce prisoners to become informants after their release.
     Palestinian leaders say some 800 000 Palestinians have been detained by Israeli forces since 1967, and Jaradat was the 203rd prisoner to die. He died after several days of interrogation by Israeli's Shin Bet internal security service on Feb 23 at Israel's Megiddo prison....
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10 years after US invasion, Kurds look to the West
Daily Star 10 Mar 2013 At an elite private school in Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region, children learn Turkish and English before Arabic. University students dream of jobs in Europe, not Baghdad. And a local entrepreneur says he doesn't like doing business...

ISESCO Condemns Israel’s Maltreatment of Detained Children
Palestine News Network

Israel accused of abusing detained children

UNICEF report reveals Israel’s 'institutionalised' ill-treatment of Palestinian children
Samira Shackle, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 3/7/2013
      UNICEF report this week found evidence of "widespread, systematic and institutionalised" ill-treatment of Palestinian minors by Israeli officials. Israel imposes two parallel legal systems across the occupied West Bank. Illegal Jewish settlers who commit a crime face the mainstream Israeli courts, with in-built legal rights and safeguards. Palestinians, on the other hand, are channelled through a military court system, with none of the legal protections enjoyed by Jews. This is true for adults and children alike.
     The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) sets out a range of rules to safeguard the civil, political, economic, social, health and cultural rights of children. Although Israel has ratified the convention, a UNICEF report this week found evidence of "widespread, systematic and institutionalised" ill-treatment of Palestinian minors by Israeli officials.
     According to the report, Israeli forces have arrested, interrogated and prosecuted around 7,000 Palestinian children aged 12 to 17 over the past decade; that's an average of 700 a year, or around two every day. Most of them are boys, and the vast majority of arrests are for throwing stones, which is classed as an offence under Section 212 of Military Order 1651. The maximum sentence for children of 12 and 13 is six months behind bars, but from the age of 14 the penalty rises dramatically to between 10 and 20 years. The disproportionate nature of a 10-year prison term for a 14 year old who has thrown stones needs little elaboration.
     The report tracks the whole process from arrest, through a trial, to imprisonment, and identifies practices that "amount to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention against Torture".
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UNICEF: “Israel Mistreats Detained Palestinian Children”
IMEMC - The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) issued a report stating that Israel is mistreating Palestinian children it is holding in its detention and interrogation centers, and added that the abuse against the children is systematic. ...

UNICEF: Israel mistreats Palestinian children in custody
3/6/2013 - JERUSALEM (Reuters) -- Palestinian children detained by the Israeli military are subject to widespread, systematic ill-treatment that violates international law, a UNICEF report said on Wednesday. The United Nations Children Fund estimated that 700 Palestinian children aged 12 to 17, most of them boys, are arrested, interrogated and detained by the Israeli military, police and security....

Israel accused of abusing detained children
AlJazeera 6 Mar 2013 - UN report says Palestinian minors, most arrested for rock-throwing, face systemic ill-treatment by Israeli authorities.

UNICEF Accuses Israel of 'Systematic' Abuse of Jailed Palestinian Children
The Foward Breaking News 6 Mar 2013 - Palestinian children detained by the Israeli military are subject to widespread, systematic ill-treatment that violates international law, a UNICEF report said on Wednesday. Click here for the rest of the article...

PPS in Nablus condemns the detention and torture of children
PIC - Palestinian Prisoners' Society (PPS) in Nablus condemned detaining and torturing the children by the Israeli occupation authorities.

Netanyahu agenda for Obama leaves out Palestinian state– ‘especially in this Middle East’
Mondoweiss - Benjamin Netanyahu says he will discuss "peace" with Obama later this month but spoke only of a "meaningful compromise" with Palestinians, nothing about a Palestinian state. And he set a new condition for peace, that Israel's neighbors first educate their children to live in peace. "This...

