"The so-called 'Palestinian autonomous areas' are bantustans...restricted entities within the power of the Israeli apartheid system."
   Nelson Mandela
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Israeli Apartheid: Vermonters Don't Buy It - BOYCOTT!
Bribing Bibi and His Proxies to Behave
Philip Giraldi, The Unz Reader 9/1/2015
     They won't anyway and it will cost us much more
     There are a lot of expressions about standing up to bullies being the best policy. Unfortunately the White House has difficulty in following that sound advice when it comes to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his governing coalition of racists and thugs. And one might also add that the reticence also applies to dealing with Israel’s many friends in Congress, some of whom have apparently extorted their pound of flesh in exchange for their votes on the Iran deal.
     Israel is already the military colossus in the Middle East, with formidable high tech ground, sea and air forces backed up by a semi-secret nuclear arsenal with modern delivery systems and several defensive missile system referred to as Iron Dome, Arrow 4 and David Sling. The defense systems were developed and deployed using $3 billion of U.S. Treasury special “grants” while roughly 20% of Israel’s annual total defense budget comes directly from the American taxpayer. This is all justified on the basis of sustaining Israel’s “Qualitative Military Edge,” an expression that has its own acronym QME and that is much loved by America’s national legislators, the White House and the media. In reality, Israel possesses an enormous military superiority relative to all its neighbors combined and has benefited from that capability for many years, all thanks to the United States of America.
     But for some, too much is never enough. President Barack Obama is struggling to line up sufficient Democratic votes to block any congressional veto of his Iran agreement. At this point it looks like he will succeed, but the effort has brought with it the type of backstage politicking that most Americans have come to despise. Both Netanyahu and select Congressmen are being treated to a package of bribes for Israel that defies all reason, particularly given the fact that even the Israeli defense and intelligence establishments have split with Bibi’s government and sensibly declared the agreement with Iran to be better than any alternative. So even though defanging Iran is good for Israel, Washington nevertheless feels compelled to sweeten the pot, with actual American interests as usual ignored or not even considered.
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'Jewish extremists' are Israel’s own sons
Asa Winstanley, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 8/30/2015
     Earlier this month, a strange thing happened: a Jewish extremist was held in "administrative detention" by Israel. This practise, internment without charge or trial, dates back to the British occupation of Palestine, and Israel habitually uses it against Palestinians.
     But for a Jewish citizen to be "administratively detained" is highly unusual. The internee is Meir Ettinger, a 24-year-old pro-settler fanatic who is the grandson of the notorious Rabbi Meir Kahane.
     Kahane was the founder of the Jewish Defence League, a terrorist organization founded in New York in 1969. The group was responsible for a string of bombing and other violent attacks against Palestinian, Egyptian and Soviet civilian targets in the 1970s and 1980s, as well as against JDL members who quarrelled with the leadership in one way or another.
     Kahane later left for Israel to establish the Kach party, although he always maintained his influence over the JDL in the US (he wrote once that he considered the Kach to be the Israeli branch of the JDL). He was eventually elected to the Knesset, before his faction was ejected and recognised as a terrorist organization. Kahane advocated that all Palestinians should be removed by force from the "Land of Israel" – which in his vision included the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
     Kahane was imprisoned by the Israeli authorities, who saw his agitation against the state as a threat. Kahane Chai, the modern-day incarnation of Kach, has been designated an overseas terrorist organization by the US State Department in its latest annual report on such groups.
     Today, according to reports in the Israeli press, it seems his grandson has become his ideological heir.
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PLO must be resuscitated one way or another
Daoud Kuttab, Al Jazeera 8/26/2015
     Mahmoud Abbas has threatened to resign before, but this time he's serious.
     Palestinian cartoonist Khalil Abu Arafeh's comic summarised the feelings of many. He drew an old man in a hospital bed in need of new blood and called the patient the Palestine National Council (PNC).
     The nearly irrelevant Amman-based legislative body of the PLO was suddenly reanimated when Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and 10 members of the executive committee handed in their resignations on Saturday, forcing an emergency meeting of the PLO's top officials.
     As a result, the PNC is now obliged to meet within a month under Clause 14C of the PLO charter. The meeting, which will most likely take place in Ramallah, will be held without the need for quorum to elect a new - and hopefully much younger and more active - executive committee.
