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Israeli forces continue their campaign of widespread arrests in the occupied Palestinian territories - International Press Center photo

Monday, February 27, 2012
Tales of the Israel Lobby
James Abourezk, former U.S. Senator, CounterPunch 2/27/2012
      Threats to You or Your Family?
     When I was Chairman of the American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee (ADC), we had two bombing incidents. I had no idea who was responsible, but I had a guess. Someone unknown placed a bomb in the doorway of ADC’s Boston headquarters. The staff there called the Boston police, who came and were in the process of disarming the pipe bomb that they found there. If I recall correctly, the police had put the bomb in a metal barrel, and it exploded in the face of one of the police officers, seriously injuring him. We all felt terrible about the policeman being injured and we tried as best we could to console his family. The whole incident was covered by a Boston TV station, and I assume they still have the footage of the explosion on file.
     At around the same time, someone unknown firebombed the ADC headquarters in Washington, D.C. I was out of town at the time, but no one was hurt, and I was able to get back in time to accompany the arson expert with the D.C. police department, who showed us exactly where the bomb was thrown and how the fire had spread from that point.
     Because we were all gripped with fear of what might be next, I decided to tighten up the security on my home, if nothing more than to calm down my family. I had bought a Rottweiler dog sometime earlier both for protection of my family and of our home. I learned that Rottweilers would automatically attack anyone who came near our home, unless we had introduced the dog to person visiting. I had a security expert—someone who had once worked as a Secret Service agent in the White House—make recommendations to insure that we would be a difficult target for someone who would wish us harm. We followed his advice and made the house a bit more invulnerable. He also told us that it would be impossible to make any home 100 per cent safe, but we could make it so a potential bomber would be discouraged enough to give up trying.
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A vision of harmony in Palestine
Gilad Atzmon, Redress 2/28/2012
      I was asked to talk to you about the on-going dispute within our ranks between those who support the one-state to the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and those who advocate two states for the two people.
     Interestingly enough, this is a topic I hardly comment on, and not because I am short of vision, opinion or ideas, but rather because I believe that the fate of the people in Palestine and Israel should be decided by the Israelis and the Palestinians themselves. I, for instance, fail to see what qualifies a New York City Jewish academic or activist to determine how people should live in Palestine or anywhere else. Furthermore, I have never seen a Palestinian trying to advise Western solidarity activists how to run their lives. I argue then, that our “interventionist” enthusiasm to preach to others on how they should live is actually slightly pretentious.
     But the subject is obviously deeper: in spite of the fact Israel is an organic sovereign state – it is already recognized as one state by the [other] nations, it has a single sewage system, one power grid, one pre-dial international code –many Western leaders insist that it should actually be divided into two. Don’t you think that it is pretty unusual for the “international community” to blindly follow the Zionist ideology and draw a racially-inspired line between the two people on the land? Zionism – a failed enterprise
     So, rather than enter an endless and futile debate here, I propose that we should begin from a point at which we all agree: I presume that we all accept that Israel is currently one state but is dominated politically and spiritually by an ethnocentric discriminatory political system.
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Gaza’s race car students 'inspirational'
Stuart Littlewood, Redress 2/25/2012
      "We didn’t give up. As Palestinians, we look for plan B all the time.”
     Imagine a handful of engineering students imprisoned in the tiny Gaza enclave taking on the cream of Europe's technical universities in a competition to build a race car and compete with it.
     They did it last year. And they’re planning to do it again this year – at least that’s what their students’ union tells me, and I’ve been trying to get confirmation. The challenge
     Formula Student (FS) is a challenge to university students around the world to design and build a single-seat racing car, which they must then put through its paces at the Silverstone Circuit in the UK in a series of static and dynamic tests.
     The aim is to inspire young people and boost skills in advanced engineering. In Europe the competition is run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). America has a similar student competition run by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).
     Students have to pretend they’ve been engaged by a manufacturing firm to produce a prototype car for evaluation. In addition to technical skills, the exercise teaches management, marketing and people skills. The motor sport industry regards this as an ideal standard of achievement for students making the transition from college to workplace.
     Last year’s Class 1 winner was the University of Stuttgart. Stuttgart, of course, is home to Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, and the University is renowned for its advanced automotive engineering. Gottlieb Daimler himself was a student there, and Wilhelm Maybach received an honorary doctorate from the University at the age of 70 – names to conjure with.
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Syria's Uprising and the International Community
Palestine Chronicle: 27 Feb 2012 - By Hisham H. Ahmed As many people may already know, the English meaning of the Arabic word Assad is lion. In the jungle, the lion is viewed as the king, as he is expected to be a more brutal monster. Indeed, of all the Arab regimes that have been toppled since the start of the Arab Spring last year, Syria’s Assad regime is the most dangerous. While it is impossible to quantify oppression and repression, the Assad regime has certainly surpassed its Tunisian, Egyptian, Libyan and Yemeni counterparts in its assault on the rights of its people and other Arabs over the years. Although the other deposed Arab heads of state were ruthless and tyrannical beyond imagination, Assad’s dictatorship is, in fact, of a distinct nature. In their failing efforts to delegitimize the revolutions in their countries, Bin Ali, Mubarak, Qaddafi and Saleh, all respectively tried to invoke their military...more