‘Our Prisoners Are Dying’: Students Mobilize in Gaza
Palestine Chronicle: 4 Mar 2013 - By Adie Mormech – Gaza City ‘Our prisoners are dying.’ said Gaza student Khaled Shehab from the Islamic University. “We won’t wait till the death of another prisoner to move in solidarity with all the detainees.” Khaled was joining the thousands attending the growing number of demonstrations in the Gaza Strip right now. It is not lost on young people in Palestine acting in support of Palestinian prisoners that many who have spent years in Israeli jails were at the same age when they were originally imprisoned. While there has recently been a spotlight on the 219 Palestinian children currently detained by Israel, it is often forgotten that the majority of detainees arrested are youths or in their early twenties. Some have spent the entire decade of their twenties removed from their parents, their families and communities, a young person’s life defined by Israeli prison walls. Mohammed Al Adini explained...more

Did a Gaza family burn to death because of an unpaid bill?
Rami Almeghari, Gaza Strip, Electronic Intifada 2/28/2013
      With their electricity cut off, the Dheir family had no choice other than to rely on candles for lighting. Their desperation had deadly consequences. On 30 January, six members of the family were burnt to death from a fire caused by the candles.
     Qamar Dheir was only three-months-old. The baby perished along with three other children — Mahmoud (11), Nabil (6) and Farah (3) — and their parents Hazem (30) and Samar (27).
     That morning, people in the Gaza neighborhood of al-Shajaiyeh woke up to learn they had a depressing task to perform: to help bury a young family.
     Ibrahim Zaina, an uncle of Hazem Dheir, was woken by his wife at 3am that morning and told that his nephew’s house was ablaze. He rushed to the house and called the fire brigade.
     “It turned that the fire engines that reached us didn’t have long enough hoses and they had no special lights,” Zaina said. “They asked us to get a man to pump water for them. Shortly after 4 o’clock, the fire was put out and the first corpse was taken to hospital at 4:15.”
     According to Zaina, a crew from the Gaza Electric Company had arrived at the Dheirs’ house the previous morning and cut off its power supply. Zaina is struggling to understand why this measure was taken. Hazem’s salary, he said, was paid by the Palestinian Authority and around $60 was deducted from it each month to pay for electricity bills.
     “For almost one month before the fire, Hazem’s power-saving unit — on which he depended during the blackouts that are so widespread here in Gaza — broke down,” he said.
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'They beat us like animals': Egypt's children detained, abused

Israel unlawfully transfers 60% of Palestinian child detainees

Jerusalem Child Sentenced To 19 Months
IMEMC - Thursday February 28, 2013, The Ofer Israeli Military Court sentenced a Palestinian child to 19-months imprisonment allegedly for throwing stones at Israeli soldiers in Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank. ...

Lebanon: Education to Palestinian refugee children
Relief Web 24 Feb 2013 - Source: Norwegian Refugee Council Country: Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory By Frosse Dabit (20.02.2013) The partnership between UNRWA and NRC is crucial in the work of ensuring education to Palestinian refugees in the Middle East, says NRCs Country Director of Lebanon,...

Palestinian prisoner dies in Israeli interrogation center
By Mya Guarnieri, +972 Magazine 2/23/2013
      A Palestinian man died in Israeli custody, reportedly during or after being interrogated by Israel on Saturday. The death comes amid spreading West Bank protests in solidarity with hunger striking prisoners. Near Nablus, settlers reportedly shoot a Palestinian man in the stomach.
     A 30-year-old Palestinian man, Arafat Jaradat, died while in Israeli custody today. According to Palestinian human rights organization Al Haq, Jaradat is believed to have died either during or shortly after he was interrogated in Meggido Prison.
     Speaking to the Agence France Presse, a spokeswoman for the Israel Prisons Service confirmed the death. She claimed, “It was probably a cardiac arrest.”
     But Al Haq reports that Jaradat, who was arrested on February 18, had no known health conditions. Jaradat was from the West Bank village of Sa’ir, which is north of Hebron. He is survived by two children and his wife is reportedly pregnant with their third child.
     Palestinian prisoners will go on hunger strike in protest of Jaradat’s death, the Palestinian news agency Maan reports.
     According to B’Tselem, more than 4,500 Palestinians are being held in Israeli prisons; 178 of the detainees are being held without trial in administrative detention. The UN reports that approximately 700,000 Palestinians have been held in Israeli prisons since the occupation began in 1967. Many of these prisoners have been held without charge on administrative detention orders. Children have also been jailed. In 2012, 143 children between 16 and 18 were held in Israeli jails, including 21 minors under the age of 15. -- See also: Lawyer: Israeli officers tortured Jaradat and Minister: Autopsy shows torture killed Jaradat
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Israeli Soldiers Attack Nabi Saleh Weekly Protest, Detain Wounded Child

