"The so-called 'Palestinian autonomous areas' are bantustans...restricted entities within the power of the Israeli apartheid system."
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Israeli Apartheid: Vermonters Don't Buy It - BOYCOTT!
Opposing the occupation means being anti-Israel, to Netanyahu
Mairav Zonszein, +972 Magazine 10/23/2016
     The Israeli right has worked very hard to erase any distinction between Israel and the occupation — between Ariel and Acre, Hebron and Haifa. Ironically, this is the same thing he accuses Palestinians of trying to do.
     Since B’Tselem director Hagai El-Ad spoke at the UN Security Council a week ago calling for an end to Israel’s half-century old occupation, the organization has been subject to vicious attacks and delegitimization, including by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. El-Ad’s very citizenship has been threatened by a senior member of Netanyahu’s Likud party, and thousands of Israelis have incited against him, including death threats. None of this incitement has been condemned by anyone in Israel’s ruling coalition.
     Anticipating much of the backlash, El-Ad went on record throughout the Israeli press just 24 hours after his appearance in New York to clarify why he went to the UN: “I didn’t speak against my country, but against the occupation.” On the face of it, such a distinction seems fairly simple. The director of Israel’s largest human rights organization is lobbying for his country to stop policies that violate human rights, to stop exerting systemic violence against a people with no rights; in short, to stop holding the Palestinian people under military occupation.
     To the establishment, that makes him subversive, unpatriotic, and anti-Israel. Contrarily, being pro-occupation and pro-settlements is indisputably pro-Israel as far as many Israelis and politicians are concerned. No one questions, for example, the patriotism of those – both in Israeli government and civil society — pushing to retroactively authorize settlement outposts built on private Palestinian land that even the government says are illegal. Nobody questions the patriotism of those who want to illegally annex the West Bank without the consent of the Palestinians who live there.
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It's 2016 — let's say goodbye to Zionism once and for all
Noam Rotem, +972 Magazine 10/22/2016
     Zionism today is the fence that encircles the Jewish people, granting it supremacy over the other people of this land.
     The State of Israel is a Zionist state. All of us graduates of the Israeli educational system know this. Israel’s first prime minister said it, Ehud Barak said it, even Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said it. This declaration can be found in our educational curriculums, and even in the IDF’s educational curriculum. That is all good and well, but nowhere have I been able to find a formal definition for the term “Zionism”put forth by the Israeli government.
     Is the goal of Zionism to ensure a Jewish majority in the State of Israel, as former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon claimed? Is Zionism “Israel’s heritage over the generations,” as Netanyahu stated. Or perhaps it is a political goal, as the prime minister argued elsewhere? Or maybe Netanyahu was right when he said that “Zionism is the return to Judaism, which preceded the return to the Jewish state.”
     Or maybe Zionism is the “outlook that believes in the Jewish people’s sovereignty in the Land of Israel and the obligations of the believer to take part, all while working toward the common good,” as is written in the IDF’s educational curriculum?
     Or perhaps Zionism is actually a race, as members of Knesset Yuri Stern and Esterina Tartman claimed?
     Or maybe “the essence of Zionism,” according to Netanyahu, is loyalty to the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state? Or is a Zionist, according to the Education Ministry, a person who believes that we are growing ever closer to redemption?
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Illegal Israeli settlers uproot Palestinian olive tree
Matt Broomfield, Palestine Monitor 10/22/2016
     “They’re not children,” he says vehemently. “Everything they do is serious, everything they do is planned. The Israeli government wants to dominate this whole area, to make it theirs.”
     The well-documented obstruction of the Palestinian olive harvest by Israeli settlers took a faintly ridiculous turn this week, as one farmer spotted illegal colonizers stealing an entire olive tree from his land.
     Like many residents of Hebron, Raid Abu Saleh lives under constant threat of harassment and assault from his heavily-armed, ultra-Zionist neighbors.
     “It was about 11 in the morning,” he recounts, pointing to the perimeter of his land from within his modest grove of olive trees. “Three settlers came and they dug up one of my trees, and continued moving.”
     Raid says he was unable to do anything but snap a series of pictures: “Of course I didn’t try to stop them. I was alone, and there were three of them, with their guns. Put yourself in my place.”
     The photos provided to the Palestine Monitor show a group of three male settlers, identifiable by their white shirts and kippahs, as well as by their mere presence in the Israeli-controlled H2 zone of the city.
     Making their way from Raid’s land towards the barbed-wire perimeter of their home, the photos show two of the men are sharing the weight of what does indeed appear to be a sapling olive tree.
     Actions like stealing a single olive tree seem almost petty in their victimization of Palestinians, but Raid places this violation of his property in the context of more serious crimes.
