"The so-called 'Palestinian autonomous areas' are bantustans...restricted entities within the power of the Israeli apartheid system."
   Nelson Mandela
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Israeli Apartheid: Vermonters Don't Buy It - BOYCOTT!
Just another arbitrary detention of a Palestinian child
Yossi Gurvitz, Yesh Din, +972 Magazine 2/13/2016
     Soldiers detain a child in his pajamas and slippers, harshly interrogate him without a parent or attorney present, and then release him 12 hours later as if nothing ever happened. We can already tell you what the military’s investigation will look like.
     J., a 13-year-old Palestinian boy, lives in the West Bank village of Al-Janiya. One cold morning in the beginning of last December, wearing pajamas and slippers, J. left his house and went to collect items for his relative’s engagement party. A large carob tree stood nearby to where he went for the errand. J. was accompanied by A., a six-year-old child.
     As J. would later describe it, upon reaching the tree, several soldiers jumped on the children and began hitting them. The altercation attracted the attention of an adult, who arrived and began yelling at the soldiers. The soldiers released A. but held onto J.
     J.’s mother rushed to the scene and tried to dislodge the child from their grasp. In response, one of the soldiers pressed his rifle barrel to her chest. The mother, who suffers from a medical condition, lost consciousness. In the ensuing chaos, the soldiers threw stun and tear gas grenades, taking off in a vehicle with J.
     Meanwhile, at home, J.’s father heard the news from children who came to his door in tears. He and his relatives would spend the next few hours in desperate attempts to talk to the Palestinian District Coordination Office (DCO) to try and find out where his son was.
     J. was first taken to a military base, where – as he later described – the soldiers blindfolded him with a gun cloth, and then tied his hands and beat him with their rifle butts....
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Is Bernie Sanders a civil rights campaigner or a loyal supporter of Israel?
Nasim Ahmed, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 2/12/2016
     Standing metres from Martin Luther King during a Civil Rights march must have been a proud moment for the young Bernie Sanders. One can imagine the now veteran US senator sensing the gravity of the situation, burdened by duty and moral obligation to bring an end to centuries of legalised discrimination.
     In those defining years, the presidential hopeful possibly found no contradiction between campaigning for equal civil rights in his own country and his Zionism. In fact, his visits to Israeli kibbutzim in the sixties may even have reinforced his socialist beliefs. Zionism back than, and Israel before 1967, despite its creation through the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, had seduced many on the progressive left. This is no longer the case.
     Increasing numbers of American Jews have realised that liberal values are incompatible with support for Israel. The Zionist state’s champions these days are very much part of the establishment; neo-con elites, even right-wing fascist groups; people who are diametrically opposed to the apparently inclusive and universal politics of Bernie Sanders.
     The Vermont senator is not your typical clone politician or an establishment candidate. He is a socialist in a climate that is hostile to socialism; he is championing the redistribution of wealth in a country where “greed is good”; he is taking on Wall Street; and he hopes to return the United States to the people instead of a handful of wealthy campaign donors.
     His message will be familiar to millions around the globe where the political landscape has been shaped by years of austerity, lower living standards, growing frustration over unprecedented levels of inequality and, possibly even more defining, Western foreign policy in the Middle East.
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The U.S. Election: Any Good News for Palestine?
Robert Fantina, CounterPunch 2/12/2016
     As the United States lumbers towards another one of its periodic displays of its own peculiar brand of democracy, there is little that all the candidates of the two major parties (Republican, aka Tweedle Dum, and Democrat, aka Tweedle Dee) agree on. But the one place where they all converge is their worshipful adoration of that most apartheid of nations, Israel.
     For example, if it were possible to have a love affair with a country, Israel would most certainly be Democrat Hillary Clinton’s lover. Her almost romantic statements about that nation are nauseating to any non-Zionist observer. Across the aisle, Ted Cruz has said that if people don’t stand with Israel, he doesn’t stand with them. After observing this fact to a non-receptive audience, he stalked off the stage. We needn’t list the empty platitudes of all the candidates; these examples will suffice.