Protest in Hebron for the Administrative Detention of Prisoners
Palestine Solidarity Project 23 Feb 2013 - On February 18th, Palestinian and international activists gathered from all over the West Bank in Hebron city to protest the administrative detention of young men and even children imprisoned without trial. The protest was in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike and particularly to recognize...

Prisoner X story alarms Palestinian families
2/19/2013 - GAZA CITY (Ma'an) - The exposure of Israel's "Prisoner X" story has alarmed several Palestinian families whose children went missing and they never learned of their fate. One of these families is Nawati family from the Gaza Strip. Family members say that Muatazz Nawati was working in Israel in the 1980s before.... Related: Israel releases judge's report into Australian's suicide

occupied Palestinian territory: Child Killed and Three Injured by Unexploded Ordnance; Al Mezan Expresses its Sorrow and Calls for Adoption of Measures Ensuring Protection
Relief Web 17 Feb 2013 - Source: Al Mezan Center for Human Rights Country: occupied Palestinian territory Unexploded ordnance (UXO) continued to threaten life and safety of children in the Gaza Strip. In the last week, one child was killed and another three were injured, raising...

EU calls for better conditions for Palestinians in Israeli jails
2/16/2013 - RAMALLAH (Reuters) -- The European Union on Saturday called on Israel to improve conditions for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, and a PA minister said there would be rallies next week to support hunger striking prisoners. Nearly 5,000 Palestinians are jailed in Israel, including 178 administrative detainees, 10 women and 193 children, according to the latest....

Teatime in Tihar Jail – A Poem
Palestine Chronicle: 14 Feb 2013 - By Ramzy Baroud – with Rafiq Kathwari He sipped then walked slowly head held high greeting the hangman with a gentle nod eyes sunk to heart beard grew defiant remembering the judge asking to repeat alphabets of servitude Instead he roared names of forefathers who too died standing tall like the Himalayas And on that last stroll he remembered his mother’s tender touch his son Ghalib named after the poet he loved friends long gone his silly dreams heaven above this playground where unruly children refuse to learn the etiquette of captivity in rooms with no windows only high grey walls where they pumped petrol into his anus to break Afzal Guru countless others of same skin and soul His face the color of parched earth lips never ceased reciting one last poem the hangman swore for God’s unruly children to live forever Free (Ramzy Baroud, Feb 13, 2013 –...more

Army Kidnaps Fourteen Palestinians In West Bank
IMEMC - Wednesday at dawn, February 13, Israeli soldiers invaded several areas in the occupied West Bank, mainly in East Jerusalem, broke into and searched several homes and kidnapped at least fifteen Palestinians. The army also detained five children for several hours. ...