Manufactured Disgust and Imperial Cynicism
Dissident Voice: 27 Feb 2012 - Since failing to win United Nations Security Council backing for “regime change” in Syria, Washington and its lackeys in the corporate media have been unrelenting in voicing their great moral outrage at both the violence of the Assad regime and the seeming indifference to it all by the likes of Russia and China. Washington is no doubt long in forgetting those that thwart the will of the “international community.” After all, as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated, the “travesty” of the Russian and Chinese veto left the entire Security Council “neutered.” Given this, it was of little surprise to see Ms. Clinton mount her soapbox once more last week in Tunis at the meeting of the so-called “friends of Syria.” As Ms. Clinton moralized Friday: It’s quite distressing to see two permanent members of the Security Council using their veto when people are being murdered, women, children, brave young...more

Dignity Triumphs over Tyranny
Dissident Voice: 27 Feb 2012 - On February 21, Sheikh Khader Adnan broke his 66-day hunger strike following a promise by Israeli authorities not to renew his administrative detention and to release him on April 17. The 33-year-old Master’s student in economics who works as a baker in the village of Arrabe, near the City of Jenin in the West Bank, was held without charge in “administrative detention” since December 17. After raiding his home at 3.30am, Sheik Adnan was blindfolded and his hands were tied behind his back before he was thrown in the back of a military jeep. During the ride to the nearby “Jewish-only” settlement of Dutan, Israeli soldiers slapped his face, beat him on the head and kicked him. He was not stranger to Israel’s rotating door of administrative detention. He has been held at least eight times since 1999. Under Israel’s system of “Jewish democracy”, administrative detention allows the occupying power...more

Dershed By Harvard’s Giftzwerg
Dissident Voice: 27 Feb 2012 - Could there be a more contemptible slime thrower than Alan Dershowitz? He is supposed to be a renowned defense attorney, but he is best known for his offense in defaming anyone who questions Zionism and the apartheid and misery it has brought to Palestine and to other parts of the world, including the United States. Jimmy Carter, John Mearsheimer, Richard Goldstone, Desmond Tutu, Susan Abulhawa, and Norman Finkelstein have all been scourged by this infamous Dershbag. But ironically, to be dershed is no longer a “scarlet letter” but rather a badge of honor. His latest venom is directed towards Gilad Atzmon, a world class jazz musician, who has just written a spectacular book The Wandering Who? A Study of Jewish Identity Politics (Zero Books, 2011). This short piece of non-fiction is a well-researched, systematic approach to understanding the psycho-social dynamics (in the words of Kathleen Christison) of how so many...more

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