     At first glance, the elevation of any of the current, clown-like contenders to the Oval office would appear to have disastrous results for Palestine. After all, when the candidates all try to outdo each other in their support for Israel, condemning Palestinian resistance and vowing to provide Israel with even more weaponry to kill innocent Palestinians, how can their election be anything but a disaster for human rights and international law? One would imagine Israeli Prime Murderer Benjamin Netanyahu gloating over the possibility of seeing any of them replace current president Barack Obama, with whom he has long had an adversarial relationship, despite Mr. Obama jumping through every hoop the Prime Murderer holds, with the possible exception of the one marked ‘Iran’.
     But this election could represent a major breakthrough for the Palestinians. The world community has, incredibly, looked to the pointless negotiations the U.S. was forever brokering to give the appearance that some progress was being made in the long conflict between Palestine and Israel. With Mr. Netanyahu’s intractable attitude, even U.S. spokesmen have said that Israel can’t necessarily rely on the U.S. to protect Israel at the United Nations....
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To my Fellow Israelis: We Can Stop This
Jonathan Ofir, Mondoweiss 2/8/2016
     An open letter to my fellow Israelis:
     This is probably a culmination of nearly a decade’s reviewed study of our history. At some point, beyond the singular stories, cases and arguments, I feel something unequivocal and very generally encompassing needs to be said about our Israeli “miracle”, the manifestation of the Zionist “dream”.
     I will not write this in Hebrew, although that would probably have been the most direct idiomatic tool to reach your minds. I will not do so, because I have had enough of dirty laundry recycled amongst us “self-understanding” Israelis. Whilst I write to you, my hopes of change coming from within us Israelis have regrettably declined in the years – and thus, I am also, if not more so, placing my bets upon the involvement of the international community – whose help we need so badly – not for more cash, weapons, or apologetic “understanding”, but rather for its intervention in what we are apparently unable, and mostly unwilling, to fix. The attitude which I thus exhibit here is an extremely unpopular one in Israeli and Jewish culture. It is the vein of the “moser” – the one who “snitches” against the “Jewish nation” towards the goyim.
     Well, get over it. There are far more serious issues at hand.
     I have to tell you first that our evaluation of Israeli history omits so much atrocity from our side. Indeed, much of it is still classified – even back to 1948.
     Yes, you may have heard about the Deir Yassin massacre, it is often taught in school books, yet portrayed as an aberration, perpetrated by “extremist”, “rogue” factions before the Declaration of Independence (although the leaders of those extremist factions became our Prime Ministers). But what of the dozens of other massacres perpetrated by – us – in 1948....
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Video: Hunger striker on brink of death remains defiant
Electronic Intifada: 12 Feb 2016 - Journalist Muhammad al-Qiq, held without charge or trial by Israel, has been on hunger strike since 24 November.
Congress encouraging US states to “combat BDS”
Electronic Intifada: 12 Feb 2016 - Pro-Israel bills would seek to authorize violations of US constitutional rights.
Dutch students intensify campaign for academic boycott of Israel
Electronic Intifada: 12 Feb 2016 - VU University had previously banned an event on academic boycott.
Israel’s “excessive force” kills two more children
Electronic Intifada: 12 Feb 2016 - United Nations investigator calls on Israel to probe its use of deadly force against Palestinians.
Israel’s Terrorist journalist: Haggai Segal (& Sons)
Palestine Chronicle: 12 Feb 2016 - By Ira Glunts עתידות: בעוד 30 שנה עמירם בן אוליאל עורך עיתון מכובד בישראל — Chaim Levinson (@chaimlevinson) January 3, 2016 Haggai Segal is a respected Israeli journalist. He is editor of the right-wing national religious newspaper, Makor Rishon .  In 1984, Segal admitted to planting two bombs which were directed at two West Bank mayors.  Segal, who was a West Bank settler in his 20s was convicted of causing grievous harm and belonging to a Jewish terrorist organization, which operated in the West Bank and Jerusalem.  He received a five- year sentence, of which he served two. Amiram Ben Uliel , a young religious Israeli settler in his 20s, is currently in an Israeli prison, awaiting trial for throwing a bomb into a home in the West Bank village of Duma which killed three members of the family who lived there. It is alleged that he is part of a...