'I was determined to live with dignity,' says freed hunger striker Akram Rikhawi
Rami Almeghari, Rafah, Electronic Intifada 2/11/2013
      Akram Rikhawi had not seen his daughter Rewan since she was two. So when an 11-year-old girl showed up in the same room as him, he had to do a double-take. “Hey, you are Rewan, aren’t you?” he asked.
     At long last, Rikhawi is back in his family’s home in the Keir neighborhood of Rafah, a city near Gaza’s border with Egypt. He has been released by Israel after going on and off a hunger strike since April 2012. In total, he spent 104 days refusing food.
     “I am now only thinking of one main thing, rejoicing with my family, especially my children,” he said. “Can you imagine, so far I cannot differentiate between my children’s names or ages? I will try now to compensate myself and them for the years of loss and I hope to live as normally as any father in this world.”
     Rikhawi has eight offspring and also cares for his late brother’s five children. Saddest moment
     During his near-decade behind Israeli bars, Rikhawi was only allowed one visit by his mother and his wife. The saddest moment of his imprisonment was when he heard of his mother’s death. “I did not know she died until one month afterwards, when I learned about her death through a local radio program,” he said.
     After being arrested in June 2004, Rikhawi was sentenced to nine years imprisonment by Israel’s military courts.
     His arrest took place after he was stopped at a checkpoint, while driving from Gaza City to Rafah.
     “Israeli soldiers stopped the car and called me by my name: ‘Akram Rikhawi, get out, Akram Rikhawi, get out.’ They transferred me right away to an interrogation center in Ashkelon prison [in southern Israel].”
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Group: Israel detains children en-route to prison visit

Group: Israel detains children en-route to prison visit
2/4/2013 - JENIN (Ma'an) -- Israeli police on Sunday detained two young girls and their grandmother after denying them permission to visit the children's jailed father, the Palestinian prisoners society said. Hala Khanfar, 7, and Jana Khanfar, 8, were detained with their grandmother while trying to visit their father Rami Khanfar in Israel'....

IOF Releases Mother of Prisoner after Detaining Her Along with His Children
Palestine News Network

Occupation sentences 8 children to imprisonment
PIC - Ofer Court in the west of Ramallah sentenced to imprisonment eight children from the town of Beit Ummar, north of al-Khalil, on Sunday.

Ministry of prisoners: 4,750 detainees in Israeli jails, including 198 kids
PIC - The Palestinian ministry of prisoners' affairs said the number of prisoners detained in Israeli jails rose at the end of January to 4,750 detainees, including 198 minors and children.

Fiji charity drive in UAE raises Dh180k
The National 1 Feb 2013 - Donors pledged the money to the Foundation for the Education of Needy Children in Fiji affected by Cyclone Evans

Mum's the word for learning Arabic in UAE
The National 31 Jan 2013 - Expatriate parents at Gems schools are being encouraged to take Arabic lessons in the hope that they will be able to help their children with homework.

The Suffering in Syria
James Abourezk, CounterPunch 1/31/2013
      The US Can End the Pain by Ending Its Interference
     The violent uprising in Syria has produced some predictable and sorry results. Aside from the numbers of people dying prematurely as a result of the fighting, there are tens of thousands of Syrian civilians, consisting mostly women and children, both inside and outside of Syria who are suffering from the war. This suffering does not choose sides, both opponents and supporters of the Asad government have become victims. Their sympathies matter not as much as the amount of help they need, no matter whose side they’re on.
     In the refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, Syrians who have been driven from their homes by the fighting are not only near starvation, but are suffering from the cold weather with little help from warm clothing, kerosene for heaters, or any other comforts. The international agencies are overwhelmed and are without enough money to feed and clothe them.
     Inside Syria, commerce has come to a standstill. Farmers have no money for planting seeds, and even so, there are no markets for the food they could produce even if given the money to plant and to harvest. Trying to send produce to market, provided they have something to sell, is a suicide mission, as it’s much too dangerous to travel the roads.
     My wife, who is of Syrian origin, and whose family are farmers, has learned that her siblings give whatever heating oil they can find to their mother so she can find some warmth. Most Syrian civilians do what they can to help their neighbors and their families who are in need, but it’s more than a matter of money. There simply is not enough bread and heating oil to go around, leaving a large part of the country wanting for the necessities of life.
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Hussam Calls on Associations to Exert Pressure on Israel to Allow Children Visit Their Detained Parents
Palestine News Network

occupied Palestinian territory: OPT Detention Bulletin - Issue 36 - December 2012
Relief Web 25 Jan 2013 - Source: Defence for Children International/Palestine Section Country: occupied Palestinian territory 2012 Year in review The month of December saw a 9.6 percent increase in the number of children prosecuted in the Israeli military courts and imprisoned. This month saw a...

