"The so-called 'Palestinian autonomous areas' are bantustans...restricted entities within the power of the Israeli apartheid system."
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Israeli Apartheid: Vermonters Don't Buy It - BOYCOTT!
License to Kill: Forgery, evidence tampering and two dead teens
John Brown and Noam Rotem, +972 Magazine 7/22/2016
     Usaid and Muhammed Qadus are shot to death in their own village by a major in the Israeli army who claims he only fired rubber bullets. But the bullets were real, and he admitted to lying and committing forgery to cover up his crime. Instead of being charged with a crime, he is promoted.
     In the “License to Kill“ series thus far, we have surveyed eight Military Police investigation files regarding the killing of Palestinians by IDF fire. Despite the fact that none of those killed posed a danger to anybody else and despite no lack of evidence pointing to the shooters’ guilt, none of the cases resulted in any indictments. One of the most outrageous cases was the shooting of 20 bullets into the Qawarik cousins and the subsequent whitewashing of the case. In this chapter, we will examine another double killing of young Palestinian men, which took place just one day earlier, by an officer in the same IDF brigade, Kfir, which is also happens to be the unit of the Hebron shooter, Elor Azaria.
     After reading the following investigation into the IDF’s own investigation, we believe that you too will find it hard to believe that prosecutors decided not file an indictment for a double murder, or at the very least obstruction of justice. We will show how the shooter, a major in the army, admitted to lying in his testimony, forging documents and trying to tamper with evidence. In spite of all that, the Military Advocate General decided against prosecution. In fact, he continues to serve in the IDF, and has even been promoted to the rank of lieutenant-colonel.
     The sequence of events described here is based on the Military Police investigation file, which we have obtained, as well as other testimonies collected by B’Tselem.
     The shooting....
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Lieberman compares Mahmoud Darwish poem to 'Mein Kampf'
Ma’an News Agency 7/21/2016
     BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has compared the broadcast of poetry by Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish on Israeli radio to glorifying Adolf Hitler’s "Mein Kampf," the Ministry of Defense said on Thursday.
     On Tuesday, Israeli army radio broadcast works by the iconic Palestinian writer as part of its "University on Air" program, including Darwish’s famous poem “Identity Card,” which drew the ire of Lieberman and other Israeli officials.
     In a meeting with Army Radio chief Yaron Dekel, Lieberman said that broadcasting the poem contravened the station’s mission to “strengthen solidarity in society, not to deepen rifts, and certainly not to offend public sensibilities.”
     Lieberman added that Darwish’s poems could not “be part of the Israeli narrative program” aired on the station, adding: “By that same logic, we can also add to the Israeli narrative Mufti al-Husseini, or broadcast a glorification of the literary merits of ‘Mein Kampf,’” referring to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in the 1920s and 1930s -- whom Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu controversially blamed in October for the Holocaust.
     “Identity Card,” written in 1964, details the indignities of life subjected to the bureaucracy of the Israeli occupation, and includes the lines “I do not hate people/Nor do I encroach/But if I become hungry/The usurper's flesh will be my food,” presumably the part targeted by Lieberman.
     According to the Ministry of Defense statement, Lieberman said that there was “a big difference between freedom of expression and freedom of incitement.”
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Neutrality marring B’Tselem’s statistical analysis
Ramona Wadi, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 7/21/2016
     Marking the two year commemoration since Operation Protective Edge, Israeli human rights organisation B’Tselem issued a press release discussing the high percentage of civilian fatalities, which included 526 children. The statistical element in the press release is depicted efficiently, yet the press release is marred by neutral rhetoric reminiscent of international organisations.
     Contrary to Israeli propaganda, B’Tselem’s findings have differentiated between Palestinians killed while taking part in defending Gaza and others who were killed as a result of Israel’s open-fire policy, which led to the deaths of entire families, including 180 children under the age of six. Throughout the aggression, Israel maintained the policy that all Palestinians were legitimate targets, justifying this premise by alleging that Hamas was using civilians as human shields.
     History, however, suggests otherwise. Since each colonial aggression is an extension of the Nakba, it is clear that the intent of embarking upon a calculated extermination of the Palestinian population is inherent in Israel’s policy. B’Tselem’s press release dispels Israel’s myths, but it also falls into the trap of refusing to recognise Palestinian defence against Israeli aggression as legitimate, thus embarking upon differentiation rather than unity.
     The use of neutral language and descriptions of the massacres also provide Israel with another veneer of impunity. The legitimate defence of Gaza is described as “taking part in the hostilities”, which downplays the atrocities committed by the Israeli military and security services as the Palestinian population in Gaza was forcibly displaced and targeted incessantly.
     In light of B’Tselem’s recent statement that it will cease its collaboration with Israel regarding human rights violations inflicted upon Palestinians, the choice of language and terminology should be meticulously analysed....