Israeli Society in the 21st Century – Book Review
Palestine Chronicle: 12 Feb 2016 - Reviewed by Jim Miles (Israeli Society in the 21st Century – Immigration, Inequality, and Religious Conflict. Calvin Goldscheider. Brandeis University Press, Waltham , Massachusetts. 2015.) This work intrigued me as it is obviously supportive of the Israeli position in the Middle East and at a quick glance would illuminate something new about the state of Israel and the State of Israel. Unfortunately it does neither. Calvin Goldscheider is a professor of sociology at Brown University, and unfortunately sociology from my experience is probably the weakest of the social sciences, is not a science at all really, and ranks beneath both political ‘science’ and economics as fields of rational study. My definition of sociology is that it is the art of taking something that could be explained through common sense and common language and transforming it into something pseudo-scientifically profound. This is done through the use of a particular lexicon, and the...
‘Banality of Evil': Zionist and Nazi Moral Disengagement
Palestine Chronicle: 11 Feb 2016 - By Vacy Vlazna  To be an effective activist it is important for me to understand the nature of human evil. In that endeavor, I was  drawn to read Hannah Arendt’s own discoveries about what she coined, ‘the banality of evil’ in her book, ’ Eichmann in Jerusalem ’ , reporting on the trial of Adolph Eichmann who oversaw the deportation of Jews to ghettos and concentration camps. Arendt concluded that unspeakable evil is not committed by human monsters but by normal people in a systematic unthinking manner devoid of moral qualms and codes. ‘The banality of evil’ i.e. bureaucratic psychopathy is rendered acceptable through what Albert Bandura terms, moral disengagement  achieved by perverse moral justification, minimizing/ hiding cruelty and dehumanizing and blaming the victims. The concentration and repetition of this faux information on the masses leads to the normalization of war crimes, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing, torture, extrajudicial killings and...
Occupation, Colonialism and Apartheid in Israel – A Photo Essay
Palestine Chronicle: 10 Feb 2016 - By Mats Svensson Year after year, we are still reading the same unfortunate news reports showing the evil form of Apartheid that exists in Israel today. I lived in Shuafat in East Jerusalem. I saw that evil with my own eyes. I tried to understand what was going on. I walked along the Wall, from the south to the north. 520 km long, it snakes through Palestinian villages, destroyed olive groves and pasture lands. It moves across the rolling landscape, cutting off roads and paths and precluding the continuation of the social and economic life for many Palestinian communities. When it is completed, 200 km more will also be added. In total, when the construction and destruction is complete, Israel can boast of 720 km of ‘separation’ – of killed dreams, hopes and destroyed lives. What many don’t know is that the Wall is being built on Palestinian land, on occupied...
In Defense of a Double Standard
Palestine Chronicle: 10 Feb 2016 - By Or Amit Those who routinely criticize Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians are often accused of partiality and selective moral outrage. Why complain of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians when in Syria Assad is exterminating hundreds of thousands and ISIS is finishing the job? Where was your criticism when Saddam Hussein was gassing the Kurds? Why are you not calling on the West to intervene in North Korea, where at any given moment some 200,000 slaves are worked, starved, and tortured to death in Stalinist gulags? If you care about human life and dignity, should you not invest your efforts in dealing with the worst cases of human rights violations rather than with the relatively minor case of Israel’s occupation of Palestine? Why do you support a boycott of Israel and not of North Korea, Syria, or Saudi Arabia? Such are the questions directed at persistent critics of Israel. The...
Next Onslaught in Gaza: Why the Status Quo is a Precursor for War
Palestine Chronicle: 9 Feb 2016 - By Ramzy Baroud It is not true that only three wars have taken place since Hamas won parliamentary elections in 2006 in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Other wars that were deemed insignificant or ‘skirmishes’ also took place. Operation Returning Echo in March 2012, for example, killed and wounded over 100 people. But since the death toll, relative to the other major onslaughts seemed trivial, it was not cited as ‘war’, per se. According to this logic, so-called operations Cast Lead (2008-9), Pillar of Defense (2012) and the deadliest of them all, Protective Edge (2014) were serious enough to be included in any relevant discussion, especially when the prospective new Israeli war on Gaza is considered. It is important to denote that most of the media, mainstream or other, adheres to Israel’s designations of the war, not those of Palestinians. For example, Gazans refer to their last confrontation with Israel as...

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