Russian evacuees from Syria arrive in Moscow
LA Times 23 Jan 2013 - They describe the fear that drove them from a country they'd grown to love, along with the uncertainty they now face. MOSCOW — Russian evacuees from war-torn Syria, mostly worried-looking women and children, emerged from two government airplanes Wednesday into the predawn chill of the...

Syria Launches Deadly Airstrikes in Damascus Suburbs
New York Times 14 Jan 2013 - Syrian warplanes have killed dozens of civilians, including more than 20 children, over the past few days, raising calls for expanded efforts to address the growing humanitarian crisis.

conversations on Palestine re-awaken me to the absurdities of daily life in occupied Palestine
In Gaza: 13 Jan 2013 - Disturbingly, I’ve become accustomed to and not surprised by, the daily injustices inflicted upon Palestinians throughout occupied Palestine: aadi (“normal”) as many Palestinians say.  In my time in the occupied West Bank in 2007, Israeli army raids and lock-downs (“curfews”), as horrific as they are, became normal, since they happen all of the time.  As do the abductions of Palestinians from their homes, including elderly, youths, children, women, and the everyday people striving to provide for their families, having done nothing wrong or meriting being abducted, arrested, imprisoned (usually without charge, “administrative detention”). The more I’ve become immersed in the realities of Palestinians, the more unbelievably ‘normal’ and expected they’ve become. It’s when I discuss this abysmal daily injustices with others who’ve just read or heard of them that they again become as outrageous as they are. “ Is Gaza being bombed right now or are things okay? “ Friends...more

Where are the Nobel Poets of Santiago? – A Poem
Palestine Chronicle: 8 Jan 2013 - By Ramzy Baroud It was here that Salvador Allende died for our sins Some say his own But the Republic was torn to shreds by Nixonian men with stiff faces Cold hearts And loud bombs Death caravans roamed the streets And women fled to heaven looking for missing children And also here I discovered that Santiago is still full of life, and treachery It was here that Neruda wrote his ‘Song of Despair’ Though he lied His name was never his own You also changed your name Hid your face behind a mask of tears Stood with the ‘others’, angry, in military fatigue And denounced my communist love of music Where are the noble poets? They ran away when the military took over Now they write secret verses from Antarctica Their voices muffled Their words veiled Timeworn No encryption can solve their mystery Here I learned to trust everyone, but...more

Iranians in Latin America spook US
Ramzy Baroud, Asia Times 1/5/2013
      The text of a bill signed into law by US President Barack Obama would likely instill fear in the hearts of ordinary Americans. Apparently, barbarians from distant lands are at work. They are gathering at the US-Mexico border, cutting fences and preparing to wreak havoc on an otherwise serene American landscape.
     Never mind that crazed, armed to the teeth, homegrown American terrorists are killing children and terrorizing whole cities. It is the Iranian menace that we are meant to fear, according to the new law. When compounded with the other imagined threats of Hezbollah and Hamas, all with sinister agendas, then it seems the time is right for Americans to return to their homes, bolt their doors and squat in shelters awaiting further instructions. Evidently, "The Iranians are coming."
     It is as comical as it is untrue. But "The Countering Iran in the Western Hemisphere Act", which as of December 28 became official US law, is not meant to be amusing. It is riddled with half-truths, but mostly complete and utter lies.
     Yes, Iran's influence in Latin America is on the rise. However, by US standards, the expanding diplomatic ties, extending trade routes and such are considered a threat to be "countered" or as per Forbes magazine's endless wisdom, "confronted".
     Language in politics can be very dangerous as it can twist reality, turning fictitious scenarios into facts. Despite its faltering economy, the US continues to experience a sharp growth in its think tank industry - men and women whose sole purpose is to invent and push political agendas, and who often belong to some foreign entity; in this case Israel. Ian Barman, Vice President of the American Foreign Policy Council reflected that sentiment exactly in a recent article in Forbes.
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Bought, Sold and Abused in Yemen
IPS Twenty-one-year-old Aisha clings to her two children as she recounts her tale of horror. Growing up in the Somali capital Mogadishu, she fell in love and bore a child out of wedlock four years ago. When her family threatened her life for destroying her ‘honour’, Aisha escaped. She braved the...