     The action and suspense caused by the unexpected mass resignation follows years of Abbas threatening to exit the political scene. However, some, especially within Fatah, don't expect these to be the president's last threats.
     Honourable exit
     Abbas' threats of resignation began as far back as 2009, but sources close to the 80-year-old Palestinian Authority president say this time, he is serious. Many suggest that this is the most democratic way for him to have an honourable exit after decades of service to the Palestinian cause.
     But the move is unpredictable and risky. It comes on the heels of failures both on the local and international fronts and the inability to hold national elections....
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Color Revolution In Lebanon Designed To Weaken Hezbollah, Syria, Iran
Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post 8/27/2015
     During the past week, demonstrations in Lebanon over uncollected garbage have descended into violent clashes between protesters and police. Masses of demonstrators have swelled in the streets of Beirut in a movement now being deemed the “You Stink!” movement.
     With these developments suddenly taking place in Lebanon and, with taking the Syrian crisis into context and the Iranian nuclear deal in the background, it is reasonable to question whether or not these protests are a legitimate expression of discontent with an inefficient government or whether it is the product of a Western-backed color revolution aimed at destabilizing Lebanon – particularly Hezbollah – and further weakening the “Shiite Arch of Influence.”
     When attempting to analyze events in Lebanon, like much of the Middle East, very little could be considered simple. Lebanon has been racked with economic depression, cultural tensions, color revolutions, civil war and civil war brinkmanship, and terrorism for decades. It has also been the target of outside forces for many years.
     The Background
     The issue of trash pickup – the issue around which the protests began – was entirely a legitimate issue. Squabbling within the Lebanese government has resulted in gridlock on issues such as the disposal of garbage and the economic crisis has brought funding of garbage disposal into question. Likewise, when the government brought up the idea of the privatization of trash disposal services, Lebanese erupted in anger understanding that privatization would mean higher prices, poorer service, and even less accountability.
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Israeli night raids a routine terror for Palestinian children
Electronic Intifada: 1 Sep 2015 - Maureen Clare Murphy 1 September 2015 Children’s rights systematically abused in both Israel’s civilian and military court systems.
Gaza attack pushed US electrical workers' union to back Israel boycott
Electronic Intifada: 1 Sep 2015 - Ali Abunimah 1 September 2015 Palestinians welcome vote by 30,000-strong United Electrical workers to endorse BDS.
How Israel honors the murderers in its midst
Electronic Intifada: 31 Aug 2015 - Stanley Heller 31 August 2015 Benjamin Netanyahu was wrong to claim that Israel has no public squares named after killers of civilians.
Activists disrupt "Tel Aviv beach party" in Berlin
Electronic Intifada: 31 Aug 2015 - Ali Abunimah 31 August 2015 “Tel Aviv’s luxury restaurants, hipster bars and hi-tech companies are home to the pilots setting Gaza ablaze,” protesters say.
Apartheid Wall: 10 years of existence
Palestine Monitor: 12 Feb 2015 - June 18, 2012-Under the slogan ‘Annexation Wall: Ten Years Too Long’, the Palestinian NGO for the protection of human rights Al Haq launched ...
Community Center Targeted 1
Palestine Monitor: 12 Feb 2015 - June 20, 2012-Community Center Targeted 1
Community Center Targeted 2
Palestine Monitor: 12 Feb 2015 - June 20, 2012-Community Center Targeted 2
Palestine’s Crisis of Leadership: Did Abbas Destroy Palestinian Democracy?
Palestine Chronicle: 1 Sep 2015 - By Ramzy Baroud The crisis of leadership throughout Palestinian history did not start with Mahmoud Abbas and will, regrettably, be unlikely to end with his departure. Although Abbas has, perhaps, done more damage to the credibility of the Palestinian leadership than any other leader in the past, he is also a by-product of a process of political fraud that started much earlier than his expired Presidency. Abbas’ unforeseen announcement on August 27 that he, along with a few others, will resign from the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Executive Committee and his call for an emergency session of the Palestine National Council (PNC) is a testament to his poor management. More, it shows his utter disregard for the minimally-required threshold of responsible leadership. Abbas, like his predecessor Yasser Arafat, has used and discarded the PLO and its various, now near-defunct, institutions as his personal political playground: summoning PNC members to vote...