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Largest ever turnout at Jerusalem Pride a year after teen's murder
Mairav Zonszein, +972 Magazine 7/22/2016
     Massive, unexpected turnout sent a powerful message following last year’s tragic murder and a wave of anti-LGBTQ hate speech in recent weeks. Yet the sterile police cordon the march was forced to take place in also served as an eerie reminder of its insecurity.
     More than 25,000 Israelis turned out to march in Jerusalem’s 15th annual Pride Parade Tuesday evening, the largest turnout ever in the city’s history, coming a year after 16-year-old Shira Banki was stabbed to death in a hate crime targeting the march.
     The massive turnout was uplifting and sent a powerful message in the wake of anti-LGBTQ hate speech by prominent rabbis in recent weeks, the refusal of Jerusalem’s mayor to attend the parade, and the cancelation of a smaller pride march in the southern city of Be’er Sheva a week earlier.
     The huge number of security forces was impossible to ignore, however. Following the police’s tragic failure the previous year, and in response to alleged threats to attack this year’s parade, police set stringent entry requirements — namely, that all participants had to pass through a single entrance.
     Thousands more than anyone expected showed up, leading to long lines at undermanned security checkpoints.
     Once on the march route, participants passed by the exact location where Banki was murdered by ultra-Orthodox man Yishai Shlissel, who carried out a similar stabbing attack 10 years earlier and who was accused of attempting to orchestrate a third attack this year from behind bars. Participants placed flowers next to a giant photograph of 16-year-old Banki.
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Film takes aim at media coverage of 2014 Gaza attacks
Electronic Intifada: 21 Jul 2016 - Gaza in Context places Israeli violence in Gaza in broader frame of Palestine.
Atlanta mayor rejects demand to end Israel police training
Electronic Intifada: 21 Jul 2016 - Deputy chief says police “mimicking” tactics learned from Israel.
Water is a Weapon in the Battle of Racial Discrimination
Palestine Chronicle: 27 Jun 2016 - Dr. Mustapha Al-Barghouthi The production of water in the West Bank is estimated at 932 million cubic meters annually, of which Israel steals at least 800 million cubic meters. In essence, this means it takes over 86% of the total amount of water in the West Bank. A Palestinian citizen in the Occupied Territories receives not more than 50 cubic meters of water annually, while an illegal Israeli settler receives 2400 cubic meters of water annually, 48 times more than what Palestinians, the owners of the land, are entitled to. However, this issue extends still further than this. Palestinians pay double what Israelis do to purchase their own, stolen water from the Israelis. 96% of Gaza’s water of Gaza’s water, according to international reports, is not fit for human consumption due to high levels of salt, pollution and sewage. Palestinians are not allowed to dig water-wells deeper than 100 meters,...
Israel and Turkey Agree to Normalize Diplomatic Relations
Palestine Chronicle: 27 Jun 2016 - Turkish President, Tayyip Erdogan, and Israeli Prime, Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have reached an agreement to normalize ties, a senior Israeli official told reporters. This is aimed at ending the rift over the Israeli Navy’s killing of nine Turkish citizens during a Gaza flotilla raid in 2010. The agreement, which took three years to reach, is expected to be officially announced on Monday, an official accompanying Benjamin Netanyahu said. The restoration of full diplomatic relations that deteriorated after the Israeli navy’s killed nine Turkish and one Turkish-American pro-Palestinian activists in 2010 has been brokered with the help of Washington. Israel and Turkey reached agreement to normalise ties after three years of talks https://t.co/XqTFBxkwux pic.twitter.com/T2vFo2fmgt — AJE News (@AJENews) June 26, 2016 Israel conducted an operation against six civilian ships that belonged to the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in international waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The ships were carrying humanitarian and construction supplies to...
Families of Missing Israeli Soldiers in Gaza Accuse Israeli PM of Failure
Palestine Chronicle: 26 Jun 2016 - Israeli Prime, Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said his government is “exerting secret and public efforts to identify the fate of missing soldiers in Gaza.” His remarks follow a protest organized by the family of missing Israeli soldier, Avraham Mangisto, on Sunday in front of Netanyahu’s office. Protesters called for Mangisto’s release in the Israeli-Turkish reconciliation deal. Ilan Mangisto, the brother of Avraham said he questions whether “the Israeli government forgot my brother in Gaza.” Families of Israeli Soldiers Killed or Missing in Gaza Slam Expected Reconciliation Deal wi… https://t.co/B7ZEJ882pY #Israel #Flotilla — maafa (@maafa) June 26, 2016 The father of Hadar Goldin, another Israeli soldier who went missing during the 2014 offensive on Gaza accused Netanyahu of “failure to bring his son back in the first test as part of the Israeli-Turkish reconciliation deal.” The mother of Israeli soldier, Oren Shaul, said, “I was wrong to be silent for two years. I...

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