Lebanon’s Fanar Juvenile Center: Childhood Lost
Al-Akhbar Series and Features 2 Jan 2013 - The kids come to us from broken families and are surrounded by lies. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah) The kids come to us from broken families and are surrounded by lies. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah) Between the ages of 7 and 18, the detainees at Lebanon’s Fanar juvenile center...

Jordan Valley families expelled from Israeli 'firing zone' during Gaza attack remain uprooted
IRIN, Electronic Intifada 1/2/2013
      JIFTLIK (IRIN) - For those who recently watched images of the Israeli bombardment in Gaza, the wide open hills of the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank appear as a stark contrast.
     Flocks of sheep accompanied by their herders cross the hillsides, home to some of the most fertile land in all of historic Palestine.
     And yet despite the abundant land and resources, Palestinians living in the valley are some of the poorest in the West Bank, lacking even the most basic infrastructure.
     The Jordan Valley is marked by a patchwork of zones in which Palestinians are allowed to live, which leave little room for maneuver.
     “These restrictions have removed their ability to be self-sustaining. They are in an artificial humanitarian crisis; they have the capacity, the training, the education, but because of man-made restrictions, they are made vulnerable,” Ramesh Rajasingham from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), said. Out of bounds
     For a start, much of the valley is officially out of bounds to Palestinians — 44 percent is marked as closed Israeli military zones (including so-called firing zones) and nature reserves. An additional 50 percent is controlled by Israeli settlements, which are illegal under international law. That leaves only 6 percent for Palestinians, according to figures from Save the Children (“Fact sheet: Jordan Valley,” October 2009 [PDF]).
     A second layer of restrictions reinforces this exclusion.... -- See also: Save the Children - Fact sheet: Jordan Valley
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A precarious existence in the Jordan Valley
IRIN, Ma’an News Agency 1/1/2013
      AL-JIFTLIK (IRIN) -- For those who recently watched images of the Israeli bombardment in Gaza, the wide open hills of the Jordan Valley in the West Bank appear as a stark contrast.
     Flocks of sheep accompanied by their herders cross the hillsides, home to some of the most fertile land in all of the occupied Palestinian territory and unrivaled even in Israel.
     And yet despite the abundant land and resources, Palestinians living in the Valley are some of the poorest in the Palestinian territory, lacking even the most basic infrastructure.
     The Jordan Valley is marked by a patchwork of zones in which Palestinians are allowed to live, which leave little room for manoeuvre.
     "These restrictions have removed their ability to be self-sustaining. They are in an artificial humanitarian crisis; they have the capacity, the training, the education, but because of man-made restrictions, they are made vulnerable," Ramesh Rajasingham, head of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in oPt, told IRIN.
     For a start, much of the Valley is officially out of bounds to Palestinians - 44 percent is marked as closed military zones (including so-called firing zones) and nature reserves. An additional 50 percent is controlled by Israeli settlements, regarded as illegal by many in the international community. That leaves only 6 percent for Palestinians, according to figures from Save the Children.
     A second layer of restrictions reinforces this exclusion....
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Does Arab progress founder on an ossified language?
Robert Fisk, Dawn 1/1/2013
      I’VE HEARD all kinds of reasons for the Arab-Israeli failure to agree on UN Security Council Resolution 242 — because the Arabic text calls upon Israel to withdraw from “the lands occupied by Israel in 1967” (including the West Bank, Gaza and Golan) whereas the English text (as the Americans intended) leaves out the word “the”. So “occupied land” leaves the Israelis free to decide which bits of land they want to hand back.
     But the French version also takes the definite article “les” — so it can’t be the Arabs’ fault. Or does this all come about because the language Arabs speak and the language they write is not the same. Does it lack clarity? I hear this all the time — from Westerners.
     There can be a kind of imprecision in practical life. I recall arriving in southern Lebanon during one of Israel’s five invasions and asking how many Israeli
     tanks were on the road in front of us. “Many’, came the reply of the refugees. How many? “Ktir” — very many. 10? “Na’am”. (Yes.) 20? “Na’am” (Yes again.)
     A dangerous lack of clarity there, surely.
     Hasan Karmi, the Palestinian lexicographer who died six years ago, nursed the theory that having learnt colloquial Arabic as children before progression to the much more precise written form — and because language is so crucial to the development of thought — “Arabs were often handicapped by a lack of precision in their thinking”. Hence, perhaps, the failure of Arabs to maintain their historical superiority in science and intellectual thought.
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Protest for healthier meals at after-school program
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 - Parents, children, educators and nutritionists hold a vigil against unhealthy lunches served at after-school program.