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Netanyahu's coalition whip wants to revoke B'Tselem director's citizenship
Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man, +972 Magazine 10/21/2016
     Senior Likud official, angry that Hagai El-Ad demanded the UN act to end the occupation, admits there’s no legal avenue to strip his citizenship — at the moment. The Israeli human rights organization says threats won’t deter it.
     How does the only democracy in the Middle East deal with outspoken human rights activists? By threatening to revoke their citizenship, of course.
     “I examined whether, legally speaking, if I can ask the interior minister to revoke the citizenship of B’Tselem’s executive director,” declared the Israeli parliament’s coalition chair, David Bitan, who serves as the whip for Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud party.
     “I checked, and there’s no legal avenue for doing so today,” Bitan told Israeli television’s Channel 2 on Friday (Hebrew). “But we must strip his citizenship.”
     B’Tselem Executive-Director Hagai El-Ad was invited to address a United Nations Security Council special session on Israel’s illegal settlements last week, along with a representative of Americans for Peace Now.
     In his speech, published here in full, El-Ad said that international complacency has been a major factor in enabling Israel to maintain its military occupation over millions of Palestinians for nearly 50 years.
     “The rights of Palestinians must be realized,” El-Ad’s declared in his Security Council speech, imploring the international body: “The occupation must end; the UN Security Council must act; and the time is now.”
     In his call to revoke El-Ad’s citizenship, Coalition Chairman Bitan decried, “an Israeli citizen […] going to the Security Council and demanding sanctions on Israel and Israel’s citizens.”
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Jewish anti-Zionist sues Labour over suspension
Electronic Intifada: 24 Oct 2016 - Jackie Walker says breach of privacy led to severe abuse.
Despite crackdown, BDS makes gains in France
Electronic Intifada: 24 Oct 2016 - Two towns pass measures backing Palestine solidarity movement.
Water is a Weapon in the Battle of Racial Discrimination
Palestine Chronicle: 27 Jun 2016 - Dr. Mustapha Al-Barghouthi The production of water in the West Bank is estimated at 932 million cubic meters annually, of which Israel steals at least 800 million cubic meters. In essence, this means it takes over 86% of the total amount of water in the West Bank. A Palestinian citizen in the Occupied Territories receives not more than 50 cubic meters of water annually, while an illegal Israeli settler receives 2400 cubic meters of water annually, 48 times more than what Palestinians, the owners of the land, are entitled to. However, this issue extends still further than this. Palestinians pay double what Israelis do to purchase their own, stolen water from the Israelis. 96% of Gaza’s water of Gaza’s water, according to international reports, is not fit for human consumption due to high levels of salt, pollution and sewage. Palestinians are not allowed to dig water-wells deeper than 100 meters,...
Israel and Turkey Agree to Normalize Diplomatic Relations
Palestine Chronicle: 27 Jun 2016 - Turkish President, Tayyip Erdogan, and Israeli Prime, Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have reached an agreement to normalize ties, a senior Israeli official told reporters. This is aimed at ending the rift over the Israeli Navy’s killing of nine Turkish citizens during a Gaza flotilla raid in 2010. The agreement, which took three years to reach, is expected to be officially announced on Monday, an official accompanying Benjamin Netanyahu said. The restoration of full diplomatic relations that deteriorated after the Israeli navy’s killed nine Turkish and one Turkish-American pro-Palestinian activists in 2010 has been brokered with the help of Washington. Israel and Turkey reached agreement to normalise ties after three years of talks https://t.co/XqTFBxkwux pic.twitter.com/T2vFo2fmgt — AJE News (@AJENews) June 26, 2016 Israel conducted an operation against six civilian ships that belonged to the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in international waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The ships were carrying humanitarian and construction supplies to...
Families of Missing Israeli Soldiers in Gaza Accuse Israeli PM of Failure
Palestine Chronicle: 26 Jun 2016 - Israeli Prime, Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said his government is “exerting secret and public efforts to identify the fate of missing soldiers in Gaza.” His remarks follow a protest organized by the family of missing Israeli soldier, Avraham Mangisto, on Sunday in front of Netanyahu’s office. Protesters called for Mangisto’s release in the Israeli-Turkish reconciliation deal. Ilan Mangisto, the brother of Avraham said he questions whether “the Israeli government forgot my brother in Gaza.” Families of Israeli Soldiers Killed or Missing in Gaza Slam Expected Reconciliation Deal wi… https://t.co/B7ZEJ882pY #Israel #Flotilla — maafa (@maafa) June 26, 2016 The father of Hadar Goldin, another Israeli soldier who went missing during the 2014 offensive on Gaza accused Netanyahu of “failure to bring his son back in the first test as part of the Israeli-Turkish reconciliation deal.” The mother of Israeli soldier, Oren Shaul, said, “I was wrong to be silent for two years. I...

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