The Latest Attack on Jeremy Corbyn is Only Half the Story
Palestine Chronicle: 1 Sep 2015 - By Ben White This morning, The Jewish Chronicle published a story with the headline ‘Jeremy Corbyn campaigned for Israeli embassy car bombing pair’, stating that the Labour leadership candidate had been “a leading activist in the campaign for the release of two people who were jailed for their involvement in the bombing of a Jewish charity building and the Israeli embassy in London.” The two people in question, Jawad Botmeh and Samar Alami, were found guilty in 1996 of conspiracy to cause explosions in the UK, following car bomb attacks two years previously outside the Israeli Embassy and Balfour House in London which injured 19. Both maintained their innocence throughout and, though losing appeals, were subsequently released early on parole. The paper describes Corbyn as having “repeatedly raised the case in Parliament as part of the long-running campaign to overturn their convictions as a miscarriage of justice”, as well as...
The PLO, the Enemy Within
Palestine Chronicle: 31 Aug 2015 - By Hasan Afif El-Hasan The Palestinians, who are allowed by Israel to live in the occupied lands’ towns and villages, are in peril! They are devastated and humiliated at checkpoints, house arrests, and in violent dispersal of their peaceful demonstrations. The Palestinians are traumatized every day when the Israelis break into their homes and drag the young and the old out from their beds to face midnight interrogations. As a malignant cancer as it is, occupation and living in apartheid enclaves have become an integral part of the Palestinians’ being. Intimidation by Israeli military and the settlers, and the nightmare of occupation, are ugly pillars of the Palestinians’ daily life. I am not even talking about the disseminated ruined besieged and starved Palestinians in Gaza. I am talking about life in the West Bank, the center of Fatah and the PLO fiefdom power. The Israelis are tyrannizing the Palestinians and...
Young Palestinian Girl Biting Israeli Soldier Trying to Detain Boy during West Bank Protests – Video and Photo
Palestine Chronicle: 30 Aug 2015 - Photos have emerged that appear to show several Palestinian women and children fighting to stop an Israeli soldier from detaining a young boy. The boy, whose arm is in a sling, is seen being pinned to the ground beneath an Israeli Defence Force (IDF) soldier’s legs while two Palestinian women and children try to rescue him. The soldier holds on to the boy as a young girl bites his hand. The pictures were taken during a protest against Jewish settlements in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, near Ramallah. The girl who appears in the images  is thought to be Ahed Tamimi , daughter of Bassem and Nariman – also pictured – who are well known Palestinian activists. She has previously appeared in similar videos where she challenges Israeli security forces and has been presented with the ‘Handala Award for Courage’ by Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The army said...
Signs of Regression: Canada’s NDP and Palestine
Palestine Chronicle: 29 Aug 2015 - By Dan Freeman-Maloy A friend recently expressed his confusion about the outrage over the death of Ali Dawabsheh, the 18-month-old Palestinian toddler who was killed last month when Jewish settlers firebombed his home in the occupied West Bank. (The child’s father was also badly burned in the attack, and eight days later died from his injuries.) An attack that kills a sleeping toddler is surely horrific. But Israeli violence against Palestinian children is an aspect of the Palestine conflict almost as central as the perpetuation of historical lies through the force of repetition. What is it then, in the Israeli and Western public arena, that makes the assault on Palestinian life sometimes seem outrageous, and at other times acceptable? Of the approximately 1.9 million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, nearly half are eighteen years old or younger. Nearly forty-three per cent are fourteen years old or younger. Not that...
A Call to Palestinians Everywhere: Help Write Our History
Palestine Chronicle: 29 Aug 2015 - Dear Palestinians Everywhere, Palestinian Author, historian and Journalist, Dr. Ramzy Baroud is leading a group of researchers and journalists to help write his new book about the people of Palestine. The idea behind the book is to bridge politics, ideology, religion and geography to look at Palestinian history, past and present in a way that would answer some important questions pertaining to Palestinian unity, identity and nationhood. The project aims to challenge the traditional understanding of Palestinian history which often views Palestinians based on fixed historical junctures, regional divisions or factional leanings, among other aspects. Instead, the goal is to show Palestinians as they are, as ordinary and extraordinary people that lead interesting and often incredible lives. This will be the anchor upon which historical narrative is collected, analysed and presented. To make this project truly representative of Palestinian reality, Palestinians everywhere must be reached out to, and therefore people...

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