Three Children Sentenced To 4 Months Each
IMEMC - The Palestinian Detainees Studies Center reported that the Israeli Salem military court sentenced three Palestinian children from Azzoun town near the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia, to four months imprisonment each. ...

PA says secures release of Qalqiliya child
12/26/2012 - QALQILIYA (Ma'an) -- The Palestinian military liaison in Qalqliya secured the release of a 14-year-old after Israeli forces detained him near the West Bank town, security officials said. The family of the boy, Anas Tabib, said he was taken to an investigation center in Ariel settlement after claiming he was carrying a sharp....

This Christmas, remember Palestine’s Christians
Mairead Corrigan-maguire, Ma’an News Agency 12/22/2012
      Recently, the Israeli Embassy in Ireland posted a "thought for Christmas" its Facebook page to the effect that if Jesus Christ and his mother Mary alive today, they would be "lynched in Bethlehem by hostile Palestinians."
     As Christians all over the world prepare to celebrate Christmas, we should also remember what that little town of Bethlehem, where Jesus was born over 2,000 years ago, looks like today.
     These are distressing times for the Christians of the Holy Land, as revealed by a South African ecumenical delegation who were "traumatized" during an Advent visit to Palestinian Christians in Bethlehem and East Jerusalem this month.
     Upon their return, they jointly said that they "did not expect the extent to which Israel violates international law to oppress the Palestinian people."
     They reported that "it felt like walking into another apartheid ambush … the multiple Israeli house demolitions, the discriminatory Israeli legal system, the daily intimidation of Palestinians by the Israeli Defense Forces, the Israeli Apartheid Wall and its associated regime of restrictions on movement and access for Palestinians, the imprisonment of a large percentage of Palestinians (including children), the ongoing confiscation of Palestinian water and land, the closure of previously bustling Palestinian streets and businesses."
     To simply take the case of Bethlehem -- although Christians live in many other areas of Palestine and Israel – one sees that from an historic high of 80 percent in 1947, Christians now make up only around 20 percent of the population. The past decade alone has seen over 10 percent of Christians leaving their homeland.
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Israeli Soldiers Kidnapped 900 Children In 2012
IMEMC - The Palestinian Ministry Of Detainees reported that this year witnessed a sharp increase in Israeli violations against Palestinian children, and said that Israeli soldiers kidnapped this year 900 Palestinian children comparing to 700 kidnapped last year. ...

Two Children Detained in Beit Ommar Demonstration
Palestine Solidarity Project 22 Dec 2012 - Today, dozens of Palestinians participated in the weekly demonstration organized by the Beit Ommar popular committee and Palestine Solidarity Project near the illegal Israeli settlement of Karmei Tsur. The demonstration was met by Israeli soldiers, who immediately ordered the area a closed military zone. Sound bombs...

Report: 4600 Prisoners in Israeli Jails including 182 Children, 184 Administrative Detainees
Palestine News Network

4600 Palestinians, Including 182 Children, Imprisoned By Israel

4600 Palestinians, Including 182 Children, Imprisoned By Israel
IMEMC - Former Political Prisoner, Palestinian Researcher, Abdul-Nasser Farawna, stated that Israel is currently holding captive 4600 Palestinians, including 182 children and 11 women, in addition to 1200 detainees who are ill, including 20 who are continuously held at prison clinic. ...

PM expresses 'deepest condolences' to Obama
Jerusalem Post 15 Dec 2012 - Netanyahu conveys sympathy on behalf of the people of Israel, after gunman slaughters 20 children, 6 adults at Connecticut school.

Witnesses: 2 teens detained at Bethlehem protest
12/13/2012 - BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Two Palestinian children were detained by Israeli forces on Thursday afternoon during a protest against the killing of a teenager in Hebron a day earlier, according to witnesses. A demonstration was held near Bethlehem's Aida refugee camp to condemn the fatal shooting of Muhammad Salaymeh in Hebron's....

Fact Sheet: 25th anniversary of the First Intifada
The Institute for Middle East Understanding, +972 Magazine 12/10/2012
      Twenty-five years ago this past weekend, a large-scale popular uprising by Palestinians began against Israel’s then 20-year-old military occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza. Sparked by an incident in which four Palestinians were hit and killed by an Israeli driving in Gaza on December 8, 1987, Palestinian frustration at living under repressive Israeli military rule and Israel’s growing colonial settlement enterprise erupted, grabbing international headlines and drawing attention to the plight of Palestinians living in the occupied territories. On this 25th anniversary, the IMEU offers the following fact sheet on the First Intifada.
     Facts and figures
     During the First Intifada, Palestinians employ tactics such as unarmed demonstrations, including rock throwing against soldiers, commercial strikes, a refusal to pay taxes to Israeli authorities, and other acts of civil disobedience and nonviolent resistance. They are coordinated largely by grassroots ad hoc committees of Palestinians in the occupied territories rather than the PLO leadership abroad.
     In response, Israeli soldiers use brutal force to repress the mostly unarmed popular rebellion. Then Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin implements the infamous “broken bones” policy, ordering security forces to break the limbs [WARNING: Graphic video] of rock-throwing Palestinians and other demonstrators.
     More than 1000 Palestinians are killed by Israeli forces during the First Intifada, including 237 children under the age of 17. Many tens of thousands more are injured.
     According to an estimate by the Swedish branch of Save the Children, as many as 29,900 children require medical treatment for injuries caused by beatings from Israeli soldiers during the first two years of the Intifada alone....
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Singing hearts out to ensure Filipino children are educated back home
The National 8 Dec 2012 - Yan ang Boses is a fun event held to raise funds for the UAE chapter of the University of the Philippines Alumni Association.

A tale of blind father with four sons in jails
PIC - The family of Hajj “Abu Azzam Meri” is one of the Palestinian families who suffered a lot from the occupation, where his four sons were detained in Israeli jails and banned from seeing their children.

Report: “ 650, Including 85 Children, 7 women, Kidnapped In November”
IMEMC - The Palestinian Detainees Research Center published a report on Sunday revealing that Israeli soldiers kidnapped 650 Palestinians in November; adding that 85 women and 7 children were among the kidnapped Palestinians. ...

Pupils in UAE waste too much time on net
The National 28 Nov 2012 - Children are wasting time on social-networking websites instead of studying or spending time with their families, education authorities have warned.

Saudi authorities detain families at rights protest
Daily Star 27 Nov 2012 Saudi security forces detained dozens of men, women and children on Tuesday after they staged a rare protest outside a human rights group's office in Riyadh to demand the release of jailed relatives.